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#76 Schnecke

Posted 12 October 2011 - 09:12 AM

QUOTE (shopgirl76 @ 11/10/2011, 07:44 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Seriously girls, are your babies sleeping? ... not settling for day or night, ... And what drives me insane is that there are NO answers, anywhere!!! ... And after 2.5 months it's getting worse, not better.  oomg.gif

haven't posted here for ages, but thought i have to reply to this ...

i know exactly how you feel!!!!!!

malia did the same after our overseas trip. some nights she was up every 1-2 hours, not settleing without a milk. if i took her into our bed she would just play and talk. and in the mornings she would be up at 6 (always had 8am babies!)! also, she would scream when i put her to bed. to a point that the only thing that helped was letting her go to sleep with her milk bottle.

i was exhausted and not happy!!!!

borrowed the "save our sleep" book from the library, just for some inside into what it could relate to. in all my frustration i thought i give the 'controlled crying' a go. and changed our bed-time-routine a bit (dinner at 6, 6.30 shower, followed by milk and short time later bed - around 7 (instead of 8pm).

it took 3 nights and she slept through!!!!!!!!! went to bed without a fuzz. even for day sleep there was no issue anymore.
a couple of days afterwards i also noticed 3 new teeth. so i'm sure that also had to do with it.

hope you are getting more sleep soon.

#77 heidles82

Posted 12 October 2011 - 12:26 PM

SG  hhugs.gif You are not alone. Jackson wakes up at least once a night and is an early riser - as soon as the sun is up so is he! He is getting his molars at the moment so I am blaming them - he wakes up screaming sad.gif If we get to him quickly, a dummy with some sedagel seems to do the trick, but if not, then he will only settle with a BF. I am so grateful for the lazyboy recliner my family bought me as a birthday/baby shower present original.gif

#78 My4Sunshines

Posted 13 October 2011 - 03:34 PM

HHHHEEEEYYYYY!!! waves.gif

I'm here alive and well, just went mia as life just got uber busy and for a while there I actually forgot about EB blush.gif , don't take that personally though!

SG & Lex you crack me up roll2.gif

SG Night terrors can start about now, Taj cried 2 nights but we left him as neither of us could get up then before we knew it we were all asleep again so I don't think he was actually 'awake'

Heidles nno.gif Nup sorry just not going anywhere near that one sick.gif Hope J is better though

Essy How is E going with her growth and the issues she was having?

STML Have you started building yet? Or should I keep my trap shut wink.gif

RD How are you traveling?

AFU well life has been full on. Taj is still crawling eexcite.gif yep that may seem weird yet I know once he starts it will all be a different ball game. All my girls were well walking by now. Taj has had 8 teeth for sometime now but I think those biggins are giving him grief some days.
I took Taj to the Ophthalmologist and no sign of a squint at all and he was her best patient all year, he just sat on my lap looking right at her with her funny glasses and light not even trying to grab them, so all being well we will go back in 6 months for another check or not at all (she told us if we don't see anything to cancel the appointment!!)

School holidays were busy, mainly for me as I could only book things during the holidays mad.gif
One being an ultrasound as I have been having recurring uti's since my 20's and I've had enough, kind of takes the excitement out of mummy daddy time tongue.gif so that revealed a 1.6cm mass in my left kidney which the report says is an angiomyolipoma (a fatty tumor) which is harmless so this was confirmed by a CT scan which I had last week. GP says nothing to do with uti's though ddoh.gif
It was icky as I had to have an intravenous contrast dye injected as well, yukko, this also meant I wouldn't be able to bf for 2 days after so that was the cut off for me so the 3rd October was the last time I fed my boy (exactly 14 months!!).
Anyway that confirmed the angiomyolipoma and also revealed my left kidney is swollen, now this would happen during pregnancy (umm nup no way!!), a blockage or reflux sooo going on that I am now going to see a Urologist in 2 weeks to talk about that

The CT also revealed (yep it keeps on goin!!) a 5.5cm cyst on my left ovary (yeah my left side of my body quite sucks atm!!) so GP was going to send me off for another u/s to check it out to which I told him I am havoing one next week anyway as my gynae want to check the position of my myrena as my periods go for 2-3 weeks from very start to finish (since July mad.gif ) anyway I rang gynae and she said forget the u/s next week book it for 3 months to check cyst and myrena as the CT showed the myrena was 'in situ'
So this is me lately wacko.gif  wacko.gif

And to top it off my good friend from mums group (known her for 11 years now) text me Tuesday night (??) to say she has just been diagnosed with breast cancer cry1.gif
She is 38 with 4 kids (youngest in prep and oldest in grade 5) she doesn't smoke, drink or take drugs and she has been totally knocked off her feet.
She goes in for surgery next week at Peter McCallum and is naturally scared sh**less

So please all you ladies check those mammary glands regularly and carefully

Sorry that was sooo long winded, so  much has been going on lately.
I hope you are all well and your families are thriving

#79 heidles82

Posted 13 October 2011 - 05:38 PM

waves.gif M4S! I can't beleive you found some time to drop in - was exhausted just reading your post! You have had such a full on month with your health scares, topped off with the awful news from your friend.  hands.gif the surgery is a success and the battle will be a short one xxx

#80 Skip to my Lou

Posted 14 October 2011 - 02:04 PM

I just want to echo heidles post entirely. hugs M4SS hhugs.gif nice to see you round again, I thought we had lost you, but I undesrtand completely why now.

As for the build - well our plan is done, waiting for the elevations so I can get the planning permit, but our draftsman is dragging his heels grrrr. Really frustrating too, we officially decide our builder this weekend (although I decided Monday, have been giving the others a chance to get back to us with revised prices, and the stupid fools haven't bothered). So this builder I want to go wth told me yesterday they had planned to have slab down before Christmas!!! Now with our draftsman and council, theres not much chance on that happening. I will instead hope for planning permit approval before christmas, then once the building permit is approved they (another 2-3 weekS) then it can get started!! So maybe February fingers crossed x

#81 lexington

Posted 17 October 2011 - 08:44 AM

Hey everyone..
Just popping in!

The boys have been in childcare at a new centre for one day a week for about a month now.
They are not used to being separated and would cry for each other. D is ok and very happy in his room and his carers are ace.

L's carers i'm not too sure about. You know when you have a feeling of mmmmmmmm.... What do you do in this situation. I probably understand that the jnr room is a lot more full on and they are not as yay about coming to work. Heck i'll be the same. But how do you raise the concern?

Also no there is no mothers guilt here. But i cried when i left this morning as D was sad and he cried while eating his weetbix and asked me to check on Lukey. sad.gif

#82 ShopgirlX

Posted 27 October 2011 - 07:25 PM

Awww Lex sooo sweet!  What happened to the nun?

M4S SO great to hear from you! I don't know how you keep up with your life!!  I hope you get everything sorted out :hug:

Lou I get so excited just reading your house updates! I decided today that building/renovation is just something I will never 'get' so I'd best just stay clear! We are looking for a new house as our street is getting really busy and we want to get off it if we can. Looking for the forever house though, so it could be a long search!

AFUS well I'm not sure where we're at with the sleeping issues. At least we have ways to get her to sleep during the day and at night but I just can't understand how we've had total regression from being a self settler to not settling without help shrug.gif . Sleep school says they 'honestly don't know' what the night waking could be and are putting it down to probable pain or her neverending cold :| but otherwise we're not bad enough to access their services so it's back to us to work it out. The waking is not every single night now, so that's a good thing.

Other than that I am flat out and loving it with my two days of work ... I think I'm starting to remember the old me!

I hope you girls are well...the group has gone really quiet these days! Keep coming in! Essy where are you??

I'm posting on my phone so didn't think I'd go the distance, haha! Like that will stop me - I could talk underwater!! laughing2.gif


#83 essy1

Posted 28 October 2011 - 09:52 AM

Hi Shopgirl, here I am!  waves.gif

Oh - that is really frustrating re the waking and not self settling. Elowen has only started self settling in the past few weeks - actually, she could do it before that she just wouldn't do it with me  wink.gif It is SO NICE that I can put her down awake now... Shopgirl, have you tried a vapouriser? We got one last weekend; haven't put any of the Vicks stuff in as she hasn't been snotty (for a change!) but even the vapouriser on its own has I think made a big difference to her sleeping (and coughing in her sleep). We got one for about $40. It bubbles, but it's quite a nice white noise noise, and doesn't bother her in the slightest.

Lex - any updates on the carers situation? I don't know what I'd do - I think you should say something; is there a room leader? That might be an easier option than going straight to the head of the centre.

Elowen's molars were coming up last week - nightmare - aside from that we are just chugging along nicely; busy though which is why I've not been on here.

HOWEVER sharing a link for those of you not on fb, especially you Ms Shopgirl as I know you will love this!!!

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