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December 2010 Parent Group # 15

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#51 Jujubs

Posted 31 August 2011 - 08:45 PM

I wanted to add that Ravi says dadadadadadadada as well. (What's wrong with saying mamamamamamama)..hehehe, I know it's easy for them to say dadada

I've lost most of my pregnancy weight, except for my tummy area - I almost feel like I'm a few months pregnant. I might get my tummy area checked just to make sure my uterus has settled down properly..although I know it's probably just a matter of exercising more and losing a bit more weight. Anyone else have this problem?

I'm also happy I have breastfed for this long. I b'fed DD for 10 months - can't believe we're almost there.

Making a home-made hamper for Father's Day - we've got some nice chocolate treats, and we will make a card and a storybook (DD loves making storybooks) and bake some chocolate chip cookies.. I wanted to get a mug made up with a few photos of the kids (which I did a few years ago with DD), but didn't get organised in time. Any suggestions what else I could include in the hamper?

#52 i adore

Posted 03 September 2011 - 06:30 PM

sorry I have been MIA,  Last month I spent a week in the mental health unit and was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Also we have had problems with the real estate. I had a crappy birthday in july. The journey to recovery is hard, before I went to hospitial I had let my anxiety get so bad that I didn€™t even feel safe in my own skin, I€™ll be ok one moment at a time.
Also my husband pete has lost his job .
you could put handmade soap in the hamper,
we had a fathers day BBQ for my father in law today and will have one for my hubby/my dad tomorrow.
Gordon is crawling, pulling to stand and saying mama, dada, buba, nana, we have heard him say kiss too

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#53 Jujubs

Posted 05 September 2011 - 01:20 PM

I Adore: Sorry to hear you are having a bit of a rough time. Hope you feel better and can get the rght treatment in order to feel better, and hope all the other problems can be sorted out in time. Thinking of you..

Ravi loves chewing his toe!

#54 Missmischievious

Posted 06 September 2011 - 01:56 PM

I Adore - I am really sorry to hear about the terrible time that you have been having. I have no words of advice but I am thinking of you and hope you pull through okay. My husband lost his job at the end of last year, which was really bad timing, and it was hard on us as a family, and as a couple. Hopefully he can get back out into the workforce soon as you do not need that extra stress I am sure.

Shlep - toes are yummy in our house too. My tummy also looks about three months pregnant. I don't seem to have any core muscle support which means that it hasn't come back in tightly this time around. I should do something about it as it really annoys me, but I'm lazy! lol.

Sunkissed - How did you go with the daycare? Is Addie in? Ella goes for a visit tomorrow.

Update - Yes, we are allergic, no suprises there. Ella had her skin prick test for some things on Friday and turned up as anaphalactic to eggs (yolk and white), and allergic to cows milk protein, dogs, cats and wheat (which was a surprise). We go back in a fortnight to test for the rest as there simply wasn't enough room on her back to do all of the suspected allergies. Yet to be tested are avocado, banana, dustmites, rye grass, potato, sweet potato, carrot and meats. It has been put to me that I should think about putting her on Neocate rather than feeding her myself, unless I want to go on a diet free of all of her allergens. Simply don't know how I could exist as an adult excluding everything she is allergic too. I would end up cooking for me, cooking for her and cooking for DH and DS, combine that with going back to work and I think the sensible thing would be the Neocate. However, I feel really sad to take her off the breast, yet also really sad that it has been the breastmilk causing her slow growth (she is failure to thrive at just over 7kg and continually dropping percentiles), eczema and general unsettledness. What a conflict of emotions.

As she is not yet 10kg, we can't get an epi pen for the egg so I am being put through an anaphalactic response course for the meantime and will simply need to ring 000 if she starts down that path again.

We meet with the dietition at the next appointment also to work out a menu plan for her once all results are in.

Oh, and sadly we have two very loved dogs who are possibly going to be re-homed.

Ahh, life is never dull is it?

oh, and for the first time since Ella has joined us, I am alone at home on my own and DH has taken both kids shopping for my birthday present. It was not his intention to take Ella with him, but James kindly pointed out that he has never really looked after her alone before and so with a gentle push they are out the door. I think if James hadn't brought it up, it would be another 8 months before DH considers doing anything with her. He certainly wasn't that enthusiastic and came up with a myriad of excuses across the morning for leaving her at home. What he doesn't seem to get is that for 8 months I have constantly been with her 24/7, except for two haircuts and a trip to the movies and one night out. 8 months constantly with someone is a bit wearing no matter how much you love them. I don't even get 8 hours break for sleep. I am with her constantly and the break I asked for following her hospital stay has never eventuated until now. He just doesn't get it, probably never will. Makes me resent him a little bit as he has volleyball every Monday and wont give that up even if I am sick. I am going back to work in three weeks so I think some me time is very much in order. I am sure you would agree.  wink.gif

#55 lth

Posted 06 September 2011 - 09:03 PM

i adore - so sorry you are having such a tough time. I hope everything starts settling down and you get back on track.

Miss M - it is such a hard time working out what she can and cant have. Hopefully the neocate will help her settle and start putting on weight. Ruby is thriving on it. Once you get the extent of her allergies sorted, you will readily get on top of the food issues. There is a lot of alternatives these days - though you still have to be diligent. From what I have read, you are a great cook, and that will help a lot.

Its getting late, so just a quick post from me.

Ruby is still crawling, pulling herself up and cruising. She is sometimes standing unaided for short periods. Not a lot of words from her, but she does try and copy what we say. She has managed to move the walker forward now. She is also showing no sign of growing out of her cows milk protein intolerance, so she is off all to dairy for another 3 months (reacted to yoghurt this week)

I go back to work next term. 5 day fortnight. Looking forward to it. Ruby will be at the occasional care she has been going to for 2 days a week, and my mum will take her the extra day a fortnight.

Best be off - night all

#56 concreteseconds

Posted 08 September 2011 - 10:30 PM

So I got a bit homesick for this group and came to see how everyone and their bubs have been (though I have a lot of you on FB so I'm able to see all your gorgeous pics and updates^_^) Sorry to hear some of you are going through rough patches sad.gif *hugs*

Audrey is 8 months today.
Last measurements were 9kg and 72cm about 2 weeks ago. Just about outgrown all 00 clothes so mostly in 0 now.
Still BFing, eating LOTS of pretty much anything on offer, drinking water and watered down juice.
2 bottom teeth.
No forward crawling yet, some crawling around in circles and a strange backwards worm type movement and pulling herself up against me, the pram or anything with a good grip to do so but still seems a long way away from proper crawling.
Lots of MUM MUM MUMS (mostly when upset), DAD DAD DADS ( mostly when in a happy mood) some BUB BUB BAAAAAABS! (always seems to shout this) and hhhhheeeEEEEY!!! (gets louder as she yells it - I blame DP for this, he always does the same to her when she is being noisy)
Main problem atm is comfort feeding during the night when she wakes, it's becoming a hard cycle to break. It seems easy enough to do, but at 3am in the morning I am too exhausted to deal with her being upset when giving her the boob means she'll fall back to sleep pretty quick. Suppose it's better to do it sooner rather than later  sad.gif

Hope everyone is great xxx

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#57 Jujubs

Posted 16 September 2011 - 09:47 PM

Hello all, I've been reading posts...sorry about allergies and other difficulties people are facing. I'm enjoying reading about all the different things the babies are up to!

Just wanted to let you know that last week I decided to stop night b'feeds (he's a VERY healthy looking baby so he doesn't need them!), and used a dummy instead whenever he woke. I also increased the quantity of food I fed him, and included more carbs like mushed up pasta or rice with vegies etc. Happy to say that I have had two nights this week (not consecutive) where he slept through the night until 4:30am/530am!! Hopefully that will continue!

concreteseconds: yes, I've noticed that dadadadadada is said when happy, and when he's crying it definitely sounds like maaaamaaamaaamaa

#58 Jujubs

Posted 20 September 2011 - 07:59 AM

Boy, this thread really isn't moving at all, is it? Do you think it's worth keeping it going? I wish there was some way of getting notified when someone posts something, instead of having to check in...

I've had a couple more days of full-night's sleeps by Ravi which has been great! Our mornings start quite early with the sun rising a lot earlier. We're generally up before 6am!

Busy preparing for my DD's birthday. Love it, but tiring! Have to make a cake for preschool tomorrow and a kite cake for her birthday party.

Hope you are all doing well, difficult times improving, and look forward to hearing from you.

#59 concreteseconds

Posted 25 September 2011 - 10:48 PM

Shlep are you on the facebook group? There is one for all us due in dec girls that gets lots of daily posts and pics on it ^_^

Well done on Ravi's full nights sleep! So jealous!

#60 leishb

Posted 31 July 2012 - 04:55 PM

hi all, is it ok if i join this group?  i will probably lurk rather than be an avid poster but keen to hear what others LOs are up to (and how you are coping with them!).  ds2 was born 4th dec and i have an almost 5 yo as well. original.gif

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