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#51 cheekymonkey

Posted 06 November 2011 - 11:35 PM

Liss - that's so sad. sad.gif  She must just have liked dancing a little too much.

Codex - ouch. Make sure you allow proper time to heal. After all, you only get one back.

Mulan - looking for pics of Lucas as a baby and toddler he could take to school for a project, I came across many many of Sam when he was little. Now that was a trip down memory lane, with his chubby cheeks and spiky red hair. Time does go way too fast. *sigh*

Laura - I so do not need encouragement to spend money. Tounge1.gif  As it turns out, that's the site I ordered Miss R's advent calendar from (via amazon). I'm kinda sad but glad i didn't check out the rest of the site when I ordered it. wink.gif

Alinta - my lot aren't bug 'crazy', but they were having races tonight between a black 'Alexander' beetle and a christmas beetle. They thought it hilarious that the christmas beetle kept cheating and flying to the end.

#52 fillesetjumeaux

Posted 07 November 2011 - 07:08 AM

Liss, that's sad.gif    I agree that the year seems to be moving faster and faster.  I hate this time of year.  I realised that I just never get a relaxing summer, as it is full of stuff that can't be put off (think 5 birthdays!).  I really messed that one up!

I'm just plodding along.  Have to get out of this feeing of being in a holding pattern, though, as I am getting nothing done.  You know how you say "When x happens, I'll get back to normal"?  I don't think I should be waiting for x (i.e. J finding a job), because the worse the European situation gets, the worse his job prospects get.  I have been looking on Seek, but too scared to apply for the good jobs and J doesn't want me to apply for the lesser jobs.  Think I might just have to apply for anything and everything, and if I get a lower paid one, then point out that there is money coming in...

Still, we are getting all that DIY stuff done.  Pool box has been restained this weekend, and we have paint for the front room.  This week will probably involve a lot of furniture moving so we can paint the room.

And the girls' dance concert is on Friday - I have a love-hate relationship with it.  Hate because it is such a frantic evening with 8 different costumes, and 3x hair and makeup (and this year Z's ballet class has to have 2 buns, but she is also in the junior tap dance with needs 1 bun, so I get the exciting opportunity to take out 2 buns and do 1 bun in the middle of the concert, under time pressure!).  Love because of course my girls look beautiful and talented up there on the stage wub.gif

That's us in a nutshell.  Busy and crazy and treading water all at the same time.

#53 mokeydoke

Posted 07 November 2011 - 07:56 AM

Oh Liss, that is so sad sad.gif
I can't wrap my head around the fact Curtis is so grown up now. There is pretty much nothing he can't do that the others do do (apart from, speaking of do do, leaving his poo alone sick.gif).

It is a busy time of year. We are heading to my friend's wedding for the week tomorrow, we were leaving today but Olivia had a vomiting bug yesterday so we thought we'd see how she was before committing to leaving. When we get back we have multiple birthday parties, the funrun, the school fete (actually, we have all of those things are on the same weekend!), picking up our puppy, Peter's birthday, Curtis's birthday, more transitions for Lu, Christmas parties and assemblies. I'm missing my nephew's march out in Wagga because I'm just burnt out, that is the day before the busy weekend. I'm exhausted just thinking about it!

Janet - are you excited about the prospect of you working or feeling a bit blah about it? I keep alternating between wanting to work, and really enjoying not working, but I think if Peter was going to be home it would be too easy to say 'See ya!'every morning and leave everything up to him wink.gif So what happens if you do get a job, then he gets a job? Do you keep working, are your SAHM days over? I'm looking forward to the holidays so we can get some stuff done around here - our clothesline is falling apart after one of the arms snapped off  huh.gif , making all of the line tension wrong and really hard to use, we have a gutter falling off the back porch bit, mulching needing to be done, blinds to be bought for the back room etc etc

Laura - I had a look at that site, very cool. I saw on the Amazon shopping thread the rainbow in my room and would love to get that for the girls, and the moon in my room for the boys. The boys would like the rainbow too but I want both wink.gif

The kids' Christmas lists are looking very boring actually. We have said the pup is their present from us, because it's expensive! (and because they get so much else from family), so only have to worry about Santa. So we have new bike helmets, summer pyjamas, sneakers (laughing2.gif way to palm off necessities onto Santa!), Bindi the jungle girl dvds, Sunflower blocks and lego hero factory people or meccano.

Janet - how are you going with your no-toy policy this year? I might also squeeze in lunchboxes into the Santa stuff wink.gif

#54 mamaknits

Posted 07 November 2011 - 09:54 AM

So sorry to hear that Liss sad.gif

#55 fillesetjumeaux

Posted 07 November 2011 - 03:26 PM

Mandy, so far so good re the toys.  We have the Planet Box lunchboxes, and I've just bought them each a twin-pack of pyjamas from Next (they're winter ones, but hey, it'll be winter one day...).  That makes two "significant" presents, so I really need to just think of a couple of little things, stocking stuff, birthday presents, present ideas for Christams and birthdays for my family to buy the kids... Oh $hit, too many freaking presents.  Actually told my dad today that perhaps we could do a big family birthday bash in July, to spread the financial pain out a bit!

#56 thebell

Posted 07 November 2011 - 06:22 PM

Mmm Janet, wouldn't it be good if you could pick their birthdates?? LOL

Liss- That's so sad. I don't know if I would go again. I think I'd be too scared. Poppy is adorable. I can picture her in school uniform! She must have a tiny sized dress!!

Mandy- My kids will have a boring Christmas too. They got over it after one gift last year. This year I have scooters, I want to get helmets, new ones and a lego castle. I just have to find one. I was also thinking of a slip n slide and water guns. But may ask for that from someone, someone is bound to ask. LOL

Janet- I'd also love to hear your plan! Dance sounds stressful to me. Glad I got mostly boys! Bet you are glad the twins are boys now. Tounge1.gif

Mes- That is a very cool site. Love it. Glad to hear you are loving work.

We're all good here. Brad started his traineeship on Monday and has been doing more hours than before and longer days, but he is looking much happier within himself so that is a plus I think. Tired but happy. It's a 2 year program and then he'll be manager.
I just joined us up for a family membership to the pools in Geelong, there are 4 and there is a gym and fitness classes included. I went to my first body pump class today and had fun. It was hard work but I liked it. I am off to a spin/crank/bike class tomorrow night. I am hoping to get to a few a week and maybe do aqua aerobics too.
I am feeling pretty good about everything atm. Pepper is testing me, that kid is stubborn. Levi has also been a bit of a pain lately. He's often so good, that when he does play up it's obvious. I hope he's just tired/bored/ready for school and it's not a new behaviour.
Hunter is hanging for Grade 1.
Raife is adamant he is not going to kinder, but I have news for him. LOL He is going to have the same teacher as Levi and we've been staying for a play every now and then so he gets used to it. He's still in nappies which drives me crazy, but he has no interest in getting out of them and I haven't had the energy/time to get on top of it. I'm starting to get some more energy back now so I will try again. Get him some jocks, some bribes etc. LOL
So, that's us and my girly is ready for bed.
Oh, Alinta, I tagged you in an album with the latest Pepper pics. I'm going to have to get my Christmas Card photo done soon too.

#57 Naz32

Posted 07 November 2011 - 07:33 PM

Hello Hello Everyone original.gif

It feels like so long since I have posted in here. Life has been so hectic. We have moved - I'm sure I've already written that but just incase. We are on 1.75 acres and loving it. Kids are going great and we have had the vomit virus rip through us all in a week but are all fighting fit and happy again (except for Simons hair pulling problem) and I'm slowly finding myself relaxing a little bit. Today I spent my first weekday at home since we have moved that was purely a day of being mum and looking after myself by taking it abit easy. It was 28c here and I'm really feeling the heat. The kids are living in the pool although the water isn't warm enough for me yet I'm happy to sit on the side and cool my feet. My legs are nit coping with this extra weight from the baby. In the last few weeks while packing and unpacking my thighs have ended up covered in spider veins and aching at the end of the day. I'm frightened I still have 12 weeks to go. In saying that OMG only 12 weeks.....eeeeeek!! LOL. I'm off to OB tomorrow afternoon and she is going to do measurements and have a good look at bub and see how we are going and get my glucose test results. Might have a pic for you tomorrow night. I'm still feeling strange about this pregnancy and am hoping that once he is here that all will be ok. I'm so nervous about the delivery that I keep having little panic attacks about it. I know it sounds silly since I've done it 3 times already but the whole new hospital and my OB prob won't be the delivering OB it will just be the midwives is making me all nervy. I hope he comes a few days early and quick so I don't have to think about it LOL.

Sel it's all sounding wonderful for you down there. Losing weight and exercising is the best medicine for life original.gif And such great news for Brad too. Congrats and keep up the good work.

Janet I haven often thought of you over the past couple of years when I am struggling with two kids at Christmas time with birthdays on top that five must be especially challenging. I'm also going to have abit of a ban on toys this Christmas. I'm sick of picking them up for starters but then you have to turn around and buy all those necessities anyway so it's just more $$'s. Good luck with the job hunting. I can imagine it must be quite a daunting position for both of you.

Liss sorry to hear about your cousin. The same thing happened to my cousin right when Sarah was being born. It was difficult for everyone and it took them some time but they have had another baby recently so hopefully some time will help them.

Gav is away again tonight. Kids were all shattered from music class and swimming today that they have all passed out thank goodness. My biggest problem is that they wo t stop eating and drinking. I'm spending a small fortune a week on groceries - mainly fruit and crackers. They are just so hungry I wonder if they are all having a growth spurt together. Some awesome news is that I finally have one child 100% out of nappies. Lily is just in Dry nights but it's still great that Sarah is nappy free so there isna litte money saving there lol.

Hope everyone is well. xx

#58 azalia

Posted 07 November 2011 - 10:19 PM

Evening ladies,

Where are the days/weeks going????

Janet - so will you be looking for a job as a veterinarian? Wow that is a fantastic big step! How are you feeling about it all? Are there no other prospects for J?  Overseas moves? Although I suppose the financial climate is bad everywhere.  

Liss - so sad about your cousin, I can only imagine how much her heart must be breaking, poor thing.

Naz - so glad to hear you are settled, your poor legs!! Your prenancy has flown!

Sel - so glad Brad is going well at work, and you must be feeling better with all of this exercize you are doing! Cant believe Raife is already ready for kinder!!! Im off to check fb out now and see little miss.

Hectic hectic here, G got home this time last week, so have just been settling in. He didnt like the house, and hasnt liked the other 10 we have viewed since, so not sure what we are going to do.  Kids are good, I have a hectic month with work, and then hopefully Ill have a bit of down time over Christmas before I have a chaotic January.

#59 ThatsNotMyName

Posted 09 November 2011 - 09:32 AM

Hey there!

Crazy busy here so no time to post though I've done some reading here & there.

Liss I'm so sorry for your friend. I hope they are able to try again too, for me the thought of trying again was scary but less so than not having another chance. My thoughts are with them.

Hope to be back on board soon xxx

#60 cuddlymumof4

Posted 09 November 2011 - 02:27 PM

Janet: No, Lateesha hasn't changed much at all. original.gif

Mulan: Yeah i did have my follow up appointment, it went fairly good. Though i am now on a low grade hormone replacement sad.gif. Which is not what i wanted to do but the mood swings, crying for nothing, night sweats is not what i want to go through already either.
As i found out at my appointment too they did end up taking one of my ovaries so i do only have 1 working. When i spoke to the Dr the morning after my surgery was still so tired & groggy so i think i miss understood, as i thought he told me that i got to keep both.

Liss: I know how you feel, our calendar is filling up so fast too. Your poor Cousin sad.gif, hope she is doing ok?

Sel: Well done to Brad, hope he keeps enjoying his new job.

Naz: Glad things are settling down for you now. WOW only 12 weeks to go.

Everyone is doing well here, just so busy with all the end of year events happening.

#61 mokeydoke

Posted 10 November 2011 - 01:53 PM

Anna- so are things going ok with the hormones now? I thought it was normal to leave them both a's well.

I'm on the train to Newcastle. It is filling up with x-factor wannabes, seriously. The kids come on with their earphones in and are singing. Ok so there have only been 2 oblivious singers, but the others all have x-factor hair laughing2.gif

Was late to the plane this morning but it was delayed thankfully.

My friend's hen's night is tonight so I'll be introducing penis coladas to the girls there and thinking of you all. That was a good trip wasn't it!

Olivia is quite upset that I've gone, I couldn't even understand her on the phone. She still hasn't lost her wobbly tooth and is growing another adult one that she says hurts.

Anyway! I'll be back Sunday.

#62 cuddlymumof4

Posted 10 November 2011 - 09:18 PM

Mandy, as i had cyst & things growing on the ovary it was not able to be saved. I have been to the local Dr today as i have had bad headaches & feeling really nauseous lately, which he seems to think is from the hormone tablets. But i am going to get a blood test done anyway to rule out any other issues.
Have a great time at the hen's night. original.gif

#63 ThatsNotMyName

Posted 12 November 2011 - 10:19 PM

Hey yo! Still alive, just super busy with all that's been happening here. I've hardly managed to get online at all & haven't even looked at the newspaper for over 3 weeks blink.gif

Two weekends ago we went down the coast to Mollymook for Mum's 70th. We stayed at Bannisters which is where Rick Stein has a restaurant, it was lovely. We had whale spotting over breakfast on the Sunday morning - so cool! Caelan's school fete was last weekend, I baked & helped man (woman?) the pre-school stall & had a ball though it did mean no real time to enjoy the fete myself. Ah well, next year.
Kylie & my little neice Jessie headed back home yesterday after a lovely stay of a couple of weeks, it was so great to have them here, I wish it could happen more often. Actually Jessie's not so little, she's the same size as Carys despite being 3.5 months younger. We've been busy landscaping on & off between rain storms, getting there gradually. The vegie gardens are in place & filled up with soil etc, the irrigation system is in the process of being installed, after that's done we'll get the mulch delivered & spread it then the lawn can be done - woohoo! Planting out the garden beds after that though I suspect that will have to wait till after summer as I believe we're expecting a hot one.

Caelan has been experiencing a lot of anxiety re swimming lessons since he went up to the next level, so much so that I have had a lot of difficulty getting him into the pool at all for the last couple of weeks. We're switching days to try a different teacher (shame, I thought the one he had was great) & see if that helps. Unfortunately it doesn't suit me at all to have the lesson at the new day & time, oh well.

I've also just taken him to the ACT Health continence clinic regarding his ongoing regression with toileting. We've identified that his bowel may be interfering with his bladder performance. He's been taking a long time each time to do a poo and lately hasn't been drinking as much water as he perhaps should, both of which may indicate some constipation which can put pressure on the bladder & cause issues. At this stage we're just going to increase his water & fibrous fruit intake & see if that helps. We can only try & hope.

Other than those couple of issues & the occasional 4/almost 5yo bad attitude he's going along quite well. Always the joker & entertainer, looking forward to Kindy next year, hanging out for Christmas & his birthday, loving his little sister, very helpful and snuggly and generous of spirit.

Carys has been sick for the last couple of days though the worst of it seems to be over. She's mainly just congested of an evening now but on Thursday there was some kind of gastro type symptoms as well as a slight fever. Other than that she's going great guns. She takes great delight in socialising, is fascinated by what ever is going on around her and is very very cute. She sitting really well, rolling, almost looking like getting her legs up under herself in prep for crawling but not quite. She looooves to stand & will do so at every opportunity.

Here are pics of Caelan over the years:
As a newborn

Around 1st birthday

Just before 2nd birthday

#64 ThatsNotMyName

Posted 12 November 2011 - 10:22 PM

At 3

At 4, first day of preschool

#65 azalia

Posted 12 November 2011 - 11:24 PM

Hes such a gorgeous boy Caelan! RE the toilet training, that was Byrons problem, he would get a blockage, which would allow a small amount to pass through which he wouldnt feel. We have since discovered this now happens whenever he is given a banana so they are banned. On drs recommendations we did a full flush out over 5 days with movicol, and then restarted things and that seemed to work. Fingers crossed for you, I imagine it wears thin at times. Great to hear everything else is going well though and that you have had a fabulous time away!

Mandy - hope you have had a wonderful weekend on the hens... I cant believe that Sydney trip was almost 3 years ago!!

Im in the thick of things atm, juggling hard and feeling like im close to dropping a ball, but just when I get close I have a fantastic day at work, or the kids are beautiful at home, and it makes me re-group and I feel incredible blessed to have the opportunity to do both things that I love. We did buy a house this week though which was a relief, or a stress, Im not sure. The thought of the mortgage is a stress, the thought of the house in the area we have always wanted to live in is thrilling biggrin.gif  Its old, we are tenating it out straight away then bulldozing it in 2-3 years when we have saved enough to build the house we want. Hopefully this plan works! Its fun pulling ideas for the new house already, as it will be our house to stay in, we are trying to ensure we build it exactly as we would want it. Ideally two story as we are high on the hill and will hopefully have river and city views from the second floor. I will post a link once it goes under offer on the internet.

Had a beautiful wedding today, that Im editing now, love it when you get a couple that are madly, deeply in love. They just glow. Family shoot tomorrow morning then we are going to a bbq at a friends place down the road. Should be really nice as usually G is away whenever there is a dinner party on.  

Kids are good, Byron is all enrolled in his current school now for next year which is such a relief! He loves it as do I, such a lovely group of Mums. Mason is going quote good, he has moments, he is definatly challenging. I never would have thought that given what a cruisy baby he was. Indiana is going great guns, she is everything I thought she would be, she is Mummy clingy which I love, she grabs onto me and buries herself in my chest, quite adorable atm. She gets herself up in crawling position, but shes rather heavy so I dont think she will be going anywhere for a while!

And that is us in a nutshell! I hope things will slow down soon, though I dont like my chances!

#66 cheekymonkey

Posted 13 November 2011 - 12:59 AM

Alinta - that's great that you got a house in the area you wanted. But I'm confused how that works for getting Byron into school when you aren't going to live in it?

Megan - you sound very busy. Caelan has grown into such a gorgeous boy.

Mandy - I do hope you waved at me as you went through Gosford station. wink.gif Tounge1.gif

Anna - bummer that you had to go on hormones. And that they seem to be causing issues. I hope it all gets sorted out quickly.

Naz - only 12 weeks left?! Really?

AFM - crazy busy lately but it should settle somewhat now that the school fete is over. I had a decent contribution in organising it. It was on today and seemed very successful. It was certainly busy! Can't wait to find out how much we made for the P&C. Once I'd taken the kids round for nearly 2 hours, I dropped them home then headed back to man half the kidzone game section for 2 hours.
We also went to the local shopping centre this morning as Santa arrived today (still too early IMO). And Sam had surf school at 8.30 this morning.
Tomorrow will be another busy one with nippers at 9 and my nephew's 1st birthday party late morning. As I'm working tonight and have been on the go since 7am, methinks I may collapse from exhaustion by early afternoon tomorrow!

#67 Corrie_lyn78

Posted 13 November 2011 - 06:53 AM

Hi, it's Corrie biggrin.gif . I finally found my way back. I've been trying but for some reason the laptop doesn't like EB but the kids' computer does.  Those pics are getting me all teary lol. I have no baby pics of Lachie, we got our camera stolen when he was a baby sad.gif. I just can't believe they are all nearlly five! What is every one doing for their birthdays.Lachie wants a party but I really don't think he'd cope. I think I will invite his other little friend with AS to the park and that way any meltdowns etc will be well understood by his mum. Also I am feeling a little lonely since we moved, there are not a lot of mum's my age (they are all early bloomers) and I am not ageist but they seem to be rolleyes.gif .

I will be back later, got a sick little girl (tummy bug) on my hands.

xxx Corrie.

#68 azalia

Posted 13 November 2011 - 03:16 PM

Hi Corrie - lovely to hear from you:)

Cheeks - we may be being a tad sneaky and as he is already at that school right now, and its only the next suburb (we are currently one street off the zoning cut off) I will be using the new house as our primary residence wink.gif

#69 mamaknits

Posted 13 November 2011 - 04:45 PM

waves.gif Will be back later in the week. Just saw my folks off today - they were here visiting for a week. A few things happening this week including Alex's second attempt at orientation Tounge1.gif will come back here or on SK with an update later in the week. love you all!

#70 lissiloo

Posted 13 November 2011 - 09:33 PM

Hi everyone

Can't believe the weekend is over already! And it's only 6 weeks now til Xmas!! Eek! Last week was a busy week, this week will hopefully be a bit better. Although I have a nice long to-do list ...

Ella's school concert was last week. Her school does a big, whole-school thing every second year, where they bring in a group to teach the kids some new skill -- this year it was circus skills -- and then put on a concert. Because there are now nearly 400 kids at the school, they split it into 2 shows by house, and luckily we got to do the earlier one. Of course it was the night that the big rain was due, but we were all in the theatre when the worst of it happened, not so good for the 2nd group of kids/parents though.

Anyway, Ella was great. I had deliberately played it down, not talked to her much about it as I didn't want her to get freaked out. I did mention that when you performed in a real theatre, you couldn't really see the audience but that's about all. She was in the very first group of kids on stage and she smiled and did her ribbon routine and looked really cute. So I was super-proud of her and hopefully she will start feeling better about performing, cos I'm pretty sure the preps will have an end of year something. The rest of the show was really good too, they seemed to match the skills pretty well to the age groups, so the younger kids did ribbons and scarf juggling, devil sticks and similar things, while the bigger kids got to do real juggling and plate spinning and more difficult stuff like that. Jack lasted through about half of it and then I spent the rest of the show climbing down and up the stairs from the theatre to the lobby with him.

Poppy has had her second transition day and is loving it. She runs up to the prep teachers and says hello whenever we're at the school.

Yesterday I did a classs/workshop at a bead/jewellery show. It was on making pendants with paper/found objects etc under resin IYKWIM. I'll post a photo when the resin has dried and I can move the pendant freely. I'm going to have fun playing with the technique I think.

Anna -- bummer that you're not feeling 100% yet. Hopefully it's just a matter of getting the hormones sorted.

Alinta -- yay on the new house! Hope you got a good price for it.

Hi Megan! And Cheeks! And everyone else too!

Well, I need to do some things before bed. Toodle-pip!


#71 Corrie_lyn78

Posted 14 November 2011 - 05:52 AM

Oooh Liss, that sounds like an awesome workshop. I just started playing with resin. I like some of the things I have come up with but I am a little impatient with it lol.

Alinta- My MIL did the opposite with my BIL and used an old address for year so that he could get into a feeder school original.gif.

Had a bad night sad.gif. I think Aria has an ear infection (or two), I spent the whole night alternating between panadol and nuerofen and poor little bubba cried for most of it. I've got to go to work now! I also found out my cousin's baby has CF sad.gif. We don't know all the details yet but she is only 6 weeks old.

#72 cuddlymumof4

Posted 14 November 2011 - 03:12 PM

Megan: Sounds like you have been having a busy but lovely time with your family.

Alinta: Congrats on the house.

Cheeks: You sound so busy.

Corrie: Welcome back to the group. Hope your little girl is feeling better soon. sad.gif for your cousin.

Liss: Yay Ella.

Us: Thanks everyone with all your thoughts about my problems. I am off to the Dr again later in the week for my test results so will know more then.

Alan is away at the moment till Wednesday, so i have been super busy with the kids.  

Between, prep orientation, work party, Christmas concert, birthday parties, Playgroup Christmas party, sports break ups, ballet concert, school break ups & fun days & whatever else is happening we have a few very full on weeks coming up.

Can't wait for it all to be over & enjoy a relaxing time at home this year with our own little family for Christmas.


Edited by cuddlymumof4, 14 November 2011 - 03:14 PM.

#73 Naz32

Posted 14 November 2011 - 08:33 PM

Omg it has just taken me 21 minutes to bloody log in to EB. How frustrating.

So my mum is home from the UK. Yay. I won't see them till Saturday but at least I can call her now wink.gif they had an interesting trip. On the 5th day my aunty tripped on the escalator at Leicester Square tube and fell all the way down sad.gif for those not in the know it is like falling down into the abyss. It is so long and steep. So she ended up breaking a bone in her foot so they have spent the second part of the week pushing her around in a wheel chair. I feel terrible for her as it was her that won the prize that took them all there. They were even more upset when they realized how close to where they were staying they were when mum and dad walked home afterwards while she went to hospital. So I'm su.re once the tiredness of the trip wears off they will have some good stories to tell other than the war ones!!

It's hot hot hot here tonight. And there is massive roadworks all night so might not be much sleeping. Gavs got to leave at 5 as he is off to Sydney for the day again.

All is well here for us though. We sold our Newcastle house. Yay. It settles 2nd December. OB says bub looks good and measuring well. He is quite a mover though. I think he turned last night as at one point he was sideways and all the movements are higher now so fingers crossed he is head down and stays that way.

Anna - I hope you get some good news from the Dr. I hear you on the quiet Xmas at home as we are doing the same. It will be just another day here for us as I think my parents are probably going to stay in Newcastle too.

Alinta. Wonderful news original.gif Congratulations.

Cheeks and corrie nice to see you back

Everyone else hello hello.

#74 fillesetjumeaux

Posted 15 November 2011 - 07:09 AM

Wow, Naz, she's lucky to be alive falling all the way down those escalators.  Far out.  I think that story shall just renew my underground train station escalator phobia (Martin Place particularly gives me the heeby jeebies).

#75 fillesetjumeaux

Posted 15 November 2011 - 06:03 PM

Had a coffee with Celia this afternoon!  Was lovely to catch up.  Unfortunately way too short sad.gif  (And next time it's my shout!)

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