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#26 sjm218

Posted 23 November 2011 - 04:47 PM

Meljb - awesome news on the hearing test!

#27 mccarro

Posted 23 November 2011 - 08:31 PM

Lou - I'm glad Toby's operation seemed to go well. How are you feeling?

Mel - good news about Annabelle's hearing test! Maybe she's just happy to have Matthew talk for her? My little brother didn't talk until he was 3, because he had two elder sisters in competition to talk for him...

sjm - gorgeous photos! Charlie is such a cutie. Well done on starting the Christmas shopping. I haven't even thought about it.

AFM - Atticus too is babbling away. He's started telling stories. eg:

Atticus: Egg! Egg! Oh oo

Me: What happened to the egg?

Atticus: Broke

Me: How did it break?

Atticus: [smiles cheekily and makes a dramatic throwing gesture]

Me: Did you throw the egg and it broke?

Atticus: [nods and giggles]

It's hilarious. Atticus is clinging closely to DH recently. On the weekend we visited one of DH's cousins who has just had a baby, and when DH picked the baby up, Atticus started screaming and saying 'my daddy'. He only stopped when DH handed the baby to me.

Not much else to report, except that everything seems to be going well [touch wood]. I have a scan in 2 weeks to check the dates, as I don't really have an LMP to go by, though I have narrowed it down to a 4 day window based on when DH returned from OS, and I when got the first BFP.

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the beginning of summer. I really love this time of year.

#28 MegMogandFiestyCat

Posted 24 November 2011 - 03:23 PM

Sjm those photos are lovely

Meljb glad that the hearing test was fine.

Maccro aren't they funny at times, good luck with the scan, I hope all goes well for you

#29 ~*Lou*~

Posted 25 November 2011 - 07:22 PM

SJM - those photos are fabulous, great idea. Claudia was the same when Toby was newborn, realised once I was BFing that I was sitting still for a while and boy oh boy, some of the trouble she got up to! I do feel for you. I tried everything I could think of, special toys or DVDs for only feed times, reading to her, giving her a snack and drink just as I sat down, some days it worked, other times all h*ll broke loose!

me - I'm doing ok, end of week 2 of this cycle so I feel fine, was back at work today

meljb - really pleased the hearing test went well, hope you hear from speechie soon

maccaro - good luck with the scan in 2 wks, hope you continue to feel ok, LOL to Atti and the Egg!

BIG HELLO to everyone else

Lou original.gif

#30 ~*Lou*~

Posted 30 November 2011 - 07:46 PM

hi ladies

Any news?

Need to note down somewhere before I forget that Toby is walking unassisted far more now, the last week or so really got his confidence up (finally).

Also today I am Sad Mummy. When Toby wakes in morning I sit with him in my lap in his room and he snuggles for a lovely cuddle in while he drinks his sippy cup of cows milk, then he plays with the top of the zip of my fleece jacket I usually wear over my pj’s and smiles and giggles at me, and then wiggles off my lap and crawls out to find Claudia for a play. THIS morning I hadn’t zipped up the jacket so once he realised there was no top-of-zip to play with, he pushed the jacket open and my pj top is an old loose tee shirt, so he started licking my chest – maybe it was a fluke or once off, but to me it felt like really he’d latch on if he could – made me teary because ruddy h*ll, I would most definitely still be BFing him if I could (last BF was 9th Sept, 3 days before starting chemo, I walked into my first chemo session still engorged). Sad Mummy.

Also, I'm really quite gutted about not being able to have a 3rd baby (due to my BC treatment) - a close friend has a 4yr old, 2 yr old and 5 wk old baby and wants me to visit her – I keep getting emails and texts from her. I had Mum deliver birthday presents and new baby present to her door step the week after the new baby was born, so I wouldn’t feel obliged to visit any time soon. I really don’t want to see her, happy, content, with a new baby, specifically a 3rd new baby, and I don’t think I should force myself to put myself through that right now. She keeps emailing me with messages about she’s sleeping fairly well, and how “beautiful” it is to see her older child helping her with the baby etc. I am pleased for her she’s happy and got 3 healthy children, but I am soooo sad for myself I’m not going to get that, and I see Claudia & Toby playing together and how lovely that is, and I’m so sad I can’t extend that sibling relationship for them by having a 3rd baby, I really don’t want to go visit someone else’s 3rd newborn. Another friend says I'm being silly and should go see her since with 3 children she's probably finding it hard to get out of the house and needs visitors to go help her, and that I should want to cuddle the new baby even more because I won't get to cuddle another of my own.....


#31 MegMogandFiestyCat

Posted 30 November 2011 - 09:56 PM

Lou big hugs  bbighug.gif I have learnt over the years that we are better dealing with some situations than we give ourselves credit for.  You know your limits and what you can cope with, I think you need to stick with this because if you feel pushed, physically, emotionally or socially the consequences can set you back.  At this stage, this is very important.  Yes the 3rd baby will be beautiful and the mother may need some help but she most likely has other friends and family that can fulfill that role.  You have done what you are able, don't let other's push you.  I learnt this through mainly one miscarriage but also the ones that followed, I have to stick to my limits or chances are I will fall down sick and exhausted, I have had to give myself permission to say 'no'.  It isn't easy and I often question it but I have found that pushing myself beyond my limits creates more problems than if I have stuck to the limits I had set.  (hence why I have had gastro and now a sore throat since the school fair original.gif )  Sorry trying to say, you are doing what is right for you and that is more important than what others may think.

Extra hugs to you in regards to the breastfeeding, I can't say anything that would help other than thinking of you.  You are entitled to grieve for what has happened and the decisions that have been forced upon you regardless of your choices.  

AFM Elizabeth's school fair has come and gone, I have almost finished washing the cloths and the paperwork involved in her class activity.  I went and came down with gastro last week and now have no voice as of tonight and a sore throat, no doubt the girls will find it funny tomorrow.  Miss Rhiannon is running and trying hard to keep up with Elizabeth and Elizabeth's friends, she runs as quickly as she can, it is funny to watch.  I am enjoying her at this stage with the exception of her squealing, thanks Elizabeth, when she doesn't get her own way or thinks she isn't making herself clear to us.  We have moved the girls into the next door room together but after the last week I am going to have to clean out the back room and one can go in there instead.  The girls sharing was working until about a week ago when Elizabeth managed to hear a news story on the cd player that I used for music with Rhiannon and took the story to school, muddled it around and managed to scare several children with her interpretation of the facts.  End result, cd player removed and several phone calls from the class teacher.  So instead of music to go to sleep with for both girls it has been silence which each has felt the need to fill through screaming, squealing, singing, calling out and generally not going to sleep.

Rhiannon has lots of new words and it trying more out everyday as she listens to stories and hears them.  She is getting more vocal when Elizabeth tries to just pick her up and move her to a better position or into one of Elizabeth's games.  Rhiannon has learnt 'no' and 'mine'.  'No' is delivered with a shake of the head just to make sure you understood what was meant.  It makes me laugh each time, although Rhiannon knows and understands what both words mean and how to use them.  

We are getting ready for the end of the school year here, Elizabeth has 2 weeks left before she breaks for the holidays and leaves the kinder area for the 'big' school.  We then are going on a family holiday with DH's brother and sisters and their families for the week before Christmas, so I am trying to organise as much as possible before we go.

I am looking for ideas for Rhiannon for Christmas, I have a book (or several, poor child with a librarian for a mother) and I was looking for ideas for a couple of other things.  I come up with some and then go, we already have had that or Elizabeth still uses hers of something.  I am trying to make a little soft toy mouse at the moment.  Rhiannon is a bit stuck as I have kept all of Elizabeth's toys, clothes, books and such that are still working as I don't want to get rid of things that we will only have to replace as Rhiannon follows.  When we decide enough children then as Rhiannon goes through that stage I will move things onto other families.

Hope everyone is well and not too stressed by the impending silly season and all that it brings.

Edited to add, sorry for the essay original.gif

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#32 meljb

Posted 01 December 2011 - 06:48 AM

Another friend says I'm being silly and should go see her since with 3 children she's probably finding it hard to get out of the house and needs visitors to go help her, and that I should want to cuddle the new baby even more because I won't get to cuddle another of my own.....

Lou you are not being silly! sorry, but your friend needs a good slap (metaphorically speaking of course  wink.gif ) - you are grieving for what can no longer be and your reaction makes perfect sense to me! I think it's a good thing that you are aware of your feelings about it and that you can articulate them. As fiestycat said im sure your friend has plenty of other visitors and help. It's not like you are ignoring her, or her new baby, you are doing what you are able to.
I can also relate, a little, to your sad mummy moment. Now when Annabelle sees my breasts she thinks they are hilarious and tries to pinch my nipples, it was really only a few weeks ago that she was having meltdowns because I weaned her and she wasn't happy about it. It's like she's forgotten what they were for.

Fiestycat - I hope the Christmas break gives you a chance to recover and recharge, you guys have had a lot of illness this year sad.gif Im not really any help for gifts for Rhiannon, Annabelle tends to get Matty's hand me downs and most of them have been given to us by the grandparents. I tend to avoid the toy section wherever possible and when grandma asked what to get Annabelle, I asked for books.

mccarro - I love the egg story  original.gif My nephew was very clingy like that when Annabelle was born - if my sil or brother picked her up he would have a tanty, demanding that the baby be put down immediately and that there were to be no cuddles. He was like it with all babies for a while, it was ok if he was sitting cuddled up to his mum or dad and they were holding the baby, just not if he was elsewhere. Finger crossed for your scan, hope everything is still going well.

AFM - we have a speechy appointment on Jan 12th. I got the letter this week and at first thought it was for Dec 12, I was busy organising things in my head as that's a work day and getting to the appointment would have involved some serious sucking up to get a favour covering a class and playground duty. Anyway, I was lying in bed and realised that there was a 1 in the date - i'd misread 12/1/12 as 12/12 ie no year on the end of it. I hadn't consciously noticed the 1 but obviously i'd read it and several hours later realised it was there. At least I hadn't started begging favours  biggrin.gif Annabelle makes lots of noise still, just no words. She's very clear when she's not happy about something Matthew is doing or if she wants what he has. She bit him yesterday and now he has a terrible mark on his cheek from her  sad.gif  At least she saves her biting only for her brother, i'd be mortified if she did it at day care. Only 6 more work days for me until end of term  ddance.gif (I finish on 20/12) we have our end of year do tonight, which im going to for the first time since I started at this school in 2007. Hope it's a good night.

waves.gif to everyone. Guru, I hope end of year mayhem is treating you well!

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#33 sjm218

Posted 01 December 2011 - 12:22 PM

Lou - just wanted to reiterate what feisty cat and melbhave all ready said. You are definitely entitled to mourn all thepossibilities taken away from you by the cancer.

As for visiting your friend, do it when / if you feel up to. This is a Time where your own needs should definitely come first.

Take care of yourself. We are all praying for you.

#34 ~*Lou*~

Posted 07 December 2011 - 06:43 PM

ohhh quiet in here, hope everyone off having a lovely time and no nasty dramas

me - I need to vent a bit and you are usually so lovely and sympathetic

had 5th cycle of chemo on monday and its a different drug combination to the previous 4 cycles. side effects different, I'm sitting here with bone pan, joint pain and muscle pain, and it will likely last until saturday. i know its only temporary but i'm over it already. not helped by DH about to go out tonight for drinks with 3 mates and he has his Christmas party for work tomorrow night. Sure, I get my work Christmas party the week before Christmas, just feeling bit sorry for myself now.

and the worst part (you can laugh at me and say i'm silly) - i can't taste chocolate - i had some diary milk earlier and it tastes like plasticine, and then tried M&Ms because stronger flavour but again can't taste them. I *think* i feel like a really good rich chocolate mousse, but DH certainly not about to go shop for me!

Hope everyone bit cherrier than me!

Lou xx

#35 meljb

Posted 08 December 2011 - 06:55 AM

can't taste chocolate  cry1.gif  Hope you get your taste back asap!

I went to our staff night last Thursday and had a great time. I paid for it for the next 5 days though, not because I was drinking but because I didn't get to bed until midnight and it took me that long to catch up on the missed sleep! I believe that one of the young guys rocked up to school the next day in the same clothes he'd been wearing the night before - not a good look! There is also a rumour that 2 staff went home together - teachers (in my experience) who work together usually keep that sort of thing a little more discrete and don't drunkly get together at staff functions. There were several sore heads in class on the Friday and some of them had to go on a year 7 picnic, so had to be on the go all day. Oh the fun that can be had before you have kids  biggrin.gif

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#36 mccarro

Posted 08 December 2011 - 04:50 PM

Lou - I'd be devestated if I couldn't taste chocolate either. If you're a member, get the chocolate truffles from Costco - they are the richest chocolaty thing I've eaten lately - I felt sick after 2!

AFM - I had my scan this afternoon - strong heartbeat of 172bpm and a due date of July 17. I also have a small sub-chronionic bleed, but Dh won't let me google it so i don't really knows what it means. I'll call the midwife tomorrow and ask about it, but the ultrasound technician said it's really common, and that its away from the placenta which means it shouldn't be an issue.

Big hellos to everyone.

#37 meljb

Posted 09 December 2011 - 07:06 AM

great news mccarro  biggrin.gif
I think July 18th would be a better due date though  wink.gif

#38 ~*Lou*~

Posted 12 December 2011 - 06:38 PM

Maccaro - hope the tech is right and its really nothing, I have my fingers crossed for you the midwife is reassuring when you talk to her

Lou xx

#39 Avabella

Posted 13 December 2011 - 10:16 AM

Hi Ladies,

It has been a LONG time since I have been in here (only ventured back onto EB a few days ago)... I have been MIA for maybe a year now?! shrug.gif

Can't believe how much everyone's little bubs have grown... I have been meaning to update my sig but I think I want to keep it for a little while longer to remind me of that tiny baby she once was. I feel like it was a lifetime ago but yet has all happened so quickly.

We have had a rough few days with Ava having to have a procedure on her ear (picked up one of her Aunty's earrings and put it in her ear...  unsure.gif ) - you may have seen the thread about Ketamine.

Anyway, will have a squiz and see what everyone has been up to. Hope it's okay to pop back in after being away for so long!


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#40 meljb

Posted 23 December 2011 - 12:03 PM

10 days without a post, that must be a record for us! Hope everyone is well and all is organised for this weekend's festivities original.gif

Avabella - lovely to hear from you again, hope Ava has recovered from her ear adventure

We're off to orange next week for 12 days. im predicting that by day 5 i'll be in here venting about it  wink.gif Thank goodness we don't actually stay at mil's place, with the 2 kids I wouldn't last 3 days there.

#41 ~*Lou*~

Posted 23 December 2011 - 06:19 PM

MEL - good luck for the trip to Orange - we're here for you when you need to vent!!

AVABELLA - welcome back!

SJM - how are you going with DD plus DS, now DD isn't quite so new (I recall the 2nd month being harder than 1st month, tok DD a little while to catch on that DS was really here to stay!!)

BIG HELLO To Everyone Else waves.gif

AFM - mini vent - my work finished up yesterday, and I had today as rare "me day" with both children in child care - so after some chores and cooking dinner, I took myself to 1 pm movie, I'd gone in, sat down with ice cream, was enjoying air conditioning and not 5 mins in, my mobile rang - it was child care so I HAD to take it, went outside and you guessed it, Toby was ill so I had to go get him and take him home. Waste of $18.50 entry, and i haven't seen a movie in months, still haven't really!

Lou original.gif

#42 mccarro

Posted 23 December 2011 - 09:06 PM

wow 10 days - long time.

Avabella - welcome back! Glad to hear everything's been going well.

Mel - 12 days in Orange. That's commitment!

Lou- Sorry about the movie! DS too has a way of getting sick just when I least need it.

AFM - we're down the coast now until a couple of days after Christmas, but aren't going back to work until mid-January. I'm looking forward to getting some stuff done around the house, and I've been so busy at work the last few weeks I really need some wind down time. I thought I might give toilet training a go too. It's probably too early, but DS is interested in the toilet, pulls down his pants when he's done a wee and tells as when he's doing a poo, so I guess it might be worth a go. i don't when I'll next get a 2 week stretch at home with him and can focus on it.

Hope everyone has a lovely Christmas!

#43 sjm218

Posted 29 December 2011 - 10:37 AM

Hi all,

Wow it's been agesvsince I last posted, things have been busy.

DD is settling in well and just waking once a night nowvat about 3am - pretty much the same as Charlie, about 8 weeks. She is a very cruisey baby and self settles most of the time, I am feeling very lucky.

Charlie is a real chatterbox now, and seems to learn new words all the time. He recently figured out dh was Paul, and calls him this when he wants a laugh, it is very funny.

He has been really unsettled at night lately and wakes at least once a night, and can't be settled quickly, wants to sit on couch in the lounge room for half an hour before going back to sleep. I am not sure what is causing this, he has been getting molars, had a bit of a cold but nothing is really going on at the moment, yet it continues. He is tired and has extended his day sleep from the usual two hours to 2 1/2 sometimes 3. I think he is still adjusting to having a sister, anyone else experienced this?? It is frustrating.

My maternity leave is coming to an end, I go back to work on Tuesday and while I am looking forward to getting back to work (I like what I do), I am not looking forward to leaving my baby.

We have had a lovely few months with lots of Aussies visiting, two sisters and a niece. We hosted my husbands family Christmas and had Amelia baptized all on the weekend before Christmas - crazy idea, but it was over and done with in one weekend, I was exhausted after though.

We had a quiet, but lovely Christmas, with just dh and the two kids. Charlie got a little kitchen and an art easel, plus lots of clothes and a few trucks. He loves the kitchen. He is also very into cars / trucks/buses at the moment.

Toilet training, I would like to start trying as well, but the daycare doesn't start until 2, so we will have to wait until April. It is winter and everyone tells me it is easier to do it in summer.l

Lou - the second month was busier due to all our visitors, but easier because I had help. I am getting the hang of two kids now though.

It is always the way, you finally get some me time and it is a sick kid. I hate it when daycare calls, it is never good news!!

Meljb - good luck on your long stint in Bathurst, I hope it is better than expected.

Ava Ella - wow it sounds like a scary situation with Ava.

Finally, dh has booked in for his vasectomy February 16, we had an initial consultation just before Christmas and he was sooooo nervous, I wasn't very sympathetic! I wasn't sure how I would feel about it all, but we had a pregnancy scare over Christmas and I am SURE that two is enough for us!

Hi to everyone else!!

#44 MegMogandFiestyCat

Posted 02 January 2012 - 10:40 PM

Hello Everyone

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Everyone, I hope that you have had a great time with your little ones and family

Sorry I haven't been on in a while.  

Lou don't you hate that, anytime over the last 6.5 years I have set up for a day off for me time one or another family member has decided to be sick and I have had to leave my plans for their pain.  

Sjm glad all is going well with you.  Good luck with returning to work, I hope that all goes well.

Avabella good to hear from you again

I hope that everyone who is going away has a great time and stays safe.

Life has been really busy around here.  We finished the school year on a high, had Elizabeth on constant glucose monitoring and were getting ready to go to Mallacoota when Elizabeth came down with gastro.  This put all plans on hold as she was really sick with it, we avoided going to hospital about 3 times somehow and then my lovely daughter decided to share it with everyone in the house.  So Mallacoota went from being a we will go when you are better to we are not going as it is about 6 hours away from us and as it was we were on the phone to the hospital everyday for about a week.

Rhiannon is chatting more and more, I can make out her words, ask questions to clarify and then sort out what is required.  My little baby now has growing and is definitely a little girl now, there are days when I want my baby back.  She is still breastfeeding, I was going to stop last week but because of the gastro and she hasn't seemed 100% since then we have kept going.  Rhiannon is a happy little girl that just seems to go with the flow of what ever is going on around her.  

Christmas was good, we went to PIL's as DH's sister and her family are out here at the moment from England, they arrived on the 13th of Dec, bil returned to England due to work as he is a farmer and runs his own business on the 29th of Dec and my sil and her 2 daughters leave on the 10th of Jan.  I am making as much time as possible for my girls to play with their English cousins as they only see them every 2 years and this is the first time they have met Rhiannon in person, they have seen her on skype.  So as a result it is very busy here at the moment.  My niece's ages are 7 and 5 so Elizabeth fits in the middle of them.  They are very good with Rhiannon and play with her.  We celebrated my family Christmas on Boxing day here at home and that went well.

New years was quiet from our perspective but several houses around us decided to let off illegal fireworks, or I assume they were illegal as we didn't receive notification about them.  Rhiannon and Fiesty were not impressed so as a result I had Rhiannon's company for the new year with her quiet if she was in my arms but not happy otherwise.  

In regards to work, still pondering, some days I go full time because at least I can do my job (I hope) and I wonder about this parenting business but other days are good with the girls and I ponder part time or leaving.  I have decided that I need to go back because things are changing so quickly in libraries and I don't want to be left behind.  So it is just a matter of working out how long.  DH likes the idea of part time, he thought it worked well when I went back post Elizabeth but I didn't feel that, partly because of the job I was doing at the time.  I was glad to get back to full time but I didn't enjoy being at home with Elizabeth where I have loved it this time with Rhiannon.  They are both different girls.  Then there is the child care part, we haven't got Rhiannon into Elizabeth's old day care centre yet, she has been down on the list since before she was born and nearly 2 years later she still isn't in.  We have had a look at other centres but out of the 5 or 6 we saw one day we would only consider 2 really.  That was scary when we thought about it, are our standards too high, goodness knows.  I am almost heading for the go back full time, set a time limit, evaluate and then make a decision then, part of me would like to try full time again but I wonder about both the girls.  I have given myself until the end of Jan to make my mind up.  Sorry if I seem to go on about it.

We have DH going off to participate in 'Ride for a Cure' for JDRF this month in South Australia, and sometime in the next 2 months it looks like he is going OS for work for a couple of weeks.  Hopefully he will be home for the first school day of the year as Elizabeth is going into class 1 and is moving from the kinder where kinder and prep are off into the big school but we will see.

Hope everyone has a great 2012


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#45 meljb

Posted 09 January 2012 - 08:55 PM

woo hoo! I survived 12 days in Orange with mil and sil (and DH and kids!)  wink.gif Glad to be home and with internet access again.
Hope everyone is well, i'll be back in the next few days to post properly.

#46 ~*Lou*~

Posted 13 January 2012 - 06:55 PM

Oh well done, that sounds like utter nightmare territory to me!!!!

Lou xx

#47 MegMogandFiestyCat

Posted 13 January 2012 - 09:38 PM

Meljb well done, going away with in laws can either be painful or enjoyable.  I tend to find it very stressful personally so I think you deserve a medal. original.gif  I agree with Lou on nightmare territory.

waves.gif Hello everyone else

I think toilet training has begun here, I was changing Rhiannon's nappy tonight and she started being unhelpful and squirmy.  I asked her if she prefered the potty and she said yes so I put her down on the floor and off she walked to the toilet, got out the potty and sat on it.  I couldn't convince her to give up so as a result she bounced between the toilet with the toddler seat and the potty on the floor.  Nothing appeared so we sang songs, and read a 'toilet' book that has been in there on a shelf since Elizabeth was toilet training and then afer an hour I picked her up and put her in the bath much to her disgust.  When she started this we were just doing a nappy change so that we could go and do the grocery shopping with my sister, about 30 mins in I ended up sending my sister and Elizabeth off to do the shopping while I stayed home with Rhiannon.  I am going to have to look up toilet training again as when Elizabeth was toilet training she was in the process of developing diabetes so the rules changed a bit.  So now to see what happens.

DH is away fro the next 2 weeks just about, he is in South Australia this weekend partcipating in the JDRF ride for a cure, comes home Sunday evening, work Monday and then flies off to South Africa for work in the early hours of Tuesday morning until Friday of the following week.  So much for family down time and quiet days. His sister and her family have just gone back to the UK following their holiday here from mid Dec until mid Jan and it was wonderful to see them and I choose to make as much time available as I possibly could so that my girls could spend time with their English cousins, esp Elizabeth as she fits in the middle of the 2 cousins, one is 7, Elizabeth 6 and the next 5 years old.  They looked after Rhiannon beautifully and tried to include her in just about everything although there were times when Elizabeth removed Rhiannon so that she could have time with her cousins and I understand that.  As a result we are very tired from days out with them, we did some big activities back to back that we wouldn't have normally done, throughly enjoyable but the end result is that we are all tired.

I am pretty sure that I have decided to go back to work full time and put a 6 month trial period on it, DH and I can reasses how we think things are going.  I don't want to give up my full time job yet, I would like a go to see how I/we go as a family.  So now I have to sort out care for Rhiannon and it is looking fairly similar to what Elizabeth had of 2 days a week with grandparents, 1 day with my parents and the other with DH's, 2 days a week child care and 1 day a week either myself or DH as I get a rdo every fortnight.  With Elizabeth DH took the oposite day off to me so that on Mondays Elizabeth always had a parent with her.  It will depend on my roster.  Each of the grandparents will take Rhiannon to a playgroup, mine to the church one and DH's parents to the Steiner one.  Whereas with Elizabeth I was ready and excited to do this with Rhiannon I am having mixed feelings so we will see what happens.  I don't know if I am being selfish but I always swore when Dad lost his job and Mum wasn't working and I watched what they went through in a recession or depression, I can't remember what the pollitians of the time called it that I would always work in some capacity to be able to support my family with out being relient solely on one income if I could.  This may or may not be reasonable now.  It was just one of those feelings I walked away from childhood with.

Hope all is well with everyone and you are enjoying the Summer or whatever season it is we are in at the moment.


#48 meljb

Posted 17 January 2012 - 01:11 PM

After 2 days without kids or DH im starting to feel pretty relaxed! I love my family, but it is nice to have some peace. We had a lovely time away, although for me it was about 3 days too long. It was great for the kids to see their grandma and aunty and be spoilt, thank goodness we had our own house though because otherwise I would have gone around the twist by day 3! As much as I like my mil and sil seeing them for hours and hours every day is just too much for me, i like my space.
I took Annabelle to the speech pathologist last week, she said we need to be really aware of speaking to her in very short sentences and emphasising the word to focus on. Because Annabelle understands everything we tend to use longer, complex sentences and so she's not picking up individual words so well, even though she knows what we are telling her. So hopefully we'll be able to focus on that and she'll start talking more. We go back in 2 months.
TT - I got the toilet seat with steps out the other day, Annabelle likes th eidea of sitting there and she knows what she's meant to do, but as yet nothing has happened. She's not ready to TT yet, im just getting ehr used to the idea of sitting on the toilet. Daycare will start sitting her on the toilet at nappy change times soon too for the same reason.

Sarah - the decision to go back to work is a tough one isn't it? I hope that it works well for you. I don't think you are being selfish by wanting to work, the recession of the late 80's - early 90's is one of the reasons I went back to work too, I finished school in 91 and there was no work around. With DH being in the building industry I really want the reassurance that I have a full time job I can go back to in case he loses his job.

Lou - hope you are doing ok this week.

sjm - wel done getting your DH booked in for the snip, I wish DH would go and see a dr about it because I know we are not having anymore kids! How are you finding it back at work?

#49 MegMogandFiestyCat

Posted 18 January 2012 - 09:41 PM

Meljb glad that you have been able to relax. original.gif

Lou how are you going?  Sorry I don't get to twitter very often

I had the phone call today that Rhiannon is in at Elizabeth's old day care center, this makes me excited as it is one more step in going back to work. Now I have to sort out Elizabeth's afterschool care as her school doesn't have formal 'afterschool care'. Rhiannon is going on a Monday and Tuesday, we had requested Tuesday and Thursday but we have been able to remain on the waiting list for a Thursday. I think it will just about work. I have set a personal 6 month trial for work and when DH gets back from South Africa we will discuss it again and then go forward with the decison. Senior management at work have also just sent an email around about staff relocations and things so I think I am better off staying full time for now, it seems safer. I can always go part time later if that works out better.

waves.gif Hi to everyone else

#50 sjm218

Posted 24 January 2012 - 04:12 PM

All about me post .......

I am at the end of my tether with Charlie and sleeping. We have gone from never waking up and going to bed with no bother to long settling to sleep (last night took over an hour), 3-4 wakes a night with a drink of milk at midnight and sometimes up to an hour to settle. We took away his dummy and that helped for the first 3 nights, but it is now worse again, last night I did the unthinkable and gave his dummy back just so he would go to sleep.

Dh works from 4pm to 4 am, so I have no help and it is exhausting, thank goodness my 3 month old is consistently sleeping until 4am or I would be a total wreck.

I really don't know what to do, he seems unable to settle himself anymore, but I feel like I am aiding this by helping him settle each time. If I don't go to him he just screams and it breaks my heart so I cave after a minute or two. He is in a bed so he gets out of bed too so I have to put him back in.

I took him to the doctor just to make sure there wasn't a reason for it, but everything seemed fine. I have read about a sleep regression around the time of language explosion ( which we are definitely in the midst of), and I am sure the new bub is also a contributing factor.... But I just don't know how to make it better.

Sympathy, suggestions, offers of taking him overnight gladly accepted!!!  

Ps we are having no trouble with day sleeps.

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