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#26 ShopgirlX

Posted 14 June 2011 - 12:20 PM

How is everyone?  All good here... finally broke out a second tooth!!  biggrin.gif  Just hoping the rest take their time like these two have  unsure.gif.  One of my mum's group mums is worried for me that it's all going to come at once!   Not necessarily I guess.

Yay KMA getting the party stuff!! I checked out that website to see if they had anything I could use, but didn't really like anything except your owls!!  E seems to like Hoot too, she laughs when he comes on TV... me, I'm a little partial to Jimmy Giggle myself   blush.gif laugh.gif

Is there something wrong with Yo Gabba Gabba? I like it!  E seems to love the music.  At least it's not the Wiggles... I don't think I can EVER do the Wiggles ph34r.gif

I'm baking a test cake for E's birthday right now.... I put pink food colouring in it for the heck of it, LOL, it looks good!!  The 'test' buttercream is blue so it's going to be a great contrast!!

I got some boots yesterday, only the second pair I have ever owned... SO happy with them though, and thanks very much Myer for having them for 30% off!!!  I have bought a lot of clothes lately which I just thought would look better with boots so I had to get them sooner or later!  These are them

Tell me something, how do you get your kids to drink water?  I have to literally feed it to Eva, she will rarely use her sippy cup herself.  And I bought like 6 different things for her to drink out of but so far no consistent results!!  She's not a self-feeder either and doesn't even put things in her mouth like babies normally do, so she's got some strange hang-up apparently!  LOL!

Hope you are all well!! waves.gif from us!!

#27 My4Sunshines

Posted 14 June 2011 - 04:14 PM

waves.gif SG great to hear from you!
Those boots are beautiful. I saw some ankle boots (never ever had any) in Target $80 down to $56, still hard to justify spending that much on shoes for myself, more to the point don't have a spare $56 rolling round. Gotta love those bargains though happy.gif
Perhaps just keep trying with the water, I'm sure E will eventually take it, sorry not much help really, just like a lot of things to come it will eventually click and fall into place so to speak.
You know better to get teeth all at once than one by one, dd's all did the bulk cut with their teeth, some whingy nights then bam mouthful of teeth biggrin.gif that does make it sound quite easy however if you can see 2 or 3 teeth from some interupted sleep that = eexcite.gif in my books

Well Taj's horrible nights, we now realise are followed by........ teeth!! ddoh.gif He now has 3 on the bottom and 2 on the top. We are feeling the effect of every goodness darn tooth with this child, not what we are used to.

It is Dh's 40th birthday today. He is so not into birthdays or surprises but I still make a big deal of it happy.gif the girls love it too. The kids gave him his favourite Burberry Brit smelly, I love it too wink.gif and I also got him a voucher to drive a V8 for 9 laps and he rides in the back for 3 laps, he's not a petrol head by any means though.
He did say "I just wanted money to put towards my watch!" he wants a Tag Heuer or Omega rolleyes.gif yet I told him that everyone else is giving him money and we wanted to get him something different for his special birthday
He has an exam tomorrow morning so his whole long weekend was spent studying, we will get take away Thai tonight (his choice) then I guess some last minute study.

Taj started really crawling last Thursday, every now and then he'll commando as it's quicker for him.
He isn't actually saying anything yet though, I am finding REAL differences from the girls to a boy. Are your bubbas 'talking' yet?  Perhaps there are so many mouths going here already he cant get a word in blush.gif  laughing2.gif

Aminlla bbighug.gif Thinking of you, you are one strong mumma.
Hope Brodys sleep over went well

#28 heidles82

Posted 14 June 2011 - 07:21 PM

Hi ladies!

I hope you all had a great weekend! It's been pretty quiet in here so everyone must be busy - I know I have been!

SG - I love boots! I haven't bought a pairsince Jackson was born - I tried some on on the weekend but they didn't have my size (8). I will try somewhere else the next time I get a chance to go shopping without Jackson - he takes after his father and chucks a tanty in the shops Tounge1.gif

M4S - Jackson had a few unsettled nights before his two bottom teeth popped up together. He has been very unsettled the past few nights so I am hoping it means his two top teeth will soon make an appearance.

We went to my niece's third birthday party on Sunday - she had a great time despite the rain. After the party I went to get some fish and chips for dinner and I backed into a car on the way out  ddoh.gif Luckily Jackson wasn't in the car and no one was hurt. Hopefully it will all be fixed soon. Very inconvenient though!

#29 lexington

Posted 16 June 2011 - 11:17 AM

High five shopgirl and wiggles hater. original.gif

I wanna wear my boots everywhere but they are proving hard to walk in. I'm a loser, can't even handle 5inch. Hangs head in shame.

#30 essy1

Posted 16 June 2011 - 12:29 PM

Hi everyone! On the boots theme, I am wearing some 'new' ones today. They are grey suede (totally inappropriate for Sydney today..!) mid-calf with a wrap around buckle; I boought them close to 2 years ago in London but haven't worn them before! They are soooo pretty, but feels a bit like I am wearing ice skates as they have a platform with no 'give.'

Shopgirl, I just give Elowen her sippy cup to play with - they do the same at daycare. She now drinks from it, although i have to hold it (so funny - even if she picks it up to put it to her mouth, she won't tilt it, so I do and as soon as I touch it she lets go!)... however until recently she wouldn't drink it at all so i am just happy she is now taking a few sips. We will get there!

She has completely turned up her nose at breastfeeding though so I guess that's me done  mellow.gif  I was continuing to do it first thing in the morning and while there's still milk there, she isn't even interested - so now she just gets her 1 1/2 weetbix with formula and fruit, so is pretty much just on three bottles a day. They have been giving her the odd arrowroot biscuit at daycare and she absolutely loves them... I don't think I would have started her on biscuits myself just yet but I am so happy with the daycare generally and I figure there's no point getting precious about stuff I can't change... Lord knows we'll all have enough to feel guilty about in the coming years so I'm trying not to let every little thing get to me!!

We lowered Elowen's cot yesterday - she has been standing up in it the past few mornings so although she's in a sleeping bag and probably couldn't clamber out, I figure better safe than sorry. So strange though; it feels like a real 'big girl' change. I think it's the first thing we've actually changed though; she is still facing backwards in her car seat - I guess that will be the next milestone of that sort...

We had a Keane concert on DVD the other day and Elowen started clapping after the first song. My daughter, the little music critic. Although Lexi I must say if the Ting Tings are on Yo Gabba Gabba I may just have to look into getting into that  biggrin.gif

Happy birthday to your DH, M4S!

Heidles, what a bummer about the car - but at least it was only 'inconvenient' and not worse. One of my colleagues was in the bus that flipped on its roof in the Snowy Mountains on the weekend (was in the news for a bit on Sunday) - nobody died thank goodness but she is pretty bruised and battered and will need a good deal of physio. Really makes you think how fragile our existence is. Even scarier when you have kids, huh?

However enough of the maudlin... we have booked our flights to London! FG I'll message you details on fb as it would be fabulous if it CAN coincide with a trip to London for you! Heidles - was Jackson on bottles when you went? How did you find taking bottles and formula on the plane (if you did)? And did you put the QuickSmart stroller through as luggage or that thing where you can leave it with the people at the gate? We are SO excited; we're not planning on doing anything touristy (although I might try to recreate some shots from my first trip to London when I was 4!) just seeing friends and family and flat inspections!! WIll be so lovely!!

Okay well, back to work. Lots of love girls!

Edited by essy1, 16 June 2011 - 12:30 PM.

#31 boo boos mumma

Posted 16 June 2011 - 12:46 PM

Hi Girls,

I havent even looked back yet - Just wanted to say 'hi'.

Alot going on.

My Son has been officially diagnosed with autism as of yesterday - we knew for a while. 2 weeks ago he had an MRI due to unexplained seizures & it wasnt epilepsy - our GP warned us it could be brain tumours & if so Aiden wouldnt be with us much longer - we had to wait 4months to be told otherwise.

On the day the child neurologist came down & said 'no all normal, no tumours' & when i asked about his IQ the neuro said 'nope all normal & spot on'....so we went home plzed knowing we would get an autism diagnosis but not a terminal one...

Then 2 days ago i got a call from Aiden paed - he asked me how sydney went & I said oh yes good no tumours & his IQ is fine - Then the paed told me that he was afraid that the MRI wasnt at all normal & as he spoke his jargon i was sure he was telling me that our son had brain tumours & was going to die - but LUCKILY thats not what he was saying,

BUT what he was telling me is that there is evidence of Cortical Dysplasia on his right front lobe - meaning when developing in the womb, part of Aiden's right side of his brain just didnt develop properly.

The doc said it wasnt my fault, its not what i did or what i ate, or being sick with the preg, it was just the way it is & sometimes the fetus just doesnt develop properly.  So this explains the seizures & this is why at nearly 3yrs he still can not talk & his understanding of basic tasks/prompts ect is limited.

SO we have an answer - doc saids he there is every chance he will communicate but he cant promise - we have had small improvements over the months so we are just going to keep going & really get him the help he  needs - The paed said when i first saw him i asked what could have caused my son to have autism, then he said 'this is why due to his brain not being properly developed'.

So at least i have a reason 'why' & im yet to confirm but it looks like its not even hereditary, it can happen to any pregnance AT ANY TIME - sometimes the babies just dont properly develop.

Well thats me - my eldest is great Reanna & Natalia the bub is doing great, we are lucky she is a happy go lucky baby - she saids mum & dad sometimes & we have heard her say 'hello' a few times - SO its a relief that all should be fine with my other children.

I am over 26wks pregnant now - Our 4th due the 2nd of Oct (i dont know how many weeks i actually am?) - I was very stressed when a month ago my OB said straight out 'this baby u are carrying is likely to be autistic'......NICE!! Like my hubby said, our eldest isnt & our youngest isnt, how dare he say something like that to me, but i know he wasnt trying to be  nasty - & if the neuro confirms that Aiden's condiition isnt hereditary then its actually good news cause i wont be so scared of another child having autism OR my grand children.

Ok i best run - i have so much on, will come back in & properly catch up.

#32 essy1

Posted 16 June 2011 - 01:44 PM

Oh Tam, what a challenging time you are having  hhugs.gif It sounds like some of those doctors' bedside manners need improving!!! But I am so glad you have AN answer and are on the way to getting more. Hopefully now Early Intervention can be successful because it can be targeted. Aiden is a beautiful boy and regardless of any conditions I know he is a great source of joy.

Glad to hear Reanna and Natalia are doing well and your current pregnancy is progressing well too darling.

Sending you a big hug and an even bigger one to Aiden. XX

#33 happy2bme

Posted 16 June 2011 - 07:15 PM

Hi all,

Lifes been pretty busy, Henry has been sick HEAPS & it's driving me nuts, he currently has his 3rd ear infection in as many months. He has had multiple rashes & fevers etc.

Development wise he is going well - trying to walk everywhere, being a cheeky little boy. He is so switched on & naughty at times original.gif.

Essy - what was your worry with the arrowroot biscuits??  Henrys been having them for months now, great little snack that he can feed himself & keeps him quiet for a while lol.

hugs Tam - glad you have an answer now & can progress forward rather than being in limbo!!

I don't do hi 5 but find the wiggles ok, not particularly fond of yo gabba gabba but James loved it.  He used to like iggle piggle too which drove me nuts.

Not much else to report really.


#34 TotesFeral

Posted 16 June 2011 - 08:28 PM

Hi everyone!

Shopgirl - Hehe don't worry I quite like Jimmy Giggle as well. In regards to the water, Addison drinks out of a straw cup now. We had no luck with the sippy cup, she just kept tipping it everywhere. So mum said give the straw cup a go and I just kept offering to her and now she picks it up and drinks it herself.
How did the test cake go?

Essy - We only just put Addisons cot down as well! I don't like it  sad.gif Addison is also still rear facing. I'm not turning her until she hits the 12kgs but I don't like the face that it will mean she is such a big girl now! Seriously why do these babies grow up so fast?
I love winter because it means I can bring out the boots. Unfortunately the majority of mine need to be re-healed but I don't care!!!

Heidles - Hope your car is fixed soon!

Lex - We can hang our heads in shame together, I'm pathetic at walking in high heels.

Tam - I can't believe the doctor said that about your baby.  nno.gif I'm glad you got some answers about Aiden as well. At least you don't have to worry about it being hereditary. A good friend of mine husband has MS, which apparently I have now learnt is more likely to be passed onto a daughter. She would love to have a little girl but is worried sick it will get passed onto her.

M4S - Addison doesn't really talk. She seems to be understanding what "duck" means though. She has a bazillion rubber duck toys and now everytime I pick one up or she sees them just before she hopes into the shower she says "Du". Happy birthday to your DH! Hope he enjoys his laps. We bought that for DFs dads birthday last year and he really enjoyed it.

Aminlla hope you are coping  hhugs.gif

AFUS - Well Addison had a cold at the start of the week but seems a bit better now. She also broke out into a rash which freaked me out but the doctor says its most likely just a viral rash due to her cold. She is eating fine and no temp so says it should go away. It stills freaks me out looking at it though.
We had mothers group today and it was only Addison and one other girl, Montana, even though there are 16 of us all up. It was so cute watching the two girls just interact with each other though.
I just finished making Addison some cute lime green overalls that will be her birthday outfit. I'm going to put an owl and the number on the front of them.

Hope everyone else is well xx

#35 ShopgirlX

Posted 16 June 2011 - 08:30 PM

Tam you are one strong woman. I don't know how you get yourself through everything life throws at you, but you do!  I certainly wish you all the very best with this pregnancy!

Lex when I was choosing my boots I was thinking of you and laughing to myself thinking how disappointed you would be LOL because they are such a modest heel and comfy!!  laughing2.gif None of your stripper garb, that's for sure Tounge1.gif

M4S Your DH's birthday is the same as my dad, not the year though!  

Essy I'm envious of you, heading for the northern summer.   Well it is a London summer but it's still better than a Melbourne winter!!

AFUs WE'RE CRAWLING cclap.gif eexcite.gif ddance.gif ph34r.gif !!!  We have NOT kiddy-proofed the house as it is open plan and we have (well, DH has) so much expensive gear that we just can't move or protect so I think our poor little thing is going to get a play pen!  I'm looking at getting two and joining them together so that we can basically give her the whole room bar the precious equipment! She's been crawling TWO days and I can't believe what she's into!  As of this week she also waves hello and goodbye, and claps her hands!  These babies are SUCH fun!!!

#36 ShopgirlX

Posted 16 June 2011 - 08:37 PM

KMA SNAP! We were posting at the same time!  I just had a pair of heels re-done and it only cost $16.50! So worth doing! It's not like me to own shoes good enough to ever bother doing that with but the one time I forked out for decent ones it really paid off!!

Oh and the cake was YUM!!  Buttercream needs some work ... so there might be another test cake before the actual day  biggrin.gif

#37 essy1

Posted 17 June 2011 - 02:07 PM

h2bm - I don't really have a problem with them; as far as biscuits go they're fairly healthy, but if I was responsible for all her food I probably wouldn't be giving her biscuits yet; I just hadn't thought about it! She absolutely loves them so I am definitely getting some for the house now!

We are having a sleepover tonight at one of my friends' palces - her husband is going out and mine is catching up with some friends, so it will be me, my friend, her two daughters (one is a year minus one day older than Elowen, the other is 6 months old) and Elowen... will be loads of fun! We haven't seen each other since February and she is no longer breast feeding so I am taking some wine around too...

#38 My4Sunshines

Posted 17 June 2011 - 02:45 PM

Tam Always so good to hear from you
bbighug.gif I am relieved for you that you have a diagnosis for Aiden, now you can get on with what needs doing iykwim?
Early Intervention is great, and as ESSY said the earlier the better. 4 of the kids I worked with went to EI and I went with them each fortnight and it was just magical watching them learn skills, oh and when they master it the look on their faces is unforgetable, that was the best part of my job going to EI and if I went back to work I would seriously look at getting into a program somewhere.
Sorry for the waffle
And ohmy.gif holey shmoley waiting to hear if Aiden had tumours, you've been right through the ringer.
Give your beautiful boy lots of hhugs.gif from us
Another who agrees your ob needs some people skills update, that is the worst thing to say to you. Glad to hear all is going well with bubs anyway

Essy I hear you on lowering the cot, the way I found Taj when I got him up earlier today it made me realise he is getting bigger and stronger. Our cot doesn't lower as it's an older one we will just need to pull the side up, I will post a pic at the end of my post.

KMA In my mums group we had the opposite; 2 boys and 6 girls happy.gif
When I got Taj up today (in the photo below) I opened the door and he had this cheeky grin on his face and said "ga!" not sure what that means but I'll take it. He says "ka" at our cat however we don't know if he's trying to say cat or Kado (cats name) dh and I looked at each other and said the bugger is going to say that cats name before he says ours!!! mad.gif

SG cclap.gif Yay Eva, look out daddy now you will really know what being on your toes is about. Get down on the floor at her level and look at all the wonderful interesting things she sees and would love to get her hands on, best reality check happy.gif
Taj started properly crawling last thursday though he will still commando if he's on a mission!! He gets into the girls rooms and is creating havoc, my girls are getting a reality check as well!!
$16.50 huh.gif are you kidding???? I paid $18 to get one heel done on my boot, Feral Gate rolleyes.gif

Ok here is my son in his cot when I opened the door today

I think the only reason he isn't standing is he's in his sleeping bag, and as I type now I've just realised I forgot to lift the side when I put him down before sad.gif
Something we'll have to get used to quick smart.

RD You ok??
summer cooooowee
now I cant remember who else I was going to call out to glare.gif

Edited as I can't spell, ahem actually I don't have my glasses on wwhistle.gif

Edited by My4Sunshines, 17 June 2011 - 02:47 PM.

#39 heidles82

Posted 17 June 2011 - 05:30 PM

Good adternoon!

I am soooo happy the rain has stopped and the sun was out today - I almost forgot what the sun looked like!

Tam - It must be a relief to have a diagnosis and Aiden can now start EI. Glad to hear your family is well and will very soon be welcoming another addition - it only seemed like yesterday you came in to tell us you were expecting again!

Essy - we recently only just lowered Jackson's cot - little man was getting too clever and standing up. He still does it but there is less chance of him toppling out now! He also loves arrowroots - he even knows where they are kept in my parent's kitchen and won't let anyone pass without getting one  laugh.gif Have fun at your sleepover tonight biggrin.gif

KMA - Jackson is still RF too and I am hoping to keep him that way until he reaches 12kg - we still have just over 2kg to go so hopefully it will be a few months yet. Some family and friends have asked when he will be "turned", but I just tell them he is safer RF until 12kg. I really wish Australia had better carseat laws and manufacturers made RF seats for toddlers  rant.gif

#40 whydoibother

Posted 18 June 2011 - 12:39 PM

Moving so fast in here ohmy.gif

Tam: what a stupid thing for the OB to say! I mean the root of Aiden's problems is his brain development which is a freak thing! There are so many things that can go wrong with development of the body.  How stupid!  I am glad you know what is going on now at least and remember the brain is a marvellous organ and it can re-route tasks etc

M4S: I am here waves.gif lazy just go on facebook alot laughing2.gif I must say I always liked Taj's cot hehe so cute he is too xo

SG: yay! oh you will have trouble now with a crawler hehe

Hello to everyone I have missed waves.gif

AFUS: All good here Sam is always into everything he is too clever! I have been to a respiratory specialist this week in Perth-more scans over $1000 later and I have thickening of the lining around my lungs which is why I get pain and hyperventilation syndrome from subconsciously not breathing properly from the pain etc and he is sure I have a mixed connective tissue disease-looked at my fingers (sausages lol) and has referred me to a rheumatologist in Perth.  He says the damage to the lungs is likely a combo of the disease attacking them and the clot, pneumonia and pleural effusions.  It will be permanent it is like a scarring type of things. So I have physio exercises to do and I guess just get used to the pain. My ticker is fine nothing life threatening at least original.gif  Still waiting to hear when Noah is going down for his eye checks.

#41 My4Sunshines

Posted 21 June 2011 - 11:03 AM

QUOTE (Rough-Diamond @ 18/06/2011, 12:39 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I must say I always liked Taj's cot

aww thanks
I've been listing maternity stuff on ebay and said to dh is there anything else we can get rid of, then I told him although we dont want anymore babies the cot and change table will be the hardest to part with as I put so much work into them and we have had them so long!!
Don't you love the specialsits fees and test costs? mad.gif however without them where would we be? catch 22
Glad your ticker is healthy, great news. Hope Noah gets his eyes sorted very soon.

H2BM Hope Henry is well on the mend now, horrible when they are sick.
I had a giggle when you said Henry is naughty because Taj has shown a little devil side we haven't seen. He gets to his knees and manages to get all the toys off the bottom shelf of his change table and spread them over his bedroom, he also gets up on his knees at the coffee table and tries to pull the newspapers and anything else on there to the floor, he plays with the stereo and turns it up and down or while we are watching tv he'll manage to change it to the radio or just totally stuff it up by pressing any old button glare.gif I have put his basket of toys on front of it now so he can't get to it wink.gif
Oh and his favourite while I am putting the shopping away is to get into the pantry and pull all the onions out on the floor and play with them till the skins come off then he'll crawl around trying to 'catch' my feet because he's hungry and if he can't he'll lay in the middle of the floor crying

Taj is still waking anytime from 5.30 am mad.gif  mad.gif and it's really draining, dh mainly gets up as I don't sleep well at night and can be laying there awake for an hour or so before I go back to sleep so when Taj wakes I'm zonked, now dh is zonked getting up to Taj wacko.gif

Well dd goes into hospital tomorrow morning, dh will take her in at 7, my mum is coming soon after and once I have Taj sorted I will go in as well till I'm needed at home again.

I had better get my toosh moving and clean the floors before my boy wakes and wants lunch, then there is kinder pickup etc........ ddoh.gif

waves.gif everyone, hope you are all warm and toasty

Edited by My4Sunshines, 21 June 2011 - 11:04 AM.

#42 lexington

Posted 21 June 2011 - 11:23 AM

Oh so good.. getting rid of stuff here too.
Medela Swing, angelcare monitor - never even bothered to use it.
Anyway, i hate ebay but I might have to give it a go ...


On all other fronts i'm going good. And the boys are ok, except it is winter and it can only mean one thing - Colds/coughs. I sent D to daycare but no call yet. I'll wait to see what happens. Generally she is really good and is fine with runny noses.

How's everyone else?

#43 happy2bme

Posted 21 June 2011 - 12:47 PM

M4SS - omg that sounds like henry ATM.  He is into everything & it's driving us nuts.  He has started opening cupboard doors, he plays in the dishwasher while I try & pack/unpack.  He tries to pull stuff out as I put it in! Aughhhh!!   Oh well lucky he is cute lol.

#44 slippers

Posted 23 June 2011 - 01:22 PM

Hi, all, I've been lurking but not posting, so I'm trying to keep track of what is going on in everyone's lives. I know a few of you have been going through the wringer with family illnesses and separations, I hope you get through it all okay.

Soph has been sick for the last few days, i'm hoping she will shake it off soon, a very congested cough and mucky nose and very unhappy, I can't put her down when she's awake which makes doing pretty much everything quite difficult.

I think I'm through the worst of my booby problems, after a course of antibiotics for an infection then another blockage and some very painful feeding sessions. I hope its all behind me as we are going on holiday at the end of next week and I don't want to have to deal with it all.

Gotta go, Soph just woke up.

#45 slippers

Posted 27 June 2011 - 04:33 PM

Hmm, did I kill the thread? Or did everyone just defect to Facebook?

#46 My4Sunshines

Posted 27 June 2011 - 10:13 PM

Nooooooo don't all go to fb  sad.gif  sad.gif  

I'm still here  biggrin.gif  Just so darn busy lately

You didn't kill it Slippers   wink.gif

#47 essy1

Posted 28 June 2011 - 12:40 PM

Hi, no even facebook has been quiet of late... I think everyone is just busy!

We have booked our flights to the UK and are leaving 21 July, back 8 August. We will be having a picnic on Clapham Common for Elowen's birthday on the Saturday beforehand, and on her actual birthday we're going to Selfridges champagne bar  biggrin.gif  DH wonders if it's me or her that's celebrating, but I told him it's twofold - on the one hand, what a fabulous place to say you spent your first birthday (when you get older)? And on the other, birth was a pretty big event, one that I think I need to commemorate too!!  tongue.gif  So I think it's highly appropriate!

A friend of mine is going to London this weekend with her 9 month old and has given me a very detailed and impressive 'schedule' to get her daughter onto UK time and then back to Australian time pretty quickly, in terms of feeding / sleeping etc on the flight. So if anyone has any long haul flights coming up I'm happy to share...

#48 TotesFeral

Posted 28 June 2011 - 01:01 PM

I'm here waves.gif

Nothing exciting going on though.
Just study, wedding planning etc.

We decided to book that cruise. Mum is taking the 2 weeks off to look after Addison. I think she has decided to take her down to visit her sister and my cousins. My eldest cousin has a daughter who will be 3 by then so Addison should have loads of fun down there on their dairy farm!

Mum and dad have also shared that they are going to take the whole family to Thailand next year.  ddance.gif Most likely will go just before Addisons 2nd birthday. So that should be fun!

Hope everyone else well. Hopefully all the bubs with colds get better soon.

#49 TotesFeral

Posted 28 June 2011 - 01:04 PM

double post

Edited by K+M+A, 28 June 2011 - 01:05 PM.

#50 whydoibother

Posted 28 June 2011 - 06:44 PM


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