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IVF Multiple Cycles and the Long Haul BG #10

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#51 mitchp

Posted 07 October 2011 - 10:17 AM

Hey all, and thanks for your wishes for DP and I through this 2WW.

DTR - so sorry about your BFN. I agree with others that wine, cheese, cry is the necessary tools to get through this. It's so frustrating and unfair that there really isn't much to say except unfortunately we all know how you feel and if you ever need to talk, PM me original.gif

Good luck to all xx

#52 dreamstoreality

Posted 07 October 2011 - 01:27 PM

Thanks everyone, because of my uti, I don't even feel like food and the idea of alcohol makes me sick.

All I want to do is sleep and wake up tomorrow feeling better.

#53 indigo~

Posted 07 October 2011 - 07:33 PM

DTR, so sorry about the BFN. And to have a UTI on top of it all just plain bites. I hope you're feeling better soon.

MItchp, how are you and your DP traveling in your 2ww? I hope the time is flying for you both.

Halby, I hope all goes well for your FET on Monday. When do you know whether the defrost all went ok? I've not done a FET. I have everything crossed for you that is will be the one.

Liltuss, I hope AF is not far off for you. PGD sounds like a good option. What day do they test on? Do they have to reach blast first? And can they refreeze any of the already frozen embies if found to be ok?

I had my scan today, day11. About 7 follicles, which is a pretty good haul for me. Just hope they have eggs inside! Largest one is around 14-15mm. Keeping on with 175u Gonal f and started on the orgalutran and saizen tonight. Next scan on Monday, likely EPU on Wednesday. This cycle seems to be going really quickly, for some reason.

Have a great weekend all!

#54 minidiamond

Posted 08 October 2011 - 01:43 PM

DTR, hope you're on the improve & get back to normal (whatever that is in this crazy process) as soon as possible.

Indigo, sounds like your follies are coming along nicely, that's great. Good luck for Monday's scan, & probable Wed EPU - a quick cycle's a good cycle !! Can I ask, have you ever had cetrotide as your antagonist instead of orgalutran ? My FS has me on cet this cycle for the first time & he went away before I could find out why !

, how are you & DP going ? Hoping you're finding some good ways of making the time pass quickly.  

Halby, how are you going ? FET close ? I hope so. xx

libra, hope you're going well & you pop back to visit now & then ! I am crossing fingers all is on track with no more bleeding etc.

Hi to everyone & anyone else ...

AFM, I'm off & running again, AF is here properly (hoorah !) so start stimming Monday.  Indi, in answer to your qs, they take any fertilised embies to day 5 & then decide if they're good enough to biopsy for PGD (basically grade 1 or 2).  If they are, that process/results takes about 4 weeks, so the transfer is actually an FET the following month. With the day 3 frosties I'm transferring from old clinic, yes, they can thaw, check & refreeze if they're good enough.  When they're frozen at day 3 & not beginning to hatch, they're more resilient to thaw/freeze.    My FS has gone away but if it's the same as my last stim cycles (11 days), I'll have EPU the day he returns, crossing fingers.

#55 halby

Posted 08 October 2011 - 05:00 PM

Listuss yeh for AF. It is always wonderful to get the ball rolling again. I think it is awsome that you can still do the same with the day 3 frozen. And I had forgotton that it ends up being an fet cycle.

On that note I cant remember where I read it but did you know that Frozen embryos are apparently as good, if not better than fresh. I will try and find the article on line again, but it is something to do with the expanding and shrinking , on the cells????? I dont know if anyone else has read anything similar. It really surprised me.

Indigo you folicles are coming along nicely. with your lead follicle at 14-15 maybe you will be in on Wednesday. I have everything crossed for you. I know how quickly my antagonist cycle went which was my last one, and the only time I had done it. So much better than the sh*tteral spray.

Afm am having a busy day with either nesting or nervous energy. I cleaned my windows, tow cars adn even trird to convince DH to help em move the office around as it is sh*tting me. Spoke to embryology today and they are thawing tomorrow morning and will probably assisted hatch after. They are going to culture to day 4 as my body is day 3 tomorrow and fs no longer does Sundays, I dont blame him, but am a little nervous about pushing forward to day 4. They dont like to hatch on day 4 as the cells are too tight against the zona and they dont want to risk damaging any cells, so I am happy with that. I just hate the waiting game. But I can call to check on thawing at 10am tomorrow and then will have to pray all night that they grow on nicely to Monday. Other than that I am really relaxed and calm. I do think having the last 6 months off has been wonderful for me, and not to mention my marriage. We are in such a good place and I can honestly say that I dont think we have been feeling like this since when I concieved DD. I cant wait for the week off, it will be awsome to have a nice break and just do some things that I want or dont want to do.
Well I had better dash and continue cleaning. I still have lots to do tomorrow to keep myself busy, including having friends over for the Rugby....C'mon Wallabies

#56 halby

Posted 09 October 2011 - 02:59 PM

Yay, both survived the thaw and assisted hatching. Embryologist said they look nice and we just need to see them heading in the right direction for transfer tomorrow. So grow little embies grow......

#57 indigo~

Posted 09 October 2011 - 06:00 PM

Halby, that's fantastic news! Good luck tomorrow for the transfer.

Liltuss, thanks for the info. That's great that they can refreeze embryos. I wondered if it was like when you defrost meat, you shouldn't refreeze  blush.gif

I haven't ever had cetrotide; not sure why. I seem to remember that it needs to be made up while the orgalutran comes in pre-prepared syringes? I will try to remember to ask my FS about it at tomorrow's scan. I know there are sometimes shortages of orgalutran. There's been at least 2 that I can remember in the past 12 months.

DTR, hope you're feeling better.

Mitchp, hope alls going well in the dreaded 2ww. When's BT due?

#58 mitchp

Posted 10 October 2011 - 07:32 AM

Hey all.

Halby - good luck with the transfer today original.gif

Hiya everyone else.

We are doing well - week one over of the 2WW - this last week has flown, let's hope the next one does too. We're travelling north this coming weekend to DP's family so hopefully things will all go smoothly and AF will stay away!

Blood test due next Tuesday, 18 October, so fingers, toes and everything crossed for a BFP!!

#59 librablonde

Posted 10 October 2011 - 09:05 AM

Hi ladies,

Halby- lots of luck for you today, hon. I'll be lurking as always and be be hoping and praying for a sticky one this time for you xoxo

Mitchp-I hope your 2WW is flying by. I can't wait for the 18th to see how the BT goes for you.

DTR- I hope your UTI is clearing up. Your poor body, it's been through so much with that gastro, the UTI and the rest. I hope you're getting time to care for yourself hhugs.gif

Indigo- good luck with your scan today and I hope it all progresses to the EPU. Exciting times original.gif

Liltuss- so today's the day to start stimming. It's exciting when the ball starts rolling again, and I'm glad you've had a good break to just relax before jumping back into the game again. Good luck xoxo

AFM- all ok, finally stopped bleeding after my scare last Saturday, just hanging in there for now and we'll see what happens. Not counting my chickens yet... I'm always around checking on you all, and wish you tons and tons of baby dust bbighug.gif


#60 halby

Posted 10 October 2011 - 04:14 PM

HI all,

Libra and so glad the bleeding has stopped and I am praying that you start to have an enjoyable time being pregnant without all the worry.

At 10am this morning I tranfered 2 lovely little embryos. One was 9 cell compacting and 1 was 10 cell. It initially wasn't compacting but my fs got held up and I could have sworn by the pic that it had started to. But anyway they are looking good and now the wait begins. As always you know me and my naming, well I think I have finally decided on "Cookie and Cloud"

#61 indigo~

Posted 10 October 2011 - 08:02 PM

Halby, so glad it went well today! Go little cookie and cloud!

Mitchp, terrific that the week has gone quickly for you. Will be keeping everything crossed for you for the 18th.

Liltuss, I hope the start to the new cycle went smoothly today. I asked my FS re cetrotide vs orgalutran today. She said they were essentially the same thing but her preference is orgalutran. They used cetrotide when there were shortages of the orgalutran and they noticed some women ovulated prematurely so they prefer not to use it. That said, there are dr's that will only use cetrotide.

Libra, that's wonderful that the bleeding has stopped. The worry just doesn't stop, does it? It kicks up a gear!

I had my scan today and EPU isn't until Friday now. Not cooked enough and my lining is still too thin at 5mm. If it doesn't thicken up enough, they'll have to freeze anything worthwhile and try a FET. She's not keen on me taking oestrogen to help it thicken for some reason.

Keeping up the 175u Gonal f, the saizen and the orgalutran, and added 150u of pregnyl for good measure.

I don't want to get ahead of myself, but I'm pretty keen to go to day5 for transfer this cycle. All of my transfers have been day 3 (and 1 x day2). The only time I've tried to go to day5 I ended up with nothing to  transfer.

But I kinda figure that if it's not going to make it to day5, then there's probably no point putting them back in? I know they like you to have something to transfer, but I have done enough of them now. I think I'd almost prefer to know up front if they're not going to be much chop. Save that whole 2weeks of wondering and getting your hopes up, the crinone symptoms (and the no coffee!).

What do you think? Do you prefer day 3 or day 5?

#62 halby

Posted 10 October 2011 - 09:14 PM

Indigo fingers crossed for Friday. On the 3 day versus 5, the jury is still out on that for my and our embryologists as they say that some embryos just dont do well in culture and can do better in the uterus. But either way I know your feelings when you have been at it a while you need to try things differently, and to get them to blast is always a good sign. I will be watching out for you to join me in the 2ww thread.

#63 minidiamond

Posted 11 October 2011 - 08:42 AM

All the best to you, DH & cloud & cookie Halby !! Hope they are burrowing in & snoozing as we speak. Sounds like you are feeling good & quite confident, I am crossing everything for you hun !!!  Go Halby, go Halby ! Your BT is probably same day as my EPU (going by previous cycles).  

Indigo my clinic is a day 5 only clinic. They boast among the best success rates however not all clinics publish their results so can't be sure.   As Halby said, lots of varied opinions and as a litmus test, in the (long!) time I've been here on EB, I have seen success both ways and personally I have had both.   I am like you, though, I have a nice stack going well on day three, but they drop off quite significantly.  My day 5s were the ones that took, although ended in m/c.  And incidentally, they were frozens, so I am beginning to think that (for me) frozen is preferable because I tend to overstimulate so think my body is a little stressed at EPU time.  Anyway, sorry that doesn't give you a definitive answer to the day 3/5 question!  Thanks for the info re cetrotide.  FS has gone off to play golf somewhere so I can't ask him ! But either way, I think I'm unlikely to be in danger of ovulating early because natural O occurs about day 20 & I always go to EPU well before then.  Not sure if he just wanted to change up the protocol since we only got one day 5 embie last time.  I am convinced that it was using DH's frozen sperm last time that gave us only the one - but remains to be seen.

Mitch, hope you guys are doing okay.  Only 7 sleeps !

DTR, hope you are okay sweetie ...

Hi libra, glad all has settled down

AFM, stimming day 2, Gonal F is easier than puregon in terms of needle prep etc., although I guess we'll make up for that come Friday, when I start the antagonist, because cetrotide has to be mixed.  I am having a hell of a time getting anyone from my old clinic to return calls about transporting the day 7 x day 3 frosties I have to new clinic.  Really cranky about that - but I guess that's part of the reason I left, the service is woeful.  Frosties need to be with new clinic by EPU day or they won't be ready to go if they qualify for PGD. Grrrr.

Edited by Liltuss, 11 October 2011 - 08:47 AM.

#64 halby

Posted 11 October 2011 - 09:05 AM

Hey all, indigo I am with you on the frozens I have only had success on frozens and blast so far!!!!!!!!!I dont really get excited about stim cycles as I think like you the drugs stress my body too much. Good luck with the stimming.

#65 First One

Posted 11 October 2011 - 09:24 AM

Hi ladies,

Just ducking in to say my fingers and toes are still crossed for you Liltuss and Halby!  I'm still watching, waiting and hoping for you both.

Hi to everyone else and good luck!

#66 minidiamond

Posted 11 October 2011 - 09:36 AM

waves.gif First one ! Hope you & little Taylor are doing well.

#67 halby

Posted 11 October 2011 - 11:11 AM

First one, thank you and I hope you are enjoying your little one. What a joyous time for you.

#68 mitchp

Posted 12 October 2011 - 08:12 AM

Hey all and thanks for everyone's best wishes. We have 6 more sleeps and we are now heading into the 'negative' part of the 2WW! Surely it'll be our time, but what if it's not?

It's just so frustrating when we see others that it takes one transfer and they are having their scans and having an 'active' baby and everything is falling into place. Then you have us - the long haulers that each and every month we start positive, then start to lose hope and eventually fall into the path of destruction as a BFN hits.

I really am trying to be positive, happy etc. and so is DP - I just really don't know how we're both going to go THIS time if it doesn't work!

Good luck to all. Baby dust ignite...

#69 indigo~

Posted 12 October 2011 - 07:45 PM

Hello ladies. Triggering tonight for Friday pick up. Must keep an eye on the time so I don't forget. I was 15 mins late giving my orgalutran tonight - first time I've ever been late. Bluddy traffic! Just hope it doesn't cause early ovulation.

Thanks for the replies re day 3 vs 5. I'm still leaning towards day 5, but I reserve the right to change my mind! I really struggle to get to blast, so there's a very high probability I won't get to transfer. But it may be better to know that early on than get my hopes up yet again. Cheaper too; if I don't get to transfer I save money on embryo glue, assisted hatching and transfer fees. Sounds a bit mercenary, but this being my 8th stim, the dollars are really starting to mount up.

Mitchp, I hear you. People talk about it being a roller coaster, and it is. I just wish we didn't have to stay on the darn ride for so long, doing so many laps. I must admit, I'm pretty much just going throughout the motions this cycle and I am mentally already expecting a negative.

DTR, how are you going? Hope you're doing ok.

Liltuss, hope the stimming is going well.

Mitchp, you're hitting the hard part of the 2ww, and I sympathise.  I usually end up going to bed super early just to see the end of another day and be a bit closer to BT day. Sad, eh?

Halby, hope is all going well in your 2ww too!

#70 halby

Posted 12 October 2011 - 08:46 PM

Oh Mitchp I hear you. I always start out so optimistic and then that dreaded 2ww drags you under were you almost suffocating. Part of you wants to be able to have a test and know and the other part is frightened that if its a bfn that better to live with that feeling of hope. Hang in there and am thinking of you and sending you lots of sticky baby vibes.

Indigo yeh hang onto that right and make your decision when it is time. With the last stim for me it was a tough one as they were looking so good and they wanted to push to blast, even after transfer and then freeze, but I really wanted assisted hatching so made the decision I did. Boy was it a hard one though. We always want to do the right thing, but it is hard to know what that is, and I know that when the dollars are starting to add up it does have to come into play with decisions. I still havn't paid for my last stim cycle yet. Trying to get the credit card down to do it, but aim to do it at the end of the month. I dont let it worry me anymore

#71 Spock

Posted 13 October 2011 - 04:59 PM

Been many months since I posted in here but I have been keeping an eye on many of you...

just wanted to wish Halby the best of luck and Indigo and Liltuss too. Thinking of you both.

also first one, congratulations!! it is so great to see one of the originals have the success I dream of. You must be over the moon.

Take care everyone.

#72 halby

Posted 13 October 2011 - 05:41 PM

HI spock so good to hear from you and thank you so much for your well wishes. How is everything going with you, what are you up too? I hope you are enjoying some time away from here, i know it helped me to step back a bit. Take care and look forward to hearing from you again soon

#73 halby

Posted 14 October 2011 - 12:47 PM

Just popping to see how you are travelling Mitchp. I am so behind on reading that I just read your post from a couple of month ago when you were feeling really blue. I really hope that this is the one for you and your DP. Sending you lots of baby dust and a big hug bbighug.gif

#74 mitchp

Posted 14 October 2011 - 01:36 PM

Hey Halby and everyone:)

Thanks for your hugs and support. I'm doing ok - trying to not be a 'negative nancy!' - we are due to travel intrastate to family tonight for the weekend and we have 4 more sleeps until AF is due and/or blood test is happening.

Please please please let this be the one...

#75 mitchp

Posted 14 October 2011 - 04:35 PM

And the words I loathe to hear from DP:

I think I'm getting my period.


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