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February 2010 Parent Group #28

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#1 Sandra

Posted 14 July 2011 - 01:22 PM

New thread time ladies:


#2 Amber Loren's Mum

Posted 14 July 2011 - 02:10 PM


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#3 *~*ME*~*

Posted 14 July 2011 - 02:13 PM


#4 tam1979

Posted 14 July 2011 - 03:30 PM


~18th January~
Lisa (L!sa)
Thomas (EDD: 5 Feb 2010)
Siblings - Breanna (April 2001), Lily (May 2004)
Location - New Zealand

~ 20th January ~
Tammy (tam1979)
Arwen Lee
Siblings - Connor born on 3 November 2007
Location - Gippsland, Victoria

~1st February~
Tran (Amber Loren’s mum- was Angel1975)
Amber Loren
Siblings - None except a furbaby - Koby.
Location - Sth Australia

~5th February~
Amanda (GIO)
Siblings: Lydia (5), Henry (4), Abraham (2)
Location – Melbourne

Kazza13 (Karen)

~7th February~
Siblings - DS1 2005; DS2 2007
Location – Tasmania

~8th February~
Mitchell David Paul
Location –

~11th February~
Bec (*ME*)
Elias Robert
Siblings: Miah born 11/08/03, Ezekiel 16/01/2008
Location: Adelaide

~14th February~
Lisa (another one!) (L&E)
Siblings: Lachlan born 26 Dec 2001 & two dogs
Location: Brisbane

Baby: Corben James born 14th Feb 2010
Siblings: None
Location: Ballarat

first time mama
Bermagui, Far South Coast, NSW

~16th February~
Christine (christineimf)
Siblings: Heidi born 28/06/07
Location: Hobart

Justine (allthatjaz)
Lila Rose
Siblings: Evie Grace 4
Location: Adelaide

~19th February~
Siblings: S (13), and G (8) from Hubby's first marriage.
Location: Canberra

~20th February~
Daniela (stained)
Siblings: Gabriel 06/08
Location: Parkes

~24th February~
Lisa (lisatut)
Siblings - None
Location – Sydney

~25th February~
Justine (bella7)
Chloe Anabelle
Location -

~28th February~
Harley Leonard
Siblings – Sebastian
Location –

Those we haven’t heard from in awhile… please come back and chat!

~28 December 2009~
Zachary Matthew (EDD 16 February)
Siblings - DD 4 years old
Location – Sydney

~1st February~
Kobe & Marley
Siblings - Jesse
Location -

~4th February~
Makayla Jade Newton
Location -

~9th February~
Elisabeth Madeleine (EDD 7 Feb)
Siblings: None
Location: Canberra

~10th February~
Siblings: DD1 3 years old
Location: South Coast, NSW

Alison – (dotty27)
Connor Mark
Location - Perth

~14th February~
Siblings: Zara 6, Damien 3.5
Location: Wangaratta

~16th February~
36isnotold... jodi
Ruby Kate
little sister to Holly who is 9
Gold Coast QLD

~19th February~
Nikki (~*nikki*~)
Lila Imogen
Siblings: None
Location: NSW

~22nd February~
Larnie – (Larnie mummy to 3)
Chloe Sophia
Siblings, Joshua 6, Hannah 4
Location- Brisbane

~23rd February~
Sabrina (Sienna+TatesMummy)
Tate Stephen
Siblings - Sienna Maree 24/10/06
Location - Hillside, Melbourne

~24th February~
Ella (Salone)
Rosemary Charlotte
Siblings: Samuel
Location: Sydney

Krystal (**KRYSTAL**)
Zoe Kate
Siblings: Jaida
Location: Tasmania

~25th February~
Name – Darlene (ryadar07)
Other children - Furbaby dog 11.11.01
Location – Brisbane

Mel (Haveanotherbanana)
Siblings - Avery born on 16th December 2003
Location - Melbourne

Siblings: DS1 April 2008
Location: Country NSW

~14th March~
Karolina (Natalka2be)
Siblings: None
Location: Vic

Please let me know if you would like anything added original.gif

#5 eidel

Posted 14 July 2011 - 11:17 PM

Just popped in to claim a prize... Boo hoo.

But good news here, my SIL is 12 weeks pregnant after 6-7 years (and about 4 MC's) of trying for #2. Fingers crossed, but all is going well, rising HCG and lots of MS! I'm so happy for them as I've had 2 kids throughout their whole journey.

#6 *~*ME*~*

Posted 17 July 2011 - 07:57 AM

hi ladies,

what a week we had here! Elias was really sick all week, just sad, high fevers, wanting to be cuddled all day, lethargic etc... took him to the dr monday night they said ear infection, so gave him antibiotics, well that was a chore everytime i gave him medicine, whether it be antibiotics or nurofen or panadol he would vomit.. gross!! anyways he wasnt really eating or drinking, and i took him back to the dr friday who sent us to hospital... he was checked out and it was just viral... poor bub. Yesterday he had picked up heaps... i think he is almost back to his normal self. mind you he has lost weight again... so now he is 8.8kgs.

Daniela and Michelle hows your pregnancys going??

im not doing too bad, 27 weeks and feeling great!

how many words is everyones bubbas saying?

Elias says mum, dad, nana, ta, Me.

hope everyones doing well.


#7 Amber Loren's Mum

Posted 17 July 2011 - 04:56 PM

Hi girls.

Seeing I claimed gold thought better get my butt back in and do a post.

Bec, sorry to hear bout elias being sick.  Amber can't kick this cold she has had for past f/night - the nasal tap has slowed up heaps but she has a rattly cough.  Use the vaporiser at night, baby vicks on her chest, back and feet and rug her up warm.

AFU: Amber is a tv advert addict.  Her fav advert at the moment is the Coles one and recently started trying to sing the down down part of it.  Her only words are mum, nana, diddy (daddy), down down, bub.  Trying to really work on the words as this is the only area she should probably be doing more of - she is advanced everywhere else according to textbooks.

Her sleeps are still one day sleep which she goes down for with little effort but in past week getting her down for night time is another thing.  Screams extremely loud, cries and really fights it.

Anyway...must go and get tea underway.

#8 Gone-Country

Posted 20 July 2011 - 07:52 AM

Hi all,

ME - Sorry to hear Elias has been so sick.  I hope he gains that wee bit of weight he lost too.  Re words, Thomas is spitting out new ones all the time. Mama, Dada, Lily, Cat, Cracker, Car, Drink, Miaow, Nana, Papa, Anna (sort for Breanna), Ball, 'boon' (balloon), Bye Bye, hi, woof woof, down, go, no (hmm!), Ow, Ta.  But then it is just me and him for almost all day every week day, and I am always talking to him. I get that more one on one time with him than I did with the girls.

heidelke - huge congrats to your SIL.   Fingers crossed that everything goes well for her.  My own sister has been trying since the middle of last year and after taking 2.5 years to fall pg with her first, they are now going back for more testing.  sad.gif Sucks doesn't it.

Pregnant ladies - I hope you are all going well and not too uncomfortable!

AFU - We had Thomas sick last week. He was vomitting in bed and had really weird nappies. Thankfully he is back to his old self this week and being as cheeky as ever. He is now trying to climb over the back of the couch!  The child has no fear.  The girls started school holidays this week so it's been a bit easier not having to yell at the every morning get them to school on time!!  Weather here has been very cold and there is finally snow on the hills out the back here.  Brrrr.  Although I know Tam has had some pretty inhumane temps where she is too!

Apart from that, we are battling through yet another very tight financial time, my step father is battling cancer and DHs business may be up in the air, but we will get through it all I am sure.

Sorry for not popping in more often. This is the quietest parents group I have ever been in!

Take care everyone.


#9 tam1979

Posted 20 July 2011 - 04:15 PM

Lisa - How stressful for you at the moment with your step father, I know how you are feeling as my friend is going through the same at the moment, she has her first chemo session on tuesday sad.gif
I hope you DH's business picks up soon, must be something with electricians as another friend who is an electrician is struggling at the moment too.
Thomas sounds like he is doing fantastically with her speech!

Me - you have definatley had your share of sickness in your house this winter, sending you all healthy vibes. How did all the tests go for Elias, I had Arwen weighed on Monday and she was 9.8kg.

ALM - DD is a car addict, it is because DS loves cars, so everytime she sees a car in a book or on tv she gets so excited, think I have a little tom boy on my hands.

heidelke - congrats to your SIL, it sounds like she has had a really hard time.

AFM - I took DD for her 18mth check in Monday, everything is on track, and in the past week she has FINALLY started sleeping through! No idea what has changed but I am so grateful for not having to get up during the night. Now just if my body would stop waking overnight  biggrin.gif

#10 Aoibhel

Posted 22 July 2011 - 12:34 AM

heidelke - fingers crossed for your friends.
L!sa - sorry to hear about your dad & DH's business - doesn't seem to be a great time for a lot of businesses. sad.gif

Quick pop in to answer the words question - closing on 50*. Her first non mama and dada word? Cheese. Two phrases so far, and definitely comprehension of a lot more. It's kinda nice to ask Rhi is she wants a nap, if she's hungry, needs a bum change, and to get a coherent answer. She's begun initiating the communication, which is doubly nice, and she is so proud and happy when we respond to what she wants.

Yesterday she came up to me while at my desk, grabbed my chair, and tried to spin it, chanting 'wheee'. The occasional playtime is me spinning my chair with her in my lap, singing wheee. Work got set aside, and there was baby merry go round for a few minutes.

For those from the FB who saw my post, not much is changed. More may appear there later, still calming down and trying to regain my centre and figure out where to go from here. Still bloody upset and hurt.

Hope things are calm for everyone...

* - I keep a list of the words, when they were parroted and when they began to have meaning attached. I did a childhood language acquisition term project in uni - it's been pretty interesting making the connections of language development vs cognitive on a much longer timeline. Yeah geeky, but it's keeping me amused.

#11 three 4 me

Posted 22 July 2011 - 01:57 PM

Hi everyone! it's been a while since i've been on here but a big hello to everyone and their little ones!

Aiobhel - your project sounds fabulous! wish i had the commitment to doing something like that - maxim's baby book is only done in sections - i keep waiting for a chunk of time to really get into it - like that's going to happen soon!

tam1979 - enjoy catching up on all that lost sleep!

L!sa - sorry to hear about your stepfather. we've also recently started an electrical business and have had an incredibly quiet week this week, hope business picks up for you guys! we've put it down to everyone getting a lot of work done in june before end of financial year resulting in a quiet july.

ALM & ME - hope everyone gets better soon - been some nasty winter colds going around by the sounds of it!

heidelke - what wonderful news for your SIL!!!!!

us..... we've been really well, maxim is delightful and so much fun, i am loving the whole mothering thing more and more if that is possible.
we took maxim for a daytrip to the snow a week ago, he had a hoot getting pulled around on his tabbogan.
maxim got over a cold 2 weeks ago but got his first real injury in teh process - we'd put his vapouriser on at night time, and while DP was getting him ready for bed maxim went to touch the vapouriser which let off a steam burst at the same time resulting in a nasty burn on his fingers. it's pretty much healed now - thanks to lots of aloe vera, but he still looks at it and points at it when you say where's your ouch? needless to say he is VERY cautious when we say things like 'careful you might get ouched'
a couple of months ago he was very quiet one morning - he'd managed to take off all his clothes (sleep suit, pyjamas) and unfortunately a dirty nappy! had to laugh!
he fell out of his cot last week - heard a loud thud and he'd stood on a container during his 'toytime' session and fell out - soft landing luckily!
still giving him morning boobie, then he gets toytime in his cot for 40mins or until he gets cranky - love it as i get to have a proper cuppa and do some office work.
ummm what else...... speechwise, he pretty much repeats words that you say, if i say something then say 'maxim you say it' he'l have a go. think he's not too far off from stringing words together.
one of hte cutest things he does is if he farts and we say 'maxim did you do a stinky?' he says 'nooo, woof woof' and points at the dog! don't know where he got that from huh.gif
ok that's enough about me at the moment..... hope to get back into the swing of parent group and keep up with it a bit better!

#12 Amber Loren's Mum

Posted 29 July 2011 - 11:26 PM

waves.gif to FTM and Aiobhel - nice to hear from you.

Amber is still not over her cold - now in 4th week, in fact she went to drs within 2 days this week as developed a cough that worsened.  Tested for Whooping Cough and RSV (does not think it is WC but tests not back yet after 3 days) - what a nasty test - massive nasal swab but she was brave and didnt cry/scream, it only brought tears to her eyes.  2nd visit to the dr was because Panadol was not budging a 38.9deg temperature after an hour but still nothing had really changed and again dr (different to 1st) said LRTI (Lower respiratory tract Infection) which is causing fever and slightly red ears but to treat the fever with panadol and nurofen.  I hate doing that, piggybacking these but it works.  Today mum looked after her as didnt and couldnt send her to CC - unfortunately becuase her temp wasnt 'too bad' mum didnt feel necessary to keep on top with at least the panadol.  I did go home for lunch and took temp myself - mid 38's so gave her a dose of nurofen and this covered her til 7pm when her temp spiked at 39.8 (didnt even have to take her temp to tell she had one - very extremely lifeless, lethargic)  It took an hour to set in and once her temp dropped back into the 37 range she returned to her playful happy self but pulled up short with coughing as she wouldnt stop running about but when she pulled up short she climbed on the couch and sat snuggled into me.  I hate seeing her sick and there being not much else I can do but to try and make it more comfortable for her and to try and distract her which normally is not hard to do but is at the moment.  She has been just picking at food, nothing substantial and will offer her anything to get some calories, nutrients into her and to help with the nurofen.  Fluids are being kept up but would be happy for her to be taking in more than she is.  

Anyway going to zzzz while the going is good.

#13 Snickerdoodle

Posted 31 July 2011 - 01:56 AM

Ergh, I know I've been slack posting....but well, things have been pretty sh*tty this year!

I went back to work full time in January to a new job and a new manager.  Turned out to be the worst mistake of perhaps my life.  After a while of working with an incompetent team member who made the WORST stuff ups (with no repercussions) and being expected to work 50-70 hours a week, my reflux got worse and I started vomiting to the point where I couldn't stop.  Well, that was just after I was told that I had to work in Sydney for five weeks (jerks).  After a 5 day hospital visit my obstetrician said I couldn't work any more for the duration of my pregnancy.  

So, I have been on sick leave since the start of June but I don't feel as though I have recovered from the experience at all.  We have kept Corben in day care full time to give me a bit of time to get back on track, but I feel so fragile and so unprepared to have this baby....and I only have four weeks left til the due date sad.gif

The reflux is really quite an issue and I feel so sick most of the time unless I don't eat... then things are fine, but obviously that isn't really an option...Whenever I think about going through labour again I get incredibly uptight and really, I just don't want to do it again! (not that I have an option).  Most of the time I sit on the floor crying uncontrollably, asking my husband what the hell we were thinking having a second child!  I am really worried about how I am going to cope with two young children.

While I have friends, I don't feel as though any of them are good enough friends to call up and tell them how I'm feeling and to ask for help.  I've tried talking to my mum but, well, she is one of those types that prefers if you keep your problems to yourself iykwim?

Ergh.. I feel so crap!

Anyway, sorry for the 'me' post.  Just needed to get some things out I guess.

I'm glad to hear everyone is doing well and that your little ones are beginning to talk.  Corben has regressed a little in his speech, but I'm not too concerned yet.  Figure once he starts talking properly I won't be able to stop him!  He's a pretty big boy (I reckon he would be around 14kgs now) and only started walking about 6 weeks ago - thank goodness!  All in all, he's a pretty good kid.  We had some issues with tantrums for a while but they have settled down now that he knows they don't get him anywhere.

Well, I might see if I can get back to sleep.

Thanks for listening!

#14 eidel

Posted 31 July 2011 - 08:36 AM

Snickerdoodle So good to hear from you again, even though things are not the best for you.  We've all been thinking about you.  The work thing sounds terrible and I'm so sorry to hear you are not relaxed about your pregnancy.  I must admit, I was pretty anxious about #2, and I have a bigger age gap than you and wasn't as sick.  I did have bad indigestion though, what are you taking for it?  I was prescribed something for it, one pill a day.  Don't know how it worked, but was 10 times better than quik eze or any over the counter stuff.  I seriously think you need to try some meditation tapes or something to concentrate on relaxing on your labour.  I wish you all the best and are thinking of you!  

ALM Poor Amber!  Her cold sounds terrible.  They are pretty high fevers.  I hope she can push through it and get better soon.  Hoping its just a seasonal thing and will pass when the weather starts warming up a bit.  Have you had to take a fair bit of time off work?

firsttimemama Good to hear from you again too.  It sounds like you're having fun with Maxim.  I can't believe he fell out of his cot!  Must be a little climber.  Are you going to move him to a bed soon?  

Aiobhel Hope you're ok.  I'm not on facebook, so in the dark about what you're referring to, but I hope everything works out for you.

L!sa How have the school holidays been for you?  Always makes things a bit harder to entertain kids when the funds are tight.  I'm just hanging for our tax return and FTB payment for the year, and then I'll probably blow it all and be back to where we started......

AFM Both girls been up and down with colds, but nothing too bad.  Apparantly they had little ear infections, but were healing themselves so no need for ABs.  Elke is pretty cute, when I get home from work she tries to take off my shoes and puts my slippers on for me.  

I'm starting 3 days a week at work next week, not looking forward to it.  I have to wake at 5.45am for work, yay....  Not sure how I'm going to squeeze in life, but oh well.  And won't actually make much more money for it after the FTB goes down, CCB goes down etc. but it will be better financially next year when Heidi goes to kinder and will only need before and after school care (much cheaper).  

Thinking of going to the doctor as I'm overly anxious lately, sometimes I feel like I've drunk 5 cups of coffee when I can normally only have 1-2 a day.  And the more anxious I get, the less patient I get and I'm just yelling alot at Heidi and cannot handle the fact that she's 4 and takes forever to put her clothes/shoes on.  Hoping my Mum comes over soon for a holiday, she hasn't seen Elke since her birthday.  

Hope everyone else is doing well. Stained, where are you, we used to see you alot?

#15 tam1979

Posted 02 August 2011 - 10:15 PM

snicker - I feel so sad for you and how this year has been for you. I do hope that everything settles down for you once you have had the bub xxx Thanks for feeling comfortable enough to come and share your feeling with us too xxx

heidelke - oh my I feel the same as you about 4yr olds! DS does my head in some days, i was never a cranky person but he sure knows how to push my buttons! I hate that i get so angry with him, but in an instance I am calm again it is just that spilt second when he is being silly or taking forever to do something simple that I have asked of him.

ALM - poor little A she has been unwell for too long sad.gif Bet you will be glad to see the end of winter, as will I and we have had a pretty healthy winter compared to some.

FTM - great to hear from you. Sounds like motherhood is definatley agreeing with you. Any more thoughts on another?

Aiohbel - R is doing so well with her speech! I think of you often (and keep in contact via FB), please remember I am here if you ever need to talk xxx

We went and looked at kinders today for DS, now for the hard decision, I am deciding between two (have crossed the others off the list) and I never thought it would be that hard!
DD is an absolute delight, getting such a personality now however is being very cheeky and can be very naughty at times too as she is taking after her big brother!
It was my birthday last week, I had a great day, breaky in bed, out for lunch (no kids) with some girl friends, then some other friends came over for tea and we had take-away indian for tea.
Got very spoilt with my pressies!

#16 eidel

Posted 14 August 2011 - 08:35 AM

Hello quiet people! I guess life is pretty busy for most of us. Just dropped in to let you know Elke's 18 month stats, 9.1 kg's, avg height & head circ. She's just little, but still on the charts so not worried as she's growing. She's a but sick at the moment but got her on ABs.

Just started 3 days a week at work. Omg, I'm tired, but I've been in some state of tiredness for the last 4 years so nothing changed.

Doctor said anxiety not biologically related, so it's just me. Just been trying mentally to calm down a bit and drink less coffee. Bit hard though due to before mentioned working conditions!

Hope to hear from some more soon.

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#17 *~*ME*~*

Posted 14 August 2011 - 05:20 PM


christine, Elke's just a little bigger than Elias.

Elias' 18 month stats were 8.98kgs and 78.5cms.

How is everyone? What are the little ones up to?

Elias has been suffering seperation anxiety which isnt too cool when i am 30 + weeks pregnant. I ahve had trouble with low amniotic fluid and baby only measuring in the 6th % so i am having weekly scans and ob visits.

snicker how are you feeling now? Hope your doing much better. whens baby due?

#18 Amber Loren's Mum

Posted 14 August 2011 - 09:29 PM


amber had her 18mth check last week (a week late but she had been sick all of the week she was due to go in) - she didnt cry/flinch at all with the needle and no side effects (really didnt want to deal with another fever!).  she weighed in at 12.2kg (80 grams less than what she weighed a month prior but then she had been sick and off her food - nevertheless still running between the 75th and 90th percentiles.

she got better but still has the cold (runny nose) which not sure really if it is still the same cold or her daddy gave it back to her LOL.  Touch wood I have not contracted any of her colds this year.

Very rant.gif about DP - thinks just because I have had time to have a coffee and sit by the heater or short period of time I have done nothing!  Who gets up with our daughter through the nite if and when she wakes? Who gets up to make her brekky, get her dressed and plays quietly with our daughter while HE sleeps?  Who washes the clothes for all 3 of us? Who cooks tea?  Who does the dishes, vacuuming and cleaning?  Let me tell you - - - NOT HIM!!!!  Cant even go out without getting the spanish inquisition on my return and low and behold  I have not answered my phone to his 3 calls he made in space of 8-9mins (I only dont answer I can't hear it and even moreso in a busy supermarket with a toddler in tow) and because I have been longer than I should (stopped to have coffee with mum) I am accused of the unthinkable which TBH I have no interest in whatsoever. (Poor DP even when I am not angry with him)  So over being told I treat and speak to him like Sh*t a hundred times when he does it himselfand I put up with it and say nothing.  TBH I really at the moment feel I would be better of without him but the thought of not have my girl with me ALL the time I am home (as he would have access at least half) breaks my heart - guess there are a lot who are in this predicament but it so close to home it hurts to just think about. Lets see if we can get over this last argument - I did tell him he was a piece of sh*t but then he was calling me every other name under the sun I felt it deserving at the time (normally I have bitten my tongue but he got me so rant.gif.

Anyway off to finish folding the washing.

Hope you are all doing well and sorry for the ME post and vent.

#19 Stained

Posted 14 August 2011 - 10:00 PM

Hello ladies!!!!!!!!!
I haven't posted in months and I am so sorry! I will be back tomorrow to do a big post (on the phone) but I am still here and alive and kicking!

#20 *~*ME*~*

Posted 15 August 2011 - 01:59 PM

ALM, i am sorry to hear about the issues with you and your dh, is counselling an option?? men are so pig headed at times, i have had craig say to me i spend too much time going out and having coffee which is so far from true, when i am the one who also cooks, cleans, feeds kids, gets up in the night etc etc. being a mum is a 24 hr job

Hi Stained waves.gif hows your pregnancy going? have you found out the sex?

#21 Amber Loren's Mum

Posted 15 August 2011 - 11:49 PM

waves.gif  stained.

ME: Counselling, we went probably 10yrs ago now, he stopped after one session saying pointless and well that road been tried - possibly was not open to hear he may be partly at fault as well.  I openly admit I have my faults and they contribute to some of our probs but I am willing to try and work on them but he on the other hand finds it easy to shift blame and sees nothing he does wrongful etc.  

Still  mad.gif but not as rant.gif

Anyway bubba woke before crying/screaming unconsolably and have just resettled her in her bed but I have put up fold out by her bed and will climb in there to zzz myself.

#22 Stained

Posted 16 August 2011 - 05:12 PM

Still not at a computer but will try and update a little.

ALM I am so sorry you are struggling with your DP. It is so hard if they aren't willing to put the work in and just want to lay blame.

I can't scroll down easily so I will just do a bit of a Me post... Micah is doing well after a really rough patch where all he did was sook/yell at me all day and I was really struggling. Now he is his beautiful, happy self again and every one is much happier! He had his chicken pox needle last week an has been snotty and cranky ever since. He is slowly starting to get better but still has a cough and runny nose.
He is 13kgs and 82cms long and has the biggest pot belly out!
I decided a while back that I should see my GP because I really haven't been coping very well. I have been to a few counselling sessions and am feeling a bit better. Yet to discuss this pregnancy which is going well but I is still a bit surreal and I am not excited about. I feel ok about it but certainly not excited...
We did find out the sex, I was so hoping for a girl to help me feel excited about it all. We are having another boy... I spent a few days crying but am feeling ok about it now. Please don't mention anything on FB, we aren't telling people.
DH also lost his job last week which means we need to find a new job and a new house which is more stress I dont really need... Housing here is very expensive so trying to find something half decent is difficult!
Anyway I should go, we are staying at mums for a few days while DH is a bum.
Be back soon, I promise!!

#23 *~*ME*~*

Posted 16 August 2011 - 05:29 PM

hi stained.

Another Boy, i understand the disappointent you must have fele initially... i so get that.
I am so sorry to hear about your dh losing his job, its the year for it, so many people are losing their jobs, it is not good. what does he do? hope he finds something real soon.
sorry to hear your not excited about your pregnancy, its a scary thing, this baby was totally planned and i am more scared/anxious than excited.

Hi to everyone else, its so quiet in here now days, soon i will be talking to myself!

#24 Amber Loren's Mum

Posted 16 August 2011 - 10:48 PM

Hey ME, there is alwaysmwah  I always drop in and feel like I talking to myself LOL.

Stained: Sorry to hear you not excited as you should be about the PG - I would feel same if it were to happen here. Hope DH finds work soon.

waves.gif to anybody else popping in.

#25 three 4 me

Posted 17 August 2011 - 02:51 PM

Hi everyone!

Stained - glad to hear that micah is back to his usual happy self! ooh chicken pox needle - i must get maxim booked in for his soon.
sorry to hear where you are at - i think the best thing you can do is talk about it - holding stuff like that to yourself will just do your head in.  probably a good thing that you have spoken to a counsellor.  in all probability once you see your beautiful little boy all your worries will disappear. however, if they don't please be sure to get to a counsellor asap - i have a friend that has only recently been diagnosed with post natal depression (20 months later) it would have been so much better if she had someone to talk to months ago! ikes about hte job loss and house moving - as they say 'when it rains it pours', everything wiill work out for the best. sometimes the universe just forces things to happen sooner than you would have liked, and a change could be really good for your family.

ALM - it is so tough when after everything you do around the house it goes unappreciated, it's a real kick in the face. my dp and i had a few issues with this but it all seems to be ironed out, i don't mind doing most domestics so long as it is appreciated, just as i appreciate him getting up at 6am to go to do electrical work on a rainy day. we've got a few rules now - he must take the recycling and bin out everyday, he has to cook at least one meal a week so i don't have to plan dinner, and i must say he's pretty good at doing the dishes and mowing lawns etc.
i guess it's a real communication issue, when you're cranky and on the attack you will never get your point across - you guys should probably discuss where each of you are coming from when you're both relaxed.

ME - hope you are doing ok with all the scans.

heidelke - how are you finding being back at work?

tam1979 - yep i'm loving being a mum, we've been talking about another bub lately, we've decided we will start trying when we get married in november this year.
glad to hear you had a great birthday! nothing like being spoilt a little and having some good food.

AFU - speaking of food, dp and i are just getting over a bout of serious food poisoning, it was awful!!!! just coming good now - i've managed a cup of black tea and a few spoons of white rice. it's hard to pinpoint what it was from too, we ate out a few times and everything prepped at home was fresh and i'm a bit of a hygeine freak so who knows. worst thing was we had no one to call to look after maxim the morning after we had been up ALL night taking turns in the toilet and buckets (sorry for tmi), my dp's dad and stepmum were on their way back from sydney, our friends were at work, i felt really isolated suddenly and far away from my folks who would have been there in a flash.

my mum came to visit at teh end of last week, dp and i went out to a party on sat night - it was the first time we really partied since maxim - we got home at about 6am!!!!! needless to say sunday was spent sleeping while grandma took maxim to the park and coffee shopping. the funny thing is that as much as we both enjoyed having a dance and having a good time, we both agreed on sunday night that it was a waste of a day recovering and we would rather have spent it with maxim and my mum in the park or on a picnic!

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