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Pregnancy After Miscarriage ~ #46

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#51 jens1607

Posted 12 September 2011 - 09:26 AM

Morning All,

Congrats Bananagirlsmum!!!  I hope your stay is uneventful and long.

DF - Hope your ok.  Thinking about you.

Mamabug - Glad you and ladybug are going well.

Bigmum - That is great news about less then 10 weeks to go for you.  I hope your DD2 has a good first day today.  

Good luck Susieblue & Contrebasse on your scans today.  

athnessa - I totally understand about the golf thing.  My DH plays as well and nothing gets in the way of the weekly game including the gardening which never gets done because of it.

CallHimSmith - Hope your feeling better today.

Hi to everyone else!!

Nothing very intersting on the baby front for me.  I have my 12 week scan next monday so I'm holding out for that.  Did quite a bit of work around the garden yesterday and I had my gloves on so I hope little squirt is ok in there.  I hate not knowing if he/she is ok.  I guess we will find out next Monday.

#52 spitmurphys

Posted 12 September 2011 - 11:39 AM

Hi All!
Just wanted to say good luck to those with scans this week!  Very exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time!  
AFM I had another lot of bloods today so will see tomorrow if the hcg has increased and see if I can really post in here yet.  Was pretty excited to get through Saturday which was when AF was due.  Dont know but this one just doesnt seem real yet.  Maybe cause I just didnt expect it.  I am all of 4w 2d so far so will be very annoying by the end of it! biggrin.gif

#53 123Babies4Me

Posted 12 September 2011 - 12:06 PM

Hi ladies - just wanted to let you know the good news, our baby has a heartbeat! 170bpm, and is measuring perfectly for dates (8w). I've spent so long trying not to get attached to this pg that I haven't allowed myself to get excited yet....

Welcome to the new girls! biggrin.gif

Contrebasse - how did your scan go today?

#54 Caramel Latte

Posted 12 September 2011 - 12:33 PM

off to hospital yet again. Over this. Over the bleeds over the scares. Thought once got to 12 weeks I'd be all ok.  -

#55 athnessa

Posted 12 September 2011 - 01:59 PM

DF, I hope everything is ok.

Susieblue, Congrats on the heartbeat! You can get excited now!

Welcome bananagirlsmum! I hope your stay is long and uneventful.

Spitmurphys, good luck with your bloodtests. Hang in there, those early weeks are the worst.

Not much to report here. 9 weeks 4 days today. Someone from work asked me if I was pregnant. How rude?! I was totally taken by surprise. I know I've put on a bit of weight but I didn't think someone would ask that without being told. She may well have thought I was further along than I am. I told her I was as I didn't want to say I wasn't in case I jinxed the pregnancy. When I said I was 9 weeks she said "gee you've popped out early." I just hope she doesn't blab it around as, with my history, I won't be making an announcement until 13 weeks or so.  Now I am very paranoid at how pregnant I must be looking.

#56 Bigmum

Posted 12 September 2011 - 02:00 PM

df-sad.gif hope all is ok again. Hoping they dont end up putting you in hospital till she's here xx

yay susie blue! congrats, that is exciting.

Athnessa, that is so rude!! the hide of some people!!

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#57 key4

Posted 12 September 2011 - 03:10 PM

Susie blue CONGRATS original.gif

Bananagirl Welcome hope everything goes well.

Athnessa - that is rude the unwritten rule of never ask unless you are super sure. I am sure that a rumour has just started rather than you looking overly pregnant you tend to get bloated in the first trimester which eases in the second so don't let it bother you too much.

Mama - Boo to no garlic or coffee! Hope you are not Italian life would be awful!

DF - hope everything is ok. I understand what you are going thru having done it twice before it is awful unfortunately the only thing which fixed it for me was having the bub.

Big mum - are you all out of pain now? Hope you are feeling much better.

Kate and Smith you are both so close now I hope you are feeling well.

DD had a great birthday thanks for all the well wishes.

#58 Caramel Latte

Posted 12 September 2011 - 07:28 PM


Just a quick one as am exhausted as (sorry for those on FB - yes its somewhat copy and pasted)....

Bub is getting somewhat impatient BUT is still holding on.. just have to keep praying for a few more weeks (tad sad/depressing when OB keeps referring to "if bub doesnt stay in at the moment you will have another missed miscarriage" - yer but this time with a birth certificate)  .... just taking it fortnightly at the moment!!!

I have had bleeding in my last pg so am use to that part, just wasnt bedrested from so early on or the massive pain, had more assistance (I am a clean freak so am currently stressing out about the house etc) and was prepared more financially for the time off work. Plus the bleeding was more my issue last time more than bub trying to make an early appearance so didnt have that stress.... Just after 7+ years of TTC, the multiple losses not sure I have it in me to go another round (if this bub grows wings).

Sadly I normally thrive on stress - the more the better but just to drained... cant wait to bub is born, health dealt with so can be back to "me" (hope that made sense).

I am hoping that when bub gets into the "total safe zone" will get a little easier.

#59 key4

Posted 12 September 2011 - 07:36 PM

Df hugs isn't bub in the eyes of the law considered to be a lil human being now I thought the switch point 20 weeks not that it makes much difference just means that you can kick and scream for more intervention as they are trying to save a life rather than a pregnancy.

If you deliver soon can you do so at the Mater? I sure you would be able to. Our hosptial can now accept from an earlier gestation as they have just had a massive upgrade of the SCN.

Ps have they started the steroid jabs if you are threatening to come early those nasty boys hurt! And the salbutamol infusions are the pits too so I hope you are spared them. Are they keeping you in? As annoying as the inpatient stay is you at least can't see the mess at home and they feed you.

Edited by key4, 12 September 2011 - 07:39 PM.

#60 Caramel Latte

Posted 12 September 2011 - 07:49 PM

QUOTE (key4 @ 12/09/2011, 07:36 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Df hugs isn't bub in the eyes of the law considered to be a lil human being now I thought the switch point 20 weeks not that it makes much difference just means that you can kick and scream for more intervention as they are trying to save a life rather than a pregnancy.

If you deliver soon can you do so at the Mater? I sure you would be able to. Our hosptial can now accept from an earlier gestation as they have just had a massive upgrade of the SCN.

They didnt mention any intervention until 24 weeks. But it is great to know I can "kick and scream" cause this close I want to do all I can. Thank you. I am finding it hard as private OB said bub would have a "slim" chance now but Hospital OB stated otherwise.

I am going through the Mater as agree they have the best facilities. Even Priv OB will deliver there (if I went private) as he believes its the best. So I am being looked after by the best place/ppl.

#61 Bigmum

Posted 12 September 2011 - 08:30 PM

aw df. It must be so stressful.
23 weeks is NOT a missed misscarriage. The cutoff (well in vic- not sure if states change) is 20 weeks. my ds was 20 weeks exactly. So my doctor called it. I think he thought at least the baby bonus would help the grief. It didnt in some ways, but allowed us a small family holiday that made us appreciate each other alot- and that was pretty valuable.

DF, the more and more you look around little bubbies are surviving 23 weeks, even 24. I'm not trying to lull you into false hope, but with more resting and patience this baby can be born safely.

hugs hugs and more hugs. I know where you are now. I have felt for a while now if I could have just held on a few more weeks I would still have my ds. but in our case he wasnt meant to be.

#62 Caramel Latte

Posted 12 September 2011 - 08:48 PM

QUOTE (Bigmum @ 12/09/2011, 08:30 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
23 weeks is NOT a missed misscarriage

That's what I thought BUT OB kept mentioning it and it was what got to me the most.
Just taking it fortnightly and if I make it thru that I have done good. Knowing the way things happen for me, bub will make it to 36 weeks and I would have worried / had these trips weekly to the hospital for nothing (as in made it to goal etc) ...

Thank you everything helps!!!

ETA: Am bleeding and pain increasing AGAIN... am to go in the minute it goes to a tablespoon amount... pls tell me how I am NOT to stress??????

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#63 Contrebasse

Posted 12 September 2011 - 11:01 PM

Congrats susieblue on a perfect scan! Mine was pretty good too, baby is measuring 6w5d which sounds about right (I didn't have a period in between the mc and getting pregnant again.) heartbeat was 120bpm which the sonographer said was fine. So we are pretty relieved, but still a little cautious.

Hi to everyone else, hope you are still hanging in there DF!

#64 key4

Posted 12 September 2011 - 11:05 PM

Congrats Contrebasse so happy for your great news. Hope everything continues well for you - any HB is a good one but 120bpm is awesome

#65 Bigmum

Posted 13 September 2011 - 09:37 AM

Yay contrabass! That's great news.

Miscarriage rates go down alot after seeing a heartbeat, so hope thiseans good chances for you!

Not too much to report, babe is well- or so it feels! Dd2 loved kinder and today is the last day I have to take her there, tomorrow she catches the bus, so I am going to repeat yesterday and go to Starbucks for Brekky :-p why not? Dh is away for work all week so I can!

Smith and kateko, where the he'll are ya? I know u r here Kate cos I've seen posts elsewhere on the boards:-p u ladies need to keep us entertained while you are waiting for babies :-)

#66 spitmurphys

Posted 13 September 2011 - 10:50 AM

Hi guys!

Great news Contrabass on the scan!  Congrats!!  It is huge to see a heartbeat!!

DF I really hope you and your bub are OK.  No advice on how NOT to stress though, would love some myself!

Bugmum enjoy your coffee!!!!

So got my HCG and Last Thurs it was 78 and I was only 12dpo then yesterday it was 470 at 4w 2d o think that is increasing alright, now scan in 2 wks.  Off to google the numbers!!!!

Edited by spitmurphys, 13 September 2011 - 10:51 AM.

#67 Bigmum

Posted 13 September 2011 - 11:00 AM

Hello again, I can't write personal messages on my phone and I'm out for a few hours- will send u a message df xxx

Spitmurphys, those levels sound ok for 4 weeks! I can't believe you found out and got high starting hcg so early!!

Edited by Bigmum, 13 September 2011 - 11:19 AM.

#68 CallHimSmith

Posted 13 September 2011 - 12:45 PM

Hi ladies,

So glad to hear good news of scans eexcite.gif such wonderful news

I'm still here *sigh* last night had some serious BH which I actually thought could have been the real thing. Last for an hour or so with regular and painful tightenings, some that took my breath away ..... But..... Still here original.gif

Only a few weeks until my induction so I just néed to ride it out. Am just grateful I won't have to go to 40 weeks!

House chores for me today ... Very exciting ddoh.gif

hheart.gif smith x

#69 Neko NoNo

Posted 13 September 2011 - 04:07 PM

H3W4- how's the countdown going? Less than a week now. It's hard waiting. I've still got my fingers and toes crossed for good news for you

Choc- you must be very busy at the moment! I hope the plans for moving are going well and everything is running smoothly

Welcome bananagirlsmum! Hope your stay is long and boring

Jen- good luck for Monday. The 12 week scan took forever for me. Little guy wouldn't sit still for the measuremennts- too cute

SM- you are more than welcome to post here now. You need the support from day 1 I think

Susie- fantastic news on the HB!  ddance.gif

DF- hope your baby stays put for a while longer.  Every day in is a day stronger. I have no idea how you can not stress. I wish we could all be there for you to help distract you  bbighug.gif

Athnessa- how incredibly rude of your workmate- some people just don't understand the basics of etiquette. I had some bad bloating in the first trimester. I looked at least 15 weeks until about 10 weeks and then it went back down.

Contrebasse- great news on the scan.  Those are some good numbers  cclap.gif

Bigmum-yum to going out for breakfast! I love eating out- gets a bit expensive though.

Smith- we're in the countdown now. Very exciting- when will you be induced again?

AFM- yes, I have been slack. I keep telling myself that I have to update the list before I can post, but that doesn't seem to be happening, so I will just post. I'll get the list up soon I promise! DP and I had a busy weekend- out for dinner and a movie on Friday and then, since some car race was on up here DP wanted to go to that. We went on Saturday night and we were both bored witless and we finally made it out of there at about 10pm.

I finally got the paint for the crib- a really nice glossy deep blue. Can't wait to get started on it. Snoring has started- DP was kept awake by me on Sunday night, so that makes a change. Usually it's him keeping me awake after a few too many beers- this is payback! Is there anything you can do about the snoring? I sleep on my side already.

#70 Belinda33

Posted 13 September 2011 - 07:31 PM

Hi ladies - just checking in to say hello. Have just got back today from a weekend away to the Gold Coast celebrating my nephew's christening. It was a lovely weekend and nice to get some sunshine. I am utterly exhausted from all the travel today and will be in bed by 8:00. It seems the pregnancy symptoms have really kicked in now. Very tired and sore boobs, no ms yet. Will be 6 weeks tomorrow. So far I have had no scans or anything and feeling positive. Have been asked to get dating scan next week and will then see my Ob at 10 weeks. I ran into ob while visiting at the hosp and he offered me a scan last friday but I told him i thought it was too early and that I would gladly wait until 10 weeks. I think he was a bit shocked after last preg was seeing him for weekly scans.

Rose - Glad to see you've joined us. Fingers crossed for both of us.

DF - Thinking of you. Hang in there, I know your struggling but it is all going to be worth it.

#71 readyandraring

Posted 13 September 2011 - 09:56 PM

Popping in to to say hi, lack of motivation means i am reading but not up to posting and I still feel like I am cursing myself as soon as I get ahead of myself.

So bloated today I feel yuck and the belly is right out there, so glad I am working at home at the moment. DH is in HK this week so just filling my days with work, a few chores, meals and tv, oh and sleeping!

I cannot believe how quiet Smith is at the moment, you must be ready to go love! 35 weeks, I bet you are glad you have a date looming. Thinking of you.

Hope you are also ok DF, I worry about you!

How are you Bigmum? I cannot believe how mild the weather is in Singapore at night, makes walking for dinner or bits and pieces at cold storage so much easier! Do you eat out much?

Do you shop online at cold storage? I should take these questions offline shouldn't I!

Hello to everyone else, thinking of you all.

#72 Have3Wanting4

Posted 14 September 2011 - 08:15 AM

H3W4- how's the countdown going? Less than a week now. It's hard  waiting. I've still got my fingers and toes crossed for good news for  you

Kate-ko Only 5 more days until my scan, it is so hard waiting. I am so scared but I think I'll be an absolute mess the day before and in the morning. I'm so glad it's at 10 in the morning so I get it over with early.

My boobs are so sore, much sorer than they were with my miscarriages and I've had nausea for around a week. It went away last night and of course I started worrying. But I'm back to feeling crap this morning. I am so tired and finding it really hard to get anything done around the house.

Better get these kids ready for school, will read further back to see what I've missed later.

#73 Bigmum

Posted 14 September 2011 - 10:18 AM

morning all.

have3, glad your symptoms are strong- it IS good for reassurance Tounge1.gif I remember thinking at one stage "if these boobs dont stop being sore I am going to cut them off" haha...the thoughts we have lol! I hope your scan goes well, I understand the stress and hope the days fly fast for you

Hi ready! Singapore has gone cool this week. A taxi driver told me the other day that sep-dec is really really cool for singapore. He said it rains alot and it gets very windy and breezy. He said the rest of the time is unbearable. We arrived in february and it was sooooo hot. But just assumed that was the normal.
When I walked out this morning it was quite cool and I enjoyed it. It was already steamy on my way back 15 minutes later. But I can imagine pushing ds in his pram around our condo at night.
I use cold storage online- I did use fairprice, but the website is slow and I did not like the choice of fresh food available- almost next to none. Plus cold storage has more imported stuff from aus and the us. its nice to sit there eating red globe grapes knowing that its from "home".
My dh is in thailand this week- so know all about that!! lol. Have you had a think about doctors/obs/hospitals yet? I love my dr. And I love the hospital he works from. I did barely any research, my theory was if he was a good doctor taking care of me, then I would stick with him. Turns out Raffles hospital is one of the best regarded hospitals in sg.
Anyhow...can send you a pm one day when I'm bothered- sorry everyoe!!

hi belinda, glad you are content with everything, I hope all goes well for you xx

hi everyone else.

Not too much to report here. Might go back to bed for a snooze now that dds have gone to school...but I am hungry. so better feed the kid first.

This baby seems to be in a routine already- in my tummy. I have noticed it heaps this pregnancy, that some times even food/water wont rouse the baby, but the kids chatting away will! Yesterday he was 3 hourly with kicks! I guess that I hope it stays that way out of utero! lol

#74 spitmurphys

Posted 15 September 2011 - 08:54 AM

H3W4 glad you are having some strong symptoms!  I wish I would!  I think my boobs are a bit sore but it could be the progesterone!  Wish I had my head in the toilet!  Remind me I said that if it happens!!  Not long till scan now!!  I have to wait till 27th to get a docs apt then make a scan one and couldnt get one till 5pm so would say that I have to wait till the next day for the actual scan!  Bugger!  

Bigmum and R&R!!  How exciting living in Singapore!  I am in country QLD!  Not very exciting at all!  I do love it but sometimes wish life was a little more unpredictable!!!  Not in the baby sense obviously!!  Would love predictable there!  

Belinda glad you are still keeping zen about everything!  Sounds like its going well!  I am trying to take a leaf out of your book!  I think I will have one scan at 6.5wks then maybe 10 then the 12.  I know thats prob a lot still but better than every week like last time.  Got to nearly 9 wks and had seen bub 4 times!!!

DF hope you are OK.

Kateko love the snoring payback!!  I hate the drunken snore from the DHs!!  We utilise our spare room on those occasions!!!

Smith hope you are still holding on!!  Not long now!!  

AFM well I am just waiting!  Feel fine, bit tired but nothing much!  Wish I was sick but never really get anything till after 6 wks.  Just got to get that far first!  OK better go, big day in the shop!

#75 Caramel Latte

Posted 15 September 2011 - 10:24 AM

Hi All,

Feeling bit more positive today....

Spitmurphy/H3W4: My symptoms came and went, which was annoying as was relying on them to "feel pg" - silly I know.

Bigmum: How cute, DD#3 chats to bub and she moves like crazy, love seeing the look on DDs face. Little Oreo is looking like she will be a night owl, hoping to change that routine asap.

Readyandraring: Congrats on safe trip, hope not long before you are settled in Singapore.

KateKo: How are you enjoying living in Coffs now? I love going there for holidays.

How are you feeling? Cant believe how close you are!

Susie: Congrats on the HB!

Jen: Monday not that far now!!! Good luck.

Choc: How is the move going? Hope the HG settles for you.

Bananagirlsmum, Key, Hernette, Michelle and all I missed: How are you all going?

Athnessa: I dont know how ppl can ask, hope you dont have any further rude comments/questions. I really dont pay attention to fellow workmates that closely to even think to ask.

Good news on scan and numbers!!!

AFM: Been told to stay positive ... so trying but its so hard. Other than scare with bubs this week and still huge issues with (person formally known as) mother all else is ok. Finally managed to crochet a beanie to fit a baby, first four attempts = 2 for brats dolls and 2 (cant name them but if put together look like a flower). Yep I am bored.

ETA: OOOHHH bub could have an eviction date of 14/12/11 (36 weeks) will confirm at 32 weeks scan. Trying to keep thinking that "bub will be born on 14th of Dec" to help stay positive etc... but its 13 weeks away, cant wait to find out (depends on lungs/ going to avoid steriods unless absolutely necessary i.e she escapes earlier than planned)!!!

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