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September 2010 Parent group #17

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#1 Sandra

Posted 28 October 2011 - 11:26 AM

New thread time ladies


#2 Allymeg69

Posted 28 October 2011 - 01:00 PM

GOLD  !   biggrin.gif

ahem, should be working ..... back later

#3 mibi

Posted 28 October 2011 - 01:29 PM


#4 Sares83

Posted 28 October 2011 - 01:39 PM

Damn you stupid induction!

#5 Allymeg69

Posted 29 October 2011 - 10:30 PM

Hi Ladies, hope you are enjoying your weekends, I never did get back here on Friday, the afternoon was filled with domestic stuff, shopping, washing etc and we fitted in a nice swim, then we were really lazy, ordered pizzas for dinner, and I ended doing some ironing (Yes really!!! I'm a dreadfully reluctant ironer) while watching "Mamma Mia". Today I had to be at a planning meeting for work for the morning, had a nice lunch afterwards and came home to find Alex fast asleep. DH then went out with the older boys to watch Cousin Ray play his footy (Aussie Rules) game and I've been relaxing here with step-daughter Samantha and Alex, they're both asleep now and I'm waiting for the boys to come home. I think tomorrow will be a lazy day, the boys are going fishing, we might do a bit of shopping and generally relax because DH & I worked out that we have something on every weekend for the next 5 weekends, and then it's only a short hop to Christmas, AAGH!!!!

Anyone doing anything special on Melbourne Cup Day? DH & I are going to a "do" at a city hotel, seafood buffet, hats, prizes etc, there was supposed to be something organised at my work but nothing has eventuated, I don't work on Tuesday afternoons, and DH likes to get out from his office every now and then, should be a nice treat.

Wingless, especially hoping you are going OK after a momentous week.

#6 wingless_angel

Posted 01 November 2011 - 06:12 AM

Hi Girls just a quick one as I am meant to be packing so we can move on Saturday I am struggling to get anything done but I will get there. DH is still being the same we discussed things on Friday after work when he got home the conversation didnt go the way he wanted so he took off once again and arrived home at 2.30am rolling drunk I am just past the point of caring now. Anyway just had to share here is a picture of my newest little bean not the best quality it is taken off a x-ray sheet using a down light and taken with my iphone lol. Looking forward to my 12wk scan next Thursday.


Just had to share this is at 10wks 6days I picked the scan up yesterday from my Dr.

#7 *Ames*

Posted 01 November 2011 - 09:46 AM

Hi everyone,

I'm actually new to this forum. I went straight for this group though as my little bub was born on 29/9/10. original.gif I know it's a slow start to the world of forums.... i'm actually making the most of her nap time and thought I'd say hello. You see, I'm contemplating when to have my second bub and thought I'd see if there was a thread on here in relation to timings but got side tracked with all the other great threads. Knowing my luck, Talia will probably wake up soon!

Anyway, rambling aside.... hi! and hope to chat more to you guys soon!

#8 Allymeg69

Posted 01 November 2011 - 11:11 AM

Hi Ames and welcome, we will enjoy having you here. Let us know a bit more about you and your little girl - she was born 2 days after my son Alexander, so I imagine she is just getting mobile on her two legs? Fun times!!

Wingless, thanks for sharing "little bean", it made me teary just to see him/her and I am sorry that things are still not good with DH. It seems to me that he has to make some hard decisions about improving his life, because the getting drunk issue has been around a while if I remember rightly from some of your posts ages ago, when he kept going off with the cricket boys etc. I just hope you can be happy and supported and fall in love with little bean.

Hope everyone who is interested enjoys Melbourne Cup day today, looking forward to my lunch out with DH. Better get back on with a bit of work now so I don't feel guilty!

#9 Summerlover

Posted 01 November 2011 - 12:38 PM

I tell you I am over computers rant.gif

cry1.gif blink.gif bbabyflip.gif hhugs.gif eexcite.gif     WA - whoooooohoooooo at all your news, just needed to come in and tell you I am reading but I don't have time to reply as we at this point in time have no computer at home and I need to sneak in at work when I can LOL but man o man - congratulations.  Im also so sorry to hear about your DH - if it makes you feel any better my DH is 47 and still acting like my 3 year old but I can only imagine all the emotions you must be feeling.  We should have our computer back this week so perhaps I will get some time to come back in but I will be reading.

I work for a Restaurant at Palm Cove but Im in the office so Im about to leave and head down there for Melbourne Cup - beautiful day up here today so Im going there for some sweepstakes and a couple of hours of me time without hubby or kids whoooohoooo.

So much happening my end - one big sickness merry go round with us all so that hasn't helped anything.

Ok thats about all I have time for all

Will catch you all soon xxxxxxxxx

#10 Sares83

Posted 02 November 2011 - 07:45 AM

oh WA! What a sweet little picture!! He/she looks like a little baby already!!! wub.gif sorry about DH, I really hope he comes round sad.gif

Ames - welcome!! we are considering baby number 2 at the moment but my history is quite complicated. In a nutshell, Patrick was conceived with a donor egg as I went through premature menopause at 14 however for some unknown reason it seems my ovaries have spontaneously decided to start working so just waiting on some more tests to find out exactly what is going on and see if maybe we can conceive without all the IVF dramas.


#11 *Ames*

Posted 02 November 2011 - 10:06 AM

Thanks guys!

Ok... a bit of info about us... The last year has absolutely flown - I'm sure you'll all agree with me. I was on my brothers laptop yesterday and found some photos from the day Talia was born which i hadn't seen before and i got a bit teary... too cute and it kind of transported me back to the hospital room when my family were visiting and taking the photos. It's so amazing to think that the little girl i look at and play with now was the one that was kicking me and rolling around inside...  hheart.gif

Tali is a happy, giggly girl who loves seeing children. It's so funny when we walk past kids at the shops or see them in the street. Talia starts laughing and genuinely acts like she finds them fascinating. I'm the eldest on my side of the family and my siblings don't have kids yet so she's the only baby. My DH's side - my sister in law has 5 kids with another one on the way but we don't get to see them too often as they don't live very close. I own a dance school so she gets to see all the kids at dancing occasionally.

She isn't walking yet but stands on her own and cruises around furniture and crawls like a speed demon. lol She eats anything - so far anyway. I've heard they get to a point where the fussiness kicks in but so far we're lucky that she loves her food.

She doesn't sleep through the night anymore. Hasn't for a long time actually. She goes to bed between 7-8pm but will wake at about 2-3am and doesn't settle all that easy. If i bring her into our bed she goes to sleep straight away and will then wake at about 6-6.30am. I know i've probably created a bad habit but at that time in the morning i'm so tired, my DH is so tired, it's just easy to bring her in with us. It doesn't bother us (yet) as she goes straight to sleep. My GP told me at the 12 month visit that i should start breaking the habit but it's just so hard when i teach at night so i'm crazy tired and then DH's alarm usually wakes me at 5.30am when he gets up. I did try the controlled comforting/crying after the visit... it probably took about 45 minutes for her to settle with me going into her room every 5 mins or so to lay her back down. The next night i was a zombie and couldn't do it. sad.gif We'll get there i'm sure... i just need to pull my s*** together and deal with being tired for a week or so.

The question of the 2nd bub is in the air. It sucks but timing is a huge factor for us. As the end of the year is a crazy time for me workwise (concert, kids exams etc) there is no way i could be due around that time. September was perfect for Talia. Now though, my sister is getting married in either Oct 2012 or Jan 2013 and I'm maid of honour. I know it's probably quite vain but i don't want to be pregnant at her wedding - a big whale in my dress and waddling down the aisle. lol I can't be due then either. All the focus should be on her so in my mind i'm thinking either trying to fall pregnant this month or Dec. DH isn't 100% on board yet. To be honest, i don't even think i'm 100%. I'd love another baby but can i do it? and then what happens with work next year - i'd have to hire new teachers...? There's no guarantee I'll fall pregnant straight away this time either so that's also in my mind. Maybe i should just stop thinking about it and whatever happens happens?

Anyway, that's a tiny bit of me and my princess Talia.

♥-patricksmum-♥ - Wishing you all the best with #2!! Fingers crossed for you. original.gif

wingless_angel - Good luck on your new journey! The first pic is so exciting!

#12 Sares83

Posted 02 November 2011 - 10:23 AM

Patrick is exactly the same when he sees other kids! He starts squealing, pointing, clapping and laughing. It's quite amuzing. Its not like he doesn;t see other kids, he has 5 cousins nearby and he goes to daycare 2 days a week laughing2.gif

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#13 *Ames*

Posted 03 November 2011 - 10:09 AM

haha precious moments and traits from little innocent angels. original.gif

#14 mibi

Posted 03 November 2011 - 08:30 PM

Hi all,

welcome *Ames*. Your little girl sounds very cute. Good luck with the decision about #2. There's always pros and cons to timing. I had 22mths between my boys and then 3.5yrs between DS#2 and DD. Both have their good and their bad points.

WA - your little bean looks gorgeous. Hope things with DH are improving.

SL - hope you're all feeling better.

We are all going ok. Ella is turning into such a little munchkin! She is mostly down to 1 nap a day, but this morning she slept 10:30-12. So I thought I'd try her with an afternoon nap - she wasn't interested. She was happy enough though, so I left her in there while I got dinner started and when I went in, not only had she thrown her wrappie over the cot and her teddy bears, but she'd also pulled her jeans off and they were on the floor too!I can't believe she's starting that already! She has just started survival swimming lessons and was actually floating on her own for a few moments in her 2nd lesson. But this week she was too cranky. She hates it, but she should be floating quite well by Christmas, if she goes as expected.

Boys are good, although they got stuck into their halloween lollies this afternoon and went nuts on the sugar. I hope they enjoyed them because we won't be doing Halloween again! (Not just because of the excess sugar - but we are Christians, so I don't agree with the whole philosophy, but it was very hard when our neighbours put on a street party and then the kids all went trick or treating together. I think next year we will just have to go for the night.) Jake was reading me his home reader tonight - I can't believe how far he has come in his first year of school! Reading quite well already! I did have a bad mummy moment yesterday though - I forgot he was getting a special award at assembly and missed the presentation. Worst thing was Brad was home and could've made the presentation too, which would've made Jake's day. And the first thing Jake said was "why weren't you there Mummy?"

We are finally clearing out Mum and Dad's house this weekend.

#15 ness07

Posted 13 November 2011 - 03:42 PM

Hi Everyone ,

Im new to this parents group but i used to be in the pregnancy group for sep babies 15th to 30th.

I have a DS called Jacob born 29th of September , he is such a happy little boy and i love him to bits.

Its so nice to see some familiar names are here original.gif

Ames: I was reading your post and it sounded very familiar !! my DS Jacob has similar sleep issues. Jacob goes to sleep around 7-8 and will wake at around 11-12 , i usually rock him to sleep in the rocking chair for about 30 minutes to an hour at this stage. Then he will wake again from 2- 4 and at this stage he screams and wants nothing but milk , so i bring him in to bed for a BF. We both go to sleep but i wake up again about 1/2 to 1 hour later to put him back to bed. He then will wake from 6:30 to 7am but lately he is waking up at 5:30 ready to go and has been very unsettled during the day. Since this has been going on for so long and i cant seem to put a stop to it, i have booked someone to come over to help with settling and have also booked trescillian for a 5 day stay., I hope one of these things work! he also wont settle with my husband at all , which makes it harder.

Its so nice to hear all the little ones are doing well !! a belated Happy Birthday to all bubs !!  Its amazing how fast that year went !

Take care


#16 Sares83

Posted 14 November 2011 - 11:33 AM

welcome ness (& Jacob)! Wow, that must be so hard for you, hopefully tresillian can help bbighug.gif

so I have booked Patrick in for an assessment with the speech pathologist. I am hoping they say he is fine but I would never forgive myself if there was a problem and I didn't get it investigated for another year or 2 so he would be that much further behind in him language development. My main concern is the lack of understanding, you would think by now, even if he couldn't say anything, that he would know who mummy and daddy are???!!! Do all the other bubs here say any words, do they have good understanding of things? Can they follow simple instructions (eg come to mummy) or imitate sounds?

other than that, we are still teething, Pat is getting his 2 upper incisors but it is strange, they cut through (just) 10 days ago but haven't come down any more since?! I eventually had to go to the GP to get some stronger pain relief because he was in agony! Anyone ever heard of this? I'm wondering if I should take him to the dentist?

hope everyone is well

#17 mibi

Posted 14 November 2011 - 09:49 PM

sares - Ella is only just starting to understand what we say (in the last 1-2 weeks I have noticed a change). And she still doesn't understand that much. This weekend she learnt where her nose is and she will look at the person if we say where is dad, jake, riley, nanna or pa. She doesn't for mummy though! Ella doesn't need to understand "come to Mummy" because she is always following me wherever I go! But I don't think she would. the only words she says are "up" and "there". She also copies "oooh" and can go "uh-oh" but that's it. There is a wide variety of normal for bubs at this age and I saw both with my boys. Jake was diagnosed at 3 with a very mild language delay. Riley was virtually speaking in sentences at 18mths, whereas Jake knew about 4 words and a few animal noises. I wouldn't be worrying yet, personally. Did you get his hearing checked? If you are really concerned it will put your mind at ease, but it is very early days yet for their language development. The guidelines say to expect a bub to say around 10 words at 18months and they are still a while off that.

Teeth seem to move up and down a bit before they fully come down - sometimes it's just from a bit of swelling of the gums but other times it's just because  they are still moving around, and settling into the right spot. Ella still only has 6 teeth. She hasn't had any come through for a couple of months now.

Welcome back Ness!

Mum and Dad's house finally settled on Friday so waiting for the cheques to come through so we can pay a nice chunk off our mortgage. Sad and stressful week. Glad it's behind me.

DH and I are off on a date tomorrow night -can't remember the last one. I think it was our wedding anniversary back in February! Yay! Movie and dinner.

#18 Sares83

Posted 15 November 2011 - 09:35 AM

yeah we had his hearing checked because the MCHN was also concerned and that was fine. I am pretty sure it will be fine and maybe we just need to put more effort into teaching him things and this would be the best result but I just want to make sure. Pat is such a funny little thing in that he won;t practice stuff, he just watches and watches and one day is like "i'm gunna do that" and he does. His first steps he walked 10 steps across the room! I joked with DH the first time he talks will probably be a whole sentence laughing2.gif

yeah the teeth thing is weird, it is driving us nuts though!! The GP had no idea, I wondered if I should see the MCHN or the dentist maybe, I have heard of impacted teeth but not this, it isn;t moving up and down it is just sitting there with a little bit poking through, very strange. It wouldn;t bother me but it is obviously causing him agony, he grinds his teeth and pulls at his teeth, cries in his sleep sad.gif its so hard to watch and not be able to do anything sad.gif

Have fun on date night occbee!!! DH and I have been trying to have DVD date night once a week which is nice original.gif

#19 forosoco

Posted 16 November 2011 - 09:25 AM

hi everyone and welcome to the newbies!

i haven't had a chance to write lately but have been reading everything. we're doing ok here. jesse isn't walking yet and i don't see it happening very soon, but he has started to stand on his own for a few seconds at a time and is cruising around everywhere. as long as he walks by christmas i'll be happy! DD only walked at 16.5 months so that would be an improvement for our family!

i feel like we've been going going going for weeks now and it's not gonna end anytime soon! december is always huge for us because apart from xmas and chanukah (my family is jewish, DH's has christmas) we also have DD's b'day, my b'day, DH's b'day and our wedding anniversary. plus 2 other family b'days as well. this year i feel like we've started even earlier than usual with preparations! plus we have 3 separate xmas celebrations because DH's sister will be overseas over xmas so we'll have an early xmas celebration with her family, then xmas day with DH's grandmother and aunt and then boxing day with his dad. it's all very confusing!

but anyway... i'm excited for jesse to be have all this excitement because he'll at least understand things a bit more this year.  he's not getting very exciting presents but he just loves opening things so i'm sure he won't care! there are way too many toys in this house so he's getting pyjamas and a new drink bottle from us and santa, and then when DH's family asked what he'd like we said he loves and towels! haha. poor jesse!

#20 Allymeg69

Posted 16 November 2011 - 12:03 PM

Hi everyone, I feel like I've been away for ages, have been reading too but not finding time to reply.

Ames and Ness, lovely to know a bit more about you and your little ones, I do hope the sleep issues get better for you soon, I am just so thankful we have a very good sleeper - if he doesn't sleep well it's a sure sign something is wrong (as over the last week - more on that later)

Occbee, that must have been really hard, finalising the property, I hope you are feeling OK and that you enjoyed your "date night".

Foro, you'll probably find Jesse surprises you one day, and just takes off! I know what you mean about feeling like you've just been going going going, we've been doing a bit of it here too, and now I look at the diary and see how close we are to Christmas, AAGGH! We're doing Xmas up here with all the kids, then going to Sydney for New Year just with  Alex to see all my rellies and friends. My mum rang yesterday to ask me to let her know some ideas for presents, that is SO hard, we really don't need anything much and anything they do get us we'll have to transport back from Sydney after Xmas, oh well thinking cap will have to go on.

Sares, from what you've said about Patrick before it does really sound like he is the kind of kid who just quietly absorbs everything, and then just surprises you by doing rather than practising, so it might well be the same for his apparent understanding of what you say. Will be interested to know the outcome of your investigations though. Re the teeth, Alex was a bit the same, they'd cut through then sit, I don't think his top teeth have really come as far as they can yet, and they've been there a few months now.

Wingless, are you out there? Thinking of you and hoping you are keeping well and that all is OK with Zara, Claire and little bean.

AFU - phew, a busy time. Had a great Melbourne Cup lunch out with DH, a real treat, even though we didn't win anything. That all seems like a long time ago now. We had a nice weekend away fishing two weekends ago, Alex is getting so curious on the boat, loves seeing the fish, and we've found a very effective use for a walker-harness, keeping him from getting up on the sides! We had my step-kids for a few extra days last week, as their mum had to go off urgently interstate with her partner, then they went to their aunty's place while we went away to Perth for my BIL's 50th, and we got them back again on Sunday night, will be glad when they go back to their mum this Thursday, they are good kids and I love them but wow, it's full on sometimes, not naughty, just non-stop talking mostly!

It was lovely to be able to see my SIL and 2 BILs plus FIL & MIL and assorted friends in Perth, the party theme was "Hunters and Gatherers", I found Alex this cute little camoflague outfit (see pics on FB if you are a friend). Unfortunately Alex was a bit off colour while we were there, running a temperature on and off, we thought it was just teething (and he was getting some, 2 new uppers are through, but towards the back, a gap of one space on either side from the front four to the new ones, 2 new lowers are just about here). However Monday morning when I was dressing him to go to creche I discovered a rash all over his body and it also appeared across his face so off to the doc. Apparently it was some sort of virus, nothing dangerous but he has stayed home yesterday and today as well, has the all clear to return to creche tomorrow, and meanwhile I've been struggling to do a bit of work from home. He has been sleeping quite a bit to catch up, his sleep was really broken and poor for several days. I hate it when my little man is sick!

We have also found out that he has a perforated left ear-drum, he had no outward signs of it, but ear-checks at creche found it at the start of November, and I got the doc to look at it on Monday, he said it is actually quite large and I have referrals for an audiogram and ENT specialist, but have just been told it could be 6-8 weeks before we can get the audiogram done!!!! Currently trying to find out if there is any way to speed that up. I don't think he has a major problem with his hearing, he certainly responds to us and understands, and he is making more and more sounds that are much more like proper words, but it is still something that needs to be dealt with.

OK that's enough of an essay for now, better make a pretence of doing some work while Alex is sleeping. Keep well everyone,

#21 mlc77

Posted 17 November 2011 - 09:29 AM

Hey everyone!

It's been a long time between posts and I haven't even been able to keep up wit reading regularly the last couple of months, so feel a bit out of touch. I've caught up on the last few pages but apologies if I blunder in not knowing something that has transpired in my absence!

I hope you are all keeping well and aren't our little ones just amazing in how quickly they've moved (or are in the process of moving) from being babies to toddlers!

Freya has just blown me away and I was just thinking yesterday how much her comprehension has grown in just the past 10-12 weeks. She is walking fairly well now and has a few clear words. Some are a bit weird (for example, DH is 'Ma' but very clearly her label for him, despite our best efforts to keep repeating 'Dad'), but No, Hello, waving, kissing and the universal grunt-and-point can get you a long way in the world! She can follow instructions (sit down, go get a book/toy/etc., lift your arms, etc.) and sounds a bit like Pat in that she's not a big babbler (we had to have hearing tested too), but will sometimes whisper to herself for a few days before coming out loud with a new sound. My Mum says I wasn't a big babbler, just started using words and never stopped, so suspect she will be the same.

She was 10.5kg at her 12mth check up and 90th percentile for height - both DH and I are tall, so it makes sense she likely will be too. She is just getting her first molar (or is it an eye tooth, I don't know, but it's pretty far back - that is her 9th tooth and she seems to like getting 3-4 at a time then nothing for a couple of months. Despite our rollercoaster ride experience, we're still breastfeeding (just twice a day and looking to wrap it up over the next 1-2 months) which amazes me. If you'd told me at 8 weeks I'd still be feeding her at 14 months I'm not sure I would have believed you! Low supply, nipple thrush and biting phases have all made the smooth feeds certainly appreciated and our feeds are so short and easy at the moment, it's enjoyable for us both.

Freya only started sleeping through at 11months and even now I might need to go and give her a quick cuddle for a minute maybe 2-3 times a week at some point in the night. I still feel like I'm recovering from all the sleep deprivation (cough-so-is-the-sex-life-splutter) and cannot comprehend a second baby any time soon. 3 years seems a good age gap to me and hopefully I'll have gotten over the the raw trauma of those first 6 months by then (although will I want to return to it all again by then?)! All power to those of you already on your journey with a new bub - I'm in awe!

We have started 1 day of formal daycare a week now (which will increase to 2 days in the new year) and another half day where she's with my Mum - this is to give me time to progress my PhD as I've extended my mat' leave until next April in the hope I can complete it and have some new part time work options open up as the thought of returning to full time employment just isn't ringing my bells. So far most of the time has been spent catching up on household duties and recovering from traumatic drop-off's where Freya screams bloody murder when I leave. Heartbreaking! But it does seem to be improving slowly week by week. She's done 4 full days there now, so we're 1 month in - most of my friends say it takes 2 months for them to adjust and as she's only there 1 day/week I guess it may take longer. How are those of you with bub's in care finding it? Certainly motivating to make the most of the time and I know that it is stimulating for her, but hate how it throws out her sleep routine as she only does one sleep during the day in care while religiously does two at home still.

Are many of you in playgroups? I LOVE my playgroup! Such a great group of Mums with lots of support - I feel very lucky to have found them through our new-Mum classes the council organised when our bubs were tiny. We meet up once a week, but not everyone makes it every week due to other commitments or illness, etc. and now the weather is improving in Melbourne it's just lovely to go to a park and hang out for a few hours.

Well, I shall stop rambling now - just wanted to touch base and say I still think of our forum group regularly - WA, you especially - I think you are amazingly strong and resilient. As for mamatootie and gg, well, you ladies are a continuous source of laughter and I love you dearly for it!


#22 Allymeg69

Posted 17 November 2011 - 10:57 AM

Mia, lovely of you to drop by - I see what is happening with Freya on Facebook (adore those photos!) but it is nice to hear some more detail. I think you are amazing for being able to keep her happy and stimulated at home, I have just taken Alex back to creche after a week away (4 days holiday and 3 days sick/recovering), and it was somewhat of a relief, I thought a devil had replaced our angel yesterday, he started yelling and screaming, doing naughty things etc and I think he was just getting bored being with mummy because this morning, he went straight to one of his carers, gave her a big hug then wandered off to play without even giving me another look! He has been in full-time care since 6 months, that was just what we had to do as I needed (and wanted) to go back to work, but he loves it, so much so that some afternoons I have to prise him away from the play equipment and toys! I'm sure Freya will adjust in time.

#23 wingless_angel

Posted 17 November 2011 - 03:07 PM

Hi Girls I have been trying to post for the last week but we have the worst internet reception in the new house every time I try and post the connection drops out and I have no mobile reception. I will need to try and keep this quick before our connection drops out again. Things are pretty good here sort of. DH has really had to step up recently as I fractured my ankle last week after I slipped on a wet floor in the old house. I feel so hopeless and really struggling to do anything as I am pathetic on crutches. I look forward to school days with Claire as she has figured out that mum cant chase her and has become a demon child and very cheeky. She will even sit in front of me in the hallway so I cant pass her on the crutches and laughs at me. I have plaster on to just under my knee and still cant put any sort of pressure on my foot without being in intense pain. I am stuck at home constantly because I cant drive and even if I could I wouldnt be able to get the kids in the car or get in and out of the 4WD.

I had my 12wk scan last week also and my little bean has really grown and looked really good. Unfortunately it came back that my risk for DS had increased even though the scan was good the blood test results once again increased the risk. I have decided to have amnio done just to be certain everything is ok. DH surprised me when we were speaking to the Dr on Monday when the Dr asked if we would terminate if there was a problem I said yes but DH said well I think that is a decision we should both be making. I dont think I could do another special needs child which sounds horrible but I have to think of the whole family this is baby number 7 for our family and Zara takes up so much of my time already. Going by the ultrasound and the nub theory I think I am having another girl. We have decided that we wont find out gender this time which took a bit of convincing with DH but I think if we find out it is another girl he will totally disconnect from the pregnancy BUT I will probably find out gender via the amnio and just not tell him. If it is a boy he will be in for the biggest surprise at the delivery but if it is a girl I dont think he will care once it is here. Anyway better go before the connection drops out. I will be back once I get our internet sorted out.

mlc77 great to see you drop in say hi to GG for me. Also welcome Ames welcome back ness07. waves.gif Ally, Sares, Occbee, forosoco and Helen if you are reading.

#24 ness07

Posted 19 November 2011 - 08:23 AM

Sares: Thanks =)
Regarding speech , Jacob doent say much , im sure he doesn’t know the difference between mama and dada. The only thing he does do is copy a couple noises, he started making car noises and he started making oh oh noises similar to beyonce single ladies haha its very funny.  Im getting alittle worried that he is nowhere near saying words or doesn’t even try to.
Hope Patricks teeth feel better soon , Jacob is getting his 8th tooth up top and has been a slow painful process for him, its awful to see them in pain !!

Occbee: thanks , Hope you had a great time on date night

Forosoco: Sounds like December Is going to be super busy for you !! My birthday is in December too =)

Ally: Hope Alex feels better soon , hope his ear gets better soon too !! poor little guy – its

Mlc77 : Freya sounds very cute and very clever =) Jacob also gets his teeth 4 at a time , its so hard on them and I think its what set off Jacobs sleep issues. Im also still breastfeeding and want to continue until he is settled in daycare in feb.

Wingless:   you poor thing I hope your ankle gets better soon !!! Its so hard to be immobile with little ones , but im sure you’ll do fine =) congratulations on the new bub, hope things are easier this time    I hope the amnio gives you good news !

Jacob started sleeping through the night this week , woo hoo !!!! I had the appointment with the sleep nurse from hope care cottage on Thursday and decided to keep it because I still had to rock Jacob to sleep in a rocking chair for 40 minutes each nap time. The nurse was great and gave me some excellent tips on how to get him to self settle. It was hard at first but it only took 40 minutes of protesting for him to sleep ! I left the door open and spoket o him to reassure him and went in 3 times to let him know it was ok and it worked !! last night I put Jacob to sleep the same way and he was out in 5 minutes !!!! I cant believe I didn’t do this sooner ! Im so glad I wont have to go to Tresillian =)
Today we are taking Jacob to the beach for the first time !! since its going to be so warm today it will be nice to get in the water! Im so excited !!
Have an excellent weekend everyone !!!

#25 Summerlover

Posted 19 November 2011 - 06:49 PM

waves.gif Hi girls

Sorry I do come in a read occasionally ph34r.gif but same old story once I've read or had a quick look I honestly do not have time to post as I have other errands to run or do some housework lol

We are all fine and both girls are running circles around us at the moment and both of them last 3 days have decided 5.30am is a really good time to wake - this is from my 3.5 year old who usually doesn't surface until 7am so it must be the early light mornings.  Isla is teething soooooo badly too, Im sure its the eye teeth giving her grief

Isla is really growing and whilst over the last 3 weeks she hasn't been eating much and turning her nose up at completely EVERYTHING other than her bottle she has really come along leaps and bounds just within that time.  She just toddles everywhere as she has done for a while and is really starting to babble a lot when she can get a word in that is.  She has really changed facially also - more into that little girl face rather than baby face lol.  Actually she really shocked us tonight when DH was leaving to go to work she was waving waving waving and all of a sudden what sounded clearly coming out of her mouth was 'bye dad' - we all just looked at each other - even Yasmin laughed.  Then I said come on Isla bath time and she said 'bath' and walked to the bathroom but she always has gone to the bathroom for a while now - her comprehension has been good for a couple of months now but that talking has really blown me away.  I had the bath dribbling a bit as she loves playing with it and she was speaking her language trying to say hot - I thought I had left the cold tap running but it was hot and she was telling me so yes I am completely gobsmacked these last couple of days - it seems as though she turned 14mths and it all seemed to click.
She is really starting to boogie to music too, its hilarious some of her movements.

So aside from all that yes life pretty hectic - a 3.5 year old telling us off and a 14 mth old really starting to stamp her own mark too plus working 3 full on days Monday, Tues, Wednesday and always out with friends on a Thursday arvo, playgroup sometimes Friday morning depending on how Isla is with her teeth and family day Sunday arvo - I don't know when I get time to clean.  Actually Im very lucky I have a hubby that is very domesticated and does everything except cook so that helps.

So anyway just a few personals as I can see down the list of who has posted last then I have to get Yasmin to bed so I can get some peace - some friends and I were at a comedy cafe last night in Cairns and its the first time I've been REALLY out in the town since living here for 2 years lol - well pregnant with Isla when I arrived, moved 4 times and then a screaming bub!!!  

WA - you never cease to amaze me and I just don't know how you just get on with things.  You've had soooo much pain my friend that I only wish the very best for this new bub and the situation with your hubby.  You deserve all the happiness and your reasons for having an amnio are exactly similar to mine.  With Yas we would have had her no matter what as we struggled for years to have a pregnancy go past 8 weeks, but then pregnant with Isla at 41 and having a 'normal' child I didn't want to put Yasmin through that trauma as really at the end of the day if we did have a high dependancy child Yasmin would have been the one left standing to look after him/her and that wasn't fair so we did the amnio too.  Being older parents how much honestly could we have given to all of that so everyone has their own individual reasons and we all have to look at our own lives/family and decide - its really not for anyone else to decide.

Ness - give Jacob time, they all do things in their own time but if you are worried, go with your gut feeling as my gut feeling VERY early on with Isla was something wrong and I didn't go with it and mothers intuition was right and hey even if it isn't doesn't it give us peace of mind and at the end of the day we are doing the very best for a child and thats all that matters.  

Mia great to hear from you.  Always lovely to hear how things are going with everyone.  Motherhood is amazing isn't it????  Its everything wrapped into one but that love you feel is extraordinary and man as much as men have it 'easy' compared with women in parenthood I wouldn't swap that feeling and bond if you paid me.  Glad to hear things are going along smoothly with you.

Well Im going to post this so I don't loose it and put DD1 to bed and come back for some more personals................

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