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#51 babybec

Posted 01 August 2011 - 01:31 PM

Argh having such a hard time lately, Immy is only feeding once from me now in the mornings before I go to work so about 6-7am, EBM during the day, no feed before bed, but she has been biting again. More like a little clamp to see what I’d do, so it didn’t hurt, but then on Saturday she gave me a proper bite! OOOWWWWW. I just yelled no loudly and tried to get her off, had to pry the little buggers jaws apart but luckily no damage. She started bawling, probably cause I yelled so loudly, and I put her down and didn’t offer to feed again, I was crying and she crawled off happily playing with her toys, didn’t seem hungry at all. Made me cry even more, thought I wouldn’t be feeding her anymore I didn’t feed her for the whole weekend, EBM instead. This morning she didn’t wake before I left and I didn’t go in and wake her, to see what would happen, half thinking maybe I’ll stop feeding now anyway, just don’t know cry1.gif  To top it all off I’ve been sick with a cold for over a week now, DH has some headcold now too so neither of us are feeling energetic to look after her.

Sob story over! Back to it…

#52 Skip to my Lou

Posted 01 August 2011 - 08:00 PM

bbighug.gif Bec you poor thing. Sounds both painful and emotionally fraught. No matter when you give up BF it's an emotional thing. Hope all works out for you in a pain free way xx

M4S Sounds like DH loved his birthday gift, you must be thrilled. Better post a pic of TAj in his race shirt for us original.gif

SG: How did the party go???? Details and pictures please woman!!!!

Regarding the milk thing: Can't remember who asked, but yeah I was heating it up. The last few days I have been mixing moo juice with formula. (25% moo) she has taken this down fine each time, so in a day or so I will up the percentage until it is all moo. Realllyyy don't want to have to buy any more tins of formula, so I will hopefully have her on complete moo soon as the tin is half full now (nearly said half finished but trying to be more positive!! lol). So yeah she will prob be on moo before she turns one (less than two weeks now original.gif ) seeing as I am a lazy tight ass who doesn't want to fork out another $20 for formula tongue.gif

This is so exciting hearing about all the birthdays, I just keep remembering how I felt this time last year, and how eager I was to check EB for any new news.

Meanwhile P now has a cold so has been sleeping rather badly the last few nights. Hopefully she picks up soon, and we will be skipping swimming tomorrow.

Se started care last week which went really well (and this is most likely the cause of her illness). She was only upset for a couple of minutes once she realised I was gone, and went down fine for her nap. Very happy to see me at pick up which was nice. Hoping she is better enough for care on Thursday, she really needs to get used to it I don't want a break in the middle. The plan is she goes for another half day (kinder hours) this week, and if this goes well too, then next week she will have a whole day. So I will have 4 hours by myself, then just Frey for the afternoon. Have thought I might take her for a hot choc somewhere as a special treat. It's so rare we get to do anything on our own- especially inthe afternoon due to P napping. I didn't get any freedom on THursday as the kinder excursion I helped with took the entire session, and am helping with another this week. (serious lack of parental support with our group, they nearly had to cancel last week. Why is it always the same mums that help out - not having a go at the working mums here at all, but there are an awful lot of non working mums that don't assist with these things which is such a shame for the kids).

OK time for a mars bar and a cuppa me thinks wink.gif

Will update on house things next time xx

Edited for typos, but I got sick of it hehehehe mars bar a calling...

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#53 Skip to my Lou

Posted 02 August 2011 - 11:12 AM

Oh M4S - how was Taj's party??

#54 My4Sunshines

Posted 02 August 2011 - 11:39 AM



Hope you all have a wonderful day (it was busy that day hey wink.gif )

SG how did E's party go on Saturday? It was a beautiful day too!

Skip The party went very well thanks however Taj isn't well atm, he started to get a temp Saturday?? so we gave him panadol thinking it was his teeth, Sunday he was a cuddly bear (more so than usual) he was brilliant though and ate his cup cake dh made for him though I think most of it ended up on the floor happy.gif . Both Taj and Nish got some great presents.
By Sunday night he had a cough, like a tickle, yesterday it sounded like a cold cough iykwim, anyway this morning his cough had become 'raspy', a bit of a bark and sounded like a wheeze when he breathed out so took him to the Dr this morning and he put him on Predmix today and tomorrow and wants to see him again in the morning (on his birthday!! cry1.gif sorry mate) so I hope this medicine clears up whatever it is quick stick.

Dh was on such a high from his drive on Saturday, he wants to back and drive a manual next time!! What have I created sad.gif  wink.gif

Oh hot chocolate with real milk, yes please!! wink.gif oooo and a donut laugh.gif

babybec hhugs.gif to you
I agree with SKIP no matter when you stop bf you feel horrible, guilty and always wonder if that was the right thing to do.
Every now and then Taj will give me a little bite, I then give him a stern 'DON'T' or if it's harder he gets no more!!
I never fed any of mine till they weaned themselves, it was always me stopping, now I don't know what to do with Taj, I think he would keep going however I am coming to the end of my line, doesnt make it any easier though.
I hope things have settled somewhat now for you bbighug.gif

Must go I'm supposed to be mopping the floor wwhistle.gif you didn't hear that from me though ok? ninja.gif

#55 SaraW

Posted 03 August 2011 - 09:17 AM

Happy Birthday Taj!!! M4S I hope you all have a lovely day with your handsome little man original.gif  (Hope Taj feels better today)

Happy 1st Birthday to Piper and Isla too!!! original.gif

Thanks for Claudia's birthday wishes, she had a lovely day, and has now decided it's time to move - she started bum-shuffling on Sunday, so cute - already has had a go at the cat biscuits though....  wwhistle.gif

Edited by SaraW, 03 August 2011 - 09:22 AM.

#56 My4Sunshines

Posted 03 August 2011 - 12:06 PM



This is how my boy woke this morning

Taj wasn't interested in his presents at all and his attitude was 'quite frankly what is all the fuss about' he posed for the camera something shocking and did some hilarious squinty smiles, we were all cracking up at him.

He still has the cough and it wasn't getting better so we tootled off to the Dr this morning, with dd3 as well (she came in at 3.30 this morning 'barking'), she was given the all clear huh.gif and Taj is now on ab's as he has a chest infection ohmy.gif , yesterday it was croup apparently.
So if he and/or dd aren't any better in the morning we will be back to the Dr tomorrow morning sad.gif

Sara Thanks for that! He is a very brave boy and usually looses it by the afternoon with all this muck he has, don't blame him though.
cclap.gif Well done Claudia on making a move.
I had a laugh at the cat biscuits!! Taj had cat bics over his pants Monday night and dd2 caught him playing in the cats water bowl last night, think we need to put it all up on the washing machine. Though the cat litter is on the floor too and the laundry door doesn't close properly (you can just push it open)

I have all our washing on the outside line today in this gorgeous sun, please hands.gif let it stay for a while

#57 TotesFeral

Posted 03 August 2011 - 07:50 PM

Just a quick one from me.

Happy Birthday Taj!!!!!!!!!!!!

And a happy birthday to both Piper and Isla

I'm sure you were all spoilt rotten.

Love the photos M4S.

Busy busy at the moment with wedding planning, birthday planning, law assessments and getting stuff ready for my first market stall next weekend. Sorry this is so short, I'll try and get in tomorrow!

#58 Aminila

Posted 03 August 2011 - 11:44 PM

Happy Birthdayy Taj!!!
Hope you all had a great day original.gif and I hope the kidlets are better very soon M4S

Good luck with the market stall K+M+A

Kaylee started walking properly today. It was quite amusing, lately she has been taking up to about 3 steps at a time, went over to my dads for dinner this afternoon, and suddenly she's taking 15-20 steps at a time biggrin.gif

We adopted a 9 week old puppy from the RSPCA on saturday , a boy named McCoy. He is listed as a rotti cross, but everyone says he's more doberman. It's been fun, trying to house train a puppy, toilet train a toddler as well as help a baby learn to walk rolleyes.gif

Edited by Aminila, 03 August 2011 - 11:44 PM.

#59 TotesFeral

Posted 04 August 2011 - 07:55 AM

Happy Birthday Jackson and Lucas

Happy birthday Willow!

Aminila - Go Kaylee! I think we are a while of walking yet but she has started to walk along holding onto just one of my hands so fingers crossed she will be confident enough to do this on the wedding day!!
Good luck with the house training, I hated house training our first dog. The second dog we got was so much easier as she would just watch what Trevor did so we really didn't need to teach her at all.

STML - Glad P went well at daycare. Addison is still a little funny, she is alright once I'm gone but she screams as soon as she sees the house and her daycare mum. Lucky she has a dog to distract her with in the mornings as Addison loves dogs. The daycare mum also said they have been finally getting smiles from her!  laughing2.gif I have such a little grump of a child.

So we are finally getting into the nitty gritty stuff of the wedding. The lady helping organise stuff at the Mercure for the reception got fired last week  rolleyes.gif So we had to meet with the new lady this week, she is lovely, but we were going through all our stuff(I had a big checklist I had to fill out and it took ages) and half of the stuff the old lady put on there was wrong! Sigh, oh well we fixed  it all up.

Just been spending lots of money now to pay for everything. Ordered all the lollies for the candy buffet. Bought everything for Addison's birthday.
The bridesmaid dresses turned up yesterday and they are perfect!!!

I bought a bubble machine for Addison's birthday and some bubble wands. Hopefully that keeps the kids entertained. We have 30 balloons to fill with helium and the last party we were at the kids just played with those. I've also got some owls to paint, tissue balls to make, her photo banner to finish. So much to do!!
And I've got to finishing sewing all this stuff for the markets!!!!
Busy Busy Busy

Hope everyone is well, better to go as Addison is crying next to me

#60 whydoibother

Posted 04 August 2011 - 01:42 PM

Oh Bec that is hard!  THey are at the age of testing the boundaries-Sam bites me he'll pretend he is coming in for a kiss and then chomps me!  As for stopping feeding, do it when you are ready.  Amelia was off the boob by 10 months, Noah I feed until 21.5 months.  They don't mind where they get their milk from and it is hard on mummy sad.gif  You did the right thing BTW a firm no and taking her off the boob is the right thing to do.

Aminila - Well done Kaylee!

K+M+A oh wedding planning gah laughing2.gif I did mine all long distance and it was a PITA sometimes.

M4S: Taj you are a handsome lil boy wub.gif

Sigh will bbl

#61 lexington

Posted 04 August 2011 - 06:17 PM

Omg So many birthdays!!

Happy birthday to everyone.

I'm tired, that is all.

#62 ShopgirlX

Posted 04 August 2011 - 08:17 PM

Hiii everyone and happpy birthday to all the little treasures!! There's no way I could manage to do daily birthday wishes! Tounge1.gif ph34r.gif

KMA when do you sleep woman???   Your life exhausts me, LOL!  What date is the wedding again? I have the 11th in my head??  Mercure, ooh swish wink.gif and I hope everything is falling into place really well.  Sounds like it was a good thing that other woman was fired if she had half your stuff wrong!!! rolleyes.gif

Bec so sorry to hear about the BFing. You know, Immy will be fine, it's you who will feel the loss.  Be gentle with yourself  hhugs.gif   Eva still nips be but somehow I manage not to react outwardly and I think that's why it's only occasionally.  

M4S What a spunk!  Does he look like his dad?  Cos I can't see much of you in there.  Happy Birthday for yesterday - I was thinking of you but didn't make it in original.gif I reckon we need another get-together to see all these beautiful grown-up babies!  Except they're a lot more trouble these days!!  Let's put it on the to-do list... Lex, Bec, Lou you gals too!

Amilina another walker!  Well done Kaylee!  No sign of it here... if we try to hold E's arms and get her to walk she lifts both legs up so that she is in a sitting position but hovering in mid-air, soooo not interested!!

AFUS We had a nice party on the weekend, small enough that we got to spend a good amount of time with everyone.  I'm not one for hosting parties though, so we won't be doing another one until she's asking for one, LOL!  We got less photos than I hoped, but some nice ones. I don't have an online photo hosty thingy though so will have to work something out to post Tounge1.gif

Since THE. VERY. DAY. she turned one her perfect two-sleep routine has gone down the toilet.  I'm thinking she's ready to cut back to just one a day.  Has anyone else come to this yet?  She will spend literally an hour stuffing around in the cot (including at least one poo-on-demand, sometimes two!! ph34r.gif ) and then she might sleep 45 minutes ...  oomg.gif I have wanted to  cry1.gif every day this has been going on! She seems tired before I put her down so I don't know what to do!! This afternoon after the hour and one poo I gave up and got her up - it was 3pm and if she had managed to sleep after that it would have stuffed up her night!  Needless to say she was beside herself by not-quite bedtime.  Poor thing had been awake since 11!!  We have the health nurse AND 12 month needles tomorrow so she had better get her rest tonight!! Me too!!

#63 My4Sunshines

Posted 04 August 2011 - 09:01 PM



Oh my where has today gone sad.gif
Just popping in for birthday wishes, will bb tomorrow for personals, waaaaay tooooo tired now

Night night ssleep.gif

#64 heidles82

Posted 04 August 2011 - 10:08 PM

Happy belated birthday to all the August babies. I have been so busy this week I haven't had a chance to post on EB. So Happy Birthday to:
Madison, Max, Elowen and Lenny for Tuesday
Taj, Piper and Isla for yesterday
Willow and Lucas for today!

M4S - Taj looks like a cheeky little man! I hope he gets better soon.

Aminila - Kaylee is walking in time for her birthday - clever girl! And it sounds like you have your hands full with a 3yo, a toddling  (almost) 1yo and a new puppy!!!

SG - Maybe E is still on a high from her birthday. I find that when Jackson has had a big couple of days, his routine gets out of wack and it takes a few days to get back to "normal". I too try and keep Jackson up if it's after 4pm, but some days he just gets so cranky that I'll give in and let him have a quick nap and deal with the consequenses later.

KMA - Glad to hear you have the wedding stuff sorted, and the bridesmaid dresses are perfect. I like the idea of a candy buffet - although I would find it hard not to eat all the lollies before the big day  wwhistle.gif

waves.gif  everyone else

yyawn.gif I am so tired and still have to make Jackson's dinosaur birthday cake tomorrow, ready for the party on Saturday. I hope it turns out ok!

Edited by heidles82, 04 August 2011 - 10:09 PM.

#65 TotesFeral

Posted 05 August 2011 - 07:38 AM

Shopgirl - Haha amazingly I still manage to get a fair bit of sleep in there. Wedding date is 24th September. It's just full on every weekend from here out though. So I basically need to get everything done during the week.

Heidles - Yes I am a bit worried about the lollies not lasting.  laughing2.gif I've ordered them all, I possible may have to hand them over to someone I trust.

Better get DD ready for daycare

#66 Skip to my Lou

Posted 05 August 2011 - 10:22 AM

waves.gif  yyawn.gif

Paige is improving though thankfully original.gif

Back properly when I get some energy again...maybe 2017????!!

#67 My4Sunshines

Posted 05 August 2011 - 08:52 PM

tthumbs.gif HENRY cclap.gif

#68 Expatmother

Posted 06 August 2011 - 04:31 AM

Hi Ladies!

Just quickly popping in to wish all the big 1 year olds a fantastic birthday! I cannot believe we are here already!

Lots of birthday wishes from Adan and his mummy xx

#69 My4Sunshines

Posted 06 August 2011 - 04:07 PM


QUOTE (shopgirl76 @ 04/08/2011, 08:17 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
M4S What a spunk!  Does he look like his dad?  Cos I can't see much of you in there.  
I reckon we need another get-together to see all these beautiful grown-up babies!  Lex, Bec, Lou you gals too!

yyes.gif Taj most certainly does look like his dad, bit scarey really happy.gif Will see if I can do a comparison pic


Dh on the left, Taj on the right

ooooo another catch up, Lemon, millej and ummmm... patsy, mallowpuff, was that it??

KMA I've been looking for a bubble machine but can't find one anywhere sad.gif
Candy buffet????? Can you please explain how that works (I'm socially challenged and haven't heard of that before rolleyes.gif )
What a relief the bridesmaids dresses are how you want them, tick that off the list now!

heidles Hope Jacksons party is going well. It's horrible weather here today hope it's better at your place

FG Great to hear from you waves.gif How's things??

Edited by My4Sunshines, 06 August 2011 - 07:02 PM.

#70 Skip to my Lou

Posted 07 August 2011 - 11:01 AM

catch up! Great biggrin.gif

M4S - You can normally get bubble machines in Kmart or Big W. But I was at Toys R Us at Knox a few weeks ago, and saw some there too

All going good here, Paige def on the improve, did some party bags for next week, still haven't got all her birthday present (have a popcorn popper walking thing and a t-shirt, Stu going to pick up a flip out couch for her during the week).

Not much else going on. Our house plans are pretty much finalised now, we just have to confirm which roof style to go with (choice of two, kinda like them both so we are getting it energy rated, and whichever is better is the one we will go with...but the more I think about it the more I prefer the original design..). We looked at carpet yesterday - not colour or anything- just working out which sort we want so that when we start getting builders quotes (the next few weeks fingers crossed) it can include the sort we want which will help it be more accurate. House has come in just under 25 squares, which is a little bigger than we would prefer, but has to be that size to get everything we want in...


ETA- Can't believe I forgot to tell you what happened yesterday evening. Paige was playing at the front window, fell back and smash broke the window. She didn't go through it luckily, and didn't even cry, but had shards on her head. I got them off without cutting her (phew) although I got my finger cut. I just can't believe that she wasn't even slightly upset, it sounded terrible at the time! So now we have to get a glzier out here. DH found a shelf from the shed that is covering it all at the moment...

Edited by Skip to my Lou, 07 August 2011 - 11:32 AM.

#71 My4Sunshines

Posted 07 August 2011 - 06:09 PM

essy are you ok??
I think you are still in London shrug.gif
Hope you are somewhere safe and well, thinking of you

#72 My4Sunshines

Posted 07 August 2011 - 08:40 PM


michelle I hope life has been kind to you this past year and would love to hear from you again

#73 heidles82

Posted 07 August 2011 - 10:09 PM

Hello! Just popping in quickly befre I go to bed - had a big weekend and am exhausted!!!

STML - OMG! I'm glad Paige is ok! I hope your finger heals quickly.

M4S - Taj is a mini-me of his Dad!

FG - Hi!!! Hope all is well. Aden's birthday is coming up soon - any plans for the big day? I think that the park we visited while in Paris was great and it must be popular now that it is warmer  cool.gif

Jackson's party was great! We had fantastic weather - it was hard to believe it was early August with the sunshine and warmth. The kids all had a ball on the jumping castle (my sister bought one from Aldi a few months ago - it is small but did the job of entertaining the kids perfectly). And my cake was a hit biggrin.gif When I get to uploading the photos from the camera I'll post some.

#74 TotesFeral

Posted 07 August 2011 - 10:13 PM

M4S - I got my bubble machine online because neither target nor big W where I am had them in their store.
It was off crazysales.com.au and cost $18.00 I'm pretty sure.
Candy buffet is basically the bonbonierre  for the guests. So we just have a table set up with various sized vases and they each contain different lollies. Then they just pick some to take home. We went for a lot of old style lollies because we are doing a bit of a vintage theme. So I got things like the rock candies and those love heart conversation lollies.

Oh Lou glad Paige is alright! How scary and lucky that she didn't get any glass in her head.

Happy birthday to Rosalee!

ETA - Glad the party went well Heidles

Edited by K+M+A, 07 August 2011 - 10:14 PM.

#75 Expatmother

Posted 08 August 2011 - 05:42 AM

Hi Girls!

Heidles - We are just having a dinner and cake to mark the celebration and then taking him to Disneyland in September when the holiday crowds die down. Would love to be home surrounded by family and friends but that will have to be next year. Loved your cake by the way! We have been back to the park a few times.... Jackson and Adan were so little biggrin.gif

STML - Glad that Paige wasnt injured! We have a flimsy window in our flat and Adan tends to bash on it with his hands. I am always terrified that he will smash it. Original 1900's parisien glass is nice for some but not for 1 year olds!

M4S - Things are good thank you! Aww Taj is a cutie and looks just like his dad!

Will try to pop in more often xxx

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