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January 07 Parents # 544

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#1 Sandra

Posted 13 December 2011 - 07:47 AM

New thread time ladies


#2 mokeydoke

Posted 13 December 2011 - 09:22 AM

Good morning!

QOTT - Goals for the new year?

I'll have to think of mine, they'll probably be the typical ones but I will try to be more specific.

Olivia is sick, she's lost her voice (but not quite enough wink.gif ) so she stayed home yesterday, and has again today. I got Kimbal to school with a $5 note (he likes the notes...) and Luella is at preschool.

Curtis's birthday was yesterday. I can't believe he's 3. He's been a pita with TTing and has gone back to just wetting his pants, though he does go to the toilet or to the grass if outside, he just doesn't take his pants off! He has to be TTed for preschool next year, or mostly there, and I thought we'd be right. Now I'm having second thoughts!

Olivia wanted me to measure their heights yesterday so I did. She's 122cm, which is just under the 50%. Kimbal is 120cm, which is just under the 75%. Lu is 115cm, which is just over the 90% (I think, up the top anyway). And Curtis is 92cm, which is under the 15% laughing2.gif How funny that they have virtually the same lives and are such different shapes, especially the difference between Curtis and Lu! No wonder I think he's so much younger.

The weather is annoying me. It's summer! But it feels like autumn. That breeze is cool!

#3 Corrie_lyn78

Posted 14 December 2011 - 06:37 PM

I try not to set too many goals as in New Year Resolutions but I have definately got to be more focused in my study. I need to get it done for my own good as well as my families. I need to progress out of my position at work as well, before I go stale and stagnant. I need to take better care of myself. That was quite me, me, me focused lol rolleyes.gif .

Mandy, I somehow managed to produce quite tall boys, except for Harrison. I am not sure what Aria is at the moment but I am pretty sure she is under the 50th percentile as she looks squat against other babies her age. Even my best friends three month old might be a little longer than her lol. It is bizarre to see her standing up lol.

Try not to stress over Curtis' TT. I know it is easier said than done but I just found that they do it in their own time. Surely the pre-school are prepared for accidents. This is shameful but I had bladder control issues as a child and I still had regular accidents at 6 blush.gif . I did OT for it and I think my anxiety made it worse. I tried not to push my kids because mum would get impatient and annoyed and I remember how it made me feel. Lachie has only been confident with toileting for about 6 months.

#4 mokeydoke

Posted 16 December 2011 - 09:39 PM

I wouldn't mind going to sleep, but Curtis and Olivia had late (very late!) naps and Kimbal is up for as long as anyone else is awake so I'm sitting here with 3 kids just wishing that they'll watch the movie and be quiet. UNfortunately, Olivia is in the mood to talk about anything. For example, she just said 'Mum? When I eat pizza, I put it in this side of my mouth and then drag it to the other side so it rips a bit off' huh.gif Does she keep any of her thoughts to herself or must she verbalise everything? laughing2.gif

We've had a good day though. oh dear Lu is waking up!! bbl

#5 Corrie_lyn78

Posted 17 December 2011 - 05:49 AM

Haha Sounds like Tyler, he's got to tell me everything too. I never worry that I'll not know what he is thinking....Now hopefully I can say that in four years time when he is a teen.

#6 cheekymonkey

Posted 19 December 2011 - 11:06 AM


Where is everyone?

#7 ThatsNotMyName

Posted 19 December 2011 - 11:15 AM

frantically working through the arm long to do list before heading up to qld on Wed morning. We laid 200squ metres of lawn on Sat so that wrote off that day for getting other jobs done. So wrecked, everything is aching. Hope to upload a few pics before we go.

Love to all xxx

#8 Onemorebub

Posted 19 December 2011 - 12:33 PM

All set for chrissy I think! just the last minute cook and clean I have both families here this year exhausting thinking about it!

We have been making shortbread today it always sounds like a good idea and for the most part it is but there always are tense moments!

I have a summer cold bleh!

Merry chrissy everyone if I dont get on here again love you all heaps!!

#9 ThatsNotMyName

Posted 19 December 2011 - 02:35 PM

QOTT - I think my NYR will be two fold:

Practical - sort out the pantry, it's gotten in a right mess. Not dirty but everything just shoved everywhere & all the bench space cluttered up.

More deep & meaningful - not sure yet but I'm thinking something along the lines of enjoying each day more & not always striving to get through 'this' in order to move onto 'that'. Something like that anyway.

Currently assembling an Ikea kit gingerbread house though it's not gone well so far. I've had to do panel repairs before the assembly & I'm not quite sure the royal icing is going to hold it securely. Time will tell. It's going to pre-school tomorrow as they're having a party on their last day, as long as it looks OK when it gets there I don't care what happens to it after wink.gif

#10 lissiloo

Posted 19 December 2011 - 09:28 PM

Good golly, it's been days since I have had time to write to you all ...

We've had the ILs staying, they leave tomorrow after 10 days here. It's been mostly good, they do spend a lot of time with the kids and help a lot, but the constant presence gets a bit much. I'm very glad I got all the Chrissy shopping done before they arrived as it would have been hard to get the time to do it while they were here.

Poppy's party was a great success, I cooked and goody-bagged my (not so little) a**e off on Saturday, so only really had the setting up to do on Sunday morning. Was pretty exhausted by last night. Poppy got a great haul of stuff, 2 zhu zhu puppies, polly pockets, lalaloopsy, barbie, MLP, Smiggle, craft kits. Could almost cancel Christmas  wink.gif

Thankfully it's the last major thing til Xmas. We have a school picnic tomorrow night and that's about it. Xmas is at my sister's house, planning to stay Xmas night and Boxing day there with the kids. Then back here for a couple of days, including Poppy's actual birthday (and my wedding anniversary!) before heading to Perth for a couple of weeks. So Perth girls -- who is around in early January?

As for NYR, I really do need to get back on the weightloss bandwagon. Not going to happen til we get back from Perth, but then I will probably start WW again. Also I need to finish sorting out my house/life so I can stop putting things off "until I have sorted out/cleaned up/organised XYZ". We'll see how that goes.

On the career/life side of things, I am planning to finally get my blog going on genetics for the average bloke (more on that in the new year, I'll be asking for your advice), and probably a blog on my jewellery/crafty/foody efforts. I need to get writing and doing again, I've been treading water for a couple of years now ...

Megan -- how did the gingerbread house turn out?

OK, I have run out of puff here, talk to you all soon!


#11 Corrie_lyn78

Posted 21 December 2011 - 05:21 AM

I can't believe my baby is 5 today. It brings back some wonderful memories being back here biggrin.gif . We got him a Leapster Explorer. I forgot the batteries though and Tyler has used them all, so there are a few impatient tears rolleyes.gif .

#12 ~Jules~

Posted 22 December 2011 - 11:17 AM

Hope Poppy and Tyler enjoyed their birthdays!  original.gif

I look forward to following your blogs when you get back into writing Liss!

We are getting into the Christmas spirit here with eating, drinking, crafting and creating festive goodies along with several visits from Santa at the kindy/school/work xmas parties.  Also spending time cooling down, swimming and playing at the beach club.  Expect to do more of the same over the the next few weeks!  Mid-Jan we are going away to HK for a few days at Disneyland and then Chinese New Year - should be fun, I hope!   E seems to have hit a difficult age - tantrums and cheekiness, plus not sure how she will go with all the big 'characters', bustle and public transport etc.  Who knows though, kids are unpredictable and no doubt they will throw up surprises, hopefully good ones lol.  We did a town tour of Christmas lights the other night on the double decker bus (though we were last on and it was full up top so we ended up having the bottom level all to ourselves) and E freaked out - I guess just because it was new and she's never been on a bus? - shaking and screaming and repeating 'I'm scared'!  Eventually she calmed down and we all enjoyed it.

I bought M a small John Deere truck for Santa to give him at the work xmas party and went into a raffle draw when I did - forgot all about it until got a phone call the other day to say I'd won - $500 worth of John Deere toys in a pull along trailer! original.gif  So happy - M will love it - still deciding what/how much to give him on xmas day, because he already has enough - the trailer's sitting in the spare room at the moment with a doona thrown over it, so fingers crossed it doesn't get discovered over the next few days lol.  We have a trampoline being delivered tomorrow morning and wonder how we will manage to do that in secret - I would have liked to assemble it xmas eve and surprise the kids when they wake up, but chance are there might be a domestic involved if we leave ourselves so little time.  Anyone had any experience with putting a trampoline together?  I think it depends what type but I was warned by a friend who said it just about caused a divorce!  That's the last thing I want - DH is already grumpy when he has trouble with any type of DIY kit things, def don't want to add xmas eve pressure to the mix lol!  So we might just go the easy option and say it is a xmas present from us, then no secrecy and more time to put it up rather than waiting for the kids to go to sleep on xmas eve... we'll see.  

Thinking of everyone at this time of year - best wishes to all of you for a very merry Christmas xo

#13 mesaana

Posted 22 December 2011 - 11:36 AM

We did the trampoline thing xmas eve a few years ago.  Took a bit longer than expected but it wasn't too bad - but we had three people working on it which was definitely needed.  

Can you keep the kids out of the backyard for a day and put it together over two nights?  Or ring in a friend to help?

Life chugging along here - a few hiccups on the way but getting there.  I really want to know who my surprise pressie was from so please fess up!!!! You girls are awesome :-).  

I was so wiped this week and last I could barely function at work.  With Jack being sick this week I've had a bit more time at home which is so very needed.  But I now have my colleague wanting me to reduce some data and get it to him in the next day.  He only gave it to me on Tuesday, and I was home on Wednesday with Jack - so frustrating!  I joined the PS so I wouldn't be working outside of hours.  Anyway, that's my minor vent.

I took Jack for a bike ride yesterday (he is contagious, but not 'ill' iykwim).  Later on I was on the phone to Rob and gave the phone to Jack (it was on speaker) and said 'Daddy, we went for a bike ride'.  Rob's response was "you went for a bike ride, how could you??? Why would you do that, why did you have to go into the shed'.  I said "ummm Jack rode, I ran next to him".  So now he is saying that my present is in the shed, but it doesn't mean its a bike lol.  Given that Zoe's suggestion for Rob's present is a bike ... I think I know what I'm getting :-)

#14 ~Jules~

Posted 22 December 2011 - 01:16 PM

Yeah DH has already asked for a few helpers over on xmas eve - which will makes it easier, depending on how many drinks they have I guess - I'll let you know how it goes!!

Lol at the accidental bike pressie reveal - good fun, just look after yourself and no accidents like Mulan I hope!  I too wonder who your surprise gift was from Mes - do you really need to know though, I think I like the idea of the randomness of kindness that swirls within this group!

#15 cheekymonkey

Posted 22 December 2011 - 02:15 PM

Oops at the present reveal. But great possible gift. Sam pretty much knows everything he's getting for christmas. He's discovered his pressies both by accident (his sibling gift that was under our bed with some of my lego that he knew was under there and went to look at) and snooping (that was his santa pressie earlier this year - now from us). He still has no idea what santa's bringing though as that was stashed up in the rafters in the garage. No way of accidentally coming across that one. wink.gif

Jules - DH and my Dad put together our trampoline when santa brought one a few years ago. It took the two of them 3ish hours. He looked at some you tube clips first and was glad he did as he said they were way more helpful than the actual instructions that came with it. Biggest problem they had was that the centre 'spot' wasn't quite printed in the middle so they had to restart the spring placement once they figured out they'd placed it not quite right. Good luck!

NYR - same as last year and the year before. Declutter. If I keep making it I'll have to actualyl do it eventually. Yes??

My kids, Sam in particular, were driving me completely insane this week. It just kept escalating yesterday and I was so furious. I couldn't even blame pmt on my feelings of rage. Mum came to my rescue and took Sam away for the night. It's still taken til now for me to feel calmer. It was a bit scary actually, how none of my coping strategies made one bit of difference. Also made me wonder what my mum used to do when she lived in Perth with very little family nearby, just one sister who had 6 kids of her own. But then, I do have my Dad's temperament. Mum is a lot less hot headed.

#16 Mulan

Posted 22 December 2011 - 05:45 PM

Ooh Laura make sure the pedals are on properly and if they feel wonky stop riding straight away. In fact just avoid bikes from toys r us. No riding for me today. I'm discovering new bruises today.

I caved and opened my part of the ss. Thank you ss, I'm not sure who it's from though. My gift is perfect and I've put them on the glasses already. DD is more patient than I am though.

Jules it took DH exactly the amount of time the box indicated it would take for us to build our trampoline. We looked at YouTube first too and that made it easier. It's funny here, our single male neighbor has a heap of to be constructed children's stuff stashed in his garage at the moment.

I don't do NYR's usually. I'd like to stay active with bike riding once I heal from this latest disaster though and I'd like to get a car into the garage at least before winter comes.

#17 mamaknits

Posted 25 December 2011 - 04:44 PM

I hope all of you have a great break with your families and may you have a very merry Christmas if you celebrate. We're on the road.. just arrived in melbourne today and having a fantastic road trip!!

We had an early Christmas with Chris's family and an early brithday party for Alex. Can't believe that when we get back to Sydney, he will be 5!!!

#18 ThatsNotMyName

Posted 26 December 2011 - 09:11 AM

Celia & the Melb girls- have you been affected by the storms? I hope you're all ok.

Having a nice time up here at Kylie's but not a lot of opportunity to rest.


#19 fillesetjumeaux

Posted 26 December 2011 - 10:52 AM

Megan, I noticed that Liss had a blackout where she was (at Heidi's?).  Selfishly, I was just praying for the storms to pass and the rain to stop so the cricket could start as scheduled today!!!

#20 mamaknits

Posted 27 December 2011 - 08:29 AM

Car was hailed on, Megan, but we have not noticed any dents (not that we are looking that hard :S)

Off to Scienceworks today, I think.

#21 Denghiu

Posted 27 December 2011 - 07:30 PM

Merry Christmas to all! I hope you all had a lovely Chrissy with your beautiful families. Over here it is illness galore with Linus who has pneumonia, Ava with a horrid cough and cold and most of the cousins with the same cough and fevers going around. We still managed to celebrate christmas together and thanks to the kids not feeling too crash hot it was quite a quiet one, but they still had energy to play a bit and to open their presents. My gran (mormor for Sel wink.gif is in hospital, she was found passed out in her house on 19 dec and mum is going up tomorrow when they plan to release her and send her home. I don´t think they have figured out what caused it yet however.

#22 Corrie_lyn78

Posted 28 December 2011 - 07:54 AM

Oh Moa, what a tough Christmas you are having. I hope the kids feel better soon and your Mormor feels better soon too. I'm glad the kids enjoyed their Christmas day even if they were unwell.

#23 lissiloo

Posted 29 December 2011 - 09:26 PM

Hi ladies, I will need to be brief as I need to pack for our trip to Perth tomorrow ...

Hope you all survived Christmas. We did, albeit with a 16 hour blackout from Christmas evening til noon the next day. No hail at my sister's house but about an hour of very intense storms and rain, great lightning show too. Luckily we had finished with the eating except for dessert which was already prepared ...

(and there was no damage at home BTW, according to friends, the storm skirted north of our suburb)

As for the rest of it, well, survived being at my sister's house for 3 days  rolleyes.gif  She and her partner fight an awful lot and when they aren't bickering he is yelling at kids etc. I think I got lectured on everything from my parenting methods and food choices to why I was about to kill myself from getting the toast out of the toaster using a knife  wink.gif Sigh. The kids really loved being together though and that's the main thing, right????

Got some nice pressies. DH and the kids gave me a tool box full of jewellery making tools, THREE cookbooks (the latest Donna Hay, Bill Granger and Jamie Oliver's Great Britain), plus a couple of CDs and a couple of bling-y bracelets from the girls. I got a magazine subscription from my sister and some chockies and another cookbook from Mum (the Marion from Masterchef one, looks fab), plus a facial from mum and dad. And apparently the Harry Potter DVD box set is in the mail too. Yippee!!

The kids of course got spoilt. I tend to go overboard on the little crap. Oops. Anyway, no complaints from them  biggrin.gif

Today as you know was Poppy's birthday and our 11th wedding anniversary. Saving the romance for another night, we had Macca's for lunch. I got to escape and get my legs waxed and eyebrows tinted this afternoon, then we took champers over to friends late this arvo and ended up getting pizza for dinner. SO now I have a pile of clothes to put into suitcases and a list to put together for tomorrow morning.

Anyway, that's it for me for now, gotta go and pack the rest of the cases. Hope everyone who is sick is feeling better and the rest of you are relaxing into the summer. Perth girls I will be in touch soon!

Happy New Year!!!!!


#24 ~Jules~

Posted 03 January 2012 - 10:01 PM

Happy New Year to you all!  Very quiet here original.gif  I know some of you are enjoying travels and holidays still with family - it's great to be able to follow along on fb!  We are just having quiet, lazy days playing Wii and swimming mostly!  DH has started to have a couple of days off this wk and will be on hols from next wk for a month or so which is a nice change.

The trampoline went up no problem - only thanks to helpers though, DH would've been stuffed if not for them! lol - got a great pic of DS's shocked face when he discovered it in the yard on xmas morning.  He hasn't really been able to spend too much time on it yet though, it gets too hot during the day and most arvos we are at the pool.  I've had a few jumps on it too - good fun!  

We had the first rain yesterday too - only a small shower though really, looking forward to getting some more in the next wk or two I hope - the kids went nuts running around in it, it's been a while!

Good luck with all the party preps coming up this month, and happy birthday to all our 5yos xo

Edited by ~Jules~, 03 January 2012 - 10:02 PM.

#25 Corrie_lyn78

Posted 07 January 2012 - 01:37 PM

Hi all. Just popping in. I have had a nightmare first week of 2012 at work but every thing at home is good. I only have three weeks and then I am taking leave to settle Lachie into prep and Harrison into highschool *eek*.

I hope you all had a lovely New Years original.gif.

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