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#51 Summerlover

Posted 14 January 2012 - 07:19 PM

Hello hello hello

Loooooong time in here - sorry but I guess like everyone the holiday period is always hectic with anything and everything.

We are all good and I must admit - Life is good  biggrin.gif .  We are all really starting to enjoy a lot of fun again now that Isla has grown a little and really settled down with her 'problems'.

Yasmin is so grown up and still sometimes very protective over her toys and 'things' in general but 90 percent of the time she shares with Isla and they really have a good time playing like now which makes our lives a bit easier.  Isla has really settled into a great routine and come in line with Yasmins sleeping which is good too.  Isla is now on 1 sleep and usually a big one like today 12 to 3pm.  Yas still doesn't sleep during the day but its good when Isla goes down as it gives Yas a rest or time with me or us on our own or Yas and I go out and run erands if daddy is home etc etc but for the most part both kids go to bed about 7-730 and usually wake around 7am so I have been able to get up at 6am and go for a half an hour walk every day whether Im working or not which the dog loves - so as I said life is pretty good and settled down.

Isla still has her reflux and her intolerance of dairy and soy and Im just going with it for the moment - I can't be bothered trying soy and things because we just have unsettled nights and its too tiring for everyone.  She is only 16mths and the Paed said they have done studies and its more likely for a child to have grown out of their allergies by the age of 2 rather than 1 so Im just going to wait until she is 20mths or something and maybe try again with some soy and see how we go.

Isla is a little porker - honestly!!!  but I've started cutting down her milk because for the past few weeks she has sometimes woken and only drank 60mls probably more thirst but was sometimes drinking the whole bottle but I had to be careful because I can't just give her a yoghurt or milk or cheese so I still have to let her have 600mls of her formula to give her what she needs for her bones etc but she is eating really well lately so what I do is just cut out the morning bottle and feed her food, water and fruit.  Then at 10am she has a full bottle then will have her lunch around 11ish and will go to bed about 12pm to whenever.  Then is a bottle at 3ish - dinner at 4.30-5pm and a top up of bottle at bed time.

So thats about us.  Sares Isla is like Pat with her teeth.  She got 8 all around the same time and then none for ages but it looks like more coming now and Im sure there will be a lot at once again which is better I reckon cause Yasmin got teeth constantly and she suffered a lot more.  They also say that the first lot are the worst because now they are used to the pain so hopefully then next lot won't be too bad.

So how is everyone else????

Looking forward to hearing everyone elses news and how their little ones are getting along.!!

Take care

#52 forosoco

Posted 17 January 2012 - 04:24 PM

hi everyone.

summerlover, good to hear all about how everything's going! i love this age, jesse just seems like he understands so much more now, and the way he interacts with DD is so cute. they usually play so nicely together although DD sometimes locks herself in her room so jesse can't disturb her. usually though he just goes and knocks on her door and then gets upset when she says "sorry, you can't come in!"

my kids seem to never stop eating! we spent today at my parents house and they have just gotten back from almost a month away, and couldn't believe how much the kids eat! they just don't stop. at least for the most part they eat healthy things, although my mum still constantly reminds me that i need to be careful with how much i feed jesse "otherwise he'll be fat and other kids will tease him" - omg! i mean he's a big boy, but he's not even 18 months! DH is extremely skinny and i was always a skinny kid and up until i had kids still was. i doubt he's going to turn out to be huge! he's just a normal growing boy in my opinion.

we put a bed on layby last week! it's scary to think of jesse going into a bed, but we did a 6 month layby and the new bed will actually be for DD, jesse will be going into her bed in 6 months because the new one has a desk underneath and DD will need that for school next year. DD went into a bed at 18 months and i can't imagine jesse going that early! he'll be closer to 2 though by the time we finish the layby.

we're very out of routine at the moment with DD and DH being on holidays, but they both go back to kindy and work on monday, so things will settle down a lot. i'm planning to start doing some walking once DD is back at kindy, taking jesse to the park hopefully all 3 kindy days and doing some long walks - i need to lose some weight! i can't do much because of asthma and also joint problems, so really walking and swimming are pretty much the only things i can do. even walking has to be on flat surfaces with no inclines. so i'll have to wait and see how i go.

#53 Sares83

Posted 18 January 2012 - 09:27 AM

OMG! Beds! Already?! where has the time gone?!! I was planning on moving Pat to a bed at 2 but I think I will wait a little but longer. I just don't think he is ready and I don't want him screaming himself to sleep at the door every night or me having to sit in there until he falls asleep so I will wait  a bit longer. Maybe aabout 2 take him out of his bag and put a pillow/top sheet/blanket in and make it up like a real bed and see how that goes and then convert it to a bed about 2.5.

#54 Summerlover

Posted 18 January 2012 - 04:26 PM

DD sometimes locks herself in her room so jesse can't disturb her. usually though he just goes and knocks on her door and then gets upset when she says "sorry, you can't come in!"

haha very familiar ring to that in this house - mine both LOVE LOVE LOVE each other too but sometimes Yas just needs her space like we all do.

Beds - yes well my first moved to a mattress on the floor at 18mths old and she rolled everywhere LOL - had to retrieve her from under beds all the time but she went to bed no probs and slept all but that was because all our furniture was locked in a container and that was safer than on a bed - we moved to Cairns when she was 18mths.  I still have a little toddler bed so will transition her to that but I too will be waiting until at least 2 and won't be moving her until really necessary or she gets too heavy to lift LOL

#55 Allymeg69

Posted 19 January 2012 - 10:01 PM

Hi everyone, long time no visit, sorry!

Sounds like there have been some happy Christmasses and holidays, that is great. It's already starting to seem like a long time ago, I can see 2012 going even faster than 2011 if that is possible. We had a very nice if quiet Xmas here, Alex definitely enjoyed it and I think his best-loved present was a $3.95 set of plastic golf clubs and balls! We are training the next Tiger Woods  biggrin.gif

We also had a great trip to Sydney for NYE and to see my family, spent some time on the South Coast where I spent all my childhood holidays, spent some time with my dear old nanna (97yrs), and Alex got to play in the water, hold some fish, see some kangaroos and generally have a great time. My parents are totally besotted with him, especially now he is walking and "saying" so much, he definitely is cute (but developing a certain stubborn streak!).

Beds - I haven't given it any thought yet, I suppose we might take the cot mattress out at some stage and put it on the floor as a first step. Alex is getting fairly tall and bounds on and off things like sofas and beds quite easily, so by around mid-year I think he might be able to go onto the bottom bunk under his brother, we can put a side rail on to stop rolling accidents. He isn't showing any signs of being unhappy in his cot though, no escape attempts (yet).

Foro, Alex is an eating machine too - I am not worried, he is so active, he has actually only increased about 3kgs since he was 6 months old (now 13kgs) - his favourites at the moment are grapes, tomatoes (little ones) and fish - adores fish which we catch lots of so that is great. But he is an adventurous eater, no problems at all.

Helen, Alex is well settled into a 1 day sleep routine too, he will sleep about 2 hours perhaps a little more at childcare, after waking between 6.30am and 7, then goes to bed between 8 and 8.30pm. On weekends he might have a morning snooze if it's been a big week, but it's great to have a good settled routine.

New year resolutions? I said I would not buy any more chocolate and I would not drink alcohol Monday thru Thursday. So far I'm doing really well on that. Now I just have to add in some exercise and I might be in danger of getting healthy!  laugh.gif I am going to have to get my act together soon as I have just accepted an offer of a new job, I am very excited, it is back in my core area of legal work, and it is working for the NT Government, so lots of benefits, although it will be a full time 5-day pw job. DH says he will probably trim back his workload a bit and be a bit more of a house-dad if necessary, I am very grateful we are in a position to be able to do this. Just trying to work very hard now to tidy things up in the job I am leaving, I hate leaving things undone. So I am trying not to spend too much time on the internet!

Catch you all again soon,

#56 mibi

Posted 24 January 2012 - 09:55 PM

Ally - congratulations on the new job! Very exciting.

Bed - Wow - I can't believe people are thinking about them already. I won't move Ella out until she is climbing out of the cot. With Jake we had to move him to a bed earlier than we would've liked, although he was over 2, but he was still happily in there, but Riley had grown out of the cradle and needed the cot. Riley started climbing out of the cot on his 2nd birthday, so we converted it to a toddler bed not long after that. The toddler bed wasn't too successful because, being a cot, it was quite narrow and we were given a big bed by a friend. We usually just put a spare mattress on the floor next to the bed - until they stop falling out!

Well, our big news is, Ella has finally decided to walk! She had been taking the odd couple of steps since boxing day, but when we arrived at our holiday place, she decided walking was quite good and now she's trying to run! Unfortunately she's just trying to run after me - she is such a mummy's girl - it drives me nuts. I'm a little sad that my last baby is walking and not a real baby anymore sad.gif
I am getting worried that we might be heading down the same path with her speech that we went with Jake. Actually, she's probably saying even less than what Jake was at the same age and I struggle to teach her things - like "where is your nose" . She will sometimes do things, but mostly will just ignore me if I ask her where something is. And she was saying "ta" but she isn't now. She says "Riley" and "hi". She doesn't even babble "dadadad" anymore. She does hear - she turns to noises quite easily. I keep thinking I'll ask the GP at her 18mth needles, but that's still 2mths away....

Hope you're all well

#57 Allymeg69

Posted 24 January 2012 - 10:47 PM

Kylie, I saw your video of Ella walking, she looked mighty pleased with herself! Maybe she has been putting all her concentration and effort into starting to walk, and has been forgetting about talking. The whole speech thing seems to be so variable, but I suppose if you've been through some difficulties once you know the signs, I hope things improve.

We have a new family member - Fred - an approximately 9 week old kitten that we "adopted" from the local RSPCA. I put a post about him in the "Your Pets section"  link here
He's very cute and entertaining. The dog is having a bit of a Mexican stand-off with him for now but I think they'll work it out. Alex loves him, and has been very good being gentle with him and learning not to play in the litter tray and food bowl!

We are a bit sick around here at the moment, Alex has his first bout of conjunctivitis, thankfully not bad but enough to stop him going to childcare, hopefully he will be cleared up and able to go back on Friday. It appears that I have managed to contract giardia, which is giving me the s*&#s (literally  sick.gif ), I've been off-colour and suffering all manner of unpleasant lower intestinal symptoms for about 2 weeks, on my SIL's advice (nurse) I saw my doc today and she said all the symptoms point to giardia, so at least now I have some ABs to take for it. The only upside is that it has restricted my intake of creamy, rich foods and my alcohol reduction program has been significantly helped by just not feeling like any.

Very wet up here too, about time though, it has been relatively dry (for our Wet season) up until now, but of course we are getting such a dump now that we may not be able to make it out for our weekend fishing comp, oh well, at least there's tennis and cricket to watch on tele.

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#58 wingless_angel

Posted 25 January 2012 - 05:41 AM

Hi everyone sorry it has been so long but things have been so busy and there had been so much going on. Little Claire has got something going on at the moment we keep on finding blood in her undies the first time it happened I went into complete panic of course thinking the worst but it has happened 2 other times and no one can give us a answer. She has been checked out no signs of abuse all her blood test are normal, her ultrasound was normal so we are now waiting to see her paed in hope he can work out what it is. DH has been on holidays and driving me up the wall but the time away from work has really started to mend our relationship and it's starting to feel like it use to. He is trying hard with the pregnancy but is still struggling a bit though the break through came the other night. He was laying on my belly(well ribs) and he jumped and said he got kicked then ge started to talk to her but I didn't have the heart to tell him that he was laying on my ribs and there was no way a kick would of been that high. I didn't even feel a kick so it was most likely gas lol. I am 24wks on Friday we have been having a few ups and downs with this one but nothing like Zaras. I have been in hospital twice in the last 2-3wks with bp issues and now maxed out one type of bp meds so will start a second medication if needed. I can handle blood pressure but it reached 179/120 the other week but it now steady. I also have a short cervix and blood tests I had the other week is showing that I now have positive antibodies towards positive blood I am rh negative so it makes things a bit riskier for our little girl if those antibodies start working against her but this pregnancy has been a walk in the park compared to Zaras. I think we have chosen her name the middle name is still being debated but DH is choosing it as I chose the first name and he wants to use his grandmothers name so at this stage she has been named Evie Myra.

Miss Zara is doing really well not walking yet but trying really hard which has resulted in lots of bashing her head on things. The other day I think she gave herself a concussion. She tried pulling herself up on the out door coffee table fell over and got a massive purple egg on her head with a gash but also fell backwards and smashed the back of her head on a brick wall. I put her to bed 1hr later and she slept for 4hrs DH went to wake her up so she would sleep that night and he couldn't stir her I heard him yelling her name I came in when he was picking her up and she finally woke up. We gave her a bottle and she was trying to fall asleep again but she finally woke up about 10min after she finished it and seemed fine. She did have a seizure that night so I think she might of had a bit of concussion but seems fine now. She still isn't talking but has finally started waving. We are still waiting for more teeth she still only has her 2 bottom teeth and basically no hair yet most people think she isn't even 12mths yet and are always shocked when I say how old she is.

Finally we are going on holidays next week to QLD our first holiday in years. I didn't think we were ever going to go on holidays but we leave fly out on Monday and come home on the Saturday. The best news is my son who is almost 16 is flying back with us and staying. It has been a rough few weeks of negotiations but his father has finally agreed after he failed every subject at school and was told he needed to repeat. I am trying to get so much organised his room which I still have nothing for him and enrol him school this week. It is Claire's 3rd birthday on Saturday and having family and friends over, I have a ultrasound on Friday and Australia day tomorrow. DH is so laid back about it all and sick of my lists on the fridge about what needs to be done but between pregnancy brain and tiredness I need lists so I remember things and to help me push through the tiredness when I see what still needs to be done. I think I will need a holiday by next week lol we are only going to the Gold Coast which seems a bit strange to me considering I lived there for so long. Anyway better go and get the day started and write today's list lol. Have a great Australia day everyone.

Ally your kitten is adorable. Occbee and Forosoco yeah on Ella and Jesse walking. Helen we are still battling with Zaras allergies also can't wait to finally get her eating normal foods and able to ditch the neocate.

#59 Allymeg69

Posted 25 January 2012 - 06:20 PM

Wingless good to hear from you, that is a bit of a worry about Claire, I hope you find an answer soon - I imagine you may have considered this but is it possible it is coming from a small anal tear? I'm glad your DS seems to be engaging more with your pregnancy, and Evie sounds like a lovely name to go with Claire and Zara. Wishing you a lovely restful holiday and it must be exciting, even though somewhat stressful organising, to be having your son to come and live with you. Hope you don't overdo it! And advance happy birthday to Claire.

#60 Summerlover

Posted 26 January 2012 - 01:00 PM

Oh Ally very cute Kitten!!! original.gif  - we are finally getting some thunder and heavy rain downfalls too, its been a very dry wet season for us too.  Congrats on the new job and I hope you feel better with AB's soon.

WA yes you are one busy woman and set to become busier LOL - don't know how you do it, 2 is enough and Isla has been a full on child but nowhere near what you have had with Zara and Claire but Yas has more good moments these days now she is 3.5yrs old, still the odd bad moments but things are looking up and hopefully will for you with Claire too now she is hitting 3.  That is a bit scary about the blood - hope the Paed can get to the bottom of it.  Evie is a lovely name too.  Happy Birthday to Claire this week. Glad things between you and DH are also on the mend.

Kylie - you must know what you are looking for with regards to speech but if its any reassurance to you both my girls said loads of words for a while and then they just stopped completely but it came back in full forth.  Im sure they just store them up in their little brains so I hope it works out for you.  Speaking of talking Yasmin slept in late today much to Isla's disgrace LOL so I had to amuse Isla - took her into my bedroom and we had a play on my bed and then after all the giggling she just lay against my tummy babbling and telling me a story (goodness knows what she was saying  laughing2.gif ) but I just kept saying 'really?' when she paused and she would just babble away again - she did this 3 or 4 times and it was so funny the concentration on her face.

Well we had a bad bad week.  Isla got a virus of some sort with sickness and diarreah and her bum ended up so bad with nappy rash her poo was burning her skin away and nothing I used helped so went to the docs and she had infected nappy rash so AB's etc then she got a splinter in her foot - that was fun getting out and then she started getting near 40 temps for 4 days and nights and she was up for 2 hours thirsty and waiting for pain relief to kick in and get her temp down again.  Poor thing and poor me - it was exhausting BUT finally got my fingers in her mouth and 2 bottom eye teeth were cracking through.  So thats 10 teeth all together now - only 10 to go but those 2 have been the worst.

Good news though I think is I have an interview with a Real Estate company Friday - they called me up from a follow up from me last year and what to chat tomorrow - its all sounding very promising as they seem to be willing to work to my part time hours Im doing now or perhaps 1 more day but thats fine - we will just have to see what happens tomorrow.  I do not want the responsibility of a Property Managers job now while my kids are young but I need to start slowly learning as I have the certificate and would like to try and make a go of it for when both kids are at school - Yas only has 1 year left and she starts school next Jan so I want to make a start of working towards a career.

Anyway happy Australia Day - waiting on Isla to wake and we are going to a friends for a BBQ

Have fun all

#61 mibi

Posted 08 February 2012 - 09:39 AM

Hi all,
Hope you're all going well. It's been a bit quiet. We must be all busy getting back into the swing of things with the new year.

We've had an eventful couple of weeks with Miss Ella. It seems she has had a couple of breath-holding episodes. So very scary. The first time it happened we were at a friends place and Ella became upset that she was separated from me (I'd run downstairs for something and she was behind the safety gate upstairs) Anyway she took a big breath in and we got ready for the big wail to come, but it never did. She was completely unresponsive, my friend picked her up, tried to blow in her face, yelled her name etc, but nothing. She went blue in the face. I ran back up the stairs and grabbed her. She finally let out the wail, but then she went limp and passed out for a couple of seconds. So scary. But then a week later, she was upset because I'd put drops in her eyes and taken a tube of cream off her and she started to cry but then her crying  and breathing went all weird and irregular. She was again unresponsive but this time she stiffened and started making this gutteral groaning noise. She then went limp and passed out again. When she came to (about 10 secs later) she was very dazed and groggy. I totally freaked out so I took her to the hospital because I was worried she'd had some sort of fit. Anyway, they haven't ruled out a seizure but they think it was probably a breath holding spell. She is borderline anaemic, which can be common in kids who have breath-holding spells and I've discovered a cousin of DH used to do have the breath-holding spells. We have to have more tests done, but fingerscrossed that's all it is, because although they are horrifyingly scary, they are harmless to the child. But we are off to see a paed about it, although we can't get in until May!!!!

Otherwise we are all settling back into the new school year. Jake's teacher seems lovely this year. And Riley has settled back into preschool well. I was worried he wouldn't like it anymore because all of his friends started big school this year and he was left behind. But he's fine.

Ella still hasn't picked up any new words, so will talk to the paed about it...when we get there in May.

Ally - saw your pics of Alex and the kitten on FB....very cute.

#62 Allymeg69

Posted 17 February 2012 - 02:31 PM

Hi everyone, still very quiet here, must still be the whole back-to-school and new year overload eh? Did anyone get spoiled for Valentines Day? We had a nice day out the following day because that was my day off in between jobs, so DH & I went for a boating trip (can't call it fishing because there were none), was lovely to be out on the water especially without having to worry about looking out for Alex - and we finished the day drinking the bottle of Moet I was given as my farewell gift from my old job  biggrin.gif

Occbee, that is certainly very scary stuff that Ella is doing to you. I saw on FB that you had another episode a few days ago too. I do hope you find out what is causing her to do it or at least how she can be stopped from doing it!

Helen did you end up with the new job? I thought I saw you mention something about it on FB, so if my recollection is right, I hope it is all going well for you.

Wingless, sending lots of good wishes your way, I hope things are going well with your pregnancy and DH. Did you have a lovely holiday in QLD?

Sares & Patrick, Forosoco & Jesse, hope you are all well.

A bit of news, Lauren from Perth who was in one of the September 2010 DIGs and already has little Davey gave birth to a lovely girl, Rose Elizabeth, a couple of days ago, some of you may have already seen some photos on FB.

AFM - I started my new job yesterday, and so far so good - although I have no work to do yet! Just went to see my boss to ask if he had anything for me to do, and he said no, I should go surf the net or go home early if I liked!!! Hence I'm here writing this post. I am not under any illusion that this state of affairs will continue for long, and when I do get thrown something it is likely to require a lot of hard work, that's fine, that's what I'm being paid for.

DH is away for a few days in Perth to do some training, and I have all 4 kids to look after, so I was proud of myself that I managed to get them out the door, and me on the road, at the right times this morning. I'm planning a quiet weekend, just a short visit to a friend on Sunday, and I have to repeat the organisation exercise on Monday morning but it's good to see how all the timing works with getting kids up, fed, dressed, bags packed, creche drop-off and getting in to the office.

I was happily stunned today when I read the Centrelink letter that was waiting on-line for me, we had our tax returns done a couple of weeks ago, so they've been entered with C/link and lo and behold, the Govt actually gave us something! Family tax A and B payments, and even a "large family supplement"!!! I just don't think of us as a "large family" because of the week-on week-off thing, but I suppose we are. With my new job, we won't see any more govt payments but then I'd rather be earning a good salary, nice to have had the support from when I was on mat leave though.

Alex continues to be a delightful cheeky little boy - I gave him his first haircut the other day and I was amazed that I managed to do an OK job and just how different it made him look - like a little boy now not a baby  wub.gif . He is growing so tall, he is taller than all the others in his room at creche, and his appetite knows no bounds! He is starting to say lots more things, although they are not always totally clear words but you can tell they are a new word IYKWIM. I'm sure he said "the car" the other day, and there have been some other two-word phrases appearing too. He absolutely adores our Fred-kitty, and Fred doesn't seem to mind him either, tolerates being picked up and nearly strangled with love sometimes!

OK, feeling guilty about wasting too much time despite what the boss said, better go. Hope you all have a great weekend

#63 Summerlover

Posted 17 February 2012 - 04:10 PM

Hi there all

Have been meaning to come in and its just been so hectic.

Occbee how scary for you all - I hope that she grows out of it quickly or they can give her some medicine to help stop it happening.  That would be so traumatic for everyone.

Ally congrats on the new job - Im sure it will all happen for you so lucky you at the mo.  We had a nice valentines day as we don't normally celebrate it but we had a nice meal with candle light once the kids were asleep and a few drinks and chatted.  I got DH some beautiful hand made valentines day choccys and he got me some lingerie!! - i think we both thought of ourselves LOL.

Yes I started my new job 2 weeks ago and it has been full on as it is 3 very full days - 8.30pm to 5pm with 1/2 hr lunch break.  With my other job during their quiet times I could take off some days at 4pm or on a Tues start early with DH was looking after the kids and get home early.  Now I have to have their b/fast, lunch, snacks AND dinner all ready for 3 days as DH picks them up from daycare now and they are starving coming home at 5.30 - then I walk in the door just when they have finished eating basically or still eating.  2 days is enough.  Loving the job though as I am in a team of 4 people and the office is only small with about 9 people.  Its been full on learning too.  I am happy to learning Property Management slowly and happy to be an assistant to the Property managers as then I reckon in a couple of years I will know the ins and outs and then both kids at school I could step into a Property Managers role but I am adamant I will only do 4 days because thats all I want to do and Im sure if Im good enough they will work with it.  That way I will get a day FINALLY to myself and have the weekend with the kids.  We will see how things go but I am so grateful to be given the opportunity to do 3 days while my kids are so young and work towards my career.

Isla too is a joy and man she is full on.  We have been also able to give her Soy yoghurts but have realised we seem to be only able to do it in the morning for morning tea - give it to her too early and it sometimes disturbs her day time sleep and give it to her late in the day and guaranteed she will be disturbed during the night.  Still early days though of experimenting as we don't want to cause her pain unnecessarily but today I gave her one at 10am and she finished it and said 'more!' - cheeky monkey LOL.  She doesn't understand it can cause her pain.  Its nice to be adding something different to her diet and she is also has dropped her milk down since I have started the soy yoghurts which is good.  She only seems to have about 400mls of milk a day now which again is still very important as it is her protein source too.

Anyway best go and cook their dinner as Isla is hanging around the kitchen.

Catch you all later

#64 forosoco

Posted 21 February 2012 - 04:32 PM

hi everyone! it's been a bit busy with us which is why i haven't written anything in a while.

jesse is doing great, he says more words every day and he's such a funny kid. i can really see his personality developing more and more all the time.

we had a big scare last week. my dad, who is a very healthy and fit 62 year old, went to the GP because he'd been feeling a bit off, just some stomach pains and not much else. the GP sent him for some tests including a heart test and they found that his main artery was 99.9% blocked and he could have dropped dead at any time! with absolutely NO chest pains or any indication that there was a problem with his heart. he goes cycling twice a week and had a bridge climb booked in for next month so it was lucky they caught it when they did. so he had a bypass and is recovering really well, he's going back home tomorrow after being in hospital for a week. so yeah, it has been a strange week for us! plus DH was away with work at the time and i couldn't even go and visit my dad because i had the kids with me 24 hours a day and they weren't allowed in ICU.


i've booked jesse in for his 18 month immunisations next week. i can't believe he's 18 months already, i LOVE this age! he plays so happily with DD and he's just such a good boy. he had a tantrum at the shops this afternoon and i didn't know what to do, because i'm not used to tantrums, he never has them! i think we really have been spoilt with our kids, they're so well behaved.

hope everyone is going well!

#65 Sares83

Posted 22 February 2012 - 08:41 AM

sorry, I have been MIA too. Just been so busy trying to juggle FT work, quality time with patrick, housework, DH's bookwork, cooking dinner, and now helping DH study to join the police force, when I finally finish everything for the night all i want to do is have a bath then read with a cup of tea!!

Patrick is doing really well, we also have his 18 month jabs next week. I just can't believe we have a little toddler now! He is talking heaps and whilst he can be an absolute b**tard sometimes, he always makes me laugh in the end! I am really struggling with how to deal with some of his behaviour, he is so strong which exacerbates things. The hitting and throwing has got a bit better but it is getting harder and harder to change his nappy or get him dressed as he can fight you off. It tends to cause a bit of drama at daycare or when mum has my niece as well because he still hits, pulls hair, etc. and we can't seem to stop it, does anyone know if there is anywhere we can go to have him evaulated and then be given methods to deal with it? Same as you would for sleeping problems? I just don't want it to get worse!

I promise I will get on here more regularly, hope everyone is well

#66 Allymeg69

Posted 23 February 2012 - 12:05 PM

Hi ladies,
Good to hear from you,

Helen, sounds like things are going well for you too with your new job, well done, and pat on the back for being so organised with the kids, I couldn't do it if my DH had a regular out-of-home job, he really does cover a lot for me!

Foro, that was my dad a couple of years ago, 73 at the time, very fit, non-smoker, low drinker, golf 2-3 times per week etc, and he had a regular check up that led to some other investigations and 2 99% blockages plus one less bad, his specialist was gob-smacked as she was almost not going to do an angiogram, he could have just dropped dead on the golf course. He is completely well now. It is a big shock, my dad went from diagnosis to surgery in a week. I'm very glad they were able to fix your dad too.

As for tantrums, we get a few, but I've not had one out the shops (yet!). At home I tend to try and distract, or ignore. It's usually brought on by tiredness or hunger or both as far as I can tell. Not sure what I'd do if I was in the middle of a big grocery shop or something where distracting or ignoring were not so easy! I do make sure I always take some water and a little snack (often fruit) with us shopping.

Sares, I posted some comments in the 12-24 months area about hitting etc, there was a thread on it not so long back - you might have also posted in there? Alex is the same, getting quite big and very strong. Interestingly he has become much better on the change table, and seems to understand when I tell him that I need to lie him down for a moment, that he can go back to playing as soon as he has a new nappy, and I make sure I give him a big thank-you for being good. He does hit at times, but over the last few weeks since he first got a bit rough at creche, all of us including the older kids have been consistently telling him that hitting us (or kicking at the cat) is bad, he is making us sad, and we ask him to say sorry, which always results in a hug (even for the cat this morning!). It's not stopping the hitting from happening, but he is at least learning there is a consequence.

At this age given they are developing much more understanding, it might even be possible for a "time-out" spot or similar to have some effect. Not sure if a course like 1-2-3 Magic or similar would work just yet. Maybe ask your nurse when he goes for his jabs - does he also get a developmental assessment at 18mths? I know Alex will have one, that is the protocol up here.

It sounds like you are really flat out, so I hope you can get some help soon.

Talk of 18mth jabs reminds me that I need to get on and make a booking for those too!

OK, better go, have been a little light on work again this morning, so need to go and chase up some things to do.

#67 mlc77

Posted 06 March 2012 - 12:25 PM

Just checking in to say hello - I don't really get much time to read/post in EB any more - seems a common theme! I guess as milestone ages (1 and a half!) come and go I do think about the great support this group offered through pregnancy and the early days and feel grateful!

Freya was on the 87-90th percentile for all her measurements at her 18mth check yesterday - we've come such a long way since she was 3rd percentile for weight at 8 weeks!

This is SUCH a fun age - I love it! Hope you're all keeping well and enjoying life and toddler-ing.

x Mia

#68 mibi

Posted 19 March 2012 - 09:22 PM

Just popping in to say hi.

We're all going ok. Ella has had a couple more "breath-holding spells", including one at daycare - just to keep them on their toes! I was there when it happened, so not  too scary for the carers. We aer off to have an EEG in a couple of weeks, although I'm not expecting it to show anything, unless she manages to have a turn when she's having the EEG, which is unlikely.  She has picked up a couple of words, but she's still not saying much, so I'll talk to the GP next week when I take her for her needles. She has discovered dolls in the  last couple of weeks and we bought her a doll pram, highchair and cot off eBay and she loves it. The dolls get pushed around in the pram all day! And I spend the rest of the time wrapping "Baby" in Ella's wraps, so she can unwrap it and give it back to me to wrap again!

I've started my teaching diploma, so time is a bit limited! Got my first exam this week! Yikes! DH bought me a new toy for my "uni work" - a laptop. I'm quite excited. It's been great when I've been cooking - a great recipe book! Not what he intended. But I'm loving it.

My vacuum cleaner has broken sad.gif so unfortunately I can't clean. So I've let my dogs in to vacuum for me (bad parenting 101) but one of them just wants to sit on my lap - we must feed her too much!

DS1 has started at a psychologist because he's developed a whole host of fears and anxieties - mostly that something is going to happen to me. The psych thinks it stems from his grief over my Mum and Dad. Poor kid. It's really not fair. He told her he thinks about Nan and Pop "a trillion times a day". DS2 is my easy child and is going great - he's on the countdown til his birthday - 16 more sleeps!

We are going away with some friends this weekend just down to UllaDulla - I hope the weather is good. Camping with 8 kids in the wet is not going to be fun.

Hope you're all going well.

#69 wingless_angel

Posted 25 March 2012 - 07:30 AM

Hi everyone sorry I have been mia for so long. I have been on bedrest and constantly in and out of hospital since we returned from holidays. We had a great holiday the kids had so much fun when we were away I started swelling which I just thought was from flying and the heat. By the end of the week I started to realise that the swelling was not normal when I woke up to dh and the kids laughing drawing pictures on my legs from all the indents the swelling was leaving. We organised for the kids to be picked up from the airport by my parents and headed straight to the hospital. There I was diagnosed with preeclampsia and admitted for over a week until they bought my bp under control. I am now 32wks which no one thought I would make at 29wks things were out of control they couldn't bring my bp down it was around 180/115 resting and was told I was going to sydney to deliver that night. Luckily at around 3.30am the dr tried a different medication and it finally started to drop. I am now on 3 different medications to control it but it has started to get high again so it is only a matter of time before I deliver. Also our little girl has rapidly dropped in growth from the 70th percentile to the 15th in one month so her growth has slowed. They have booked me in for a induction at 36wks if they can keep things under control but they have prepared me to deliver at anytime between now and 36wks if my bp gets higher they can't increase my meds anymore because they have maxed them out already. I go to day assessment 3x a week plus my ob appointment weekly and I was told on Friday that each day from this point is a bonus.

Ok enough about me I have some exciting news Miss Zara has just started walking or what I call a drunken stagger. Two steps forward one step back one to the side then bang down she goes. When she finally gets going she can't control it she doesn't know how to stop unless she runs into things lol.  She bounces of the walls in the hallway it is so funny. Her legs are very bowed and her right foot turns in badly and she drags that foot but she is doing so well. Drs are very keen to get her legs into braces to straighten them but I want to wait awhile to see if the bowing starts to correct itself and I also want to see if we can get her walking a bit better first before they unbalance her with braces. She is the most delightful little girl always so happy she loves being able to follow Claire around and it is so cute. They walk around holding hands with Claire bossing her around and calling her Rara because she can't say Zara yet. They play schools and drs together and it is so funny to listen to Claire constantly telling Zara off for not doing what she wants. Zara still has no words but they will come with time I am sure.

Occbee I am sorry to hear about Ella I really hope it is nothing to serious and the EEG goes well.

Anyway better go everyone is up. Promise to be back soon less than 1mth until our new little girl arrives if my bp behaves itself.

#70 Allymeg69

Posted 31 March 2012 - 11:51 PM

Hi everyone, I've also been MIA from here for a while.

Wingless, sorry to hear your BP has played up on you, was that the same problem you had with Zara? I hope it remains under control and your precious new little girl gets some more growing time inside. That is great news too about Zara, I'm sure she will continue to amaze you. I will be thinking of you over the next month, and as I may well be in Sydney in that period, who knows I might be able to visit you IRL!

Hope everyone else is well, I seem to keep track of a few on Facebook rather than here, and love seeing all the photos, this is such a delightful age.

AFU - well it has been an eventful past few weeks. Alex is a great delight and entertainment, the rate of learning that is going on just seems incredible to me, and he can be a right cheeky little monkey too. He is having his 18mth developmental assessment in a few weeks so it will be interesting to see what they say, although I don't need to be told he is a big strong boy - about 13.5kgs on the bathroom scales today, and 83cm, grown 1cm in the last month.

The eventful stuff has been affecting me. Having just settled into my new job, I went to have some more slightly suss looking moles taken off a few places, and blow me down, they all came back as melanoma. So the medical establishment swung into action (very grateful for my dedicated team of doctors), and it has been a whirlwind of appointments, discussions, scans etc. A CT scan identified some enlarged lymph nodes in my abdomen and groin (I'd first felt the groin ones about the time I had the moles off), but it doesn't look like it is in any major organs. I am off to Sydney tomorrow and seeing a professor at Westmead on Monday regarding going into a clinical trial of some of the latest drugs that are showing some promise. I have 4 days full of tests to see if I qualify for the trial, and if I do then I will be there for about a month getting started. We had been going to Sydney for Easter anyway, so we were luckily able to just bring our flight forward, and the grandies get some extra time with Alex which they will enjoy. Geez it was hard breaking the news to them though, they got home from an overseas trip on Friday morning and I had to tell them, not ideal.

DH and Alex will come home as planned on Easter Monday, so I will miss them terribly if I have to stay behind, at least we can do video chats I suppose. DH's mum and stepdad are coming up to Darwin a few days after Easter, this was arranged well before we had my news, but they will be a big help for a couple of weeks with DH and all the kids.

So I might be sitting around with a bit more time on my hands shortly, I am not going to be attempting to do any work during this initial period, thank heavens I have an understanding boss too.

Will be in touch again shortly, stay well everyone,

#71 mibi

Posted 01 April 2012 - 10:45 PM

WA - hope everything is going well for you and your BP behaves itself. You've defintiely had more than your share of pregnancy dramas. Hopefully this little girl arrives in less dramatic fashion than Zara. Sounds like she is going great guns though - Yay Zara!

Ally - I'm so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. That must've been a shock to the system. If you want PM me your mobile no - I'm only 10mins away from Westmead, so if you're down here for a while, I'd love to stop in. There is some quite promising trials happening in Melanoma at the moment. Fingerscrossed for you.xxx

We are also going to be at Westmead tomorrow for Ella's EEG. I was told by someone to look into reflex anoxic seizures and so I googled some vidoes and they seem to be very similar to what Ella does. I googled breatholding as well, which she also does, but the funny turns she's had are different to the breatholding. It gave me goosebumps to watch the videos of the seizures. But thankfully they seems to not cause any longlasting problems - I'll talk to my paed about it in may when we eventually get to see him!

#72 wingless_angel

Posted 09 April 2012 - 08:02 AM

Happy Easter Everyone I hope you have all enjoyed spending time with your families.

Ally I am so sorry to hear you are having to go through all of this once again. I hope all your tests this week are ok and you can start the trial.

Occbee how did things go with Ellas EEG. I hope it was ok and showed nothing out of the ordinary.

I have my own news. We had a little Easter Sunday baby. Our beautiful little Evie Myra arrived at 9.08am by emergency c/section.  She was 34wks 2 days and weighed 4 lbs 3 oz. She is doing really well and has already moved into a open cot she didn't need any assistance breathing she just needs to feed and grow. She has no suck reflex at all yet but is tolerating tube feeds really well. I have only seen her twice so I am hoping to spend a lot more time with her today DH is totally in love. I will post pics when I get out of hospital unless I can figure out how to do it from my phone.

#73 Allymeg69

Posted 09 April 2012 - 10:36 PM

Wow Wingless that is wonderful news, so happy that Evie has arrived safely and is already doing so well, will look forward to seeing photos, and glad your DH is in love.

#74 wingless_angel

Posted 10 April 2012 - 04:59 AM

Ok this is driving me insane trying to post photos of our little Evie. I will try posting in individual posts if it works these are of her from a few minutes old to last night including one of her cute little chicken legs.  She is just adorable.

#75 wingless_angel

Posted 10 April 2012 - 05:10 AM

Ok I give up I will try and figure it out and come back later.

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