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#26 sjm218

Posted 12 July 2011 - 09:08 AM

Quick one for me -

flyingkiwi - your post must have given Charlie ideas - he walked straight into the wall last night and must have kicked his toe as he fell to the floor clinging onto his foot the way I do when I kick my toe - poor little sausage.

AFM - Charlie is now in a single bed (well a mattress on the floor). He also went all day today without a dummy including his nap AND he learned a new word - "wow" - said with a perfect Australian accent!!! That's my boy!!!

#27 mccarro

Posted 12 July 2011 - 07:51 PM

Quick question - how many words are your little ones actually saying? Atti clearly understands a lot of words - he has a word book and will point to the right things when we ask him where's the ... - but is only clearly saying oh no, stuck, and occasionally car and truck. He said no once, and sometimes it sounds lile he's saying cat and dog, but that's about it. I kind of thought he'd be saying more words, and maybe even stringing a few words together by now.

#28 JazzBaby

Posted 12 July 2011 - 10:03 PM

Mccarro - Mason says mum, dad, nan, "b" (which is our code for breastfeed), yum, happy, baby

pick up & bigger are new, but these are probably just random noises, (although the first one certainly seems to be said when he wants to be picked up). He also recognises and understands a lot of words, although I've probably been a bit slack when it comes to reading and interacting with him lately sad.gif

SJM - I have to laugh at you not enjoying Charlie feeding himself. Mason has been feeding himself for months now, and actually cracks the sads with us sometimes if we try to feed him (depends how tired he is as to whether he'll let us feed him!). He is really dextrous with his food, which is great, although it gets incredibly messy! I'm trying to teach him to eat his food with utensils as opposed to his fingers. Tonight he did pretty well with an adult size fork - he even managed to feed me laughing2.gif He gets frustrated with spoons though. Porridge eaten with the fingers is VERY messy! Mealtimes here take 30 - 60 mins, but he loves it so I don't mind so much.

Mason has fallen and hurt himself a few times, but he's a bit of a hard nut. As long as we don't fuss he rarely even cries (even when we think it might have been a heavy fall). Today he headbutted me on the top of the nose - he was fine but I was in SO much pain! Sore nose and a headache!

Lou - so much going on, really hope you get a break soon!

Gotta go, as my self imposed computer curfew is now 10pm! (Although I constantly break it, I'm trying to be good though!)

#29 meljb

Posted 13 July 2011 - 08:10 AM

mccarro - Annabelle isn't talking at all, we have some word type sounds but the only one we can identify is daddy and even that's not consistent original.gif From memory DS was the same. Stringing words together generally doesn't happen until 18mths or more. I remember turning 2 being a huge leap in verbal skills for all the kids I know, they go from knowing lots of words and putting one or two together to being able to use simple sentences consistently.

was going to do a longer post but must go referee my fighting children sad.gif

#30 sjm218

Posted 13 July 2011 - 10:01 AM

mccarro - funny you should ask, we had our 15 month appointment with the paediatrician today and I asked her the same question. Charlie is saying dog, dada, eat, uh oh, hi, duck, wow very clearly. He rarely says mum, but he can and he does when he really wants me. He kind of says yes (sort of a yah). He definitely understands lots more than he can say. Today we asked him to put his bib on his table and he did. The paediatrician said that all that sounded great. She said girls generally talk earlier than boys, but it is perfectly normal to just have a few words right now. It sounds like Atti is doing about the same as Charlie = normal!!

jazz - you are obviously more patient than I when it comes to food. Last night I gave Charlie corn on the cob (one of his favourites), anyway he had eaten most of his dinner except the corn and I was a bit over it, so moved onto the yoghurt. He proceeded to dip the corn in the yoghurt and then sucked it off the corn. He was in 7th heaven!!! Charlie also feeds me like Mason does. He is actually better at feeding me than himself funnily enough.

meljb - I hope peace is now reigning in your house!!!

flyingkiwi - Max and stairs must be a scary mix. My sister decided to teach Charlie how to go up and down stairs while she was here. Luckily all our stairs can be closed off and kept safe and he seems to have lost the obsession with them. Sounds like you had a lovely break.

fiona - it sounds like things have settled down for you. I hope that this is the beginning of a fabulous and happy life for you and your children.

afm - like I mentioned earlier we went to the 15 month check up today for Charlie. He now weighs 13kg and is 82 cm tall!!! What a big boy!! I was a bit worried he was too big, but the doctor said not worry much. She said that at 15 months they get food fussy and he will slim down and also the increase in activity will help. He had to get three needles too poor bubby. That is it now until 2, thank goodness.

Apart from that all is well.

#31 flyingkiwi

Posted 17 July 2011 - 10:44 PM

Hi everyone,

Going public with my news on EB - see my sig  biggrin.gif

sjm218 and mccarro, what are your due dates? I'll add them to the list, if you like.

#32 sjm218

Posted 18 July 2011 - 08:16 AM

flying kiwi - No signature in your post?? but I am suspecting you are pregnant too?! If I am right congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wishing you a boring and uneventful pregnancy.

My due date is October 18 if you want to add it to the list.

ETA - ok I wasn't signed in - that's why I couldn't see the signature. Glad I was right, so pleased for you and your family.

Edited by sjm218, 18 July 2011 - 08:17 AM.

#33 meljb

Posted 18 July 2011 - 11:23 AM

lovely news flying kiwi  biggrin.gif
wishing you an easy pg

#34 mccarro

Posted 18 July 2011 - 08:16 PM

Wow flying kiwi - congratulations! Is it a surprise?
What date in March? I'm the 3rd. I have a dating scan next week. I'm sure of my dates, but i can't wait until 12 weekes to see the bub.
Big hellos to everyone!

#35 MegMogandFiestyCat

Posted 19 July 2011 - 05:24 AM

Hi Everyone

Lou - I hope that the insurance co pulls it's finger out soon for you, your mum is okay through the treatment and Toby keeps getting there at his own pace.  Big hugs to you.

Fiona and Jazzbaby- great to hear from you.

Flying Kiwi - Congratulations, good luck and I hope that all is going well for you

SJM - glad you you and Charlie are both well

Maccro - I think Rhiannon thinks words are over rated when one can point to make themselves understood, pull at mummy's top when hungry and scream when we don't get our own way with anybody but esp our big sister.

AFM We are getting through another ear infection at the moment, this time though both girls have it and they have kindly passed bits of their bug through to their parents.  DH does seem worse than me though and we have been taking it turns of a morning where one gets up with the girls and the other has a bit of a sleep in and then we swap if possible.  Unfortunately DH goes back to work tomorrow after taking odd days off throughout the school holidays so I am going to have to get up regardless of how much sleep I have had.

Elizabeth returns to school on Wednesday so I am hoping to be able to force Rhiannon back into sleeping during the day, I have noticed that she doesn't sleep as well when there are others in the house, okay to have a long sleep if it is just me but anyone else and I have a social butterfly on my hands, esp Elizabeth.  It is great to see that at this stage they both are getting along with each other and long may it continue but I am trying not to live under a rock and I know that they will go through stages where they will get along and argue like mad.  

Rhiannon and words, as I said before she points, pulls, screams but also you can hear her starting to say words, 'up' for up and down, 'yes', bres' for breast, da, and I think there are several others.  I am enjoying this 'pre talking' stage though because ever since Elizabeth started talking we haven't been able to shut her up.  I do love her dearly but there are times when quiet would be nice instead of constant noise or chatter.

We took both the girls for new shoes the other day and Elizabeth got school shoes and was very excited and we had Rhiannon correctly fitted, so she now has new boots.  As much as I love the 'Mary Jane' style we went with boots because it is cold and wet  here in Melb at the moment and my baby loves anything with water, Fiesty's water bowl, puddles, baths, showers, buckets, the list goes on.  I have recently found her in the laundry when the gate hadn't been shut properly and she had one foot in Fiesty's water bowl and was swapping feet, needless to say she needed a bath and a change of clothes as I suspect she had been at it for a while and was wet up to her knees and getting cold.  I don't think Fiesty was that impressed either because he had a strange expression on his face.

I am still breastfeeding, I want to quit but she is still feeding 4-6 times a day including overnight and I figure that while I am on maternity leave I will let that go at least until Summer.  Elizabeth finished breastfeeding on her 15 month birthday which suited us both so in a way I have made it, I always said I would try to feed Rhiannon as long as I fed Elizabeth so I feel like I have achieved something, I don't know what though.  Sorry if it sounds like I am boasting, I don't mean to.  

Our other big news was blink and somehow we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary early this month.  We went out for dinner and had stopped on the way home to check something at Target without the girls to have my sister call and say you need to come home now, Rhiannon had worked herself up at bedtime and wasn't calming down unless she was in Elizabeth's bed who was trying to go to sleep.  So I fed her and off to sleep she went and I had a better night than I had anticipated.  Rhiannon also slept through one night last week, I woke up cheering unfortunately she hasn't done it again since.

I think that is all from us but we are bumbling along, somehow half the year has gone by and Rhiannon is 15 months today.  Hope everyone is well and I will try to come back more often.

#36 flyingkiwi

Posted 19 July 2011 - 10:01 AM

Hi everyone,

I've updated the list with EDDs for sjm, mccarro and myself - anyone else? biggrin.gif

Thanks everyone for your congratulations. We are very excited.

words, Max hardly has any, mum, dad, cat, up. Mostly grunts and reaches for things, or grunts while pushing a book in your face. But he points to things in books (where's the dog?), and will look for things if I name them. So clearly understands heaps.

sjm218, Charlie is a big boy, compared to Max, anyway. At 15 months Max was 9.98kg and I can't remember height, I think 78cm. He's the second shortest of the babies in my mothers' group (all the same age). Not looking forward to the 18 month jabs here.

mccarro, no not a surprise, we have been trying for 6 months. I had a look at the DIG for 1-15 March the other day and saw you in there. We'll be in the same parents group again!

Fiestycat, oh so your cat is called Fiesty! Of course! That's funny with Rhiannon's feet in the water bowl, sounds exactly like what Max would do. Which is why our cat's food and water is up on a bench in the laundry. That's great for Rhiannon that you're still BFing, well done on getting to the 15 month mark again. We only cut down (we're now on 1 day, first thing in the morning) to improve TTC chances, and I was surprised at how easily Max coped with it.

AFM, only 4w5d pg, time is dragging. It's so long before I can tell people IRL! I have my GP appt on Thursday, getting my bloods done will make it feel more real, I hope. I have plenty of symptoms though, so all good. Luckily, after a horror teething weekend, Max is back to sunny self and sleeping through, which I really need ATM!

#37 meljb

Posted 19 July 2011 - 11:59 AM

fiestycat - so much of your post resonates with me - we had our wedding anniversary this month (only 7 yrs though) and managed to go out for dinner. Matty and Annabelle, mostly, play really well and love being together. Im still bf at least 3 times a day (i've set the date to start weaning - 5th Sept, im a bot over feeding but I want to get through winter and she still loves it). I love the cat's water story, I cna imagine that happening here but we don't have a cat or dog original.gif Oh and this:
I do love her dearly but there are times when quiet would be nice instead of constant noise or chatter.

OMG I wish Matty had a mute button some days, from the time he gets up to the time he goes to sleep the noise/chatter is constant!
Hope you all feel better asap.

We're doing ok, both kids have colds but don't seem too bad. DH is being a bit difficult, we had a fight last night over something petty, apparently im not doing enough housework and I spend "all day on the computer". Looking after 2 children apparently counts for nothing  rant.gif Anyway, I didn't come in to vent, so enough of that. It was great having a couple of days off without kids around, only 10 weeks until that happens again original.gif

HI to everyone, hope you are all well

Edited by meljb, 19 July 2011 - 12:00 PM.

#38 ~*Lou*~

Posted 21 July 2011 - 07:26 PM

We had Toby’s neurosurgeon appointment yesterday, at the Royal Children’s Hospital. She thinks the lump between his eyebrows is a dermoid cyst, which is not part of normal development, but is not massively sinister.

Toby is having a MRI scan, done under general anaesthetic, next Friday 29th July, and then we see the neurosurgeon again the following week for diagnosis. If it is a dermoid cyst, it will need to be surgically removed, sooner than later but not a big emergency. I don’t know what the surgery involves yet, how long we’d be in hospital, recovery etc.

Aside from that he's doing well, he is pulling to standing and starting some cruising, both new skills in the last 2 weeks – he is now 15 months.

Mum saw her oncology radiographer yesterday too, she has a planning appt on 5th August then starts 6 weeks of daily treatments on 9th August.

Hope everyone is having a better, slightly less stressful week than us!!


Lou xx

#39 sjm218

Posted 21 July 2011 - 11:40 PM

Lou - I am glad the lump wasn't anything sinister, still a bit scary to have to have surgery though. I remember when Charlie had his grommets put it I was a wreck the whole time he was away from me (a grand total of 15 minutes!!). Good luck with it all.

I am glad your mum now has a treatment plan and I hope she copes well with it all, I will keep her and Toby in my prayers.

meljb - DHs are sometimes difficult aren't they? I had a rough night with a sick baby, and am tired from work, pregnancy, blah, blah, blah, and he comes home and says I am sooooo tired. Now I know he is tired from his awful night shift, but seriously?!

flying kiwi - how are you feeling, do you have morning sickness? Or are you just tired so far? It is very cool you and mccarro are in the same DIG.

As for weight, Charlie is definitely a big boy. He is in a room with 12 -24 month olds at daycare and he still one of the bigger kids! DH is tall (I am so not), so I guess that is where it comes from. The fat baby side is definitely my side of the family, but the height is not.

fiestycat - Charlie is the same with water. It is summer here and if I want an hour of peace, we go out on the deck and I give him a bowl of water, a jug of water and a few plastic cups and voila happy boy for at least an hour.

I know what you mean about wanting peace and quiet, Charlie although he is not speaking properly, literally "talks" all day. This started about a week ago and it is hilarious, he is having these long conversations with me and I have no idea what he is sayin - very funny, but sometimes a mute button would be good. He always talks at exactly the point in whatever we are watching on tv that we need to hear - thank goodenss for DVR!!!

AFM I had another check up at the doctor yesterday and all is well, only a few more days to the critical 28 week mark.

Charlie has some sort of illness at the moment. He has a temp, he is cranky, he is off his food and very clingy. I am not sure of the cause, whether it is teeth (he has at least 3 coming in at the moment - poor bubby) but he also has a cold. So we are at home today. It is really hard not being able to lift him much when that is all he wants, but we are having lots of cuddles on the floor, the lounge and in the recliner. He seems better than he was last night, here's hoping he is ok to go back to daycare tomorrow. I have to drive 2 hours each way to Immigration tomorrow to update my green card, so DH will have to sort him out and I just know after working 12 hours overnight how patient he will be with a sick baby (note dripping sarcasm!!!).

Those of you who are still breastfeeding, well done! I wish I could have fed Charlie longer, I am hoping we get more opportunity this time around, although we made it to 12 months, it just seemed to be a bit faster than I was ready for.

A bit more on words, I am really working hard on getting Charlie to say I love you - very self indulgant I know, but he is so close now. I can't wait to hear him say it!!!

Not much else going on - talk soon!!!

ETA - I was putting Charlie into his car seat yesterday and was checking he is still ok to be rear facing in his seat. His seat will last him to 35 pounds (another 3kg from where we are now), but I think he is starting to get to the heigh restriction. I don't really want to turn him until I have to, but I was thinking you all must have all ready done it as the seats in Aus are lower weights RF. Did you have any issues turning them? Charlie loves the car and is quite happy the way he is, so I wonder what will happen when we turn him. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Edited by sjm218, 21 July 2011 - 11:44 PM.

#40 meljb

Posted 22 July 2011 - 08:30 AM

Lou - im glad Toby's lump isn't sinister, but it's still stressful for you. Yay  biggrin.gif for his new skills though.
I hope your mum's treatment goes ok

sjm - Hope Charlie's starting to feel better now and that he wont be subjected to an impatient, tired DH  original.gif  
Im so pleased your check up went well and that you have got this far without more issues.
We haven't turned Annabelle's car seat yet. Ours is rf to 12 kg I think (must double check), a lot are now, although many are still only rf to 9kg. She's only about 10.5kg so I don't have to do it just yet, but im thinking about turning her soonish because her seat means the passenger seat has to be all the way forward which is uncomfortable for me when we're all in the car. She is also starting to get difficult to get in as she pulls up to see what her brother is doing, making it hard to strap her in properly. In reality though I'll leave her there for ages yet because I hate installing car seats original.gif

It does make you warm and fuzzy when they say I love you, Matty goes through stages of never saying it and then all of a sudden will tell me multiple times a day for a week or 2, then stops again! It still makes me warm and fuzzy every time he says it, so indulge yourself all you like I say  wink.gif   We're starting to get more words from Annabelle, but she's not consistent so it's hard to tell what are proper words and what are just random sounds. She does the actions to twinkle twinkle now though and when she wants it sung she starts wiggling her fingers, yesterday she even did the diamond shape properly, it was very cute.

Starting to go a bit stir crazy here, the weather is just awful. Sydney has had a month's rain in only a few days, the wind has been wild and it's cold too. A bit sick of being soggy! We might go to the local play centre this morning if I can get my act together in the next half hour.

#41 flyingkiwi

Posted 22 July 2011 - 10:16 PM

Hi everyone,

~*Lou*~, good news on Toby's mobility, and glad the cyst isn't sinister.

sjm218, yay for (almost) 28 weeks! I get queasiness but I don't actually throw up, so it's manageable. Tired and hungry though! Mccarro and I aren't actually in the same DIG but will be in the same parents' group at the other end (she's beginning of March and I'm end of March).

Max has started giving me kisses when I ask for them  wub.gif Big open mouth ones on my cheek.

meljb, sounds like the weather's been awful in Sydney lately. It was gorgeous when we were there 2 weeks ago, so I guess we went at the right time!

AFM, Max fell out of his pram today  ffear.gif and landed on his head on the footpath. We've gotten slack with buckling him in, but he doesn't stay on his bottom as much as he should. DH was steering at the time and felt awful. We were on our way to swimming lesson, and although Max took a while to calm down he was fine once we were in the water and enjoyed it. He has quite a red mark on his forehead and it will be quite a bump tomorrow I think!

I've now seen my GP and had my initial bloodtests done, so the pregnancy is starting to feel real. Still a bit nervous with it being such early days though.

#42 ~*Lou*~

Posted 23 July 2011 - 08:09 PM

CAR SEAT - we turned Toby just this week - he is only 10.5kg but was getting bit close to the height restriction - his head was close to the 1 inch/2.5cm limit from the edge of the hard shell. He's happy enough facing either way, he's pretty good in the car for short trips, but when I turn round in the car to look at him, he looks such a baby to me!

DH, DD and I all have nasty head colds, miraculously right now Toby is the healthiest of us all!

Lou original.gif

#43 ~*Lou*~

Posted 25 July 2011 - 07:46 PM

Whinge alert - crappy day today at work - annual performance review, boss said my actual performance is fine, what I do, when and how I do it, BUT he really put pressure on me to step up to 3 days a week of woek (currently 2 days). Child care centre can't give me a 3rd day (children both on waiting list), my local city council coordinate family day care and don't have a vacancy for the 2 children together, Mum can't help out until after her treatment finishes and she's recovered from side effects, so DH pushing me to get his mum help (she's never baby sat since DD was born, yet he thinks she can look after them 7.30am to 5pm one day week on permanent basis, AND she lives an hour away???? Just for a laugh/shock I will phone round tomorrow and find out cost of a nanny one day a week....


#44 mccarro

Posted 25 July 2011 - 09:14 PM

Lou - sorry about your crappy day.  bbighug.gif

Hi everyone else!

AFM - I'm really sick at the moment and there's nothing I can take to make me feel better, so I just have to push through. I was lucky enough to get Atti into childcare for an extra day just this week, so spent the day snoozing on the couch. I'm not feeling much better though.

On the upside, we had a scan today and everything looks good. There was a strong heartbeat and the bub is measuring at 7w6d, 3 days behind my LMP predictions, so pretty close to spot on. Now to wait another 4 weeks to see the baby again at the NT scan.

I'm off to bed, but first I'll have to apologise to DH for snapping at him sad.gif

#45 sjm218

Posted 26 July 2011 - 09:26 AM

lou - sorry you had such a yucky day at work. It sucks when they put the pressure on. I hope you can find a good solution for childcare.

mccarro - I just issued a general all encompassing apology at the beginning of this pregnancy because I am a horrible tired person, and the only real pregnancy symptom I get is extreme tiredness .... followed by horrible-ness!

Glad the scan went well, how are you feeling? Any sickness etc?

afm - well it turns out Charlie had a sinus infection, he stayed home Friday with DH who ended up taking him to the doctor and I think they managed just fine. He was on antibiotics that day and back to himself by Saturday lunch time, now hopefully we will get through a full night with having to wake up for a drink.

#46 fiona8791

Posted 26 July 2011 - 09:09 PM

Just a quick one Lou have you considered an au pair? I'm guessing space might mean not an option? Even one at your mums? Help you and her?!
Otherwise, you are looking at about $250 a day for nanny but you can usually get them to help with washing and cleaning therefore value add!!
Agancies are expensive try checking noticeboard at gym or crèche. Staff sometimes look for extra work.
Failing that, depending on the day I might be able to help if you can get Toby to me and have a spare car seat. Angus gets lonely and would like a little friend. wink.gif

Hi to everyone else glad all the bubs and bumps are doing well.
Fiona x

#47 mccarro

Posted 26 July 2011 - 09:43 PM

sjm - I'm exhausted, and feel nauseous, but no dates with the toilet. Just that consistent feeling that I might have to. I can't eat red meat at the moment either, and already have some reflux. Blergh. And I feel like I'm crying all the time - I even cried during almost all of last night's episode of Masterchef!  ohmy.gif

Lou - I hope you sort out your care issues. Can you consistently hassle the childcare centre? I sympathise with the head-cold!

#48 guru nakal

Posted 28 July 2011 - 11:02 PM

Hi guys!
MIA again, I am pretty much out of excuses, same old reasons here!

Firstly, a huge congratulations to Ra on your great news!  Wonderful that you are being rewarded with another blessing. Oscar has a big forehead (family failing!) which is constantly bruised.  Add to that not very much very blond hair and there is nowhere to hide for bumps.  Luckily he doesn't go out much!

Lou - very pleased to hear that Toby is standing and cruising, he will power ahead when he is ready. As teachers, we often say that you cannot tell in Year 1 which kid walked or talked first because children come into their own in their own time.  I hope that all works out alright with getting that lump removed, thank goodness just a cyst. Sorry about your "qualified vindication" at work - aint it always the way - men can't see the wood for the trees in relation to working women.  At the end of each day, I still do a hand signal, say MEH! and walk away.  After all, I have to get home to have food thrown at me!! I agree with Fiona about the au pair, we had one about 4 years ago - FANTASTIC!!! We are in a regional area and it's really hard to get them, but in the city you shouldn't have a problem, if you have space?  Hopefully the insurance is starting to come together for you.

sjm, what great news that your pregnancy is progressing well - send some energy to Mccarro would you (clearly she's not reading this because she's sleeping original.gif )

Fiona - hat off to you - you are one strong woman who won't be beaten, I am so pleased to see you still here and well.  I hope you are enjoying your precious family, you are amazing!

Car seat - crikey! I turned Oscar around ages and ages ago, possibly even before I was pregnant from how it feels.  He seemed to be really big in his seat and straining to sit up.  Well done to those of you who have kept them reverseds, I didn't realise it could be done for so long.

Well, as for us, Oscar is a stubborn, funny, squealing, delightful little b*gger!  No chance really in this family.  What a joy a second baby is after a really big gap.  Words?  We have yeah said in a real teenager, I'm not listening kind of way, mumma, dadda, JaJa (for Jasper), hot (for the fire or cup of tea), more (for food or fun) and a few more.  No has not made an appearance yet, thank goodness, but I'm sure it's coming.

Mccarro - how are you? Hope you are well and Mr Atti is powering along!

Mel - waves.gif

Wow, an essay, better go and mark some of those too!

Stay well, hug those kids and forgive those husbands, they're only men after all! wink.gif

Oh bugger! Forgot to say, it must be time for an updated picture of our fast growing up kids!!!

#49 sjm218

Posted 29 July 2011 - 08:29 AM

Hi all,

Well another day, another bruise on Charlie's forehead!!! Yesterday he fell and hit the same spot on his head three times - unbelievable! Oh well!

He is a happy little camper again, all over his sinus infection and back to his sunny self. Words, we are getting more and more every day. I think daycare is amazing for this. Today he was having a whole conversation with me - God knows what he was saying though!!

guru - funny that Oscar is stubborn, Charlie is not too stubborn, very short attention span here - not sure where he gets that from wwhistle.gif !!!

mccarro - hope you start feeling better soon. I found the lack of energy and exhaustion at the start the worst part, hopefully it passes soon.

car seats - I just checked the manual for our car seat, I don't have to turn him unless there is less than an inch between the top of his head and the back of the seat. I think we still have about double that, so I reckon I have at least a few more months - woohoo!!!

#50 kirsee

Posted 29 July 2011 - 12:49 PM

waves.gif hi everyone,

I'm sorry I've been absent for so long  unsure.gif

Great news on all the pregnancies Im so jealous....

Will write more later...


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