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#51 Allymeg69

Posted 09 August 2011 - 11:22 PM

Forosoco, I'm sure Jesse has other talents! If he's otherwise developing normally then not crawling is probably nothing to be worried about, some kids just don't crawl, my MIL says my husband never really did, he learned to do a sort of bum-shuffle, and then just got up and started walking.

I hope all the birthday preparations go well, and the transition to cow's milk is OK. I tried giving Alex some pasta with cream sauce tonight (DSD made a lovely carbonara!) and he didn't really like it, very unusual for him not to like food (he wolfed down a green Thai fish curry and rice yesterday!), all I could put it down to was the cream was too rich for him, lots of burps!

We are going to Singapore in a couple of weeks and I think I'm just going to have to take formula, but I might start some gradual introduction of milk soon - those of you who have started giving normal milk how is it going?

I am home alone with Alex and the step-kids tonight and until late Friday (step-kids go back to their mum Thursday afternoon) - DH has gone down to Adelaide for some training - tonight went nice and smoothly, Samantha helped big-time with dinner, boys did the stacking of the dishwasher, they all did some other chores, I have made the school lunches for tomorrow (I have to be off to work really early) and Alex behaved really well - I think his upper front teeth may be on the way through though!

How good did it feel to put your bubs' details into the Census tonight? Having to think back to where I was 5 years ago certainly made me realise and appreciate just how much my life has changed (for the better) in that short space of time!
Off to bed now

#52 Summerlover

Posted 10 August 2011 - 08:51 AM

Just a quickie

Good morning everyone!

Off to Bali today and Isla woke at 5am rolleyes.gif - of course she did!!! but coldest morning in Cairns for a long time so I am sure she was possibly cold?????? anyway I think we have got most things - well as long as we have Ilas formula really then anything else we can get there.  Wish us luck - we are back on the 20th.

As far as the house we are trying to buy - its been a bloody drama but its in the banks hands now for approval.  We either get the finance or we don't so when we return we will either be moving into a new place or staying put for a further 6mths.

Hope everyone is well and will speak to you in 10 days or so.


#53 Sares83

Posted 10 August 2011 - 08:54 AM

Good luck with the milk Foro! We have 1 tin of formula left and then we are changing Pat over, oh and don't worry, Pat is a giant and can't crawl properly, he drags himself around like a paraplegic still. I like the baking plan, I should really do that too and make sure I have everything I need original.gif

Ally - yeah census was weird having a 3rd person to add. It did make me stop at the questions where it asked if they needed help with everyday activities, movement and communication. After some hesitation (and googling) I put yes.

I'M SO TIRED!!!! yyawn.gif

#54 Sares83

Posted 10 August 2011 - 08:56 AM


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#55 Allymeg69

Posted 10 August 2011 - 12:59 PM

I did the census on-line and I had to giggle at the questions it generated about DSS1 Jordan (13) - because it was only me and the kids at home last night, Jordan became Person 2, who the makers of the eCensus clearly thought would normally be person 1's partner - so even though I described him as my step-child (and his age only being 13!), when it came to answering about persons 3, 4 and 5 (Sam, Nic and Alex), it kept asking me were they a child of mine and Jordan's or just mine!

Sares, you just made me have a relevant thought, I was going to stock up on formula at BigW this week because they have it on special, but maybe I should go easy with a view to starting on some milk shortly - I might wait until we have returned from Singapore though, I'd hate for Alex to end up out of whack with an upset tummy while we were away.

Patting myself on the back this morning for having everyone organised and out the door at 7.30am, and getting myself to work 15 minutes early! Might have to do the lunchboxes tonight again, that removed a whole world of pain from this morning.

#56 Sares83

Posted 10 August 2011 - 03:26 PM

That is funny Ally, I assumed it would make an estimated guess from the age but I guess not. Still had to say Patrick wasn't married LOL

I know, I keep telling myself to pack Pats bag for the next day when we get home but I still put it off and spend 20 mins in the morning doing it. Grrr!

I just worked out how many scoops are in the tin (the back of the tin says how many grams in a scoop) and then worked out how many tins I would need to get him to roughly 12 months and bought that many on special. If he finishes before then it will only be by a week or so.

3 posts i one day? I must be bored!

#57 Sares83

Posted 11 August 2011 - 11:57 AM

Ok, so I have written out all the food for Pats party and as this is my first ever kids birthday party I am slightly excited! Ok, yes I am wetting myself but not the point! eexcite.gif but it seems like a lot of food and I am not sure if it just looks like a lot on paper or if I have fallen victim to a horrible disease in my mums family called "over catering"! ffear.gif

so this is what I have:

For my very hungry caterpillar theme stuff
* toffee apples
* plum jam freckle sandwiches
* strawberry tart
* jelly oranges
* something with pears???
* something with watermelon (maybe some watermelon rock)
* marshmallow icecream cones
* mini cherry pies
* lollipops
* butterfly fairy bread
* confetti cookie caterpillars

then for lunch
* sausages/BBQ
* cocktail franks
* sausage rolls/party pies
* chicken wings
* sandwich caterpillar (or just regular sandwiches??)
* dunplings (too much??)
* salads

and also have some cheese & biscuits and that sort of studff as well. Oh and 3 cakes, but 1 is Pats smash cake so it doesn't count! blush.gif

so wdyt, is it too much? Is there too much junk/party food? There are 70-80 people coming including 16 - 20 kids?

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#58 Allymeg69

Posted 11 August 2011 - 03:23 PM

Ah, Sares, the over-catering disease, maybe we are related because that definitely runs in my family (mum's side) - my father is always saying you'll never die of hunger at one of our family gatherings (which is good because he likes his food!) LOL!  roll2.gif

It sounds like you will have a wonderful spread and if there are 70-80 people including that many kids (presumably some older than just 1) then I imagine it will pretty well disappear. Maybe you don't need the dumplings, as you questioned. And hey, a party is for party food! No one wants uber-healthy at a party surely!

Where are you going to find the time to put all this together???? By the sound of it you are a very organised person though, your formula calculations are a case in point - I was trying to find the number of grams in a scoop on our tin the other night and for the life of me, couldn't see it anywhere!!  ddoh.gif  Sure it's there somewhere.

Oh, and Alex has his third tooth! I knew is must have been coming, we've had the temperature spikes, the massive increase in dirty nappies, return to runny poo, and horrid nappy rash, and sure enough, there was the little edge of white tooth showing in the upper gum yesterday afternoon. I think the other top front one won't be far behind.

Missing DH lots, last night was not quite so smooth at home but all kids did go to bed OK in the end, just me and Alex tonight and tomorrow night until DH gets home just after midnight.

#59 Allymeg69

Posted 12 August 2011 - 10:30 AM

I found the amount of grams per scoop - it turns out a tin should last 6.4 days if I give 4 bottles a day - which when I think about it has been about right  ddoh.gif . At least now I know a full tin should get us through our upcoming trip to Singapore without needing to go searching for any more.

Just wanted to mention a one thing re a lady who was in one of the September 10 DIGs and this parent group - Lauren (Elle-M) in Perth, mother of Davey, is expecting again, woo hoo, all the best Lauren!  eexcite.gif

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#60 ComeWhatMay

Posted 12 August 2011 - 11:15 AM

Morning everyone.

Congratulations Lauren how exciting for you and your family.

Just wanted to come inand say might not be sround much at the moment. I found out we were expecting #3 on saturday but it was not meant to be. Below is what i just posted in my DIG. Will come in as soon as I can and let you know how I am.

Hi everyone
Sorry I did not come back sooner but have been living a nightmare the last few days.
I am currently in a hospital bed waiting to go in to surgery hopefully at some point today. Unfortunately our little one was not able to stay with us this time around. I was admitted to hospital on wed night. They are not sure if the miscarriage cause a infection or the infection caused the miscarriage.
It is a very emotional time for us and have no idea what will happen after this.

#61 Allymeg69

Posted 12 August 2011 - 12:12 PM

Kirsty, I hope you didn't mind me posting in your DIG the other day, I just wanted to offer support, and again sending you big hugs, so sorry it has turned out like this. I hope you recover quickly.

#62 Sares83

Posted 12 August 2011 - 02:51 PM

same Kirsty, I saw the post and had to reply bbighug.gif come back whenever you feel ready xxxx

Congratulations Lauren!! grin.gif

#63 Sunbliss

Posted 12 August 2011 - 10:09 PM

Oh Kirsty – how terribly sad. I’m so sorry. Please look after yourself and take all the time you need.

#64 Summerlover

Posted 20 August 2011 - 04:03 PM


Firstly Kirsty  bbighug.gif oh Im so so sorry, have been through it soooo many times and it never got any easier with and without children.  Be kind to yourself and your family xxxxx

Lauren - awesome news  cclap.gif - did it happen to happen in Bali?????

Just a quick one - where is everyone??

we had an awesome time in Bali but glad to be home - it was fantastic.  Lots of highs, some lows but all round a fantastic time.  Will come back and fill you all in later.

WA thinking of you too  hhugs.gif


#65 Allymeg69

Posted 21 August 2011 - 10:13 AM

Maybe everyone is getting wrapped up in first birthday preparations? Not me, I have just been flat out. I was in Sydney for a couple of days last week for another test, which didn't turn out to give me any conclusive answers, bit of a nuisance but will just have to wait to talk to my doctor again shortly. I managed to get a throat infection probably from the plane and now I've come down with diarrhea, just what I (don't) need!

DH did a great job looking after Alex while I was away but the house looked like a bit of a bombshell when I got home, oh well.

Helen glad you had a great holiday, we are about to jet off to Singapore on Tuesday afternoon, I am hoping it will all go smoothly. Have to get on with some packing hopefully later today as I have a huge day of work on Monday, at least I have all Tuesday off and we don't go until late afternoon.

Alex now has his 4th tooth, came through remarkably easily, so he has 2 bottom and 2 top now and is munching away like crazy on all sorts of things! He is also showing a lack of interest in his formula all of a sudden, only drinking perhaps 60mls at a time, 3 or 4 times a day, maybe this is the start of a transition to more reliance on solid food? How are you all finding the drinking/eating mix at this stage?

Hope everyone out there is OK and having lots of fun with your bubs.

#66 Summerlover

Posted 21 August 2011 - 03:32 PM

Ally enjoy Singapore.  sorry to hear you don't have many answers but hopefully your doc can get you some answers.  

Isla starting walking in Bali - she took her first steps.  She now has 9 teeth and all I can say is that her sleep didn't get disturbed really but her drinking & eating did - she went off food and milk all the time so don't be suprised if its just because of Alex's teeth.

Isla got bitten by mosquito's our first night in Bali and I think I've counted about 20 on her face poor thing, then as she was sick before we left I think things just got worse and she developed a really bad fever about day 3 of our holiday and it lasted for 2 nights/ 3 days of constant round the clock panadol and nurofen at which point I called the doc in and she was put instantly on antibiotics and within hours was much better - she was so lifeless when the doc came poor thing.  She gave her stuff for the mozzy's too but I had already bought stuff at the chemist and also some Johnsons baby mozzy protection stuff but they still managed to keep biting her hands and face but not to the extent of that first night - people thought she had the meazles or something on the flight back to Australia they are that bad.

We had a great time despite the above and the kids really enjoyed it all - what an experience for them.  So cheap and I mainly got a few bags and purses and a pair of sunnys, a few clothes from the better shops as the market stuff is really cheap and falls apart.  We basically lived in luxury for 10 days for spending about $50 a day for all of us for lunch, dinner and drinks throughout the day - where else could you do that so as far as a holiday goes it was great for that not having to cook or clean etc and having breakfast/lunch and dinner all done for you and that was including a bit of room service too when Isla was sleeping at night and we were hungry!!!  We mainly hung around the resort and swam etc but one day when to the wild life marine and safari park which Yasmin loved - it was all just fantastic.  We didn't get Bali Belly thank god

Isla has also developed quite a little temper whilst away - she now tells her sister off when she does something to her and she certainly lets you know when she is not happy about something.  Isla is whinging so better be off.

I wouldn't really recommend going with a bub at Isla's stage though - I would go either before she is wanting to move or after she is walking because the filthy floors where ever you go so we prefered to stay around the complex with her - she cracked it whenever we put her in the pram because she wanted out to crawl around everywhere.  We would go back in a heartbeat though perhaps next year when we could do a little more with her but we all enjoyed the holiday as a family.

Isla isn't 1 until 3 weeks but we are moving into our house so having a little get together with friends this Friday evening here to celebrate it - have to make a dairy free cake for her!!!


#67 forosoco

Posted 21 August 2011 - 07:05 PM

i've been awol lately just due to having a million things on and trying to organise jesse's party which is next week. i can't believe he'll be 1 in 6 days! so exciting. still no crawling but he's really getting there. he actually has done a few bits of crawl but then falls onto his tummy and gets annoyed. he can however get from lying on his tummy back up to sitting, and he has a really long reach so usually manages to get things that seem out of reach, without having to crawl. lazy boy! we think he might skip crawling altogether, as he LOVES standing, and he also loves when we hold his hands and he can "walk" all over the place. he's stood on his own for a few seconds without realising it, but won't actually do any cruising or even stand up at the couch or anything. but if we're holding him up and let go he'll sometimes be standing on his own for a bit before he realises and falls down.

we finished off our last can of formula during the week, he's completely on cows milk now and we haven't had any issues with it thankfully. the way we did it was just to change 1 bottle to cows milk for a couple of days, then another, etc. we did it within about 5 days and it all went well.

another new thing for us is that we've separated the kids back into their own rooms again. jesse has been waking a lot at night and we weren't able to do any controlled crying because he'd wake DD. he's extremely loud! also DD wasn't ever using the spare room that we set up as a playroom for her, she'd only play in there when we were in there with her. so it was pretty much a waste of a room. yesterday we moved all of jesse's things back into that room and so far the kids haven't seemed too upset at not sharing anymore. DD's room looks SO huge now and i'm really jealous of all the space she has!

jesse has a really awful cough at the moment and it's really not the best time for him to have it. he's got his immunisations on thursday, and then his birthday and party on saturday. then we go to hamilton island the following weekend. so he needs to get better NOW! i'm hoping the dr will still let him have the immunisations on thursday if he has this cough, because we don't really have time to do it another time before our holiday. i know he won't do them if jesse has a temperature but not sure about a cough.

anyway, so that's my big post with all that's been going on here. hope everyone else has been awol because of being busy having fun, and not because they're dealing with sickness / too much work / stress etc!

#68 flyingfree

Posted 21 August 2011 - 07:31 PM

I would like to wish all your babies a happy first birthday, I hope you all have a great day for your babies and enjoy this wonderful milestone.

Kristy I am so sorry you have just had a miscarriage, my thought s and prayers are with you


#69 Sares83

Posted 21 August 2011 - 09:00 PM

sorry I have been missing, I have been spending every spare minute sleeping or organising Patricks party. I am going to be so glad when next weekend is over and life can go back to normal. Also,Patrick has been having a shocker 2 weeks. He still only has 1 tooth but the other 3 (1 bottom, 2 top) look like they are busting to come through so I think he has a sore mouth combined with some sort of tummy bug as he has been vomitting and diarrhea a fair bit the last 10 days. He has been so grumpy, fussy with food, almost impossible to get him to have an afternoon nap, wakes during the night for a bottle (but I think that is from being hungry cos he isn;t eating much during the day). I am exhausted!! He isn't going to daycare this week so hopefully he will be better for his party.

Also, last night he pulled himself up to standing against the sofa!! He is so impressed with his new skill! No cruising yet though.

Try and get back on later

p.s. glad you had a great holiday Helen, sorry bout the inconclusive tests Ally and have fun in Singapore!

#70 forosoco

Posted 24 August 2011 - 09:16 PM

where is everyone???

it's been crazy here. i just made a massive batch of cookies and last night did a big batch of mini rocky roads... for jesse's party on saturday! tomorrow i'll tackle the birthday cake, then friday is icing and some honey jumbles... sandwiches on saturday morning. my mum and sister are doing a few little things too. pretty sure we have enough food! i'm trying very hard not to over-cater this one.

poor jesse has his immunisations tomorrow morning, he's not going to be a very happy boy! i'm dreading it so much. i HATE needles so i hate having to hold my little man still while the dr gives him his injections. i do love our dr though, he's amazing. so at least i know he'll be as gentle as he can.

i don't really have much more to say, just can't believe my little baby is turning 1 in a few days! it's insane. wow, this time last year i thought my baby was still a month away from being born, no idea he was about to come into my life!

is everyone getting their little ones birthday presents at this age? so far for DD's b'days as presents we've given her a pretty outfit to wear to her party. although this year she'll be getting something more special because she'll just be having a family pool party and bbq. but for jesse i didn't want to get him an outfit - he already had something nice to wear. i bought "him" (well really me) a baby album that's the same as one we were given for DD when she was born, although hers is pink and his is blue. so in a few weeks when i have time i'll do up a nice album of his first year. i can't wait!

#71 wingless_angel

Posted 25 August 2011 - 01:23 PM

Hi Everyone I have finally made it back sorry it has taken me so long. Thanks everyone for Zaras birthday wishes we ended up having a fairly quiet day I just took the kids to the park and we had a little picnic. DH finally arrived back home last friday I have him here for about another week before he goes away for another week then he will be home until after christmas. I have really been battling with my emotions recently and sank in to a deep depression. I organised to go and speak to someone last friday after DH got back and have seen her once this week also. I think just having someone to talk to will make a big difference. I realise now that I have spent the last year always looking forward but not going through the emotions of what was actually happening. It wasnt until Zara's birthday got closer that I started to think about what what I was doing the year earlier ect. I was having very vivid flashbacks and even started having horrible nightmares of Zara's birth and her stay in the NICU and had to start dealing with all the emotions I had been trying to ignore. I have just been so angry at the world and everyone around me I am not someone that likes to feel like that so it was very hard for me to deal with.

Well Miss Zara is doing really well she is just under 8kg now and I have finally started to buy her size 0 clothes except for her bottoms she is still in a 00 which constantly fall off her because they are to big in the waist. We have been really busy with her physio, vision therapy and dr appointments it sometimes feels like it never ends. We had a 12mth review at the hospital and they have placed her developement at about a 6mth old level which I do agree with. Since then though she has started to try and crawl properly she can do it for a little bit then her left arm gives out on her and she goes back to commando crawling. She is sitting by herself to but W sits most of the time which we are trying to stop her from doing. Her sitting is still very unbalanced and she tends just to fall over her problem is she does not try and save herself and face plants in to the floor. She still has no teeth and there doesnt seem to be any sitting in the gums either so I think it will be a little while before they come through.

She has finally started to say dada her first words but still doesnt point, wave or clap hands and doesnt have her pincer grip either. She loves to stand up she cant pull herself up yet but if I stand her up and get her to hang on she will stand there for ages. In physio we have tried to hold her hands to get her to take some steps but she just wont do it she goes straight onto her tippy toes twists her feet and legs and crosses them over. When she has attempted to try and step we have noticed that she she drags her left leg but she has a fair bit of rotation in her ankles and feet we had splints made for her to wear of a night time to try and correct it which she hates. She had glasses fitted this week to try and correct her vision I am waiting for the call to go and pick them up she looked so cute in them but we just need to try and keep them on her that could be interesting. Though for all of the above she is one of the sweetest and happiest babies I have ever come across. She is constantly smiling and laughing even when she is really tired she can always give me a smile. She has a really sweet and gentle personality and would sit and have cuddles all day if she could.

Claire is going through the full on 2yr old stage and driving me crazy. Her speech is really bad which is causing a lot of problems because we are both getting frustrated with each other not being able to communicate properly. She still cant say her name and the only words she uses is mine, me, no, eat and please. She is no longer going to daycare 3 days a week as we ran out of respite she was using a emergency placement which the centre has.  We managed to get her in one day a week we are on a waiting list to get another day. DH and I are having a belated birthday party for Zara this sunday nothing big we are just going to a play centre up in sydney we only have about 15 people coming but that is more than enough. I feel slack I am not doing anything I ordered platters to be served to everyone and had her cake made. I have managed to get her the most beautiful party outfit her first Pettiskirt in lavender and pink and a tshirt made with the number 1 and princess crown and her name on it in rhinestones it is so cute. I cant wait to get her dressed up in it for the day.

Sorry for no personals but running out of time and also have to catch up with what everyone has been up to so I will do some reading later and be back for personals. I hope everyone is doing ok and looking forward to there little ones birthdays and parties.

Kirsty I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Take care of yourself and take as much time as you need to get through it. Thinking of you

#72 mibi

Posted 26 August 2011 - 06:11 PM

Kirsty so sorry for your loss.

WA - it's great to hear from you. I too have started seeing a psych - i think it's helping but my emotions are still all over the place. Good on you for having the courage to  get some help - it's hard to do.

Sorry I've been MIA - life is just sooooo busy. And will be back later for more, but gotta get dinner ready.

#73 wingless_angel

Posted 27 August 2011 - 09:04 PM

Occbee I aso glad you are seeing someone you have had such a tough year. It was so hard to admit that I needed help after trying for so long to hold it together. Let's hope the next 12mths for the both of us is a lot better and we can move forward.

We are having Zaras belated birthday party tomorrow. We are so excited(well I am) her outfit is ready, cake is ordered not that she can have any :-( but I have prepared something nice and messy for her. I hope everyone having parties tomorrow have a wonderful time. I will post some pics in her birthday outfit after her party tomorrow.

#74 forosoco

Posted 28 August 2011 - 10:21 AM

we had jesse's party yesterday and it was a great success. everything went smoothly, all the kids had fun and it wasn't too crazy - much more relaxed than previous parties in our family. the place we had it (fitness first playzone) was fantastic because the kids could play with heaps of things and didn't need much supervision, so the adults could chat and eat and relax. it really seemed like jesse knew it was his birthday, he had such a good day and was really happy the whole time! and he loved having his first taste of cake, and loved when everyone sang happy birthday to him. we had given a suggestion on the invitation that people could give him a copy of their favourite book if they were stuck for present ideas, and it was a really good idea in the end because he got some really lovely books and not many toys - so his presents don't take up a lot of space which we don't have.

and the best part was that he decided to start crawling the day before his birthday! maybe it was all the pressure of me telling him he only had til saturday to learn to crawl, haha. he still doesn't like doing it, he prefers holding hands and walking, but at least he knows now that he can do it.

he's having another cake tomorrow at kindy which i was going to make, but there is still leftover cake in my cake box so i have nothing to transport it to kindy in, so decided to just buy a thomas cake from coles this morning instead. oh well! it won't taste as good but i don't think the kids will care.

#75 Sares83

Posted 30 August 2011 - 09:12 AM

sorry I have been MIA girls, been busy busy busy with Patricks party! Was so much fun but by the end of the day I was a bit stressed and started crying for no reason (this was after I had got home and Patricks was in bed). I don't know why, but mum came round and had a cup of tea with me to distract me and then I was fine. I think I was just overwhelmed. Here are some pics! Patricks 1st Birthday Party!

It has been a big week, Patrick now has 1 of his top teeth and the other one is almost through! His other bottom tooth still hasn't come up though for some reason. He has also started 50/50 crawling properly (on his knees) and he has started pulling himself up on furniture! He even let go yesterday and daycare and stood there for a few seconds! And we are on all milk (except for his bed time bottle which I will change over this weekend).  All very exciting!!!!

Oh and what I thought was dribble rash on his neck (he has had it for like 4 or 5 months) is actually eczema! we started using a product from hoskings pharmacy and after a week it is all gone!!! I can't believe it! We have tried everything to get rid of it!!! If any bubs have any rash issues get on to hoskingspharmacy.com.au - they have heaps of creams and they are all unbelievable. My SIL put me on to it because she found it for her daughters uncurable nappy rash, the next day it was gone!

I will try to get back on more regularly now that I am not flat out with party planning.
Speak soon

P.S. I am so sorry to hear so many people are having mental health problems but I am glad you are getting some help  bbighug.gif

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