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September 04 Parents # 110

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#1 Sandra

Posted 13 December 2011 - 07:50 AM

New thread time ladies


#2 helly

Posted 13 December 2011 - 12:12 PM

Gold!!!! Yeehaa...

Greetings from NZ, over for a week with the boys to see my folks - wet and miserable here, feeling ripped off about the lack of Summer here and at home.

BBL but gotta get my deserved first place, lol!


#3 xaylmz

Posted 19 December 2011 - 10:59 AM

SILVER woot woot!!!!

Awesome Helly, despite the crappy unsummer weather I hope you are all having a wonderful time catching up with the family xx

We managed K's 4th bday party yesterday, amid a very sick Q.  Supposed to be heading to MIL's for xmas so we'll just have to see what happens with Q, if he is still unwell by the weekend DH might have to go with the other boys on their own sad.gif

Otherwise all good here, great end of year school report for C!

Looking forward to xmas holidays, not that I have any leave other than the public holidays plus one extra day.  I plan to do the 10km Rip to River event next week though, eeek!!

Bec xox original.gif

#4 littlemumma

Posted 26 December 2011 - 04:13 PM

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful day with your families.


#5 helly

Posted 21 January 2012 - 09:38 PM

Hey hey, Happy New Year to anyone checking in (can’t believe how quiet it is in here, while I sometimes log into Facebook and see what’s happening, I must say I miss these threads!)  I hope everyone has had a great start to 2012 – we’ve had really good school holidays but I must say I’m looking forward to school starting in a week or so. A has got the teacher he really wanted as his class teacher (she took them for maths last year) and we had a big labelling session today.  He’s been going to holiday care a couple of days a week – they get to do such cool stuff, and on my home days we’ve been biking heaps and doing things like the Observatory and open-air films. I’ve changed my working days so I’m home on Mondays this year – loving having the long weekend every week, really makes a difference. Little N is going great guns, completely cheeky and very very active.  The boys are total partners in crime – god help me when they really start ganging up on me wink.gif

Bec  How’s Q now? How very very scary it must’ve been, and chaotic too. I’m so glad he got home in time for Xmas original.gif

original.gif helly

#6 RiverOfDreams

Posted 24 January 2012 - 07:10 AM

Happy New Year!    

What a big month it has been.  Brother and his family flew in a month ago today for a quick 2 week visit.  There 2 daughters are beautiful.  Elena who is 2 in Feb was amazing, very social!  Even at the airport she knew us all and grabbed my two girls hands and wouldn't let them go!  It was so so great to have them here, and of course the wheels are in motion in my head now as to how I can get over to Spain!

I came back to work after new year, but have next week off because Hannah starts school on Thursday.  (my baby!!)  I've just decided it might be nice to go away for a couple of days so now looking for some last minute accommodation down the beach for early next week before school.

The summer holidays for the kids has gone so quick.  We've been doing lots of swimming, playing games and visiting... it is such a great time of year!   The girls received new bikes for Christmas.  Hannah and I go for regular rides, but Miss Carli is our lazy bones and anything further than round back yard is too far!!  (Mind you we do have a big back yard!)

Helly, that's good about the teacher.  Carli has the same teacher as last year (it's a 1/2 composite), She likes her and is learning so no complaints from me.    

I'm with you Helly, FB is good for pics, but I still love the threads here!

2012 WILL be a great year for us all!  (Just found out that it's the year of the dragon.. that's my year so it will have to be a good one!)

Talk to you soon
MJ xx

#7 helly

Posted 25 January 2012 - 09:40 PM

MJ   Your nieces sound gorgeous original.gif Do they speak Spanish or English or both?   Have you been Skype-ing with them?  I don’t why it’s taken me so long to get on the bandwagon (I’ve had a Skype account for 6 years but not used it except at the very start) but we’ve started Skype-ing with the folks in NZ and it’s fantastic. The baby gets all excited and blows kisses and babbles away at the screen and it’s so good for A (who doesn’t really like talking on the phone, we put it onto speaker but it’s still too hard for him)  Not quite as good as being there but certainly a different level of interaction.  

We’re also looking to a Europe trip in a couple of years (DP has a big birthday coming up and though N will not be quite 4 I think A will be a great age for it)  Though when we were talking about it the other day, A literally burst into tears and said he didn’t want to go, I think it was the idea of the long plane ride but it left us completely bemused.  

Hope Hannah has a wonderful start to school on Thursday (? Isn’t that Australia Day?)  Is she raring to go (and how are you feeling about it)? I think it must be easier for subsequent kids as they are familiar with school and know they have their sibling there – N clearly already wants to go be with the big kids laughing2.gif  Are all the classes composite at your school?  Ours are all straight year groups but I’m really interested in the concept and how people find them.

Ah, so you’re a lucky Dragon are you? 2012 should be a fantastic year then (though it dates you – when I was in Japan I couldn’t work out how people knew how old I was until I worked out that as it’s a 12 year system you can always be pegged as a certain age unless you look 12 years older or younger, lol)  We went to the New Year markets here on Sunday which was kind of fun, I might try to take the boys down to Darling Harbour for the fireworks next weekend.

BTW, did you finish True Blood?  I’m having a Mad Men fest at the mo, much prefer sinking myself into a series than FTA TV (which seems to get more and more dire)

waves.gif to everyone – come chat with us wink.gif


#8 xaylmz

Posted 05 February 2012 - 01:38 PM

Hey everyone, haven't been in here for ages!  

Q had a second cardiogram last week and results of both so far are clear. Has one more to go mid April but the cardiologist is pretty confident it will be clear as well!

I have joined Michelle Bridges 12wk body transformation program which is in preseason atm so I trying to get back into exercising and cutting out the crap food (mostly too much choccie in my case!). I have lost 7kg this yr so far, my goal was to lose 10kg by the end of the 12wks so I'm already well on my way so will hopefully lose more than the 10 by the end.

I have applied for a 12mth contract in Broome! Not confident that I will get it but would be a great opportunity work wise if I did. Would mean I'd be away for about 1wk a month though so that's a bit scary as i would miss the kids like crazy!  DH would be a SAHD and look for some part time work to fit around kids.  

Helly did you get to the fireworks?
MJ year of the dragon for me too original.gif

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#9 RiverOfDreams

Posted 06 February 2012 - 07:42 AM

Good morning

Go Bec - 7kgs already... heck that is fantastic!  Will have to check that program out.   Great news about Quin's results.     Tell us more about this Broome opportunity.. is there only one position, will you be doing the same thing.. just over there?  Good luck!

Helly - Yes we are regular skypers!  Elena does speak both Spanish and English and it's amazing how she just switches depending on who she's talking to!  Although we all learnt what "No quiero" meant (I don't want) when she didn't want to do something!

Well Miss H started school on Thursday (the week after Oz Day, Helly!)  No problems.  As you said familiar environment, familiar people.  She was happy!  I walked back to the car a little choked.. it's such a big step in their lives (and ours!).   Readers came home first day and Hannah couldn't wait to get it out of her bag to read (and read .. and read!!).  I think she just loves being part of the whole school routine!  
Do your schools do Mathletics?  I've noticed at home the girls do reading eggs, but Carli hardly ever went on Mathletics last year... maybe having a competive sister with her own log in will change that!!

As for Miss C starting school - she just couldn't wait to see her best friend!    

Last week we went down to Warnambool for a couple of days, which was a nice getaway before school started but here I am back at work again!

.. nearly forgot .. True Blood update!  I have now watched seasons 1-3 and DH bought me the books so now onto Book 6!

Have a great week
MJ x

#10 RiverOfDreams

Posted 13 March 2012 - 07:26 AM

hello - who needs a blog when you can have your own forum!

Just checking in to see
1) Bec - how did you go with the Broome opportunity
2) how are the kids going back at school?  What are the big grade 2 issues (attitude is seeping into my house)
3) what are your holiday plans?

that's all!

Our weekends have been very busy!  We have the school fair this weekend (so if you're in the area..!) and can't believe how quickly first term is going.  H still has Wednesdays off, but going great guns.

Won't tell you too much, as a good chance I'm just talking to myself!!


#11 RiverOfDreams

Posted 13 March 2012 - 07:45 AM

.. one more thing - you guys have boys.   Is this something a 7-8 year old boy would want?

Hot Specials Topic

It's a speed stick (skateboard) and with the coupon only pay $9.95 delivery.  I don't know if it's just the idea that it's so cheap, or if this is a good deal.


#12 sallan

Posted 13 March 2012 - 08:16 PM

Quicky Michelle- holidays - England- thats all biggrin.gif

#13 helly

Posted 21 March 2012 - 10:49 PM

Great idea to get this thread back alive again original.gif  Sorry I’ve been awol, we’ve moved house and man oh man what a big job… We’re a bit further out of the city now but have a house rather than apartment, great park and playground across the road, and the trip to school/work basically stays the same for me.

Bec So impressed with your fitness thing – I’m feeling especially blobby at the moment as I’ve completely gotten out of my gym routine with the move and now the new place (and my darlings have got sick and then passed it onto me…)  Did you get the contract?  Fantastic news about Q’s echo, was just reading in my Japanese newspaper how the rate of Kawasakis has been rising there too and no-one knows why

MJ Yup this term has completely whizzed by, I can’t believe it’s holidays in a week or 2.  A’s loving his class and seems to be thriving – his little brother is like your H I think, he can’t wait to go (he’ll start preschool there in 2014)  Ooh I hadn’t thought of the Tue Blood books, must put them on my list…. Mad Men is my current viewing du jour, not that I’ve had time for weeks. Did you end up getting the speedstick?  A would love something like that (was just looking last night at skateboard lessons for the hols possibly)  

Sal How’s the job going?  When are you going to England?

Now for the Q’s
Year 2 issues. Attitude for us too, he’s good as gold at school but not necessarily at home (especially when he’s tired)   Academics are going great guns but socially he’s not picking up all the cues and nuances (which’ll be partly hearing related). He plays with plenty of kids and is happy but he’s pretty “young” for his age while being the tallest kid in the year so we’re going to do some extra stuff around this.
Holidays.  Thinking of camping before it gets cold but I don’t know if that’ll happen. We’re going to go to Port Douglas in November for the solar eclipse and I’m thinking maybe a couple of little getaways to Melbourne or the Gold Coast mid year but we’ll see how we go.

Edited by helly, 21 March 2012 - 10:51 PM.

#14 bearboy01

Posted 11 April 2012 - 03:51 PM

hey hey  hey XXXX  original.gif I FINALLY got my cousin to fix my desktop - OMG !!!!!  Ive been using my very old  mobile NOKIA for MONTHS - Its been a nightmare and using the local library and my neighbours PCs for banking - jezus - Loads to catch up on so will READ AND READ - and update u all - Caleb is REALLY struggling guys at school - more outside assessments - more sad faces & meetings with the school - we plod along - hope to be back ASAP XX X X X X X  X

#15 helly

Posted 29 April 2012 - 11:40 PM

Gosh it's quiet in here... Checked up on a few of you on FB but I dunno, just can't get into updating.  All good with us, enjoying the new house, working hard, watching the weeks whizz by.  Reasonable holidays, though I must say A's behaviour has been trying. He can be so grown-up but we're also getting a whole lot of brattiness at times. And his little brother who's still 1 (nearly 2, but still technically 1!) is sooo much more helpful, it's ridiculous. They are real partners in crime, but wow just such different personalities and behaviour...

Jayne It must break your heart with the school dramas I imagine.  I so hope that you've got some people in your corner helping you to advocate and that the school's been helpful.  Is there any chance of moving him?

Sal Hope your trip went well, did the boys love it?

So what's news?

original.gif helly

#16 RiverOfDreams

Posted 30 April 2012 - 08:40 AM

Hi Helly.  All going along nicely here.   School holidays went quickly.  We fitted in a lot even though I only had the main days off over Easter.  

Now back into the school routine again.  C has started Net Set Go on a Sunday morning.  It starts at 9am, but it is really social!  It's at the same time as the AusKick, so the BBQ is going and all the locals (with kids our age) are about so don't mind the early start at all!   Next week a Geelong AFL footballer is coming down so the netball girls get to participate too.   Already looking forward to it!

Who has pets?   We have lots of space but only birds (our old dog died a number of years ago)  Well the girls have been on and on to have a pet.  H would love a rabbit, but we have so many (wild ones) around the house already I don't think that's a good idea.  So now they want guinea pigs (have already named them!)  We are warming to the idea, so as a test we are looking after my friend's two poodle cross something dogs while she rides around France in June.  Should be fun.. and hopefully it works out!

Jayne, I'll echo Helly in that I hope you have support within the school to help with C.

Bek - How's Quinn going with his cast - how much longer does he need it on.

Sal - pics and stories please!!  At least one highlight!

Bridget (Meow) - how are the girls going?  Is CJ enjoying school?

Al - Dragon Boat racing?? more info please!

Talk soon
MJ x

#17 xaylmz

Posted 15 May 2012 - 10:17 PM

Sorry guys, ages since I have been in here to update!  Been a very hectic few months for me!

Separated from DH back in March, was quite messy, he wants to reconcile and I'm still not so sure so have been having counselling both for myself and together.  He's renting a unit not to far away so is close enough to see kids as often as possible.

Had final scan on Q's heart and all is good so no further follow up needed.  He had a broken leg as you know, cast came off a couple of weeks ago but he is sick again with 'a virus' but he's lost the ability to walk so don't know what's going on there yet. Seems he can't seem to get a good run of health!

C had a black eye from a ball to the face in hockey practice last week, no damage other than bruising. He's doing well at school but has an attitude at home.  Not sure if it's age or situation related or a combo of both.

K is doing fine, loves kinder though gets tired very easily.

MJ nope we don't have any pets, well not in the 'big' sense.  We have 3 fish and a gecko though, they are enough effort to look after. As much as I would love to have a dog, and I'm sure the kids would too, I simply don't have the time to care for one nor is our yard really spacious enough for one.

Helly I wonder if it's an age and boy thing with behaviour?  C is extremely trying at times, stubborn, rude and nasty to DS2.  So can't wait till he's a teenager, not!  Drives me batty!!

Jayne, so sorry to hear Caleb is still struggling at school sad.gif

Sal how was your trip to England?  I have seen your pics on fb and your skyping updates!

Al & Bridget, how are you going?

I often wonder some of our other lovely sept mums are going, hard to remember all their names these days... vicki, janemc, tina, kathy (you still lurking?), lammy, omy, lynnie (Sal are you still in touch?) and tracey.

#18 helly

Posted 16 May 2012 - 10:53 PM

MJ   We’re being badgered for pets here as well, I think I’ve managed to lure the boys onto my side (I’m a total cat person, DP is a dog person)  but we’ll wait a bit.  
How was the AFLer visit?  

Bec  Just saw you’re back in hospital – hope Q gets better fast (glad to hear about his heart though, what a relief!). What a lot you must have on your plate – really sorry to hear about your separation. My folks split when I was 12 and looking back I really wish they’d split earlier, or sorted things out, so I hope the counselling helps you with the path forward, and that DH is pulling his weight with the kids with all the stuff happening. How are the kids taking it?  
I was thinking about the old group just a few days ago – my Sids and Kids volunteer form arrived in my email and I do that every year in memory of Liam and think about the journey we’ve all been on. It’s so weird to see 2004 as the first individual PG year on EB (esp now that the Due In groups are in *2013* OMG how did that happen?!?)  

Nothing really new here, the weeks just whizz by at a scary rate.  I managed to get cheapie tickets to NZ for 4 nights at the end of term and am planning a 2nd birthday party for N – I am amazed daily at the difference between my boys, they really are such different personalities.    

waves.gif to all


#19 littlemumma

Posted 11 June 2012 - 12:42 PM

Hi guys,

Firstly, I'm sorry I don't get on much (well hardly ever) but I do think about you guys all the time and try and keep up on Facebook with what is going on.

Bec- far out you have been having such a horrible time. So sorry to hear about the separation, not nice. Poor little Q has been having such a horrible time, you must be beside yourself, not sure how you are even managing.

Michelle - how are the girls? we have a dog and had a bird once but gave her to the inlaws, just got over cleaning up her mess. Dogs are awesome but you do need quite a bit of time for them but then I suppose your girls are at a good age to help with feeding and walking etc.

Helly - 7 year old attitude with boys, yes we get it here....and the meltdowns of late, far out!! Otherwise he's going well, has really come along this year at school in his work etc and we have a parent teacher night coming up in a few weeks.

K is making his 'confirmation' soon..(Catholic sacrament)...so we've been busying getting organised for that (quite a bit you have to do, sessions and all sorts of things).

Sal - I loved looking at your photos from the UK, looked like such an amazing holiday.

We are in the process of saving for an American trip for 2014 and we are going to go back to Fiji next year as we LOVED it so much, amazing holiday for young families if anyone is every looking for a good family holiday.

M is well, keeping me very much on my toes, he's pretty full on but lovely...you know what 3 year olds are like.

take care

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#20 helly

Posted 29 August 2012 - 09:14 PM

Time to give this thread a kick wink.gif  

Happy happy birthday to all our little cherubs - can hardly believe we've got (or about to have) 7 year ohmy.gif

How's everyone been?  Nothing much new with us, boys continue to grow like weeds, the weeks go by in a blur of busyness.

What are people planning for parties and presents?

biggrin.gif  helly

#21 RiverOfDreams

Posted 31 August 2012 - 01:36 PM


Just realised the 8 year old birthdays have kicked off already.  

Happy Birthday to Caitlin (and Bridget for today)....

I'm in 6 year old party mode.  Hannah's birthday is next week and her party is tomorrow.  We have invited all her grade... plus friends and family... so a pretty big party!  We're having it down at the local skate park and park.  I have also hiried the hall in case of wet weather, and a place to have the food, but looks like the weather will be in our favour!    DH was up this morning at 6am to make the cup cakes  tthumbs.gif

Carli is hoping for a 24 hour party which includes bowling, MacDonalds, a play centre, disco and sleep over (the boys will sleep in the lounge room and the girls in her bedroom of course!)   She still thinks I'm being mean saying no!

Anyway, other news from my camp.  Dog sitting was a success.. but girls weren't that into it so nothing further has developed.   I have a new job.  After 12+ years I left Mercer and swapped my corporate clients for Universities.   I've been down in Tassie this week and a couple of weeks ago, so get to stretch the legs a little in the new role!   It does mean I work 5 days a week... but this is going ok.... it means I get to chat and have breaky with the kids in the morning which is lovely!

Well, on the chance that I might be talking to myself, I'll log out for now - and update my email address for future notifications!  

Hope you are all well.  It would be good to hear how you are going.

MJ xx

#22 caznjj

Posted 10 February 2013 - 06:32 PM

oh my, this thread is almost dead sad.gif  I haven't been into EB in such a long time...

I really miss this group and would like to get back in touch again. Am linked up to some of you on FB I believe.

Jordan is (of course!!!) 8 now and starting 3rd grade. Loves his teacher which is good. We've had a pretty good run with teachers so far.  He's right into miniature wargaming (like his dad) so spending time painting and occasionally playing (has tantrums when he isn't winning LOL)

My other one is 6 now an in 1st grade. Was very sad as he was hoping to get Jordan's 1st grade teacher this year, however she retired.  he had wanted the same kindy teacher last year but she moved to part time and did a jobshare of year 3.... perhaps one day he'll get the same teacher as his brother! original.gif

The boys are so close, they are truly best mates. They're sitting playing in the bath now having so much fun, I almost don't want to tell them it's time to get out and go to bed!  They have a couple of those hot wheels colour change cars and it sounds like they're racing them somehow.   not sure whether my bathroom is going to be covered in water today!!!

Jordan is of course showing off the attitude - talking back "no" to everything etc.  How are you guys managing this behaviour? Time out (up to 8 minutes now) doesn't really work anymore. I've resorted to removal of things like computer time etc.  I also just don't give him a choice If he says "no" I insist and usually he comes good. But not sure how to respond to those tested boundaries?

Hubby is working casual - we're paying for 5 days before/after school care but there's not much work so things are REALLY tight... hopefully things pick up soon.

I'm still in the same job - recent changes mean lots to learn and keep up the challenge. I've been there 12 years now, hard to believe!  Not using my long service leave yet, though, hoping that in 5-10 years we'll have enough $ to do a trip to england/europe and use the LSL for that!

Love to all


#23 caznjj

Posted 10 February 2013 - 06:38 PM

posting again to activate email notification of replies original.gif

#24 helly

Posted 30 March 2013 - 10:02 PM

Hey Caroline (and everyone else!)
Yeah I'm sad too that the parent group threads have died too, FB is not nearly the same (I log on maybe once a week, see people's updates and think I must reply/post myself but never do)  

I can't believe we're all in Grade 3 either - halfway through primary school, unbelievably!  We're all doing well - A is doing well at school, although we got a ADHD diagnosis last year. So proud of him - though 8 year old attitude often makes that easier when he's asleep, lol wink.gif  Screentime removal is our main punishment/incentive at the moment too, even though I'm an IT geek from early days it's a different world they're growing up indeed.

My little guy is approaching 3 - though he reckons he's going to be 5 at his next birthday and does a lot of big kid things. Easier for now not having a feral 2 year old but I think we might have trouble in his teen years when he thinks he's 3 years older than he really is!

I'm working 3 days at the moment which is good - though there doesn't seem to be the downtime in there that there was with only A.  Mind you, we've just recently started letting him walk part of the way to school alone and I can see in a couple of years that a whole new phase of not-so-littlies will start to kick in.

Hope everyone's having/had a great Easter - we still believe in the Easter Bunny here (and Santa) - not sure how long that will last though!


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