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#76 ShopgirlX

Posted 16 February 2012 - 12:01 PM

QUOTE (slippers @ 15/02/2012, 03:03 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
'buns born and sins on the way',

roll2.gif Niiiice!  And yes, TRUE! LOL!

Yeah I won't be joining another DIG.  Basically I'm too old and too grumpy to try and make new friends Tounge1.gif  I'm sure you all don't need to hear "ohh I feel soooo siiiick" so I will keep a lid on it in here for you.  I stalked the actual DIG for a bit and I think millej13 was in the same half of the month.  I couldn't handle it though.  Too much talk and too many newbies rolleyes.gif and I just couldn't be bothered Tounge1.gif

I'm having a dating scan this afternoon, yay!  Never had one with Eva as I was sure of the dates.  These days my cycle didn't want to do anything I could make sense of so it's a bit up in the air!  I hope I'm not a whole lot further along than what I thought!  oomg.gif  Anyway so excited to see the little munchkin... it might actually start to feel real then!!

KMA Where have you been hiding?  Are you off on your cruise yet?  

Talk to you ladies soon!!  xx

#77 My4Sunshines

Posted 17 February 2012 - 08:36 AM

QUOTE (shopgirl76 @ 16/02/2012, 01:01 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I'm sure you all don't need to hear "ohh I feel soooo siiiick" so I will keep a lid on it in here for you.

Yeah now I know I'm done with babies grin.gif Hate that sick feeling sick.gif

Really SG if you need to vent about it please do, we are the ones who know only too well what it is like and can relate so please don't feel like you can't whinge when you need to, it is very necessary to get it out biggrin.gif

#78 Skip to my Lou

Posted 18 February 2012 - 01:16 PM

I don't mind if you complain either SG. We are here for everything remember biggrin.gif

#79 TotesFeral

Posted 18 February 2012 - 03:11 PM

No no I haven't gone yet shopgirl! We leave tomorrow  biggrin.gif

How did your dating scan go shopgirl?

Well I do have some exciting news, as my fellow facebook friends would already know wink.gif
I got a BFP this morning. Well two actually because I had to make sure!!
Am not sure how far along I am, guessing about 4 weeks as this has been a REALLY long cycle and I think I ovulated very very late.
Had blood tests this morning which I was having anyway as we weren't sure why this cycle was going on so long so hopefully it confirms HCG present!!

So I won't be around much for the next 2 weeks as I'll be cruising the high seas! My fingers are crossed that this pregnancy sticks as it would suck for something to happen while we are away!!


#80 My4Sunshines

Posted 19 February 2012 - 10:26 AM

I knew there was something I forgot to ask ddoh.gif  ddoh.gif  ddoh.gif  rolleyes.gif How far are you, any changes???
QUOTE (KittyMoggyAlleycat @ 18/02/2012, 04:11 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
How did your dating scan go shopgirl?

Well I do have some exciting news, I got a BFP this morning.

eexcite.gif Yay!!!!! Congratulations, you have worked very hard for that BFP.gif  wink.gif I am just thrilled for you xx
I hope your holiday is smooth sailing, so to speak!

#81 whydoibother

Posted 20 February 2012 - 12:24 PM

Sorry I always get carried away and never check in sad.gif

Cognrats on the  BFP.gif  how exciting! No more for me either Tounge1.gif

Sam is going great guns he is a big trouble maker though gets into everything.  No fear that child!
Amelia has started pre primary (big school Tounge1.gif) and is loving it
Noah is in kindergarten and unfortunately his vision is worse than we thought.  He is legally blind in his right eye and has 50% or less vision in his left eye.  They think he has some form of retinitis pigmentosa. So that means I have been trying to sort out stuff with the blind association and education depts.

Not much else going on here atm-I am fine atm health wise which is good.

I do wonder how you are all going (well those I don't see on facebook)

#82 ShopgirlX

Posted 24 February 2012 - 03:38 PM

Aaaargh KMA congratulations!! That's fantastic news!!  WOW 3 new bubbas!  Wonder if there'll be any more wink.gif (I am NOT looking at you M4S Tounge1.gif )

Yep, dating scan went OK I guess (would they tell me at the scan if they found anything abnormal?) but I haven't had a chance to go back to my GP (do I really need to because before I know it I will be having my first OB appt...?) but the date they confirmed was exactly TO THE DAY the date I thought I was, and had somehow managed to calculate based on when I thought I O'd based on when I thought we conceived!!   wacko.gif

So we're travelling... queasily.  I'm over feeling like "if I could just sick.gif then i would feel so much better"... and I eat something once and really enjoy it, and then I don't EVER want to eat it again after that!!  I'm also super cranky and so CBF about everything and the heat is, I am sure, going to kill me.  Now I did promise not to complain foo much so that's it for now.

How is everyone else??? I wish I was on a cruise in Tassie right now.... jeluuzzz Tounge1.gif

#83 Skip to my Lou

Posted 26 February 2012 - 09:25 AM

Well done SG on getting your date perfect!

Paigey has diarrhea here, so of course has a NASTY nappy rash. Poor thing has been telling me for several weeks now when there is poo in her nappy, now if I ask she shakes her head and runs away. Being sick has taught her to lie sad.gif

Not sure whether to take her to doc or not. I know the foods to avoid and am keeping the fluids and bland food up, and she is cheery enough. It hasn't been bad for 24 hours yet, and we have an app on Tuesday anyway for her immunisation - which I guess she won't be able to have being sick. Bugger.

If you haven't checked out the blog lately, our slab is down and DH is working on the shed this very minute...we have also discovered a crack on the house slab - on part we will polish so hopefully it's just a surface crack and will be removed in the grinding and polishing process. Haven't put that on the blog yet so you got the scoop her first lol.

Take care all xxx

#84 heidles82

Posted 27 February 2012 - 06:36 PM

Oh STML I hope Paige gets better soon xxx And I hope the house slab can be easily fixed and doesn't slow the build down too much.

SG - well done on the dates! I have a longish cycle (32 days) so ovulate later (day 18 based on temps) but trying to tell this to my GP and OB can be like hitting my head against a brick wall  wacko.gif It was the same with Jackson - based on my dates he was spot on time, but based on the docs dates (which they based on LMP) he was 5 days late. I have my dating scan on Friday, and I am guessing I will be 7 weeks give or take a day or two. I then have my first OB appt the following Friday.

AFM - Jackson decided to jump off the change table today  oomg2.gif He usually jumps into my waiting arms when I say "Go" (so I am ready for him), but I was putting the powder back so leant to one side and he decided not to wait for me  ddoh.gif  He hit my shoulder, which broke his fall a little. He cried from the shock, but after a check of limbs I found nothing broken, walked him to the kitchen and all was fixed with a cheesestick laughing2.gif DH got a talking to when he woke up this afternoon (just finished 3 nightshifts so was sleeping this morning) as he was the one to teach him this trick.

#85 Skip to my Lou

Posted 28 February 2012 - 12:15 PM

Oh Heidles how scary!

P has improved heaps. She did a solid this morning so I decided to take her to her swimming class (should have heard her carry on whilst Frey had her lesson last night!). Was putting on her bathers in the changeroom and yep she had another runny. She wasn't impressed that I then dressed her and myself again and we went home. Why couldn't she have done it 5 minutes earlier and saved us going out? Then after a shower together we dashed to Aldi then back to the block for a quick picture so I could do a blog update, then to doctors for her immunisation. Had to wait an hour!!! Not happy, she was so cranky and over it, so cried heaps. My poor baby. At least that is it until she hits 4....

So funny that so many of you are pregnant at once. It really is a baby boom biggrin.gif

#86 My4Sunshines

Posted 28 February 2012 - 07:49 PM

SG Great news on your scan dates, well done with the calculations wink.gif
Hope your m/s gets a little easier for you, I found it was worse when I was tired (or awake rolleyes.gif ) so try and get as much rest as you possibly can.
I remember when I was pregnant with dd2 I was laying on the couch feeling sick.gif and dd1 was watching tv (I had to put video after video on to keep her occupied (yes I know, videos, well that was 12 years ago unsure.gif )) I would suddenly wake up then realised I had been asleep but not sure how long for and would panic but everytime I moved I felt sick.gif so I would check she was all good (she really was a good girl at amusing herself wub.gif ) and i would keep laying there nodding off, I just could not stay awake.
Oh and thank you for not looking at me to boost the baby boom atm grin.gif
I went to my gynae yesterday to talk about my mirena as it has been dismal this time and she went to take it out only to say (as she was looking 'in there') "bl**dy h*ll not again!"
She was referring to the strings that are supposed to be there to pull the effing thing out, now, like last time, they are gone so guess what......I will be in hospital next Wednesday having it removed rant.gif  rant.gif  rant.gif
Sorry rant over

Heidles Good luck with your Ob and your dates, nothing frustrates me more than a doctor who wont listen when you tell them something. I hear ya and I feel ya!!
Sounds like you need to clip Jackson's wings happy.gif , think Taj has that dare devil in him too sad.gif

Stml I haven't checked your blog lately, hope that crack is nothing to be concerned about.
How is P now? Nappy rash is horrid, the poor darlins run a mile when you have to change then and you can see them cringing, so unfair.
Taj had his needles on Thursday (??) so far all has been good, not too grumpy.

Loopy Great to hear you are well atm, good stuff.
Oh poor Noah, I hope you are able to sort things out with the departments and get the help he needs, surely someone in the blind ass can point you in the right direction or help you contact relevant people.
How does he manage getting round at home, shops, play grounds?
I wish you all the best and please let us know how things go, when you have the time and energy that is original.gif

Well as of next week when I have the mirena out we will no longer be 'covered' so I think the next step is for dh to get the snip, though I don't think either of us can say 'yep lets do it and book it in' and I think it is because of the finality of it.
We don't want anymore kids so you think it would be an easy straight forward decision, so why isn't it for crying out loud mad.gif   shrug.gif

Dd1 left for camp yesterday, they come back Friday arvo. She was sooooo nervous she couldn't even eat breakfast!
Dh took her to school at 7.30am and once she saw her friends she was fine, but I was still worried as she looked like we were making her leave home with her worldly possessions sad.gif
They have gone to Wilson's Prom so hopefully they get some good weather in there somewhere!! She is going surfing as well, brrrrrrrr!

#87 ShopgirlX

Posted 03 March 2012 - 11:02 AM

Yikes M4S I don't know if it was the right week to be at Wilson's Prom for your poor DD!! I hope they found something to entertain the kids or at least brought them home early!!

I had a little empathetic giggle (is that bad?) at your predicament - I do feel horrible for you having to go into hospital again, it was more "what is with your mirena-swallowing-uterus???"   Love your doc's comment... she sounds very down to earth.

Heidles cycle length was my issue with the due date too - my cycles had been 34, 39, 34, 37 then ??? and I would have to have been O'ing late.  I'm surprised but very smug that I got my own dates right Tounge1.gif  How did your dating scan go??

Well I'm chugging along... just over 10 weeks.  Not terribly excited though. I wonder if it's because I know very well what I'm in for, whereas first pregnancy was all so romantic, ooh there's a life in my tummy and I'm going to cuddle it and love it... now it's like, argh, labour and argh, newborns!!

I hadn't mentioned this previously, but we also just settled and finally got the keys to our new house - could the timing be worse!??! So I'm pretty stressed as we have about 5 weeks to paint, carpet and replace the kitchen and then we need to move!  I have started packing and we have SO much crap I don't even know how I'm going to get it all out of here  cry1.gif   We're literally just moving up the road, into a court and now we have a pool and a big flat back yard for the kidlets to grow up so it will be great, but we have to get there first!  SO don't want to do all this work  nno.gif  

#88 heidles82

Posted 05 March 2012 - 11:10 AM

Wow SG you are certainly going to be busy the next couple of months - but it will all be worth it come October  bbabyflip.gif

M4S - Sorry you have had so much trouble with your mirena. I didn't have any trouble with mine - loved that I didn't get a period too (but I was still BF up while I had it in). Just be careful when you get it out as you may be super fertile! Mine was only out for a month before I fell pregnant again (but we were TTC so I was making sure we BD around ovulation - you may want to do the opposite original.gif)

My scan went well - HB was 128 and bub measured 6 weeks - one week less than my dates (temping this time so pretty sure when I ovulated). But when there is only a millimeter or so between days at this stage, I am not too concerned. It just means the EDD is now 26 October - my dad's birthday! I have my OB appointment this week, so I may get to hear a heartbeat, but it may be a little too early.

#89 My4Sunshines

Posted 05 March 2012 - 07:08 PM

Couldn't go past and not respond quickly.

huh.gif  huh.gif  huh.gif  huh.gif  huh.gif  ohmy.gif  ohmy.gif ( wink.gif  wink.gif  wink.gif  wink.gif ) no fear there, the opposite is definitely what we will be doing!!!!
QUOTE (heidles82 @ 05/03/2012, 12:10 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
M4S - Just be careful when you get it out as you may be super fertile! Mine was only out for a month before I fell pregnant again (but we were TTC so I was making sure we BD around ovulation - you may want to do the opposite original.gif )

My scan went well - HB was 128

tthumbs.gif  tthumbs.gif I predict bbluestork.gif
Hey where are the boy and girl icons gone?? sad.gif

#90 whydoibother

Posted 14 March 2012 - 06:22 PM


#91 My4Sunshines

Posted 14 March 2012 - 07:28 PM

unsure.gif  unsure.gif ............Lex............ unsure.gif  unsure.gif

...Are you there (here)?????......

#92 ShopgirlX

Posted 16 March 2012 - 08:28 PM


Me tooo! It's all gone a bit quiet in here! Heidles and KMA how are you both feeling?

I'm posting on my phone and it's giving me the pips so that's all for now!  waves.gif

#93 Skip to my Lou

Posted 17 March 2012 - 11:44 AM

I'm still here too.

Things are horrible atm. Madly trying to get far too much organised and I'm pretty frustrated with the whole thing (build related). Our house is nearly ready to list, but I'm scared stiff of doing it, and keeping it presentable. If it doesn't sell we are up that creek without a paddle. What have I done???????

Kids are good which is great. I find because I'm so busy I am resenting them which is just plain unfair on them. So frustrating when I have so much to do, but can't because I have to be with them. Kinda wish P was a sit still and play quietly kind of girl, I could get so much done then. Oh well won't last forever, hopefully it sells quick and I can start breathing again.

Anyways..back to cleaning the study...I haven't been here OK?? lol

#94 heidles82

Posted 18 March 2012 - 04:53 PM

bbighug.gif STML - building a house can be stressful. I have never sold a house, but have built with a project home builder, so I imagine that ower-building has additional frustrations. Is P in any kind of day care? Perhaps if you are able to get her a day a week (or even occassional care if it is available where you are), you could use this time for the house stuff?

AFM - feeling ok. Morning sickness has started and hits me hardest in the afternoon and evening, when I have constant nausea which is kept at bay by eating dry crackers (I think I will have to buy shares in Arnotts for all the Jatz I am eating!). I also don't feel like cooking exciting dinners, as the smells get to me and I don't feel like eating much anyway. Poor DH and Jackson have to put up with bland dinners when I cook! I didn't really have this with Jackson - just the occasional nausea for a week or so, so this is a new (unwanted) experience. On a positive note, only 4 more weeks til my next scan  ddance.gif

#95 lexington

Posted 20 March 2012 - 02:45 PM

I'm here. I'm here!!!

Sorry ladies.. I'm busy cats. BRB.

#96 My4Sunshines

Posted 20 March 2012 - 09:56 PM

L E X so good to hear from you, thanks for popping in happy.gif

Just wanted to come and quickly say I read through your blog today, in my spare time..... huh.gif ........ laughing2.gif , anyway I luuuuuurve the plans, your house looks just beautiful, can't wait to see the finished thing (bet you cant either wink.gif )

Also wanted to tell you my sister has polished concrete floor in her kitchen and before they sealed it (or lacquer or whatever they do- sorry don't really know much about it) they put coins and other fun things down so when you walk through the kitchen you can walk through and spot different things, quirky perhaps but kind of fun too

Sorry off to bed now, my heavy eyes are telling me it's waaaay past bedtime

Oh just wanted to share my 2 big girls are going to swim at MSAC (!!!!!!) on Thursday arvo as they both got through to reginals with school AND 1 guy from their squad made it through tonight in the mens 200m backstroke and is off to the London Olympics!!! Pretty sure he is their first Olympian eexcite.gif

#97 Skip to my Lou

Posted 21 March 2012 - 08:20 AM

M4SS ThanksI love my plans too - just hope IRL I still love them!!! Well done to your girls how exciting. And for the boy off to the Olympics. My BF nephew is a swimmer and at a meet he went to a short while ago he won with his breaststroke and did an Olympic qualifying time...but isn't taking it further...such a shame really.

Heidles, sorry to hear you have MS. I only got it very briefly both times -  but found crackers with tomato on them around 9:30 each morning did the job. Funny isn't it? you really don't feel like eating but that's how to fix it. Hope it disappears soon like with mine. Great that you get to see bub in 4 weeks - I can't remember are you finding out the sex??
I do have P in care one day a week and have been going mental on these days doing stuff, but it's not enough. The plan for tomorrow is to actually have a 'day off' I am hoping to have a long bath, phone off the hook, maybe watch a movie?? Think I need a bit of me time to be honest. WE are getting there, I'm just scared. Hopefully I do get a day to me tomorrow as P isn't very well right now...again. She couldn't be sick on the Thursdays I had to stand in the rain helping DH build the shed could she!!! LOL

Good luck to your girls M4SS

Shopgirl have you had your scan?? How are you feeling? Getting everything done for your house???


#98 lexington

Posted 22 March 2012 - 02:10 PM

So... Pickles decides that he is not walking and will not walk on his own.
He has the worst temper ever! He can walk by himself unsupported but just refuses. He will say NO NO NO when i say walk to Mummy. Not only that he will yell and screech like how dare you!
I'm beginning to think that he is getting away with too much. But i think it is because we did not really have time just for him to take his own time to get somewhere etc. He's pretty much driven about get to childcare get here now, go home and eat. C'mon quick!
He also has a TV addiction I tell you!

I just had a new cleaner and seriously I miss my old one so much. It is always awkward with a new cleaner.

Other than that it's still the same.
I have been back from Singapore. Grandma has lost her marbles more and more.. getting worse and having to wear adult diapers. I think she is so bored she's losing it bigtime now. sad.gif She used to be very active so this is worse than death for her i think. She cannot remember her good friend from her picture. She is refusing her medicine as well. I told them not to force her to take it - well basically you cannot force someone medication anyway?!

#99 whydoibother

Posted 25 March 2012 - 08:54 AM

I am here too!
I do read but just slack :/ sorry ladies!  

Hey Lou I am yet to read your blog but you sound so stressed bbighug.gif my mum's house is ready now they are still renting out the one they sold in Sydney (the guy buys the houses to rent out) until April then she will go down with my step dad.  Then she has to find work down there which is scary!

Lex sorry to hear of your grandmother sad.gif as for mr stubborn my DH was the same-he would only walk when no one was looking!

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