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1st - 15th Jun Parent Group # 1

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#26 M&Ms

Posted 30 June 2011 - 03:25 AM

Hi all...can I join in?
My DS was born 8 jun. Although I was on EB before I had him, I never had much time while I was pregnant to come onto EB. Thats all changed now with BF! Especially night feeds like tonight. My phone is a saviour, something quiet to do during those LONG feeds!!
DS is three weeks old and it's all a learning curve, for us both. It's nice to have others out there on EB who are/have gone thru the same things.

#27 M&Ms

Posted 30 June 2011 - 03:24 AM

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#28 M&Ms

Posted 30 June 2011 - 03:26 AM

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#29 M&Ms

Posted 30 June 2011 - 03:27 AM

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#30 macdolby

Posted 30 June 2011 - 02:16 PM

Welcome M&Ms and congratulations on the birth of your little boy!

Thanks for the tip kymichelle - I've stopped taking vitamins (naughty me!) - I just can't seem to remember to take them.

Carrie - 12 days away - that is a good stint, when do you depart?  Great news on the breastfeeding.

Jade - not sure about when they start smiling, its probably individual - I've found this great site 'raisingchildrennetwork' (do a google search) which outlines milestones etc for each age group, I also use it for the other info it has (its says something at about a month they may be smiling).

AFM - well I'm sitting here, watching telly with DS trying to nod off beside me in his cocoon. He's pretty knackered but will still stare out at me to check that I'm still here. He's so cute I can't stop looking at him. He seems to have grown so much already and I can see these newborn weeks just flying by and they'll be over  sad.gif  I'm trying to enjoy them as much as possible though not always easy when all you want is to have a good solid 7/8 hours sleep in one go!

If he goes off I'm going to try to join him!

#31 elmo77

Posted 30 June 2011 - 08:50 PM

Hi everyone

I hope no one minds if I stay with this group rather than join the May group...I so enjoyed getting to know all of you before having Luke that I don't want to leave!  biggrin.gif

Luke is 7 weeks old today!!  I can't believe that he's already that old...he had his first lot of vaccinations today.  A shot in each thigh and cold, yucky rotavirus vaccine to ingest.  He did himself and me proud though - swallowed down all the rotavirus and only had a "OUCH" cry for each leg.  He's been a bit grizzly and wanting lots of cuddles this afternoon but has now settled down after his dinner feed and is soundly asleep in his basinette  wub.gif

Things have been going pretty well for us...finally starting to feel like I'm catching my breath every now and then - though I still have things on my list "to do" from before he was born.  For those who don't know, Luke came 3 weeks earlier than we were expecting.  A big surprise to me as I was convinced that I would be having a late baby, given that both me and my brother were 2 weeks late, and there certainly weren't any signs that Luke was on his way before the night my water broke!!  Am currently in the middle of filling in all the Centrelink/Medicare/PPL forms...so much paperwork for such a little person  rolleyes.gif

Hope everyone has a good evening, with lots of sleep for mums and bubs  waves.gif

#32 ~ Cez ~

Posted 01 July 2011 - 08:12 AM

ohmy.gif  Mya is 4weeks old today! Someone, anyone, slow time down a little please!!

Elmo LOL @ you still having your to do list from before Luke was born! Hope there was nothing too important there that needed doing ASAP. Have fun filling out all those Centrelink forms. They ask you for almost everything except what colour underwear you are wearing!! I took my forms in to their office on June 22nd so not sure how long it takes for it all to process. Some people say 21days, others say within a few days their payments started, so really, who knows!

M&Ms Congratulations on the birth of Xavier and welcome to the group original.gif

Macdolby I too am naughty and am not taking any vitamins. I thought about starting again but then figured while things are going ok, do I really need them? We leave for Sydney on Thurs 28th July and come home on Tues 9th Aug. I made sure I booked direct flights so that way I don't have to sit around Brisbane airport on a 1hr+ stop over waiting for connecting flight to Sydney. The only downside is that the flight to Sydney is at 7:10pm with us arriving at 9:10pm. While that'll be ok for Ethan, Mya is usually a little unsettled/feeding during those times! But knowing babies and how quick they can change patterns, doesn't mean it'll be like that still in another 4wks time.

Kymichelle Olive Oil is brilliant for dry skin original.gif

Jade How much wear you get out of different sizes really depends on how fast babies grow. You may find you'll be using different sizes all at once as well. At the moment the 0000 Bondsuits are a snug fit on Mya so sometimes I put her into the 000 for that extra room. Then of course if you have any 2pc outfits, you'll find you may get longer wear out of the 0000 and that the pants might be too long in the 000 but the top will fit.

Sam We know where to find ya....you can't hide from us anymore!!! lol

#33 geckogirl

Posted 01 July 2011 - 11:27 AM

Elmo: I've also still got my to do list from before Liam was born. Still have things to get done! The cot still hasn't been put together, for instance. Regarding Centrelink, I had completed the online claim form a couple of weeks before Liam was born so I only had to provide the proof of birth form from the hospital which I did about two weeks ago. I got a letter yesterday confirming the claim was approved and when my payments will start. Though I still haven't got the new medicare card (which was part of that proof of birth form). I think I'll just have to take Liam's birth certificate into a medicare office and make sure it gets done. I've already had to take Liam to the dr's twice so far so its kinda annoying.

macdolby: I'm also pretty haphazard about taking my vitamins. I leave the bottle on the dining room table in the hope that when I sit down to eat dinner, I'll remember to take them. But it doesn't always work.

Kymichelle: Thanks for the heads up on the sale. We don't have a Woolies close by so I don't always know when they have sales. But we managed to pick up the last box of boys crawlers yesterday so that was great. We are still using the newborn size nappies since Liam is so small but I wanted to stock up on the next size up. And also for the olive oil hint. I'll have to try that out. We saw the MACH nurses yesterday and when I asked advice on Liam's dry skin, she was quite adamant not to use lotions and "especially not Johnsons&Johnsons" - very adamant, she was, about that! Anyway, her suggestion was sorbelene cream but not any with alcohol.

Jade: Liam is now five weeks old and we are still using size 0000! It really depends on the size of your bub and how fast they are growing.

AFM: Liam was weighed yesterday and has gained about another 225g over past 9 days. Nurse was very happy (and so were we!). My old boss is about to go into semi-retirement and is having a farewell lunch at his home on Sunday. So this will be our first going out social test with Liam. Feeling a little anxious about that especially since arsenic hour now seems to be rather random!

Funny story: We received an express parcel in the mail for Liam but couldn't find any sender details on the cover. The signature looked kinda vaguely like my father's but I couldn't be sure. When we opened the mystery parcel, the only thing in there was a set of three pairs of baby socks! No cards, no letter, no idea who sent it or why they thought it was so urgent to send baby socks by express, guaranteed overnight delivery! But obviously they thought it was urgent! We were pretty bemused by the whole mystery.  Anyway, it turned out it was from my parents though my mother was also very mystified as to why Dad sent it by express as well.

Gotta go, Liam is starting to cry. Haven't got time to check my post so hope its OK!

#34 raindotdot

Posted 01 July 2011 - 12:01 PM

Kakua - Felix have had really painful gas episodes generally around 10am. I've cut dairy for the last 2 weeks and in the process of eliminating gassy foods from my diet. Apparently it takes up to a week for the milk protein to get out of your system so it's a wait and see. I find that I am most buggered around 10am after the 7am/9am feeds so have had Felix fall asleep on his tummy on my chest which seems to get at least 2 big farts out and we both get a good nap.

geckogirl - I'm on Day 3 of the sleep log suggested in "No Cry Sleep solution" and coupled with suggestions from "Baby bliss", Felix has been settling much better and has actually fallen asleep / resettled himself in his cot. I'm amazed! Here's hoping it's not a fluke.

carrieB - so jealous that you've managed to wean off nipple shields! I've only managed 1 feed this week (both sides) without the shield and almost cried. He hasn't cooperated since though >.<

elmo77 - I filled in my Medicare replacement card, PPL paper and online forms when felix was a week old and had DH take everything to a Medicare office the next day. Payments started 2 weeks later so it was rather painless. Medicare card came in the mail a week after that. Don't forget to add them to PHI if you have it.

AFM - Re: dry skin - I've done a "milk mask" for his little forehead when it looked like cradle cap was forming and it seems to have halted the spread. The MCHN also suggested cold press olive oil, on affected area overnight and brushed out in the morning. She was also adamant on "NO J&J products" and recommends QV. We have SO many J&J bottles from the baby shower, which I'll probably use on myself.

Felix has gained 1kg and 4cm in 2.5 weeks - his head is looking a lot bigger and he is almost out of 000's. I don't have any 00 bodysuits yet :-S He has also grown out of newborn nappies as of yesterday - so all up, we used 2x newborn boxes over 5 weeks.

Someone in the May thread suggested the Sleepy Wrap as a cheaper alternative to the hug-a-bub. I've been using the Ergo to take him on walks but might invest in a slimmer wrap to use around the house.

#35 RipeWickedPlum

Posted 01 July 2011 - 05:51 PM

Just a quick one from me.

Ellie is sick with a cold. It is horrible. The poor little thing.
We got a vaporizer today which seems to be helping with her congestion. Which is a relief as she was having trouble breathing early this morning. Poor little chicken.

I'm sick too. Stupid cold just won't go away. DD1 got it last week... and she is still sick. Ellie and I got it on Monday I think... so we've still got a fair while to go with the cold.... Unfortunately.

I hope everyone else is keeping well...

I will pop in later on and do some personals!

#36 honeydew

Posted 01 July 2011 - 08:52 PM

Elmo77 - Please stay with us! Happy 7 weeks to baby Luke and to you. Well done for getting through the first 6 weeks and beyond, and I hope you are now getting a chance to do some of the things that you missed out on not having mat leave pre-baby.

raindotdot - Hmm Miss M is having more gassy episodes now too. During the day mostly. I wonder if I should keep a bit of a food diary for me and track it against her digestive protests. I certainly know that the takeaway curry was a mistake, no matter how mild it was. Orange poo and and angry baby. But perhaps other things set her off too.

Ericismine - So sorry you have such a terrible run with illness. I hope that you've now had everything you are giong to ahve and that the next 6+++ months are completely smooth sailing.

Geckogirl - That is a funny story. Did you find out from your Dad why he sent it express? With no note??! original.gif

AFM - Turns out Miss M put on 295g in the week to Tuesday. Go champion! No wonder I feel like a cow all the time. Munch munch munch.

Coming out of the haze of weeks 1 and 2 was good. Miss M started to sometimes sleep (not that often, mind you), to attach better, and my baby blues hormones finally lifted. I think she's having her 3 week growth spurt/change though now and she is Miss Grumblebum Extraordinaire. By 2pm this afternoon I was explaining to her that I hope she wanted to be an only child because that's what this behaviour was going to lead to.... But finally at 2.30pm she slept for the first time today and I got a nap and all was (relatively) well with the world again.

#37 sage74

Posted 03 July 2011 - 10:44 PM

Hello everyone.
Georgia is over one month old! It's all going too quick!! It's sad...so many of you get excited that bubs has put on weight, and when I went for weigh in last week, i was kind of upset she has put on 830grams in 19 days!LOL LOL

Georgia has been up and down, I am finding she is developing a routine of one good day, one very very unsettled day, with wakeful periods up to 10 hours. Rather than sleep, she scream/dozes/scream/dozes. Nothing seems to settle her, I've resorted to all the 'last resort' options that I hadn't wanted to do - dummy, lying onside, holding and walking around, patting, singing etc etc. Then the next day, she returns to her usual baby self!! Jeckel and Hyde...well I suppose thinking about it, she is a Gemini - the twins symbol!!

I return to work tomorrow - teaching - and sitting here tonight am wondering why the hell I do this to myself!!! G still wakes every four hours, plus I have my other two girls to sort out. I'm tired thinking about it. But it is really good money, and we are down to our last dollars due to a pay dispute with hubby's work so it will be worth it! That is going to be my mantra tomorrow......!!


#38 geckogirl

Posted 04 July 2011 - 10:58 AM

Hi Everyone,

Honestly, I can't keep up with Liam and his changes. For the last two days, he has been cluster feeding in the evening (every 1.5 to 2 hrs), finally settles after midnight and then sleeps through till about 7/7:30am! Not complaining but the first time it happened and I woke about 5:30am I was terrified something had happened to him and rushed to the bassinet! I don't know how long this phase is going to last but we're going to enjoy it while we can. Its been the best sleep we've had in about 5 and half weeks.

We had our first social outing yesterday - my old boss is semi-retireing and had a sit-down lunch at his place with some of us from work. I found it really difficult to get into the social thing because I was so distracted by Liam. And then he started crying and the only thing I could do to settle him down was feed him for awhile. After that, he slept as good as gold for the rest of the visit. Of course, it meant I had lunch after everyone else! I remember this happening to other people in the past with kids so I guess I'm just going to have to get used to it! Hey, it worked and I still got to sit at the table and join in with the conversation like a normal human adult - just a little later than the rest.

#39 M&Ms

Posted 04 July 2011 - 11:18 AM

I will need to grab a pen to make notes so I can do personals...i cant remember details.

My DS is 4 weeks on Wed. After a few  rough nights I am feeling a bit teary. He will happily sleep in my arms, but put him in his sleeper and he's grizzling/crying after a minute. Falls asleep at the breast, I leave him omg lap for ten mins to fall into a deeper sleep and then carefully move him to his sleeper. Unfortunately he doesnt want to sleep. I"hr tried rocking,patting,singing,walking around but no luck. Any tips on what I can do?

He seems to be a bit gassy- whining when he does sleep and kicking his legs and coughing while feedimg, and possible reflux. I cut out cabbage, onion and anything spicy. So my next step will be to trial cutting out dairy and see if it makes any difference.

He's my first baby so not sure what to expect, what's normal or not. Feeling like we've gone backwards.

Feeling a little isolated...Is anyone else having these challenges?

#40 macdolby

Posted 04 July 2011 - 03:12 PM


M&Ms - Ah, you're really not alone there, don't worry! I think most of our bubs have had problems with wind and not settling apart from in the arms of mummy/daddy. My DS is about a week younger than yours but he does the same thing some days.

A couple of suggestions and I've found to just take it one 'session' at a time. What is working this time won't necessarily work next time!

Are you wrapping him? I only ask because we weren't as he does struggle to get his arms free (grunts and carries on til he either can get them out or cries in frustration) but as we were using a dummy I noticed that he kept knocking it out of his mouth and I kept having to get up to put the dummy back in (was very frustrating and tiring!) plus he just wouldn't settle sometimes anyway. So, the other night I found a decent sized wrap and I wrapped him and he went off pretty quickly with the dummy (spat it out after about 2 minutes) so we're definitely back to wrapping!

Re the wind thing, I've also found that if I put DS across my knee (sort of sitting on his bum in the middle and I hold him upright) and pat his back I can get some burps out then I just snuggle him upright on my chest for a few minutes til he goes groggy and the wind seems to have cleared (after a feed).

Just ideas but I know how you are feeling! Hope you managed to settle him after your post  original.gif

geckogirl - what?? 7 hours sleep? are you kidding - you must feel like  a brand new person - lucky you!! can he have a word with my DS?

Sage - how was work? did you cope ok with the lack of sleep?

AFM - well I dragged DD out on her scooter to the local shops - about a 20-25min walk to send off some thank yous and get a cupcake. Fed DS and popped him into bed at 1pm. Thankfully he settled better this sleep, rather than the earlier one. Everytime I stopped the pram he woke up the cheeky monkey!  

About to play pairs with DD so best get going, have a great evening everyone!

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#41 M&Ms

Posted 04 July 2011 - 06:56 PM

ELMO - wow! That would have been a surprise…3 weeks early. So how much mat leave did you get before baby’s arrival? I lodged paperwork more than 2 weeks ago by mail, and as of yet haven’t heard a thing!

Jade - I am even finding different brands have different sizing within the same code. Some 0000’s are like a sack on DS! He started in 00000 for first 2-3 weeks but is too long for them now.

Raindotdot - how is the dairy free thing going? Do you drink soy instead in your cereal/coffee? I think DS might have some form of sensitivity…so I will have to trial dairy I think as lactose intolerance is common within Asian babies apparently. I have the hug-a-bub and it’s really just several meters of fabric. I could have made one for ¼ of the price!!! But it does help to get DS to sleep if he’s not crying already…it’s just a tad difficult to get DS in and out of it!

Sage - back to work - you’re really amazing! I hope it all goes well for you!

Gecko girl - I know what you mean about rushing to check that DS is ok!!! DH did a late EBM feed the other night and I woke at midnight thinking why’s it so quiet?! They were fine and DS apparently dream fed that night. I tried feeding DS in my hug-a-bub the other day, to see if I could feed him like that in public, at meals etc, but I felt like my massive boobs were suffocating him!!! Fail!

Macdolby - thanks for your encouragement. I have just started wrapping again so will see how that goes, but I think I might need to try a different brand of dummy. I have the avent brand and it seems DS has difficulty latching onto it and it keeps falling out within a matter of seconds/minutes.

AFM - DS feeds anywhere from every 1 hour to 3 hours, generally taking 30-45 mins each feed. He likes to take his time and I think is putting on weight fast! Once he took 125ml EBM and still wanted more at the end!! Had to put him on the breast! The CHN has a drop-in clinic on Tue mornings so I am going along to that to get him weighed.

During weeknights I’ve told DH to sleep in the spare room. Does anyone else do this? At this stage there’s not so much he can do during nights, as I am breastfeeding, so he may as well get a decent sleep before going to work. I usually sleep early (around 9pm) and DH looks after him till his next feed…generally 11pm. On weekends he gives DS his late feed by EBM. I hope it won’t cause any more distance between us, but I don’t see the point of us both missing out on sleep. I got upset the other day when he said he didn’t sleep well that night in the spare room though, as I thought that he still had a much better sleep than me and that even though on weekends he does stay with me and get woken up, he still can go back to sleep and doesn’t realize how tiring it can be to feed 5x a night for up to 60 mins. I feel a bit more sensitivity from DH would go a long way!

For those with first-time bubs - what was your experience like in hospital with the midwives? I had 2 really helpful ones, but the rest frustrated me…I wanted techniques and ideas, but they weren’t at all helpful just saying stuff like "it's normal" and then walking away.

#42 elmo77

Posted 04 July 2011 - 09:42 PM

M&Ms - I got minus 3 days maternity leave  rolleyes.gif I was on the countdown to enjoying at least 3 weeks before baby, looking forward to getting my class through NAPLAN and having a nice goodbye to them (having taught them for 2 years) and then doing all the nice pre-mummy things like getting my hair done, having a girly movie day with my mum, going out to dinner with DH a few last times...nope, someone had other ideas!!  tongue.gif

Centrelink/Medicare paperwork - am getting there in sorting it all out.  Sucks big time that it's all on the one form.  Would be so much easier if Medicare form was separate to PPL forms...I'm not claiming it straight away, but have needed to take bubs to doctor for vaccinations and check ups, so Medicare would have been good to be able to have sorted.  I'm slowly working my way through the online form, so that I can just get it all out of the way (hopefully) - at least I can save where I'm up to on the forms and don't have to get through it all in one sitting (cos I would be up to about my 50th attempt if so!).

Wind - Luke was very windy for the first few weeks, but seems to be getting a bit better.  Tried lots of things that seemed to work at different times...one thing hasn't really ever consistently worked so the more things you try the better in my opinion  biggrin.gif   Like macdolby suggested, I burp Luke sitting up on my knee, rubbing his back from bum up.  Sometimes it's better too if I hold him against my chest and walk him around, giving him a pat on the bum...seems to let gravity do its job a bit better and he lets a few out.  He's got a range of dummies - there are a few Avent ones...he's got 2 that are a bit rounder at the end that seem to be able to stay in his mouth a bit better than the flatter shaped ones (I think the flatter ones are the orthodontic shaped ones).  I didn't look closely enough when I bought some new ones, this is how I found out that difference.  He also has some Tommee Tippee ones that are okay in shape, but sit on his face quite wide (kind of look like a clown's mouth, instead of having a ring to hold on to).  They're ok but he tends to flap his arms a bit as he settles and knock against his face.  This means he usually catches these dummies on his hands and knocks them out and is quite upset about the whole thing!!  rolleyes.gif

It isn't nice to watch when he does get bad wind...poor bubby gets quite upset and every inch of his body tenses up.  We are having less and less of this intense kind of wind, so hopefully this will be outgrown sooner rather than later.

Some other things to try are laying baby on their side to sleep or to settle...Luke enjoys that and I usually lay down with him and rub his back.  Once he does go to sleep I roll him gently on to his back.  He gets wrapped of a night as that helps him settle for a longer sleep.  Tummy time on my or DH's chest is good too.  I haven't tried to cut any foods out of my diet as I eat a fair range of things and he gets wind no matter what I have or haven't eaten.

Routine - just when I think we're getting into one, it's time to change the routine  rolleyes.gif We seem to be going okay though...time between feeds is generally 3-4 hours and we're starting to get a longer sleep happening in the evenings/overnight.

Getting bigger - I have to admit a bit of jealousy about the fantastic weight gains lots of babies are having.  Over the last 6 weeks Luke has gained 600gm on his birth weight.  Doctor was happy with the gain but also "would like to see him gaining a bit more".  That comment did NOT make my week last week.  We're now giving him a bottle of EBM every day, just to give him a boost and a "definite" amount.  I don't think it's my imagination but I definitely think it's been working.  We're going to the GP on Wednesday, so hopefully extra efforts will be rewarded.  He's happy, healthy, pooing and weeing so paediatrician (who made comment) wasn't worried...but as he started much smaller than I thought he would be and didn't get those extra 3 weeks to grow a bit more it has been something that I've been a bit concerned about.  Initially we thought we would be having a baby getting closer to the 4 kg mark and a bit longer than the 3.29kg, 50cm baby we did have.  I know that this is a good weight and height, but he's quite gangly - "Spider Monkey" has been a nicknamed I've been using for him  tongue.gif   He's going to be tall, just like his dad and uncle, and probably quite lean.  He's very strong and really lifts his head up now when on his tummy.  So great now that he's awake and aware of the world around him so much more than he has been  wub.gif

Midwives - sorry you didn't have very helpful midwives M&Ms...I've got to say that we were so lucky with our midwives.  There was only one that I could have done without meeting (a little bit cold and harsh for my liking!)...they were so lovely and helpful.  They all had something different to teach me, but at the same time were so encouraging when we managed to get a new skill happening (feeding was a bit of an issue for a while for us).  Having had an emergency c/s I was a bit overwhelmed with everything but they made it so much easier than it might have been.  I do think we were really lucky, and I can only hope that when we have No. 2 we are lucky enough to have a similar experience.

AFM - we're going to have our first visit in at work tomorrow.  It will be nice to see everyone, as I think that's one of the things I've found hardest adjusting to...coming from a workplace filled with noise and conversation all day (primary school teaching) to be home during the week by myself with Luke it's been hard to get used to the silence.  I keep the TV on most of the day so that there is some other noise!

Luke had his vaccinations last week...all went well.  He drank down the rotavirus vaccine like a champ (even though it was very cold and icky) and only cried a bit with the shots in each leg.  He was a bit warmer in temp that afternoon and a bit grizzly (who wouldn't be!).  Poos were a bit darker in colour for a few days after as it all went through his system.  I bought Baby Panadol for fever just in case but didn't need to use it.  He had them at 12.30pm, so I think that helped in making sure that he was more settled and less grizzly by the evening.  Slept well that night so all good!

I can't believe he's almost 2 months old already...time has gone so quickly!!  Love watching him grow though and am looking forward to watching more developing happening  wub.gif

Better go and do a few jobs before next feed time starts...hope all have a good night!  waves.gif

#43 first_time_mummy

Posted 05 July 2011 - 08:39 AM

Hi All... I sooooo shouldnt be here!!! My beautiful daughter Hannah was born 25th June!! exactly 2 weeks overdue and only decided to join us after I was induced by cervadil and had an excellent natural delivery!!

Hannah is breastfed and feeds like a trooper - so far - but I want to get some formula to have on hand in case my supply drops... any recommendations?? I am petrified I wont beable to feed her during the night and we will have a meltdown!!

Also sleeping isnt an issue... she sleeps in 5 hour blocks so only really wakes up twice during the night for her usual 15 minute feed... but wait for the reason... she sleeps in bed with me and DP... she doesnt mind her basinette but would much rather cuddles in bed with us!!
How bad is that!!!!!

#44 geckogirl

Posted 05 July 2011 - 01:41 PM

macdolby: As I said, I didn't know how long our little dream run of two days of 7 hour sleeps would last. And sure enough, last night it was back to the night from hell but it was lovely to catch up on some sleep. Liam just doesn't keep to any kind of routine and we just have to "bend with the breeze" as it were.

When Liam gets into a screaming jag, he gets incredibly tense and stiff as a board. We call it "planking". You can see he is struggling with wind and trying to push it out. I reckon he needs to be able to relax before the wind can get through his system easily so we try what we can to relax his little body. So far, the only thing that reliably works is to put him back on the breast to comfort feed. He relaxes almost straight away (and he gives these big heavy sighs as well - very cute if it wasn't so worrying). After awhile, he usually farts or whatever but you can see it happens much more easily and with little or no distress. We haven't tried the bath routine yet but that is supposed to work nearly as well to help relax their tummy muscles.

I reckon it will sort itself out around the 3 to 4 mth mark anyway. Its just a matter of waiting it out until their digestive systems develop a bit more and in the meantime, just try to make it as comfortable for them as possible.

dummies: elmo & M&M - We tried a dummy recently to help him relax but he keeps just spitting it out. But it hadn't occurred to me that there are different shapes so we might try a few different types before giving up on them.

elmo: I wouldn't worry about the weight gain guilts. Liam was born at 2.98 kgs and he the usual weight loss in the first week. It took 3 weeks to get back to his birth weight which our GP was fine with. At his last weigh in (at 5 weeks) he only just hit the 3.5kg mark. As long as he is producing those 6 or so heavy weight nappies every day and the occasional poo, don't worry. He's getting enough food and will put on weight. He also sounds alert and active so Luke is happy and you can be too. Not everyone falls in to the "average" or "typical" profile. Its all meant to be just a guide anyway. Don't forget, for thousands of years, we haven't been weighing babies every week and worrying over every ounce gained or not gained. That's what I tell myself and I refuse to sweat over it.

FTM: Most of us shouldn't be here since a lot of our babies were born at the end of May instead of beginning of June. Wouldn't sweat it. Its more to do with who you took the journey with then the final destination.

Hoping to have a few naps today to make up for last night. Have a great day everyone!

#45 4forme

Posted 05 July 2011 - 08:36 PM

Well for an EB junkie of way back I can't believe its taken me this long to even look at the parents group.

To those not on facebook I'm Kylie and had my 5th child a little boy Emmett on 31st may. He was due on 5th June though so I'll just stick here.

Elmo- I actually had medicare done seperately- the reason was I went in to get my own medicare card as I was still on ex dh's and couldnt put Emmett on that being to a different daddy so they did it on the spot. I got my band spanking new medicare card last week and havent even done my centrelink forms yet.

#46 M&Ms

Posted 06 July 2011 - 06:47 AM

Gecko girl - I agree with the wind problem. Sometimes I find distraction works as well.

First time mummy - hi! Two weeks must have felt like they lasted forever!! You could try expressing some milk each day to help improve your supply. You can then freeze it for when you need it. If your baby is putting on weight well then I'd say BF is ample. Do u have access to a lactation consultant?

Macdolby - wrapping helped DS for his first night sleep for the last two evenings - he slept four hours!

Dummies - I tried Happy baby brand, but right now with DS doesnt make any difference...he still spits it out!

AFM - up since 1240am due to DS having reflux. Last three nights all pretty bad and I'm trying thickener at each feed...so far hasnt made any difference. Not sure how long to give it a go for. I know it will get better as he gets older, but seriously I cant wait till then - with 2-3 hours sleep.
DS is thriving however, at 4 weeks weighs 4200g, with starting weight of 3.1kg. So BF is going well, even if he spits up a lot!

#47 macdolby

Posted 07 July 2011 - 02:27 PM


M&Ms - hope your little one was better for you last night, sleep deprivation is such a killer!  sounds like he's putting on weight really well.

DS has slept much better today thankfully. We had a disturbed day yesterday (had a newborn photo shoot which was a bit too much for him I think, he either cried or slept through most of it). Hope we got some decent shots. He also has a bit of baby acne which I've been reassured is normal at this stage (don't remember with DD).

Not a lot to share today really. Have just been out to the shops and bought myself a new warm jumper (going to ditch the saggy baggy one I wore through pregnancy which makes me feel daggy!). Managed to pick up a great lamp shade (yippee!! a boys one!) that was on sale too.

Just have dinner on in the slow cooker cos our oven is broken and getting repaired tomorrow. I feel quite 'normal' today really, dishwasher, laundry, dinner on, trip to the shops and I even ironed 2 shirts for DH!

Ok, best go and put said laundry away before DS wants his afternoon tea... and we have a caterer coming at 4pm to discuss options for DHs 40th birthday in 3 weeks.

Hope everyone is well and enjoying motherhood for the first or fifth time around  biggrin.gif

Edited by macdolby, 07 July 2011 - 02:29 PM.

#48 RipeWickedPlum

Posted 07 July 2011 - 07:55 PM

Just a quick little update from me... I'm too exhausted to do a long one.

Ellie and I spent 4 nights in hospital. She had bronchiolitis. Most scary few days of my life.
They were talking about needing to transfer her to either the main hospital that is 1/2 hour away or to Sydney to be in ICU cause she was not breathing well at all.
Thank god that didn't happen. Her worst days/nights were Sunday night, and all day monday.
They had her on oxygen and on Monday afternoon they put a NG tube down her nose so she could feed. Her heart rate was consistently over 210bpm. Which is obviously way too fast for her.

I'm just so tired. Exhausted. My body is aching all over. All I had at the hospital was a crappy old recliner to rest on... I didn't get much sleep there and I'm just so sore.

I've been sick too. My scar is hurting from all the coughing and the fact I was on the recliner and also all the walking etc I had to do from the hospital to the car and back when I went home.

I'll try and get in here and do a proper post later on... But I can't guarantee when it will be. Ellie is still unwell and I need to keep a close eye on her.

Hope everyone is going well! original.gif

#49 honeydew

Posted 08 July 2011 - 12:58 PM

I might fail a bit here on personals, but I'll try....

Ericismine! - What an awful time you've had of things lately. You should be very proud of yourself and Ellie for getting through it all. I hope that is the LAST visit to hospital for a very very very long time. Years. Decades!

M&Ms- Yay for four hours of baby sleep! I know this doesn't quite equate to you getting four hours sleep, but it is an excellent sign that your son is learning how to sleep longer. How old is he now? We got a 4 hour sleep out of Miss M last night too. Sadly (sort of) it was over dinner/dishes etc so there was no chance to get some shut eye myself during it.

- Your use of the term 'planking' cracked me up. That's brilliant! Of course, not actually brilliant that Liam gets into that state. Re: the bath and wind, we don't have a great bath for bathing Miss M and the bathoom is freezing, so we haven't tried that. What I have done, which sometimes works, is gently heating a heat pack up and laying it across her tummy when I put her in her bassinet. Same theory as the bath, I think.

FTM - You sound like you got a lovely reward for waiting those 2 extra weeks - a baby who sleeps well AND feeds well! I can only dream.... But definitely stay here. I think all the people in the 1-15 June DIG should stay a part of this regardless of when there bubs were born, if they are comfortable with that. And of course welcome to any others who didn't do the DIG thing with us but find themselves with a bub born at this time. Hi!

- It must be frustrating to be doing such good mothering work and not seeing the weight gains that some others are. My MACH nurse said 100g a week was what she would like to see, aso I reckon your little fella is doing a good job growing. If he seems to be feeding fine and the output is as it should be then I am sure he will catch up. Fingers crossed you do get to see some larger weight gains soon though for your reassurance.

AFM - Miss M is 4 weeks today!

The in laws  are in town this week. Lovely to have them here, they are sweet people, but even a little time with them each day does throw our 'routine' a bit. Mostly it just makes me and DP a bit more tired as we don't get naps when sometimes we would. The ILs are out exploring town at the moment though and my babies (Miss M and DP) are both asleep near me - Miss M in her bassinet, DP on the loungeroom rug (snoring)!

We are slowly getting better at getting Miss M to sleep. We have good days and plenty of bad days, but she is getting better at getting to sleep in her bassinet and resettling when she wakes. Average sleep is still only about 2-2.5 hours, but she has pulled some 3 to almost 4 hour sleeps in the last few days and I am really hoping that is a sign of things to come. Because otherwise I will eventually go insane!! My problem is that I am not a great sleeper myself - it takes me ages to get to sleep and I sleep extremely lightly when I finally do. I don't actually know if I will ever get better at this after 30++ years of being like this, so getting her to have longer sleeps is really important for me. If she routinely does 4 hours I should be able to work myself up to about 2.5 hours of sleep during that time if I try really hard. At the moment the 45 min naps in her 2 hour sleeps are just not quite cutting it...

Ramble ramble, sorry!

Hope everyone is having a good day.

#50 raindotdot

Posted 10 July 2011 - 01:01 PM

FTM - so lucky to have a 5 hour sleeping baby!!! I'm super jealous >.< lol

Geckogirl - DS definitely planks! He has been kicking his legs for 2 weeks now and it's a struggle to swaddle him as none of the wraps are long enough for his stretched body.

4forme - I'm another May mum with DS 2 weeks early. Welcome back!

elmo77 - I'm one with a rapid weight gained baby but the downside is my elbows, wrists, arms and shoulders haven't quite caught up with his weight gain so some mornings my wrists (esp the left one) are so weak I'm scared I'll drop him.

M&Ms - I've been cheating and only cut milk from my diet and I'm not sure if its a placebo effect but DS doesn't seem as bothered by gas as 2 weeks before. It could also be he's grown another 0.5kg or so and can cope better with gas? In any case, he managed 10 farts in a row (no kidding!) this morning without so much as a frown. Re: midwives - we had some amazing and some not-so-amazing midwives & nurses at our hospital. The awful ones seem to be rostered on the graveyard shift with one of them basically accusing me of starving DS - uh, my milk hadn't come in, what was I suppose to do??! Luckily there were more great midwives than bad so it made the experience a lot more enjoyable.

macdolby - DS had baby acne too between 3 and 5 weeks, as well as cradle cap and milia - the works! As of today (at 6-7 weeks) almost everything has cleared on its own. He is looking very plump and delicious haha. I did give him a breast milk mask a few weeks back though when it was all looking very icky.

eric is mine! - hope Ellie gets well really soon and you're doing a champ job!

honeydew - We still haven't quite reached a 4 hour sleep yet either, the longest unbroken sleep has been 3.5 hours. At least his feeds are starting to be more efficient.

AFM - we had a shocker of a night last night. We gave DS a bath and feed and straight to bed at 7pm and all was well until he woke up for his 10pm feed - then STAYED AWAKE and crying until 2am =( It was a vicious cycle of feed, burp, cry, settle, feed, burp.... etc. He didn't fully nod off (on my lap - so bad!) until 3am and managed a  2.5 hour sleep then catnapped and fed until 9am. DH and I are exhausted. I keep blaming the 6-7 week growth spurt, but that also happened last week - argh! The only thing I could think of were extra stimulation when the in-laws were over last night cooing and clucking at DS while he was bathing. But really, it was probably overstimulated and overtired from DH and I swapping back and forth to calm him.

Re: dummys - I tried one last night when nothing else seemed to work and used a Playtex orthodontic binky. I felt the wierdest sensation to put that thing and seeing it in his mouth - I can't describe it! Almost disgust? Anyway he looked all confused on what to do with it, and finally figured out the sucking and managed to shut eye - for about a minute before all hell broke loose again.

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