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#51 heidles82

Posted 28 June 2011 - 08:13 PM


Slippers - I hope your boobies are better now! Where are you going on your holiday?

Essy - How exciting - only three weeks to you board the plane! I found that Jackson was the most adaptable of all of us in terms of timezones. DH on the other hand was terrible - he spent our first afternoon in London (arrived in the morning) and was like a bear with a toothache for a couple of days!!!

KMA - Good on you for booking the cruise - you will have a fab time! We went on a cruise just before we got pregnant with Jackson - so many people were asking if he was a cruise baby - goodness knows we tried but he made us wait another month  happy.gif

H2BM - Henry sounds like a cheeky little man! Jackson has an obsession with our dishwasher - as soon as I open it he appaers from nowhere and tries to climb in. He also likes to 'help' when I am folding the washing and pushes the washing basket around the room.

waves.gif M4S, RD, Lexi, SG, STML, BB, BM, Aminila and anyone I may have missed!

#52 Skip to my Lou

Posted 29 June 2011 - 10:16 AM

waves.gif all.

I'm hardly ever on the computer anymore - here or fb. Been a bit going on.

All going well with kids and house plans. Paige managed 6 steps the other day, but as with everything else, she has stopped even taking 3 steps the last day or so. Why she stops as soon as she can do something  I have no idea, but I'm suer she will start again. When she feels like it that is! She says 'Up' now as well biggrin.gif

House seems to be slowly coming together. We have had the preliminary plans, and already gone back to our draftsman with the changes we want. Pretty exciting. Fence on one side is nearly complete, and the other side has started as well now (different contractors as the farm side wanted to partially do it themselves to save money. They will look a little different, but when it's only rural fencing anyway, who cares, I'm happy to save some dough). As soon as the fences are done I will start to plant some of our trees for the 'bush' area. DH has decided he wants to buy a dingo digger thing. He swears it will save us money if he prep's the driveway, does the trenching and so on. I have my doubts. He has always wanted to play on one (comments that it looks like fun whenever we see one) so think this is an excuse. I accused him of this and he had this real sheepish smile, and admitted maybe that was part of it.  So looks like we will get one. Will get one second hand, then sell it on in a couple of years. So there's another $10k accounted for........I sometimes wonder if I'm insane doing this, but am sure I will love it once we are in, and the gardens are all done and so on (so several years time Arghhh!!). Funnily enough when thinking about choosing things for the house it's the little things like door stoppers, handles and lighting that seem to be stressing me more. What an idiot.

We have a fair bit to do to get this place ready to go, but majority is garden works, and the fact that our backyard is a swamp right now means that is not geting done. DH finally fixed my exhaust fan the other day though, and has done several other 'inside' jobs which have needed doing which is pretty good. My main tasks will be cleaning out cupboards, I have started being brutal and getting rid of junk to de clutter and it feels good. I am just looking at stuff and saying 'is this worth packing and taking elsewhere?' so much isn't so the charity shop are scoring. Prob should have a garage sale, but really, who could be bothered?

Sara has your house sold yet????

Essy: So jealous. I swore I would be back in the UK in 4 years, meanwhile it's now 10 years (nearly 11) since I was there sad.gif

KMA: Can't believe you are getting shouted a holiday O/S you lucky thing!
Going on a kinder excursion today, I'm so excited! It's to see a band, my next door neighbour will look after Paige. I am so looking forward to spending some time just with Frey, but of course she is disappointed that Paige isn't coming ddoh.gif what a pain it would be to have her there but of course Frey just pictures herself dancing with Paigey I think.

Stay happy xx

PS - I got a letter from the government. My family payment is going up two whole dollars a fortnight!!! OMG any suggestions on how to invest this windfall would be gladly appreciated wink.gif

Edited by Skip to my Lou, 29 June 2011 - 10:21 AM.

#53 essy1

Posted 29 June 2011 - 02:05 PM

Lou, may I suggest you treat yourself to some chocolatey goodness once a month with the extra $4 / month you'll get?  wink.gif

And yay Paigey on the steps and 'up'! Clever girl!!

#54 My4Sunshines

Posted 29 June 2011 - 08:20 PM

Lou better than the letter we got from them saying we owe them $76 because they paid us too much mad.gif  mad.gif Der work it out man, how hard can it be with all dh's tax done, oh yeah and this was from the 08/09 financial year (which I only did last year blush.gif ) still rolleyes.gif
Much hate to them

#55 lexington

Posted 29 June 2011 - 09:18 PM

Hey girlies.. I'm sick to death of being sick.

OMG and I had MIL here for two nights ya'll.

Anyway my new role is going eggce-llent and I'm really liking it. Please do not make me go back sad.gif as i took a maternity role.

I'm stressing about toilet training the boys?!!? How do people do it? URGHHHH I've got no clue how to do it! D used to tell us he had poo but not anymore. Whyyy???

Gosh I hate using this netbook to surf the web. It is so slow. More tomorrow wink.gif.

#56 slippers

Posted 30 June 2011 - 11:37 AM

Where are you going on your holiday?

Heidles - Just a family do in Brisbane, then a couple of stops in country NSW on our way home.

Essy - have an awesome time OS, we are still amazed at what a fantastic time and how lucky we were to have our holiday in the UK earlier this year. I hope you have as good a time with fab weather as well. Two weeks won't feel anywhere near long enough!

STML - Go Paige! Soph stood hands free for about 5 seconds the other night but I don't think she realised. I want her to keep crawling for longer, she is so cute, especially when she is rushing to get somewhere and squealing excitedly as she pads along.

Lex - get well soon! My kids both went hot and cold on toilet training. Neither were fully trained until they were three years old.

My4Sunshines  - Family Assistance Office keep doing that to me, too. I tell them every year to just do one payment after I lodge my tax and every year they keep starting up fortnightly payments again. It drives me nuts!

And hi to everyone else, hope you are lurking out there.

Soph was recovered from her virus after a week of being unhappy and tired, then last night she vomited in her cot at 4am, poor little mite. We changed the cot and cleaned her up and I gave her a drink of water which she promptly regurgitated, then kept dry heaving at intervals. She seems fine and happy today, just not very hungry. I don't know what to make of it.

#57 lexington

Posted 30 June 2011 - 12:39 PM

Bejesus about TT Slippers... sad.gif I hope they get out of nappies soon. I'm sick of buying them and MIL changing them every hour or something.

I wonder why that is! This morning D was dry when he woke up so I kept asking him to pee on the toilet like Mum and Dad. Told him he gets Thomas on the phone if he sits on it. He sat on it no arguments and he did his first wee ever! I nearly fell over.

How's everyone?

And no parties here for me - grinch..
What's everyone else wanting to do for the 1yr birthdays?

#58 essy1

Posted 30 June 2011 - 03:05 PM

Well we are doing a picnic on Clapham Common for Elowen's 1st birthday - it will be a great opportunity to catch up with friends in London in one hit rather than having to traipse around seeing everyone (there will be a fair bit of that anyway so if we can get loads of people to one spot on one day it'll make it a hell of a lot easier!) I'm going to try to make that rainbow jelly cake - I must do a trial in the next week or so actually - but aside from that we won't do a theme or anything for the picnic, just too much hassle. That will be the Saturday before her birthday... on her actual birthday we are going to the Selfridges champagne bar  grin.gif  - at this stage it's more about me thanabout her, but I also reckon that it would be quite fabulous to have spent one's first birthday at the Selfridges champagne bar! That's probably about your scene isn't it Lex?  laughing2.gif

slippers you are so right; two weeks won't be long enough and we have to spend one of those days in court as one of our tenants 'decided' some months ago that she wasn't going to pay all the rent. There's been a court order to evict her but the original hearing was delayed as she 'doesn't speak English' so needed to get a translator, so the next court date is 29 July. It's kind of a pity that one of our days will be spent doing that but ont he other hand it's really good that we can be there in person - neither her or her lawyer will be expecting us to be there; they'll be pulling a pity story (new mum, partner left her etc) and we will be able to pull our own pity story dammit!

Re Sophie, if she seems happy enough just go with it, don't try to force food into her. is she drinking okay? If you're worried, give her Pedialyte or Gastrolyte to keep her hydrated; when E had bad gastro we did 10 ml every 20 minutes or so which she was able to keep down. Also, for a couple of days last week Elowen went right off her food AND milk, but then picked up again (I think she was teething) - it was worrying, especially as we have been so concerned about her size, but as she seemed happy enough we told ourselves just to ride it out for a couple of days... and sure enough she came good.

Lou glad to get an update on your house!

#59 ShopgirlX

Posted 30 June 2011 - 08:02 PM

Hey gals... I'm around, lurking mostly grin.gif . I started work on Monday, only two days a week but I feel like my life has been turned upside down. I am sure I am being overly dramatic and it will just be a settling in period after which everything will be fine, but I feel like my freedom has been taken away  sad.gif  LOL, probably because it has!  But it was unpaid freedom!

Great to hear from so many of you - forgive no personals this time around.

I think I have got everything for E's first birthday now - paper lanterns with cherry blossoms, hot pink accessories and cutlery, I already have the cherry blossom place mats and dinner set  blush.gif, and still to come are some silk fans and pink brocade table decorations.  Too much? LOL - I figure this may be the only year *I* get to choose the theme  laugh.gif   And if it seems unusual, it is the theme for her room, inspired by those gorgeous Kokeshi dolls and the fact that my mum always called me 'blossom'  - awww...

Test cake #2 coming up tomorrow - YAY!

Stay warm, all!

#60 essy1

Posted 01 July 2011 - 12:58 PM

Oh Shopgirl I love the theme... I think we need to share a couple of photos afterwards for those who do something, please??

#61 whydoibother

Posted 01 July 2011 - 03:21 PM

love that theme!

It is Amelia's 5th birthday on the 5th July and she is havign her party on the 10th at a local park hope it doesn't rain!   This year she wants a My liTtle Pony cake so I am lazy and get those candy prnted ones you can put on a round cake laughing2.gif I have done cakes in teh past and well I am not very good at those kinds of things.  Last year she had a non fancy cake (no party)year before disney princess, year before that I did a cake in the shape of number 2 and her first birthday I did a pink penguin which DH said looked like a bowling pin laughing2.gif

#62 lexington

Posted 04 July 2011 - 04:37 PM

You guys can have a look at my pics.
It will be two cupcakes.. one big truck present and me eating the cupcakes after.
>..... ROFL.

#63 ShopgirlX

Posted 05 July 2011 - 07:13 PM

RD - Happy Birthday to Amelia!

Lex OMG ROFLMAO - you are comedy GOLD!!

Yes I will post pics of the big day, if it turns out the way I'm hoping!!

waves.gif all round... too pooped for much posting tonight!! Tounge1.gif

#64 My4Sunshines

Posted 05 July 2011 - 08:21 PM

HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY AMELIA cclap.gif  ddance.gif  tthumbs.gif

Hope you've had a great day!

#65 TotesFeral

Posted 05 July 2011 - 08:42 PM

Hi everyone.

Happy birthday Amelia! I'm sure you had a great day.
Not much going on around here sorry.

I can't wait to see all the photos from everyones birthday parties. I'll even look forward to the photo of the two cupcakes Lex!  wink.gif

We are just busy busy with wedding stuff and birthday stuff at the moment. Also as I stated on facebook doing up some designs for some baby shoes and other items that I will hopefully sell on facebook. I'm also making a stick horse for Addisons birthday and it is coming together really nicely! So hopefully I can sell those.

Shopgirl your so smart doing a test cake. I'll just be making it first go, if it works then yay!  laugh.gif

#66 whydoibother

Posted 05 July 2011 - 10:21 PM

Thanks ladies, she had a great day and was going on all day about being 5  biggrin.gif SHe fell asleep before dinner tonight so she didn't have the lady bug cake DH got her from coles laughing2.gif She is having her party on SUnday and I sent her to kindy with mini cupcakes today and they gave her a birthday bag with a few lil treats in it.  She also got her first school report which she did very in and I am so proud original.gif hehe it is just developmental but apparently she is very well behaved etc at school  rolleyes.gif

K+M+A I loved those baby shoes so cute  wub.gif you are a clever cookie

Lex now that is my style Tounge1.gif

M4S how are you and those beautiful kids going?

#67 Aminila

Posted 06 July 2011 - 12:58 AM

Happy Birthday to Amelia! July is a great month for birthdays (Brody's is on the 7th and mine is the 22nd original.gif )

K+M+A I'm also just starting up a facebook page too, making clip holders for girls hair clips (i've only got one on the page so far, but they have been good presents to date)

As for birthday cakes for Brody's i've bought a silicon (sp?) muffin mould of a train and i'm just going to make up a packet mix and for Kaylee's i've bought a junior Masterchef cupcake set that came with a giant cupcake mould and receipe. So nothing majorly difficult and moulds i'll be able to use again.

For Brody's birthday he'll go to his dad as usual on a wednesday night, so he'll wake up on his birthday with his dad, who is taking the day off work to spend time with Brody during the day. 1 big plus with our breakup is that we still can spend time with each other, ours isn't an argumentative separation, if that makes sense lol

Anyway, it's 11pm and it's very cold so i'm going to bed original.gif ssleep.gif

#68 My4Sunshines

Posted 07 July 2011 - 04:13 PM

Hope you've had a great day biggrin.gif
Aminila dd2's bday is the 24th (she will be 9 - though her behavior lately has been around the 4-5yo mad.gif ), my nephew is the 3rd, bil on the 10th & niece on the 12th sad.gif holey moley what a busy month!!

SG I keep meaning to ask you when you were going back to work ddoh.gif Hope things will settle down soon for you.

RD All good here thanks, just full on atm with school holidays wacko.gif  rolleyes.gif just so nice though to not make bl**dy lunches and got out in the FREEZING COLD, brrrrrr!!!!
Glad Amelia's report was all good happy.gif

KMA How long until your wedding? Are you having a 'theme' wedding or just the usual wedding attire?

STML cry1.gif " I wanna lovely new house now" cry1.gif though, here we go, I don't want to pay any extra than what we are paying now, I want a bigger house, I want more land, I want a library, I want a drying room, I want a massive laundry which hides everything, I want laundry chutes, I want a chef and a cleaner, I want lovely stylish, yet functional rolleyes.gif , furniture, I want all new clothes for all of us and I want our grocery bills paid for a year ssorry.gif
Hope it is all coming together for you now.

AFU Well Taj is pulling himself up on everything now, he zooms along crawling and no sooner has he reached us he's standing up!! eeek.

dd1 had her operation on the 22nd and she did brilliantly. dh and her got to the hospital at 7am and I got the other 3 organised with mum and got to the hospital at 8.30am where we waited and waited and waited. Then at 11.30??? we went into the theater waiting bays where dd was getting quite nervous, I was 'gowned up' to go into theater while she was given the anesthetic, she did so darn well, watched the needles go in to sick.gif then she did 2 long and slow blinks then she was out. I got back out to dh in the waiting area at 12. I had to go home and feed Taj at 12.40 and dh text me at 12.55 to say she was in recovery where she was speaking sh*te laughing2.gif and asking the same thing a few times. I got back there at 1.40 and she was just about ready to get dressed and come home.
She had to lay flat on her back that day to compress the wound to minimise any bleeding, she didn't have any stitches just a clear plastic waterproof covering. She also had to wear a sling to immobilise her arm. She went back to school  that Monday for the last week of term and did very well.
Went back to the surgeon on Monday and he said it was a Lipoma and he got it all out intact (in it's casing) which he basically said she was darn lucky it didn't pop as there would be no guarantees it wouldn't grow back, as this was not the case he said she will not get another one in that spot. He also said the casing is 1/10th the strength of an egg casing so really a blessing it didnt pop or rupture when he took it out. He said it was the shape of a flying saucer huh.gif .
Anyway she has healed up well and back to her usual eldest sister, bossy, picky, 'look at me' self, I must admit though she can be a GREAT help most of the time.

I go into hospital next Wednesday to have a mirena put in ddance.gif then we can be footloose and fancy free blush.gif sorry, had you just eaten sick.gif , my bad

Well I'd best go and look like I'm busy wwhistle.gif

Hi to everyone else, stay warm and dry

Edited as gremlins are stuffing with my fonts and (in Pauline Hansen voice) "I don't like it!"

Edited by My4Sunshines, 08 July 2011 - 04:40 PM.

#69 heidles82

Posted 09 July 2011 - 07:45 AM

Good morning!

Happy birthday to both Amelia and Brody! I agree that July is a great monrth for birthdays - I will be turning 29 on the 30th biggrin.gif

M4S - glad that DD surgery went smoothly. Good luck for your hospital trip on Wednesday!

I have finally got around to printing Jackson's birthday party invites. Next step is to actually send them to the invitees laughing2.gif

We have a busy weekend ahead - swimming this morning then a 5 year old birthday party, then tomorrow my nephew's Christening. I am so unorganised - we are going present shopping straight after swimming  wacko.gif I have been avoiding the shops due to school holidays and all the toy sales!

#70 Skip to my Lou

Posted 09 July 2011 - 02:36 PM

Hi all,

So glad DD op went well M4SS, what a relief. Good luck with your mirena. Hubby saw the specialiast at the start of the year to get the snip done. Was supposed to be July, but we still haven't heard from them, best get him to chase it up....I am sooo stressed that we will have an accident that the shop has been shut for a while... wwhistle.gif

Paige can now pull herself into a stand without using support of any furniture etc. She quite regularly takes up to 6 steps, but as yet hasn't passed the magical 6 number. WE have had to re child proof all our kitchen cupboards, she just kept pulling everything out and it was so frustrating. I have a friend with 3 kids and not one of them did this - yet both my girls did. Grrrrrrr

Have sent out the invites to Paige's party and already started getting replies (only posted Thursday) so exciting, if only I could work out what decent present to get her..

I have more exciting news, we discovered DD1's first loose tooth and yesterday (after only a day and a half of wiggling) I got frustrated so gave her an apple...yep did the job!! hehehe. She was so excited that a REAL fairy would be visiting OUR house!!! Bless her little heart, so that was something fun for yesterday and last night biggrin.gif

I have been quite down of late (this explains my absences from the computer I think), but I now think I have worked out why. I'm bored. Desperately, frustratingly, monotonously bored bored BORED. So I have decided to start looking for work. I only want part time - and only 2 days a week, so it will prob take me ages to find any to apply for let alone actually get, but I feel better already having made the decision. This is where I discover I am a hypocrite. While reassuring others that leaving the children to go to work is not being a 'bad' mother - and I honestly mean that - apparently my head doesn't think this applies to me. So I'm battling the guilts already and I'm only contemplating working again!! I honestly wish I was a person who enjoyed spending day in and day out with kids at home, but it drives me nuts. Truth be told, I was looking at jobs in the paper just before we got pregnant, so I guess I've done well to last this long. It will also be quite handy having some more dough coming in to help pay for the house too....that's another criteria for job searching, I need to make more than childcare costs...won't be easy round here.

Anyway, time for a cuppa, I just can't warm up lately xx

#71 My4Sunshines

Posted 10 July 2011 - 09:52 PM

Yay Freya on losing your 1st tooth how exciting ddance.gif How much did the tooth fairy leave you?

Tanaya lost her first tooth at kinder 2 weeks ago. When I went to pick her up the assistant asked me if she had a loose tooth and I ddoh.gif completely forgot to tell them it was REALLY loose anyway she told me it came out but then told me Tanaya had said it was in the........... sandpit ffear.gif !!!!!!!
Luckily the tooth fairy still came and left $2 though, Tanaya owes her a tooth now wink.gif  
Tonight Tanaya kept putting her hand over her mouth saying 'ouch ouch ouch' we have a look and the next tooth is HANGING sick.gif by a thread so I'd say the tooth fairies wings are tingling atm waiting for that tooth to come out. I tell Tanaya to not swallow it or drop it laughing2.gif

#72 TotesFeral

Posted 11 July 2011 - 10:23 AM

Just under 11 weeks until the wedding  ddance.gif
Not really having a theme M4S, we are just doing like a vintage classic wedding. Colour scheme is olive and ivory. I picked cocktail wear for the reception.
Bloody MIL is being a pain in my ass. She had a go at me for picking cocktail wear. Said I was there when she picked out her outfit(yes I was) and I should of told her not to pick daywear. I told her the bloody reception is not during the day anyway, there is nothing wrong with her outfit especially for her age I don't expect her to be wearing a cocktail dress. I think the outfit she picked is nice. She keeps whinging that she wants to know what my mother is wearing. Which I have no idea because neither does mother yet. Bloody hell, there is almost 20 years between my mum and his mum, honestly she would be better asking what my nana is wearing because no way would my mother wear anything she wears. I haven't said that to her but I'm tempted.
I keep having to tell her that nobody is going to be bloody looking at her anyway so get over it.

Now she is stuffing around with our plans for Addison for the night. Her friend is supposed to be babysitting her at MIL house as there really isn't anywhere to put the portocot in our room without her being disturbed when we come back down. So as MIL friend has car seats in her car she can pick her up and take her back there for the night. MIL even agreed to this. Now she says what about your neice. Well what about her? It's up to SIL to organise her babysitting if she doesn't want her to leave at the same time as Addison. And SIL is quite happy to organise one of her friends to come watch her. But argh MIL is just being a pain. Michael wants to just try and organise something else and tell her not to worry about it but this happens everytime we ask her for help(which isn't often).
She was supposed to take Addison for one of the weeks we are away for the cruise, she agreed to it, so we booked the cruise and then she whinged and whinged about how she was going to cope.
So I told her not to bother and mum is just taking her for the whole 2 weeks.

Now she isn't coming to the birthday party either because she apparently has more important things on.

Anyway there is my vent for the day. Sorry about that  rolleyes.gif

STML - Don't feel guilty about going back to work. I completely understand not enjoying spending day in day out at home. Honestly if I didn't have wedding planning, birthday planning, and now organising to set up my facebook business I think I would be going crazy. I'm hoping the sewing will keep me busy enough once the wedding is over.

Amilina - Let me know what your business page name is then I can come over and like you!

Hope everyone else is well. xx

#73 whydoibother

Posted 11 July 2011 - 11:38 AM

KMA OM*G your MIL sounds liek a dragon lady! laughing2.gif Oh I hate how my MIL goes on about how she hated what she wore, how she had her hair for our wedding and she will be doing it better for my BIL wedding in September etc  At the time she loved her hair and what she wore!  The way she says it makes our wedding seem inferior even though ours was much classier than what BIL will be (it just cost less as I shopped around)
Sigh hope you get it sorted soon though xx
M4S: laughing2.gif at the tooth in the sand pit haha I once lost a tooth eating an orange laughing2.gif Oh and when I was 5 my nanna was bathing my brother and I and he accidentally head butted me and my two top front teeth where knocked out! We have no idea what happened to them we think I swallowed them ohmy.gif laughing2.gif

#74 lexington

Posted 12 July 2011 - 01:18 PM

Rubs hands.
OMG MIL vent... i will read in greater detail later.
Tell her to wear black tie and a ballgown. ROFL.

Anyway, i think L is teething. He's decided to vom vom (he's not sick) and I told his FDC this and she said that he did this too at daycare. Vom vom on the cot. ooopppsss.. i started apologising. And she said don't worry I do this all the time. sad.gif

Poor L! D is really going great guns. He wants to play with L all the time and starting to understand that he needs to share the toys and not all toys are his. original.gif so proud. He calls L Loot or Pee-tal.

My boys!!!

Jobwise all great. I'm LOVIN it.. don't make me go backkkk..

I'm sorry that i always come in and do ALL ABOUT MMEEEE posts. original.gif

#75 Skip to my Lou

Posted 12 July 2011 - 07:01 PM

Lex : Great to hear the boys are doing great.

M4SS: The fairy ended up leaving $4. I was getting pressure from so many people to make it a note which I just could not agree to. I thought matching her age was a nice idea, it's only that high cos it's her first, the next ones won't be much. Seriously though, I could have made it much less - all she tells people is that she got 3 coins!! Oh wow. Seriuosly I should have given her a few 50c pieces and she would have been over the moon. So cute wub.gif I am glad the first one fell out at home. Paige was given two of the 'my first tooth' containers at her baptism, and conveniently Frey didn't have any, so one set is now hers (and safely secreted away),  think it's quite foul though. If mum had handed me my first tooth I would have binned it, but well, I'll let Frey do that in the future hehehe.

KMA: Your MIL sounds like a real pain in the ring, hope she can manage to make the party in the end, what a shame that she is on her high horse so deprives herself of it. Addison will never remember, but MIL will, and will regret not coming in the future I think. Why does it matter what your mum is wearing to the wedding? Does she want to match her or something? I would deliberatley not find out once your mum has her outfit so you don't have to lie to MIL hehehe sorry I am a bit evil sometimes. dev (6).gif

Paige is so eager to walk - she now does up to 8 steps at a time, and is taking off constantly. Can't be too much longer I would think....


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