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December Mums chat
introductions :-)

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#1 leita

Posted 08 December 2011 - 01:20 PM

Hiya December Mums!

OK, so I'm not really a December Mum, but was hoping to stay in contact with all the lovely ladies in our Dec 2011 DIG!!

Shall we start with introductions??

My little man is Lucas Matthias, born 22/11/11, a whopper 4.2kg, but fortunately a planned caesar so it was a pleasant surprise how big he was!!

I have a daughter Amalia who is 2 and three quarters, who so far is loving her little brother, but I'm waiting for that to change!!

I'm a stay at home mum, and a part time fitness instructor, but planning on taking at least six months off from that- I have an abdominal separation of between 4 and 6 fingers width thanks to my massive boy, so it'll take some time to repair that before I can get back into the exercise again.

So far Lucas is a dream baby- very easy going, feeds well, settles well, only catch is he likes to feed every 2 hours, both day and night, so DH and I are a little sleep deprived, and my nipples are killing me, although to be fair they are getting tougher already, and I hope they'll be good soon. And I figure it's a small price to pay for such a chilled out baby. Very different from DD who used to cry a lot. Or at least a lot more than Lucas.

Looking forward to getting to know the new mums, and sharing this challenging but wonderful journey with you all. Here's to many a conversation about nipples and baby poop.  :-)

#2 Bec_M

Posted 08 December 2011 - 11:52 PM

Hi Fellow December mums original.gif

Hi Leita! waves.gif Nice to see you in here!

My little guy, Declan, was born 6/12/11 so is not even 3 days old wub.gif Was it really only three days ago that I was wishing he was here? He was 7lb 13oz (3.55kg) and 53m long. Had a very quick labour of about 4 hours 20 minutes. He did a bit of damage on the way out so just recovering and enjoying our new addition.

I have a DD who is 22 months, Abigail. So far she is facintated by her little brother and gives him lots of kisses and cuddles. It is very sweet original.gif Gotta keep an eye on them though, she can get a little enthusiastic!

Declan is a cruisey baby so far. Like Leita, my DD cried a lot, had reflux etc so was a very different baby to the one we have brought home this time. Am enjoying the difference but I'm sure things will change as they do. He is not sleeping too bad at night but I am still catching up from not much sleep the night of the labour etc. And the constant stream of visitors is keeping me busy!!

So, just adjusting to life with 2 children. I'm sure there will be some interesting moments ahead! Look forward to sharing the months ahead with you all


#3 katevin

Posted 10 December 2011 - 10:17 AM

Hello Leita and Bec! Great to see you both here and looking forward to more Dec mummies joining soon!

So a bit about me and my lot... I gave birth to our second daughter, Maya Jean Handley, on Friday December 2nd at 2.38am. A beautiful big girl at 9lb11oz, with chubby cheeks and lots of spiky dark brown hair (explains the heartburn!). I was rapt to have had a natural birth this time around, after a posterior birth with DD1 that led to an epidural and vacuum assistance, followed by a big blood loss. Much better experience this time!

DD1, Elle, was born on Christmas Day in 2007, so is nearly a big 4 year old! She has been so beautiful with Maya, always wanting to touch her soft cheeks and give her cuddles wub.gif Can't wait til Maya is a bit older and they can interact with one another.

So far I'm coping ok with being a Mum to 2. I suffer from anxiety and had PND with DD1 so have to keep an eye on that. Definitely finding motherhood easier this time around but it's certainly busier, and I really don't cope well with sleep deprivation! wacko.gif Thankfully Maya has started doing 3-4hr stretches overnight so DH and I feel more human during the day!

Anyway it's booby time at the moment so had better leave this here! Typing on my iPhone with my left hand is a bit tricky wink.gif

Looking forward to sharing this amazing yet challenging (as Leita said!) time with you all original.gif

#4 feather12

Posted 12 December 2011 - 11:15 AM

Hi girls, I have popped in here too, even though baby was a November one!  Hoping to stay with the same group of ladies.  

So Abigail Mae was born 29th November 2011, 11 hours of induced labour.  Very happy with how it went now but if you had asked me the day after I would have said I am never doing that again!

Abigail is very well, growing before my eyes which is so scary, cannot belive I will have a two week old tomorrow.  She has her first newborn shoot tomorrow too and we are taking ink prints of her little hands (actually they are big hands for a baby, long fingers!) and feet.  We had initial problems with breastfeeding, where she just wouldnt latch on and I had no idea what I was doing which was only complicated by a million different midwives coming in at all times of day and night whilst in the hospital giving all different opinions and some even just grabbing my poor babies head and my boob and just shoving her on which just made her scream poor thing. We started getting the hang of it last week and things were starting to go very well and she was feeding every two hours and we were getting into a routine.  Then on Saturday night I woke up at 1am with a huge fever and chills and intense lower back pain.  Had the doctor called out, he didn't get there till about 4am, to be told I had a UTI which has turned into a kidney infection so I have had to stop breastfeeding, Abby is on formula and I am expressing (which is like feeding two babies on different schedules, I am exhausted!), whilst I finish a course of very strong antibiotics.  Hopefully by friday everything will be back to normal and I can get my baby back on the boob. huh.gif  I cried so much when I realised I wouldnt be able to feed her.  But on the plus side she sleeps longer sometimes, three hours instead of one or two, so I get a small break.  Only thing is with the expressing and sanitising of bottles it's not really much of a break. And I feel so guilty that I cannot look after her the way that I want to or with as much TLC because I feel so sick still.

Looking forward to sharing more about our little bubs as time goes on.  Must admit she's not as scary as she was the first week.  Falling head over heals with her every minute. biggrin.gif

#5 leita

Posted 12 December 2011 - 01:14 PM

Feather- wow, that's been a tough run for you. Well done on expressing through your ABs so you can go back to BFing though, that is really hard work. I know what you mean about only sleeping an hour or two at a time, Lucas is like this too. Yep, I found the hardest thing about bfing was all the different advice from each midwife. In the end (after I had it figured out) the best advice I ever had was "if the baby is getting milk, then you are doing it right, there is no such thing as a wrong way to feed". Particularly because I had such sensitive nipples everyone tried to tell me I was doing it wrong... but that is just me. Sooo much easier this time around.  Hope your UTI clears quickly for you, what horrible timing, as though you don't have enough to deal with atm.

Kate- how did Maya go with her EBM in a bottle the other day?? I swore I would teach this bubs to take a bottle early on this time (after DD always refused one), but he's three weeks old tomorrow, and I still haven't touched the breast pump.... I tell myself that his feeds are so frequent I don't want to mess with my supply... but truth be told I think it's more a mother guilt thing. I'll have to get over that if I want to ever leave the house though won't I? he he he. Is Elle still loving her little sister??

Bec- how are your recovering?? Gosh, I know how sensitive my scar is, and I was just thinking the other day I'm glad it's on my belly, and that a difficult natural birth would be a whole lot more uncomfortable during the recovery phase. How is little Declan going? Hope you are getting plenty of cuddle time, it's tricky with two now isn't it? I still haven't left the house by myself with both kids- though DH has, he took them both to the park the other morning so I could have some sleep  wub.gif don't know how I'm going to survive when he goes back to work!!

AFM- I have to say I continue to be pleasantly surprised by how much easier the recovery has been for me this time around. I was still on pain meds at three weeks post caear last time, but this time around I haven't taken anything for well over a week, and I can drive again, and can take a half hour walk around the park.... which is really lucky. Lucas is just beautiful, though I was at a bit of a loss yesterday when he was awake for almost 5 hours, I just couldn't convince him to go to sleep!! He wasn't crying, just a little grumpy (tired??) and I very quickly ran out of things to do to entertain a little fella!! There is only so much tummy time and playgym time you can do, and then I just ended up carrying him most of that time, my back was killing me, he's such a hefalump. He he he. Oh well. At least he managed two three hour blocks of sleep last night, 730-1030 then 11-2, so I at least got a half decent bit of sleep .... he he he he, isn't it funny how quickly more than two hours in a row becomes "decent" sleep. He he he. OK, must go clean the house while DH is out with DD and Lucas is asleep otherwise it will look like a bomb hit all day.

#6 krystledawn

Posted 12 December 2011 - 03:34 PM

Hello to all you December Mummies,

Im not really a December mummy either but after sharing all my pregnancy journey with you ladies in the December DIG I wanted to stay in this group.

A Bit about me:  I gave birth to our second son, Jack on November 20th at 6.15pm, One week and 2 days before his due date. He was a big chubby boy weighing in at 9lb 8oz (4.4kg).  I did everything i wanted to do with this labor with the help of my dear partner and my mum in the labor ward.  A drug free labor and no stitches original.gif  Although there was complications as his shoulder got stuck.  My gorgeous sister took birth photos for me and my dear fiance one night when he wasnt able to sleep turned them into a beautiful slide show. I cry my eyes out everytime i watch it.  Still can't believe his 3 weeks old already, time flies.

My first son Cohen is 4 and half, born on 30 June 2007. He loves being a big brother and always wants to be a part of everything to do with his baby brother. I have half a box of newborn nappies that jack grew out of in the first week that Cohen now has learnt to put on his teddy bear.  Very Very Cute original.gif

Although its been 3 weeks I am still getting into the swing of things of being a mum to 2. Most days it is a bonus if i can get in and have a shower. Jack is still working out his days and nights so mum is getting a lack of sleep and to go with it i have had a bit of an upset tummy so jack is feeling the effects of that because im breastfeeding.  He is a real mummies boy, aways wants to be held by me. (I keep telling his daddy its because i have the boobies)

He is already a big boy, 3 weeks old and in 00 clothing.  Its crazy!!!

Anyways, I gotta get organised to go pick the other half up from work. Im looking forward to sharing many stories with all of you.


#7 Bec_M

Posted 12 December 2011 - 07:15 PM

Hi All

Feather - wow, you have had a really tough start! I take my hat off to you for expressing so you can BF your little one after finishing the AB's. A friend of mine had her gall bladder out when her bub was only weeks old and she did the same (she had a few complications so couldn't BF). I certainly don't think I would have the same dedication so I really admire those who can stick at it.

Krystle - That is so cute of DS1 original.gif My DD loves her little brother. He was in his swing yesterday and I was hanging out the washing, when I came back in she had put his wrap over him - including his face but the thought was there wink.gif

Leita - I am starting to feel a little more normal. I was quite uncomfortable for a few days after Declan was born. My doc said I had complicated tears, I think they were just all over the place. And considering he was out with 20 minutes of pushing I guess I'm not surprised! I had an episi with DD and I can tell you, that was MUCH easier to recover from. Ahh well, we do what we do. I haven't been out with both kids by myself either other than to drop DD to my SIL's while I took Declan for his hearing test Thursday. DH isn't off work til Jan - can't wait for that!

Kate - so glad this birth went better for you original.gif I second it being busier! Seems like some days I just go from one to the other! But at 6 days in I think we are still finding our groove!!

AFM -  I am a little worried about my milk supply sad.gif He feeds for hours (pretty much non stop) and will still take a bit of a top up to help him settle.  I'm not really sure what to do. He is quite sleepy so I am constantly waking him up but surely I should have a bit better supply by now? I express after feeds and so far today have not even got 50ml (3 expresses). I feel like I am failing! We gave him a tiny formula top up and he settled straight away the other night. I was really upset about it! But I had to put him first and he wasn't pooing or weeing so was dehydrated and we didn't know what else to do for him. I tried to feed him first and DH gave him the little bottle. He wouldn't take it if he wasn't hungry right? I never had problems with DD so am a little unsure what to do about this!!

This has been so different to when I had DD. Certainly been a bit hard at times, she doesn't understand I can't just jump up and get her something if I am feeding etc. Wish I could split myself in two.


#8 katevin

Posted 13 December 2011 - 08:01 AM

Morning all original.gif

Hope everybody got some decent rest last night- think I got about 5-6hrs all up which is pretty good I guess...as far as newborns go! He he Leita I definitely know what you mean re what we consider good now, in comparison to what was a good nights sleep prior to baby coming along! Very different standards these days.

Bec sorry to hear you're concerned about your milk supply- its so hard to know whether you're producing enough isn't it?! Maya was having a really unsettled day yesterday and never seemed satisfied so I was questioning the same thing. Wish there was some way we could gauge how much they were drinking! As far as expressing goes, I don't think that the amount you can express really indicates what your supply is like though, so try not to beat yourself up about that. If I were you, I'd give the ABA a call and see what they have to say about it. I'm a massive worrier and always find speaking to an 'expert' reassuring. Hope it sorts itself out soon anyway. Breastfeeding can certainly be tricky and trying!

Krystle great that your birth experience was everything you'd hoped for! And how sweet that DH put together a slide show of images, no wonder you cried your eyes out! I would too I reckon.
Wow DS is already in 00! He must be a beautiful big boy like DD2. She's 11 days old today and mostly in 000, wonder if she'll graduate to 00 in the next couple of weeks?! Gotta love chubba bubbas wub.gif

Leita I'm so hearing you on the sore back! Babies are so tiny yet take such a toll on our backs/necks! And Maya had a wierd, unsettled day yesterday too so required lots of holding, mostly by DH thankfully! Drives me nuts when she doesn't settle all day, makes things really tough.
That's great that your recovery is heaps better this time, I'm sure that makes life much easier. I feel a lot better this time around too, I was in a really bad way after DD.
Maya took to the bottle pretty well actually, although DH and I are very confused about how much we should be offering her. My midwife said about 70ml x 2 (so 140ml in total) but each time she has taken less than 80ml in total. And the first time (we've given her 2 bottles now) she must've been a guts cause she did a massive spew and I ended up BF her afterwards anyway. So we're getting there with it I think unsure.gif

Feather as the others have said, hats off to you! Sounds like you're going through such a tough time, good on you for persevering with the BF. Hope it continues to get easier for you and you're able to get some rest.

AFM as I said, Maya had a pretty crappy day yesterday- would only settle when held and didn't even settle very well then. We've been putting her to sleep in our arms and then putting her down but during the day she only lasts there for up to 10mins. It's very tiring but don't think she's old enough to learn self settling or anything...? What are your bubs doing? The same thing or do you have some settling advice/tips for us?
We took the girls to have their photos with Santa yesterday, can't wait to get it tomorrow! Maya was due a feed but managed to not crack it when Santa was holding her thankfully. She did try to latch onto his beard though which was pretty cute and funny laughing2.gif

Anyway time to rest my eyes now while the little one sleeps and the big one is watching Playschool original.gif

#9 deejie

Posted 13 December 2011 - 11:21 AM

Hi girls waves.gif

Well I don't technically belong in here yet as I am still incubating wink.gif Hopefully I will be able to officially post in a few days! But I have been stalking to see how you are all doing and hoping to catch some more baby pictures lol  ph34r.gif

I just wanted to say feather12 you are a star for hanging in there with the expressing. It's hard work-- I had to express a lot for DS in our early days of feeding and it is exhausting. I know it seems a long way off, but your little one will come back to the breast. If you have some trouble with the transition going back, I found my local Australian Breastfeeding Association counsellor to be wonderful. I also hired a private lactation consultant as well who was worth her weight in gold. Hopefully your little girl will come back with minimal fuss original.gif

katevin I ended up buying a sling for DS to carry him around in. He lived in there the first few weeks, but it did mean he slept for a couple of hours and I had my hands free to do other things. He got a lot better at sleeping lying flat I think around a month old, which was great because he was a chubster and my back was very sore biggrin.gif

bec Sorry to hear you are worried about your milk. I know my early expressing efforts were pretty poor too-- what kind of pump do you have? Electric hospital grade ones tend to get the better yield, but they are still nowhere near as efficient as a baby at getting milk out. I was especially poor at getting milk out after a feed too. The LC I saw said you make the most milk overnight and first thing in the morning (hormonal changes) and to try pumping then, or part way between feeds (the problem  being then you don't know when the next one will be!). Of course that's the last thing you need to be doing in the middle of the night, but maybe give it a go. Have you tried calling the ABA hotline? 1800 MUM 2 MUM, maybe they have some more suggestions and sometimes its just nice to hear someone say "that's normal, don't worry" too.

I am so much in awe of you all juggling babies and toddlers. I don't know how I am going to do it! By the time I have my baby you have to have it all figured out so you can give me all your hints and tips-- I think I will need them original.gif

#10 Kindle

Posted 13 December 2011 - 11:59 AM

Hi All,
Lucy Maree was born on the 8th of December at 41+1 weeks and I am proud to say she was a VBA2C.
We were due to go in the morning to have my waters broken but contractions came on that evening after a big walk and a stretch and sweep so I couldn't be happier with her arrival (albeit a little later than I would have liked original.gif.
She is absolutely gorgeous  wub.gif and I am just trying to get used to the whole newborn thing, along with having a 7 and 3 year old.  So far everything is pretty good.
Well I look forward to sharing our adventures with our December bubs.
Now I'm off to change my sig  tthumbs.gif

#11 krystledawn

Posted 13 December 2011 - 12:48 PM

Hello all, I have 10 minutes to myself as my oldest is eating spaghetti for lunch and bub is snoozing so i thought that i would pop in here for a quick post original.gif

Congratulations Kindle, Lucy Maree is such a pretty name and congrats on the VBA2C.

Feather12 - you are doing such a wonderful job with the expressing, I dont know how i would cope with having to do that.  I agree with deejie, I have heard wonderful things about the ABA and private lactation consultants.

Bec - Sorry to hear that your worried about your milk supply, I know as hard as it is not to worry stressing can slow your milk supply down.  There is things that you can do to try to increase the supply I have heard about these cookies that increase it. If you want me to chase down the recipe for you let me know A few mums that i talk to online swear by them original.gif

Katevin - I'm with you on the unsettled bub thing, Jack has his days where i just cant put him down.  I have a new found addiction (Other than MCN's) that i love. I bought a mei tai baby carrier, its awesome and it allows me to have both my arms free even when carrying bub around, and it helps to settle him easier as well.  Not up with the whole self settling thing at the moment and jack is almost 3 1/2 weeks old.

AFM - I'm still getting very little sleep, I try to have naps during the day but with a 4 year old demanding my attention its a bit hard.  everything other than that has been going well.

I thought id upload a few pics of our little man:

one week old:  http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l526/k...3/022-013RG.jpg

chillin with dad: http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l526/k...83/P1070921.jpg

I can sleep anywhere:  http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l526/k...83/P1070911.jpg

#12 Bec_M

Posted 13 December 2011 - 04:53 PM

Kate - I never had this problem with DD. I had so much milk with her I had a nice stockpile in the freezer! The child health nurse is out Friday so thought I'd see how we go til then. Is Maya a little more settled today??

Deejie - hopefully you will join us soon! I'm adjusting to life with a toddler and newborn and it can be overwhelming at times!! I can't wait til January when DH is home to help me find my feet a bit! Still, Declan is only a week old - we are still finding our groove I am hoping for tips on how to handle it too he he.
I have an electric pump, borrowed from my SIL. Medela? Just trying everything to boost my supply atm. I would try and express overnight but he fed every 2 hours for at least half an hour from 11pm - 10am this morning!! Is there even anything in there lol.

Hi Kindle! Congrats on your little girl Look forward to sharing this with you as well! Congrats on the VBA2C - that's fantastic

Krystle – thanks for the offer of the recipe – I have it and am going to hunt down the ingredients and give it a go! Heard they taste awesome so even if they don’t work at least I get to eat nice cookies! I am trying not to stress about my milk, just hoping it all settles down soon. Love the pics – he is gorgeous! original.gif I hear you on taking naps is hard. DD is pretty much always wanting attention lol. She will soon learn to amuse herself a bit more. And when I am desperate The Wiggles come in handy!! wink.gif

Just had a friend round for a few hours. Was a bit upset this morning with DS feeding what felt like non stop. So she held him for a few hours and now seems like he is having a decent feed. Hopefully help us get on track original.gif Funny how they are all so different isnt it!


#13 katevin

Posted 13 December 2011 - 08:00 PM

Evening all original.gif

Deejie of course you belong in here, you're as much a December parent as the rest of us- your Bub is just on the inside rather than the outside biggrin.gif Oh and I have no idea how I'd manage 2 kids if DH weren't home to help out! He has been a wonderful help, I'd be lost without him. Not looking forward to him going back to work but luckily he has about 7wks off so I don't have to worry about that for awhile!

Kindle Lucy is a gorgeous name and good work on the VBA2C! I'm sure it was a very different birth experience for you! Are your 3 and 7yo's smitten with their little sister? My DD has been so adorable with Maya, always doting on her and wanting cuddles.
Cute sig by the way original.gif

Krystle glad to hear I'm not the only one with an unsettled Bub! Maya has had a much better day today than yesterday though thankfully. She nearly drove me insane yesterday! Hoping for a good night too cause I'm so tired today. Oh and I'm hearing you on the inability to nap during the day due to a boisterous preschooler! The health nurse visited today and whilst DD was noisily running around the lounge room playing hurdles with our shoes, she asked "Are you sleeping when the baby does?" blink.gif Not sure how she figured that would work.
Gorgeous pics by the way, he's a real little cutie!

Bec how are you feeling about the whole supply thing tonight? Great idea to get a friend over for support this morning, sounds like you're doing it tough. And of course everything is made to feel so much worse thanks to sleep deprivation! If your supply is a little low, DS feeding frequently should help to increase it. Although I know it's not fun having to feed so often sad.gif Hope you're feeling a bit better anyway and DS has been feeding well today.

AFM we picked up our new (second hand) car today! A 2009 Ford Escape. I've barely had a chance to look at it but it's pretty exciting. Will get the car seats transferred over tomorrow so we can all go for a family drive in it.
Had Maya's hearing test at the hospital today which she passed. She looked cute with the little headphone things on original.gif

Anyway I've got a yukky headache at the moment (stupid stiff neck!) so should probably rest while I have the chance!

#14 feather12

Posted 13 December 2011 - 09:15 PM

Thanks everyone, it has been really hard actually cos she's on a different feeding schedule with the formula - doesn't eat as often because it takes her longer to digest it - so I feel as though I am feeding two babies!  But the doctor called me back today thankfully and told me there was an independent study on the AB's that I am on and that they are safe with BFding.  Yay.  So she went back on this afternoon, and took to it completely.  Even better than before, I think she missed it.  My milk must have dwindled slightly though cos she wanted to feed every hour for a while. And the other major prob was she had been constipated from the formula and my milk got things flowing so all late afternoon she was screaming as it all came out. I couldn't even soothe her with the breast which she wanted heaps but she just cried over the nipple whenever the wind became too painful for her. I've never seen so much poo in my life, one full nappy after another and she was so upset the poor thing.  AND this all happened to coincide with the afternoon I had booked in for her little newborn shoot.  Luckily the photographer who's also a friend didn't mind and just said she would come back another day and try again.  I want nudey shots though and Abby hates being nude so we will have to see how that goes.  Did get a couple of photos whilst she was having five minutes of quiet time though.

Katevin - Abby is the same.  I'm thinking about buying a sling too.  The ten minutes I get here and there are not enough to even make food to eat or have a shower in.

Bec - When I was expressing I was doing it every three hours and I was getting anywhere from 50ml in total from both breasts to 80ml.  When I was feeding Abby formula I was still letting her demand feed, but waking her up if she overslept four hours and she would have anywhere from 40ml to 95ml in one go.  I think if they have enough wet nappies it shouldn't matter.  My mum said if they feed heaps they are going through a growth spurt and trying to establish your milk supply.

Hi to all I missed and fingers crossed for you Deejie that you have your little one soon.

#15 Bec_M

Posted 14 December 2011 - 07:12 PM

Hi Ladies

Kate - good to hear Maya is a bit more settled. DD was like that a lot, very hard to put down. Did you go for a drive in your new car? original.gif
Still trying to feed DS as much as possible, doesn't seem to be satisfying him really though. We figured he was still hungry when he tried to latch onto DH lol. Poor little fella. I agree, everything seems so much worse when you are tired! You are lucky you have your DH home to help! I would love for DH to be home right now. Only a few weeks til he has a month off though original.gif Poor guy looks so tired when he goes to work.

Feather - great news about getting Abby back to BF! That's fantastic! And she took to it so well. What a little champion original.gif With that amount of feeding I'm sure she will have your supply back up in no time. Poor little thing, hope she feels a bit better now she isnt constipated anymore.
I only top DS up if he seems really hungry. His wet nappies have increased heaps since giving him a little extra so that's a good thing. He really didn't seem to be wetting them at all. Another reason I was so concerned. I really would prefer him to be exclusively BF.

Got the ingredients for the lactation cookies so will make them tonight and hopefully they will help. Fingers crossed anyway! I'm feeding him as often as he demands it - I figure he is trying to boost my supply so might as well but it was a long night. He fed every 2 hours for 30-40mins. I'm determined to try everything I can to get my supply right for his needs. Child health nurse is out Friday so will see what she says (although I bet she will just say keep BF).

Hope everyone has had a good day!

#16 feather12

Posted 16 December 2011 - 01:53 PM

Bec - Good to hear your DS has improved with the feeding and wet nappies!  I was starting to get worried as well that Abby seemed to be feeding every two hours.  I thought maybe she was just establishing my supply but now I am not so sure.  Plenty of wet nappies though.  But since yesterday not as many poopy ones.  I had thought the antibiotics were giving her really bad gas pain but I finished them last night and she still had it this morning and there was one day there where she was completely fine in the middle of the course.  So I did some looking into it online and found this great article.   www.drjen4kids.com/breastfeeding/one%20side.htm
I am going to try and see how we go.  She already seems to be sleeping well since her most recent feed.  She's been down for more than hour now.  Fingers crossed.

Katevin - I love how people say sleep when the baby does.  If I did that I would never eat or pee or have a shower.

Saw in the DIG group that Deejie had her baby.  Cangrats Deejie!  Can't wait to see all the other ladies in here too.

Well better get on to some housework whilst I have some seconds to spare.  Don't know how all you other ladies with toddlers and other children are doing this!

#17 Jacki:)

Posted 16 December 2011 - 03:07 PM

Hi all,

well cant believe Nate is already 11 days old .. alot has been going on in those 11 days.. got home from hospital on the wednesday afternoon, had some of the family come around and meet him. thursday had the community nurse do a home visit and do Nates heel prick test and just a small check up.. but I mentioned to her that I had a bad night the night before feeding and my nipples wwre extremly sore.. we realised Nate wasnt attaching properly so she showed me a few ways to help him latch, but a few hrs after she left Nate played up and I got frustrated as he still wasnt latching, I rang a friend (who is a breast feeding consultant) and she came in and sat with me for 2 hrs and got him latching beautifully... and she did a home visit friday and sat.. the same friend gave me a dvd months ago called "Dunstan baby language" which i didnt watch until saturday and WOW it has helped me understand what Nate needs (hungry, tired or wind) im going to start the 2nd DVD tomorrow...

my mum did a surprise visit (lives 10 hr away) on saturday (and went home wednesday ) to meet her newest grandson ... so that was fun

this week has been again busy with end of school term stuff... awards nights etc.. but havnt let Nate out of the house really as whooping cough has diagnosed in town here sad.gif ..

Am loving seeing everyone in this dig and look forward to catching up with everyone rolleyes.gif ...  

sorry no personals will do it next time promise biggrin.gif

#18 clrw

Posted 17 December 2011 - 11:54 AM

Hi ladies,

Thought it was time to pop in. Tobey William John is one week old today. I want time to stop... He is perfect as he is!!!

DP (sscouple) had a 40 hour labour. 24 hours of pre labour. 6 hours active at home. 12 hours in the birth centre with back labour as bub turned posterior. Got to 9cms but had a cervical lip he couldn't move past. 8 hours of epi and syntocin on the labour ward before he came out with foreceps. Long couple of days!

DP has recovered wonderfully. Early discharge from hospital at 48 hours and everything went well with the MW home visits. BF had been going really well so far too.

Was woken by the buzzer at 8. The postie with a parcel from my friend. She has given us her baby clothes, crocheted by her mum who died when she was 11.... So incredibly precious. Blown away!

Better get back to my little man. Personals to come.

#19 leita

Posted 17 December 2011 - 04:28 PM

Morning ladies.
OK, so I lie, it's 2.21pm, but time no longer has meaning as it used to.  yyawn.gif

clrw- that is so incredibly nice of your friend to send those baby clothes to you. Little Tobey is one lucky man. Love the name by the way, DD was going to be a Toby is she had been a boy.

Jacki:) Yay for Nate latching properly now. It's amazing how fast the time goes isn't it? Lucas will be a month old on Tuesday  cry1.gif  I don't take Lucas to public places yet either (except to the park or beach), not so much because of whooping cough (though that too) but just because if he does catch a cold or anything he's not old enough for panadol yet. But will be next week, so I might start venturing out with him a little more.... but will still avoid indoor playgrounds and such until he's been immunised.

BFing... yep, going well here, nipples still a little sore, but nothing compared to last time so I'm happy. Only problem really is that Mister Poombah feeds every two hours or less- obviously wants to stay big!! Bec I find that I really have to make the effort to drink more, or my supply drops pretty fast (and someone starts getting cranky!). I know I'm back in newborn land when I make cups of tea and then only drink two sips of them!!

OK DD, pulling on my arm now- aparently I have to go and play  blush.gif  BBL

#20 katevin

Posted 18 December 2011 - 10:39 AM

Hi all original.gif Quiet day at home today so finally have time to post. Had DD1's 4th birthday party yesterday, she had a wonderful time and was spoilt rotten but it was a lot of hard work on our behalf so am kinda glad it's been and gone now. Time to catch our breath before Xmas now!

Feather how's the breastfeeding coming along now? Little Abby's tummy settled down? Hope so! Bummer bout the newborn photo shoot, has your friend been back to get more photos yet? Maya isn't a fan of being nude or having a bath yet either. She usually screams the house down when we have to bathe her or change her clothes, although the past couple of days I must say she is getting better with it. They're so cute when they're nude hey?! wub.gif

Bec how's your little man feeding now? Did you make some of those special cookies? Yep have been for lots of drives in the new car, we love it! And thankfully Maya seems to enjoy the car too which is good. Although yesterday I had to drive 15 minutes to the playground where we held DD's party and Maya was due a feed and pretty much screamed the whole way there! Stressful wacko.gif

Jacki great that you got Nates latching sorted out, it makes such a big difference once they get it right! Must be handy having a friend who's a breastfeeding expert!

clrwgood to see you in here! biggrin.gif  I know what you mean about wanting time to stop but believe me, they only get even more perfect as they blossom into little people. Wait til he starts smiling at you, you'll feel like your heart is going to explode! Wow that's very generous of your friend to send that stuff- how special!

Hi Leita! Hows DD enjoying her little brother? DD is so precious with Maya, always wanting to kiss her and hold her and talking to her in a cute little baby voice. It's gorgeous to watch. Will be even better when Maya can start to give her something back. When do they start smiling again?? I can't remember anything from first time around! unsure.gif

Think the little one is starting to stir now so had better do a couple of things before I'm glued to the couch again original.gif Hope everyone is well and having a relaxing weekend. 1 week til Xmas...eek!

#21 katevin

Posted 20 December 2011 - 03:18 PM

Ok so one thing I had forgotten about from my experience with DD1 was growth spurts wacko.gif Maya has been so unsettled the past 24-36hrs, I am praying that it's just a growth spurt that is sending everything haywire...has anyone else experienced this around the 2-3wk mark? Have been googling and apparently it's a common time for growth spurts and babies can become very unsettled and want to feed more frequently and display windy type symptoms etc. Fun stuff!

Hoping it settles soon... Would love to hear that I'm not alone in this... Anyone? unsure.gif

Hope everyone is well original.gif

Edited by katevin, 20 December 2011 - 03:18 PM.

#22 leita

Posted 20 December 2011 - 04:58 PM

Kate- see, now I've been meaning to pop in and google "wonder weeks" because Lucas was quite unsettled and in a bit of a feeding frenzy (followed by a lot of fussing because he was too gassy) this week just gone!! Of course, growth spurt would make sense. Actually now that you mention that I remember 3 weeks being tricky with DD too, only the books say the first growth spurt was supposed to be at 6 weeks, so I wasn't sure. Definately having the same issues here. DD just loves little Lucas, she calls him "Lukey Dukey" and if he gets upset she rushes over and says "shhh, shhh, it's OK little fella"  wub.gif melts my heart to watch them together, I am soooo relieved!! Is your DD sleeping through the baby feeds at night OK?? Oh, they're supposed to start smiling around 6 weeks... ish.

My baby is one month old today-- EEEEK!! No longer a newborn, I think he's classified as an infant now ;-(. Still waking every two hours overnight for a feed. Ouch. though of course putting in some longer stretches- up to 3 hours between feeds during the day  rolleyes.gif so at least we know there is hope... one day....  laughing2.gif  DH doesn't go back to work for another week or two, so hopefully he can get it sorted at least a little bit better by then.

My little pork chop is definately growing, haven't taken him to be weighed, but I can see the new rolls forming on his little arms and legs  wub.gif . DH gave him his first bottle of EBM during the week, and he guzzled it down, so hopefully he might actually take a bottle occassionally (DD always refused).

What is it with boys and getting peed on?  wacko.gif blink.gif  I swear DD never ever peed on me, but this little cherub takes it as his goal in life, and he's a pretty good shot.  blush.gif Any tips from those with boys?! I've taken to putting an old cloth nappy on the change mat, so at least it doesn't wet his suit when he does it, but as for me... and the floor... tongue.gif

But he makes up for it all when he giggles in his sleep, it is just the cutest sound. He smiles, and chuckles, but only when he's asleep!! Can't wait til he does this awake!!

Bec- how were the cookies?? If they were yummy can you post the recipe?? I  have a terrible craving for baked goods. ;-)

Hmm, can hear someone stirring, better go..

#23 Bec_M

Posted 20 December 2011 - 08:47 PM

Hi Ladies

Leita - The cookies were yummy! Well, are yummy, the recipe makes quite a lot so still eating them lol. Not sure if it is really helping but it's nice to think they are. That is so sweet of your DD. And he is quite a cutey! original.gif My DD runs to get Declan's wrap/dummy etc whenever he cries, quite sweet. Now if we could only get her to stop patting his face. Lol, she is only young though.
Haven't been peed on yet but am expecting that to happen!


Kate - I honestly cannot remember anything at the moment! I had forgotten what this newborn tired haze was like!! Ugh, I just want to lay on the couch and sleep for a week. Glad DD had a good birthday! They grow up so fast don't they?! Hard to believe DD will be 2 in about 6 weeks!

Still struggling with supply here. Went and got Motillium after seeing CHN. Hopefully will start to help soon. They think it's a combination of stress/lack of sleep/ not eating much. It's been full on as DH works 7-7 6 days a week so just me and the kids at home. DD has been waking early and is cranky from not enough sleep making things a bit tougher than usual. Kinda just bounce from one to the other lol. Been up since 4.30am today. 4 hours sleep is really not enough!! But I'm sure we will get there! Can't believe xmas is this weekend! Find that hard to believe.

Had a newborn shoot on Sunday so hopefully get the pics soon and will post a couple.
Also had xmas with my mum and my nephew's first birthday so has been a busy couple of days!

Sorry, that's it from me for now. Hope everyone else is going well.

#24 deejie

Posted 20 December 2011 - 09:19 PM

Hi everyone,

Well I officially "belong" in here now  tthumbs.gif Daniel John was born 14/12/11 at home and everything just went perfectly  wub.gif

This is just going to be a quick post, but gosh I forgot how tough breastfeeding a newborn is. I think feeding well in to toddlerhood with Liam (he was 23m when he self weaned), you get lazy. Toddlers know what to do, you just expose your breast and leave the rest up to them! With Daniel there is so much more fiddling and adjustment. My left side in particular is flat and we have all sorts of trouble getting a proper latch-- I am cracked and very sore. Thankfully my midwife has been wonderful support, visiting me at home twice a day (morning and evening), ironing out our attachment problems and being a wealth of encouragement. Today we had a really good feeding day and I feel as though we are finally turning the corner, which I am very relieved about. It took about 10 weeks to settle in to breastfeeding Liam after coming through every problem under the sun-- so here's hoping that Daniel and I together get the hang of it a lot faster!

leita- I have been peed on the past two nappy changes. The one prior to that, Daniel sprayed himself in the face  laugh.gif Boys!

Bec- Hopefully the Motilium will work for you. It did absolute wonders for my supply when feeding Liam, I was on it for around 8 weeks. Did your CHN talk to you about fenugreek as well? A wonderful herbal supplement that complements the Motilium well.

clrw- What a beautiful gesture by your friend. My most treasured baby items for my boys are those crocheted by my great grandmother for me before she passed away. I am sure you will always treasure them original.gif

feather- I hope Abby's tummy has settled for you and BFing is still going well

katevin-- it's so sweet how your DD is with Maya. Liam pretty much ignores Daniel entirely biggrin.gif He doesn't have a whistle, a funnel or look like a Thomas the Tank Engine train, so that pretty much eliminates any form of interest!

Hi to everyone I missed, I am going to get some rest. Daniel has been feeding "with gusto" according to the notes my midwife wrote today. Translation = every 2 hours around the clock. Hungry boys!

#25 Bec_M

Posted 20 December 2011 - 10:37 PM

Deejie - I hope so! I think I will get some fenugreek tomorrow. I am desperate to get my supply up so I can feed DS properly! Nice to hear the motillium worked for you! Gives me hope. Do you remember how long it took to start working? Good to see you went with Daniel in the end - did you talk to your SIL about it or just go with it?

I think it's amazing you BF Liam for that long! I fed Abby for 7mths and thought that was good ha ha. I can't imagine still feeding her now. Hope the BF continues to get better original.gif

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