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#26 Jujubs

Posted 24 July 2011 - 08:55 PM

Missmischievious: I'm sorry you're going through such a difficult time, and poor ella for having to go to hospital on a drip, getting bronchiolitis and allergies. I can't write very much now, but just wanted to quickly say that I'm thinking of you and hope she feels better. Having a sick child worries you so much and can drain you out so I hope you're getting some help/rest too. Take care both of you.

#27 kitty1982

Posted 25 July 2011 - 10:09 PM

hi all - long time no see!

all is well here. we are still b/feeding but Jay is also having 3 small meals of solids a day

Jacni - I was worried about how much to give them too but we've settled on an ice cube or two per meal for now, and will increase when he shows more interest..

at the moment i feel like i'm force feeding him  sad.gif  the only foods he shows much interest in are things he can hold onto himself - he doesn't like being spoon fed - so we give him green beans, toast crusts, carrot sticks, all kinds of fruit sliced up (LOVES LOVES PEARS!); he even had some raisin toast the other day

baby yum yum rice cracker/rusk things are his absolute fave - will devour one in about 2 minutes!

welcome Ezy001 - don't feel guilty about going back to work! yes you will miss your gorgeous girl, but it makes the time in the morning and evening more precious! I am back at work two days per week, Jay's in childcare onsite at the hospital where i work (he was born 21dec so just a bit older than Georgina) and has settled in well. Most people have told me this is a good age to get them into some care because they aren't too nervous about their parents leaving them (though every child is different). if you find a childcare centre you trust you will feel confortable leaving her, and that makes it much easier! don't feel guilty - she will have such fun there and you'll settle into new pattern quickly original.gif

shlep - how cute seeing your two little ones interacting!! sounds adorable original.gif

missm - Jay has excema/redness in his neck too - seems to clear up when we work on keeping it dry (not sure if mousturising is better for it rather than lettting it dry out?)

manda - Zoe chasing the dog in the walker? lol so much fun for her, poor pup must be scared for his tail! original.gif Jay loves his vegemite toast too!

ciao everyone, take care, until next time!

#28 LOZGUS+2

Posted 26 July 2011 - 08:41 AM

hi all - thought we cld maybe do a quick rundown of our babies:

stella wakes up
breastfeed and play in bed

0700 - 0900
stella usually sleeps

0900 - 1100/1200
eats - fruit
play at home / out time

1200 - 1400
stella sleeps

1400 - 1700
eats - yoghurt
play at home

1700 - 1830
eats - meat and veg
feed, shower

stella feeds

stella goes to sleep

i was just wondering, does anyone else's bub go pretty much back to sleep (within an hour of waking) after they wake up in the morning, after sleeping all night?

since they now mostly only have 2 sleeps, i am finding that her 2nd sleep is 12-2, therefore making it a LONG afternoon!!!! she will have a 45min sleep in the pram after 3/4pm if i can be bothered (mostly not!)

MILESTONES - 7m3weeks
rocking for 3 months,  but can not move her arms forward
rolling for 3 months
3meals per day
2 bottom teeth
says dadad
loves her exercauser. jolly jumper, swing, pram

loving, affectionate, cuddly
gentle, sweet
very very happy baby

anyone not on FBook or not my friend (lg_gaffney@hotmail.com)

#29 ezy001

Posted 26 July 2011 - 10:11 AM

Thanks everyone for bei g so welcoming!

Manda- that pic of Zoe is gorgeous! I might have to expand georgies diet to include toast! I've been worried about chewing it into a ball but if supervised I guess should be fine.

Missm - sorry to hear about all the allergy troubles with Ella. Excema is often a by product of allergies and asthma so hopefully after seeing the specialist it might alleviate both problems!

Kitty- thanks for the reassurance with work. I've decided to cut to 3 days in the office and we have found a great childcare centre that we were having trouble getting her into but now sorted for mon and wed and tues with grandma. A couple of our friends kids go there and my best friend is enrolling her daughter there (she's 3mth younger so they will be in the same room) so I'm sure she will have a great time !

Lth- I know it not really funny as far as safety etc, but ruby getting out because she was trying to twist around and see you is soooo cute!! We have a forward facing seat in one car and Georgie LOVES it!!! She babbles to us the whole car ride. I still have capsule in my car and dread the day when she grows out if it! We go to friends place for dinner every Sunday so it's so easy to put her to bed in the capsule. She is a light sleeper and wakes if you move her while sleeping!!

Georgie has been sitting now for 1 1/2 weeks......still wont roll!!!!! Oh well at least she's reached a milestone makes me feel a bit better when all the braggers I know ask what she can do!!

Lozgus here's georginas routine

6.30- 7am if wakes before 7 play in bed
7am up and bottle
8am breakfast
9.30 bed
11am wake and bottle
12pm lunch
1.30 bed
3pm wake and bottle
4.30pm nap
5.15ish dinner
6pm bath
6.30pm bottle
7pm bed

She doesnt get tired of a morning after waking until after 9am. Sleeps are during those times but sometimes she will only sleep for an hour of that time. If we go out it's generally at around 11.30 and have lunch while out.

Milestones- 7mth on 27th July
Rolling - no
Sitting - yes at 6.5 mth
Crawling- no
Does push ups while on tummy and lifts bum up in the air with head down and digs feet in trying to move forward but doesn't rock and lies back down on tummy.
Will stand against furniture on own for about 5 mins before knees buckle
teeth - no but I don't think far away

Not much else to report so bye for now

#30 lth

Posted 27 July 2011 - 10:23 AM

Hi all.

Loz - dont know if I can write out a "routine" for my routine less Ruby - but here goes.

5.30 - 7am wake. Try to keep her in bed dozing til 7, but if she wakes about 6 - 6.30 we might get up.

Bottle, then breakfast of rice cereal and stewed apples.

Depending on what time she woke, she might have a nap about 8 for 45mins, while I get other DD's ready for school, or else she waits til after school drop off.

Her next bottle is about 11, so there is a good chance she will have had 2 sleps by then. After her bottle she will have lunch of vegies.

Back down after 2 hrs, and again she might do anything from 1/2 hr - 2hrs - usually closer to 45mins. Again she might have 2 sleeps before next bottle at 3 and dinner of meat and veg.

After dinner I try to get her to have another 1/2 hr, then bath about 5.30, bottle and usually she is crashing by 6.30.

in the up time she is crawling everywhere, and now into everything. Pulling herself up on all the furniture. A very busy little person.

Being No 3 she has to fit into what is going on in everyones life, and she copes quite well with that. I am lucky that I dont need to drag her around too much, as DH works from home so I can leave one of the DD's with her while the other gets run aroud, and he is available if all hell breaks loose!

8mths next Monday
2 bottom teeth - the top ones have also started moving.
Pulling herself to sitting position
Holds bottle herself
Pulling herself to standing on furniture
Babbling, though I wouldnt say we have had our first word yet.
Knows own name

Favourite toy - any electrical thing she can beat me to! She loves her Sophie Giraffe teething toy. Loves jolly jumper and swing. Loves our cat Bella who is really not sure - Bella will let her come over to her, then gives her a quick whack on the face with her paw - claws in - but it is worrying, so I am trying to teach Bella to be the one to move away.

Ruby is loud, busy, happy and an absolute delight. Very cheeky, and a terrible flirt! DD2 HATED men, Ruby ADORES them!

Loz - she needs to go back to bed early in the morning. I think with Ruby it is usually because she has been stirring since about 5am, that 8 is a good time for her first nap. Even if she only got out of bed at 7.

Kitty and Ezy - Ruby goes to daycare 1 day atm, and in 10 weeks I will be back 2 1/2 days a week at work. I have put my name down for casual teaching on the day she is currently in daycare, but am always relieved when I dont get the call. She loves kindy, and is always very well behaved.

MissM - I really hope things settle for Ella soon. What a tough time you are having! We had a really tough time, like yours but different issues, with DD2 - hence 8 years between her and our surprise packet of Ruby!

DD1 is doing a test today to see if she is bright enough to get into the opportunity class for year 5 and 6 (selective school). As she is at a tiny school now, we have no idea where she she sits, and she really likes the challenge of constantly learning. We wont get the results til November. It is a pretty big deal, so I hope she does the best she can without nerves upsetting her.

DH's sister spent the week end with us - she is from Darwin. It was a great week-end and she spent heaps of quality time with all DD's which was lovely. They adore her.

DH has just had braces put on - the ones that go behind the teeth - and is really struggling. His tongue really hurts, his teeth dont meet so he can chew and he cant talk properly. Listening to him - noone has ever had so much pain with braces (he he). I am sure he will live, though a much skinnier version of himself. LOL.

That will do from me. Bye for now.

#31 sun_kissed

Posted 29 July 2011 - 08:52 PM

Lth: Your poor husband (tell him I sympathise). I had braces in grade 12 and they hurt soooooo much. I was so skinny. They put the first set on and had to take them off and redo them because they lacerated all of the bottom of my mouth sad.gif

MissM: so sorry about Ellas struggles at the hospital you must be so exhausted you poor thing hugs to you.

Welcome ezy original.gif

Kitty: Addie was really hard to feed via spoon but I just bought these spoons from woolies call munckin (or something like that) they are really long. they have made feeding soooooo easy original.gif

Lozgus: Good idea with the routine.

Addie: 6m3weeks

6.30 Wake
7am Bottle
8am Breakfast (fruit and rice)
9.30 sleep (1hr)
11am botttle
12noon Lunch
1pm Sleep (1-2hr)
3pm Bottle
5pm Dinner
6.30 Bed
9.30 Top up 1/2 bottle

Rolling all over the place
Pushing herself backwards (sliding)
Saying 'dadada'
No Sitting or crawling
exersaucer, playing with rattles, walking in the pram and playing with her brother

#32 Missmischievious

Posted 30 July 2011 - 10:44 PM

Okay, here are Ella's bizzo's.

Ella: 7m

6:00 Wake
6:30 breastfeed
7.00 Breakfast (fruit and rice)
8:30 breastfeed
9.30 sleep (45mins if we are lucky)
10:30 breastfeed
11:30 Lunch
12:30pm Sleep (45 mins)
1:30 breastfeed
3:30 sleep
4pm breastfeed
5:30 dinner
6:30 breastfeed and bed
10:30 breastfeed

then two hourly feeds from there, waking every sleep cycle (ggrrrrr)

Rolling all over the place
Pushing herself backwards and forwards and also around in circles
sitting unaided
exersaucer, playing with rattles, sophie the giraffe and her brother's dinosaur train toys, also loves smalls bounces on my lap on the trampoline or just watching the day go by from the mat.
dislikes: the car and pram immensely.

Very smilely little girl despite her recent sickness. Loved to bits!

Edited by Missmischievious, 30 July 2011 - 10:49 PM.

#33 lth

Posted 01 August 2011 - 12:03 PM

Just a quick post - Ruby is 8mths today! It is hard to look at her now and think that when DD1 was 8mths I fell pregnant with DD2!! Thoroughly enjoying Ruby and absolutely NO CHANCE of a new sibling for her!

#34 Jujubs

Posted 02 August 2011 - 09:46 PM

Wow, most of you seem to have babies who sleep all night. Missmischievious, Ifelt a little better knowing that I wasn't alone in still getting up at night for night feeds! (I do hope we both get full night's sleeps soon!)

I'm impressed with the routines. Our 'routines' vary so much, depending on how many feeds during the night, when the last feed was in the night, whether or not it's a preschool day or not, whether we're out and about..

I give Ravi about three 'meals' a day. I'm still not sure how much to give him. He's keen on porridge (Raffertys) sometimes, but not at other times. He doesn't like pureed fruit much (my daughter loved it when she was little so I made heaps this time and I still have lots in the freeer!). Does anyone have any suggestions for breakfast? I'm not comfortable giving toast, but can I use my own porridge with cows milk?
The main foods at the moment are avocado, mixed vegies (e.g. pumpkin, carrot, potato, sweet potato). He likes rice and dal, which my daughter eats a lot of.

I'm still waking up for night feeds, usually twice a night. I'm looking forward to having a full night's sleep.

He isn't rolling around or sitting up yet, but almost sitting up. I hired a bumbo chair, which he likes, but sometimes leans forward in it an gets uncomfortable. He loves watching his sister, and loves yapping when he's happy. He loves bouncing on our knees, loves it when DH comes home from the office, beams when he is happy....just gorgeous. He has started to whinge a bit when I leave the room or put him down somewhere, but often settles down after a minute. He loves sitting in the high chair in the kitchen while i'm cooking and tosses everything over onto the ground, or bangs things against it to make a noise. He loves being read to and often ends up chewing books..I often read to both my children together, and he sits so quietly and listens, it's lovely. He also loves sitting up in the bath (with me holding him) and splashing the water. He's ok with water splashing on his face.

Sorry this is in a slightly different format to everyone else's.

Thinkiing of taking him to swimming classes soon...

#35 LOZGUS+2

Posted 03 August 2011 - 07:52 AM

i just got my period.

was biggrin.gif at first, then kinda sad.gif as it means it's all over cry1.gif

dh had a vasectomy a few months ago.

ummmmm, has anyone else not done the deed since birth?

shlep - have u tried yoghurt for brekky?  maybe with a little bit of that pureed fruit u made so much of! don't u hate that.

isn't it beautiful when they start recognising their dad?  stella spacks out if dh doesn't go to her asap, which of course amos hates as it's his dad that he had to himself for so long!!!

#36 Jujubs

Posted 03 August 2011 - 03:48 PM

I  wanted to add to my previous post:

We are generally up between 6:30am and 7am (sometimes earlier). My daughter is always up by 6:30/7am, so that's the latest ever I can get up, which is not too bad. Bedtime is around 8pm.

I'm not sure who asked, but yes, Ravi often has a nap aout an hour after waking up in the morning. It helps me, as I can concentrate on getting my daughter ready for preschool. Sometimes he wants to fall asleep 15 min before we have to leave for preschool, so then I just keep him up. He's often in the bouncer in the bathroom while I have a shower etc.

He's generally pretty good at having a nap - he has two short naps (about 45 min or so) early and late in the day and one longer nap in the iddle of the day..sometimes 2.5 hours. I try to get chores done during that time and sometimes go to have a rest and he wakes up soon after..I need to learn to have a rest soon after he goes to sleep.

Logus, I've tried yogurt after lunch/dinner, but I will try it in the mornings sometime. I gave him a bit of porridge (plain) with cows milk today. He ate a little. I might stick to baby rice cereal..

#37 sun_kissed

Posted 04 August 2011 - 03:27 PM

Hi all,
Just interested in some more stats of the babies...

What size is your bubba wearing?
00 clothes 0 suits

How much do they eat for each solid feed?
4 ice cubes

Lozugs got my period too sad.gif 1.5 weeks ago.

#38 Jujubs

Posted 05 August 2011 - 03:55 PM

Sie of clothes: generally 0

Food: maybe 8 ice cubes? quite a bit. I run out of prepared food quickly!

Still bfeeds 5-6 times/24 hrs too

#39 Jackrabbit

Posted 07 August 2011 - 08:58 AM

We don't have much of a routine here. It all depends on what times they had a feed overnight and what time they get up. But it's generally try and get them down for a nap 2-2.5 hours after waking. Lately they've been fighting it though. They only sleep for 45 minutes, regardless of how long they've been up.

Ruby still doesn't like to eat solids so she will only eat the equivalent of one ice cube if I'm lucky. Ashley will eat 3-4. Hard to say as I make one batch for them to share.

Their sleeping seems to be going backwards. Before easter they were both sleeping through the night. After easter that stopped and we were up once a night. Now we're up twice for each of them. I had read that they wake if they haven't had enough to eat during the day but they don't finish their bottles at the moment so I can't give them more. I suggested to my DH that they might be cold (especially as it's 5-6am for their second wake) but they are well rugged up and we leave the heating on so it would be around 16 degrees in their room.

Sizes - Ashley is in 0 (she still fits 00 bodysuits but the sleeves are too short). Ruby can still wear 000 in some things but is generally in 00.

We started swimming lessons a couple of weeks ago. The girls love it. The lessons only go for half an hour and I think the girls would be happy to go longer.

#40 LOZGUS+2

Posted 07 August 2011 - 03:29 PM

What size is your bubba wearing?
00 clothes 0 suits

How much do they eat for each solid feed?
equiv to 3-4 x 125grams sachets per day

she will have 1-2 sachets and 1-2 home cooked meals per day

#41 lth

Posted 09 August 2011 - 01:30 PM

Loz - I have had 3 cycles back now. Bring on menopause I say! I really enjoy my break without the monthly. Also, we have DTD once since birth.

Clothes - Ruby is in 00's and 0's

Food - this little porker eats heaps! If i had to put a measure on it, probably easily eat 2 x 120g sachets per meal (i.e. 3 x day). I dont bother with ice cubes as she eats too much1! Itry and make all her food, so cant put an exact size on it.

ATM - Ruby is driving me crazy when trying to change her nappy or get her dressed. She is flipping over all the time and trying to crawl away (which is no fun on the change table, but worse on the floor because she does get away) It has become a real struggle! Anyone else there yet? Sometimes singing will help, but not all the time. AARRGGHH! She is full on crawling, and loving it. She is into everything, and loves exploring new rooms. We now need to close all doors and watch her closely. We have put all her toys in the playpen, and I keep the gate open so it doesnt seem like a cage to her, so she doesnt freak out when I need her to be in there with the gate closed. However, the rest of the house is more interesting to her. She is also standing up everywhere, and can stand with no hands for a few seconds. Wont be long before this little bugger is walking! I try to keep them stationary as long as possible, but Miss Ruby has a mind of her own. DD1 walked at 14mths, DD2 12mths, I can see this one being 9 - 10mths.

I have a cold, which has made my snoring super bad. DH hasnt slept with me for ages due to it, but the other night it must have been bad as Ruby was awake every hour. I have now told him I cant sleep in her room while I am sick. He lasted one night (she is too noisy!) and has now put the DD's alternating in their and he sleeps in their beds. A little selfish if you ask me. I have managed to sleep with Ruby for 8mths.

Went to doc about snoring - lose 10kg and you should be right! How easy it is to say that!! I have rejoined Curves, and am following their weight management system (0.5kg down in one week - better than my weight watchers attempt!), so fingers crossed.

OK - better go - lots to do before I collect Ruby from kindy.

#42 Jujubs

Posted 11 August 2011 - 10:10 AM

Ith: No, haven't had that trouble with nappy changes yet. My little one isn't showing much interest in rolling or moving around - he just loves to lie there and kicks his hands and legs excitedly. My daughter crawled and walked quite late, I'm thinking it might be the same this time around.

I didn't realise what people meant by 'sachets' at first - it refers to baby food from the shop, doesn't it? I'm not sure how much Ravi eats in terms of sachets, and from day to day his appetite changes. I make most of his food - I have a few jars of the organic baby food at home just in case i need to take something out with me, or in case the food runs out for some reason! I feel like I'm running out of ideas for food, but should just start giving him things that I make for dinner e.g. mash up pasta etc.

I'm a bit over the night wakings and can't wait for it to stop. I wish he would just learn to sleep through without having to resort to dummies etc. Even with a dummy in his mouth (we occasionally use it at night) he will make noises wanting to be fed. Almost 8 months without a good night's sleep and not much help during the day - All I want for Xmas is a full night's sleep!

Sorry to hear about your cold and the sleeping arrangements.

Jacni: glad your little ones are enjoying swimming.

#43 lth

Posted 11 August 2011 - 11:38 AM

Just bit the bullet and turned Ruby's car seat around. She hasnt been happy rearward facing for a little while - when it is just me and her, and today was beyond ridiculous. She is over 9 1/2 kg and is nearly 8 1/2 mths, so I think we have done very well. Didnt reach the 12kg mark I was hoping for, but hey - happy baby makes mummy happy!!

#44 Missmischievious

Posted 12 August 2011 - 09:30 PM

Hi mums,

Ith - I can't wait to turn Ella's seat around. She just hit 7kg yesterday and ours has a minimum 8kg requirement to be front facing so it will be a while. Pity, as she hates the car and I think turning the seat around will be the only solution. And yes, nappy changes, getting dressed etc are difficult as Ella is on the move and not stopping for anyone or anything. I change on the floor now even though I have a strap on the change table.

Shlep - I'm with you on the sleep issue. I have not had a full night sleep since this time last year! the best we get is 3 hours between wake up calls and it's pretty much been this, or more frequently since birth.

I think I'm ovulating - noooooo! this may mean a period is around the corner.

I'm going back to work next month (26 Sept) so I'd better think about getting Ella into shape for childcare two days a week and with my mum one day. I am a bit concerned about my mum as she seems very blazae about Ella's allergy issue. I'm worried she's going to feed her something she shouldn't. She's so sensitive to milk that a milk rusk with 1% milk in it sets her off in a face of hives. Heaven forbid mum gives her actual milk!

Ella is saying ooof (woof) now every time she sees a dog and dadda a lot. She surprised herself by squirting herself in the eye with milk the other day from my boobs. Now she thinks it funny to use them as water pistols! Perhaps it's time to move to the bottle? hahahaha! We're still in 000 and 00. Ella eats 3 ice cubes and perhaps two pieces of cut up cooked apple in one of those baby feeder thingos.

#45 Missmischievious

Posted 22 August 2011 - 08:35 PM

Helloooo anyone home?

Have you guys given any thought to what you are planning on getting DS or DD for their first christmas and also birthday? I have put on layby a wheelie bug (lady bird) from Father Christmas and I have bought a handmade doll for her first birthday present. She'll also get a pandora charm for her Christening bracelet. Trying to think of other ideas as no doubt people will ask what to get her. What are your plans for presents?

Oh and I'm on a four week countdown to going back to work. boooooooo! sad.gif

#46 danielle1312

Posted 24 August 2011 - 03:16 PM

I am looking to join a mothers group in the north lakes area I have a boy born dec 2010. If there is nothing and if anyone interested in forming something so us ladies can escape the house for a awhile please get back to me.

#47 kitty1982

Posted 26 August 2011 - 05:23 PM

hi everyone..

welcome ezy001!

wow lots of rollers in here! Missm sorry to hear about Ella's food reactions - thanks for the reminder about egg!  

so glad to hear so many going well on solids - Jay isn't really fussed on pureed food -  much prefers finger foods) so we're not getting stressed about the only small amounts he eats from the spoon..

thinking of putting him onto formula soon - he;s very distracted during b/feeding, i think my supply is drying up, plus he hasn't really put on any weight the past month or so - combine all that and I was quite worried for a while but i know i'm so blessed to have b/fed him for this long! so many people struggle and aren't able to so i count my blessings..

Jay isn't sitting yet but is a mad commando crawler - followed me to the loo yesterday - down the 5 metre hallway in the time it take to do a quick wee! gees it's like having a little stalker! but super cute original.gif

Ith - DTD? is that done the deed? lol my husband is hoping i'll get "my old groove" back one of these days - very sporadic encounters in our house!

missm - christmas presents - i bought Jay a trike thingo - 3=way convertible bike/push/trike - on layby at big W so thast i'm not tempted to give to him early original.gif

Have just spent two nights sleeping on the lounge with Jay in my arms. poor lil love has a dreadful cold, plus teething - cries and wakes if we put him in his cot, and restless sleep if sleeping in our bed - plus it wakes hubby so we've moved out to the lounge - reminds me of the early months when we'd b/feed 3 times a night and fall asleep on the boob on th e lounge original.gif how fast they grow!

i would so love to have a spare room built under our house! before we go on a renovating/building project is the first step getting plans drafted? anyone know? if that's the case, is it an "architexcts" or a "draftsmen" who we should speak to?

sorry for the "all about us" post! I've just read through the last few pages of posts but know I should be in the shower, not on the computer! lol

thanks all

#48 lth

Posted 28 August 2011 - 09:37 PM

Dani - sorry - not a North Lakes resident. Good luck finding a mums group. Try playgroup assoc - they may have a local one that might be good.

MissM - Ruby brought home from kindy some toy catalogues for fundraising. Soooo, i went shopping! Got Ruby a doll for her birthday, and a toddler trampoline for Christmas. Mum is getting her a water play table, and making her a quilt cover for her birthday. My SIL has bought her a balance bike as a combined pressie (we might be over ambitious with that one). Santa is also getting her some stacking toys, bath toys, rainmaker and few other bits and pieces. I also picked up Santa stuff for the older 2! Without leaving my loungeroom. gotta love it!

I go back to work in 6 weeks  - quite looking forward to it, actually. A 5 day fortnight, which i find just perfect. Ruby will probably be walking or close to it by then, and I will need the break! She is already climbing which is scary, and can stand unaided for periods of time (10 - 20 secs).

Kitty - first step is to get plans drawn - achitect is more expensive than draftsmen (this what DH does - cant remember, are you in Sydney?? We are). Then get approved by council, then find a builder. hope this helps.

very quiet in here now. We must all be doing well!!

Edited by lth, 28 August 2011 - 09:42 PM.

#49 sun_kissed

Posted 29 August 2011 - 09:44 AM

Another going back to work here sad.gif
I start Term 4 October 4th. 3 days a week. Still trying to pin a daycare down to take Addie. Fingers crossed they are getting back to me today.
The HR department are being really mean about next year though saying I might have to change workplaces or work less days to fit in with another lady at my work. Spoke to the union though and they said in no way do I have to take less days, thank goodness. But I dont want to have to drive a long way to work. I have a meeting tomorrow to discuss options, fingers crossed.

Carseat: HAvent turned Addie around yet as her and Eli chat to each other because they are facing each other it is very cute.

Update: Addie weighs 8.5kg, not sure how long she is at the moment. She can sit, roll, push herself backwards and rock on all fours. She can say dada and 'ta' sporadically. When I say clap hands, she smacks her tummy with one hand (hilarious) hasnt figured out she needs both her hands yet LOL.

Kitty: We are very sporadic here too LOL

MissM: Can you just pack her a lunchbox and say she is not to touch or go near anything other than what is in here? Maybe google image some pictures of allergic reactions to freak your mum out into taking it seriously. Or take your mum to a Dr's appoinment before you go back to work?

Christmas: I got Addie (on layby: toysales) a ride on (push with your legs) fairy car thing, toy phone, push vacuum, bucket and spade and a My little pony doll.

For her birthday: I got her a dolls house.

Better go I have started another health kick I have to shed this baby weight!!!! sad.gif

#50 Jujubs

Posted 30 August 2011 - 09:15 PM

Sorry I've been in Sydney for a week and battling colds and coughs before and after the trip! Nice to read a few more posts since my last one. Just a quick update and comments..

Ravi isn't rolling around or showing any sign of crawling. He loves clapping (just LOVES it) and is getting better and better at it. He yaps like a seal when he's happy. As soon as he is unwrapped after a sleep he starts clapping. He is sitting on his own for short periods of time which seems to make him a bit happier. He seems to need lots of different things to keep him interested..he is constantly seeking new things.

Food: He isn't all that interested in food. Some days are better than others. I don't have 'three proper meals' that I give him. I just have to offer him food and if he doesn't have anything, offer it to him again in a little while. At the moment, pureed foods are still the main thing I give him, but give him soft pieces of ripe pear to play with. I'm trying to get a bit more creative with what to give him.

Flew with both kids to and from Sydney. It wasn't too bad. Luckily just an hour flight, with family on either side.

Work: Good luck to those of you returning to work. Hope you find good day care and don't find it too difficult.

Car Seat: We have had our car seat facing forward for about a month. The person who changed it around for us is an RTA accredited fitter, but I'm not sure if we got it turned around ok, but he's happy and secure.

Gifts: Haven't thought about gifts yet, still have my DD's b'day in between to think about.

Nights: Still feeding a couple of times a night. Still VERY tired. With sickness I've been up about 5 times a night in the last week or so. I sooooo want him to start sleeping through the night!!

Got to go..

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