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#26 heidles82

Posted 24 July 2011 - 10:09 AM

SaraW - What a blast from the past! So many babies!

I am in denial that my baby is almost 1 - where did the last 12 months go  cry1.gif

#27 Skip to my Lou

Posted 25 July 2011 - 10:56 AM

SARA: I just came in to post the list and you beat me to it! LOL Well done biggrin.gif

KMA : Laughed at the muffin incident. Freya when she was about 15 months, found a basket of lemons in a shop - and ate the entire thing; skin and all! I tasted a bit of the flesh to see if it was a sweet one and bleughh it wasn't, sooo sour. The things kids eat hehehe

SG : yeah we got lots of flooding happening, but we were ok, didn't affect us personally this time, CHurchill had both roads that exit the town covered over, but not too badly - I didn't even need to resort to the 4WD to go through them. Thanks for thinking of us.

AFUS: Paigey starts child care on Thursday, and they are even happy to use my MCN biggrin.gif yay. Bonus!!! I will prob only leave her for a few hours initially (about 9 till kinder pick up at 12:15. I will stay with her a little bit before I leave her at 9.) It's the same building as the kinder is in, so I will walk in with 2 kids and leave with none hehehe. I'm so ready for this, but then when I think of leaving my baby with them I do feel sad. Not sad enough to get upset though LOL

Had a great day with a friend yesterday, we both left our kids and went and saw HP gold class, then did some shopping. I found a really nice dress to wear on P's birthday too original.gif better go, the cranky one who kept waking up last night has just woken up again...better be a tooth...better come through soon....xx

#28 My4Sunshines

Posted 25 July 2011 - 02:57 PM

Ciel would love to hear from you biggrin.gif
Actually would love to hear from everyone also Summer, Lemon (seen you around then keep forgetting to shoot you a message ddoh.gif ), now my memory has gone and I can't think of the others I was going to call out too rolleyes.gif  
Buttermelt (though I think you have a new user name now???), Aminila........

Skip Glad to hear you are 'dry' at your place wink.gif
I'm very very very jealous of your lovely day out to HP, dh and I are tying to find some time to see it ourselves (Gold Class of course!!) but it's not working cry1.gif
Another cry1.gif do you remember that link you posted for the name puzzles I asked about, well I lost the link cry1.gif do you remember it at all?? hands.gif
General question...I went to get Taj a refill yesterday (water) and the kettle had just boiled so I gave him tap water, when did you start giving tap water? I think I gave it to the girls just after they were 1 shrug.gif

DD2 had a great day yesterday, we gave her 2 tops and a pair of jeans then she got her big surprise..... a new bike
We all went to see Kung Fu Panda 2 in the afternoon then I took the girls out to take the new bike for a spin, dd3 got to ride her new bike (from her birthday in may!!) and dd1 rode her scooter. Ended up taking Taj as well as he wouldn't settle when we got home, he wanted to take his footy as he wouldn't let it go so he held onto it all the way in the pram wub.gif while saying "dadadadadadadad" laughing2.gif

My toes are still freezing, going to have a cup of tea and perhaps mud cake too (dd's birthday cake original.gif )

Edited by My4Sunshines, 26 July 2011 - 12:45 PM.

#29 heidles82

Posted 25 July 2011 - 09:52 PM

Re: Tap water - I have been giving Jackson tap water for a couple of months now  wwhistle.gif

#30 lexington

Posted 26 July 2011 - 09:40 AM

Are we not suppose to?
I have been giving him tap water (i live in Melbourne not Adelaide sorry Adelaide ladies).
Formula i use boiled water .. erm sometimes i cool it down with tap LOL.

#31 slippers

Posted 26 July 2011 - 11:20 AM

SaraW - thanks for the list, it brought back memories and mixed feelings, surges of love for our little babies, the joy of celebrating their births, the sorrow for those who lost. It seems like a thousand years ago and only a short while ago at the same time.

AFM - three weeks until I go back to work. I'm hate hate hating the idea of leaving my baby behind. She still paws at me and begs for breastfeeds throughout the day, I feed her in the morning, at lunchtime and at bedtime. I've reluctantly dropped the little feed she was having to settle her for her morning nap, but if I wasn't going back to work I would continue to feed her then. I'm a bit torn about dropping the midday feed, I'm allowed to express at work and as I'm only going back for two days a week we might be able to hold onto that one.

She isn't ready to leave me yet, and I'm not ready to leave her. I wanted to put off returning to work until she was 18 months old but we are struggling financially from payday to payday, and the bills keep piling in.

Sorry about the 'me me me' post. Just need to get it off my chest to pull myself out of this little hole of self-pity I'm wallowing in.

#32 My4Sunshines

Posted 26 July 2011 - 12:50 PM


slippers Sorry to hear you have to go back to work, that really sucks especially if you weren't ready to do it yet, that is a big mental hurdle to get over. Do you think once you are there you will feel different, or will you think of your girl more (that would be me rolleyes.gif )
Wallow away lovey, you have to get it out hhugs.gif

#33 Skip to my Lou

Posted 26 July 2011 - 12:56 PM

M4SS : Took me am inute to remember what the store was called, then remembered how to find it (through a market I go to) here you go : http://www.puzzleswithadifference.com/

As for water, I still give boiled, will stop that at 12 months. It's one of those stupid things that I don't know why I go along with. MCHN say to do it, but it doesn't really make sense - everything else going in our babies mouths are not sterile so why does it matter??? I don't think there is any harm that will be done by not giving cooled boiled water - yet I do it! Go figure LOL

#34 My4Sunshines

Posted 26 July 2011 - 02:08 PM

QUOTE (Skip to my Lou @ 26/07/2011, 12:56 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
M4SS : Took me am inute to remember what the store was called, then remembered how to find it (through a market I go to) here you go : http://www.puzzleswithadifference.com/

As for water, I still give boiled, will stop that at 12 months. It's one of those stupid things that I don't know why I go along with. MCHN say to do it, but it doesn't really make sense - everything else going in our babies mouths are not sterile so why does it matter??? I don't think there is any harm that will be done by not giving cooled boiled water - yet I do it! Go figure LOL

1st Thank you thank you!!! Life saver happy.gif
2nd I do the same thing rolleyes.gif you stop doing all the things you are told to do till they are 12 months like it would have made a huge difference if you did it one day before they turned 1 ddoh.gif (yes it would've been the end of my world rolleyes.gif  rolleyes.gif  rolleyes.gif  rolleyes.gif  wink.gif )

#35 SaraW

Posted 27 July 2011 - 05:25 AM

Happy Birthday Eva and Malia!!!

I still give Claudia boiled water and will until she's 18 months old, but that's only because we're on tank water, if we had town supply I'd give her tap now original.gif

slippers, we're always here to listen!!  Sorry to hear you have to go back before you feel ready, good that you can continue to bf though - I hope it all works out.  Who will be looking after Sophie while you're at work?

STML hope Paige enjoys her first day of daycare tomorrow, and you do too original.gif

Speaking of things kids eat.... Claudia swallowed a little craft star (T tipped a bag of them onto the floor and missed some in the clean up)  Only about half a cm across but I think it was made of plastic as it was quite sharp and I couldn't bend it between my fingers  ffear.gif   I phoned the healthline number (of course it was a Saturday night) and got a really lovely nurse who reassured me - she wasn't screaming in pain or grabbing her throat so the nurse thought it was probably in C's tummy.  Gave her some bread and then had the lovely job of checking her poo until it came out.... at Monday lunchtime.  I don't think she's suffered any ill effects but really how would you know... kids got a good talking to about leaving stuff around - think they're a bit lazy about it because she's still not really moving...

Better get moving...still holidays here and our TV decided to crap out on Monday, of course we can't find the receipt but it's only 2 or 3 years old so definitely should still be working!!  DH going to sort it out today...  we'll probably be going TV shopping soon, sigh

have a great day everyone!

#36 Skip to my Lou

Posted 27 July 2011 - 08:04 AM

Happy Birthday Eva - Hope you all have a great day SG

Happy Birthday Malia - hope your day is great as well schnecke (are you back from O/S yet?!!!)

Am trying to get Paige to start drinking a bit of regular milk each day with her breakfast but she is flat out refusing! She has been having it ages in her cereal and so on, but not to drink. I'm so frustrated, Freya took to milk right away. I really don't want to have to keep buying formula once she is one Arghhhh stubborn little poo.

#37 TotesFeral

Posted 27 July 2011 - 08:23 AM

Happy Birthday Eva and Malia!!!!

I give Addison tap water for just her water bottle but I still give boiled water for her bottles.
Have to agree with Lex about Adelaides water. I refused to touch it when we were living down there  sick.gif
The tap water back here is fine but I'm still in the habit of buying water when doing the shopping.

Slippers  hhugs.gif It's awful when you really don't want to go back to work but have no choice. A friend of mine has just gone back to work and her bub is only 2 months old. I just couldn't imagine doing it.
You have been great to make it this far though with struggling to pay bills as well!

#38 slippers

Posted 27 July 2011 - 10:08 AM

Thanks for all the support, everyone. I'm over my little sook (for now, I can't promise I won't do it again later!).

Do you think once you are there you will feel different, or will you think of your girl more

I wasn't ready to go back to work after DD1 and DS, either, but Sophie is just so attached to me it is even more difficult to leave her behind. It doesn't help that I am over my job and have been hunting for a new one for about 4 years (I did two secondments after DS to try and skill up so I could apply for more positions, but suitable part-time jobs that are a reasonable commute from home are hard to come by).

My main consolation is I'm only returning for two days a week. Soph will go to the in-laws one day and daycare the other (at $90 a day! Holy schmoley!)

Boiled water - I'm still boiling, but am a bit more relaxed about it now she is nearing the magic 12 month mark.

Cows milk - who else has tried it so far? Do you warm Paiges up a little before she drinks it?

#39 heidles82

Posted 27 July 2011 - 10:55 AM

Best of luck with returning to work Slippers. I struggled to begin with too as I was still BF Jackson. I work 20 hours a week over three days, and express once a day now (for 30mins just after lunch). Some days I don't quite get enough for a full feed, so he gets topped up with formula during the day, but the days I am at home Jackson gets his boobie milk biggrin.gif Once he turns the magic 12 months next week I will begin to transition to cows milk for his daytime feeds (but hopefully keep his morning and nighttime feeds as BF until he decides he no longer needs it).

#40 My4Sunshines

Posted 27 July 2011 - 09:21 PM

ffear.gif  ffear.gif  ffear.gif  ddoh.gif  ddoh.gif  sad.gif  sad.gif probably missed the girls in question as they are most likely in bed, mad.gif at myself

ddance.gif HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY...

Hope you have had a wonderful day

#41 lexington

Posted 28 July 2011 - 11:18 AM

Waiting for can of formula to run out before I give him moo milk.

And what's up with water in SA. It's really bad!

Back to work... see yas in a bit.

#42 ShopgirlX

Posted 28 July 2011 - 11:54 AM

Hey!  Thanks for the birthday wishes!  Don't worry M4S, I am sure that E won't mind if I pass your wishes on today Tounge1.gif  We had a quiet day, and I just whipped up some cupcakes with pink rosewater frosting to commemorate the day, and then we have her party on Saturday!  I gave E her Cocoon Couture beanbag, and maybe today we will open the ride-on Zebra thingy that her uncle gave her!

Girls I am really glad you are having this milk conversation as I am confused about whether I should be trying to give Eva milk/formula during the day now, too!  She has booby feed first thing in the morning and last thing at night and basically nothing in between, as she WILL. NOT. DRINK. FORMULA!!!! How much milk/formula do they need these days anyway?

Regarding, tap water, I was always 'taught' that once they were old enough to pick their toys up off the floor (and hence put them in their mouths) that tap water was fine.  I've probably been giving it to her since 8 months, maybe earlier.  That said, I still have to force-feed it to her, she just won't drink it of her own accord! Argh!

Slippers I feel for you, I really do. I might be "back at work" but I know how truly fortunate I am that E is in the next room.  I could put her into staff creche if I had to work onsite but I much prefer our arrangements where DH looks after her if I have to go into the office, and MIL is here while I am here all other days.

M4S you mentioned Ciel - I've seen her around the boards, though I never see anyone else in here reading when I'm here so don't know if she pops in to read.

Lex Jack Black was on Yo Gabba Gabba this morning!!! ZOMG Jack Black!!

Well girls, wish me luck for the extravaganza on Saturday! I'm going to be baking my patooti off tomorrow, and DH is taking the day off to clean up the house YAY (not my forte - I get bogged down in putting every little thing away - he just grabs it all and moves it and then I lose stuff   ph34r.gif  cry1.gif  But at least it's tidy, right  huh.gif  biggrin.gif )  Actually I really shouldn't call it an extravaganza... it's not that big!  Just a big deal  cool.gif

#43 Aminila

Posted 28 July 2011 - 06:37 PM

Re: milk, with Brody to start with i gave him a bottle with 1/3 milk and 2/3 water, then after a few days i went to 1/2 and 1/2, another few days 2/3 and 1/3 then another few days went to full strength milk.
I only noticed a couple of days ago that Kaylee can drink out of a drink bottle with a straw, so i think she's been drinking Brody's milk for quite awhile blush.gif I gave her a small amout in a straw cup today and she was very proud of herself biggrin.gif

Re: tap water i was told by my MCHN's that once they are putting everything in their mouth there wasn't much point in boiling it. Mind you i can't stand the taste of tap water so i drink rainwater, but i give the kids tap water biggrin.gif

It sucks that you have to go back to work when you aren't ready to Slippers sad.gif I went back when Brody was about 8 months old 2 days a week, but he went to my aunt one day and my dad and stepmum the other day, so he was still with family. However Kaylee is a real boobie girl and still has lots of feeds during the day and night (although i think that is mainly me wanting to make things easier for myself) i am still on maternity leave until the 20th of dec with the ability to extend it another 6 months, but i will see how things are financially once my Centrelink and child support payments get sorted out properly.

Happy Birthday to all of the bubbas original.gif

AFU: Kaylee has gotten 3 teeth in the last 3 weeks original.gif She is super fast at crawling and cruising along the furniture, she can stand up fine when she lets go, but doesn't seem to be in any hurry to take steps unassisted yet. Brody has started with the terrible 3's sad.gif lots of tantrums and defiance, oh the joy rolleyes.gif

#44 My4Sunshines

Posted 28 July 2011 - 09:36 PM


Hope you had a great day
Millej where are you?? Hope all is going well.

SG I've seen Ciel about too.
I'm happy E had a lovely day and hope Saturday goes smoothly for you.
We are having our family party on Sunday for Taj and dd2 (they are 10 days apart), we will be making egg, dairy and nut free cup cakes for him, and will have to save 1 for Wednesday for him as well to have on his birthday. I feel really horrible that he can't enjoy the 'everyday' foods we take for granted.

Sara Talking about kids leaving stuff on the floor ddoh.gif I have told the girls twice now how important it is for them to sit while they eat and not walk around leaving food on the floor or container on the tables etc... now that Taj can stand up on everything he will get them and sure enough they go straight in the mouth. The other day he was in dd 2 & 3's room and I went in and found he had a smartie in his mouth ffear.gif  ohmy.gif I totally freaked out and in my mind had him vomiting and in an ambulance, luckily and for the grace of god he had only sucked the outer coloring shell and didn't actually get to the chocolate.
So I went through the girls for one having food in their room and second for leaving it where Taj could get it.
Today I asked them when they would actually listen to what I was saying, perhaps when he was vomiting all over the floor or when I was calling the ambulance because that is what will happen if he puts those things in his mouth, and his next reaction will be worse than the last. Sounds horrible however I need them to understand how serious it is for him sad.gif

Glad Claudia soon 'passed' the star and without any damage or discomfort. I never did bother 'looking' for dd 3's tooth sick.gif

#45 heidles82

Posted 29 July 2011 - 06:58 AM

Happy belated birthday Eva!!! Enjoy the party on the weekend!!

Also happy belated birthday to Jack and Malia!

And now that I have caught up - happy birthday Claudia! And Alessandra!

#46 My4Sunshines

Posted 29 July 2011 - 10:34 AM

Hope you both have wonderful days

Isn't it weird that we either have boy or girl birthdays (hey what happened to the boy and girl icons?? and what's with the stupid water drop ones & year round santas?)

SG they can start having milk from 12months, I used to do a mix of formula (what they were having att)
, like what Aminlla said, and moo milk until it was completely moo milk.
I think they need to be having 3 serves of dairy a day. I'm really not with it with Taj as he can't have any dairy so I'm totally shrug.gif  shrug.gif with him. I bf him in the morning then he has rice milk from a sippy cup with a straw and a bf before bed, he also has rice milk on his weetbix.
If I were you I'd ditch the formula now and try E with some moo milk at lunchtime, or whenever you would give her the formula. Talk with your mchn if you are bamboozled though.
Taj's 1 year appointment with mchn isn't till 29th August huh.gif as they are so busy (I made that appointment at his 8 month check too!!) and I have to find out if he can have the 12 month immunisations as he is allergic to egg. GP said 'yeah it should be okyou may just need to saty longer to watch for any reaction', I wasn't reassured by that at all so will ring his allergy Dr.

Edited by My4Sunshines, 29 July 2011 - 10:44 AM.

#47 happy2bme

Posted 29 July 2011 - 02:35 PM

Hi all,

I am still here - just dont get as much time to pop in.

Happy birthday to all our gorgeous babies!!!   Where has that time gone??  I was just going through my pregnancy photos & photos of Henry as a new orn & felt quite sad which is weird cause I am loving this age etc.  I/we are still undecided about whether we will have #3 or not.  I feel kinda sad when I think of never being pregnant again but then the first 2-3 months of a newborn is so hard for me I dont cope very well at all so I dont know.

Milk - we are slowly transistioning Henry onto milk (from formula).
Water - I still boil - not sure why, guess it makes me feel better or something?  

Siblings - I am constantly telling James to pick up his lego so Henry doesnt get it but he still "forgets".  So far we havent had any incidents.

Henry - He is going really well, such a different child to what james was/is.  Has been walking for a while now, claps, waves & says Bye, gives kisses (open mouthed though lol) & has 1 & half teeth - not front ones though which looks quite weird.  He has been quite ill over the past few months - the joys of daycare. Sometimes I feel like I spend more time at home looking after him than going to work. Oh well work is quite understanding & i try to keep up by working from home.  Still not sleeping through the night but I think this has more to do with the fact he is ill often than anything else.  We sre having Henrys party next weekend at a local indoor play centre.  Im doing my first ever birthday cake for him & i have been stressing for weeks about it.  I usually just pay someone to make & now I know why ha ha ha.  The problem is I am such a perfectionist so im stressing that it will look ok.

AFUS - Life is hectic with 2 kids, dont know how people with more do it.  With both of us working full time, James at school + the home work that comes with it, Ive just started studying at Uni (what the hell was i thinking), husband also has PT business on the side for which i do the books for, James is also playing sport this year - geez busy busy - no wonder my house looks like a bomb has hit it most days.

#48 TotesFeral

Posted 30 July 2011 - 08:24 AM

Morning everyone!

Happy Birthday for Elizabeth

Happy2beme - Don't worry, with only 1 child my house sometimes looks like a bomb hit it. But with study and sewing the day just seems to go so quickly. And Addison just loves to get into everything.

M4S - I can't believe they couldn't get him in until 29th August! Addisons appointment is on 22nd, so 2 days after her birthday, and I only could a couple of weeks ago. But I think their Septembers are really busy, that is when all the babies were being born. It was something like 70 babies born in September and overall they had 250 in the year.

Aminila - I wasn't able to find your page! I don't know what is wrong with my facebook. If you want to just fine me - Happy Little Feet Creations - and then post to my wall I'll go to your page that way.

We finally got our money from centrelink, a nice $6000. I was getting overly paranoid that it wasn't coming but it was in on Thursday! DF also just got a pay rise, yay. And at the moment they are negotiating pay rises for the whole staff so he should get another one soon.
Well for those that aren't on facebook we had a wedding drama the other day. DF cousin, one of the groomsmen, called to say he wouldn't be able to make it to the wedding due to having no money.  ddoh.gif He has known for 12 months that he needed to fly over here. We offered to pay for the flights as they are only about $400 return and he refused. Apparently he asked his mother and she said no so the rest of the family think he is saying he isn't coming now to p*ss her off.  rant.gif It's our wedding your stuffing around by doing that.
Anyway DF asked my brother and he fits the suit so he is super excited even if he was second choice  laughing2.gif If we had of been having a bigger bridal party he would of been in it anyway.
And I've told DF that if his cousin decides closer to the date that he will be coming then sorry he will just be a guest, I'm not swapping groomsmen around again.

My sisters bridesmaid dress should come this week. Fingers crossed there is nothing wrong with this one.
Only 8 weeks to go!!!!! I'm starting to get really nervous.

Hope everyone is well and have a good weekend. xx

#49 heidles82

Posted 30 July 2011 - 11:44 AM


HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELIZABETH!!! Great day for a birthday  tthumbs.gif

Nice to hear from you H2BM biggrin.gif

KMA - Nice to be getting $$$$ from Centrelink!!! Jusy in time for Addison's birthday and your wedding too  grin.gif

We went out for Indian last night with my parents and in-laws for my birthday. Jackson loved it but his nappy this morning resembled the samosa filling  laughing2.gif DH and I are going out for dinner agin tonight with some friends sans kiddies and then tomorrow we are going to the football to hopefully see the Knights smash the Titans. So its fancy one day, schmancy the next  laugh.gif

#50 My4Sunshines

Posted 30 July 2011 - 01:48 PM

ELIZABETH cclap.gif

You get your day all to yourself, no eb cousins to share with happy.gif

Dh had his V8 Hot Laps this morning at Sandown. It was great, no rain just windy but not freezing. Dh had a ball, he drove for 9 laps then had a backseat ride for 4 laps.
The guy there asked dh if he wanted to drive a Ford or Holden, dh said 'a Ferrari with paddles please' rolleyes.gif  ddoh.gif  rolleyes.gif , he then chose a Holden. Now he wants to drive an F1 huh.gif
Dh bought a photo, which they took, of him in a car and standing next to it and he bought Taj a race top rolleyes.gif , he said he and Taj (wearing his shirt) will sit and watch Bathurst rolleyes.gif  ddoh.gif

Just a quick pop in as I NEED a cup of tea, Mr Taj is not sleeping well at all lately and dh and I are stuffed ssleep.gif

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