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#26 Summerlover

Posted 20 November 2011 - 09:23 AM

Well didn't get back until today and a totally different mind set from last night.  Just before putting DD1 to bed a friend skyped me from Holland - we had planned it but I totally forgot and it caught me off guard as Yas was sooo tired, I had my dinner in the oven and she wouldn't go to bed and wanted to sit on my lap but then tiredness just overcame her and she burst in to tears and got on with the night and basically went to bed an hour later.

so to carry on a few personals

Ally lovely to hear your news too.  I agree facebook really doesn't capture a proper conversation or story does it?? Its a very different world we live in today.  Poor Alex and his ear - is it painful for him??  Hope you get to the bottom of it quickly as it sounds painful.

Forosco Im looking forward to christmas this year too - Yas really understands all about it this year and with her excitement it will rub off onto Isla Im sure.  We have really over spoilt them this year but a lot of it is outdoor toy stuff like a Dora playhouse, seesaw and play tunnel/hut thing and a table and chairs with umbrella and a bubble machine that attaches to the hose. They spend so much time outside now that they really needed more play stuff out there.  They will play for hours with the play stuff which is so much better than watching the box or being cooped up inside especially living in the Far North.  Next year it won't be a lot of stuff - will make sure it probably lots of little things but seeing as we needed the outdoor stuff it was easier to have it all set up for Christmas.

Sares I agree with Occbee - as I said earlier Isla has really only just started to 'wake up' hahaha - I mean its literally been weeks that we've noticed this very clear understand of whats being said and yesterday clear words coming out - before that odd sounds and copying of things we say.  
With the teeth I would say go with your gut feeling and take him to a dentist just for your peace of mind.

Occbee - sounds like Ella is just like Isla with the following, Im sure they all are but I have noticed it more with Isla than I did my first.  Isla just won't leave me alone and Im finding lovely and frustrating at the same time.  Sometimes it just drives me plain nutso.  Im really hoping its just the stage she is at and will 'let go' of me a bit over the next few months - she is just so like a monkey when I pick her up.  Perhaps I didn't notice it with Yasmin as she was my first and I had all the time in the world for her but poor Isla has to remember I have another child and Im feeling Yasmin is needing a lot more attention lately because maybe she is just not getting the attention from me lately - oh and then you have the dog that scratches at my let to pick him up as soon as I sit down when I just need a break from picking anyone up  rolleyes.gif
Goodness I now know why mums need space lol

Anyway girls thats a mammoth post from me to make up for me not posting for so long - thats all I can read back but I hope everyone else is good too and would love to hear what everyone is up to.
I don't know about anyone us but I still struggling to get back to prebub weight and its a constant battle.  I know it got worse with a second pregnancy and then my age as Im over 40 now and its not as easy as when I was in my 30's but I just can not get any resemblance of a tight tummy back again and its depressing me again.  Its doesn't help that Im constantly in the kitchen making food for the kids and its worse with Isla's intolerance as she can't always have what Yasmin is having and Im just sick of food that when it comes time to make something for myself I can't be bothered making something proper for me sometimes - it just all becomes a bit hard.

Anyway I just  rolleyes.gif lost it a second ago because all I hear out of DD1's mouth is 'Im hungry, Im thirsty, Im itchy' - grrrrrrrrrrrrr rant.gif Can you imagine when both of them are talking????? Girls anyone with more than 2 kids I just don't know how you do it - you must be miracle workers!!!!! but Im sure my life would be easier if the 2 kids could just eat the same foods - it would help a lot I reckon so I think that is why I am frustrated a lot too.

#27 forosoco

Posted 27 November 2011 - 05:33 PM

wow, i didn't get a chance to read for a while and then came in here and saw that nobody has posted since i last read! everyone must be busy.

we've had an awful few days. jesse has hand foot and mouth disease - EW! i hate it hate it hate it. we've spent the whole weekend trying to keep the kids apart, which meant that DH and i barely got to see each other either. we each took one of them. DD can't get sick, it's her b'day in 2 weeks! now DH has one suspicious spot on his hand and he's going to get it checked out tomorrow but hopefully it's just a mozzie bite or something. i seem to recall that someone in this group had a little one with hand foot and mouth at some point - please share your experience again if you're reading this! we've been putting cream on jesse's splotches but so far it hasn't made a difference and they're everywhere. i'm keeping him home from daycare this week but he doesn't seem to be in pain or anything, he was sick for a day and threw up once and had a high fever, but then a day later he seemed to be feeling fine, just got the splotches everywhere. and i got a call from my sister this afternoon to tell me that her little one now has a fever as well. jesse was playing with him on thursday morning when he was fine but then the fever and vomit came thursday night so i was really paranoid that my nephew would get it, and now it seems he may have. he's 10 months. poor little thing!

other than that, the news here is that i've given up looking for work and have decided that when jesse finishes up daycare for the year he won't be going back. i'll spend time at home with him until he's 2 and can start at DD's daycare. then DD will start school a few months after that and it will be much easier for me to find work once that happens. i'm a bit scared that i'll go stir crazy not working for so long, because that's what's happened both times i stopped working to have babies! but it's just too hard finding a job that fits in with the exact 2 days i have free. and jesse will most likely be our last baby, so i guess it will be nice to spend that quality time at home with him for another 9 months or so. as my sister pointed out, i have my whole life to work. may as well spend the time with jesse now while i can!

#28 Sares83

Posted 28 November 2011 - 12:21 PM

QUOTE (forosoco @ 27/11/2011, 06:33 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
i seem to recall that someone in this group had a little one with hand foot and mouth at some point - please share your experience again if you're reading this!

pat has had it twice. Not much to do for it except wait it out. Panadol every 4 hours if the mouth lesions are causing pain and pat used to like extra bottles because eating hurt. It is contagious until the spots have completely dried up. Adults don;t normally get spots, usually just a sore throat. It sucks heaps!!! Hope he gets better soon original.gif

will come back later for personals, so busy today!!

#29 Allymeg69

Posted 28 November 2011 - 11:15 PM

Hi everyone,
Foro that sounds awful, poor Jesse, I hope he gets over it soon. And it sucks that you don't realise they're contagious with things until it's too late, makes you feel even worse! Good on you for making that decision re work, I'm sure you won't regret having that extra time with him.

Helen, lovely to hear from you, sounds like your girls really do have you running in circles! I have enough trouble keeping up with one monkey! I know how you feel re the struggle to keep weight under control, I just love my food and love a wine or two as well, I know I need to reduce both but the bad habits are so hard to break. And I have a real struggle motivating myself to exercise especially when it is so hot and sticky outside. I just feel so flabby and unfit, I've never been light but was strong and reasonably well toned and that's just all gone - I'm talking to DH about allocating some "me time" when I can go to a gym class or two.

Sares - I hope Pat is well and you have been able to get him used to teeth-cleaning - Alex is terrible with me but happy to have his dad or his sister brush his teeth! Speaking of which there are a couple more on the way through now, they're coming fast now.

Ness - great news on the sleeping, hope Jacob keeps it up for you, it makes such a huge difference to get a reasonable sleep doesn't it?

Wingless, geez it never stops for you! That's an extreme measure to take to get your DH to man up LOL!! seriously I hope it all sets and heals well for you. Sending lots of hugs and best wishes to you and the girls and little bean.

AFU - well I was 21 (again!!!) yesterday and Alex was 14 months old. I looked back at the photos of him on the same day last year, at 8 weeks old, and I can hardly believe he was that little! He's such a grown up boy now! More and more word-like sounds are coming out, there is now a definite "arro" (Hello), woof, pup, and a couple of little phrases that he keeps repeating but I can't work out. I love how he can now nod as well as shake his head, and we get quite determined nods or shakes as well as "nah" in answer to questions. Thankfully I don't think his perforated eardrum is impacting in any major way on his hearing or language, and he isn't showing any signs of pain. We are still looking at up to a 6 week wait for an audiogram, there is only one place that does it hear for little kids, and no good going to the ENT until after that test is done. Meanwhile I've decided to keep him out of the pool so we don't get excess water inside the ear. The pool is like a really warm bath at the moment anyway so he's not missing anything.

I felt really spoiled yesterday, DH made a lovely cooked breakfast after a big sleep in (even Alex didn't wake until nearly 9, we did go to bed quite late Saturday night after being out at Cousin Ray's football match), I was given cards including a special one just from Alex. We did a few jobs then DH took me and Alex shopping, we left the other kids at home they were playing Wii and doing their own thing. I bought myself a Kindle E-Reader with some money mum sent me, DH bought me a lovely jewellery box, and we all got some shoes (Alex got the cutest little runners!). Then we all went out for dinner which was lovely, and we finished the day off with some champagne at home. Took a bit to get motivated about work this morning!

Oh well better sign off and get to bed. Going to get our wills done tomorrow, something long overdue!
Catch you all again soon,

#30 Sares83

Posted 29 November 2011 - 07:51 AM

Ok, I'm back...

Ally - Happy birthday for yesterday!!! glad to hear the boys spoiled you original.gif I would love an ereader, DH is always going off at me for all my books that get left piled on the bedside table instead of returning them to the bookshelf. I know what you mean about them growing up, Patrick looks like such a little boy now! original.gif

Foro - glad to hear you have made a decision with work, I'm sure you will love being able to spend more time with Jesse. Hope the HFM clears up soon, from memory the worst of it (disturbed sleep, mouth lesions, etc.) lasted about 3 days.

Helen - wow! Isla's language really is coming along! The dancing is so funny though, Pat will suddenly stop what he is doing and do a little dance. makes me laugh everytime!

Ness - yay for Jacob sleeping!!! That's awesome!! Did he have fun at the beach? We took Pat for the first time a few weeks ago and he was scared of the water! I couldn't believe it cos he loves the bath and the pool but I think it is because it was so cold :rollseyes:

WA - glad to hear the little bubby is growing well, I am so sorry about the inscreased DS tests, I would be the same as you and want the amnio done, I don;t know what i would decide either way but I would want to know. It must be so much harder for you already having a special needs child. Fractured ankle!!! Gosh it never stops in your household!!! Hopefully your DH is able to do some reconciling in himself and work out what he wants with this baby, sounds like if it is a boy he is happy to have a baby with DS but not if its a girl...??? Hope you guys all get through it together bbighug.gif

Mia - Welcome back!! Glad to hear Freya is doing so well, we aren't in a playgroup because I am back at work full time so alas I don;t get to mingle with many other bubs/mums. We have 2 that I was friends with before they had bubbies and all were born within 5 weeks of each other so thats good, we try to catch up on weekends but they are few and far between!

AFU - One of Pats teeth came through but the other is still sitting there. It doesn;t seem to be bothering him anymore so all is happy again at our house. He had a bout of diarrhea that was doing the rounds so not fun but that only lasted about 4 days. Pat mum and I are driving up to Sydney to my sisters tomorrow, DH is flying up Thursday night and we have a friend of mines wedding on saturday so a night out!!! Wahoo!!

As for speech well I cancelled his appointment because in typical Patrick style one day he decided to start saying "see", "ta", and "more" (which menas a combination of mine/Iwant what you've got/more) - go figure!

well, better get back to in and I will pop in next week when I am back! have a great weekend everyone!! original.gif

#31 mibi

Posted 29 November 2011 - 10:58 AM

Ally - happy birthday! sounds like you had a lovely day.

forosco - Ella had HFM a couple of months ago too. It was all over - the Dr was very impressed - said she'd only seen it like that in textbooks! There isn't much you can do for it though, it's a virus and just needs to run it's course. Like sares said - panadol/nurofen if needed.

Sares - that's great about patricks speech. After I said Ella can point to her nose, and say ta, up etc, she's now refusing! She only says "up, up, up". Although I think she is trying to say Riley. And she had a cranky day the other day and in a cranky voice was saying "mum,mum,mum" It's the only time she says it!

WA - it really never stops for you does it? Hope your leg heals soon and you get some good news after the amnio.

AFU- nothing much happening. I still haven't sorted myself out for xmas yet. I haven't got the xmas vibe yet! Just not feeling enthusiastic. Santa hasn't even bought the kids presents yet and doesn't know what he's going to get them!

SL - Having more than 2 kids is challenging, especially once they can talk back. But then you also get the "I love you Mummy" comments and everything else seems like nothing.

#32 wingless_angel

Posted 02 December 2011 - 06:03 PM

Hi everyone just thought I would give you a quick update while the girls are finishing dinner. I had my amnio yesterday and just got a call from my OB and so far the prelim results have come in showing no sign of any chromosomal abnormality. I still have to wait another 2 weeks for the full results but it is such a relief so far. We are also having another beautiful little girl I don't know how DH will react but I don't really care and probably won't tell him gender. He is out tonight at a work function and will probably come home drunk so he won't even ask anyway. I will be back tomorrow for personals got to go Zara is trying to climb out of her high chair.

#33 Allymeg69

Posted 02 December 2011 - 10:58 PM

Wingless that is great news even if only preliminary, fingers crossed the final results are all clear too. I think if you can keep the gender a secret and your DH won't suspect you already knew then that might be best. I'm sure when she arrives he will love her to bits, he might still be a bit worried after all you've gone through with Zara. Seems like this special little girl was desparate to join your family! Stay well and keep us posted.

#34 Summerlover

Posted 03 December 2011 - 09:45 AM

bbabyflip.gif yay another little girl!!!  Congrats WA - good news all round.  Perhaps you are right if you can keep the gender to yourself and I  hands.gif your DH grows up a little bit and loves this baby as much as you already do!  - Men they should all grow up a bit.


#35 wingless_angel

Posted 14 December 2011 - 10:04 AM

Hi everyone wow it has been quiet in here. I just dont seem to have time to do anything at the moment and still having issues with my internet and mobile phone carrier who are being a pain about getting out of my contract even though they cant provide service to our new address.

Helen and Ally thanks for the congrats about the good amnio I am still waiting for the final results this friday but I am sure they will be ok. I am 18wks this Friday I cant believe that I am that far already I have my 19wk scan on the 22nd just over 1 week away. Things with this pregnancy are going really well I am not even showing yet I am still wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans with no problems if I had not of had a scan I still dont know if I would of thought I was pregnant. I havent felt any movement yet either but I have a anterior placenta so it will probably be a while before I feel anything. DH is still not really accepting the pregnancy just refuses to discuss it he knows it is a girl I couldnt keep it from him. When I told him he just changed the subject and hasnt talked about it since. I have already picked a name for her lol he has not really had any input but he just doesnt seem interested at all. Things between us are really really bad but I will persist and hope he comes around eventually if not I dont think we will last.

Miss Zara is doing so well her development has really taken off I even caught her this morning trying to climb on the lounge but her balance just doesnt let her do the things she wants. The other day during therapy she was holding a ball standing up and took 3 tiny steps all by herself. She seems to be able to do it if she is concentrating on something else but she she tries herself she just falls over. She is so determined to walk I always find her leaning with her back against the lounge she puts her arms out and tries to take a big step to walk across the room but she just falls over. She is a absolute delight one of the happiest babies I have ever come across always smiling and giggling and never causes any problems. Her favourite pass time at the moment is sitting at our entertainment cabinet and opening and closing the door she can sit there for about a hour doing it just open closed open closed open closed ect normally giggling the whole time.She also likes putting things in a bucket and once again just sits there for ages with her ball putting it in and out. She never touches anything that she isnt meant to even when she plays with the door of our entertainment unit it is the one with all the dvds in it and she has never touched them the same with the christmas tree the first day we put it up she crawled over to inspect it tried to touch the tinsel all I had to say was no she stopped crawled away and hasnt touched it since. She also is very happy just playing quietly by herself many times I have asked where she is and we normally find her just quietly playing with a toy by herself it is very cute if the next one is like her I will be blessed. She still isnt saying any words yet but they will come she is constantly babbling away. She also started pointing the other day not really at anything just sitting there pointing. She is a machine when it comes to food she just eats and eats and eats she does not seem to have a off switch with food and doesnt know when she is full. She eats everything I put in front of her and most nights eats more than Claire and then finishes Claires dinner also. My physio thinks she is still a long way off walking as her balance is terrible and she still drags her left foot but I dont know she is so determined to walk it wouldnt surprise me if one day she just got up and did it.

Miss Claire on the other hand is spawn of the devil she is being so naughty and she is so mean to Zara. We had to get a lock for both Claires and Zaras rooms as she had decided that she will not go to sleep of a night and is running a muck while we are all sleeping. A few weeks ago we were woken with Zara screaming the house down when I got there I found Claire in Zaras cot and Zara laying on the ground all Claire said is Zara up so she must of somehow lifted her up and dropped her out of the cot. She is so naughty refuses to do anything we ask her to do and has a attitude like I have never seen on a almost 3yr old. She has only become this bad since I fractured my ankle so I think she knows I can only do so much and is really playing on the situation. I keep on warning her watch out for the day I walk through the door without my cast and crutches and finally gain a bit of control back. I was hoping that I would have my cast off in time for christmas but I dont think it will be I am still in a fair bit of pain with it no were near as intense as when I first did it but still very painful and still cant put any weight on it. So I have been told it will probably come off after the new year and even then I will go into a cam walker boot for awhile also. I just want to start driving again I have been stuck at home for almost 6wks now and only go out when I have to go to the drs luckily Zaras physio comes to our house now so we can keep up with her therapy. I still havent done any christmas shopping so my mum is taking me out on Sunday and has organised one of those motorised carts for me at the shopping center lol. DH is always to busy to take me out anywhere and when I do ask it just seems like such a hassle for him I dont even bother asking anymore. Anyway I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year and you enjoy spending time with your families and little ones. I am really looking forward to Christmas this year with the kids Claire is finally starting to understand the whole santa thing shame she doesnt understand the naughty and nice bit that goes with Santa presents. Happy Holidays everyone.

#36 Allymeg69

Posted 14 December 2011 - 10:26 PM

Hi everyone, yes I've been MIA, just seems to be such a busy time of year.

Wingless, glad to know things are going reasonably well, it sounds like the pregnancy is progressing well, and I hope the next round of tests turns out OK. That is such good news that Zara is doing so well with things, and with that degree of determination she will achieve anything she wants to! I'm just so sorry that things are still so bad with your husband, and hope that he will come round. How are your older kids going? have things settled down with them?

Helen I know you've been away, hope you had a good trip.

Hope everyone else out there is not too overwhelmed with pre-Christmas madness.

AFU - well, what has been going on here for the last couple of weeks? Alex managed to give me another cold, this one has been hanging on for ages, I gave in and went to the doc last Friday and got A/Bs and a puffer, was nearly bronchitis apparently, slowly starting to feel better. Alex came out in a horrible looking rash over the weekend, so that involved a trip to the after-hours clinic on Sunday evening, it turned out to be roseola (post-viral rash), and he still had an inflammed throat and was very tired so he had two days at home. We had his ear/hearing check yesterday, and to our amazement the perforated eardrum had healed over, and his hearing was fine, such a relief.

We had some Xmas drinks for friends on the weekend which was great, but just as I was about to relax with a wine, my friend pointed out that the baby monitor was going off, I went in to find Alex standing at the end of his cot, nappy half off and POO EVERYWHERE!!!  sick.gif Had to drop everything, dump him into the bath, change all the cot, clean everything including toys AAGHH! Now he is wearing pants at all times! We had another lovely poo incident on Monday night as well, he was in the bath, standing up and letting off ripper farts, I didn't twig what was about to happen, then he made a little deposit into the bath, so I whipped him off to the loo and sat him on it for a short while, nothing happened, so wiped bottom, got great interest in the flushing of the paper, and back to the bathroom to fix things up. Unfortunately I allowed him to escape from me nappy-free while I was trying to clean up, and seconds later, I looked out to the living room to see .... you guessed it ... a much bigger deposit!  sick.gif  sick.gif At least he didn't paint this lot around the place and we have all tiled floors - you have to laugh or you'd cry!! We have now bought a training seat for the loo and will see what we can do.

Other than that, just trying to keep up with Xmas preparations, major shopping happening with DH this Friday arvo. DSD had her 6th grade graduation last night, she looked very pretty in a lovely dress and with her hair all done up by her aunty. Good reports for both her and DSS2 received today so that was great too. Not so confident about DSS1 but just hope there are not too many F's.

Ok enough from me, will try to get back before the end of next week for some Christmas wishes

#37 *Ames*

Posted 18 December 2011 - 08:01 PM

Hi guys. I've been a bit MIA lately. Had such a busy October, November, December but now on holidays. Yay!

Took Talia to get her Santa photo today. She was being quite clingy in the waiting line so I was worried that she wouldn't want to sit with Santa but when we got up the front she was fine and had a lovely laughing smile for her photo. Success! haha

Lately she's been fighting to not be in her pram, in the trolley.... she wants me to carry her around but she gets so heavy. If we're moving without stopping it isn't really a problem but if we're shopping or something she'll start trying to get out of the pram, crying, screaming.... has anyone else experienced this lately? Do I just ignore it?

I hope everyone's little treasures are fantastic and that you all have a wonderful and fun filled Christmas. x

WA - Congratulations on your little princess! Hope all goes well. original.gif

#38 forosoco

Posted 19 December 2011 - 05:15 PM

ames, i have that problem with jesse as well! he loves coming shopping with me and will happily sit in the trolley or stroller but as soon as we stop moving he gets annoyed and wants to get out. i remember having the same issue with DD though so i think it's pretty normal.

we've been pretty busy lately, we had DD's birthday party on the weekend and thank god it was the only nice sunny day in ages, because it was a pool party! the weather was fantastic and she had so much fun, and since it was so nice jesse got to go swimming as well, which he loved. i didn't go in because i have a stupid flu, but at least the kids all had fun. it was also our 5 year wedding anniversary so the kids stayed at my parents house and we got to go out for a relaxing dinner, but then came home quite early so i could go to bed with a big box of tissues and some throat lozenges! next is my b'day on thursday and i was planning on meeting some friends at a park but with this weather it's not looking promising. i can't have them over here because there'd be 7 kids and our place isn't set up for 7 kids running around, it's too small.

i haven't even begun to plan for our holiday, we leave on friday and i know i should make a list of things we need to pack - going away with kids is so much more complicated than without! we'll need to bring food with us too because we're driving from sydney to the gold coast (with some stops in between). i'm a little bit worried about xmas day because i don't think DH's family really understands what an effort it is with a 1 year old, we'll need to adjust his sleep times so he can be awake for lunch, make sure he has somewhere to sleep in the portacot just in case, etc. we'll be the only ones there with kids so i hope the others are understanding! i'm really excited about hitting all the theme parks in the gold coast! jesse isn't quite walking yet but is taking a few steps every day. i really hope he'll be walking by next week so he can walk around the theme parks a bit! i know it will be crazy being there in the middle of xmas holidays but i'm still excited.

#39 *Ames*

Posted 21 December 2011 - 11:21 AM

forosoco - Sorry to hear you're sick. Good luck with your trip. Take plenty of kids cd mixes for the car. original.gif
I hope the shopping/wriggling/screaming is just a phase. Did your DD get over it after a little while?

#40 wingless_angel

Posted 22 December 2011 - 07:05 PM

Happy Birthday forosoco hope you had a fabulous day and have a great holiday on the Gold Coast

To all my wonderful friends in here Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year. I hope all our little ones have a fabulous Christmas.

I had my 19wks scan today and everything looks really good. I am totally in love she is a real cutie spent most of her time sticking her tongue out at us. Even DH seemed to enjoy the scan and couldnt stop talking about it the whole way home so hopefully he has turned a corner. Sorry need to keep it short in the middle of trying to get kids into bed then need to start wrapping presents. Here are a couple of pictures from today

Sucking her Thumb

Her little feet

Hope everyone has a great break and enjoys spending time with there families.

Hopefully photos are working now

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#41 wingless_angel

Posted 22 December 2011 - 07:23 PM

Last One 3d


Isnt she cute lol

#42 greengoddess

Posted 22 December 2011 - 07:34 PM

Hi everyone!

It's been ages and ages since I've posted - and I've just seen wingless' news - CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm so delighted for you and even happier that everything seems to be progressing smoothly this time. I just read through your update on Zara and she seems a different bub since I last checked in here.

As for us, everything is the same. Still in Ireland, preparing for a cold Christmas (booo!) and really feeling ready to move back to Australia.

Ares is becoming quite the handsome young man about town - with a reputation as a shameless flirt to match. He's 16 months this week and has been walking for about six weeks (a slow starter!), and babbles away to himself in words that make sense to noone - well, he has the basics of dada (Daddy) and mama (boobs). There's a pic of him in my sig below, but it's about six months old now.

Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and New Year's.

Lots of love,


#43 Summerlover

Posted 24 December 2011 - 12:25 PM

Very cute WA.

Happy Birthday Forosco

Toddlers & prams - its NORMAL - soon as they find their feet they don't want to sit any longer than they have to LOL.  I try not to take Isla anywhere near shops at this age if Im needing to concentrate on what to get.

Soooooooo have a wonderfuly Chrissy everyone xxxxx

Helen and Family

#44 ComeWhatMay

Posted 24 December 2011 - 03:31 PM

Hi everyone.

Merry Christmas to everyone.

Sorry I have been MIA just needed to back off from EB for awhile but should be back now  biggrin.gif

Wingless A huge congratulations to you.  I am very excited for and am looking forward to hearing all about your pregnancy  biggrin.gif

#45 mibi

Posted 24 December 2011 - 04:48 PM

Hi everyone, I've been reading but too busy to reply.

Ames - Ella is a nightmare - she climbs out of everything. I hate taking her shopping. My boys were always contented to sit and watch the world go by, but not her. She just wants to be in my arms! And she's still not walking...hate to think what she'll be like when she decides she can walk!

WA - she's very cute! Congratulations....glad it seems like your DH is coming around!

I was just coming in to wish everyone a fabulous Christmas. Hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow.

We are spending it with DH's family and then dinner with friends. Boys are very excited.

#46 Allymeg69

Posted 24 December 2011 - 09:57 PM

Hi everyone,
Well Wingless your next little girl does look just gorgeous, how her daddy couldn't love her I don't know, and I hope he stays in a better frame of mind. I hope you are feeling well too.

I think this age must just be where all the bubs are really starting to assert themselves, sometimes it's cute but sometimes it's a real pain in the *$se!! Alex is pretty good sitting in the shopping trolley (as long as I take food!) but he is becoming intolerant of his high chair, and starting to throw food and his cup (hence we are still using sippy cups with valves). He can also get quite cross at times and has hit me a few times if I've tried to stop him doing something or take something away, which is a bit challenging.

We look like having a pretty wet and somewhat stormy Christmas, the "Claytons" cyclone looks like it might actually deliver a bit of a blow around Monday/Tuesday. As long as it doesn't keep blowing too hard through to Thursday I'll be happy so we can get off to Sydney for New Year.

Best wishes to everyone for a lovely Christmas tomorrow, I hope all your little ones enjoy it even if the wrapping paper is the most exciting thing! We are having roast lunch with all the kids, then the older three are off to their mum for the evening.

#47 wingless_angel

Posted 31 December 2011 - 06:12 PM

Hi everyone I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas. Just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year I hope 2012 brings everyone lots of joy and happiness. We had planned to go to our local harbour for dinner and to watch the fireworks but unfortunately Zara woke up yesterday with chicken pox. So I am now bathing her in oatmeal about to cover her spots in calamine lotion and if she can hold out until 8.30 we will put her and Claire in to the car drive down to the harbour and watch them from the car. Claire was so excited about seeing them it would be a shame if she missed them. Have a great evening everyone with your family and friends see you all in 2012.

#48 Summerlover

Posted 01 January 2012 - 09:05 AM


How did the new mums go???  Last year our bubs were so small but this year a bit more freedom to enjoy and bit of the New Years Festivities!!!  Hope you all had fun.

WA how on earth you could even contemplate taking your kids out to watch fireworks amazes me - I was fast asleep in bed for any fireworks LOL.  If Isla was Yas's age perhaps but even Yas was exhausted yesterday and over tired and fast asleep by 7.30pm.  Oh no not chicken pox - gees it never ends for you darling, how on earth does that go with you being pregnant?? xxx

Anyway take care all.

Edited by Summerlover, 01 January 2012 - 09:06 AM.

#49 forosoco

Posted 01 January 2012 - 09:15 AM

happy new year everyone!

we got back from our holiday yesterday. it was such a great trip! we drove up to the gold coast from sydney with a couple of stops between. we spent xmas with DH's family and that was slightly painful but i managed to get through it! the gold coast was amazing. the kids were SO happy the whole time and behaved so nicely. we went to some theme parks and did lots of swimming. we took the kids to sizzler and i couldn't believe how much jesse ate! he ate more than any of us. we also went out for pancakes one morning and when our food arrived he let out the hugest scream of joy i've ever heard, i thought the waiter was gonna drop our plates! people at other tables were laughing and staring at him.

but the most exciting thing about our trip was that jesse started walking properly. xmas eve was probably the turning point. he is now loving his new freedom and is walking around everywhere. he's so much happier!

now we have 3 weeks left before DH goes back to work and DD goes back to kindy. no idea what on earth we'll do for all that time! try not to spend too much money i guess, haha.

i hope everyone had a great xmas and new years eve. we stayed home last night, ate prawns and cheesecake and drank a bit of wine and were asleep before midnight.

#50 Sares83

Posted 09 January 2012 - 08:04 AM

Hi everyone, sorry I have been MIA, been on holidays and baking and working, etc. Hope everyone had a lovely xmas and new year. Pat and I just got back from the beach (DH had to work) and Pat is a born caravaner (so long as it has airconditioning laughing2.gif). He loved the beach and was a real angel.

Pat is loves the shopping trolley (it is his favourite outing of the week). He smiles and waves at everyone and has a ball. Pram is fine too but he won;t sleep in it (hasn't for a long time). I think we might be starting teething again, he still only has 6 teeth so maybe some more bottom ones next.

He is getting very independent and refusing to allow help with feeding but I don;t do babies eating non finger food with their hands (like mashed potato!!!) so have been trying to always give him things he can do himself and he always wants to be outside which can be tricky at our house if someone isn't with him. Still not tallking much other than his own madeup words but he can say "see" and "ta" but he is understanding much more now.

Has anyone made any new year resolutions? I am hoping to get myself more organised this year (fingers crossed!) original.gif

talk soon

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