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October 2010 Parent Group # 9

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#51 MSPhoto2011

Posted 05 September 2011 - 02:17 AM

eexcite.gif First Birthday Parties eexcite.gif

What are you doing for your cherub???

#52 Eloueraview

Posted 09 September 2011 - 11:03 AM

My morning sickness has eased up a bit - we are 20 weeks now!! yay !!  it wasnt that bad in the first place..
We are currently using disposables.. battling with Cohs food intolerances.. we go thru lots and lots of nappies a day, and i dont have the time/energy to be washing them.. (or have enough either i think)

Birthday parties - one in melb for the melb friends/family, and one down here for friends/family down here..   have said to bring a plate, and presents are not expected - its just too much to ask friends and family to drive 6 / 7 hours to one or the other..

showing - im huge! ive already had the "so wont be long till your due then"  haha.. uhmm.. uh huh!
Bought some maternity stuff, and a lovely mumma from this group has sent me some more stuff, so im set..  wish i had bought maternity stuff with my son - sooo comfy when your belly is already showing!

Coh - is crawling, climbing up stairs..  still sleeping 12 hours at night, and 2 naps during the day.. his an absolute dream of a kid.. so spoilt.. heres hoping the next one is just as good !!

friends - a couple of friends have had their bubs yesterday, one was on time, theother 8 weeks early.. cant wait to head upto melb and meet them.. and cuddles !! Naww makes me so clucky !!

how is evryone else going ??   Any one else up the duff yet ?? Tounge1.gif

#53 JustDance

Posted 14 September 2011 - 07:20 PM

Hi all,

Sorry I've been quiet again - have been so busy... Long story short DH got a new contract here in Amsterdam (it was looking like we'd be moving back to Oz) and before it started we decided to make a quick (!) trip back to Oz to see family and get our house back up to scratch for new tenants.  That was a LOT of work and stress (the cleaning, not the family) and we were only there for 2.5 weeks, we didn't even tell most of our friends we were there.  We also had a small birthday party for Elias with the family.  And since we've been back I've just had a todo list a mile long.

Love hearing everyone's ideas for first birthdays, can't believe we're there already.  The party we had in Oz was very low key, everyone brought food and my SIL made a green sheep cake (from Where is the Green Sheep), which hardly got eaten because the kids aren't really used to sugary foods and the oldies weren't keen on that much frosting, preferring the gluten-free sponge my sister made.  For his proper birthday, we are having 7 of his little friends over from playgroup, yoga, etc. and I'm leaning towards an owl theme.  The other option is cows, he loves to moo.  I'm organising the food at the moment - afternoon tea and rather than a big cake I think I'll do a variety of cupcakes, with a special one for E - sugar-free with cream-cheese frosting for the babies, a couple of gluten-free and some regular for the parents.  I'm going to a party store this afternoon to look at decorations.  The Dutch are really big on parties and celebrations so I hope to find something nice.  If I get time I might make some owl decorations.  We went shopping for his gifts over the weekend - a wooden cart with blocks and some wall stickers.  I also have a cow lunch box.  I've bought him a few things lately so I think that will be enough, he also has a couple of things we got from his grandparents as they gave us cash for him.

In terms of what he's doing - he is crawling, cruising, standing unaided but just too nervous to make that first step without holding on to something or someone, won't be too long though.  Most of the babies / toddlers at his playgroup and a couple of his friends are a few months older and walking already so he has plenty of inspiration.

Teeth - he has 7 now, 5 popped out in the space of about 6 weeks.  And I just noticed this morning there's another on the way.

Sorry for no personals, I have caught up a bit.  So lovely to see your little boy Dani, he looks so grown up.  Must go and get on with some work while E is sleeping.  His nap routine has been really off since we got back from Australia, I never know how much time I've got!


#54 Loving-Mummy

Posted 19 September 2011 - 11:05 AM

Hi Everyone

My name is Tanya I am an old EB member havent been on for a long time due to alot of things...

I had my little Girl on the 18th October 10 Kaylah-Lyn. She is just a gorgeous little girl very cheeky... She has had the Chicken pox in the last week so its been like having a newborn baby in the house. She was a very reflux and colicy baby but has finally started to grow out of them both.

I have been organising her Birthday Party for months we are having a Minnie Mouse theme as for presents we have bought her some outdoor toys plus indoor toys and is very spoilt. We have organised a Jumping castle for her party so the older kids have something to do.

Kaylah is our last baby as she is my 4 girl 3 of my girls are to my ex and my partner also has 3 to his ex. the ages in our house range from 12years to Kaylah who is 11months.

Kaylah has 6 teeth with her eye teeth giving her trouble at the moment. She is almost walking she has taken 8 steps at once so far.

I will try and update when I can I havent been too well recently either so havent had much energy.

Chat soon

#55 frogcal

Posted 22 September 2011 - 09:31 PM

Hi Tanya, and welcome!

Can I just say that men. don't. get. it! My DH decided after 2 years of me nagging that this week would be the perfect time to paint the living room and put the new floorboards down. Consequently now tomorrow is Jack's birthday and on Saturday is his party with about 40 people coming and I haven't cooked anything and my house is a pigsty. So I will spend all day tomorrow working my butt off instead of enjoying my boy's first birthday, and he doesn't get why I'm cross.

Anyway vent over, we went to the MCHN today for 1 year check up. Everything going well, Jack is 9.372kg which is in line with his progression to date. Everything else good which I already knew of course. I think he will be walking soon, he takes a couple of steps if he doesn't realise he isn't hanging on.

His party isn't themed, I am hoping to make a bananas in pyjamas cake tomorrow. we are having a bbq at home so will be pretty relaxed. He has his pony now, it is very cute and he loves to pat him and hold the leadrope, we'll see how he goes with riding it.

Well I'd better get off to bed, got a lot to do tomorrow - the floorboards do look fantastic btw, that is the only reason DH is still breathing original.gif

#56 Fiona8308

Posted 23 September 2011 - 07:21 AM

Ethan is 1 today

Welcome back tanya.

Well this time one year ago i had my waters broken and it all started only to be still going at 648pm. lol is it just me or does anyone else totally forget the paon of child birth??

Party theme well ours is jungle i current have 4 banana/coconut trees in my house they are huge and as much as i tried to tell mum not to go over oard she did.

DH just walked in the door after 10 hour night shift so all gifts etc will have to wait til his had a sleep.. I am worried as the gifts are just from us and there is so many hate to think how many toys etc he'll get at his party tomorrow.

Ethan has just got a runny nose from his 12 month injections perfect timing we had them done on tuesday thought he might make it past his birthday before if at all getting one. well its just a runny nose not the end of the world.

His doing great at his check up, 12.9 KG 84 CM That is exactally half my height and his one his got dads height seeing his 6ft5.

5 teeth 6th almost through. and slow to take up walking i was 15 months so not worried his cruising is getting so fast and currently his trying to get into the fox box. i cant get 5 mins to myself now its only going to be worse when he does start walking. So take your time bub bub.

anyway best be off to cook some more food and move my son from all the things i will get introuble for if they break. why is it you cant always blame the kids lol just kidding

take care everyone and happy party

Oh and Just dance i think you were thinking of doing an OWL theme the current super food ideas has a great owl cup cake you may need some one to buy and scan the image and instructs as not sure its available os  

#57 deedee70

Posted 23 September 2011 - 08:15 PM

QUOTE (Fiona8308 @ 23/09/2011, 07:21 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Ethan is 1 today

Happy Birthday Ethan!!!!  biggrin.gif

#58 FourLittleLoves

Posted 01 October 2011 - 01:35 PM

Happy 1st Birthday to all the gorgeous bubbas!

This year has gone far too quickly!

Anyone else suffering from extreem cluckiness now that your baby is heading towards the toddler stage?

Edited by MrsPotatoHead, 02 October 2011 - 12:32 AM.

#59 JustDance

Posted 04 October 2011 - 04:46 PM

Welcome Tanya!

Happy First Birthday babies!!

We had Elias' birthday & party on the weekend, went really well but it's been a difficult week.  We went to a first birthday the weekend before and the birthday girl's father was just getting ill and turned out he had gastro and passed it on to all the guests, including us.  Elias and I didn't get it as bad as DH but it's taken me ages to feel completely better, not sure that I even am yet.  Some of the same guests were at our party so everyone was asking how each other were.  We had most of the food and the cake/cupcakes catered, which were fantastic and it turned out to be the hottest October day on record - pity we hadn't planned to have the party in the park, but the park would have been packed anyway.  So the apartment got a little warm but everyone had a good time, Elias got some great presents and was really excited.  We got him a wooden cart with blocks which he LOVES and I think it's going to help him walk even quicker, he's almost there.

So that's about news from us.  Elias has really changed lately, he emulates us so much now.  He can put things IN and ON shelves/containers, he can get off the bed going backwards, he can clap and wave and brush his hair, he can almost walk, he can point and tries to tell us what he wants.  Definitely not a baby any more.  And Hedda, I am definitely extremely clucky!!!

Thanks for the Owl cake suggestion Fiona, by the way.  I am not a good cake decorator and don't really have much equipment for it here so wasn't about to attempt it myself.  I did sew some decorations but given we were sick I ran out of time to do everything I wanted.  Oh and I haven't forgotten the pain of childbirth but time has dimmed my memory!

#60 Fiona8308

Posted 15 October 2011 - 07:38 PM

Hey everyone or should i say anyone out there???

Ethans party was fantastic , We had a few friends not come due to whooping cough but still enough children to make it a great party.

Since then Ethan has spent 4 days in hospital fever 41 + and tonisilitis which was not fun but it has promted me to study a bachelor or nursing via oua starting next year cant wait.

Ethan is better now and can strat swimming lessons next week fun !

#61 Eloueraview

Posted 17 October 2011 - 02:37 PM

Hey all !!

Happy birthday for all the lovely bubbas out there! How fast has 12 months gone !

Im 26 weeks preg atm.. going great.. have such a pronounced bump, and im still under my pre-pregnancy weight which im LOVING!
Ive had people from around 16 weeks do the "oh so not long until your due then"  rolleyes.gif hahaha .. yeah right!

Cohan is going well - had 12 month needles a couple of weeks ago, his on target with his milestones, his 10.87kg..  he has 8 teeth - and we are teething thru the nasty ones atm sad.gif  So his been a bit unhappy, but we have an awesome homeopathic teething remedy which was made up for us and is working WONDERS!

Hows everyone going with their babies turning 1 ?

Anyone else preg yet ??

I was contemplating life before baby the other day, when i found some old diaries..
Geez how things changed!
Its amazing what having the care of such a special little loving creature can do to one..  and im looking forward to having our next bubba in January, and all the fun thats going to bring happy.gif

*mwah* Hope everyone else is well - we are busy on farm.. calving, and now the start of silage season..  and Christmas is at our house this year.. watch out!

#62 aurora sleeping

Posted 07 November 2011 - 09:55 PM

Hi everyone!!!! Welcome Tanya! It's been a while and I sneak on here every now and then to see how it's all going. Things just seem to get busier!!!! Fiona I hope Ethan was okay after all of that! They were some decent temps you posted!!!!

Levi's 1 like the rest of them now - we had a 'ROAR!' theme for his birthday, and although it was rained out of the park we were going to go to (just across the road from our house - bummer!) it was nice in our wet weather venue next to our church. Lots of fun but I did get a massive migraine afterwards.  sad.gif

I've been back at work for 4 weeks now and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. But - man, is it busy!!! Need to get myself a cleaner cuz something's got to give!!!!!!

Major cluckiness going on over here - I'd love another bub but have to wait til I've been at work for a bit so we can properly save up so I can take a whole year off next time too. I think I'm going to sway for a girl, even though I'd love a boy just as much. Anyone else thinking they might do that, or who has done that before? I've read this book 'Choosing the Sex of your Baby: The Natural Way' which talks about timing of sex, sperm count etc. Will be interesting to see how we go!!!!

Anyone TTC now??? I can live vicariously through you...


#63 aurora sleeping

Posted 03 December 2011 - 10:52 PM

How's everyone going??? I'm just about to finish my first term back, teaching full time (I'm a high school teacher). So glad I'm going part time next year. Levi's only just realising I'm leaving him and getting a bit upset in the morning when I drop him off. He is upset for about 20 seconds the seems ok so it's not too bad... But only 1 more week of that, thank goodness!!!!!!

We're pretty close to walking over here - he took one step today. And is pushing himself up from the ground to standing and then looking very proud of himself, doing a little happy bounce with his legs - so cute!!!

Anyway, walking seems to be happening soon - crazy busy at the moment, Christmas is coming fast!!!! Anyone have to do any mental family things??? We'll be doing 2 family things on Christmas day, so I hope we fare a bit better than last year when we did it (resulting in us sleeping on my Mum's lounge for an hour!!!) Should be easier this year I hope.

Hope you're all going well!  biggrin.gif

Kath x

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