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#1 Sandra

Posted 28 June 2011 - 07:05 PM

New thread time ladies


#2 fillesetjumeaux

Posted 28 June 2011 - 07:24 PM

Because I can...

I'm off to dinner with the Year 3 mums from Anna's new school, most of whom I've never met.  Looking forward to delicious Italian!

#3 nadya

Posted 28 June 2011 - 09:56 PM

Mandy - Have fun at the NT definitely an interesting place to visit. Would love to go some day.

Janet - Just read how D walked to school with one shoe on. I had to laugh. Hope your dinner was nice.

#4 Denghiu

Posted 29 June 2011 - 06:27 AM

LOL at Janet and the shoeless child! The boys are so cute and I love all your little status stories on FB, they are always entertaining.

Liss- Get well soon!! Sounds like a horrid cough. I hear you on the bratty children! This wasn´t what I ordered, is it too late to bring them back!!??

Mandy- I am soooo hanging out for exactly that, no stress at bedtime to get them to bed, not having to wake them up in the morning! Friday, last work day for 6 weeks for me, and even though the kids really love pre-school, i think they will love not having to get up in the morning even more!

Naz- how exciting with the Perth trip. I say like Mandy, I want to go to Perth too!!

Alinta- I am ok with the hearing loss now I think. That is, as long as it stays as it is now. If it gets worse with time I am not sure how ok I will be. I mentioned something to Ava about her having not so good hearing and she looked at me like I was dumb! and said "but mummy *I* hear really good".  rolleyes.gif

Summer is here, Friday is my last day before annual hols. then 6 weeks FT with the kids. I am really looking forward to it! What I wasn't expecting this summer however was how much I would miss Perth and all that comes with it! I miss it more now in summer here than when we had winter. I thought it would have been worse in winter, but I loved winter, I love summer here too, but I guess it is just so similar to Perth weather that it makes me reminisce about all the good times we had. Today I was daydreaming and really wishing I could go to PP for a play with the Poors, Codex and Reb!!!

#5 Naz32

Posted 29 June 2011 - 02:55 PM

Hello from Sadie the cleaning lady Tounge1.gif

How boring is folding clothes - I mean really its just a never ending task.  I cant wait till summer just so there is not as much washing!!

Im making a fish pie for dinner tonight.  They are having one at preschool next week so thought I would get in first.  Preschool was a good day yesterday - chicken drumsticks with rice and carrots for lunch which she ate, weetbix for morning tea which she ate and then vegetable bread for afternoon that she ate so much of her tummy was poking out.  The new menu that they started on Monday seems much better for Lily than the last one so hopefully she will settle down abit now.  Im packing a vege sanga and apple and yoghurt for her each day as backup until we are over it so she is much more relaxed - although still not happy about Liz having curlier hair than her!

Friday the shop will finally be ours.  :Gavin is working so hard to get everything over the line and sort out some staffing issues that he has to deal with before the settlement.  He is so stressed but thriving on it.  Priceline are being very supportive and helping himout with corporate visits and helping him get the store up and running at full production so he is thrilled at the support.

Mandy your trip sounds fantastic - its such a grfeat part of the country to explore.  We met heaps of families doing 6 month trips with theirkids all up through Katherine to Darwin when we did out trip - the campsites are great fun in the evenings.

Janet - We used to joke that Sarahs Indian name was One Shoe On when she was little as she would never have two shoes on lol Loving all the pics of the kids on FB - what a lovaely little (big lol) family you have.

Not too much else to report.  Its a rainy cool day today up here and SImon has slept through the middle part of the day but now we need to pop to shops and grab the girls.  Hopefully BBL

#6 Mulan

Posted 30 June 2011 - 12:27 AM

Oh my gosh naz you are so spot on with folding. It's my least favorite housework.

I got some details today for a cleaner and it seems she charges different rates for different suburbs but my friend thinks she bases it on our income. The same cleaner charges one friend $25 an hour in a lower socio economic suburb, another friend $30 an hour in a nicer suburb knowing her wage s higher also. Then she quoted us 40 an hour and my neighbor $45 an hour and he's a miner. So I know Celia has a cleaner, do you still have one Liss?  can I ask what you pay her? I've got someone else coming next week to meet and get a quote. I refuse to pay a cleaner more than my nett pay as that just seems financially stupid, I'd rather drop 2 hours of work and do it myself.

How was the fish pie naz? Good idea making the same foods as daycare. DD began refusing preschool this week. One of her best friends left recently and another little girl has hurt her recently. Last week she said she tried to choke her and this week she is sporting a decent bruise on her nose with a little black eye. Although she has a great heart and told me it wasn't her fault because "  .....'s mummy hasn't taught her gentle hands yet so I have to help her too" I still think this might be part of her not wanting to go. I mentioned the chokin and what DD said to the director so we will monitor a little more I think.

DD has a spot for big school next year. She is so excited. We are still waiting to hear about a spot for high school for DS. We need the psychologist report still though and still on waiting lists for that

Moa summer sounds great. It amazes me how it can go from so bitterly cold to so warm for you. I'm over winter here. The house is warm though. We have only run the heating a couple of times so far and not at all since the window coverings went in. It hasn't been as cold the last 2 weeks though.

#7 mamaknits

Posted 30 June 2011 - 10:17 AM

QUOTE (Mulan @ 30/06/2011, 12:27 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
So I know Celia has a cleaner, do you still have one Liss?  can I ask what you pay her? I've got someone else coming next week to meet and get a quote. I refuse to pay a cleaner more than my nett pay as that just seems financially stupid, I'd rather drop 2 hours of work and do it myself.

I pay my cleaner $62 for 2 hours and $21 for extra hours if necessary.
Note that he does nto do an amazing job but it is sufficient. I still do showers and things myself to get rid of mould and to give stuff a good scrub. He does a good job with the floors and toilets, though. I don't get him to dust (house always a mess), but he tidies up as he goes along. If I ask him to, he will do "extra" stuff like wiping down the gaps in the stair banister and that kind of thing.

I just wanted to add as well that even if the fee was more than my nett pay per hour, i would pay it if I can't find time in a day/week to do the stuff he does. It's not about it being cheap, for us, it is about it being done at all. There is a line in the sand, and $45 is very steep. I would be looking to see if I can get someone else cheaper.

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#8 azalia

Posted 30 June 2011 - 10:52 AM


Mulan - Ive always said no to a cleaner, though it would probably be a good idea soon, I feel like my house is just too messy Id be embarressed to get one in.

Having a rotten week, feel sick still and the kids have defeated me, Im sure they know it too because they are not listening or obeying anything I say, and Im that over it Im walking away with tears. I tell them off for something and Im talking to a brick wall till I yell it which is hurting my head and draining my voice. Topped with Im at a loss with what to do about Masons sleep, since its been darker  about 8 weeks aho Mason wakes at about 3-4am and gets up turns all the lights on and the TV. I get up turn them all off take him back to bed where he screams hysterically for about 30 minutes till I give up out of frustration cause hes worken everyone else up. I dont know what to do and Im so sick of it, hes making me really grumpy and then of course by 9am he is grumpy. He also always does his morning poo at that time, but he also does one before bed.

Sorry for my whinging post, I am struggling with  their behaviour.

#9 lissiloo

Posted 30 June 2011 - 02:11 PM


Alinta -- I could have written much of your post myself today. Except for the part about getting up at 4am, that only happens now and then  wink.gif

I've got Ella's lurgy from last week and I feel revolting, have been feeling crappy all week and not getting any time to recover. Jack is like the Energiser Bunny on speed, he just goes and goes and goes and gets into absolutely everything. He's been teething again, just cut his 4th molar so lots of sleepless nights with him. Ella and Poppy are whinging a lot, mostly because they can I think. Although Poppy has a touch of this cold thing too -- she fell asleep fully clothed in her bed last night at 6:30 or so (I had sent her to her room as she whacked me when I told her she wasn't going to have any dessert unless she ate more than 2 bites of her dinner, when I went in 5 minutes later she was almost asleep), and she's coughing.

To top it off my PILs are arriving this evening, and my cleaner has given me the runaround this week. First she changed her day to come on Wednesday, then she texted me on Wednesday to say she couldn't make it and we arranged for her to come today, then she reneged on today as well, so I have to try to get the house presentable for my fussy MIL, despite feeling like poo. And DH has been leaving before 8am every day this week, at least he is going to come home early tonight (or so he says). So glad school holidays start at the end of this week, will be nice to not have to be out of the house every morning at 8:45.

Sorry, this has turned into a bit of a vent hasn't it!

Ella got her first school report this week, no grades yet though, they save them for the end of the year for the preps. She is doing well though. Unfortunately she has to take part in a performance at assembly tomorrow and is freaking out about it -- I think that is why she is being such a PITA at the moment. I keep telling her she has to do it, and have been trying to give her ideas for coping (pretend everyone is wearing undies on their heads, know that everyone is only there to listen to their kid singing, etc). I talked to the teacher about it yesterday and she said Ella has given absolutely no signs of this at school -- she sings and does all the hand movements beautifully. So I don't know what more to do. I can only imagine she'll just stand there tomorrow looking frightened. Sigh.

Mulan -- $45/hr sounds awfully high to me -- that's like agency rates. Why don't you call her on it, ask her why she charges different rates? My cleaner charges me $50 for 2 hrs, she is a student, so maybe that's why her rates are lower. She does the kitchen, the bathroom and toilet, the floors in the living areas and kitchen and if the kids' rooms are tidy then she does them too. I get her to do other things like windows or dusting or cleaning the walls occasionally. I try to make sure the house is tidy for her -- toys picked up, dishes away etc -- have finally understood why my mum always wanted to have a clean house for the cleaner  rolleyes.gif

Damn it, the little guy is awake. I'll be back in a day or two ...


#10 mamaknits

Posted 30 June 2011 - 03:53 PM

I should add that my cleaner is thru an agency and the rates I quoted are agency rates, so $45 an hour is frightfully high

#11 Naz32

Posted 30 June 2011 - 08:50 PM

Just watching masterchef.  Downto the top ten. Hpoefully some good cooking on its way in the next couple of weeks.  I miss having friends to cook for already lol.

Oh Liss.  your day sounds terrible.  I hope your ILs are the type to see you are struggling and take over.  Its so hard with the littleones.  Simon sounds exactly the same as Jack and its driving me up the wall.  If he touches the oven one more time I think I might self combust!! I hope you get some rest.

Alinta you dont sound much better.  I bet you are hanging for G to get home.  hugs to you.

Such good report cards from all the kids.  How wonderful for you all.

Mulan hat does sound very expensive - I used to have a couple come in ballina for 1.5hrs for $60 as a cash in hand job.

Mel - only 2 months till take off - WOW that has gone fast.  your Renos are looking fantastic.  I love the wall in your loo original.gif

Hi MEgan if you log in waves.gif

Gavs not home yet and I have no TIVO to record my shows.  I am really tired and want to hit the sack but also  want to watch the telly.  I have a big day tomorrow though so need a good nights sleep.  I cant wait to get to mums and put my feet up as the kids are really missing them and mum is sad that they are not jmust 10 mins away anymore so I should be good for a couple of sleep ins original.gif

LIly did much better at PS this week.  She ate the lunchs on two days but didnt have any today but ate some rice and a breadroll so she getting there.

OK nighty night - will be back on Sunday night.  Ciao Ciao.

#12 ThatsNotMyName

Posted 01 July 2011 - 12:10 PM

Hey there remember me? laugh.gif Sorry it's been so long but between dodgy or no internet & having no time available when internet was available it's dragged out till now. But to highlight my dedication to you all I'll point out that it's currently 1.11 am over here wacko.gif I know but I'm waiting for a load of laundry to finish so it  will hopefully dry for packiong tomorrow.

Firstly - I'm now Aunty Megan! Ky had her lovely baby girl Jessie on Tuesday morning by cesarean at 41 weeks as she was breech & hadn't been able to be turned. This may have been due to Ky's septate uterus. She had been really unhappy abou the prospect of a cesarean but found acceptance & made peace wit it before the birth & it all went really well. They're both doing well now too.

So, I think I last described as far as Old Sarum near Salisbury with Stone Henge to happen the following day. Continuing on:

* Stone Henge was great, it was a moodily overcast & windy day which was quite atmospheric for that site. It's a shame you can't get right up close to the stones any more but it was as I'd expected & we loved it. We also had a look at Wood Henge (meh shrug.gif) and Avebury which was really cool as you can walk amongst the stones & it's over a huuuge area.
*We saw the horses carved into the chalk hills, notably the White Horse of Uffington which is the really famous one. That was a bonus as I've always thought that was really cool & we happened to be passing that way anyhow. Fun fact: the cutting of horses into chalk hills is known as leucipottamy. I just love that something so obscure has a specific term laughing2.gif
*Had lunch in & walked around some of Oxford - gorgeous.
*Went to Stratford Upon Avon, Shakespeare's old stamping ground. Very pretty though I'm not a devotee of The Bard so all that was a bit wasted on me.
*Drove through & lunched in the Cotswolds - really gorgeous charming little villages & beautiful countryside.
*Checked out the Roman Baths in Bath (really interesting) and the city in general. Really lovely parks & many, many streets of gracious architecture
*Headed into Wales with our first stop being the capital Cardiff. We didn't have long there but it seemed a pretty cool place. We were amused to witness some serious Take That fever in progress as they were performing at the Millenium Stadium that night. Aparently there were dozens of women arrested after for brawling laughing2.gif
*Travelled through some of the Brecon Beacons National Park. Enormous green rolling hills & sheer escarpments.
*Heading west from Brecon we entered a lush green world well stocked with fluffy white (and brown & black) sheep, enchanting gardens & woodland, magical castles & beautiful coastlines. Wales really is gorgeous and we found the locals to be so friendly.
We took in Tenby on the south coast, St Davids which is Britain's smallest city with a gorgeous old cathedral built in the most amazing purply coloured stone.
*We drove through Snowdonia National Park which gave us incredible rugged mountain scenery. Once we got to Llanberis we took the Snowdon Mountain Railway up Mount Snowdon which was great. Absolutely incredible scenery except for the summit which was shrouded in mist.
*On leaving Wales we crossed back into England near Chester , we didn't have long here but I'd like to go back, it had some great old streets to explore.
*On to the Lake District with it's stunning mountain & lake scenery. We had a relazing time here spending an entire day cruising Lake Windermere - beautiful & definately a place to go back to.
*The next day we headed up into Scotland. Oh boy, if I thought I loved Wales & The Lake District Scotland took things to a whole new level. This is pure magnificence and absolute heaven for a view junkie like me. I have seriously loved this country with it's beautiful wooded glens, breath taking craggy mountains, rugged coastlines, charming villages, bustling cities, stormy history & warm hearted people.  I've wanted to come here since I was in school & it has been everything I've dreamed of. wub.gif
*We've been to Glen Coe with all it's brilliant mountain scenery & tragic history, We've visited the islands of Mull, Iona & Skye. I found Skye in particular to be really gorgeous & would love to get back there again some day. We've taken a gondola ride up the Nevis Range (there was snow!), walked in Glen Nevis at the base of Ben Nevis, the UK's highest mountain. I've had a dram of whisky at the Talisker distillery in my bid to attempt to reconcile my love of the idea of whisky and the reality of simply not liking the taste. It's still a work in progress  wink.gif We've driven along many a beautiful loch including Loch Ness. Culloden battlefield was an amazing lesson in history, the visitor centre has done an incredible job of bringing it all to life. We're currently in the amazing city of Edinburgh. We've been to the castle and walked the Royal Mile with it's cobbled streets & fascinating little alley ways & shops. We've done a tour of the Royal Yacht Britannia & checked out how the royal family & crew lived aboard her. We also had morning tea on board along with Carys having a b/f & nappy change on board. In fact she's had that combo at most of the important sites of the UK laughing2.gif
*Today we went to St Andrews, checked out the Old Course & The Royal & Ancient Clubhouse (from the outside of course as it's male only rolleyes.gif), had lunch in a little fishing village in Fife then drove to look at Doune castle - for you Monty Python fans it's where they filmed all the various castle scenes for The Holy Grail.
*Tomorrow we're going to see Rosslyn Chapel then wlll be leaving this beautiful country & heading back into England int he county of Northumberland. Stay tuned.

OK it's now 3am  ohmy.gif  I'd better get to bed! Love to all & hugs to those having a rough time xxx

#13 Onemorebub

Posted 01 July 2011 - 01:49 PM

Hiya !! have been MIA with a computer virus and checking in with the laptop but so glad I am back!!

#14 fillesetjumeaux

Posted 01 July 2011 - 01:58 PM

Oh, Megan, we loved Avebury too.  Awesome place, loved standing on the edge of the henge and seeing how far down it actually was to the bottom.

Just having a coffee and waiting for any of the 3 children asleep in the car to wake up.  I was sitting in the car with them, on my phone, but I needed the coffee wink.gif  I love that my home phone has a monitor function, so I just put one handset in the car, and one next to me, and listen out for them to wake up.

#15 donthavetv

Posted 01 July 2011 - 03:06 PM

ohhhh Megan, thanks for taking the time. It sounds wonderful. I can't wait to get there one day.

Naz, you should hire yourself out as a drought breaker. Newcastle never saw so much rain after you moved back, then you move up to Forster and it floods, and now it hasn't stopped pouring here since you booked your freakin ticket ! You're amazing, I don't know how you do it. roll2.gif

So it is still a little bit of a novelty, but yesterday and today I got drenched. I guess I should really buy an umbrella, but I am not fond of them, and I swore against them in Perth because in years gone by, if it was wet, the rain usually played second fiddle to the wind, and therefore making umbrella use impossible. This year however, we have no wind and just tropical strength rain. I can never work out the weird weather here.

So I am furiously getting the renos finished, I did the toilet and laundry myself, including making my own towel rail as I couldn't find one to match the toilet roll holder.
I am finishing the laundry now, and then I have to finishe the tiling in the kithen and min bathroom which I have also done myself. J is too busy putting the flooring in, and putting new bedroom doors on etc.
Last weekend we did some landscaping and skirting boards.
still a fair bit to do.

Lachy has volunteered me to take in some Japanese students for a couple of weeks, I didn't want to say no as I think it is great that he is happy to give up his room for guests, and they were short some host families. This is through school as Lachy studies Japanese as his language.
don't know how it will go but I am sure it will be fine.
They come later this month.

We have gone into holiday work mode, and J is now starting at 5am every day and I will do the school drop offs. It is going to be a huge stretch for all of us but hopefully we will be able to have more spending money for the trip, so I am sure we will survive.
He will still come home at 7pm, so long days for me.

Trip planning is going well, mostly all accommodation is paid for and booked, I'm just trying to lock in my Vermont accommodation now as I have been advised not to wing it as it gets very busy for leaf peeping season and everything books out. At the moment I am looking for a mountain log cabin with a hot tub. Hopefully somewhere where a moose will pay us a visit(not likely) but I can dream.

Toodle Loo !

#16 GrumpyOldTroll!

Posted 01 July 2011 - 04:23 PM


It sounds wonderful.  I would love to go to Scotland one day.  Alistair's Dad was born in Larkhall in Lanark.  His Grandfather and generations back were born around Alvie and were smithies at Torcroy.  I am not sure if the smithy is still standing.    I look forward to heading over there one day.  I am happy to hear you are having a fabulous time travelling.  We look forward to seeing some pis.

Mel - Not long to go and we will be hearing your travelling news.  Do you have most of your itinerary planned yet?

Last day of school today for two weeks.  Samantha starts at her new school when term goes back.  Monique starts at her new kinder when she goes back.  Because we changed schools, we changed kinder so that Monique could get to know the kids she will be going to school with.  

Anyway, I have to go check on dinner.  I am heading out for tea tonight so need to make sure everything is cooked for the kids, then need to pick up Samantha from a playover at a friends house down the road.  

Talk soon.

#17 mesaana

Posted 01 July 2011 - 04:49 PM

oh Megan - it sounds wonderful.  Scotland is on my have-to-do list, as well as Glastonbury - I really really have to get there soon.  I can't wait until we can see your pictures!

At work, our admin was leaving, so yesterday we had a 'going away + drinks by Lake Burley Griffin'.  My gosh, a hugely fabulous time, but I was so very ill this morning.  I got Rob to pick me up at 9pm and didn't kick on with everyone else - I was worried about lifts home - which tends to happen when there is no family support around.  A couple of quiches and I'm doing a lot better today.

Work is very hectic at the moment, study is fine, business is hectic, I start a new job in 4 weeks which is cool.  And home life is great.  

And this weekend its our 12th wedding anniversary.  It only occured to me yesterday that I should get DH a present - although I have no idea what .... so any ideas???

#18 mokeydoke

Posted 01 July 2011 - 05:32 PM

Holiday to NZ? wink.gif

Hope this new school works out for everybody Des.

House of sickness here but super excited for our holiday. Still not many plans laughing2.gif except we meet our friends in port Augusta Thursday night and we'll all go on from there.

#19 ~Jules~

Posted 02 July 2011 - 12:40 AM

Such respect for the way you live life Mel - very inspiring - love the renos and so impressed you have done the tiling yourself!! - enjoy the next round of houseguests and good luck with final preps for your trip.  Keep meaning to ask how you go about finding family accom - is it mostly that you book 2 x hotel rooms?

Glad that Lily settled/ate a bit better at PS this week Naz.  Enjoy your weekend - and hopefully sleep ins!  Are you starting to feel tired/morning sickness at all?

Wow Megan - thanks for the update, trip sounds wonderful!!!

No need to have a tight schedule or many plans Mandy - your trip will be great too.  NT is so good for kids/families and will be nice for you and Peter to spend some time away on hols rather than to Narromine - enjoy!

Alinta - thinking of you, the sleep thing makes everything so much worse.  Hope you get some relief when G gets back.  We recently bought a fold out bed for DS to come into our room and he just gets in there and goes back to sleep without waking us now.  But sounds like that's not really the problem with M at moment?  I remember Merrick had phase/phases where he would wake with 'night terrors' or tantrums and just scream until he eventually snapped out of it - seemed to be when he was overtired, which can be a vicious circle with seemingly no end - or when he first must've been coming to terms with the sensation of needing to wee overnight.  Is M in a nappy or using the toilet?

Hope you enjoyed dinner out Des!

Hope you start feeling better asap Liss.

All going well here - pretty setted now, enjoying the weather and the social life, things to do all through the week/weekend.  Eg tomorrow morning we'll go to a craft fete day and then Sun we have a kids' bday at the beach.  Garage sales seem to be 'in' atm too - have picked up a few clothing bargains, $2 tops and dresses, Billabong, Roxy brands etc which I've start to recycle/sew into girls' skirts and hair accessories etc.  Also looking into working/studying and made some connections with different people this week - not sure how that's going to pan out just yet, hopefully things will become clearer in time for next semester.  

Happy weekend!  original.gif

#20 Onemorebub

Posted 02 July 2011 - 07:14 PM

Bumping us up!

#21 sam_k

Posted 03 July 2011 - 06:53 AM

Hello hello!

Very quick one from me.  We are opening the new office tomorrow even though it's not quite ready.  Electricals cost twice what we were quoted (grrr), Tesltra stuffed up again (2 ombudsman complaints in a week) and the kitchen doors aren't on, but we're almost there.  Computers in today, security tomorrow, electricals tomorrow and Tues, signwriting hopefully this week, and then we can do the finishing touches and I will pop some photos up for you!

Mulan our cleaner is $70 for 2.5 hours.

#22 mamaknits

Posted 03 July 2011 - 09:32 PM

I hope it all works out well for you, Sam! Congratulations on opening your new office.

Jules, don't you just love garage sales?! I love a bargain!

Mandy - have fun on your holiday and I hope the sickness goes away soon.

Megan - good to hear from you. Sounds like such a full trip. When do you get back?

Laura - 12th anniversary is silk, I think (or so Google tells me). Does he wear ties to work? A silk tie? Silk boxers? Silk pyjamas?

Us - Had a busy weekend. Went to a new church today - one of the preschool mums invited us and I thoguht, why not? It is lovely little church. i think we will be back. They have plenty of young families and a nice relaxed atmosphere.

I went on a muffin spree today and baked a few dozen mini muffins - savoury and sweet. I am all muffined out now. It's good that they freeze well as I won't have to make muffins again for another few weeks. these are for Alex's lunchboxes. Now that I am making 5 lunchboxes a week, I am finding it hard to have any sort of variety. What do your kids get in tehir lunchboxes? I try to give Alex some variety but have difficulty coming up with stuff he will eat that will last in the firdge and standing at room temp. Tomorrow he is getting 3 wontons, 1 sweet and 1 savoury mini muffin, a mushroom and some apple, and some apple for morning tea.

Did I mention I got my glasses? I have been having shocking headaches and twitches in my left eye. Picked up my new glasses on Thursday (I cannot find my old glasses) and I have been wearing them since. They are working wonders. I also got a pair of prescription sunnies as well, and they are working well too. I am looking forward to headache-free days.

#23 ~Jules~

Posted 03 July 2011 - 10:10 PM

That's great that your new glasses have relieved you of the headaches Celia!  I'm a bit embarrassed to admit what DS gets in his lunchbox, but he's so fussy that I just send what he eats (well what he east at the moment, until the next 'phase' that is..!).  So lately it's been a sandwich (polony ph34r.gif), a vaalia squeezy yoghurt and usually a muffin type bar or milk arrowroots.  I would like if he'd eat mini muffins, scrolls etc, I make stuff like that and fruit/nut loaves and freeze - DD will eat them but not DS.  Though he did help me make pumpkin scones the other day and ate some.  We'll get there eventually - I remember being the same as a kid, very fussy - even as a teenager, adult until 20-something really!  And for morning tea, there is a basket that we add to and is all cut up and shared - so I usually put an apple, or some watermelon in that.

So impressed with how your business is doing Sam - well done to you!!

#24 codex

Posted 04 July 2011 - 01:25 AM

Yay Sam!  Can't wait to see the pictures.  Good luck for tomorrow.

Megan, it all sounds so wonderful.  I miss you but I am also so happy for you seeing all those wonderful places.

Jules, I'm finding that some days every single child has bought in an apple for the fruit basket  laugh.gif .  Sometimes someone splashes out on a banana but usually it is pome fruit.  I've banned myself from bringing in apples so the last few weeks it has been watermelon, pineapples, kiwis, vege sticks, cheese  or dried apricots to break up the monotony a bit.  Apples are cheaper though, which is making it hard.

Celia, I get left eye twitches and headaches too, but my eyes are fine, it is only when I'm stressed lol.  One day my kids are going to learn to hide when my eye twitches.

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#25 mamaknits

Posted 04 July 2011 - 09:39 AM

Celia, I get left eye twitches and headaches too, but my eyes are fine, it is only when I'm stressed lol. One day my kids are going to learn to hide when my eye twitches.

LOL Alex has learned not to cross me when I have a weird wrinkled brown because of the eye twitches. I am sure it is due to stress, but the glasses help as I have astigmatism (worse on teh lft than right) and the brain works harder than it should in adjusting for that. I don't actually have long/short sightedness. If you're finding the headaches worse with extended computer time, check with your optometrist again.

Jules - Alex has become rather fussy as well. Add to that the fact that preschool is nut/egg/seafood free. Well nut free but with eggs and seafood they are ok as long as there are no big pieces of egg/seafood present as the kids allergic need to eat it in sufficient amounts to react (and the kids don't share food) and it's not a contact thing. All the same, makes it hard to make things for lunches. We make pseudo-sushi - mountain bread topped with ham and sometimes cheese and rolled like sushi, then cut into short "stumps" like sushi. Home-made tyoghurt with fruit works well in the lunchbox too. Other things I have tried are home made chicken nuggets, Chinese dumplings, jam and turkey sandwich, and pasta. Pasta did not work out so well as it was not nice cold.

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