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#1 Sandra

Posted 08 August 2011 - 08:57 AM

New thread time ladies


#2 lissiloo

Posted 08 August 2011 - 10:06 AM

Gold! BBL

#3 cuddlymumof4

Posted 08 August 2011 - 10:50 AM

Sam: Sorry to hear about your Grandma, hope her passing is very peaceful.


Been super busy here with sickness still, grrrrrrrr. Lateesha now has an ear infection on both sides sad.gif.

Alan is away for the next few days so that will be fun. Such crappy timing, but ah well they are being great about him having time off when i go to hospital in a couple of weeks.

Have sorted out with the school for the kids to have a couple of weeks off school & to get some work to take along with us.

Hope everyone else that is sick is feeling better real soon.


#4 ThatsNotMyName

Posted 08 August 2011 - 12:27 PM

Thinking of you Sam & hoping for a peaceful time for your Gran xxx

Anna that's no good having all that illness, specially dealing with it on your own. I hope everyone is on the mend soon. What date is your surgury?

Wet weather here, bummer as I was wanting to get a lot of washing on the line. Oh well. After getting Caelan to school this morning I went to Mum & Dad's to help with some cleaning & have not long got home, fed Carys & put her to bed. Now to have a quick lunch, get some of my own cleaning done then pick up Caelan. Where does the day go?

#5 cuddlymumof4

Posted 08 August 2011 - 12:53 PM

Megan: 25th August, so not too far away. Though we are actually heading back to Bris on the 19th for all the pre-op stuff original.gif. I am taking lots of vitamins etc to get myself back in better form before the big op.

Would appreciate lots of thoughts for Alan's Dad today. He came up to Bris to see a specialist about his back probs & is going in for an emergency surgery either this evening or first thing tomorrow. They found a large cyst on his lower back which is causing all the pressure. It was really un-expected so they are not at all prepared & being about 4 hrs from home where all there stuff is, so they are basically just looking at buying the basics to get them through atleast the next couple of days.

Edited by cuddlymumof4, 08 August 2011 - 12:59 PM.

#6 lissiloo

Posted 08 August 2011 - 02:46 PM

Hi everyone

Yet again I've fallen off the web as the week has gone by. Oh well, I'm here now  original.gif

We had a busy end of week and weekend. I had a writing deadline hanging over my head (a deadline I had pushed and pushed as far as I could ... I have now realised that it's likely I won't be doing any more work this year as it is just too hard to work around Jack and his busy-ness), Ella had a bunch of things happening at school and also a party this weekend. The house is looking a bit disastrous too, it's really in need of some reorganising aka spring cleaning.

How are all your 4 year olds behaving at the moment? I am struggling with Pops -- she swings from being a gorgeous loving girl to a rude bratty kid full of attitude in seconds. She is constantly "bored" -- despite having plenty of toys, books etc, all she wants to do is watch TV or play on my ipad/iphone. She will not help out with tidying up etc at all -- asking her to immediately causes her to become really tired and financial incentives don't motivate her. Running errands and going to the shops with Mum definitely causes boredom and also sore legs that are incapable of walking if she has to walk further than 10 ft. I have lost count of the number of meltdowns and tantrums we have had recently, but it is back toward the levels we had a couple of years ago when she was much younger. I am at a loss to know what to do with her right now, and I'm not sure what the cause is -- frustration with my not being able to focus all my attention on her due to Jack? Needing more than just kinder to occupy her mind? I just don't know. Thank god she is ready for school next year as I would not cope if she stayed at home with me.

Counting down the days until my mum and dad get back from the US at the beginning of September. I need some babysitting so I can do my own thing! I want to get started on some Christmas gifts and things like that. Are we doing a pressie exchange this year?

I missed my opportunity to get my washing on the line today, not that I think it would have dried much as it is only 14C outsude with very little breeze. After our taste of spring last week, it's back to winter.  sad.gif

Anna -- I bet you can't wait til the op is over. What have they told you about recovery time? Hope A's dad's surgery goes OK. And that L's ear infections clear up quickly too!

Sam -- wishing your gran a speedy passing Sam. How are things going otherwise? I'm guessing you're pretty busy with tax season right now.

Hopefully the rest of you are going well -- and getting over all the lurgies you've had. I will be back in the next day or two to update!


#7 donthavetv

Posted 08 August 2011 - 04:16 PM

It's the f-ing fours Liss, I am a big believer in it being the worst age. Scarlett isn't too bad, but I only have her to deal with, I did get this an hour ago though.

"I asked you to get the last bag of groceries out of the car, you said you would" her.. "I just don't care you know ?, I really don't care (eye roll)" "oh ok, you want to make me angry then ?" "I told you, I just don't care !, you paid for the groceries, it's your responsibility (said perfectly) to get them out of the car !" To which I eyeballed her and she said " *sigh*...Oh-KAY then *eye roll*.

Loads of smart a*se coments lately too, she is a huge brat.

Sam, I'm sorry about your grandma, although right now I can feel your pain. as much as I knew my Grandma was better off in leaving us, the finality of her not being here anymore is hard to deal with. I cried like a baby at the funeral, I feel like my life is whirling by.

Still busy. have an exhibition opening tonight which I wasn't going to go to until they called me and "strongly suggested I attend" so I'm going now, don't know what it means, I might win something, and then again I might not..stay tuned.

#8 ThatsNotMyName

Posted 08 August 2011 - 04:44 PM

4yo behaviour - very variable. One minute the loveliest, most obliging & gorgeous little person then the next he's a whining, obstinate, belligerent & downright horrid little sh*te. There's a lot of middle ground too so I suppose in a nutshell he's an averahe 4yo laugh.gif

Miss Carys has become another non sleeping baby. Frig. I'm lucky to get 1.5 hours day sleeping out of her & at 5 months that's just not enough. She's averaging about 9-10 hours sleep in a 24 hour period. Really really not enough. She's also not happy most of the time unless being carried around so it's very limiting. Slings won;t cut it, tried the Ergo & she was only happy if I was moving. I either need a house keeper or a nanny if I'm to get anything done during the day. By the end of the day I don;t want to spend those precious hours while she's sleeping getting housework done. Shane's falling behind with his study so he can't help any more. Poor Caelan's being left to his own devices while I spend hours on end trying to get her to sleep. Right at the moment I've left her in the cradle having a screamy session so I can have a 5 min sanity break & at least sit next to Caelan & do some colouring with him. On the flipside of that, while she's being carried around she's usually delightful, smiley & gorgeous. We're all completely in love with her wub.gif

OK, off to get Miss Mc Screamy up from what is apparently a torture rack rolleyes.gif

#9 cuddlymumof4

Posted 08 August 2011 - 04:46 PM

Liss/Mel: Lateesha is going through a "bored" stage too. No matter what i do with her it is never enough, though she is not in kindy either so it is really just me. She also has a major attitude. sad.gif

Liss: My recovery time is long....... atleast a couple of days in hospital then basically complete rest for 6 weeks. Not sure how that is going to go, but i have organised lots of helping hands.

Mel: Good luck tonight, fingers crossed for you. Might just be the little something you need to cheer you up.  hhugs.gif

#10 codex

Posted 08 August 2011 - 05:14 PM

Anna, I hope your FIL is ok, what a shock.

Sam, you sound at peace with your grandmothers entrance into palliative care, I'm very glad for you.  I hope her passing is also peaceful.

Just arrived home from the farm.  Dad was in hospital so we had a long weekend down there.  He's out but it looks as if he is on the downhill slide now.  Work is still sh*t but the pay and hours are just too good to quit, so I'll stick it out like I always do  rolleyes.gif .  Stupid stubborn me.

F_off fours here too.  He is so rude and obstinate at times.  On the car trip back today I was very close to threatening to leave him at the side of the road.
And yet, at other times, he is still the most caring, thoughtful and loving little boy I have ever known.  I just need to try to encourage that side and not ruin him by responding wrong to the evil side.

#11 mesaana

Posted 08 August 2011 - 06:22 PM

Sam - sorry to hear about your Grandma.

Megan - love that pic of Carys.  Am happy to hold a bub if you need it :-)

4yo - Freya can be quite similar.  A few months ago she was worse ... but I may be counting my chickens to think she is getting better..

Thought I was all set to just relax now, but have realised I have a CC committee meeting tonight.   After being woken by Jack, then Freya, then not able to sleep for 2hrs, then up at 6am, start work at 8am and get home at 5.45 - I'm kinda tired.  Think I'll just cancel.  Not as if its crucial for me to be there (long story....).

#12 cuddlymumof4

Posted 09 August 2011 - 09:16 AM

Codex: Certainly was a shock for us. Hope your Dad is doing ok. Hope work gets better or you find somewhere else to make you happy.

Update on Alan's Dad: Surgery was very long, so didn't get any news till late last night that he was out of recovery. Had a few probs in recovery & he needed a little oxygen but other then that he is doing really well. This morning he is awake & alert & can move his toes about so that has to be a good start. They hope to have him up & taking some steps later today. Will know more on how the actual surgery went later today when they get to speak to the Dr.


#13 ThatsNotMyName

Posted 09 August 2011 - 09:44 AM

I'm glad he's doing ok so far Anna, fingers crossed for more good news.

#14 azalia

Posted 09 August 2011 - 11:05 AM


We survived the weekend away!! It was actually a lovely weekend, fabulous location, highly recommend for those heading to the south west in WA. We stayed in these, we will defiantly all go back. Kids had a blast, they were doted on, as knowone else in my group has children yet. So lots of being thrown around by the guys, and played with a lot. I was also pleasantly surprised that we could actually eat out for lots of meals, and they stayed sitting at the table, there were 9 adults though to keep their attention!  It wasnt relaxing, Mason was still going each night at midnight with the rest of us, then emerging looking like an energiser battery at 6am (wish I had his stamina!), but glad I went.

Last night I had a photography seminar that I went to that was very interesting, and the speakers are based in Melbourne, and Im about to book in for there next workshop, so Des and Sel, that would be a great opportunity for me to do your pics as well if you would still like them:)

Gareth is home on Friday, I cant wait for some rest. Im sick, again, up all night coughing my lungs up, delightful, I just cant get ontop of all the bugs around. So not like me, I usually scrape though winter with not even a cold.

Megan - thats hard, what does she sleep at night? If she sleeps all night, then I suppose its not so bad that she is awake most of the day. How do you put her to sleep? Or how have you been doing it in the past? Indi is a great day sleeper, but I dont ever put her to sleep so to speak, she is just put down somewhere, either in her inflatable ring play thing, the rocker, a couch, pram, car seat or my bed and after a while of play she falls asleep for an hour or so. Shes just hit the age where she wont fall asleep in your arms. She sleeps 7-11 has a feed, 11-3 then 3-7. Not to bad, would love to eliminate the 3 am feed though. Yes, she is a buddha, I havent weigher her since about 7 weeks, but I imagine around the 7kg mark, fitting perfectly in all the size 0 6-9 month clothes, there goes all my beautiful size 0 summer outfits!!!! Love that she will have cute chunky thighs hanging out of her rompers in summer though! happy.gif

Liss - thats  been a lovely long trip for your parents! Jack will calm soon, acutally maybe not soon, Mason is a month of 3 and still a tornado, I think Byron had started to calm by this age, Mason will sit and play though for a while and loves the chipmunks so that I can get some work done. I still havent decided what to do with him next year, I know hes not getting much out of daycare anymore, but its so convinient opposite Byrons school. I can do 3 year old private kindy, but its a few suburbs away.  A nanny for the two younger would be good, but then they dont get social stimulation. Need to sort something out as next year is busy work wise. Will Jack go into daycare next year so that you can work?

Anna - thinking of Alans Dad, hoping that it gives him some respite soon.

Nazzie - NOT LONG!!!!!!! Cant wait for your arrival!

Messana - Hope you get through the day, and get a good nights sleep tonight! If its not crucial then I wouldnt go either!!

Mel - glad you got down and back safe, I was thinking of you all. Gosh Scarlett makes me laugh!

Byron is not too bad, he has always been over the top emotional though. He is highly sensitive, both boys are actually, but Mace keeps it inside, Byron lets everyone know. He is awfully sweet though, thrives socially, loves that my friends are over often and asks each day who is visiting today. He loves to compliment people especially on there clothing, he greeted my friend on friday night with 'Hello Amy, I LOVE your pink bag, I really like pink, and purple too'. Hes such a dag! A gorgeous one though!  So interesting to think of how they will be in 15 years.  

Mason is still pushing my limits, sleep no better, though he did stay in his own bed till 4 am last night which is better than usual. Gareth can sort it out when he gets home. Beautiful day here today, I am staying put and cleaning/catching up on things. Might take them to the park later on. Just did the census, expected it to be more detailed than that, quite boring actually.

Anyone used Aami for insurance? I have just changed ours over to them for car, they were a lot cheaper, for the same policy, I hope they are ok though if you need to make a claim.  

#15 fillesetjumeaux

Posted 09 August 2011 - 11:44 AM

Alinta, I have made a few claims through my AAMI insurance (I have had them for most of the time I've been a car owner), and they have always been great.  Lots of complaints about them on EB, but I can't fault them.  They are actually a bit more $$$ for me than the "cheapie" insurers, but I'm paying the extra to have things like unlimited rental car cover if car is in for repairs etc.

#16 azalia

Posted 09 August 2011 - 12:48 PM

Janet - good to know, I noticed there were a lot of bad reviews around for them. They came in $300 cheaper each car than our previous insurers, and that was with  including  the car hire rental and windscreen replacement!!  I was quite impressed.

Megan - I just re-read my post, and I hope it doesnt sound like I was bragging, I was just meaning to say what happens here, in case that could help. Just now she started to whinge a little on my lap, and I had only fed her half hour ago, so I popped her down on the couch and she has fallen to sleep. Different ages though, and temperaments amongst children.

#17 donthavetv

Posted 09 August 2011 - 12:56 PM

we're with AAMI, no complaints.

#18 Onemorebub

Posted 09 August 2011 - 02:15 PM

Yawn feel like laxing! - my new word!

Just a reminder for everyone to get a papsmear a friend of mine just had cancer cells removed and is waiting results since then have talked about it to two of my friends and they DONT have papsmears so please everyone send good thoughts to my friend and get that papsmear if it is due.

#19 mamaknits

Posted 09 August 2011 - 02:58 PM

Alinta, we're with AAMI. I have had to put my car in twice  with someone else hitting me from behind and AAMI has been great. I got my car repaired witha  year warranty on the new work/parts and I could not fault the service. they paid for my taxi back to work/hom and for the taxi to go pick up the car. They are also cheaper than most other insurers. We have top nop claim bonus deduction with them

Megan, I am sorry to hear Carys is not sleeping. Must be tiring carrying and rocking her. DO you have a rocker like the one she used here? if not, I will be more than happy to bring it for you/her to use when we next come to Canberra, or you can pick it up - good excuse to visit us? She seemed happy to sleep in it and may be good for naps during the day. It has a vibrating function that Alex used to love.

Sam, how are you and your family holding up? I'm sorry to hear about you gran. I hope when the time comes it is peaceful.

Mel, sorry to hear your bad news too.

#20 ThatsNotMyName

Posted 09 August 2011 - 04:16 PM

Celia - no we don't have a rocker, we tried one with Caelan but he didn't like it. Carys was happy in Alex's though so we should look into that.

Alinta - no no I didn't read it that way at all.

Daytime - to begin with she was fantastic & would self settle when I wrapped her & put her to sleep either in her cradle or on our (or any) bed. Now she won't self settle at all & will cry the second I leave her side. I've tried several different wraps & other clothing combos, locations varying from cradle, bed, pram, play mat, couch, lighting levels, sound levels etc etc. She won't even sleep if I'm right next to her in those locations. The place she's most likely to go to sleep (but not a certainty) is in my arms after a feed but if I do any other thing while holding her or transfer her to anywhere else during the day she's immediately wide awake again. She'll sometimes sleep in the car but again will wake & not resettle if transferred. Unfortunately I can't leave her in the car as I can't leave the garage door open due to heating issues. In the between seasons this may be an option. If she does actually go to sleep now it's usually for 40 mins after which I can usually resettle her for another 40 mins. That's all she'll usually do for the day. Occasionally she'll do a couple of hours in one sleep.

Night - again she was going really well but is now waking every 3 hours for a feed. I know this is normal for a lot of babies but it's not great when she's not sleeping much during the day. Fortunately most of the time she'll go back to sleep reasonably easily after the night feeds unless she needs a nappy change in which case it stirs her up & takes a while to resettle.

I've tried a little soft controlled crying with her to see if it looks like it may go somewhere but she just works herself into a hysterical wreck all hot & red & mottled & choking she's crying so hard so I think that's not the solution. Caelan was older (10 months) when we did that at sleep school & it was very effective. He was nowhere near her level of distress.

I suppose that she's preparing for teething isn't helping. We'll just have to ride it out. Sigh. I know it will all work out eventually having gone through this with Caelan but it's so disappointing after such a good start to end up in the same place again.

Bon - thanks, that's an important reminder.

Janet - any interest in your kitchen?

OK, off to ponder the fridge & what it may contain for dinner.

#21 thebell

Posted 09 August 2011 - 04:49 PM

Alinta- Yes!! When? :happy dance:

Megan- They are all different. YOu sound like you have tried most everything. Instead of sleep advice I will just say "This soon will pass." and offer a venting board.

Anna- I hope he is doing better. xx

Sam- THinking of you. xx

Thanks Bonnie, for the reminder. And thinking of your friend.

ALinta- I'm glad you got to go on the weekend away. t sounds like hard work, but worth it. Can the nanny take them to a playgroup?

Mes- DId you get the night off? Hope so.

I have a horrible tooth/jaw ache. I made an emergency appt today and it looks like I need a bloody root canal. Not happy. They also did nothing while I was there except poke ansd prod at my sore tooth. SO I am dosed up on Nurofen Plus and washing it down with wine. Hoping for relief! Tounge1.gif

#22 Naz32

Posted 09 August 2011 - 05:20 PM

Megan would a dummy help? Lily would never have one and Sarah did abit but I used one on Si and it helped him sleep. He has always been a good sleeper but he has always had a dummy too lol. I hope you get some rest soon.

Mel. Well well look at you you big winner. What great news. I love the photo you took. The reflection of the rider is awesome.

Alinta. Woo hoo I know. It's coming along so fast. We are with AAMI too as they were so much cheaper. I was also going to say the same as sel that the nannyntakes them to playgroup and the park etc. You just say what you want them to do.

Anna. Good luck. It sounds like you are organized. It's along time to be out of action isn't it though.  Sorry to hear about your FIL. I hope he is feeling better also.

Mandy. Happy birthday original.gif

I had my OB apt today. All looking good. Having a.  scan in about 4 weeks. OB was nice but they don't do private here for deliveries so it will be the luckof the draw but that's ok. And yes I'm about 90% sure we will find out baby sex.  I went to work on Monday morning for a few hours and was fun. It's going to be a regular thing whichnis exciting.

Liss I could have written your post re Poppy word for word re Lily. She is driving me nuts. Sarah is not being much better so i have the two of them going psycho while Simon is into the oven or cupboard lol I'm going nuts. I'm glad it's not just me. I just thought I was being a great parent!!! I am praying for it to pass - for all of us - quickly.

#23 Denghiu

Posted 09 August 2011 - 07:08 PM

Hi Guys!
Over here we have been roughing it out in the archipelago for a few days with no running water and no electricity. First real camping adventure for the kids as well as for David. Having to use a dunny is not one of DPs favourites, he is quite fond of his running water. We rented a cabin at one of the outer islands and it has been great! Last day was rainy and the boat almost didn´t come to get us due to 25m/s winds on the ocean.
Back to work for me next week.

#24 donthavetv

Posted 09 August 2011 - 08:01 PM

Sorry too too tired for anything else.

Know I'm here anyway.

#25 azalia

Posted 09 August 2011 - 08:45 PM

I was going to say the same thing. Are you doing them yet? 4 months seems to be the current consensus.

Glad to hear AAMI is good. Im happy with the extra $700- per year in our pocket wink.gif  

Sel - will let you know, not 100%. There is one in late September but I think that may be too soon for me with Indiana, so Ive enquired for the next one.

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