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#26 azalia

Posted 04 July 2011 - 12:34 PM

Thought I better post or another day would go past rolleyes.gif  WHere is the year going?

Had an eventful morning here, just before 6 was feeding Indi in bed and heard a big strange bang from the boys room, ran down and the power cords to the heater had blown up, obviously scared the crap out of the boys they were howling. Byron admitted he had been playing with the cords, hopefully he has learnt now, as I have told him that many times lately to not touch it. I had it on an extension cord so that the heater could be further away from their bed, and the cord has melted at the plug and burnt all through the carpet. Very lucky it wasnt worse. Of course though it fused the house, and we have old wiring, so at 6 am in the freezing cold I was outside with a torch trying to unscrew and re wire wires around the fuse that went, with three screaming children inside. Sometimes It really does feel like too much! House is freezing, because to top that, last night another glass panel shatterd in our kerosene heater (its double glass so the inside has shattered but not the outside) so I cant use it. Have called the service guy, but right now Im really not loving out old house.

Walked the boys to school in the 1 degree temp, which warmed me up, just home now to do all the prep work for the accountant. That time of the year.

Sam - I am SO proud of you, well done!!!! Incredible, I bet it feels amazing. The one thing I would love is a studio/shop front. I would feel 'acomplished' then. So happy for you!!!

Mandy - Have a fantastic time!!!!!

Lunchboxes - we have the same boring stuff too, and are not aloud to send anything packaged, so no museli bars or anything like that. This morning I sent him with a croissant, because I havent bought bread since Thursday and with this mornings debacle couldnt run up to the shops before school. In the STM though Perthies yesterday there was some great school lunch box ideas, Im going to make the savoury muffins, they sound similar to yours Celia! I also made a yummy chicken patty the other night, so am going to make though and send them too. I send crackers in for the fruit bowl each day, figure they are the same price as a apple or orange, or celery.  

Gareth is home Wednesday, I am so so relieved. Were considering buying him a flight on Tuesday night after work ourselves, just so hes home a night early, a lot of them are doing it. Sounds ridiculous, but every hour is precious as they are only home for 7 nights.  He'll go back up for 2 weeks, home for a few days then off to Amsterdam for training.  Considered going, but where my head is at atm, Id likely forget a child at Singapore airport, perhaps not accidently.

Indi is going great, happy as long as shes vertical great for my back wink.gif  Mason is fully toilet trained now, so proud of him, he did it so easily and without any fuss.

Should go call  this heater bloke again, my house is freezing!!

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#27 thebell

Posted 04 July 2011 - 02:28 PM

Well hello there.

Busy days here, I am jumping on quickly while Pepper the terrible is in bed and the 3 musketeers are doing goodness knows what in the backyard. It is so cold here today that I am hiding inside and peeking out the kitchen window. I can hear them though so it's all good. First week of school holidays and due to the move I have no money til Wednesday so it is brilliant that they are playing out there. I am hoping to take the boys to the movies and to see Box World at the Museum. I am also planning a sleepover in sleeping bags in the lounge and a couple of movie nights. Other than that I am hoping for some playdates to keep them occupied.

Any suggestions of movies we could watch? I'm thinking of classics like Home Alone, Peter Pan??

I also wanted to ask you guys about the stinky cupboard. I have washed it all out and let it air out but it's still stinky. Any ideas for a cure?? Tounge1.gif

Alinta- How scary! I am glad you are all ok and hope you can get the heater man out to fix it ASAP. I understand how cold you must be.

Celia- I hope your headache and eye twitches improve.

(My kids are very picky)
Hunter has crackers and vegemite, an apple (which rarely gets eaten), and 2 cheese sandwiches. Sometimes the crackers are substituted for dinner rolls or a little bag of chips, but the list of what he wont eat is longer than my arm. At least this way I know he has eaten. I also want to try those drinkable yoghurts for him.

Levi is restricted on what he can bring due to a healthy eating policy and no wrapped food. He also cant have yoghurt or two fruits (due to mess) and nut foods. Dried fruit is also frowned upon.
So, he gets a piece of fruit, either pear or apple and crackers/muffin/scone/dinner roll for snack and a sandwich/roll and another piece of fruit for lunch.

Sam- You are amazing. I am eagerly awaiting pics. How fantastic!

Megan-Now that's dedication. I can't wait for the pics. What a trip!

Laura- anniversary ideas? how about dinner out together?

Mandy- That will be a fun trip. Enjoy!

Actually, it's Brad's 30th in a couple of weeks and I need to start planning something for him. He's so hard though. He wouldn't enjoy a surprise party or a BBQ. I am thinking of taking him to Timezone and dinner. Romantic night out! laughing2.gif

Jules- I love garagr sales and hope to hit up a few when it warms up.

that's all for me. original.gif

#28 Mulan

Posted 04 July 2011 - 06:36 PM

My kids get the same boring food every day. The bonus of having a child who doesn't like change is that he freaks out when lunch is different and he hasn't initiated the change. So lately it's vegemite sandwiches, a couple of bickies or crackers, maybe a muffin that was baked over the weekend, sometimes a Devon/polony sandwich is requested. Always apples for fruit break, occasionally when requested is the watermelon. My boy doesn't like a surprise lunchbox. It results in a meltdown when it happens. DS#2 gets more variety and packs those things himself, carrots are his preference for fruit break, sometimes mandarins, mango in season, pineapple wedges and watermelon, sometimes fresh peas too. sometimes pizza, a couple of times he's had cold lasagna, crackers and cheese spread are the favoutie, mountain bread rolls with chicken and lettuce are favorites too.  
They sometimes have those breaka chocolate/strawberry milk poppas. That's a favorite treat and they are expensive so I am trying to convince them to drink regular milk poppas instead

Sam I'm so excited for you and proud too, watching you take the steps and get the business rolling is such a great achievement for you especially in the economy now. It's tough for the retail sector now so great to see it's good for accountants.

Celia great you got the glasses, that's the reason I started out with glasses, originally the short sighted was not significant enough to need glasses, just the astigmatism. It hasn't been an issue for the last 10 years so now I'm just saving to have laser eye surgery within the next year and ditch the glasses all togethr. Well at least until I end up needing reading glasses. Trying to avoid the need for bifocals/multifocals is the goal. It has to be done before I'm 40 to get the most success.

Alinta how did you go getting the kero heater fixed. Strange I don't imagine Perth getting that cold, but I remember reading mel's posts the last few years about skipping winter too.

#29 mokeydoke

Posted 04 July 2011 - 07:17 PM

Milan - I have on the rare occasion given the kids milk in a drink bottle with a sippa straw. That saved me $2.20 on lunch order day when change was scarce laughing2.gif

My kids have a limited variety of things in their lunch boxes. Those healthy food policies would drive me insane (although I think the only fruit kimbal eats is because of the crunch n sip thing at the school). Fruit is whatever is cheap, they had pears everyday for the last weeks of school. Snack is rice crackers or chips. Lunch is cheese sandwich, plus a sweet treat (like a small muffin).

We can't leave til Thursday now because there's something in the car that needs replacing under warranty but by the time we return we will have exceeded the dealership warranty km's and it would make it harder to be fixed. Nowhere near ready to go anyway. The house is a pigsty, and I need to clear everything off the floor and lower shelves before we go or else we'll have to battle the mice for tenancy on our return wink.gif

Well done Sam! Sounds like the business has really taken off.

That's all I remember- I've been driven to distraction after getting this pimply tongue virus thing that Lu and Curtis have now had. No idea what it is still shrug.gif it clears up in about 3 days.

#30 Onemorebub

Posted 05 July 2011 - 01:00 PM

Good luck Mandy on th trip and the pimply tongue wink.gif

Second day of school holidays here has been good, been to the library , bought a pressy for my nephew ( three children in a toy shop am I crazy?) then lunch at the bakery but it got far too cold so we came home now all three are watching toy story three from the library and I have mopped which feels good! Yesterday was terrible with so many tantrums funnily enough only from the two who are home all the time J was great helping me with everything inc tea he loved it! he loves to watch masterchef too so maybe I have one in training! but we did go out the lake for a picnic lunch and ended up feeding the goats and deer of which J and T LOVED! B was scared!

B and T are fighting off Tonsilitis and croup so I hope everyone is better for this weekend and our trip to the blue mountains!

Love to you all!

#31 lissiloo

Posted 05 July 2011 - 02:26 PM

Hi there

Still in recovery mode here, man, this chest infection has been one of the worst illnesses I've had in recent years. Still coughing a lot but not feeling as deathly, the amount of time I spent in bed on the weekend definitely paid off. But poor Poppy is the latest victim, coughing her guts up regularly, grizzly. No big temps yet but has been sweaty on and off, at night especially, so her temp is going up and down. And Jack is also coughing a lot, have to watch him because he tends to cough til he spews if he has a coughing fit after eating/drinking. So yesterday he lost half of his lunch ... joy.

Anyway, it's day 2 of the school holidays. My ILs are out (again rolleyes.gif they were out much of yesterday too), MIL had a lunch date with a long-lost cousin and FIL has gone over to SIL's house, MIL will meet him there this afternoon and they will be there for dinner. It's OK, as we are having pyjama day as the weather is so miserable, and just being lazy. The girls are watching TV while Jack sleeps. Hopefully Poppy will feel a lot better tomorrow as we are heading off to the museum to see the King Tut exhibition, looking forward to that! Oh and the kids want to see some dinosaur bones too.

And this weekend we are off to Bright for 4 days with the ILs. Hoping to spend some time in the snow (hoping there IS snow to spend time in!) and looking around the area (lots of wineries in the area  wink.gif  and the Milawa CHeese Factory too!).

Another one here with boring lunch boxes. Ella likes vegemite sandwiches, with the occasional avocado sandwich thrown in. She currently won't eat any fresh fruit at all (she doesn't like apples for the most part, and with no front teeth it is kind of hard anyway, is off oranges, dislikes mandarines and everything else, like watermelon and berries, is out of season), so I usually add some dried fruit to the lunch box, or a fruit pole/bar, very occasionally a packet of tiny teddies. For snack she either has dried fruit with some crackers and a mini cheese, or a yoghurt tube. Every 3-4 weeks she gets a Friday lunch order with 2 mini sausage rolls and a treat (although we have learnt the hard way that the bickies from the lunch bar they get the lunch orders from are way too big -- gigantic even! ohmy.gif ). I never do juice or milk for lunches, just water. Poppy at least eats fruit -- apples or oranges but not mandarines -- and prefers a ham sandwich. She only takes lunch one day a week, and snack each day she is at kinder -- which they prefer to be fruit or yoghurt or cheese and crackers, that kind of thing. Nothing too junky. She gets similar to what Ella does, but with the addition of apples or oranges. I really need to get into baking things like mini muffins or scrolls that I can keep in the freezer.

Mandy -- hope the preps for leaving go smoothly, and no one else gets a pimply tongue. Some minor virus I guess. Are you going to be able to post while you're travelling?

Megan -- have been reading about your travels with envy! I thought Culloden was very atmospheric too, it was foggy when we were there, that helped. I've been watching Time Team quite often on ABC recently and I love how full of history Britain is -- so different to here isn't it?

Sam -- I am so inspired by your go get 'em attitude, you rock! Congratulations on getting the business up and running so quickly! Are you getting any time to spend with your kids this holidays???

Sel -- stinky cupboard -- maybe put some bicarb in an open container and leave it in there for a few days to see if the smell gets absorbed. Also try a bit of diluted eucalyptus oil to see if you can mask it a bit. What is it stinky from?

Alinta -- scary about the heater blowing up! I only heat Jack's room, the girls don't have that luxury and neither do DH and I. Once Jack is in a bed (ie next winter) we won't heat his room either. But it doesn't get quite as chilly in the night here, usually 8-9C, down below 5 if it is really cold. We just get the cold days instead -- it's currently about 11 before you factor in windchill.

Mel -- I think it's high time you described your US holiday plans for us to drool over  biggrin.gif

OK, I think I shall go and pretend to be meaningfully occupied for a while. I need to roast some pumpkin for soup -- it's not only PJ day it's soup for dinner night!


#32 Naz32

Posted 06 July 2011 - 04:12 PM

Hello Lovely Ladies original.gif

Thanks goodness that wind has gone - it was quite fierce wasnt it.

My outlaws are here this week.  Its nice to have someone to entertain thekids as they are sick and of course not at preschool - $$ down the drain there.  Lily should have gone today but was insistant she had ink in her eye lol Meaning conjunctivitis - we said gunk she thought ink so now it is ink lol.  I told her she is going tomorrow even if her arm is hanging off she is going.

Mum and Dad are goingto come up tomorrow too I think and stay for the weekend.  So its a real family week this week.  Gavin is working like a dog - 7-6.30ish most days so far.  He is loving it.  The sparkle is back in his eyes and the wrinkle on his forehead lol.

Can you believe that there are no Forster people on EB!! How am I supposed to find a friend? I am needing a coffee buddy STAT.  Luckily I have ILs here this week but next week its just back to me - I dont like being on my own and Im missing my playdates all over Newcastle lol.

Have scan booked for 20 July so all will be revealed then.  I will also have a 20 week one so we can better prepare ourselves for b4s arrival.  I think we have had enough surprises lol.

Sam - congratulations.  What a great job you have done -I cant wait to see the pictures.  I hope you got all your last minute bits all fixed up.

Alinta - I hope your heater is fixed - holy dooley that would have been abit scarey.

Mel - lol I was cracking up at your status about scarlet and her bday today - she is so funny.

Hmmm what else can I remember...nope thats about it.  Except I hpe your soup was yummy Liss - my MIL made about 10L of pumpkin soup today so we will be eating it forever lol.

#33 caznjj

Posted 06 July 2011 - 07:10 PM

Hello ladies,
Sorry not going to read the posts. Haven't had time to check in to EB for ages and ages. Just wanted to say hello!
Jordan (almost 7 now) loves his little brother Caelan, they are best mates. They do everything together and it's really sweet to watch.
Jordan is in first grade, doing well, picking up on his reading at the moment, though we are having issues with him being rude and talking back. Time out works a treat LOL. He has a best friend at school whom he adores but he is still a ladies man and gets on with all the girls too. His teacher calls me "Mrs XXX" which is kinda hard to get used to, I'm used to being called by my first name by everyone!
Caelan is in daycare when I'm at work (4 days) he's a cheeky little man with the body of a wrestler, I swear he's as strong as his brother and a fairly even match for him, despite the 2y3m gap between them.
Have had about 6 months now of both sleeping through all night. Jordan's been good for ages but Caelan was still waking for a drink/toilet till about christmas last year. By that time it was about 6 years since I'd had a sleep through the night, so it's made a big difference to me!
Started swimming lessons for them both about 6 weeks ago and they are loving it. So funny though, Jordan is better than his brother going backwards, and Caelan is better going forwards (oh it's soooo funny, Jordan is on his front paddling away but he doesn't move at all!!!)
What else....?
I am still working full time, I compress my hours into 4 days so I have wednesdays off - but it means working 9.5 hours on the other days. So whilst it's good to have the wednesdays off, I am tired on the other days!
DH has gone back to casual teaching, about 6 months ago, loving it after 10 years away. He's done lots of other stuff since he left teaching so has matured and learned a lot in that time. Waiting on a posting for a permanent role.
I am really tired lately, it's exhausting to work full time and have kids in daycare/afterschool care. As hubby is off for the school holidays I'm not getting a break now but at least they all are original.gif I was lucky enough to get all of last school holidays off, so I can't really complain... will have to book some time for christmas, other people have already booked the october holidays. Will be soooo good next year when Caelan starts school, then I'll only have after school care to deal with, and during the holidays hubby is off work so he can have the boys and minimise the vacation care days - oh we will have spare money again!
I hope to pop in a little more often and catch up.

Are we doing a catch-up in January?  We're thinking of being in Victoria around then.

#34 donthavetv

Posted 07 July 2011 - 12:09 PM

Nice to hear from you Caz, although I follow your FB life as well so I feel like you never went away, still an EB update is always more detailed, so it was good for you to take the time ! come back sooner this time ok ?

I was dying yesterday, but I think it was my hump day, eventually my body will get used to the new routine, and I am slowly re-organising my routines around the house to match the lost hours in the morning.

Liss, those sort of viruses tend to linger for  while, so annoying ! I hope you all are back to normal as soon as possible.

So GOT and Naz are demanding my itinerary. I don't want to be too specific on the www, but basically we are going from Perth to KL leaving at 1am so hopefully we will sleep for that first leg.
I have booked a day room at the pan pac KLIA next door to the airport as it has a pool, so we can have a swim and a sleep, we are in KL for 8 hours.
Our flight from KL leaves at 3pm, then we have a two hour stopover in Taipei before arriving in LA late at night.
we transfer from LAX to Anaheim to a hotel across the road from Disney. One day at Disneyland (freakin $600 ! ohmy.gif ) and then sleep again in hotel before transferring to Long Beach airport for a flight to NYC via Salt Lake city (1 hr).
Get into NY n the arvo, staying at the Hyatt Jersey City.
NYC for 9 nights. Have booked tickets to the baseball (mets) and plan to go to Mass in Harlem on the SUnday (sept 11) we then go to Conneticut and stay just outsode of Hartford to shop and have a birthday party for Sydney at the Rainforest cafe. We are also going to a college football game that night.
the next day we are going to six flags Massachusetts.
We then head north through Vermont, and then on to Montreal. From Montreal we head east to Maine, staying in the Main highlands for two nights. We will be going on a Moose safari while we are there.
from there we head over to the Maine coast, and drive down the coast through New Hampshire, into Boston.
3 days in Boston, then cape cod, Rhode Island and on to Old Saybrook on the mouth of the COnneticut river. River Cruise there (it was the river in Billy Joel's River of Dreams video clip).
Then we drive along the Atlantic coast and Jersey shore, stopping somewhere along the way (maybe Atlantic city ?) and on to Philly. we are staying in the Eastern suburbs of Philly near the Cherry hill Mall, it is actually New Jersey.
We then head to DC (just the suburbs) and go to the Udvar Hazy centre Smithsonian which we missed out on last time, it is next door to the airport. We are staying near where we stayed on our second visit to DC last trip.
Fly out of DC on a direct flight to LA, we have two days in LA and are staying in Venice beach this time, as I love Santa Monica.
We then go back via Taipei again to KL where we have a full 24 hour stopover.
so there you go !

#35 Naz32

Posted 08 July 2011 - 09:35 AM

WOW mel that sounds freaking awesome.  I hpe in a few years time I have the energy to take my kids on amazing adventures too.  You are going to some great places - I can hardly wait to see the photos that you take - another coffee book perhaps?? original.gif

My ILs left this morning.  I have enjoyed having them here.  The kids have loved it although they have been sick they still have managed enough energy for runs on the beach and a swing or two at the park.  They wont see the ILs again until probably November as they are heading to the US for 8 weeks (around the same time as you Mel) with a Rotary Group and then are heading North on a trip with just the two of them to Canada.

My mum and dad are arriving this morning for the weekend though so a few more days  of visitors until we get back to normality.  It is nice to have the company but the kids are not the greatest while there is a 3rd and 4th option of parenting around lol.  Luckily mum and dad are good at sticking with our rules - doesnt stop Lily especially trying it on!  Does mean I might get to go to the gym at some point today or tomorrow so that will be nice to go for a run - maybe even a run around town as the sunshine is glorious today as long as teh wind doesnt pick up like it did yesterday.

Not much else to report - just sick kids day in and day out plus Simon crying all night as he cant breathe properly so freaks out.  I have actually giving him some painstop to try and give him a good rest this morning as he (well we loll) have been up since 4am he cried and whinged till 830 so before my head exploded it was time for bed and he is passed out - hooray.

Have a super dooper day everyone original.gif

#36 fillesetjumeaux

Posted 08 July 2011 - 11:24 AM

Naz, it's the same here with the illness.  We just got over the whole gastro palaver, and now it's the horrid juicy cough and constant streaming green snot palaver.  I would love to have gotten out and done something fun with the kids over the holidays, but not even I am game to take three snotty children out of the house (for fear of condemnation on the EB venting board, you know wink.gif ).

Mel, your trip sounds fantastic.  I must be a weirdo, so many people love the US, yet the only attraction it holds for me is that I now have lots of friends there (well, that and the cheap shopping).  As a holiday destination, it was never up there on my to-do list.  Such a boring person, I am!  Mention the UK, though... Maybe I'm just a miserable pessimisting grey-sky, rainy-day person?!

#37 donthavetv

Posted 08 July 2011 - 11:37 AM

Im hankering for a Europe trip as well Janet, but it isn't a good Large Family destination, so I have to put that one on the sans kids list. The USA is a pretty diverse travel destination, so many different facets to it.

I have lost my keys and my husband has taken his with him to phuket (****wit) so I have 5 kids sitting in the ar and I have given up momentarily until I get my composure.

#38 thebell

Posted 08 July 2011 - 05:04 PM

Mel- You didn't put those 5 kids to work looking for the keys?? Tounge1.gif  Glad you found them though. That is quite an itinerary you have put together. I can't wait to hear all about it and see the photos. Particularly Boston. Did you end up doing a party for Antonia? And you were looking for ideas for another party while you were in the US. Any luck?

I would love to travel with the kids. I don't see it happening anytime soon though. One day.  cool.gif

Janet- I often think that about eb and taking sick kids out or giving them a lollipop etc. Too funny.

Naz- How funny is it that we rely on the net to make friends. You can just picture the grannies saying, "Back in my day, we made friends at the park" But honestly how unsafe would that be? They could be stalkers etc. roll2.gif

Liss- I have no idea why the cupboard is stinky? What do dead mice smell like? It smells like (and I know how mean this sounds) that funny smell fat people have, like real fat, sweaty people. Maybe like toe jam? It's just a funky smell. And gross.

We had a lovely visit from Des and co today. The kids got along well. We got to have a cuppa and some delish cake. And Des brought some bigger clothes for Pep. I think we better plan a Mum coffee Des.

Caz- THere is a meet up in the next holidays I think. Nothing definite though. We are an indecisive bunch lately. Everyone is just busy with school/kinder stuff now.

Speaking of that meet, is it going ahead? September in Adelaide??

I have spent the better part of the afternoon catching up here and the serial killers so I better get off and do something productive before Brad walks in the door in 10 minutes. What? Don't pretend you all don't do that too!  Tounge1.gif

#39 thebell

Posted 08 July 2011 - 05:06 PM

**** that is big. Sorry about that. laughing2.gif

Hey, they beeped f a r k

#40 mamaknits

Posted 08 July 2011 - 07:24 PM

But honestly how unsafe would that be? They could be stalkers etc

or serial killers!!!

#41 donthavetv

Posted 08 July 2011 - 09:04 PM

yes f a r k was censored some while back, don't you remember I think it was Janet that invented Phark instead  ?  roll2.gif

#42 fillesetjumeaux

Posted 09 July 2011 - 07:59 AM

Nope, not me, can't lay claim to that one.  I don't know who it was, but obviously someone cleverer than me!

Kids are eating pizza for breakfast.  Not something I'VE taught them...

#43 Mulan

Posted 09 July 2011 - 11:20 AM

Naz- How funny is it that we rely on the net to make friends. You can just picture the grannies saying, "Back in my day, we made friends at the park" But honestly how unsafe would that be? They could be stalkers etc

Or single fathers trying to pick you up.
Did I ever tell you guys about the bloke at the park with his kids, we chatted about the kids mainly, we went every week at the same time and I didn't realise he had been thinking there was something more going on and regularly said "I'll see you next week" until one day he said "perhaps our next date we should leave the kids with a babysitter"

We did make other friends at the park though, but didn't see them as regularly as this bloke and kids.

#44 Mulan

Posted 09 July 2011 - 11:22 AM

Pizza is a nutritious breakfast Janet, bread, cheese, tomato. So 3 food groups there (calcium and vitamin c featuring nicely). It equals a ceral and milk and glass of orange juice. At least that is what I used to say to my mother

#45 Denghiu

Posted 10 July 2011 - 08:58 AM

Hey Guys!

Mulan- so how did the park guy finish? How did you break it to him?

Just got home from the pub (me the pub!! what is the world coming to I tell ya) where we had dinner with some childhood friends of mine. It was really nice, nice food (but oh so expensive if you compare to Perth) and nice company. My oldest friend, we started 1st year primary together and was in the same class from year 1-12 and then also went to Italy together, she's leaving tomorrow to go back down south where she now lives. Another friend of ours who was with us has delivered good news the other day though when she announced that her and her hubby is expecting their first baby. I've been the only one so far of my friends with kids, so nice that someone other than me is getting to that stage.

Other news, my younger sister had an abortion the other day, she was very dubious, but her husband really didn't want another one, not now anyway. sad.gif

We own our land now, but still no closer in deciding on a house and haven't bothered contacting the bank about a loan approval again either.

David had an appendectomy last week, on sick leave until thursday. Sort of nice, but throws my plans off a bit as I have to count him in now, not just me and the kids. I have annual hols until 15 Aug. So far the summer has been HOT, we have been to the beach or pool almost every day. Yesterday we went on a quick trip out in the archipelago to one of the islands to have dinner. It was a lovely evening, warm and sunny, got back to main land after 10PM, kids didn't fall asleep until midnight and woke up at 10am! their clocks are so reversed atm.

lots of hugs to you all, wish I could come to Adelaide in September! Sure you don't want to make it Lulea Sweden instead wink.gif

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#46 azalia

Posted 10 July 2011 - 01:42 PM

Moa - I did a double take when I read your post, how is your sister doing? I dont remember how many children they had already? I imagine that must have been very tough on her.  Expensive dinner out compared to Perth, must have been very expensive then!!!

Mulan - how awkwardly funny!!!! Ive met so many friends at playgrounds, Im always talking to some random person, mainly because my children go up and talk to random people!! Nice way to meet new friends.

Naz - hope the sicknesses pass soon, yuck!! So excited for your scans!!! And for B4 biggrin.gif  Im thinking boy  wink.gif  happy.gif

Mel - so fun!! Cant wait to be able to live through your photos!!

All well here, G arrived home on Wednesday which has been lovely. We have him till Thursday then he is off for another month. Will be sad to see him go, but must keep reminding myself its beneficial. We havent been doing a lot, just having lovely family time. Had a lovely night out last night at a very nice restaurant on the river, havent been there aside from weddings since pre kid days! Beautiful meal for MIL's 60th. Then Indi slept 10- 7 this morning which was beautiful, and the boys til 9am! Have lazed around this morning, reading the paper and hand quilting Indis quilt while G made crepes! Spoilt!  Lovely morning though, makes you appreciate life. Watched a delish meal Jamie Oliver made this morning on his 30 minute show, Im going to go get the book now and then make it for tea tonight, it was the Tapas one, the potato tortilla looked so good!

G's training in Rottadam is delayed again to September, and with the AU $ to pound so good atm, and September being a bit more doable for us we are again thinking about flying over and staying in London/Uk for 3 weeks. Have to see if I can fit it in around weddings, and also accomodation given that with 3 kids we cant really stay with his family, but we will try to make it happen. Quite excited really, I didnt get to see enough on London last time!

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#47 mamaknits

Posted 10 July 2011 - 04:58 PM


Moa - how is your sister coping? How's David? Are you going to be able to be home to help look after David till he recovers?

Alinta - woooo! a holiday in the UK would be lovely. September is nice, end of summer.. I hope all of you get to go.

Mulan, I remember you mentioning the dad you met at the park. original.gif LOL poor man must have been so disappointed.

Mel, did you find the keys? How long is J away for?

Janet - we sometimes have pizza for breaky. nothing wrong with that wink.gif All the food groups in one go!

I am tired *yawn*. We had a lovely lunch today. Took Alex with us to Cala Luna for a degustation lunch. We ordered a main and a dessert for him but we ended up eating most of his food and he ended up eating some of ours :S Still lovely, though. I am so glad he is old enough now to take to restaurants with minimal fuss. There were two older ladies (in their 50s perhaps?) wo were watching Alex with great interest and ended up striking up a conversation with him. One of them called him her latest boyfriend. Hahaha..

We were at a cafe yesterday and a little 4 yr odl fromt he next table came over to say hello. Cute little girl, with enough personality for 5, as her dad said. She was bubbly and friendly. Very gorgeous. makes me clucky for a girl! original.gif

#48 ThatsNotMyName

Posted 10 July 2011 - 09:29 PM

Hi all, we're home! Have had a wierd last 24 hours or so with all of us sleeping & waking at odd times, to be expected after the flights home I suppose. Trawling through laundry, emails & snail mail & the inevitable but despised unpacking.

Sam - wooo congratulations, so proud of you!

Liss I hope you'll be on the mend soon xx

Moa - hhugs.gif to your sister, a tough time for them I'm sure

Mel your trip sounds brilliant (as always), 9 nights in NYC will be fantastic.

Alinta - yay for G being home & some awesome sleep. How exciting potentially going to the UK again. Did you get to the Natural History Museum in London last time? It's really fantastic for kids (brilliant for a wet day), is right at a tube stop & is free too.

OK, no time for more just now. Back when possible xxx

#49 Naz32

Posted 10 July 2011 - 10:18 PM

Yay hello Megan. Welcome back.

Celia your meal sounds lovely. I cannot even imagine taking my kids, or even just too loud Lily, to a restaurant for a delicious meal like that. Alex sounds like quite the charmer wink.gif

I haven't really met anyone at the park. I know your all probably going to laugh but I'm actually quite shy and never really take the first step in meeting people. Alot of the people I have had a word or two with have been holidays people so not my target people lol. The girls preschool is open 7am till 6pm so there are never many parents around. I guess I will have to wait abit till big school next year. My huge belly will be a good talking point on lilys first morning of kindy!!

So my ILs left on Friday and my parents came upon Friday. Kids are still all sick ESP Sarah. She is def the worst. Nothing we do is stopping the green snot streaming out of her nose and now she is coughing till she vomits and not really eating. Poor thing - she is just a pale face with these huge sad blue eyes . It's been a big couple of weeks. I was going to take them to Newcastle next weekend but I think they need a few weeks of just our family and some good ole routine work. Too many late nights, grandparents feeding them junk, early mornings, sickness - so hopefully some downtime will help everyone.

Time for some sleep incase it's a long night. I can hear her coughing again so best go.

#50 fillesetjumeaux

Posted 11 July 2011 - 07:16 AM

Welcome home, Megan!

Naz, we're the same here - all 7 of us have a headcold.  The boys had green snot pouring out their noses for a few days, but are improving.  Z was vomiting phlegm yesterday morning!  I feel like $hite today, but had to get up early to get to swimming (whose stupid idea was intensive swimming during the school hols?  not mine...)

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