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#51 heidistar

Posted 21 October 2011 - 07:12 AM

Ally: I go from being calm to manic about it all in the click of your fingers! .... As for the job i was offered... It seems that she has a girl doing the job already & just isn't sure if she's the right fit. So basically if she doesn't work out or someone else leaves then she'll have a job for me. Which means that i will just try get two days casual every week on my sisters days off, but now i'm not sure if she can get two week days off every week as they are on a roster & every 3rd weekend they take turns of having off & my sister's boss doesn't want to stuff up the rosters to give her two sets days off a week  glare.gif So i will just try get work on the days she does get off & on the week i can't we'll have to struggle through. I could essentially put the girls into my old bosses daycare as she has positions & work f't somewhere else, but that will be hard to work out drop offs & pick ups etc as i would be working the same shifts that the centre would be open & my sister will be working & Chris will be working so no one else to pick them up either. I did however work out the pay & working f/t with the girls in care will bring me $100-$150 in the hand more then if i work 2 days casual & they stay with my sister.

As for the Army: The Queen is here this week so nothing is being done about our situation. Hopefully next week they'll regroup him & he can then take indifinate leave until the paperwork is processed.

School: I am sending Nitara as i feel she is ready for school, she is very social & makes friends easily.
Bugger about Ryan's Preschool position Bel, you would have thought she would have called you first? Ally, unfortunately yes some people do send their children to school when their not ready.

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#52 heidistar

Posted 26 October 2011 - 02:08 PM

Ahhhh we are moving on the 5th Nov ohmy.gif We have decided to just move ourselves as waiting to hear yes or no would mean not being able to book a truck on the day that suits everyone helping us etc.... So stressed about it all i tell you, i feel sick sick.gif

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#53 mychubbybubbies

Posted 02 November 2011 - 01:09 AM

Ally - Good on you for doing what you think is right by Jack and not caring what others think! A lot of people are in such a rush to send them to school and don't realise that its not just social skills that they need. They start at 4.5 up here since there is no kinder and I can tell which kids in Zanes class are the younger ones. I'm really worried about how Charli will cope going from nothing to 5 full days a week especially in the heat. I spoke to Zane's teacher about Charli because she is in such a hurry to learn but I don't want to push anything on her but at the same time I don't want to hold her back either and he said the most important thing is to encourage them to have fun so they embrace learning and I agree! The most important thing I believe makes a difference is how they cope emotionally its all good and well if they can write their name but if they can't cope emotionally they wont learn anything and wont enjoy school.

Bel - I hope you have settled into your house nicely.

Anita - My DF wanted Charli's name to be Eliza Rose.

Mazz - I haven't tried the Mirena, fingers crossed it all works out for you and you come to a decision that you are happy with.

Heather - We found picking names quite easy since we have similar taste, I found boys to be a lot harder. I didn't see what happend on FB but your 'friend' doesn't sound like a very nice person. I'm sure your perfect name will come to you both soon.

Heidi - What a stressful time for you! I am a believer that everything happens for a reason I hope there is bigger and better things for you just around the corner!

AFU - We are loving it up here in QLD. We are thinking of moving to the southside around xmas time because DF's work is over that side and its at least a hour and back travel for him everyday but we love the area here and have made friends so its such a tough decision I feel guilty moving the kids again so soon but then I think it will be easier to do it now while they are young then waiting until they are older and even more settled.

I'm still debating on starting a graphic design degree next year I've been getting right into photography (and loving it) so now I'm undecided on whether to go down that path instead ideally I'd like to combine them both somehow!

#54 *~BSJ~*

Posted 02 November 2011 - 11:27 AM

Hi Everyone. Hope your all well.

Heidi: Hope your move goes smoothly.

As you probably have seen we (Adam & I) FINALLY found a house we agreed on. We saw it Saturday and put an offer on it on Sunday. Found out yesterday that we had to go up a little on our offer to get it. SO now have to wait for the bank to do its part now.  Adams away for 3 weeks so its up to me to do all the running around..

If you want a sticky beak its http://www.realestate.com.au/property-acre...nogin-107629436

Its a mortgagee house a lot cheaper than houses in the area. Needs painting and some gardening but other than that its everything we wanted.

Kids will have to change schools so I'll have to go check out the 3 sometime in the next few weeks.

#55 mychubbybubbies

Posted 03 November 2011 - 09:42 AM

Looks great Taren! Exciting times original.gif

#56 ~Mo+Moosh~

Posted 03 November 2011 - 01:21 PM

Taren - The house looks great. How exciting for you all. Do you feel more settled now?

Roz - I think you should definitely look into the graphic design degree. I think it would combine beautifully with your photography (which is great by the way!). Tough decision on moving but I tend to agree probably better to do it sooner rather than later. Kids always seem to adapt better than we expect.

AFUS - Busy, busy as always but I like life like that. We had our 20 week ultrasound last week, little bugger wasn't in the best position and I had to go back later alone to finish it off. But everything was great, baby is measuring ahead of dates (by like a week) but that doesn't bother me. It will come when it is ready  biggrin.gif  I've been experiencing some insomnia (like awake all night), which is driving me mad. Usually when I have periods of insomnia I step up my running but can't do that at the minute! Hoping its a phase and will pass soon.

Jack is at his second prep for school session today. He is so excited by it and the teachers said last week he was fantastic and they don't think it will be a problem for him. I know I am probably worrying for nothing but as I have said many many times before education is so important to me and I just have to get it right.

We also had some more photos taken on the weekend, mainly of the boys but a couple of family shots as well. I can't wait to see how they turn out!

Well best go wake Hamish up and get him ready for his swim lessons. He's only been 3 times before and the growth in his confidence is amazing - he is such a little character.

#57 ~Mo+Moosh~

Posted 04 November 2011 - 09:32 AM

Oh and we don't know the gender of the baby so if anyone wants to suggest some traditional/conservative name options for boys and girls I'd appreciate it! We are struggling with names this time around.

#58 *maddierose*

Posted 20 November 2011 - 03:20 PM


how is everyone?

What are you all doing for christmas?

What's your little ones getting?

Ally: have you decided if Jack is definately off to school.

#59 ~Mo+Moosh~

Posted 20 November 2011 - 07:44 PM

Hi Bel, how is the new house? Are you all settled? With regards to Jack and school I am waiting to see the report from the prep for school teachers (we have 2 sessions + ordinary orientation to go) before we decide. However it is looking more than likely he will go as the teachers have indicated to Ben and I that they think he is fantastic, won't have any problems and probably didn't really need to be in the program. But I'm so glad we have sent him as it's reassuring to get that kind of feedback.

Christmas - I think we are staying home as my youngest sister is due to have her first baby around Christmas and I really want to be around to meet the baby and help her out if required. She is a fantastic support to me and I am keen to return the favour.

Jack wants a leappad (although I did umm and uh because my dad just gave him a DS, but relented and ordered one as I think they are more educational than the DS), a pillow pet, a skeleton costume (the mind boggles) and a few small toys (DS games, school supplies, leappad games etc). The boys are also getting a little 12v motorbike to share.

Hamish is hard to buy for but he is getting a pillow pet, tee ball set and tools (we call him tradie baby as he loves tools and Ben's work etc). I have also seen a pretty cool Little Tikes water table at Target I am considering. He is a real outdoors kid with zero interest in TV or DVD's etc.

This is the first year of having kids that I am trying to be reserved in what I but for them because quite frankly I am sick of all the toys cluttering up the place!

#60 ~Heather~

Posted 21 November 2011 - 10:20 AM

Bel, hope your all moved and settled into your new house!

Ally, I am like you and tired of all the toys, the boys dont even really play with them - they are huge technology freaks just like their Dad.
Good to hear Jack has gotten fantastic feedback about being ready for School. How exciting for him!
How exciting for your sister having her first bub around Christmas!

Christmas - Thomas is getting a slot car set, DS games, and a whole heap of little things i dont remember because I have been buying throughout the year and need to go find them all now. Thomas only really plays with computer games, and MIL is getting him a new screen for his computer (one of our old systems - he broke his last screen), so he is getting some educational games for that.
Jackson is getting a bike and helmet, a car garage and same as Thomas, lots of little things i have bought throughout the year. He is a real car boy, so he is getting lots of car stuff.
They will also have some joint gifts such as Transformer costumes and Nerf guns.

As for us, things are going well. I have had to take sick leave from work because i have SPD and sciatic nerve pain - fun times in my pelvis LOL, and working was making the pain much much worse and unbearable unless i took Panadeine Forte, which i hate taking. I am however working casual in Office shifts as i am seated until my maternity leave starts in 4 weeks (thank goodness i have the sick leave to cover me).

Jackson is pretty much toilet trained, all wees are on the toilet, but he is yet to do a poo on there. We have had a few poo accidents, but now he is saving them up til he has a nappy on at bedtime and does one then, so if anyone has any suggestions on getting him to poo on the toilet, they would be greatly appreciated - I have tried sticker reward charts, but he has no concept of them.

Thomas has his Preschool graduation tonight, I am going to cry as they dress them up in the graduation gown and hat, thankfully Dale will be with me!

And I am now on a Uni break til end of Feb next year! I honestly dont know what to do with myself with no work, no uni and not being able to do things around the house!

#61 Amber7

Posted 21 November 2011 - 09:18 PM

Evening all!

I haven't been back in ages...oops! Sorry about that.

I also had some difficulty with my account and it was de-activated and I had to fire it back up again  unsure.gif

Ally, What names do you have so far? Girls names for me are HARD and boys names always come easy. I like things like Ashton, Asher, Lucas, Riley, Seth, ummm.
Thats great Jack is ready for school. The program sounds really good for assessing if children are ready.

Bel. All good here thanks, and you guys?

Christmas we are doing the usual things and having friends over for breakfast, going to my mums for lunch and Michaels parents for dinner. I half jokingly said we wanted to run (well go) away for Xmas day because I dont like going so many different places and want to do something different, but its probably to late to plan anything without everything being booked out.
Kids are probably getting too much as they get spoilt left right and centre. But their main present is a swing set. I can see them using it all day every day so will be a good investment. We also got alot of board games, craft things, Lily is getting Barbies and Zavie is getting his first Thomas train set.

Heather, it does sound like fun times in your pelvis. That sciatica pain sure is painful. Your pregnancy has flown by so quick. I will eventually start stalking you waiting for baby news, haha!
Zavie used to be exactly the same as Jackson. He was kind of scared to do them in the big toilet and still liked the comfort of his nappy. I think all we slowly did was got him to use the potty for them first because it was less daunting and big, then eventually that worked up the the big toilet and once he did a couple he seemed more at ease with it. It was just learning to relax on the toilet also.
Thomas's graduation photos were so adorable also, that must have been such a big moment for you.

As for us,  School also finished for me until I start up with Diploma next February. The kids will still be in care for 2 days a week so I am using that time for myself to exercise and get some projects finished, or book shoots in on.
Lily has her kinder orientation tomorrow and she is very excited. She is a little shy when I am around the same as she is at care so I know she will use the time that I am away to be herself and get even more familiar with her classroom. Its going to be a long few hours while she is there and I wont know what to do with myself  laugh.gif
Other than that not much else is happening. I was doing some work for a local photographer with post production (editing his photos) but it turned out to be very time consuming and my other projects and school work suffered so it didn't progress very far and was a realization I need to focus on my own work before taking on too much.

Hope everyone else is well.


#62 ~Heather~

Posted 22 November 2011 - 08:44 AM

Amber - thanks for the tips on getting Jackson to do poos on the toilet, but i am adverse to using a potty - as weird as it makes me sound, i dont have the stomach to clean the potty, can change nappies no worries, but potty makes me gag - i am just weird LOL. He sits on the toilet step thing really well, and tries to go but i guess it must be about relaxing enough to allow himself to go.
Your photography is getting extremely good, you should be super proud of your work, i love looking through it all! Enjoy your break til Feb next year.
I hope Lily enjoys her orientation at school, how exciting for her! I am still in shock its big school time and we are going to be parents of school aged children!

Ally - i forgot to help with baby names too.. LOL Boys we find easy, i love Sebastian and Samuel. Girls are becoming extremely hard for us too, i love Evie and Eloise (DH hates them both!), and Thomas has given some awesome suggestions of Alice, Camilla, Grace (Gracie), and Alexis.

#63 Amber7

Posted 22 November 2011 - 05:22 PM

Heather, you are weird...LOL!  Tounge1.gif  Has he ever done one on the toilet? I would say if he hasn't, once he does it once he will become more relaxed. Or if he has but just doesn't like it maybe try and time it around the time you know he is going to go and see if you can convince him to go. Im sure it will come in his own time its just getting over that initial phase.

Aww, Thank you. I am starting to really like my work now I am in a place I am happy with. School really helped with my work, as much as I self taught myself up until then it was so valuable to be in a learning environment and have that interaction and reassurance I am on the right track. I also went through a phase where I wasnt happy and critical of my stuff and it really put me off picking up my camera (Which I still do for a break anyways) but so glad that passed.

School is a huge shock. I was impressed how Lily went today, and it put my mind at east at how she will go next year. Especially being a big 5 year old....denial denial denial!

#64 *maddierose*

Posted 29 November 2011 - 05:43 PM


Heather: Jai is similar, wee's are great and have been for ages however poos are a different story. He generally waits until he gets a night nappy on although we have had a few poos in the toilet but he seems to stop himself once there. Very frustrating.
Oh and i love Thomas' suggestion of Grace, such a pretty name.

Amber: I too think your photography has come a long way, you are doing great. How many days will you attend tafe next year? Oh Thomas for Zavie, Thomas is one of our favourite toys here, it's awesome.

Ally: The program you put Jack into sounds great, wish i had of found something like that.

Christmas: As usual we have gone way over board, didn't realise until i went through layby dockets last night. Might put some away for birthdays as i don't want the kids getting use to having so much.

The girls are both getting a laptop and ipod touches plus clothes. But i figure the laptops will stop them fighting over mine.

Ryan and Jai are both getting a leapster explorer with games,  Ryan is getting some city lego (he loves lego and puts it together so well), knex stuff and lots of random stuff i can't remember because my brain is fried. Jai is getting a pretend BBQ and random things,  But yeah think i'll put some away for both of them.

It is also Jessica's 16th on the 21st so have bought her a new pandora bracelet and a 16th charm, some driving lesson vouchers, a name necklace, perfume, makeup etc. I cannot believe she will soon have a license.

We have moved and are all settled, the boys occasionally ask to "go home" but are generally settled.

Love keeping up with everyone on facebook and seeing pics of all these growing up to fast children.

#65 mychubbybubbies

Posted 30 November 2011 - 11:22 PM


Ally - My favourite 'traditional' girls names are: Ruby and Matilda. How far along are you now? Sounds like Jack is more than ready for school!

Bel - Wow I can't believe your DD will be 16 soon  ohmy.gif We are having Christmas lunch at home with just the 5 of us this year since all our family is interstate! But we are going to our friends house for dinner/drinks. I think I've gone overboard this year too but its all good fun  biggrin.gif
Zane is getting Lego/Kreo, RC 4wd, Lego watch and Lego Clock, Hot wheels building set, Games, books and craft stuff.
Charli is getting an Ipod/Dock, Rapunzel polly pocket type dolls and tower, Snow white collector doll, Strawberry shortcake cafe, barbie clothes, books, games and lots of craft stuff.
Willow is getting lalaloopsy bus/house bag thingy, Minnie blanket, cushion, towel and cash register, Duplo zoo set, Keyboard, Ariel style head, Ariel collector doll, Dora track and a few books/puzzles/stamps etc.

We were going to get Zane a new bike since his has gotten too small but its been to hot to ride it and wont cool down for a few months yet so Easter Bunny might have to bring that  tongue.gif Its a shame because Charli got her training wheels off a couple of months ago (finally).

Heather - I quite like Eloise its very pretty! Your other name choices are great too, I can imagine you must be going stir crazy! Take the time to rest 3 is nuts  tongue.gif

Amber - I'm in denial too. Although after Charlis behaviour today I was ready to drop her off there already  tongue.gif

#66 MelRaLi

Posted 01 December 2011 - 07:10 PM

heather - A woman at dancing had the same problem with her girl and asked the pead about it when she was there for something else. Basically the pead said, that sometimes children can feel that when pooing in the toilet they are losing a part of themselves and to try and hold a nappy under his bum when he's on the toilet and get him to start pooing on the toilet that way. Could help.

Amber - wow, that sounded full on re your studies / working etc. I need to start trying to work out in some paid employment in there to help with the finances but not sure where i'm going to fit it in.

Xmas - Rachael is getting a leappad, a game and a case and a few other bits and pieces. Liam's getting a train table and will probably buy him more trains to put on it for his birthday. They are also getting to share a Udraw for the Wii.

Us - going well in general. Uni's going well, finished prac last study period and finished the unit with a HD & highly competent for the actual prac component of it. Decided to do 2 subject this sP again over christmas but have got an elective to hopefully get a slightly easier time of it. Got a big year planned next year with 8 subjects planned to do over 9 months. But i plan to have xmas off next year as this will have seen me at the end of my third year of uni.

waves.gif to everyone else. need to get back to it original.gif

heather - A woman at dancing had the same problem with her girl and asked the pead about it when she was there for something else. Basically the pead said, that sometimes children can feel that when pooing in the toilet they are losing a part of themselves and to try and hold a nappy under his bum when he's on the toilet and get him to start pooing on the toilet that way. Could help.

Amber - wow, that sounded full on re your studies / working etc. I need to start trying to work out in some paid employment in there to help with the finances but not sure where i'm going to fit it in.

Xmas - Rachael is getting a leappad, a game and a case and a few other bits and pieces. Liam's getting a train table and will probably buy him more trains to put on it for his birthday. They are also getting to share a Udraw for the Wii.

Us - going well in general. Uni's going well, finished prac last study period and finished the unit with a HD & highly competent for the actual prac component of it. Decided to do 2 subject this sP again over christmas but have got an elective to hopefully get a slightly easier time of it. Got a big year planned next year with 8 subjects planned to do over 9 months. But i plan to have xmas off next year as this will have seen me at the end of my third year of uni.

waves.gif to everyone else. need to get back to it original.gif

#67 heidistar

Posted 07 December 2011 - 06:39 AM

Morning girls, haven't been in for ages, sorry....

We are settled in now, Chris likes his job as the PT manager over 3 gyms, but it's only 5hrs a day so his working nights (5-8pm) at the call centre & Saturday all day, as i haven't been able to get a job sad.gif The issue is that Nitara is starting school & the school she is zoned too doesn't have before & after school attached. There is a daycare nearby that offers it & drops/picks kids up from her school, but they are full up & have a waitlist. So yes my job with the old boss fell through because of this & i haven't be able to find another job that will suit bloody school hrs. My sister can help out in the mornings Wed-Fri with drop offs but i'd still have to do picks meaning i'd have to finish work at 2/2.30pm & childcare shifts just don't finish at that time. In the meantime i have signed up with 2 casual companies & at present i am waiting on a call for work today.

Nitara is so ready for big school & can't wait biggrin.gif We have been going every Friday to a literacy class they have been doing with the kindy kids for next year, Nitara has amased me how well she is picking up sounding the letters out & remembering what they all are. Last week they started to combine sounds (letters) to make short words & she did so well. She even requests that we borrow 'Easy Readers' from the library, so she can try read to me before bed.

Christmas: is going to be skimpy here this year sad.gif I have got the girls a few things, but not a lot.

Ok well i've lost my train of thought, so might leave it there.

#68 Amber7

Posted 09 December 2011 - 07:25 AM

Thanks Bel. I attend tafe for 3 days next year, Lily also has 3 days at kinder so one of my school days will be a little shorter due to dropping her off and leaving early for pickup.
Zavie doesn't even watch the Thomas show, but figured you cant go wrong with a train set for a little boy. We will have fun setting it all up for him.
We went overboard also but I put a bit away for Lily's Birthday.
Time sure does go quick. Michaels niece and nephew just turned 16 also (To think they were 6 when I first met Michael) and both have their learners. Its a bit step!!

Love your girls names Roz!! Haha. Lily has some of the "Behavior" also...  unsure.gif

Wow Mel, you have done great with your studies. Congrats!! Its tricky juggling work in there too hey. Perhaps something work at home would work out for you. Though with all the study at home you maybe want to get out of the house?  laugh.gif
Those udraws look great hey. You will have to let me know if they love it. I reckon Lily would love it.

Heidi, it wont even matter to the girls if things are skimpy, they will still have a great day regardless. Its probaly a smarter thing to do anyways, toys take up way too much room.  laugh.gif

I am officially all organised for Xmas. Picked up all my laybys and just have one thing left to buy and im done. I still struggle to make the presents even for the kids but didnt do a bad job this year.

#69 heidistar

Posted 13 December 2011 - 04:36 PM

I'm getting a little excited... I really want to go back to work, if not full-time then permanent part-time. The issue i have been having with that is that Nitara is starting school & her school (which we are zoned too) doesn't have before/after school care & the childcare that caters to our school is full up. So i have been trying to find a way around it & even advertised for a babysitter to drop off/pick up Nitara from school. But that option is going to cost & arm & a leg sad.gif ..... Anyway Chris has been thinking of ways to get around it also & today we started discussing him giving up his two P/T jobs & me taking a full-time position & he can then train clients in groups or 1:1 closer to home & around school drop off & pick up & my work hrs. I am excited that this might actually work!!!!

Amber You are so right, they have way too many toys anyway & now we're in a smaller house i have nowhere to put them all.... Nitara is more excited about Christmas lunch at the cousin's house, she thinks it's going to be just like the Coles ad  xmas_cool.gif

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#70 ~Mo+Moosh~

Posted 03 January 2012 - 08:28 AM

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year. I know we did! Everyone got so much stuff. I was actually happy I didn't go too overboard for the kids because by the time you add in grandparents, aunts, uncles etc they got way too much - so much so that we had to have a major toy cull to fit it in. Ben was especially generous to me getting me and iPad2 and a new computer  wub.gif

We haven't gone away this holidays - first time in years and its actually really nice. We are waiting for my youngest sister to have her baby - she is due anyday - and I can't wait. We have done some day trips though - to Questacon in Canberra, Husky to the beach yesterday and we have an overnight stay at Darling Harbour planned for later in the week. I also need to go to Canberra possibly tomorrow to sort out the car seat situation for the baby.

I can't believe I'm 30 weeks already - we are so not organised this time around. Renovations still ongoing, no baby names picked and car seats still not sorted. Actually starting to feel a little bit anxious about it all, particularly about the names - just nothing jumps out at us! We sort of have a girls name (though I prefer the NN) and there is a boys name we like but it is the shortened version of one of our dear friends children (and he often gets called this) and we can't decide if it is a bit weird or not to use it.

I've also got to sort Jack's uniform out today - deliberately left it until after January in the hope with me on maternity leave this year we will be eligible for FTB this year and can make them tax deductible under ETR. I can't believe they are all old enough now to go to school.

Heidi - I see on Facebook you got a FT position - thats great! Will Chris be able to work around you? How is his PT business going? It's so hard trying to juggle work and kids. I have a very flexible employer and I will still struggle to cope with school hours etc. I'm lucky my mum and sisters have offered to help out but it is still difficult. It's an unfortunate reality that employers would rather employ someone who is childfree then have to work around the confines of children.

Amber - Sounds like you are going to be very busy next year - but I am sure you will all cope brilliantly. I agree with everyone that your photography is so beautiful. I loved the shots from the workshop you did recently - stunning!

Mel - Sounds like you you are excelling at uni, you sound like you are flying through.

Heather - I am so happy to hear that Holly is doing so well. What a wonderful Christmas present and she is so beautiful.

Roz - I am also loving your photos! Charli is an absolutely stunning little girl. I like Ruby and Matilda but can't see us using either.

Bel - Wow you look way to young to have a 16 year old! Good to hear you are all settled in your new house.

Well I best go get a move on and do my jobs before it get's too hot to do anything!

#71 heidistar

Posted 04 January 2012 - 08:06 AM

I am unsure if i have the job now.... The guy hasn't called me back to tell me the details of my start date & shift times etc. I have a bad feeling this is going to fall through sad.gif Chris is going off his brain about people 'dicking' me around all the time & that he has now work at the call centre like a mad man & if i don't have the job he'll have to work there f/t & put his P/T business on hold blah blah blah! ... He was fired from the gym job, but we don't really know the reason  mad.gif Although if i do have this job, he would have been resigning from there anyway. The plan was that i would work F/T & he would work casual at the call centre around my work & school hrs whilst building his P/T business up. So yeah as you can imagine things are fairly tense here at the moment.

My Old boss finally came clean as to why she didn't end up giving me a job.... It's because she doesn't trust that i won't resign on her again in the future when Chris has had enough of whatever his doing. To be Honest i wouldn't hire me either! Some days i actually feel like i Hate Chris for ruining my career & moving us around so much! Things are fairly sh*t between us at the moment & me not getting a job based on what his made us do in the past has not helped!

Anyway i'm off to call the Agency about this job & see if they can get hold of the owner & find out what the go is. Fingers crossed that it hasn't fallen through.

#72 ~Mo+Moosh~

Posted 04 January 2012 - 01:44 PM

Oh Heidi - I hope things settle for you soon and work out for the best. I think it was terribly brave of you guys to move back to such an expensive place like Sydney without work locked in. Personally and I hope this doesn't offend but if I was married to Chris I would be expecting him to pull his socks up, quit complaining and do whatever is necessary to keep you guys a float until you manage to secure a position that suits, even if that means putting his PT business on hold in the short term. Sometimes like is about sacrifice and I think it shouldn't be only you making the sacrifices IYKWIM?

Hopefully you soon hear some good news about this job.

#73 *maddierose*

Posted 04 January 2012 - 08:54 PM

Lol Ally, I am to young to have a 16 year old. I was a few weeks off turning 18 when i had her. Now with her being so close to that age i can see how young i really was.

I too am hoping that i may be entitled to claim ETR, apparently i am entitled to $11 a f/n for FTB so i may be able to claim. However when i look on centre links website our income is signifantly higher than the cutoff with 4 children so i think the lady has worked it out incorrectly.

Not a lot happening here. I've been enjoying my time off work with the kids and had some lovely day trips, realised how much i miss being with them. Matt and I have chatted and we are hoping a part time position may become available, not many in the childcare industry unfortunately.

Ally, how exciting your sister having a baby so close to you, they will be great friends.
I had to have a laugh at Jack's Kevin suggestion, lol.

Heidi: I am sorry to hear about the job. I can see why you are frustrated at Chris, it must be really hard not having the stability you desire and deserve. I tend to agree with Ally that he needs to pull his socks up but i'm sure you know this also by your post.
Can Chris get a full time job elsewhere? Is he trying to? If he did and you worked as a call in casual when it suits you then you can still get quiet a few casuals day, especially once centres know you and they start to request you.

#74 heidistar

Posted 23 January 2012 - 07:02 AM

Happy Birthday to all our Big 5 year olds! It's amzing the 5yrs has passed & now their off to school!

#75 ~Mo+Moosh~

Posted 14 February 2012 - 08:39 PM

Just thought I would stop by and see how our kindy kids are settling in? Jack had no issues over the first week but became quite emotional early last week and I was questioning if we had done the right thing but that has settled now and he is doing well. I was speaking with his teacher tonight and she said he is much more settled this week and going really well academically.

They started sight words 2 Fridays ago (school does the 3 L literacy program) and I can't believe how quickly he is picking them up. Apparently they will start homework next week and home readers soon after, I actually enjoy the stuff he brings home to do - lets me feel part of the process!

Pregnancy is going well. 4 weeks until due date and I finish up at work next Thursday, I hope to be off work until at least Jan next year. Just hoping baby times it's arrival perfectly because DP is moving his business to much larger premises around our due date. So exciting (and somewhat scary) times ahead!

Kids room is finally nearly finished. I don't recommend letting your DP renovate when he works 14 hour days! We've actually decide we'll do some minor renos then sell and buy something bigger rather than extend. Building and renovating are not for me lol!

Heidi - have things settled with Chris? Are you loving your new job?

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