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#51 lissiloo

Posted 17 January 2012 - 05:09 PM


I've been back for a week but this is the first time I've had the time and energy to post! How are you all??? I've been busy dealing with getting ready for the year ahead stuff, the big thing has been getting Jack into daycare. Managed to get him 3 days a week, Tues/Thurs/Fri which is exactly what I wanted and it's at a centre that is fairly close, as well as on the tram line so DH can drop him off some days if I'm lucky! I talked to the guy I work for off and on, and he has plenty of work at the moment, including a project that will pretty much be mine I think, so that is great. And I plan to start TWO blogs, one science-y one and another that will be for my jewellery making and general me-stuff. The science-y one will probably be hosted on my boss's website, which is great too. Now I just have to get cracking on everything.

Also booked Ella into a new gymnastics place (a bit closer to home), called up to rearrange swimming, called to see if I could get Jack into a kindergym program (he needs outlets for his energy  wink.gif  ) and called the school's piano teacher to see about lessons for Ella. Phew. And booked Poppy into ballet/tap/jazz. My kids are all booked up sigh.

Poppy is so excited about starting school! She won't know who her teacher is for the first few days but probably won't move from the class she initially starts in. Hopefully she'll know at least a couple of kids in her class. Ella knows who is in her class, her best friend is there (who wasn't in her class last year), and a couple of kids from last year's class but not her good friends from last year's class. They like to mix it up a bit I think.

Our trip to Perth was good, although exhausting. Felt a bit like same Sh*t, different location at times, but overall had a nice time. Jack is a lousy sleeper at the moment, mostly because he is a lousy eater at the moment, and not eating = waking up overnight for milk. Add to that the hot and unusually sultry weather in Perth and an uncomfortable bed often with him in it too, and I got very little sleep. And got a bit sick of the constant need to tidy up (MIL is one of those people that does the dishes as soon as she finishes eating, etc etc). Oh well. Caught up with lots of people but not many for long enough. The kids really enjoyed the time with their grandparents. Oh, and the flight with Jack nearly did me in, not cos he was naughty, he was very good, but I had to pay attention to him every second of every minute!! DH got it totally easy with the two girls, they just watched the movie and/or played on the iphone/ipad.

Looks like I will be heading back to Perth in late October for a weekend as my oldest friend is getting married. Not sure if I will have time for catchups then though as I might be there for a weekend only as it will be soon after our planned trip to Darwin/Kakadu.

Have started weightwatchers again, hopefully I can stick to it for a while. Have put back on the weight I lost in the first part of last year  rolleyes.gif  and feeling very unfit.

My nephew stayed over last night, so the kids were up really late giggling. Have had enforced quiet time this afternoon. My mum came over this morning and I took the girls plus my nephew to the pool for a couple of hours as it is hot here today. Jack has just woken up from a long sleep, too long actually which means he won't go to bed early tonight either. Sigh. 2.5 more weeks .... then back to routine.

Well, I have futzed around enough here and I need to get some dinner on for the kids. hugs to all of you and hope the school prep is going well.


#52 Onemorebub

Posted 19 January 2012 - 05:15 PM

Thats great Mandy we will be arriving at the park around 11:30 and its not a party as such as friends staying there the night and just using the facilities and yes mostly Saturday we will be booted I guess 10ish on Sunday so I thought i'd come and see you? or meet wherever? we will probably leave sunday afternoon.

#53 Corrie_lyn78

Posted 23 January 2012 - 06:10 AM

biggrin.gif We have our first prep day today. Lachie is so excited, he wanted to sleep in his uniform.

#54 fillesetjumeaux

Posted 23 January 2012 - 07:53 AM

Hi all!  Popping on to say thank you to our secret Santa from Deni for Z's birthday present!  She has known it was there for her since before Christmas, so I think she did pretty well not opening it till today!!!  (The party blowers were a particular hit with the children, but not so much with our host who starts having heart palpitations if more than one child speaks at a time, let alone 5 running around with party blowers!!!)

#55 mokeydoke

Posted 24 January 2012 - 08:29 AM

laughing2.gif Janet, I always like the idea when giving a child a gift to give them something their parents wouldn't but that they would love wink.gif

Lu's birthday is today and after Curtis was so good, leaving the presents alone until she woke up, he has been a terror ever since!! Grabbing and running off with her toys, not because he wants them, just because she does! I told him to go to his room and he ran and hid in the shoe cupboard, I only found out he was there when he started giggling as I walked past for the 5th time. Rat bag. But he is getting better generally, just not today.

Peter yesterday got a call from a friend who had tickets for today's tennis in a corporate box spare, and now he has gone to Melbourne for the night. I would love to go to the tennis and in a semi-private air conditioned room would be even better! Anyway, just adding this to my list of he-owes-me-one rolleyes.gif

#56 Onemorebub

Posted 24 January 2012 - 03:37 PM

Thankyou Mandy for our meet up in the park! Sorry it was a little chaotic!
Always nice to see your gorgeous smile!

And Happy birthday to Luella!

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#57 Naz32

Posted 26 January 2012 - 07:23 PM

OK Dont all fall off your chairs but Hello!!  Its been so long since I have posted in here.  I havent been able to log on and Ive tried everything but now i have a new PC and have recovered passwords and log ins and Im back original.gif

So big news first.  Baby is due tomorrow.  Im feeling good just very uncomfortable and not getting too much sleep but body wise I seem to be holding up OK.  OB is worried about low fluid in the placenta so Im off to hospital in the morning to be monitored and for the OB to decide whether to induce me in the morning if ther eis a bed available or whether I will have to wait until Monday.  Im happy with either as the champagne end is in sight Tounge1.gif  I will say that the movements have slowed down for bub and when he does move it is starting to get painful as there isnt much room left. So baby Hodges might be here by this time tomorrow night if Im lucky.

Lily is all ready for school.  She doesnt start until 7th Feb though so still has another week to wait.  They are doing some interview thing with all the kids starting inthe catholic schools in the diocese so she will have an interview on Tuesday for one hour and then will be placed in her class from there - there is only two classes anyway though so Im not too sure what its all about but its all the latest apparently  wink.gif

Forster is going OK.  House we are renting is still bloody leaking and the owner is a royal pain so I dont know if we will stick around here for longer than our 6 month lease and might try to move back into town.  Its a shame they arent just a little bit nice instead of rude and tight arses.  The business is going well though and Gavin is loving it.  I can see how happy he is underneath the stress of it all.  He is now on 3 weeks holidays and then part time for 2 weeks after that so will be great for the kids to finally get to spend some time with him and him with them.  Its been abit light on daddy time over the past 12 months and with the new baby coming the timing couldnt be better.

Its so great to see how much all our babies have grown and hard to believe they are all 5.  How amazing that we are all still chatting away on here too original.gif THe pictures of them all starting school is almost surreal.  My next job once bub comes is to wash up lilys school uniform - if she spies it anywhere she wants to put it on so i hvae delayed that so far lol Mum is coming either tomorrow night or Saturday to stay for a week so she will fix it all up Im sure.

Other than that its just life as usual here for us.  Kids are good one minute, have you in tears the next - sometimes with laughter, sometimes with frustration.  Sarah and Simon love to hate each other and it stresses me out alot but hopefully they will start to work it out abit more over the next few months with a new distraction in the house.  Simon has started PS one day a week and so I get to have a day alone with Sarah which as been nice.  We went to the movies the other day and the week before we painted and cooked cupcakes.  I feel like I havent had much time for her in the past year or so.  I decided it might help her to have some 1 on 1 time with me so I dropped her 1 day of PS and put Simon in on that day as he really is a menace.  He is getting there with PS.  He cries on drop off but now when we pick him up he has started to continue playing instead of bursting into tears.  He is hard work though - really different from the girls.  Two boys will be interesting lol.

Still no names picked for baby - we are in discussion.  If I like something too much Gav changes his mind lol so Im trying to be all meh about it and will wait until he is born.

I hope everyone is well.  love to all.   wink.gif biggrin.gif cool.gif

#58 cheekymonkey

Posted 26 January 2012 - 08:58 PM

Awww Naz. Great post. I'm so excited for you to finally have newborn cuddles. It feels (from this end) that it's been a bit of a struggle for you so I'm glad you're nearly at the end. Here's hoping it all goes smoothly for you.  hheart.gif

Happy Australia Day to all. I've had one wine but didn't really like it much so drank it too fast to get rid of it. Now I'm light-headed. If it weren't for the fact one of my favourite movies is on, I'd go to bed. wink.gif

#59 Corrie_lyn78

Posted 27 January 2012 - 06:06 AM

Good luck for today Naz. I hope every one had a lovely Australia Day holiday yesterday.

#60 Naz32

Posted 27 January 2012 - 02:25 PM

Quick update from labour ward. Don't get excited lol.

All is ok. Im just being monitored at hospital for the afternoon. My BP is a little up so they are just checking me out. I will be induced Monday if there is a bed!! Lol. It's a baby boom in Taree apparently. there are no beds even if I have to have bub today lol.

#61 Mulan

Posted 28 January 2012 - 09:32 PM

Naz I keep thinking of you and hoping you are holding that precious special boy of yours. He's going to be such an amazing addition to your family.

It's been a busy christmas and new year and I'm looking forward to the kids heading back to school. I have some amazing opportunities looming with work and just waiting to see what pans out with them now. I'm leaving it all in the hands of the universe right now to work out what is right for my family.

My kids have been amazing through the holidays, the usual boredom and needing more than we can give with particular restrictions in place. However I'm so proud of them too. Teaching my eldest child to mow the lawn and do some laundry has been a good highlight though. I've learnt a technique in teaching him that involes asking him to do the housework (ie washing) over the phone. Nobody is there to bail him out and he follows the directions as I give them. Then the next time he remembers the steps exactly. All discovered when I realised I'd left the house with him home and forgotten to put a load on which I wanted to hang after returning from grocery shopping.

I've also been told I'm an overprotective mother once again making my son wear ear muffs to mow the lawn. I don't care what people think of me but I will continue to enforce that one.

#62 cheekymonkey

Posted 29 January 2012 - 09:14 PM

Gee Mulan, wonder what people would think of my hubby then. He not only wears ear muffs to mow, but the hard mesh face guard as well. And he always makes sure he's wearing shoes with enclosed toes, regardless of the temp outside. ohmy.gif  Good going on teaching DS#1 some house keeping skills too. My boys have been told frequently lately that they are going to be taught how to do housework as I will not have boys who expect a woman to look after them (unlike the way DH was raised).

#63 mamaknits

Posted 01 February 2012 - 10:10 AM

Drop off was easy and no tears involved. In fact I was surprised to see none of the other parents crying as well. No tears from the kids though there were a couple who looked reluctant. I hope he has a ball. How did your first day of school go?

#64 cheekymonkey

Posted 01 February 2012 - 11:45 AM

I'll tell you next Monday.

DD, however, started pre-school today. Walked in like she owned the place, sat down and started doing puzzles. When Adam tried to do some too, she snapped at him "Adam, this is not YOUR pre-school". laughing2.gif  It's very quiet without her. I got a friend of Adam's to come round today so he didn't drive me insane. I wish i hadn't. I am so bored.  mellow.gif

#65 mokeydoke

Posted 01 February 2012 - 05:53 PM

School doesn't start here til Monday.

Kimbal has matured so much over the past month, so I'm quite hopeful that he'll be ok at school this year. The difference in him is quite remarkable. He even decided to give up his blanky  huh.gif on Luella's birthday - in exchange for cash, but hey, it was his decision AND it came with no warning. I actually have a photo of him from the night before her birthday, as he'd just helped me set up the presents and balloons and there it is...his beloved rainbow blanky. He carried it everywhere! So money talks for the big fella, and I am not beyond paying him to go to school if that's what it takes.

I need to get Olivia's eyes checked again. She is skipping words when reading and leaving off s's, but says her glasses hurt her nose and ears.

Lu is the least of our worries. She's excited about school.

Curtis is a pita who has decided he doesn't mind pooing anywhere he feels like it. That is not good, he is supposed to start preschool next Friday - and he will, but they are supposed to be toilet trained and I know he's just lazy.

#66 mamaknits

Posted 02 February 2012 - 04:18 PM

How's everyone who started school this week going/ We have had 2 days and both have been great. Alex has settled in nicely. He is in a tiny class of only 14 kids. The teacher is new to the school but not new to teaching. Lovely lady and seems to be firm, which is what Alex needs. So far I am pleased. Hope the rest of our jan babies are having as much fun.

#67 Mulan

Posted 02 February 2012 - 07:59 PM

Sounds like little miss had her best start testing today. Our school do it differently with three teachers covering for the week plus the year 6 teacher and year 6 buddies for a lot of activities. They Take  each child for their testing aside but the whole class are there for the whole week. Little miss seems to love it. She can't stop talking about the events of the day and looks forward to school each morning. However she's not too impressed by our no tv on school days rule, wasn't a problem when she only went 3 days but she has realized that it means she can only watch tv in the morning on weekends now and play school isn't on the weekend mornings apparently. How did I not realize this

#68 ThatsNotMyName

Posted 03 February 2012 - 12:35 PM

Record it Mulan, then you can dole it out according to merit original.gif

#69 Mulan

Posted 03 February 2012 - 07:57 PM

Would you believe with all the technology in our place I don't think we have a recording device. We haven't had the need to record anything since we moved. There isn't much on tv that I feel disappointed in missing, usually downloadable or iview or it's repeated on one of the other digital channels later in the week.
Maybe if I look carefully I might find it on one of the weekend abc channels. Can't say I've ever looked enough though.
She didn't complain today though. I'm going to hang in there that she might not miss it too much soon anyway.

#70 lissiloo

Posted 03 February 2012 - 08:21 PM

Mulan, you can probably get playschool in iview, or on the ABC website I'd say!

It is so long since I've posted on here, sorry guys, we went away for last weekend and then this week has just been full on! I am happy that school is starting so we can get some routine back into our lives!

We also have the no TV in the morning during the week rule, not popular. And afternoons depends on various things -- behaviour, homework, etc.

Anyway. How are you all?? My little Pops doesn't start school til Monday but she is pretty excited. Ella started today, and loves her new teacher. Ms P is newly engaged to the school's PE teacher who is the school's eye candy for Mums, so lots of goss there  rolleyes.gif

And in other news Jack has had 2 orientation sessions at day care -- he starts next Tuesday but I think it will be half days for the first week. Not looking forward to the clinginess, but def looking forward to engaging a different part of my brain!

Got a great ebay purchase today, a step 2 rollercoaster -- basically a ramp with a ride on car. You often see them at playcentres. Jack is in looooove.

I'm sick again, got aches and pains all last weekend, and then have had a chesty cough since, blergh. Probably got something to do with the fact that Jack has let me have 2 nights' full sleep in the last 4-6 weeks. Booger still won't eat properly, hence wakes up hungry at odd hours of the night.

Going to see A Chorus Line tomorrow night for a friend's birthday. Night out away from kids WOOT! I'm easily excited these days.

OK, must go, will be back soon I promise!


#71 Naz32

Posted 07 February 2012 - 06:15 PM

G'day Chicks wink.gif

So - whats new? I just had a baby Tounge1.gif
All is going well.  My milk took a week to come in but its here and he is now happy and sleeping well.  I got lots of sleep last night so I feel like a new person today - and that might be because of the rack ive got due to said milk coming in lolol. I feel like ive had a boob job hehehe.

Kids are coping well with the new arrival.  there has been lots of changes lately so they are coping well.  I think we have a big fortnight ahead with them but as long as Marcus keeps sleeping like the last 24 hours we might be in with half a chance.

I had him at 8.54pm last Monday.  It was not a pleasant delivery but it could have been worse.   I ended up being induced as I had quite a minimal amount of fluid in the placenta and they were worried that if I went too far over it might be an issue since all my children have been quite late of their EDD.  I had a wonderful midwife and OB looking after me so that helped alot - not to mention Gav and my mum at my side all the way.  Marcus was a nice 9lb and has been doing quite well ever since they started monitoring him the friday before he was born.  He was very comfy in there even though he was just about bursting out.

Lily started school today and she was pumped.  I have put one or two pics up but I will post a few more off the camera once they are downloaded.  I even have my first family photo and its half decent so Im very happy with that!!  Lily had a great day and cant wait to go back.  So thats good news I guess lol.

Gavs on leave for another week so that will be handy to have him to help out.

All the kids have looked so gorgeous in their school uniforms - I have loved looking at all their pictures.  I feel like a very proud Aunty original.gif

Pics are finished so will pop on FB.  Hope everyone is going well. xx

#72 Onemorebub

Posted 12 February 2012 - 08:09 AM

Soo quiet in here!

Mandy would love a full update on how Kimball is going at school?

Update on schoolies on here altogether all the little stuff, friends, buses, composite classes, canteen etc

Tom is great at Preschool this year which is great and Billy great too! yay!

#73 mokeydoke

Posted 12 February 2012 - 12:48 PM

Bonnie - he is going great! Strange but true. On Friday he was even excited about going, because it was library day. Last year, I had no idea when library was and had more things to worry about to even care. I can't even describe the joy I've felt seeing him go happily this week. He says his teacher is the best in the world, but he has 2 and he likes both of them. He doesn't take toys (except the surprise one I put with their lunches during the week) and disappears into the gate first at drop off.

Funny that I appreciate it all, the ease of which Luella has settled in, so much more after the last year of hell. It's something no one can really appreciate until they experience I guess. I doubt I'll ever forget the year that was! I feel so much better, more myself now that I'm not spending so much time worrying about him. It's been about 10kg worth of worry that I'll be happy to relinquish this year wink.gif

#74 mamaknits

Posted 12 February 2012 - 08:40 PM

Gosh it is quiet in here. Hi!!! Everyone else  finding the new school year busy? I am. I haven't had to wake up so early consistently for a long time!

We bought Alex an alarm clock over the weekend. hopefully he will use it and I won't have to keep being his alarm clock.

he has had a wonderful time at school and really loving it. I am so relieved, and so happy for him. His teacher is lovely. Very enthusiastic, and firm  with him, which is really what he needs. He has, I think, established that she is boss in that relationship wink.gif and he thinks the world of her.

Chinese class on the other hand, is a bit more of a struggle. He is finding it hard but has agreed to stick it out for half a year. My bet is that by then he will have picked up enough for it to not be as hard and he may start enjoying it. I do wish I had taken the trouble to speak to him in Chinese more when he was younger. He's happy that the neighbour's child is also attending Chinese class, but she's in yr 3 and so a few classrooms away. The two love playing together, so I am hoping that having her around, though not in the same class, will encourage him to keep going.

#75 cheekymonkey

Posted 13 February 2012 - 01:12 AM

Busy? Me? Well now, lets see. We have 3 at school, so 3 lots of yelling at to get ready, lunches to prepare, homework to over see.

Sunday - S has nippers for another month. After that will start football games.
Monday - R has swimming.
Tuesday - R has dancing. L has gymnastics. Soon S will have football training at much the same time.
Wednesday - R has pre-school so extra morning preps needed. S has cubs.
Thursday - R and I go to story time at the library. All 3 boys have swimming.
Friday - shopping day.
Saturday - collapse I think. wink.gif

AJ wants to learn drumming but the only lessons I've found are on Tuesday afternoons, at the same time as gymnastics and football training. I could possibly wrangle it if we changed gym to Monday arvos but that's my only weekday afternoon off and I was hoping to use that to get a little ahead with the weeks homeowrk activities. I've told him he needs to take some time to settle into school first. wink.gif

Celia - it's kinda good that Alex is having a bit of a struggle in chinese classes. Not that you want to see your kids struggle but at least he's learning how to deal with a challenge. I do hope he decides to keep going.

Mandy - I can only imagine how hard it must have been dealing with Kimbal's hatred of school last year. It's so great to hear he's liking it much better this year.

BLR - that was short and sweet. Have you any more of an in depth update to give maybe? Tounge1.gif

At work and needed. Better go.

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