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#1 Sandra

Posted 28 June 2011 - 07:00 PM

New thread time ladies


#2 lth

Posted 28 June 2011 - 08:32 PM



Posted 29 June 2011 - 03:03 PM


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#4 i adore

Posted 29 June 2011 - 04:20 PM

containers- i use decor ones, trays and other small plastic ones.
afm- Gordon is just starting to sleep better . his is still very clingy. we went to see cars 2 at the drive in movies , it was  very funny.I've found I feel worse if I haven't had the chance to exercise daily. its my birthday on monday-any ideas on what I should do? I will have both my kids 8-5.
gosh I have forgotten what I have to say.. oh well lol
hope your having a great day is very rainy here.

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#5 Jujubs

Posted 29 June 2011 - 08:53 PM

Hello..did you guys see that post from the 'moderator' regarding trying to keep these groups on EB instead of shifting them to Facebook? I know a few of us use facebook, but is there a facebook site for our group? Just asking..

Had the biggest stretch at night - midnight to 6:30am..i still woke up!

Anyone else finding that their babies are getting a bit of constipation after starting solids? I've cut out rice cereal for the moment and mainly feed pear and occasionally sweet potato.

#6 lth

Posted 03 July 2011 - 08:36 AM

Morning all. I am home alone with miss R until Wed - the rest of the family is off camping. Very relaxing for me!!

I have been having trouble exercising lately, so have just signed up to curves again. They have 6 weeks for $84 so will be a good test to see if I can manage 3 sessions a week.

Shlep - I didnt read that post by moderator. There isnt a group as such on FB, just being friends with each other. if you want to friend me, its Lisa Higgins. I do find, though, that I mention things here, which I wouldnt on FB, so like to keep dropping in here.

Suz - happy birthday for tomorrow! If you want, I can meet you at the cafe at the top of Bulli Pass for morning tea?

I know there is a few people into scrapbooking here - I want to start digital scrapbooking, and am interested in what programs people are using, and who you print photobooks with.

So, what is Ruby up to now she is 7mths old? 3 solid meals a day - and has now started with a little meat. No constipation. She is "commando" crawling all over the place. Up on all 4's, then moves her arms, then drops her legs and drags her body, and then gets up on all 4's again. She is constantly getting to her side, and halfway to sitting, so also very close to getting herself to a sitting position.  Still chucking, though no pain with it now. She is also teasing me with the occasional long day sleep. She is gorgeous, and I am very much in love with her! So different to this time with my other 2.

I have approached my boss about returning to work early - next term instead of term 4. It is not looking easy so dont know if it will happen or not. As DH has stuffed his foot, he is not bringing in much income, so it would be good financially.

Thats it for now - Ruby has woken.

#7 Missmischievious

Posted 03 July 2011 - 10:33 PM

Bummer, I did a whole post today and it's gone. Must not have clicked on the right button.

Yay to all the crawling and sitting up. We are sitting, but no where near crawling. Doesn't help that Ella hates being on the ground. she is extremely frustrated and just wants to skip the learning bit and just do it.

Happy birthday Suz for tomorrow!

Ith - lucky you having time to yourself. Enjoy!

Shlep - I haven't seen that post. Where was it?

Solids - I freeze in icecube trays then store in zip lock containers. Can get more in that way.

Us? Well an interesting week it has been with two trips to emergency for Ella. the first was for a yucky cold which the GP feared was turning to pneumonia. Thankfully her lungs were clear but we had 4-5 days of the most awful cough resulting in gagging, choking and vomiting. Poor miss could not be laid down so I spent 4 nights sitting up with her making sure she did not choke on her vomit.  The next trip was Wednesday with an allergic reaction to egg. I had made some homemade custard and gave her a spoon to try. Instantly her lips swelled, eyes became red (even the whites!) and they swelled shut then the rest of her face went and then neck. I rushed her to the ED and she was treated. we have an appointment with an allergist to test for anything else. Fun! not. It was pretty scary but I have seen a similar reaction to a spider bite so I think I kept fairly cool. THe custard was from the Women's Weekly baby food book for 6 months old and contained egg yolk, just a word of warning. I was so vigilant with James about egg but had a memory lapse this time around and looking at the 6 month old recipes, in which the custard was placed, I didn't think anything of it, until it was too late. So I am a little bit annoyed that this recipe was placed in the 6 month old section. Having said that the doctors basically said that with the severity of ella's reaction it wouldn't have mattered if she had the spoon at 6 months or 12 months. She would have reacted anyway. It took until Friday for the swelling to disappear completely. Poor Ella has had a rough start with scarlet fever, and now allergic reactions,  and a stressful pregnancy.

On the upside, she is sleeping 3 hours between feeds now! woo hoo! small victory it may seem, but a huge difference!

Hope you are all well. I keep popping in daily but am often on my phone which is a pain to post from.


#8 Missmischievious

Posted 04 July 2011 - 04:32 AM

Damn! Jinxed myself, back to hourly wake ups!

#9 sun_kissed

Posted 04 July 2011 - 01:38 PM

Hi guys,
Been a while since I popped in here. Obviously have been conversing on FB to you all LOL
Anyway just thought I would share that I made my goal

Woo hoo six months breastfeeding. I am so proud of myself I never thought I would get this far with all the stress but I have Yay.

I will need to wean in the next couple of months though as I have to go back to work sad.gif  Oh the heartbreak of going back I sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dont want to.

Just pureed a heap of veges to test out on Addie now we are the big 6months today Yay biggrin.gif Ran out of ice cube trays though so I am paused in the middle of the process waiting for some to freeze LOL

Happy birthday suz original.gif

I need to find the motivation to exercise this weight has got to go!!!!!!
Anyway better go and read up on previous posts and all your news. Also need to get my iphone off the toddler lol.

After reading previous posts....
Jacni- where do you live? Happy to catch up and chat. Being at home with the kids can make you feel so trapped and lonely. I am the same I get sleep yet still feel drained and tired.

Ambernecklace- Not sure if its a co-incident but since Addie has been wearing it she has been sleeping longer during the day? She has gone from only 45min naps to 1-2.5 hour naps.

Movement-Addie only rolls at the moment too.

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#10 LOZGUS+2

Posted 07 July 2011 - 07:49 PM

3 day without a post.....



#11 Jujubs

Posted 08 July 2011 - 08:22 PM

Lozgus + 2: that's cheeky!!

Sun_kissed: well done with the 6 months of b'feeding. Hope starting the solids goes smoothly.

Ith/ Missmischievious: I'm not sure where the post is. I deleted the email notification that I got. It may be in a general section of the website. It was just generally asking people to try and keep using the EB website instead of transferring the whole DIG etc to facebook, as a lot of people on EB don't use Facebook and are kind of 'left behind'.

Missmischievious: Sorry about the allergic reactions - that must have been so scary. I used to think i'll give my kids things like peanut butter or eggs for the first time in front of a doctor or nurse!!! Glad things are ok though. I am surprised about egg being in a recipe for a 6 month old..

i joined a book club through a preschool mother that I've become friends with and I got to go out for three hours last night. It was great.

I'm still b'feeding, usually a couple of times a night. R is having trouble with his poos, so I add prune juice to his pureed fruit. I might give him sips of water as well. I think cooked/pureed apricots should help but I might wait until he is a bit older to try that. I feel like I've forgotten what I did with DD - she had trouble too after starting solids.

R is rolling from front to back and doesn't mind being on his tummy/arms for a little while which is a big improvement from before. I'm trying to keep all he small lego bits (DD's) away from him!

I'm loving watching my two children interact. DD often goes in when he's woken up and chats to him from the side of the cot and there's lots of squealing and chatting which is wonderful.

That's it for now..

#12 lth

Posted 08 July 2011 - 08:49 PM

Alright Lozgus - I will post too!

MissM - how terrifying! It got me thinking and I dont know what I would have done if Ruby had an anaphylatic reaction! Good luck with it all.

Ruby now wont let me sit her down! She stiffens her legs and wants to stand! She is pretty much crawling - even gets up on her toes and hands which looks really cute. She is pushing herself to a sitting position from a crawling position - gets onto her side first like a model, then pushes up. She is eating three meals a day, and is now having pretty much what we have, just pureed. Eg spag bol sauce with rice (not pureed). Tonight we had a roast chicken dinner, so I will mash that up for her for tomorrow.

She was getting real whingy when DH and DD's had been away for about 5 days - but now they are home, all she does is giggle as soon as she sees them. It is gorgeous.

I have had to finally get her out of the baby bath as she is trying to crawl in it! She is now in our huge spa bath, and I cant get her into the support ring, so she just sits on the non-slip "splats" or crawls around in the small amount of water I put in.

I think that will do for now. biggrin.gif

#13 i adore

Posted 09 July 2011 - 03:16 PM

hi, just  a quick one . I had a great birthday , went to a play centre with a friend. went shopping on thursday and got some clothes with my birthday vouchers. gordon is having solids 3 time a day too. he is still teething. he is rolling about and pushing himself backwards up his bed, on his back. he is crawling backwards and trying to stand up too. he sits but is still a bit wobbly. logan had a fever during the week, no idea why.
missm- I think i'd definitely freak if my child got anaphylaxis, so scary.

#14 Missmischievious

Posted 09 July 2011 - 10:33 PM

We are also on 3x solids a day and E is asking for more. She grouches if you eat in front of her. We had another allergic reaction this week though not as bad. I believe this one was dairy. She is still b/f but i now remember unsettled nights on the occasion when she had the odd formula when she was younger. At the time I blamed the formula as she also got a bit of redness around the mouth where it dribbled but it was also around the same time as the scarlet fever rash so I wasnt 100%. I'll keep on b/f for now. E still feeds at 7pm, 10, 1, 3-4 and then wakes by 6am and in 6 months my husband has only done one night feed and three bottles in total. Anyone elses the same?

Q - Ella has eczema behind her ears and on the face and neck which is being irritated by dribble. I'm new to this and cant seem to get it to calm down. we dont use soap but Q-V wash and oil. I put moo goo moisturiser on her. I have tried keeping a barrier on like paw paw or sudocrem. I've even used hydrocortisole once a day for a week. The scratching keeps her waking up. Any tips?

Ella does not like to lay down but prefers sitting, and standing most of all. Still has major separation anxieties and does not cope if i even turn my back on her let alone leave the room. It is wearing and makes it hard on our son who I feel is missing out because E is such high maintenance. I think I've decided to stop at two kids!

Hope you are enjoying your weekends!

#15 Jackrabbit

Posted 10 July 2011 - 12:27 PM

Sun_kissed - I'm in Canberra. We're expecting a top of 8 today and it's windy as hell.

Both girls are sitting up now, which makes it easier as they like to sit on the floor to play. They now interact really well, and make each other laugh. That makes it easier for me to leave the room now as they don't notice as much. I still have to remember to give them tummy time though as they're trying to crawl. Can't quite get up on their hands and knees yet.

We're still only on 2 solid meals a day. Every time I think of introducing the third they end up sleeping longer than usual and so throw everything out of whack. It's 12.30pm and they still haven't actually had breakfast yet as they've been asleep for longer than expected. I should have done it before their nap but I was having breakfast myself. They don't seem all that interested in food though. They're usually whinging before I've finished feeding them what I have. I'm not sure how much they should be eating. I usually just have 3-4 ice cubes of veges etc between them.  

Ashley has 2 teeth and Ruby has 1. Ashley has been difficult to get to sleep at night as she keeps waking up screaming. The other night she slept in our bed and only woke once for her dummy. then she slept until 8.30am. I don't want to make a habit of it though, particularly as it leaves poor Ruby all alone in their room. although she probably sleeps better without the screaming too.

Ruby has a bit of eczema on one of her hands. I assume it's because she's always putting it in her mouth.

#16 ezy001

Posted 11 July 2011 - 07:02 PM

Hi guys,
I've been stalking your posts a little to see what your babies of the same age are up to. So far I haven't had a chance to post....hope you dont mind if I join?

I have DD Georgina 27/12/10 she is 6mth and 2 weeks today. Our first baby and has been absolutely delightful. She has been a good sleeper we know we are very lucky but have always used the routines from save our sleep and has worked really well for her.

She s not interested in rolling one little bit. She grabs her feet and rolls to the side but so far no back to tummy or vice versa action! She is showing first signs of trying to crawl though and is starting to realise how it works. No teeth yet but I'm pretty sure some bottom ones aren't far away.

Started trying solids around 5mth and she has 3 meals a day now. She has been FF since around 6 weeks, after seeing lactation consultant etc she was still having problems so went to full FF. Never had any problems with it (apart from mothers guilt )

I'm heading back to work in sept. Looking forward to it professionally but really anxious about not spending full time with DD. I'm doing 4 days but only 3 in office. Peoples reaction is funny when I answer how many days I'm doing like that's too much.....makes me feel really guilty like I'm not doing the right thing.
Has anyone else gone back to work yet? Or coming up soon? I'd be interested in how you have structured it and found it works.

Shlep-  I've found apple puree and also giving water helps with poo.
Missm- I feel really bad now, I put a teeny bit of scrambled egg in DD mouth the other day eeekkk

Anyways just thought I'd introduce myself, sounds like you all have lovely babies.

Bye for now

#17 i adore

Posted 12 July 2011 - 07:21 PM

hi ezy001,
you are very welcome here. Gordon has only just rolled front to back , don't worry about the rolling. I did tafe 4 days a week with a 18 month old. it takes a lot of organisation and accept help because the juggle is busy. I made logan's lunch and bag up  the night before I bathed him.

#18 Jujubs

Posted 12 July 2011 - 08:29 PM

Welcome ezy001. Like I adore, my son only rolls front to back so far. Don't worry about FF your child. I felt guilty introducing a iittle formula in the evenings at times, and it's a normal feeling. I think a lot of things we do we will feel guilty about..returning to work, giving store-bought food etc...it's a normal feeling, but you did what was appropriate for you and you've got a healthy child so that's the main thing.

Jacni: trying to do 3 meals a day but most often succeed at 2, with irregular naps at the moment (due to going around to do stuff).

Missmischievious: I hope you get longer stretches between night feeds. You must be tired. I still wake up twice a night to feed, the last couple of nights I've woken up about 3 times due to him having a cold/cough.

Ith: gorgeous seeing siblings interact, isn't it?

Got to go..can hear someone..

#19 Jujubs

Posted 15 July 2011 - 09:21 AM

colds, flus, coughs, ear infections...a bit over it!! original.gif Toddlers and preschools are wonderful for spreading germs, aren't they? Two trips to the doctor, three visits to the chemist and several night wakings this week (plus night feeds)...

#20 mandaandstarr

Posted 15 July 2011 - 09:21 AM

Hi ladies,

Welcome ezy original.gif

Not really much going on here.

Zoe has now worked out how to finish her rolls and can roll across the lounge room. I let her use a walker, which I have found handy for when I'm cooking tea. She loves chasing the dog around the kitchen. It's pretty funny, the dog is scared of the walker.

She also has a jolly jumper which she loves. She gets bouncing so high, kind of reminds me of a little river dancer the way she crosses her ankle over. Very cute. Zoe gets bored quite easily, so I find all these activities keep her happy.

Zoe has one bottom tooth now, and I think the other isn't far behind.

Shlep Zoe and I both have colds at the moment too. It sucks, she hates me cleaning her nose.

Here is a photo of Zoe enjoying breakfast. She loves vegemite toast original.gif

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#21 lth

Posted 16 July 2011 - 08:40 AM

Good morning all. The big girls and DH are off at soccer, so I thought I would do a quick post while Ruby has a nap.

Manda - Zoe is gorgous!! I cant wait for Ruby to start vegemite toast! I am holding off wheat til after 9mths, though, due to her reflux problems. Did you use normal vegemite, or the new my first vegemite? Ruby also goes crazy in her jolly jumper - it is awesome to watch! She loves a swing too. I have one next to the clothes line so she gets a ride whenever I am putting clothes on or taking them off. She giggles her head off. With the walker though, she doesnt know it is her moving it, and is getting frustrated as she doesnt think she can get to where she wants to go!!

Welcome ezy - we are a friendly mob, though the posts have slowed dramatically! I will be going back to work in Oct (though I have been trying to go back earlier as we need the money - not looking likely though). I am a careers adviser in a high school, and work a 5 day  fortnight, which is just right for me! I must say - I have no problem leaving Ruby. Maybe thats because she is no 3!

I hope everyone with their illnesses recover quick - esp MissM and Ella.

I must say, since being on the anti depressants, I am really liking DH again! I am finidng it quite bizarre - I am sure you all remember how badly I have spoken of him in the past. I dont know if Ruby is getting older, or if I am just coping way better. Its nice, though, to be in a good place again.

I also have an appt with an Ears Nose Throat specialist soon, to see if we can do anymore to stop my snoring. He is the same guy who operated on me a few years, so hopefully he will have some more ideas.

OK - off to Aldi shortly - have a great weekend all.

#22 Jujubs

Posted 17 July 2011 - 08:39 PM

Manda: I was surprised to see your little one with a piece of vegemite toast (it's great - it just seemed like such a 'grown up baby' thing to do). I'm still on purees and I'm wondering whether I should progress to other more exciting things for my little one!

I found Ravi would fuss over eating pureed pears..but in the afternoons would chow down pureed pumpkin, sweet potato or carrot...I tried switching them around, same thing...so I think I might have to keep the pureed pear in the freezer for a bit longer...! I'm keen for suggestions for other foods to try.

Ravi is still being swaddled in a wrap during the day and is in a wrap me up at night...he's still waking a couple of times a night for feeds..I was hoping he would be sleeping through the night by now so that I have more energy to try proper sleeping bags on him...oh well...

Ith: Glad you're feeling better! original.gif

#23 mandaandstarr

Posted 18 July 2011 - 09:52 AM

Hi ladies,
Re the vegemite toast original.gif- With Zoe being my first I have been too scared to try her on biscuits and things, was only letting her eat pureed foods.

After observing my sister letting her daughter (who is only two weeks older than Zoe) eat most foods she could get her hands on I decided to change my mind.

I now let her eat biscuits, toast, oats, vegies, hot chips. Pretty much what I eat. The only thing I'm withholding is meat and nuts. I supervise her the whole time and cut vegies into tiny pieces. She seems to enjoy it.

#24 lth

Posted 18 July 2011 - 05:04 PM

Re food - Ruby has had apple, pear, banana now and a small touch of strawberry. Rice cereal. For vegies, potato, pumpkin, sweet potato, spinach, pea, broccoli, carrot, zucchini, and now she is having meat - mince, chicken and tuna. She loves her food! I am keeping off dairy and wheat til 9mths.

Has anyone had the houdini trick in the car seat? I had to stop twice today on a 10 min trip to put her arms back in! It was just me and her in the car, and she was twisting around so much to see me she pullled her arms out! The straps are prety tight too. If she keeps this up, I will have to turn her seat around. She is heavy enough, but I was hoping to hold off til she was 12kg.

Ruby has also started the many poos a day again. 6 so far today - I think this means we are starting teething again on the top teeth!! I hope we dont have another 4 weeks of dairrhea before the teeth cut!

#25 Missmischievious

Posted 21 July 2011 - 08:28 PM

Hi everyone and welcome Ezy001! Apologies in advance for the 'all about us' post...

Well some of you may know our family has been somewhat busy this past month. ella and I have had numerous visits to hospitals and doctors partially due to her developing allergies/intolerances, and most recently a 4 night stay for bronchiolitis. That was NOT fun. Ella came down with a cough early on Saturday morning. when she coughs it goes around in circles until she vomits. This continued until Monday. Then on Monday she was really sleepy and hard to wake so I took her to the GP. He diagnosed an ear infection and flu virus. That night her breathing changed and she stopped feeding at 5am. She refused all feeds until 12pm and was struggling to breathe so we went to the ED. She was also really sleepy and when awake very unhappy. We were admitted immediately, put on a drip and oxygen. Ella slept fitfully until Thursday and had her first feed Thursday night. She was diagnosed with RSV, bronchiolitis and had a very acute case. For the first three nights we had our own room, but went into a four bed room on the last night (OMG - hard work keeping a sick non-sleeping baby happy). It was exhausting for me. I had had very little sleep from Saturday to Tuesday. In four nights I had a total of four hours sleep while we were in hospital. I still have not caught up on the lack of sleep as Ella is still sick with a cough which I am told will take up to two weeks to abate and so she is waking very frequently. We had two hourly obs across the entire stay so getting to sleep was pretty darned impossible for both of us.

RSV Bronchiolitis is in epidemic proportions this winter. If your baby gets a cough and cold, then shows trouble breathing (look at their neck to see if it is sucking in around the bottom, and their chest) then make sure you go to a doctor. It is a virus so no medication can be given to cure it, but support in the form of O2 and fluids will help.

We are continuing to struggle with Ella's eczema and allergic reactions/intollerances. she has itchy eczema on her face and neck which keeps her awake at night (as well as the cough). we are trialling different creams and steroids to help settle it down. It seems what works for some, doesn't work for others and it is pretty much an individual thing as to what combination of creams/systems works. As for her allergies, she is struggling to expand her diet and has had mild reactions to carrot, sweet potato, pumpkin, banana since the last lot. We have an allergist appointment in September. I feel that her eczema is food related as it really only started to show up when she started solids. Hopefully we can sort out both in one hit! It is hard to get used to as James had such a sophisticated palate of homemade dishes. I love to cook everything at home from scratch with no additives and got great joy in seeing him devour all sorts of specially made baby meals. He ate better than us! I do hate seeing ella struggle so much with this. The hives are awful and the itch from eczema frustrating for her.

Shlep - we too are using the baby love wrap still. It keeps Ella's fingernails away from her itchy face.

Duty calls, have a great night everyone!

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