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#51 lissiloo

Posted 12 August 2011 - 01:22 PM

Alinta -- you know if you need a place to stay while in Melbourne, you can always stay with us (unless the ILs are here anyway) -- the bungalow is very comfy!

Just got back from the shops where I bought all sorts of things I didn't really need. Like a new every day dinner set  biggrin.gif  And a skirt and two tops from Target. And the cutest little floral jumpsuits for the girls from Cotton Kids that totally remind me of when I was a kid in the 70s  rolleyes.gif Sigh. In my defence they were all on sale except the jumpsuits.

So glad it's the weekend. A couple of disrupted nights during the week and I become a witch of a mother. Or is that mother of a witch? Either way, it's not good parenting! I will hopefully catch up this weekend. We haven't got much on -- a birthday party for a family friend at a gymnastics place and that's all. Will probably catch up with SIL and family as they will be at the same party and it's over their side of town too. I really really really want to go and see Harry Potter and it is the Hoyts movie club movie this week so can get tix for $10, so I'm thinking that I might just take myself off to see it tomorrow afternoon. DH isn't super interested. Might go to the Farmer's market tomorrow.

I'm hoping the aussie $$ nudges up a bit in the next few days, I still have a few things to get for Mum to bring back and I hate the thought of paying less than one to one exchange rates (Paypal and credits cards seem to keep about 3-4 cents in the dollar for themselves  sad.gif  ). Sigh.

Mandy -- good luck with the dog search. It's important to get the right kind of dog isn't it.

Hmm, need to get some more washing on. I'll be back later ...


#52 nadya

Posted 12 August 2011 - 01:56 PM

HI All

Just a random question for you ladies. Is there anyone out there holding back their 4 year old from school next year? I will be holding Hameed back a year, pre-school also recommended it encouraged my decision too. He is a bit too immature to start school.

Anyone indecisive or is everyone confident with sending their kiddies off to school?


#53 Mulan

Posted 12 August 2011 - 03:53 PM

Sorry Nadya, very confident and dd's readiness testing indicated she was very ready as well. I wouldn't be able to hold her back if I tried plus one of her bestows is a bit younger and she is going in the same class as well.

Megan good luck with miss Carys. Dummies and solids didn't make a difference with my kids at changing sleep either. Pure dumb luck and the hammock made DD a pretty good sleeper, we still had our times of challenge though, which was a cinch compared to my first two who still provide me with challenges with sleeping.

I just turned down a free trip to wa for a conference. I can't leave DH with the kids alone for a full week without feeling terribly guilty. He does so much already for me to go to shorter work things. Perhaps when all three are in school I could consider it.

Lol at rediscovering space and lack of ace Mandy. I have the same thoughts with our house when we moved. It might help if I fnish unpacking at least though. We made some headway in the garage again today at least.

Janet I too would hot foot it over to the dr and start the pill and skip the cycle totally

#54 mamaknits

Posted 12 August 2011 - 07:00 PM

Sorry Nadya, no holding back here. Alex wouldn't survive another year of preschool and preschool wouldn't survive another year of him, i'd say :S

#55 mokeydoke

Posted 12 August 2011 - 07:07 PM

reb posted my ideal rescue dog onto facebook, but they don't send interstate wink.gif He was gorgeous, even Peter said he was cute (I think his name was Zorro?). Anyway, that's the sort of dog I'm after. A cute looking, no bigger than knee heighted dog. Not white.
I do keep looking at rescue sites, but nothing has grabbed me yet.

Nadya - I was holding Lu back, and the preschool thinks I probably should consider it, but I'm not. I think she will be young, and seem young, but she wants to go (so far) and considering that is the only hurdle I'm dealing with with Kimbal I'm happy for her to try it out. Everyone thought she was younger when we were on holidays though, so I know she acts younger than your average 4.5yo, but it takes all kinds...Kimbal would happily never go back to school. I'm getting nervous thinking about next week.

Mulan - don't you wish you had family help around so you could do things like that guilt free? Did you talk to your DH about it?

Liss - While last week I had no hint of f'n 4's, Luella this week has been incredibly waily and frustrating. She doesn't have tantrums, she tries to but always end up laughing, but the wails are doing my head in.

Olivia is at a sleepover today and we've set the tent up in the loungeroom for the other kids to sleep in but they are just all fighting and I can't get in there to do anything about it laughing2.gif They need to stop yelling though or Í'll pack it away.

#56 ThatsNotMyName

Posted 12 August 2011 - 07:32 PM

I'm sending Caelan to school, there's a few areas I know he's not as advanced as other kids in (academically & self confidence wise) but I think to keep him back would be to his detriment. He loves school so I think he'll be OK.

Mulan that's a shame. How does DH feel about it? Is it a case of he's fine & it's Mother'd Guilt or is it a problem work wise for him?

Carys has slept a grand total of 15 mins (on me in the sling) since 7.30 am wacko.gif

#57 Mulan

Posted 12 August 2011 - 10:16 PM

A bit of both really. I went to a conference away for 2 days this last week and DH left work early both days so he would be sure not to be late for after school pickup. He is amazing and totally capable so i know it would be all guilt leaving everything to him for the week. I think coming so soon after being sick as well and there is still a lot more on him because I tire so easily. DH didn't complain when I told him about what i had been offered. He thought it would be good albeit a challenge and I'm sure if I said i wanted to and said something to my parents they would come up to help too, but I'm reluctant to say anything to them, they have so much happening already. The lack of local family support is difficult but its not going to change. I did mention an overseas option also which has been discussed at work But I'm not prepared to be away from my family overseas at the time that it is on. We have a couple of significant things at that time. It certainly takes the two of us to keep home and family functioning. It has been useful to discuss some future considerations though as DH is no longer aversive to me to do a phd now and that will require attending overseas conferences. It probably helps that me being away this week didn't result in a meltdown from DS#1 while i was gone. This is the first time we have had smooth sailing with me being gone. Although the meltdown happened several days before I left so I guess it depends on What you call smooth sailing.

Oh Megan 15 minutes. I remember that only too well. DS rarely slept unless on me and he didn't like when I a laid down to sleep at the same time too. I did learn to just shift him to my back and get on with everything while he cried in my ears. It was very hard but scream in my face or on my back was all I could do. I remember freaking out when I took a shower and he suddenly went quiet as I got out. He cried himself to sleep in the 2 minutes I was in the shower (sleep didn't last long but he never fell asleep like that)

#58 nadya

Posted 13 August 2011 - 12:26 AM

Thanks ladies for replying  biggrin.gif

Learning wise Hameed is ready, knows how to write and spell his name and at times (occasionally) has tried to spell out words. I have taught kindy classes and I could see some boys who are so much like Hameed and I keep of telling myself they shouldn't be at school and they do drive the teacher crazy at times. hameed is already a difficult child, I don't want a teacher to put up with a difficult immature child on top of her class. I am considering home schooling as well as preschool to make sure he's ready the following year. He will already be the oldest so best get him off to a good start (I hope).

Mandy - I would have thought Lu was quite a mature for her age. How long were you on holidays for?

celia - By delaying Hameed an extra year, he'll spend 3 years at preschool with the same teacher. When speaking to them and told them what I was thinking they though it was a good idea but then they gave each a look as in "not another year with Hammeed!' I wonder if they will regret having him there next year!

#59 mamaknits

Posted 13 August 2011 - 09:02 AM

Nadya, if Hameed is academically ready but not emotionally or sociallyv ready, I understand the hesitation. However, sorry to be very blunt, but would keeping him away from school for another year actually make him more ready socially and emotionally, or will being in school push him to develop in those areas and be ready midway through kindy? I guess my concern is that would you find that at the end of 2012 that he might still not appear ready but you have no choice at that time and he'd be better served going in 2012. Just a thought, I suppose. All teh best with that decision. How's Nada doing?

#60 fillesetjumeaux

Posted 13 August 2011 - 09:14 AM

Definitely something to think about, Nadya.  A little boy in K at G's school is a June birthday, and I was asking his dad how he was coping, and he saud he was amazed at the improvement in his behaviour, social and listening skills just from starting school.  It's a big call; not sure what I'd do, bit I'd probably lean towards starting, and repeating K if necessary.

#61 azalia

Posted 13 August 2011 - 10:39 AM

Nadya - my thoughts about it are, that kids wont really get ready unless exposed to that situation. I would be sending him, and if he really doenst cope or there are problems I would then pull him out, or have him repeat Pre-primary the following year. Byron has done kindy this year 2.5 days per week (WA school system) and the amount that he has grown in 6 months is incredible. I did kinder duty the first week of term one, and I remember watching the boys jumping around everywhere, and being disruptive, and donking each other on the head, not standing in line ect ect. I watched them last month and they are so much more mature now, and know how to behave at school.  I wish I could send Mason next year, he is so ready, but has to wait another year as he falls under the second half.

Liss -thankyou:) It would be the grand prix weekend/week 25th/26th/27th. Its in Fairfield though, I looked and its about 30 mins from you, would it be hard for me to get to though? I dont know that area at all, but I am familiar with around where you are.  

Mandy - Im sure we can work something out. Ill be time poor though, thinking of flying in on the Sunday, (day after grand prix) or if there is no accomodation the Monday and staying an extra day or so. Lol I always thought the same thing RE dummies, but I havent had one that hasnt taken one type of dummy, I try them all on the first day, and persist from then so they are used to it. The dummy is my saviour. Id send you Dexter if I could get him over there, he would love the open space, I could never give him away now, unless I knew he was going somewhere he would be given loads of attention. He is still so needy, dont get a boxer wink.gif

Went for a huge walk yesterday for school pick up and then play at the park. It was a beautiful day. Ive started a 'course' of chiro because my back is so sore. I was astounded from the xray, my spine around my neck is so curved over from sitting at the computer, looks terrible, trying to remember when I sit at the computer, hard to sit back though as Im usually leaning forward to check close ups while editing.

I might start sorting my craft room today, a somewhat sad task, all craft things will be packed in boxes for the next 12 months until we have moved. Once I have everything out, Im painting it back to white, more desirable when up for lease. Then I can make it into the nursery.  I wish I could do something like this but its probably not worth it as were not staying on.
Im just waiting to hear back from the studio as to whether they would agree to me doing the workshop with Indi with me, she would just be in a sling the whole time, and a friend/colleague is also doing the workshop and really wants me to do it and is happy to share holding her when needed. I think she would be ok, you dont hear boo from her all day. And she will still be breastfed then so too hard to leave for 12hours each day.

Megan - How does she go that long with out sleep!!? Do you have a jolly jumper or like that you can put her in to bounce and wear herself out a little?

#62 Naz32

Posted 13 August 2011 - 10:53 AM

Nayta I was going to say the same as Janet about repeating Kindy. I think that there is a greater opportunity for them to grow in Kindy. It's a tough decision. Also that's abit rude of the PS teachers though isn't it lol maybe Hameed won't be keen on another year with rum either lol Tounge1.gif

Megan ouch. I hope you got some rest. It's a big day isn't it.

It's a lovely day here today. Took the girls to the gym this morning. Theybquite like the creche there and I boxed out my stresses! They have boyhood been invited to a birthday party tomorrow so that's exciting. I will enjoy meeting some other mums in the area. Gav is keen to go too lol so I won't be too shy with my wingman hehe.

I can't believe this time next week I will be holidaying in WA. How awesome. I can't wait to see you guys. My nanny is working out well and I have managed 3 half days of work this week so that was abit exciting. The girls are starting swimming lessons next week and hopefully get Simon into Kindergym too to burn off all this energy they seem to have. Shop is so busy which is great and our new manager is brilliant. I think that all that time in Ballina without one is now being paid back to us lol.

Have a great day everyone. I hope the sun is shining.

#63 Naz32

Posted 13 August 2011 - 10:57 AM

Alina how did your search for help go.

Alina how did your search for help go.

#64 fillesetjumeaux

Posted 13 August 2011 - 11:07 AM

And today's award for most entertaining iPhone post goes to Naz!  Gotta love autocorrect - especially:
maybe Hameed won't be keen on another year with rum either

#65 sam_k

Posted 13 August 2011 - 11:09 AM

Hi all.  Thanks for your kind thoughts.  The funeral was yesterday and like Mel I bawled my eyes out.  It was a lovely service and we sent the hearse away to the tune of "the old grey mare, she ain't what she used to be" as that's what gran used to sing when she'd had 1 drink too many!  The church ladies did a lovely wake for us and then just the family came back here to our place for a proper celebration, just what gran wanted.

Nadya A is repeating kinder next year.  She just won;t sit still for more than 5 minutes to do anything she considers to be work, and with the hearing aids being so new we'd like to give her another year to settle in with them before we put her in school.  

M repeated kinder as well.  He was academically ready but not socially and emotionally ready.  We don't regret the decision now - he just loves school, and is so much more confident than he was.

We have M's school trivia night tonight.  Nice chance for the family to have some fun!  Between me and the school mum that works for me we have 3 tables of family, friends and colleagues.  It's a movie theme.  Mum and I have made a last minute decision that we are going as Kath and Kim!

#66 donthavetv

Posted 13 August 2011 - 11:58 AM

I rather like this one ;
They have boyhood been invited to a birthday party tomorrow so that's exciting.

#67 azalia

Posted 13 August 2011 - 12:06 PM

Naz - tell me your one week ahead of yourself and dont actually arrive here until two weeks time???!!! Not that it matters, but I would like to be a bit more house organised by your arrival time! It is the last week of August isnt it?  Glad your nanny is working out.

I have had two replies from ladies  I would like to meet, so organising that. My desire for an older lady is for two reasons, one that they are more inclined I would think to stay on with us for longer term, opposed to younger ones that dont seem to have the commitment these days, as well as the kids dont really have a nana, and although I cant substitute and authentic blood one, I would like to try. Well see though, Im open atm. My real problem is that when G is away I need them for X amount of hours per week (around 20) but when he is home, he would want the kids with him, not a nanny, so then I dont know what to do. I cant expect one to be working some weeks then not much the next.

#68 ThatsNotMyName

Posted 13 August 2011 - 02:08 PM

Alinta maybe keep her on the longer hours all the time & G can have some good one on one time with each of them? Or maybe ask if she'd do other things while he's home like some cooking and/or cleaning? I loved your link with all your pinned ideas - gorgeous! I saw you had Eileann Donan castle in your must visit section - we went there!  cool.gif

How does Carys go so long without sleeping? It sure beats me, her stamina is unbelievable. We do have a jolly jumper & I think she'd be about ready for it so we'll pull it out & see.

So after last update she had 1 hour of sleep in the evening then was up till 11pm when she finally crashed. Awake for feeds at 2.30 & 6 then up for the day at 7.30. 1 hour sleep 10.30-11.30 & going strong now. Will try putting her down again soon though. You never know your luck in a big city. Or Canberra.

Naz how exciting, I wish it was me heading back to Perth! Though I am heading up to see Kylie in Qld for a few days at the end of the month.

Sam I'm glad it all went well for your Gran's funeral hhugs.gif

Caelan finally (due to me keeping forgetting) started on the Reading Eggs free trial & is loving it  biggrin.gif

We did haircuts (clippers) for the boys this morning. Must post a before & after of Caelan - such a difference. I wish I hadn't clippered his this time. Oh well.

Edited by ThatsNotMyName, 13 August 2011 - 02:10 PM.

#69 lissiloo

Posted 13 August 2011 - 03:19 PM

Nadya -- I kept Ella back in kinder (or preschool for you NSW guys) as her birthday was 2 weeks before the Vic cutoff date. Some of you might remember how much I ummed and aahhed about it, in the end we had her assessed by the preschool field officer and that was their recommendation. She was socially and emotionally quite immature and really lacked confidence. It was a really good decision for her I think as the following year she was much more able to hold her own and had several good friends rather than just relying on one, and she has transitioned pretty smoothly to prep this year. Although I have heard it is often a couple of years down the track when the benefits/problems of holding them/not holding them back appear.

There were 2 boys in her class that first year that come to mind. One was held back by his parents as his birthday was close to the cutoff and IMO they didn't really need to do that -- he was pretty bright and social and so on, and by the middle of the year he was bored stiff and playing up all the time, but then I don't know how he was earlier. The other was recommended to be held back like Ella but his parents decided not to. However he's been held back in prep and I think that has been harder for him, being separated from his friends, and I know his mum regrets not holding him back in kinder.

On the other hand there is a boy in Poppy's kinder group who was held back from Ella's group last year and I don't think it has helped him at all -- he is still a naughty disruptive child (mind you I think his problems are behavioural/due in part to a non-ideal family situation), and my guess is that he will continue to be naughty through school, sadly he's that kind of kid.

And Poppy is so ready for school, I wish I could send her now  wink.gif  rolleyes.gif

I guess it comes down to what you think. Do you think he would really benefit from staying back? Have you had him assessed (I'm assuming that NSW has something equivalent to our preschool field officers who make the recommendations for holding back)? It's a tough call, and I sympathise -- I know what you are going through.

Alinta -- Fairfield is a bit of a pain to get to from my house as there is no easy direct route, but if it is Grand Prix weekend, you're going to find accom difficult and expensive to get anywhere in Melbourne, so you're probably best off staying here anyway  wink.gif And as I said, you're most welcome to stay.

Mulan -- tough decision about the conference, but I'm glad you're considering the PhD, you seem very suited to doing something like that  happy.gif And I'm glad DH has come around to the idea -- he must be very proud of you!

Have been to the farmer's market this morning, and DH is at the kinder for a working bee. I think he'll be home soon. Made cupcakes with the girls and need to ice them still. It's cool and grey here, sun pokes it's head out now and then but not often enough. And I'm going to see Harry Potter during the week with a friend! Yay!

Hope the rest of your weekend is fun!


#70 mesaana

Posted 13 August 2011 - 05:10 PM

I'm with Alinta here I think, and others.  I was worried on how Freya would do socially as she tends to be overwhelmed by large groups - she tends to take after me with her introvertedness... but since the start of the year she has really blossomed, and although there can still be issues I think most of them can be ironed out.  One thing that keeps cropping up for her is toileting.  She can have accidents at times - but its actually due to the toilets being very open and she is a very private girl who hates being public about going to the toilet.  She gets very embarrassed if she farts and we bring attention to it, so going to a very open toilet is difficult for her.  At the end of last term she was doing extremely well, but we had to take a few steps back again this term.  That said - gymnastics has been huge for her.  So very confident there and loving it.  So I'm on the send them camp - but it is totally dependent on each child.

#71 azalia

Posted 13 August 2011 - 05:21 PM

Liss - my mistake, grand final weekend next month, not grand prix. I cant have Indi with me during the two days of the workshop, so am looking into who I could fly over with me to have her, or options in Melbourne. Do you have a good babysitter or know someone you would trust with a baby all day?

#72 Naz32

Posted 13 August 2011 - 07:20 PM

LOL to Mel and Janet Tounge1.gif what's wrong with abit of rum laughing2.gif

Alinta I think it would be nice to keep the helper there whilenG is home so you can have some time together and while he is having some bonding time with the boys and not having to worry about Indi. It's great to have some cooking and cleaning help too!

Also yes I am arriving this Thursday at 9pm. I hope that's still ok esp with G being home.

I made the salted caramel cheesecake on the Donna hay mag cover and it is so delicious. It's hard to stop eating as it's not sweet so doesn't make me feel sick lol.

#73 donthavetv

Posted 13 August 2011 - 07:23 PM

Alinta and Naz, happy to be a back up if Alinta's doesn't work.

#74 lissiloo

Posted 13 August 2011 - 07:46 PM

Alinta -- ok, same issue with accom and traffic that weekend  biggrin.gif  As for babysitting I'll ask around if you like. We can certainly pick up some of the slack but right now I can't promise 2 days with 3 other kids in the house to look after. I also need to check that MIL isn't staying with us at that time as I know she is coming over around then (weekend of Oct 1 right?), but supposedly she is staying with SIL anyway. Will get back to you on that in the next couple of days.

#75 azalia

Posted 13 August 2011 - 07:59 PM

Thanks Liss. No stress, if it doesn't work out it's ok. Beginning to realize it's harder than I thought working with a breastfed baby.

Naz, totally fine we can't wait, I have no head atm I just had it on the calendar as the 25/26/27. Can't wait for your arrival and will definatly be at the airport Thursday night.

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