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#1 Sandra

Posted 28 October 2011 - 11:25 AM

New thread time ladies


#2 lexington

Posted 28 October 2011 - 12:51 PM


Well I cried and cried infront of the centre assistant director. I said i think that L's carers don't like him. ROFL does that sound so lame? Anyway, I know they all have their favourites, heck so do I but I sort of feel they don't like him. She told me that she has spoken to them and that they spend time with him and give him cuddles and she's had a word about that lady saying something that was a bit off.

Who knows?? It was better this week as the boys were both dropped off at the same room. One lady took L to distract him outside. D started crying and panicking that someone had taken his brother. I said it's ok, she's taking him to show him something and nobody is taking him away. That i will come back and get both him and L. He stopped crying and ate his weetbix. Then i waved bye to him and he was ok. I think it is alright I think!

Nun still gets them 3 days a week the centre doesn't have space for them both for now. Anyway, they will go Monday and Tuesday next year. I just needed a place for D's kinder spots original.gif

#3 heidles82

Posted 28 October 2011 - 09:45 PM

Silver! biggrin.gif

Lexi - how cute that D is so protecive of little L. Hopefully as they settle in and form bonds with the carers, it will get easier for all of you.

SG - Sorry the sleep school was not able to provide any definaite answers re: E's sleep. I really feel for you - Jackson has been waking most nights for the past month or so. SOme nights all that will settle him is a feed - which then means he wakes up later with a soaking wet nappy :S The last few nights I have been trying to just dummy, rock and pat back to sleep - it seems to be working so fingers crossed he soon starts sleeping through again.

Essy - What a gorgeous girl you have wub.gif

M4S - How are you? Have you had the US? And how is your friend after her surgery?

AFUs - DH has a new job which he starts in a few weeks - working for one of the mines in the Hunter. It will be shiftwork which will take some getting used to, but he only has to work a maximum of 3 days in a row (followed by 3 days off). In his current job he works away quite a bit, and some weeks works 6 days, so I think it will be a much better deal for all of us. It has meant we have had to buy another car (as he currently had a work car). We ended up buying a Holden Calais - a V8 so DH is pretty chuffed original.gif And as he will be doing mainly highway driving, the fuel economy is surprisingly ok!

#4 Skip to my Lou

Posted 30 October 2011 - 06:50 PM


Congrats Heidles on hubby's new job, hope it all goes well for him.

SG - bugger about sleepschool, but glad things are picking up a little. I second Essy recommending a vapouriser. They are brilliant. I have never even bothered using the vicks with it.

AFUS - I was playing with Paige the other day and she was laughing mouth wide - and I spotted a molar! It was through quite a bit so goodness knows how long it had been there!! I really wonder if it is the Amber necklace that does so well, or she is just an easy teether - I just don't wonder enough to not use the necklace!! LOL.
I hate tomorrow, I'm dreading it. Halloween is the anniversary of Dad's death. It feels worse this year as it is 6 years - so the days are in synch now as well. I keep remembering my last weekend with him, can't believe it's been 6 years already.


#5 lexington

Posted 31 October 2011 - 10:43 AM

Sorry to hear about your dad STML..

Ok ladies Lukey is not walking. When should i start worrying? He just loves being carried and furniture surfing. But mostly is able to manipulate people to carrying him as he loves it. His dad says he is like me. He also barely bothers with trolley walkers and thinks it's funny we want him to use that.

#6 ShopgirlX

Posted 31 October 2011 - 03:03 PM

Thinking of you Lou bbighug.gif

Essy!  Great to hear from you!  Luurve the couture!  What a star little E is!!  My goodness I don't think I realised she was walking... but now that sounds silly since she is over 14 months old... Because our little E isn't walking I sometimes forget that kiddles younger than her are doing it already!!

So Lex I wouldn't be worrying.  If you can see that he's furniture surfing quite OK then he's just biding his time.  E, I am sure, has learned to manipulate everyone to pick her up or bring things to her, and neither of her cousins walked until they were 16 months so apparently we are a late walking family!  I'm not concerned, except that she's getting heavy to carry around laughing2.gif  I'm just hoping for her to be walking by Christmas hands.gif

Heidles I can just imagine your hubby!  We were looking at getting DH a new beast before we turned our attention to moving house instead... now I think he hopes we buy a low enough priced house so that he can still get his car!! Tounge1.gif

Yeah the sleeping... *sigh*... I am fairly sure it has been teeth (well the waking, anyway).  She pretty much cut two molars and 3 incisors at the same time and her teeth are rrreeeaaalllyy slow to cut through... we've had a couple of rough nights just now and I reckon it's the 4th molar making a break for freedom.  Poor things, it must be awful.  Funny, she's got all these teeth (this is #12) but isn't walking... she's focusing on that first, haha!

Sleep school were like 'oh you've had a good run all this time, well that's all right then' and 'well you've got soutions that do work to get her to sleep'.... um, yes but what happened to self settling  wacko.gif ? !!! Their suggestion was basically to CC her but I have already tried and ruled that out.  I will persevere until she's old enough to understand and for me to talk to her about staying in her cot, etc (let's hope that plan works!).

#7 lexington

Posted 31 October 2011 - 03:43 PM

Yah we are totes the late walker here.

But D walked heaps with the trolley and push bike. This one thinks it's hilarious we want him to use the trolley. He's like erm no way Jose. We just laid turf outside at the front. And he does not like grass - bless - and decided yuck why do i have to sit on this! He pulled himself up and stood there by himself for a little short while. So I guess I have nothing to worry about.

Heides - good news about new job. Hope that it works out!

shopgirl - Bejesus we had a nightmare night too last weekend. sad.gif

#8 whydoibother

Posted 03 November 2011 - 02:58 PM

I am here laughing2.gif just being lazy
Heidles congrats on your DH new job original.gif
Lou bbighug.gif
Lex I think they told me 18 months if they aren't even trying to get advice-Noah was like Luke and he finally walked at 17 months but he does have the vision impairment so I guess that would play a part.
SG some kids just aren't sleepers I wouldn't stress the more you stress about it the worse it seems so you feel worse.
AFUS: Sam is walking everywhere and he is such a devil! He gets into everything and pulls the chairs out and climbs on tables!  He is the worst so far! He uses the remote controls and plays with the phone...he is very quick too!

#9 slippers

Posted 04 November 2011 - 03:33 PM

Hi, everyone, I've been AWOL but life is freaking busy now I'm back at work and so I haven't gotten around to posting.

Sophie is walking, she took a few steps before her first birthday then didn't do much else for a month, and is now a happy toddler, so much so I'm taking her out of the pram when I'm at Westfields or doing the school pick-up as she enjoys it so much . She also loves the back yard. She puts on her hat and stands by the back door, waiting for me to take her out.

She is at daycare one day a week. Not loving the separation but getting used to it. She loves songs and bops along to tunes and loves to do actions to old favourites like "Open Shut Them" or "Incy Wincy". Not really talking, even to say "Mum", but babbles a lot, more than the other two did. She is starting to make animal noises like quack and woof, too.

She has very recently gone to one big nap in the middle of the day, around 2 hours providing the dog next door doesn't wake her up. Sleeps soundly at night but waking far too early, before 6am right now, which is pretty crap as I'm feeling tired pretty much all the time.

We started on swimming lessons this term and she is kicking her legs and pushing off the wall to get in, though won't let the teacher take her away from me.

she has whingey days and good days. We're getting there.

Hope everyone is well and happy, take care.

#10 My4Sunshines

Posted 07 November 2011 - 09:59 AM

Hi ya'll waves.gif

OMG what did I do with my time pre Taj??? rolleyes.gif

SG I feel for you. I am not a good sleeper by any means yet if anything wakes me during the night I'm a mess the next day so hats off to you.
Poor E, do you think it's night terrors waking her?

Lex Taj isn't walking either wink.gif I'd say if L is cruising around the furniture all is good, it's just a matter of time till he lets go and takes a step.
Taj will stand, he's actually getting really good at it with no wobbles, though he's not steady and confident enough to take that step, though I did see him standing last week and his legs were too far apart so he took 2 steps to correct himself without holding on.
I honestly wouldn't worry at all, you won't be carrying him in to kinder!!

Heidles Hope your DH enjoys his new job.
My friends surgery went well and she was home in 2 days. They took the lump, a lymph node and did a reconstruction, so she was quite sore and was sent home with morphine.
The path results were very surprising, it was a Grade 3 lump which was very active and aggressive so because of this she will have chemo first then radiation.
She bought her wig last week, very emotional for her

Stml I chuckled at Paiges mouth wide laugh, so cute when they are that happy wub.gif especially when you made it happen too!!

Sorry if I missed anyone (I should be cleaning the shower while Taj sleeps and before the 12pm kinder pick up!)
Urgh where do I start...
I saw the urologist on the 28th and I am having a Flexible Cystoscopy under sedation on the 25th Nov to check my 'water pipes' wwhistle.gif for a possible reason to all the infections. I am having pains in my back but don't know if that is kidney related or endo related.
Another anesthetic mad.gif I'm due for a colonoscopy as well but will put that off till the new year.

This month is
Busy seems too laid back to describe our life lately, this week alone goes like this;
Mon & Tues. usual housework while dd3 is at kinder (today after I pick dd3 up I have to drop a deposit to another kinder for family portraits we are having done)
Tonight dd2 has her math tutoring (teacher from school comes here) & tomorrow is swim training 4-5.30
Wed. wax at 10am, haircut at 1.30pm
Thurs. dd3 has kinder 9-1.30 and I go shopping however she has a school visit (first one!!!!!) from 10-10.30 so higgldy pickldy there & swim training 5.30-6.30
Fri. I have to pick dd1 & 2 up a little early from school to take dd1 to podiatrist (her feet/legs roll in when she walks and I also noticed one of her big toes is leaning back towards her other toes which makes the ball of her foot poke out a bit iykwim) then swim training 6.30-7.50
Sat. is the school fete and dd1 & 2 are in the choir which performs at 11.30 though I don't think they will get there as I have a chiro app at 9am and I have to rush back for dd3 swim lesson at 10 (don't think dd2 will swim as it will really put us up the creek) then I have an appointment at 12.30 (getting a new Tatt done cool.gif + another on 10th Dec)
Sun. getting our new family portraits done at 12.20 so hope Taj has a good sleep before or we'll have to wake him to get food into him before we go
Next Tues my 6 month skin check
Thurs another school visit
Sat dd2 friends party
Sun swim meet for dd2
21st Taj has another skin prick test and in the arvo dd3 has a Teddy Bears Picnic at school and I go into hospital on the 25th

Oh and through all this we are updating our lounge so we have new curtains in all living areas, bought a new lounge suite from Harvey (still waiting for it), loving the new Ikea, have bought a massive picture and a cabinet for the tv etc plus A LOT of other things ssecret.gif and Dh is studying for exams on the 8th, 9th & 10th I think it is so at night this is us yyawn.gif  yyawn.gif  wacko.gif  wacko.gif

Must go and clean ssorry.gif

Take care everyone and hopefully I can get in a bit more for chats

RD Taj loves the remote as well!! he grabs them and points them straight at the tv and waits for something to happen biggrin.gif the tv in the family room he will turn on and off with the remote as he likes watching the little light turn green then red again and again!!!
He's a bugger for stuff like that, he keeps pushing the buttons on the stereo receiver in the lounge and stuffs up all the settings (our new cabinet has doors now so he can't get them )

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#11 lexington

Posted 07 November 2011 - 08:23 PM

Hey M4SS you stranger!

We have worked out a way to make him stand up. LOL
Put him on the grass - now that we have actual new LAWN! LAWN People I has lawn!
Lawn and decking is amazing, the boys are really enjoying themselves. But they still do not like grass. D refuses to walk barefoot on it. HAHAHHAH

#12 Skip to my Lou

Posted 08 November 2011 - 12:29 PM

Grrr these new EB changes are a bit annoying.

Nice to hear from you M4SS, you are a busy woman!!

P is driving me nuts lately. Gone is my happy baby, now i just have one that wants to get into everything and whinges constantly when I won't let her sad.gif Finding it so very tiring and frustrating. Bring on a job, really need to get a break from things. Have applied for two in the last week that look pretty good, quite funny I've been looking for several months now and these are the first appropriate jobs to come up - two at once! Weird.

On a happy note, I just found out I won a dress from Jeanswest on fb!! Yay me!!

#13 heidles82

Posted 08 November 2011 - 09:39 PM


Sorry I have been MIA. I mustn't have set up to get notifications for this thread, so I thought it was all quiet  blush.gif Lucky I was wrong biggrin.gif

Just a quick post as I want to head to bed soon as I have to get up early for a 6am gym session. I bought a voucher from Cudo for 8 group training sessions at a local gym, and have been going for a couple of weeks now, usually on Wednesday afternoons, but I am going tomorrow monring as DH, Jackson and I are going on a mini-break to Manly for 3 days ddance.gif DH starts his new job next week, so we thought we'd get away for a couple of days as he won't get much time off over Christmas. We are going to take Jackson to the zoo on Thursday if the weather is good. I am really looking forward to it. Especially since when I go back to work next week I am going to be flat out until Christmas!

M4S - thinking of your friend and hope that the chemo and radiation do their job quickly. And hoping that your next surgery finds some answers and it will be your last anaesthetic for a while!

STML - Jackson is a little whinger too ddoh.gif And so full on at the moment - he is into everything and so so active!!! I keep planning to do lots of things while he has his nap after lunch, but I am so exhausted I just collapse on the lounge (sometimes sneaking in a little shut eye myself)  wwhistle.gif . Good luck with the job applications!

Hi slippers and RD! And Lexi and SG! And everyone else who pops in every now and then  cool.gif

#14 whydoibother

Posted 12 November 2011 - 08:40 PM

Been a sh*t week Sam been in hospital twice due to allergic reactions to food NFI what yet he has an appt on the 24th Nov.

waves.gif to the non FB friends/people

M4S hope the tests go well x

#15 My4Sunshines

Posted 13 November 2011 - 04:26 PM

What the hooly is going on with EB, had to update when I logged in, didn't happen last time

ohmy.gif Oh no Sam, I hope you are ok now
RD I hope you are ok, that is some scary s**t going to hospital, I hope they work out what is causing the reactions it really does make it so difficult when their diet is restricted also harder if you don't know whats causing it too!

Taj goes back for a SPT on the 23rd!

LEX DD2 refused to walk on sand! It was hilarious when we went to the beach and she would stop where the sand starts and when she was in the water she would just howl and scream so we would pick her up to go back to our towels!!

Taj took 4-5 steps last night ohmy.gif  cclap.gif  cry1.gif I was freaking saying oh sh** x3 laugh.gif best part though, he was walking to me wub.gif that's my boy!!!!

#16 essy1

Posted 14 November 2011 - 08:26 AM

Hi everyone! M4S yay for Taj!! How very cute that his first steps were towards you, too  wub.gif Good luck with your hospital appointments over the next little while. Will be thinking of you.

RD have seen on FB about the allergy issues. Hope you get some answers next week.  bbighug.gif

All chugging along here quite nicely. Glad bananas are coming down in price as Elowen loves them. She says 'num num num' when she sees one. Very cute. She has transitioned from two to one sleep per day which is generally making the weekends much easier to plan. We tend to go down to one of the little harbour beaches on one or both mornings, get some morning tea (she is allowed to have some muffin but only after some fruit!) and she is actually one that LOVES the water. She will stand in the shallows (holding my hand) giggling with delight every time a wave comes up, putting her hand in the water to suck the salty taste off... hmmm. Then home, she sleeps for sometimes 2 1/2 hours, then we go out in the afternoon to see a friend or down to Bondi for some early dinner fish and chips or up to Westfield. Works out well as we approach summer too as I would prefer to be out in the morning or late afternoon when it's cooler and the sun isn't as strong.

Heidles how was your weekend in Sydney? Did Jackson enjoy the zoo? We joined the aquarium so we can also take Elowen to the wildlife park next door; haven't yet, although she loves the aquarium!

Hi everyone else. Have a lovely week! X

#17 lexington

Posted 14 November 2011 - 03:26 PM

M4SS I would refuse to walk on sand too. LOL

Talk more later.. I'm running a marathon here at work.

#18 heidles82

Posted 14 November 2011 - 04:58 PM

We had a really relaxing time in Sydney. Manly is a lovely spot and not too touristy mid week original.gif Jackson loved the zoo! DH has put some pics up on FB but I haven't yet - too many to pick from! We got to see the tiger cubs which was a bonus as they sleep most of the day (like most newborns) biggrin.gif

Here's a phot of him meeting some of the (distant) relatives laughing2.gif

Edited - resize photo

Edited by heidles82, 14 November 2011 - 05:04 PM.

#19 Skip to my Lou

Posted 16 November 2011 - 08:05 PM

Cute pic heidles

All good here after a very strange monday where P was quite sick, but fine on Tue. New Molar through today but I don't really think her illness monday is connected to that. She is the strangest tooth grower. She has 6 on one side and 3 on the other...lol

ETA - Does anybody live near any sandstone houses with Galvanised roof? We are going timbercrete to build with which looks similar to sandstone, and having great difficulty picking a roof colour (going sustainable means we have to have a light colour which makes it harder) would really appreciate some pics of creamy yellowish sandstone houses with any lighter colourbond roofing or galvanised if you can help me out... x

Edited by Skip to my Lou, 16 November 2011 - 08:08 PM.

#20 lexington

Posted 17 November 2011 - 03:18 PM

STML no help here. I had no idea what you just said.
My knowledge on houses is nothing.

This is my guest blog post for Coles online everyone original.gif


#21 My4Sunshines

Posted 23 November 2011 - 04:53 PM

waves.gif  waves.gif
Just popping in quickly to say RD I will be thinking of you & Sam tomorrow, I really hope they find out what is causing his reactions.

Taj had his SPT today and his milk extract, milk and peanut levels all went up!! Though talking with the lady there this is common, most allergies peak at a certain age and this is where Taj is at (though the peanuts can be later so that may go up again ohmy.gif )
So dh and I are really evaluating what we eat so we can incorporate foods in for Taj. Till now we have still been making up separate lunches and dinners for him, mainly for the ease of things (especially at the end of the day and going out etc...) however since we wont be going back until early 2013 we need to figure things out.

Anyway enough of that, hope everyone is well waves.gif to all, will pop back in when I have some time ( roll2.gif I crack me up!)
Off to hospital Friday to check on my plumbing wwhistle.gif

Oh and I noticed KMA something exciting on your sig, hope it happens soon wink.gif  wink.gif  wink.gif  wink.gif

ETA I wanted to ask you mummies if you have turned your bubbas from rf to ff yet? Taj is still rf cool.gif and I realised the other day 'omg he is 15mths and still backwards!' I turned the girls at 12mths but I guess being the 4th he just gets shoved in the carseat how it is and off we go, there is no thinking just plonk and buckle up happy.gif Good thing is he can see the girls in the back so he is entertained!

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#22 whydoibother

Posted 26 November 2011 - 08:51 AM

M4S: oh poor Taj sad.gif Hopefully he will grow out of the allergies I guess all you can do is keep doing what you are doing.  Does he have an epi pen jr?

Well Sam has a mild to moderate cows milk allergy, chronic urticaria, food chemical reactions (so it is what the foods are made of chemically so amines, glutamates etc) and dermagraphism?  which is some reaction that makes the mast cells in the skin over react or some such.  So he is on claratyne daily and zyrtec if needed.  He is still to have the epi pen for the rare chance it is anaphylactic but apparently he can swell etc like anaphylaxis but rarely does the swelling close the airways.  So it is a relief he is only like his brother with the cows milk allergy but the food reactions will be a long term issue unfortunately but we are hoppeful it will under control again soon.  We have a review appt in a month, if he still has reactions the dr will increase teh dosage of claratyne.

Sam has been forward facing for awhile-I was naughty as in our new car the three across was easier with him FF  blush.gif

#23 heidles82

Posted 27 November 2011 - 10:49 AM

Hi everyone!

M4S and RD - hope now that your boys allergies are confirmed things start getting better now you know what to avoid xxx

Jackson was turned FF at around 13 months as he reached the weight limit of the seat. The big chubba laughing2.gif

The little man is having an extra long day sleep since he was up and ready for the day at 4am ddoh.gif

#24 Skip to my Lou

Posted 30 November 2011 - 08:25 AM

I feel for you girls with allergies to deal with, how stressful. Cuddles to you

Paige is still RF but we will turn her in the next week or so. I could probably leave her facing RF for a bit longer as she is a short little bugger but I believe she is going mental facing the wrong way, and on top of this Freya won't shut up about being on the other side of the car (we had to swap her as P's seat RF meant we had to move the front seat forward - bit dangerous for the driver to do that I thought so F had to move to driver side. She is not a happy camper or traveller even lol). I am amazed we have been able to keep her RF this long, we had to move F due to length a bit before she turned one!!

I am slowly going insane. P is like a spider. She climbs everything - and uses the most unlikely objects as climbing aids. I even caught her on Monday climbing the window for goodness sake. She falls off things quite regularly (I'm sorry I'm no supermum I can't watch her every minute of the day) hasn't injured herself properly or anything but it still doesn't deter her from climbing. I am starting to feel quite down as my day is full of negatives 'get down' and so on. She has also worked out the baby gate, and I'm sure will master the childproof locks on the cupboards in no time. Why can't I get a baby that isn't interested in things??

Otherwise all good.

#25 My4Sunshines

Posted 30 November 2011 - 10:48 AM

Hiiiii, back again!

Skip I hears ya with the spider kid. Taj can now climb up on both couches (lounge & family rooms) and scares the crap out of me as he sits on the edge but he has somehow learnt to get himself off backwards ohmy.gif (he has never climbed before for me to teach him) and when you catch him on the couch he does the 'teehee' giggle and tries to hide behind the cushions!! wub.gif
He also opens the fridge (not good with food allergies!), gets in the pantry if it isn't closed properly (little fingers can fit in the tiniest of places), he opens the new cabinet in the lounge turning the foxtel unit on and off as he likes the red and blue light rolleyes.gif . I too feel like I'm constantly saying 'don't' etc...
I caught Taj trying to climb the bookcase the other week, this boy has really opened my eyes after the girls!!
I did say to dh all we need now is for him to open the safety gate then we are really in trouble, there is the girls rooms, laundry, bathroom and toilet beyond the gate.
I fear for the Christmas trees safety!! We have already decided to put all the decorations above the height he can reach and hopefully it will fit in the play pen we have (I painted it gold tongue.gif )
I hope this doesn't last too long for you. How are your house plans going? I was thinking about that the other day. Is it very wet down your way?

RD OH MY!!! Well now you know what you need to avoid for Sam. What do you give him for dinners? I have put everything together for Taj for so long he stick his nose up at things on their own! He does like carrot sticks  though.
No epi pen as we can still manage to avoid these things but it does worry me  that all I have is Zyrtec if anything happens. I keep saying to everyone who are eating foods he can't have 'please be careful I don't want to call an ambulance today' mellow.gif I feel like I can't take my eyes off him for what he may put in his mouth or others giving him things (which they haven't done as yet)
Thinking of your Sammy and hope things settle for him soon.

Carseat - Taj weighs around 11kg and he can touch the seat with his feet but his legs aren't bent iykwim. Ocassionally he will hold onto the straps going either side of the carseat (like pulling himself up) and push off the back of the seat with his feet.
Like I said though he can see the girls in the back and see out all the side and back windows so he is happy.
I guess we will eventually turn him once he gets to heavy lifting him in/out of the rf way!

My cystoscopy went well on Friday and I believe from the report the issue is in my bladder, I have ab's to take for 2 weeks then antibacterial tabs to take till I see him in 6 months time (have to have another u/s for the lump in my kidney and do a wee test before I go back too) blah!

DD 1 was sick on sunday, she sick.gif outside then a few more times later on, she went back to school today. DD3 had it last weekend. I was also unwell Sunday/monday and felt sick.gif but wasn't. Taj brought his dinner up on Sunday but didn't have 'that' smell so don't think it was the same thing, dh said reflux shrug.gif
Dh goes away Friday night for a high school friends 40th and comes back Sunday morning then goes away again Monday afternoon for work and wont get back till late Tuesday night. I hate being the only one here with 4 kids to look after.

Take care everyone, washing awaits me mad.gif

Where is everyone? Busy with these walking bubbas, oh that reminds me Taj has started to toddle around so we are in deep do do now wink.gif

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