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Pregnancy After Miscarriage ~ #50

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#1 ~A2~

Posted 19 November 2011 - 06:21 PM

Hi all

New thread time

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#2 Caramel Latte

Posted 19 November 2011 - 07:34 PM


ppinkstork.gif PREGNANT AFTER MISCARRIAGE bbluestork.gif

~~~DECEMBER 2011~~~

Desiree Farfalla
Due date: 29 December 2011
Gender:  ppinkstork.gif
Location: Brisbane
Age 38
Other details: 3 children, 5 Angels (1999, 2009, 2010 x 2, 2011)

~~~JANUARY 2012~~~

Michelle 120733
Due Date: 2 January 2012
Gender:  ppinkstork.gif
Age: almost 38  blush.gif
From: Melbourne
Other details: one gorgeous 3.5 DS and 3 mc (6 weeks, 7 weeks and 8 weeks all in 2010)

    Due date: 03 January 2012
Gender:  Surprise
    Age: 30
    Location: Melbourne
    Other details: first baby after a missed MC in May 2011 at 14 weeks gestation

    Due date: 26th January 2012
Gender:   bbluestork.gif
    Age: 25
    Location: Melbourne
    Other details: 1 angel August 2010

~~~APRIL 2012~~~

    Due date: 4th April
Gender:  Surprise
    Age: 26
    Location: Wollongong NSW
    Other details: DD 2 years, 4 angel babies, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011

    Due date: 4th April 2012
Gender:  Surprise
    Age: 24
    Location: Central Coast NSW
    Other details: 1 angel baby December 2010

    Due date: 12 April 2012
Gender:  ppinkstork.gif
    Age: 38 (nearly 39)
    Location: Melbourne
    Other details: DS 3, M/mc July 09 9 weeks, mc Nov 09 5 weeks, mc July 10 7 weeks

Due date - April 14 2012
Gender:  ppinkstork.gif
    Age - 34
    From - Brissy
    Other details - Baby #1 after 3 miscarriages

Due Date: 19 April 2012
Gender:  ppinkstork.gif
Age: 28 (29 in two weeks...)
From: Sydney
Other Details: DS 12/2/10, mmc and D&C 3/6/11

Mrs Cee (first returning graduate!)
    Due Date: 25 April 2012
    Location:Hunter Valley
    Other Details: mm/c Nov 2009; mm/c Jan 2010; DS Feb 2011

Due Date: 25 April 2012
Gender:  Surprise
    Age: 33
    From: Singapore
        Other details: 4 miscarriages ( 6 weeks, mmc at 12 weeks was 8 weeks 3 days, 5 weeks, 5 weeks)  

Due Date: 25 April 2012
Age: 35
Location: Gold Coast
Other details: DS 4, mm/c April 09; mm/c December 09; mm/c October 10

~~~May 2012~~~

Due Date: 2nd May 2012
Age: 30
Location: Melbourne
Other Details: 1 lost angel July 2011

Belinda 33
Due Date: 12 May 2012
Gender:   bbluestork.gif
Age: 35
Location: Southern Highlands NSW
Other details: 5 miscarriages

Due date: 14th May
Gender:  ppinkstork.gif
Age: 30
Location: Brisbane
Other details:I have a 10 year old DD from a previous relationship and had an early m/c last year in August.

Due Date: 19th May 2012
Gender:  ppinkstork.gif
Age: 34
Location: SWQLD
Other Details: DS 2.5yrs, MC x 4 in 2011, 2011

~~~JUNE 2012~~~

Due Date: 4 June 2012
Gender:  Surprise
Age: 27
Location: NW NSW
Other: Two very much loved and missed angels in our hearts. 7w & 5w, both in 2011.

Due Date: 17 June 2012
Gender:  Surprise
Age: 30
From: Canberra
Other Details: 4 little souls in our hearts but not our arms.

~~~JULY 2012~~~

Due date: 4 July 2011
Age: 32
Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Other details Previous miscarriage at 9wk 3days, so specific medical issues that I know about (other than weight too much!), my partner (I'm engaged) is 45, TTC since January 2011

~~~AUGUST 2012~~~

Due date: 14 August
Age 42
Location: Sydney
Other details: that's it for now !


    *Fluttergirls* ~ 4 Angels
    Readyandraring ~ 4 Angels
    Belinda33 ~ 5 Angels
        Michelle120733 ~ 3 Angels
    Jane23: Rest in peace Jamie
    Ellorilee ~ 5 Angels
Gaia ~ 2 Angels

bbabyflip.gif BABY IS HERE! bbabyflip.gif

Summer-Lover: September 2010 (first graduate of PAM)
Somebody_new: 07 December 2010.  Little boy (James) joining DD 6 and DD 18 months.
NoPatience: 31 December 2010.Little boy (Brodie) joining DS8
CherryAmes: January 2011. Little girl (Sojourner)
MrsCarmen: 11 February 2011 Little boy (Toby)
Julz78: 24 February 2011. Little girl (Felicity)
Blondiebear: 27 February 2011. Little boy. (Rafael)
Rumpel: 4 February 2011. Little girl (Emma)
Natmac: 6 March 2011. Little boy (Oliver)
ThatsNotMyName: 11 March 2011. Little girl (Carys)
Lei-79: 17 March 2011. Little girl (Madison)
HappyHB: 22 March 2011. Little boy (Fionn)
Icesprite: 26 March 2011. Little girl.(Elise)
MissIceberg: 4 April 2011. Little girl. (Madeleine)
TulsaTime: 13 April 2011. Little boy (Taal)
GypskyK: 17 April 2011. Little boy (Xavier)
Canadia: 24 April 2011. Little boy (George)
Enharmonic: 29 April 2011. Little boy (Hugo)
Aphraell: 8 May 2011 (Mother's day) Little Girl (Xaria)
Fismeats: 9 May 2011. Little boy (Archer)
Having Fun: 26 May 2011. Little boy (Elijah)
Jodownunder: 17 June 2011. Little girl (Sophie)
Want*a*bub: 25 June 2011. Little girl (Kaitlin Gabrielle)
Shadowess: 28 June 2011. Little girl (Freya Kate)
jmh: 8 July 2011. Little Boy (Elliot James)
Kuta: 15 July 2011. Little Boy (Brendan Garry)
mum2KCandi: 22 July 2011. Little Girl (Sophie)
MONA:  29 July 2011. Little girl (Stella)
Tygrays: 8 August 2011. Little Girl (Aerynn Paige Nalani)
Jen42: 10 August 2011. Little Boy (Edward)
Mamabug: 24 August 2011. Little Girl ("Ladybug")
Call Him Smith: 3 October 2011. Little Boy (William)

Aussieatheart: 3 November 2011. Little Girl ("Little Miss Aussieatheart")
Kate-Ko: 4 November 2011. Little Boy ("Master Jones")
Bigmum: 14 November 2011. Little Boy (Yani)

Tally as at November

ddance.gif Graduates:  35
bbluestork.gif 18
ppinkstork.gif 17

Pregnant After Miscarriage Graduates Buddy Group

PAM Graduates

Could the following members please provide info (as per below) so I can add you to the list?

Due date:
Other details
~~ eexcite.gif eexcite.gif  WELCOME NEW MEMBERS  eexcite.gif eexcite.gif ~~  
Key4 (Added to this list)

Have a great weekend all!!!

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#3 Guest_chocmudcake_*

Posted 19 November 2011 - 08:16 PM


Key4, Glad to hear your little guy is ok now, sorry to hear about your scare earlier in the week though. Great news being off the a/b's too original.gif

DF, hope you can find the answers you need, must be extremely frustrating for you. Hope you are feeling ok.

Susieblue, your bump is so cute original.gif All the best for your morph Thursday.

Hope everyone else is well and enjoying their weekends original.gif

#4 MarsBarSlice

Posted 19 November 2011 - 08:29 PM

I'm not claiming bronze, just happened to be here, it's not my place to take.

Hi ladies, hope the fretting and anxiety ease for you soon. Always thinking of you, take care

#5 OOfarmgirlOO

Posted 20 November 2011 - 07:06 AM

Bronze ?

SusieBlue - I bought a tree to plant after my first m/c, but our puppy ate it before I could get it planted. I was devastated and couldnt bring myself to buy another. It was a lemon scented gum (my favourite).
We recently lost a pet, and our family tradition is to bury the pet and plant a tree above. So when I bought the tree (chinese elm) I bought 2 extras and planted them the same day (Kurrajong tree & miniature gum tree that flowers in bright red) so now we have our trees, albeit a little late.

I can understand about the thinking that everyone else just seems to look at a man and they fall preg, when we certainly know that it might not be the case. I know a girl who is now 32 weeks, and they TTC for at least a year. She has smoked and drank during her pregnancy which make me want to shake her and yell at her for being so stupid and careless. Another close friend also TTC for a year. Another friend has been TTC for over 2 years, has had 2 m/c and is now seeking help from a FS. I didnt know about her situation until a couple of months after my losses, we spoke on the phone one day for hours and had a really great chat. I have another friend (I have lots of babies around me at the moment - seriously, for a while there I was the only one not preg or just had a baby in my circle of friends) who said they decided to 'have a stab at it' got preg first month, had an absolute breeze of a preg, no morning sickness, helped on the farm right up until the week she delivered. Just goes to show that everyone is different I suppose.

AFM - Still getting a little nausea when I let myself get hungry. Am having issues with pimples and blackheads, pimples on my face and blackheads in my cleavage and on my shoulders. driving me insane. I'm a squeezer and I just can't help myself.....
Nuchal on Tuesday original.gif my mum is coming with me which according to sources she hasn't shut up about since I asked her original.gif DH continues to be impressed by the size of the girls, and the fact they are a heat source in their own right. I'm poking myself every now and then to see if I can feel my uterus, but I have no idea if what I'm feeling is bladder, intestines or what. Will ask midwife on thursday.
Will check back in after nuchal and let you all know how it goes.
hugs to all

#6 athnessa

Posted 21 November 2011 - 06:03 PM

Hi all, sorry have been MIA for a while, we have put our house on the market and had so much to do to get it ready.

Bigmum, congratulations on the birth of Yani. I hope all is well now and you are settled in at home.

DF: you're up next! Fingers crossed Oreo stays put for the duration.

Susie: I know how you feel, I also am less excited about other peoples pregnancies, even though I know that is unreasonable.

Hi to everyone else (sorry, am on my phone)

Had my morph scan today - all is well and it's a GIRL!!!

#7 dizzy-anne

Posted 21 November 2011 - 06:39 PM

athnessa yay for your little girl!  That's super exciting.

farmgirl I had the pimple and blackhead problem too - and like you, am a squeezer.  I'm not getting them anymore though so hopefully they'll clear for you soon.

DF yay you're next!!

I can't believe how many of us are due in April!! What on earth was going on in July this year???

AFM Morph scan on Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#8 Caramel Latte

Posted 21 November 2011 - 07:15 PM

Howdy All,

Good luck for your Morph scan Dizzy-Anne!!!

ddance.gif on your great Morph scan Athnessa!!! and congrats on your little ppinkstork.gif..

Good luck for your Nuchal scan Farmgirl!!!

waves.gif hi to all I missed: Hope you are all well.

#9 jens1607

Posted 22 November 2011 - 09:28 AM

Morning All,

Desiree Farfalla - Yay to 5 weeks!!  I'm glad that you have your date to look forward to.  A shame about the move though but at least you will have your little Oreo with you.  Could you also move my due date to the 4th April?? Thanks.

dizzy-anne - Good luck for tomorrow.  Are you going to find out??  I didn't and quite suprisingly I'm ok about it.  Doesn't bother me either way.

athnessa - Congrats on your little girl!!  Hope you got some great pictures!!

OOfarmgirlOO - Good luck at your scan today!!  Hope all is well and you also get some great pictures!

Key4 - Hope everything has settled down after your scare last week.  

Susieblue - Good luck with your scan this week!!  Wow so many people having scans this week!!

Hi to anyone I missed waves.gif

Went to my BP specialist yesterday and everything is perfect in that department.  He doesn't want to see me until I'm 30 weeks. So that's good.  My bump is getting bigger and harder everyday and Squirty is moving around heaps.  He/she really likes it when I get home from work but isn't a morning baby so doesn't wake up until about 10.30-11.

#10 Guest_chocmudcake_*

Posted 22 November 2011 - 03:04 PM

Hi Ladies,
Farmgirl, Hope you are feeling better soon. I had pimples and blackheads really badly in the beginning as well and in the last week they are back again. I look terrible, but just another joy of pregnancy original.gif Hope your NT went well today original.gif

Anthnessa, congrats on your little girl, glad to hear your morph went well.

dizzy, my excuse for falling in July apart from sheer luck is, we fell 2 days before our Dec angel was due. I used OPK's for the first time ever so knew which date I o'd and it happened to be 2 days before bubs due date original.gif Plus DH had been working nights through June, so we didnt see much of each other then either  blush.gif  Apart from the July thing, this is the second time we have been 3rd time lucky. We had 2 m/c's then DD, another 2 m/c's and this one. Not really a good reason, but im putting it out there  wink.gif
All the best for your morph tomorrow, hope everything goes perfectly original.gif

Jen1607, glad to hear your BP is going well. Mine was really low up until my last appointment last week and it has finally evened out a little.

AFM, Not much is happening. This is the first week in what seems like months that I dont have any appointments  ddance.gif But they start again next week original.gif

Hope everyone else is well and all bubs are well too

#11 spitmurphys

Posted 22 November 2011 - 03:43 PM

hey ladies!
How are we all?  
Sorry I have MIA Too!
Just a quicky update from me cause I just home from a week away for my BILs wedding.  Was great!  then had my first OB apt yesterday and he was nice, he didnt really seem too concerned about the Anti Kell thing either, said come back for the 20wk scan and we'll look at it then.  I said I had spoken to the specailist and booked in an amnio for tomorrow cause he said that would be best.  He looked at me funny and went , well I will check with Dr but I dont see why we would do it now and I said so we will know if bub is Kell positive we need to mointor closely cause my titres are so high.  If not, then normal pregnancy see you at 20wks.  He said I dont think they can tell from an amnio and I went OK, you check with him and we can cancel if have too.
So then I was a bit exctied that I didnt have to have it!  But about an hour later he rang back and said yes they can test the DNA and see and would recommmend it espicially as using a smaller needle(less mc risk) and only taking 4ml(usually 20ml for chromosomes) and can tell if has it.  
So lucky I had rung the specialist already!  Otherwise I would have just gone home!
So this  morning I had an amnio.  I was so scared I cried as soon as I got in there but he was nice and calm I didnt even feel the needle go in and taking out the fluid was a bit like a tuggy feeling and I reckon would of taken 2-3 mins all up.  Didnt even need a bandaid and now, 6 hrs later you can barely see where it happened.  So I am hoping we did the right thing and all goes well over the next 48hrs.  Then have a scan in 2 wks to see that bubs is OK.  Should find out the results soonish(whatever that means!!)
Please let the baby be Kell Negative.  But if it is positive at least we will know that we are in for the long haul and will be spending a lot of time in Bris until it is born and possibly after, depending on severity.  
Gees that turned longer than I though!  Sorry!
Will BBL for personals!

#12 OOfarmgirlOO

Posted 22 November 2011 - 05:32 PM

Hello All

Nuchal went fantastically! Was feeling very under the weather today - heat, not much sleep, uncomfortable in bed, sore throat made for not a happy camper. Called in sick to work so I had the whole day just for the scan.
Was so great to get in there and see how much its grown in the 2 weeks since I last saw it. It was wriggling around, not happy with the large bladder cramping its nice comfy uterus! It wouldnt stay still so I had to emptly bladder to see if that worked. Then it was comfy and went to sleep and wouldn't move. a few pokes and coughs later we got the right angle and the tech said it looks good. I had tears in my eyes when I heard the HB. Such a fantastic sound! wow.

Had my mum with me and she said that the tech that did my US had done an US on her when she was preg with my brother - he's 26! So plenty of experience I'd say I was in good hands!
Pictures are great, can't wait till morph scan to take DH along so he can hear the HB too.

Starting to be real now - I want to buy something......but what??

#13 athnessa

Posted 22 November 2011 - 06:15 PM

Farmgirl, congrats on your great nuchal scan!

SpitMurphys, good luck with your amnio results. Fingers crossed for kell negative.

#14 Caramel Latte

Posted 22 November 2011 - 06:41 PM

Howdy All,

waves.gif Athnessa and Jens

Congrats Farmgirl on your NT scan, good luck with the results.

Hope you get the results back and its Kell Negative, Spitmurphy.

Enjoy your apt free week ChocMudCake

#15 Family Girl

Posted 24 November 2011 - 02:43 PM

Hi Ladies!

Having a far better day than I did yesterday, so thought I would take the rare moment of not feeling like death ( happy.gif ) to pop in and say hello!

Farmgirl, congratulations on the scan!  Good luck in waiting on the results.  I am so NOT patient, and have grown far too used to having blood tests in the morning and getting results by 2pm.  Now when I have to wait a week or two I can barely cope  blush.gif Have you decided what to buy yet???  We bought a cot a couple of weeks ago.  I was freaking out about it, and DH was all 'we will have a baby, whether it's this baby or we have to wait a little while longer, so we WILL need a cot at some point'  It was very sweet, and made me love him all the more for his confidence, especially at those times when I have none at all!

Spitmurphy,  hands.gif  hands.gif  hands.gif  for negative results on the Kell tests!

Chocmudcake, I hope you are enjoying your appointment free week!  What do you do with all that free time?  Manicure????  grin.gif

Jens, good work with the BP specialist!  And I am so jealous of you getting to feel the little guy/gal moving around.  I felt this really weird sensation this morning whilst sitting at my desk, and I was convinced it was the Bun, but then I googled it and everything says I shouldn't feel anything until like 15 week  blush.gif

Dizzy, how was your scan???  Hope all went well!

Athnessa, congratulations on the little girl!!!  I have never wanted to find out the sex, and now that we're finally pregnant, I don't know if I can resist!  I told DH the other night that I might want to find out and he said he's fine with me finding out but that he doesn't want to know.  Well how would that possibly work???  Surely if I start buying little blue bonnets he's going to figure it out  roll2.gif   Anyone else found out and DH not???

Hi to all I've missed!

AFM, starting my AquaMums prenatal aquaaerobic classes tonight, and I'm really excited.  My back has been killing me, so really hoping that the exercise helps.  I seem to have developed quite the belly (if i could figure out how to upload a picture I would show you) which is a lot earlier than I expected.  But it seems bigger some days than others, so I figure it is still a lot of bloating, and a little of the Bun.  The IVF clinic have reduced my progesterone support from two pessaries a night to one pessarie a night, and now to one every other night and I couldn't be happier!  So excited that I might get to stop taking them all together in the near future.  Busy week over here, with lots of family dramas in the lead up to Christmas.  Suddenly we have my step-MIL not speaking to her daughter or SIL and everyone all upset and threatening not to come to Christmas Day.  Ahhh, what's family without a bit of drama right?

Hope you're all having a great week!  Family xxx

PS.  My 12 week scan and tests are all booked in for saturday the 3rd, I don't know if I can wait that long.  The excitement/nerves are killing me! blink.gif

Edited by Family Girl, 24 November 2011 - 02:43 PM.

#16 dizzy-anne

Posted 24 November 2011 - 05:23 PM

Family Girl have fun at your aqua classes - I'm going to start swimming once school holidays are here... great exercise for pregnancy they say.  And that's great about reducing the progesterone too!  Good luck filling in time waiting for your NT scan - it'll be here before you know it.

l woo hoo for your NT results - and isn't that heartbeat wonderful?  I cried too.

spit I'm glad the amnio was easy and I am crossing my digits that your bub is negative.  Sounds like you had lots of fun at the wedding - going away sure is great!

Well choc it certainly sounds like this is a keeper for you judging by your pattern!  Have a fun week off - I seem to live for each appointment!  Although a bit more relaxed about it now!

jens I'm thinking a baby who likes to sleep in is a pretty darn good find!!!  Let's hope he/she stays that way.. and yes, I found out... see below biggrin.gif

DF thanks for the good luck vibes!  They worked!  Hope everything is settling down for you.

AFM - morph scan yesterday - we have a perfectly healthy bubba.  And it's a girl wub.gif So athnessa I am joining you!!!  We're stoked - of course we would have been with a boy as well, but it's just so awesome knowing and we feel like we're falling more in love!!  Every single person who guessed, guessed a girl (except for me and DH wink.gif )
DH sent me a text out of the blue today that said "We are going to have a girl biggrin.gif "  Too cute.  She is going to wrap him around her little finger!! rolleyes.gif

#17 123Babies4Me

Posted 24 November 2011 - 06:07 PM

Hi ladies - just wanted to drop in today and say I'm joining the girl club!! ppinkstork.gif  ppinkstork.gif  ppinkstork.gif Perfect morph scan today eexcite.gif
Will bbl for personals!

#18 key4

Posted 24 November 2011 - 06:24 PM

Congrats girls on the excellent results lil girls do control Daddies original.gif

#19 Caramel Latte

Posted 24 November 2011 - 06:28 PM

QUOTE (key4 @ 24/11/2011, 06:24 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Congrats girls on the excellent results lil girls do control Daddies original.gif

Couldnt agree more!!!!

Hope you are doing ok Key4.

Enjoy the aqua classes Family Girl

waves.gif howdy to all!!! So hoping all the great news continues!!

#20 Guest_chocmudcake_*

Posted 24 November 2011 - 06:47 PM

Hi Ladies,
Congrats to SusieBlue and Dizzy on your little girls  wub.gif

Spitmurphy's all the best with your amnio results, thinking of you.

farmgirl, congrats on your great Nt test.

familygirl, My Dd keeps me very occupied original.gif We spent over an hour and a half today just doing crafty things for Christmas, there was glue and pipe cleaners everywhere, but woudnt trade it for the world  wub.gif Hope your aqua aerobics went well, I am looking forward to doing it again once bub is here. I dont think I have the energy to do it at the moment. Good luck with the Christmas family issues too, we havent had any surface yet this year, touch wood it stays that way original.gif

Dizzy, so excited for you and your wonderful scan original.gif Sounds like your little girl had her daddy wrapped around her little finger already. They all do it original.gif

waves.gif To everyone else, Hope you are all well original.gif

#21 Belinda33

Posted 24 November 2011 - 07:35 PM

Hi ladies -

Another who's been MIA.  I really don't have any excuses other than being very tired and busy.

But more importantly good to see you are all going well.

Exciting to see good morph scans and finding out the sex of bubs.

Df - Not long to go now. How exciting biggrin.gif !!!

I had a scan this week at 16 weeks with Ob just as I hadn't seen him since 11weeks. It was a very quick check up and a chance for me to give him my nuchal results. Anyway, he asked if we would like a scan and to see if he could see sex of bub and of course I said yes please. Looks like we are having a boy !!!. Starting to get excited now. Now just waiting for morph scan. Bump is growing nicely and feeling pretty good just very tired.

#22 spitmurphys

Posted 27 November 2011 - 08:28 AM

Hi guys!
Hows the weekend going?  Mines pretty good but unfortunately involves a fair bit if cleaning today!!

Belinda!  Yay a boy, how exciting!!  And wonderful to have such a good scan, just settles the anxiety for a bit doesnt it!

Chocmudcake you are so good doing craft!!  DS doesnt mind it but for all the effort he is only interested in it for about 5 mins!!!  Boy thing?

DF not long now!! Very exciting!  Hope you are going OK!

Susie and Dizzy and Anthnessa congrats on the great Morph scans and also on the little girls!!!  My DH would like a little girl but we are both sure this is a boy!  

Family Girl - not long now till the 12 wks scan!  Good on you for getting into aqua aerobics.  I need to get of my sizeable butt and do somthing too!  was training for a run until fell pregs and it is amazing how quickly your fitness vanishes when you do nothing!!  Hopefully it helps your back too.  I ahve terrible veins on my legs during pregnancy so really need to walk to help the blood flow with them!!

Farmgirl congrats on agreat NT scan!  It is so good to get there isnt it!

Hi Jens and Key4!

Hi to everyone else I have missed!!

AFM just waiting really!  Not sure how long the amnio results will take to get back but I am hoping by the end of this week.  i also asked for a scan after the amnio so might have that on Friday, then hopefully i will be feeling bubs soon!  All good here really, just tired!  started to feel good by now with DS!  Maybe he is the issue too!!!  So DH has been up me because I didnt find out what the sex was last week!!  He asked me and I freaked out a bit cause I hadnt thought about it at all and he said because I hesitated he wasnt going to tell me!  We will know from the amnio anyway but has been really annoying!!  Funny hey!  We are totally thinking a boy! Not that we would mine either way obviously but I think I see DS with a bro (or a very tuff little DD!!!)
Anyway have a great weekend guys and chat soon!

#23 Caramel Latte

Posted 27 November 2011 - 09:57 AM


Spitmurphy:  Hope you get the amnio results this week, the wait would be horrid. Fx'd the results come back that all is well.

Belinda: Great to hear another positive update....  eexcite.gif  yay to your healthy little boy.

Chocmudcake: I cant wait to do some crafty things with Oreo, older ones aren't into it as much anymore so miss it...

waves.gif howdy to all I missed!!! hope you are all well.

AFM: Just taking each day as it comes, sitting up been pretty hard due to feeling dizzy the minute I do but am getting checked out later today as its been constant for approx 3/4 days.

#24 aussieatheart

Posted 27 November 2011 - 01:52 PM

Hi Ladies,

Just thought I'd pop in to let you know some happy news and wish you all the very best on the rest of your journey!!

After a very tarnished 27 months, I happily hold our precious 2nd child in my arms.

A gorgeous DD joined our family on the 3rd November 2011 at 11.25pm following 6.5hours of labour at 41 weeks. She weighed in at 9lb, 11oz or 4390g and was 55cm long. Her entry into the world was a bit fast and furious as within 30 minutes of arriving at the hospital (at 7cm dilated, 10pm that night) my waters broke with meconium staining and bub dropped her heart rate for about 10 mins. Lucky ole me copped an episiotomy (due to only being 7cm dilated) and our DD was born via vacuum extraction with what felt like half the maternity ward in the room. Luckily any dignity I had left after DS was born was left in the car park on my way in! (haha) Her apgars were 6 at 1 min and 9 at 5 mins and she required a little oxygen for a couple of mins but is thankfully happy, healthy and beautiful in every way.

I did mention to my DH that we may seriously reconsider a 3rd bub as a nearly 9lb #1, followed by a nearly 10lb #2 makes my mind boggle with the potential size of #3, mind you if my children realized they could exit before 41 weeks they may not get soooo big either.

Thanks again for all your love and support along the way, I know I have never been the most talkative member but just reading along, nodding, crying, shaking my head, has helped along all the bumpy roads.

Take care and may you all hold your precious, healthy children in your arms without further heartache.

Love A xxx

(PS. MASSIVE CONGRATS to Kate and Bigmum on the safe arrival of your boys. x)

#25 Caramel Latte

Posted 27 November 2011 - 02:12 PM

eexcite.gif ppinkstork.gif
Congrats Aussieatheart!!!! on the birth of your little girl.
So happy to hear your wonderful news!!!!!

ppinkstork.gif eexcite.gif

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