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#51 Denghiu

Posted 11 July 2011 - 09:46 AM

Welcome home Megan! Hope you all get back into routine and normality soon. Need a holiday to recover from your holiday maybe original.gif

Naz- you shy! naaaaH! But I know what you mean about not being all that forward in meeting new people. I am like that most often too.

Celia- Sounds like a lovely little girl, potential gf for Alex maybe original.gif

Alinta- Lovely to hear G is back home... and that Indi has been sleeping so well! and in those three weeks I am sure you can fit in a quick trip over here too original.gif The boys can celebrate their bdays together!!!

My sister is doing ok, the most horrid day of her life that she just wants to forget about and move on. They have two kids. DD 4yo (3weeks older than Ava) and DS 3yo, 13 months younger than DD. SO they had them close, by accident. My other sister has two as well 7 and 5, but she's stable. My younger one is the one that is waiting for an asberger diagnosis, has a husband who is like a child himself that at times she hates with all her might! and have seriously thought about leaving. SO in that sense it is probably good they aren't having another one.

David is on the mend. He did't really need us to look after him, more that he needed to not have to look after the kids as he couldn't lift and walk up straight etc. But he's doing better and is going back to work on Thursday this week. I will continue my hols, what to do what to do.

I drove past our land today. It is a patch of forest basically. It has about 20 tall pine trees on it and some young birch trees and a whole lot of shrubbery and moss and rocks etc. So there will have to be a bunch of chopping, digging up roots and pulling up rocks to be done, and then filled up. Just can't be stuffed starting that project up just yet.

#52 codex

Posted 11 July 2011 - 10:37 AM

Moa, you're looking after everyone else beautifully, as you do.  Don't forget yourself, ok?

Megan!  I missed you!!   wub.gif

#53 donthavetv

Posted 11 July 2011 - 11:35 AM

Moa, it is lovely to hear from you. From your pictures on your blog it seems the kids are growing up way too fast and before you know it we wont even recognise them ! Your sister's story is sad. Of course, considering I have 5 children and love every minute of it, I can not understand her decision, but it is hers to make, I hope she finds peace with it eventually. Did her partner make her ? she sounds like she wasn't completely on board with the decision.

Naz, and Janet, just know that all this suffering now means they will hardly ever get sick later on. I am sure I had days and weeks and years gone by with endless sickness, but my kids are hardly ever sick now thank goodness, so It isn't for nothing.

Megan, I want the full story and all the pictures and everything ! no pressure now. tongue.gif

Alinta, glad you are enjoying the family time. Did you say to Naz this morning that you fixed Mason's waking up ? that would be great news !.

First day of school holidays here. Nice to have Justin home. It wasn't that hard really without him, I always think it is worse than it turns out. He 3/4 finished the dining room floors yesterday, so the house is getting closer to finishing. I had to pour concrete i the bathroom yesterday as wwe have always had a cut out bit under our sink where the floor had never been finished originally, when we pulled the old vanity out years ago we found it and never bothered to fix it. But as I am laying flooring in there this week I want it to have a nice finish.
So I still have some grouting to do in the kitchen and bathroom. Flooring in the bathroom, painting in the kitchen and bathroom, a blind in the laundry, a blind in our room, fix the shelf in our walk in robe, and the skirting boards are still not finished. Then we have to clean up all the mess outside that my tradie has made, sawdust and tools everywhere !.

Holiday planning going well, nearly all paid for. I am working on tours at the moment, it's all in the blog.

Mandy, you guys look like you are having a ball ! loving the pics.

ok that's all for me, I think I am going to go and paint.

#54 cuddlymumof4

Posted 11 July 2011 - 11:37 AM

Just quickly popping in, sending a big hello to everyone. We are finally back from holidays & kids back to school tomorrow. original.giforiginal.gif

#55 Denghiu

Posted 11 July 2011 - 05:37 PM

Mel- No she wasn't fully on board with the decision. her DH flatly did not want another. She was supposed to do the abortion when he was away but cancelled the appt and said she wasn't going to abort, we even went through my stash of baby stuff to see what I had left. Then he came home and the day after she had an appt again.

#56 donthavetv

Posted 11 July 2011 - 08:05 PM

Oh man, that is awful. He sounds like a winner, maybe he should get a lesson in contraception and how it works, how awful for her. She will be going through hell right now  nno2.gif

#57 mamaknits

Posted 11 July 2011 - 08:15 PM

Oh Moa. How awful for your sister. sad.gif My heart really goes out to her right now. Can't even begin to imaginewhat one could say or do to help her through this. She will be in my prayers.

#58 codex

Posted 11 July 2011 - 11:17 PM

Moa, your poor sister  sad.gif .  Is he like this in other parts of their life too?

#59 sam_k

Posted 12 July 2011 - 07:54 AM

Moa that's awful.

It was lovely to check in and see all the lovely well-wishes, so thank you!

Sel I'd still love to do a meet in Adelaide but I don't think many people were able to go.

School lunches here (for M): a piece of fruit for first break (he eats pretty much anything).  Lunch - a sandwich with carrot sticks, sushi, rice paper rolls, wraps, or just a salad box - carrot, cucumber, celery, tomato, cheese, egg, meat, etc.  Afternoon break is usually another piece of fruit and pretzels/rice cakes.

Annabel takes a smaller version as kinder's only half a day.  Another favourite is a tupperware divided dish with dip, bickies and carrot sticks.

For those looking for extra ideas have you seen these? http://www.applecartkids.com.au/product.php?id_product=214 They keep food nice and warm so it makes soups, pastas etc an option for lunches.

#60 Denghiu

Posted 12 July 2011 - 06:03 PM

he can be a bit of a t*at to say the least. But neither of them are very nice to each other really.

#61 Naz32

Posted 14 July 2011 - 10:35 AM

Wow Moa, tough choice for your sister.  I hope she is OK, I can imagine it would be a very hard choice.

So Simon has been up since 3.42 so couldnt do anything this morning exvept get girls to PS early and grab some milk and meat and head home so he could get to bed.  Gavin coudlnt sleep so Im lucky that he got up with him and I could stay in my warm bed original.gif He has to work 12 hours today though so I can imagine he will be very weary tonight.

Lily seems to have settled into PS nicely this week.  The food has all been things she has liked so she seems much happier.  She is begging me to take her to her old PS for just one more day and still says she doesnt want to go in the mornings but she doesnt fight it and once there she just heads off so I think that we are over the worst of it.  Sarah is wanting to TT.  Im wanting her to be I really am but in someone elses house with lots of carpet and 3 lounges Im hesitant but she is making me have to do it by taking her nappy off constantly and last night we had a massive poop disaster.  PS asked if I wanted them to start her so I said OK lets do it.  She is really ready and I would LOVE one less nappy to worry about and she is 3 in 2 or so months so we will see how this weekend and next week go.  At least she will get 3 days in a row at PS and then hopefully a continuation here to keep her going.  Scary stuff. LOL.

Its very quiet in here with school holidays Im guessing?? Hope everyone is well.  Feel free to come and visit me in Forster if you feel like a holiday original.gif

#62 azalia

Posted 14 July 2011 - 11:45 AM

Goodmorning  weird smilies going on today!!  freaked.gif

Naz - Go for it!! One less nappy!!!! Its been nice this time just having the baby in nappies, Mason has one at night time but thats it, he toilet trained super easy and on his own accord about  4 months ago.  Such a change from Byron who I struggled so much with!  Goodluck today after your early morning start!!! How are you feeling, your scan must be next week is it? Id love to come and visit, the flight up there would scare me too much though!!!  xmas_tongue.gif

Moa - thats awful, sounds like its not a very good relationship on both of their parts. Hope she is ok though.

All going well here, one more day then Gareth is away again. Weve had a lovely time not doing that much, bought the boys a few big boxes of Duplo so have been building things with them. Mason has woken sick today though, horrible cough and runny nose. Indi is going well, back to her usual 4 hours/2/2 hours but thats ok. Gareth has been getting up and moving to the couch with her from her 5:30 feed so thats been lovely to have a sleep in.

Mel - yes putting them to bed later has worked! 8:30 they go to sleep and they arent up till 8/8:30 so its made a big adjustment!! Thankyou for your advice:)

I have a huge wedding on Saturday that Im a wee bit anxious about! 13 hours, starting at 8 finishing at 9:30, long day! I have 5 bottles in the freezer, and luckily the wedding parts are close to my home, so Im hoping that in between things Im able to quickly pop by home, and drop in the recent expressed bottle every 4/5 hours so I dont muck my supply up to much. This is a one off wedding till wedding season starts in September, I booked this before I was pregnant. Hopefully it doesnt rain, and all goes well.

Better run, spent all day cleaning yesterday, the revolting kind - scrubbing the bathroom floors in between grout and cleaning the walls and stuff, our old 70's tiles dont look much better but at least I know they are spotless!!  Might take the kids to some school holiday things that are set up in a nearby park today, its a beautiful warm day.

#63 Onemorebub

Posted 14 July 2011 - 02:20 PM

Alinta I hate when you clean and it doesnt look any better enough to make you never want to do it wink.gif

I had a lovely weekend at Lithcow to see 'Thomas the Tank engine!' a glow worm tunnel and Jenolan caves the kids loved it all and it was great for the whole family to get out and enjoy adventure together falling into bed tired! Wish I could do it all year! tempted.

Last night the kids had a sleepover at nans so dh and I went out for a nice meal, nice to get all dressed up and girly again I even had a creepy man staring me out not sure if that was good or not LOL!

Loving masterchef! si is Jake I'm addicted!

My parents left for the usa last week my dad is racing in the American pre 75 motorbike championships (pre 75 as in the bike! LOL) living his dream so to speak! he found a connection via facebook another unsure.gif crazy moment especially since dad isnt that computer minded but they borrowed this guys bikes stayed with them and for some money they hired they're dodge ram sp? to travel and stay in. They are loving the food and the people but said it is very hot! and they just had a tour in memphis of Elvis's house lucky them!

Umm thats about it for me, tired kids here one asleep but at least I got the floors done while my mil had them!

#64 caznjj

Posted 14 July 2011 - 07:11 PM

Hi ladies. not much to say, bored and lonely and sick of my job sad.gif
came down with another bloody cold yesterday - number SIX this year. Too much work to be done to take the day off and I have an important meeting tomorrow pm so can't stay home tomorrow either.

Just wanted to have a whinge.  Thanks for listening!

#65 ThatsNotMyName

Posted 14 July 2011 - 07:25 PM

Caz Hi!!! Great to see you though I'm sorry you're having a crappy time atm. Hope things pick up soon hhugs.gif

#66 mamaknits

Posted 15 July 2011 - 10:36 AM


Just dropping in to say hi. We have a couple of busy weeks ahead - just stuff.. parties on weekends (kids ones, not adult ones) and other miscellaneous bits and pieces.

I had a proud moment earlier this week when the teachers at both preschools told me how Alex stood up for himself and did not hit anyone in the process. At preschool on Tuesday, he found a hair elastic and one of the teachers asked whether he wanted to try it on, and he did. So he walked around witha  tuft of hair tied like a coconut tree atthe top of his head. Some of the other kids teased him and said he looked like a girl and he told them they were being silly because boys can have long hair too, and boys can tie their hair up too. When the teasing got a bit much he told them to stop, he didn't like it and it was mean. That all led to a discussion about diversity and choice. 6 months ago, I would have been called in because Alex would have tried to end teh teasing with his fists. The teasing did stop, though none of the other boys were game to have their hair tied Tounge1.gif He insisted he wanted to wear the hair elastic again the next day to the other preschool/daycare. Same scenario and he was, apparently, very good about it. Gave some kids a lecture about diversity and what have you, which I am sure did not make him popular in the playground but at least it did not end in fisticuffs.

We have hardly had any complaints since we started  at the new preschool/daycare. It's not to say tehre are none. Not so much complaints, though. More "just so you know"-type reports about him pushing the boundaries and how they were dealing with it. I like that. You see a problem, you deal with it and just let me know what happened and how I can support you. You know? Don't roll your eyes and tell me Alex hit someone again. In fact he has been so good at keeping his hands and feet to himself, I am very relieved.

Back later..

#67 cuddlymumof4

Posted 15 July 2011 - 01:16 PM

Naz: That is great news that Lily is finally starting to settle in at preschool. Yay to Sarah for wanting to TT.

Alinta: Hope all goes well for the wedding on Saturday.

BLR: Sounds like you parents are having a lovely trip. Your adventure sounds like fun too.

Caz: Great to hear from you, hope you are feeling better soon.

Celia: That is great news for Alex.

Not much happening here at the moment, except a few of us have been sick & wish it would all go away. 1st week back at school is almost over already here, this year is going so fast.

Me: As some of you may have seen on my FB am having problems medically again. They have found more fibroids again. But the specialist here says that the only way we can stop them from keep coming back & the pains that go with it is to go a hysterectomy, but he won't do it cause i am too young. sad.gif So i have to suffer in pain for another 4 months & then he will see me again.

But i have called my gyno back in Ipswich that i have seen for many years & who did my last surgery & have an appoinement with him next Friday to see what he thinks my options are.

I just want to have my life back i am so over pain, bleeding & feeling crap.

Anyways i hope everyone else is doing well.


#68 mamaknits

Posted 15 July 2011 - 02:48 PM

Anna, how awful for you. Do you want the hysterectomy? If you want to go ahead with it, then can you explain to the dr how you are totally done having kids and you're happy to have the procedure? Is tehre any medical reason why one would be "too young"? Also, is this in the public or prv health system? If it is public, would going prv get you treated any sooner? Pain for another four months is not ideal. Heck, it's not just not ideal.. it's what you could do without if you're sure that you're going to end up with teh hysterectomy anyway. What is he wanting to "wait and see" during these four months? Is there a good chance it will get better with meds? Just thinking aloud.

#69 cuddlymumof4

Posted 15 July 2011 - 03:38 PM

Celia: Yep this is through private. My family became complete last year with the surgery that i had then to be able to remove the fibroids, as they had to burn the linning of the uterus.  I told him on the day that my family is complete & i was happy to go ahead with the procedure if that is what was needed to make me feel better. But he still wanted to put it off a little longer, in hope that things would improve.

But with things so bad it is putting a major strain on our relationship & Alan's job too. With me needing more assistance at home & also hardly no sexual relationship as it is just way to painful.  sad.gif  sad.gif

That is why i am going to get another Gyno's opinion.

#70 mesaana

Posted 15 July 2011 - 04:09 PM

Anna - please go see a different doctor who will listen to you.  I will also send you a pm to a group that you may find an interesting read on FB too.  Also, it may help to take Allan in with you.  That person can act as an advocacte for you.  I find when I'm in those situations my brain freezes - even though I know that isn't what I want and have trouble expressing it.  Having someone there to just 'back you up' can help give you a moment to collect your thoughts and again express how this is not working for you and surgery is the next step.

#71 caznjj

Posted 15 July 2011 - 07:45 PM

Thanks. actually had a decent day at work today - still sick but feel on the mend, so things are looking brighter!

I want to ask, - is everyone putting their kids in kindy next year or holding them back? I've enrolled Caelan but am of two minds about it, whether he'll be too little or whether he'll be ok.

#72 mamaknits

Posted 15 July 2011 - 09:42 PM

Caz I think most of us are sending our Jan07 kids next year. I am. There are a couple who are thinking of holding for a year, though. Mandy and Nadya I think.. but I could be mistaken

#73 Onemorebub

Posted 16 July 2011 - 01:49 PM

Me too I am holding Tom back although he is showing signs he is probably ready.....

#74 Mulan

Posted 16 July 2011 - 05:09 PM

Hi caz, great to hear from you. DD is ready for school, we enrolled her and waited until the interview before deciding. She zipped through the school readiness session and socially is very ready as well, so I have no doubts at all with her. She will also already know 2 classmates, one is a very good friend and born in may so younger and she is just as ready too.

Welcome home Megan, I've loved your big posts when you've popped in. Sounds like a great whirlwind tour.

Anna I'm glad you are going for a second opinion.

Naz I'm excited to hear lily is settling into preschool, such a relief for you

Celia I love your preschools now, such a great change. Alex is so wonderful and I'm so glad these teachers can see that and guide him. Best change you have ever made. How is chris going with his diabetes, has he kept up with the weight loss and diet management?

If you've seen fb you might know I've been terribly sick this week. It's been really rough, pneumonia now is hard but I feel like I'm finally improving apart from the ongoing headaches when the pain relief wears off and I'm hoping I can avoid thrush with the potent antibiotics I'm on now. My children have been brilliant all week behaving very well. EB would crucify me with some of the things we have done this week though. It's made me giggle when I thought about it with some things. DH has been brilliant as well and very good keeping me laughing when I needed it most. My mother has also been invaluable the last couple of days, so lucky she was able to come up and stay with us. I think I'll be putting her through the ringer for a few more days though, especially since I need the sheets washed tomorrow too. I don't think she will mind as I know she loves being useful and I rarely ask for help from them because they live too far away.

#75 mamaknits

Posted 16 July 2011 - 07:29 PM

Mulan, I am so glad we made the change too. Alex is a changed child. We still have our moments but all kids have moments, I am sure. Chris is doing well. thanks for asking. He has so far lost about 10-11kg but has plateaued temporarily. He is combining metformin with cinnamon caps which appears to be helping. I am pleased to see that his blood sugar is regularly around the 7-8 mark now. Not ideal yet but we're getting there.

Did I mention Alex's mid-year school report? It was good. He is making lots of progress socially and emotionally. I could have cried when I read it and in thinking about where we were at teh start of the year and how I was tearing my hair out, I am sure the report is not lying.

Tonight we had roask pork and vegies for dinner. I slow roasted the pork for about 4 hours and the meat is melt in your mouth soft, with most of the fat rendered out. mmm yum!! Apple and persimmon crumble for dessert and persimmon muffins have been made for lunchboxes. I was goign to make persimmon cake but I don't have a food processor nor blender to puree the persimmon pulp. Oh well. Looks like my food processor will arrive on Monday or Tuesday. I am lookign forward to it. Did I mention my blender broke? I went over all my options and ended up settling on a Kenwood food processor. I hope it's good!

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