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#1 Sandra

Posted 14 July 2011 - 01:27 PM

New thread time ladies


#2 whydoibother

Posted 14 July 2011 - 01:29 PM


bahahahaha  ph34r.gif

#3 lexington

Posted 14 July 2011 - 01:31 PM


#4 Skip to my Lou

Posted 14 July 2011 - 01:41 PM

Bronze biggrin.gif

#5 slippers

Posted 14 July 2011 - 04:40 PM

B(.)(.)bie for me :-)

#6 My4Sunshines

Posted 14 July 2011 - 08:29 PM

rolleyes.gif that'd be right

#7 heidles82

Posted 15 July 2011 - 09:26 AM


#8 ShopgirlX

Posted 15 July 2011 - 04:15 PM

roll2.gif You lot - !!

Hey I need haaaalllpp!!

I know this probably started happening some months ago for your bubbas but we have a late bloomer over here so we are JUST starting to deal with "oh, I've discovered I can roll over and get up and crawl all around in my cot when I'm supposed to be sleeping" ... "oh and by the way, after you spend at least half an hour settling me, I'm only going to sleep for half an hour!!"

Has anyone been through this?  What did you dooooo?  She sleeps at night  hands.gif thank goodness!  But daytimes,  oomg.gif ddoh.gif  

Great to hear from so many of you just recently in the old thread! It really got going there at the end again!  

M4S I started back at work about 3 weeks ago, working two days from home and going in for meetings, etc.  It has been going OK except that if I couldn't get anything done before, I REALLY can't get anything done now with the time I have!  And last night I was reading a thread on here about what people do every day with their kids - so many of them went out every day - and I hardly go out at all and PREFER to stay home! But the poor thing gets plonked in front of the TV while mummy tries to catch up!!  What to do!?!?!?  shrug.gif

#9 heidles82

Posted 15 July 2011 - 10:10 PM

shopgirl - I can't help with the sleep thing  sad.gif Jackson is the opposite - sleeps ok during the day (two one hour sleeps with minimal settling) however nighttime is a different story!!! Half an hour of settling most nights then waking two - three times a night (sometimes more sad.gif) It always seems to be worse when DH is away (like this week). I stayed at my parents on the nights he was being looked after by my mum, and on Tuesday night I was in tears at a loss at what to do as it was 1am and I could not settle him. Thankfully my mum took him to let me sleep (I had to leave for work at 6am) - he ended up sleeping in her bed and my dad was on the lounge! He slept until 5:30am! Thank goodness DH is now home and he can resume some of the night shift!

I have finally almost sent out all the invites for Jackson's party. However not without starting World War III - all because I didn't address the envelope to both DH's uncle AND aunt. Seriously - I thought it was only Jackson who was the baby  wacko.gif

#10 My4Sunshines

Posted 16 July 2011 - 12:49 PM

SG I have some things that worked for me and dd's however I don't have time atm as we are going to our nieces 1st birthday party so will pop back in soon, stay tuned...... wink.gif

heidles just had to say OMG at your uncle and aunt ddoh.gif This is why I like to work with kids because some adults behave the same way, or worse huh.gif , so why not deal with the little variety wink.gif

#11 lexington

Posted 18 July 2011 - 10:06 AM

Shopgirl - ignore those what i did with the baby today threads. WHO CARES? I whacked on Kungfu Panda on the weekend.. so shoot me. When you say you're trying to catch up. You're not working while she's there are you? Cos nothing gets done. I'm just checking cos seriously it's impossible. I tried to work with the boys on my lap and they started fighting over the mouse... the heater controls.. turning it on and off and on and off until i unplugged it. It was only for half an hour until their dad came back and I was about to cry.

Heides Teething?? Cold?? Sick??

My day time for L is horrid too. I think it's because he doesn't want to be left out.

D started hugging L when they were sitting to watch Kungfu Panda. It was adorable.

#12 My4Sunshines

Posted 18 July 2011 - 11:31 AM

SG My big girls are back at school now so I have some time ( laugh.gif ) to answer you now.

All my girls went through the 40min sleep and with #1 I didn't know any better and get her up and she was mad.gif all day, then I got wiser wink.gif

My theory (I say this as in it worked for me and my girls) is if a baby wakes crying they are not ready to get up, if they've had enough sleep they'll wake up and chat or perhaps a sort of whine to get your attention that they are awake, but if mine ever woke crying (after 40 mins or so) I didnt get them up.

Now I'm talking about older babies NOT younger than about 7-8 months (when they go through that horrible sleep stage).

I left them and didn't even go into their room. At the start (with dd1) it was hard on me as I knew if I went in there she'd stop then I would think if I did go in there she would be unbearable after, so that got me through. I also tried to busy myself or I'd go outside in the garden/hang the washing out etc... (I'd have the monitor with me) and soon enough she'd go back off, may take some time, yet she went off.
She wouldn't cry the whole time, she would cry, whinge, go quiet, cry etc... but once she changed from cry to whinge then quiet I knew it was tired she was crying for iykwim.

If I knew she was crying because she pooped I would change her but not talk to her or look at her (even though she would be 'chatting' to me) and put her straight back into bed, tuck her in, kiss then out, she would howl again as she would think it was get up time.
Sometimes she wouldn't go back to sleep yet was happy to just play in her cot till I got her up after her 'rest time'.

With dd2&3 it was much easier to let them settle themselves, and it seemed they got quicker at dropping back off again.
As they got bigger (2 yrs??) and said they didnt want a sleep that day I said they still had to lay on their bed and rest, they could read a book, but they had to have quiet time (about 1 hour), and 9 times out of 10 they would fall asleep anyway. I wanted them to realise their bed is their own space where they can rest or escape for some quiet time. Still today if the girls are upset, after we have dealt with the issue, they will sometimes go to their bed for some space then come back out, collect themselves I guess.

As I read that back I guess it sounds like cc yet I was never 'taught' that it was just something I worked out that if I got a crying baby up she would be sh*tty the moment I got her up and she didn't want to be put down.

As I said that is what worked for me and my girls though what I did find is that each of them went through that stage then it passed now whether that be because they realised they weren't going to get up or it was just a sleep phase I don't really know.

Anyway I hope E is sleeping better, or will do soon wink.gif , as that break it just as important for you as it is her.

I didn't really go out that much either, just to the park sometimes or a walk nothing too extravagant, I think if you start going out heaps sometimes the child needs you to keep them busy and occupied by taking them everywhere and not be able to play independently at home. With dd1 we had MG on Thursdays and she went to occasional care every Tuesday or Wednesday (cant remember) so we had our 'out days'.
Still don't go out that much, don't know that many people to mingle with that either aren't working or have kids similar age to dd3 and Taj plus I like to be home for Taj's sleeps (have done with all of them) as he sleeps better and once his sleep times are established I dont like to mess with them also soon he'll go to one sleep a day so will have more times in the mornings for that stuff.

Lex nawwww that does sound very cute
My cute moment was a little different to that, dd3 was laying on the floor and Taj came up and crawled right over her, dd3 was roll2.gif and Taj just though that was run of the mill stuff, now if he sees her on the floor he speeds up happy.gif

ETA Whenever my kids have been crying in bed and I leave them to go back to sleep I always look in on them when it has gone quiet to check everything is fine, and they are breathing rolleyes.gif , yep after 4 kids I still do it!!

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#13 My4Sunshines

Posted 19 July 2011 - 10:46 AM

rant.gif Bought some pants for Taj on ebay on the 5th, still don't have them and they haven't even marked them as sent. I paid straight away by Paypal however they did say it would take longer to post if you pay Paypal as they have to wait for the funds to go to their account.
Total bs as it takes the same amount of time as if I paid by bank deposit rant.gif I sent 1 message through ebay on the 15th and just sent an email now, how long should I wait till I make a complaint to ebay??  Oh their email address is .....@gmail  is that a scammers address??
I only paid .99 for new pants (bargain) yet its the principal mad.gif

Vent over

#14 Skip to my Lou

Posted 19 July 2011 - 01:58 PM

M4SS: Good sleep advice. Bummer about the pants. Gmail can be legit addresses, so don't stress, they may just be slackers. If you get no reply from this email then I would report them. Its been 2 weeks which is not on in my book.

SG: Just wanted to add to what M4SS said. I found with both my girls that when they discover a new 'trick' (rolling, crawling, walking etc) then it does interefere with sleep for a couple of days, but the novelty wears off soon enough. Hope its the same for you. Re: going out. I'm much like M4SS again. I prefer to keep my kiddies in their routine. Paige is a shocker at transferring alseep from the pram/car/house, so I am rarely out in afternoons as this is her most important sleep. I attmpt to do most running around either side of her morning nap, sometimes it doesn't always work out this way which is why the afternoon nap is so important. We don't 'go out' for the sake of it at all. If I think she needs soemthing new or stimulating, then I walk around our yard and have her touch leaves/bark etc. She does have to go out lots though for other things due to DD1.

AFUS: Have I mentioned P is officially walking now? Turns corners, holds toys while doing it and all. So so so cute wub.gif . She started her swimming lessons today. Have moved F back to lessons closer to home as well, so her class is on at the same time as P's which is a brilliant time saver. P did quite well especially considering the timing is when she usually goes down for her morning nap. The lessons have changed lots since F started, then they were more focused on familiarisation and having fun, now it is already more 'swimming' oriented, which I think is great. She started off great but by the end was pretty tired and over it, so became clingy and whingy. Hope that doesn't happen every week. Will be kind of sad when she drops down to one nap, but will make so many things easier too.
She starts orientation for day care next week. Only for a couple of hours first up to see how she goes, build up to a full day. This is to help me with job searching etc. I want to get her used to care before she has to start going for a couple of days a week. Hope I can get a job soon....but would be nice to get some time completely to myself as well hehehe.
Have found someone to make a 'Hoot' nappy for Paiges birthday! So excited original.gif a friend of mine will be giving it to her.

#15 TotesFeral

Posted 20 July 2011 - 04:33 PM

Just saying a quick hi! Im at the gym and typing on the phone is a
Pain in the ass.

M4S completely agree with your sleep advice. Although I dont leave DD crying, but I agree with the waking up crying then they need more sleep. Addison has just started having longer sleeps this week and sometimes I dont even know when she has woken as she,just lies in there quietly chatting lol.

STML make sure you show us a pic of the hoot nappy, I bet it will look gorgeous.

AFU just set up my facebook page as most know and have been creating a few things. Had an awesome hens night but maybe just a tad too much to drink.

#16 SaraW

Posted 21 July 2011 - 05:25 PM

Hi guys  waves.gif

Have been reading but not posting, not much to say really!!

Lex, is it little L's birthday today??  Big happy birthday wishes to him, I know it's around this date, sorry if I have the day wrong biggrin.gif

K+M+A Love your facebook page, sooo cute, you are very talented.  Glad your hen's night was fun biggrin.gif

STML good luck with the job hunting, yay for some time to yourself too while Paige is at creche  wwhistle.gif

Heidles - hope Jackson's sleep improves soon, it is so tough, and especially if you have to get up early for work - yay for your Mum

M4S I know what you mean about waking up crying meaning they haven't had enough sleep.  I find this with C but unfortunately she's the type of bub who once she's awake that is it and she will just scream and scream for ever until I get her up sad.gif She's never been a good daytime sleeper though, but we are now in a bit of a routine where she has 1 or 2 good sleeps so that is much better.  I still creep in to check they're breathing too  ninja.gif

Nothing much happening here, nothing has happened with the house, r/e agent is useless.  We've had some quotes to extend our kitchen, nothing flash just knock out a wall and replace the bench - will give us a heap more space.  So will probably do that.  And we're tossing up whether to do a mini-extension on the house, add in another lounge, master bedroom with ensuite.  As most of the feedback has been that the house is too small.... I know that the accepted wisdom is not to renovate if you want to sell, but we've had so little interest that we think we might as well do it then if it doesn't sell at least it's big enough for us IYKWIM - decisions decisions!!

School holidays here ATM, they moved the terms around for the Rugby World Cup  mad.gif   Stupidest decision ever, kids have been so ratty and tired as they've had really long terms, then the last term for the year will be 8 weeks!!  Big kids are at their grandparents, which is nice for them but not a break for me as Claudia has only me to look at and cracks it if I leave the room LOL.

Oh forgot to say (I think!!) that we've booked to go to Fiji in September  eexcite.gif   Need to organise all the kids passports, doing the photos will be fun!!  We haven't had a holiday since we went to Perth when DD1 was 1, can't wait, kids are very excited.

Claudia's still not crawling, all she wants to do is hold our hands and stand up... am thinking she might skip crawling and just walk - gotta be a bit different to her siblings I guess biggrin.gif

ETA 'not much to say' turned into a bit of a novel, sorry!!!

Edited by SaraW, 21 July 2011 - 05:27 PM.

#17 lexington

Posted 21 July 2011 - 09:01 PM

Nope Sara it is today. Thanks for remembering - I seriously am feeling guilty as I can't for the life of me remember anyone's WAHHH sorry. Fiji is exciting, passports are easy. The passport pictures can be taken by yourself did you know that?

Happy birthday to my youngest and last baby ever. I am not feeling sad/upset that he is growing up, neither am I said that I will never have another little dumpling. I have more than enough and I am soooo looking forward them to growing up.

KMA You need to put a link here. Are you allowed to link to a blog. Get blogging girl - I see lots of etsy stores making it big through blogging then.. twitter. original.gif

Lou Jealous.. I has no walker yet. sad.gif Hurry up little L.

M4SS Was driving them home from childcare and they were incredibly cute. They kept making sounds and copying each other then they will both laugh. Awwwww best friends. original.gif

Edited by lexington, 21 July 2011 - 09:05 PM.

#18 ShopgirlX

Posted 21 July 2011 - 09:37 PM

YAY Little L!  Happy Birthday!

I was thinking of you the other day and remembered it was the 21st... then we got to the 21st and ddoh.gif

I *think* Patsy's little A is next (23rd??) followed by my little E (27th)!! I still can't believe she was one of the first ones born!! I was SOOOO convinced that I was in there for the long haul as I was due on the 15th!!

I can't BELIEVE this time last year we were all super preggers LOL and wanting our babies out! Most days I want to put her back in!!  unsure.gif  laugh.gif

M4S Thanks so much for the advice... can you believe it, we may have had a breakthrough!  Today I found her sleeping on her stomach, and she slept for HOURS!!!  Don't tell me that's all it was?  Anyway it was soooo darn cute and she definitely slept well!  I will be taking on your other advice all the same!

Lex nooo, never when I'm trying to work, LOL!  On the days I work her Yiayia (the MIL) comes here and looks after her!  I'm very fortunate that I can be home with her.

And thanks everyone for making me feel better about going out/not going out... I worry that she doesn't have a lot of socialisation with other kidlets but on occasion she does... maybe it's enough for now.

Sara, Lou, great to hear from you.  Sorry no more personals, I'm being sent to bed, LOL, so talk soon girls!

#19 heidles82

Posted 22 July 2011 - 02:28 AM


#20 My4Sunshines

Posted 22 July 2011 - 12:55 PM

Lost my post cry1.gif  cry1.gif  cry1.gif  cry1.gif

Closed the window by accident cry1.gif  rant.gif  cry1.gif  rant.gif  cry1.gif  cry1.gif



So I originally came in to ask when the birthdays begin only to find I had missed one already cry1.gif  cry1.gif
Sorry Lex

eexcite.gif HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY IBLUKE ddance.gif hope you had a fun day yesterday

DD2 turns 9 on Sunday ohmy.gif

SG think you are right with patsy's dd being next
phoebesmummy ds & mallowpuff's ds is 26th, and schnecke's dd is the same day as your E.
That is all there is on our old due dates spreadsheet.
dd3 always slept on her tum with her bum up (knees up under herself) wub.gif so cute. Taj sleeps on his tum too.
dd1 & 2 went in to occasional care from 15months for socialisation 1 day a week when they were steadier on their feet and they were bored with mummy at home and getting into everything, they loved it, though dd2 was a shy little treasure there but made up for it at home dry.gif

Sara good to hear from you. Sorry nothing is happeneing with your house, if you decide to extend you will kind of have a new house, perhaps live in it for a while and really decide if you still want to move??
Taj isnt settling when I put him down now, he'll whinge and crawl around, sit up etc.. he cant stand up as he is in a grobag tongue.gif and the treasure has worked out how to undo his dummy chain (lift the top to open the clasp up huh.gif ) and drop it anywhere he pleases glare.gif so his afternoon I got the vacuum out and what do you know ssleep.gif  ssleep.gif ................

Skip eexcite.gif yay P well done tthumbs.gif very clever girl!!
I caught Taj this afternoon standing at the coffee table and reaching out to the couch ffear.gif , he almost got it just not too sure on his feet yet, he'll cruise along the coffee table but seeing him almost transferring to something else was a shock.

Sorry have to go as my big girls have walked in the door and need snacks, popcorn anyone?? biggrin.gif

Edited by My4Sunshines, 22 July 2011 - 03:49 PM.

#21 SaraW

Posted 23 July 2011 - 07:38 PM

Hehe for a blast from the past I found our list....

Cannot believe it's a year since all the excitement of babies being born, stalking the threads for news LOL

Babies Born 1-15 August DIG

Sean William Robert ~ Mum: dee&D ~ Weight: 817g ~ Length 32cm
He grew wings on June 10th

Tasman Joseph ~ Mum: crumpet10 ~ Weight: 1.41kg ~ Length 40.1cm

Zander Brock ~ Mum: Allyjj ~ Weight: 6lb10oz

Zoe Isabelle ~ Mum: auntyleelee ~ Weight: 6lb10oz

Luke ~ Mum: lexington ~ Weight: 2.7kg

Thomas Matthew ~ Mum: Rose09 ~ Weight: 9lb9oz ~ Length: 51cm

Anique ~ Mum: patsyb ~ Weight: 3.25kg

Lily ~ Mum: MrsForry ~ Weight: 3.13kg

Georgina ~ Mum: Ciel ~ Weight: 2.29kg

Reuben ~ Mum: PheobesMummy ~ Weight: 7lb11oz

Oscar ~ Mum: mallowpuff ~ Weight: 2.9kg

James Leo ~ Mum: guildash ~ Weight: 3.85kg / 8lb7oz

Malia Kiya ~ Mum: Schnecke ~ Weight: 3.5kg

Eva ~ Mum: shopgirl ~ Weight: 3.21kg / 7lb1oz

Jack ~ Mum: millej13 ~ Weight: 6.25lb

Claudia Louise ~ Mum: SaraW ~ Weight: 4.41kg / 9lb11oz

Alessandra Elise ~ Mum: khaz ~ Weight:

Elizabeth Mary ~ Mum: illusion ~ Weight: 7lb10oz

Madison Robyn ~ Mum: K+L ~ Weight: 3.2kg

Maxwell Mook ~ Mum: kckb ~ Weight: 2.91kg

Elowen Elizabeth ~ Mum: essy1 ~ Weight: 3.3kg

Lenny Michael ~ Mum: chookii ~ Weight: 2.75kg / 6lb1oz

Taj Paul George David Alan ~ Mum: iluvbutterflies ~ Weight: 3.51kg / 7lb7oz

Piper Lee ~ Mum: melissa1781 ~ Weight:

Isla Grace ~ Mum: MsMia ~ Weight: 2.63kg

Jackson Paul ~ Mum: heidles82 ~ Weight: 3.86kg

Willow Paul ~ Mum: babywombat ~ Weight: 3.126kg

Lucas Brian ~ Mum: BandN ~ Weight: 3.07kg / 6lb12.5oz

Henry Charles ~ Mum: happy2bme ~ Weight: 3.7kg

Lincoln Alexander ~ Mum: herewegoagain4 ~ Weight: 6lb12oz

Lachlan Alexander ~ Mum: JAL1 ~ Weight: 3.91kg / 8lb10oz

Rosalee Pamela ~ Mum: michellew68 ~ Weight: 4.35kg

Freya Annette ~ Mum: lola406 ~ Weight:

Ava Maree ~ Mum: MummysLittlePoppet ~ Weight: 3.25kg

Natalia Jane ~ Mum: amaratae ~ Weight: 3.8kg

Rani ~ Mum: Jyles_3 ~ Weight:

Samuel Jacob ~ Mum: Rough-Diamond ~ Weight: 3.775kg

Sophie Erin Saoirse ~ Mum: slippers ~ Weight: 4.68kg / 10lb5oz

Paige Charlotte ~ Mum: SkipToMyLou ~ Weight 7lb 3oz

Adan ~ Mum: Frenchgirl ~ Weight:

Addison Marie ~ Mum: Kara1304 ~ Weight:3.2kg

Imogen ~ Mum: babybec ~ Weight: 3.9kg

#22 My4Sunshines

Posted 23 July 2011 - 08:14 PM

sara You champion, well done tthumbs.gif

Holey smokes can't believe I've missed so many birthdays already sad.gif

Tasman (a belated wish!)
and always remembering Sean
Zoe and
Anique for today
and Lily for tomorrow
my dd's birthday is tomorrow too happy.gif

#23 ShopgirlX

Posted 23 July 2011 - 09:03 PM

Sara you STAR!!  cclap.gif cclap.gif cclap.gif   Aaah the memories... before my life turned upside down and inside out and changed me forever for the better  blush.gif I like to hope that some of those mummies check in on us from time to time, just lurking original.gif  

I hope everyone else is off enjoying the weekend waves.gif


Oh Lou I heard something about crazy flooding down your way - I hope you're not affected!

ETA - Happy birthday 'M4S Junior' Tounge1.gif

Edited by shopgirl76, 23 July 2011 - 09:05 PM.

#24 lexington

Posted 23 July 2011 - 09:09 PM

Oh lord I remember when Dee&d had her angel. I think the entire DIG were lost for words and nobody posted after that.

Thanks Sara! That's amazing.

#25 TotesFeral

Posted 23 July 2011 - 09:18 PM

I can't believe you found the list Sara.
I had completely forgotten how many babies we had born!

There is my poor Addison all the way at the end.

Happy Brithday to all our little bubbas who have recently had theres  biggrin.gif

Lex I set up my page on facebook.
Here is the link if you want to look:

I'm impatiently waiting for a friend to have her baby. She was due on Friday. Not sure what she is having and I really want to make something for bub so hurry up and come out!

Shopgirl - Glad to hear you had a breakthough with her sleeping. Hope she keeps it up for you.

Poor Addison is really freaked out by this wooden mask at mum and dads. I may of been a bit evil and made it worse  ph34r.gif I think they are going to have to move it now and she cries everytime she sees it.

Does anyone else have a bub that walks like a crab? When she is holding our hands she walks sideways instead of forwards. I don't know if it's because she is so used to cruising the furniture. It is actually quite funny.

We went grocery shopping today and when we got home I opened the car door to find DD covered in crumbs. She had pulled the bag of english muffins up to her and nibbled through the plastic and had been munching on a muffin.  dry.gif  laughing2.gif
Mum and dad laugh that she is taking after me with all the weird things she likes to eat. My parents found me one day absolutely covered in blue stuff. Turns out I had pulled the toilet thing out(like the blue loo stuff) and had eaten it.  wacko.gif Freaked my parents out big time.

M4S - Addison is transferring between furniture. It's quite scary at how quickly she picked it up as a few weeks ago she couldn't even pull herself up! She keeps getting stuck with one arm on the coffee table and one arm on the lounge doing the splits. Poor thing gets really freaked out.

Hope everyone else is well!

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