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IVF Multiple Cycles and the Long Haul BG #12

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#76 librablonde

Posted 06 February 2012 - 10:20 AM

Oh BJ, I just saw your news sad.gif I can only imagine how gutted you are right now and I second what Mitchp said- why doesn't the universe give everyone on this forum a break?? I'm just so sorry sad.gif Has your FS tested you for NK cells and your ovarian reserve? Have you thought about DHEA and Coq10 to energise your eggs? Please feel free to kick me in the head right now if you have already addressed those ideas before, I just don't know what else to suggest.

Mitchp- good to hear you've got your new donor sorted out. After I use up my remaining frostie, I'll have to choose another donor as well for my next EPU. I wish I could just get the same donor instead of choosing a new one for each stim cycle. I bought myself some weight-loss meal replacement shakes today to help my diet along, I like using shakes as I get so busy in the morning that I forget to eat breakfast or don't choose a healthy option as I'm on the go. Hopefully the shakes will help.

Indigo- I hope your lone ranger is nestling in nicely.

DTR- when I read your post about your weight battles I felt like I was reading my own battle. I also have about 50kg to lose  cry1.gif  I used to be so happy with my weight and then I just started ballooning and ballooning when I started TTC... And the IVF drugs seem to  make my body hold onto the weight even more. I feel so out of control with it and so down on myself, I feel really unattractive all the time, despite my DP constantly giving me compliments and boosting me ego.  Anyhow, it looks like we're on a similar path: lose weight over 6 months before our next try at cycling. 2012 is our year- we can do it!!!

Spock- have been thinking of you and hoping you have lots of support around you still.

Liltuss- good to hear from you, hon original.gif

Hi to everyone else original.gif


#77 dreamstoreality

Posted 06 February 2012 - 10:21 AM

BJ, I would personally be asking for more tests, we are about to have more blood tests ourselves for this reason. It is hard when you know it's worked in the past and it's not at the moment, and the cost as well, it just elevates all the hurt etc.

Mitch - great news for you and DP that you've chosen your donor and bring on April for you!

ASM, I started Tony Fergusson today and am starving!  But I think it's more about my mindset and knowing I'm not going to eat crap that is making me crave it and also PMT!  What a week to start!

DH and I got up at 6am this morning and went for a 40 minute walk, then I had my espresso shake for breaky, have had a banana and am now eating a weight watchers Nut Deluxe bar which is damn tasty as it has the tiniest bit of chocolate on it, which is satisying my craving.

#78 Spock

Posted 06 February 2012 - 11:20 AM

hi ladies,

dreamstoreality, yay to starting to lose weight! You sound motivated which is great and actually went for a long walk, so not just talking, actual action. I always find the 'action' part difficult.

libra, how are you going now that you've had the weekend to think about all your plans?

bjbubbles, I'm so sorry! That is truly sad to hear. I have had that happen and you just feel so disappointed, all that time, injections, money, hope etc. If you haven't had your amh tested I'd ask for that because if that shows something, then dhea, saizen or coq10 might be helpful. I am asking for EVERY test at my appointment tomorrow. i'm also asking if i should repeat any, in case things can change over time. We too have been ttc for some years now so I'm sure some of my tests must be out of date given what has happened since. so apart from amh you can ask about immune system tests, karyotpying, better to know everything. if you like, I'll post after my appointment tomorrow and i'll list all the tests i'm going to have, might help.

mitchp, you too sound motivated to lose weight which is great. congrats on choosing a new donor!! April sounds like a big month.

indigo, i hope your embie is making itself very comfortable. Oh I hate the 2ww, hope you're doing okay.

hi everyone else

afm, been having really bad headaches every day since Friday. Not good, taking so much pain relief medication. Last night I think my body finally realised it is no longer pregnant  sad.gif  as had the most horrendous cramps and pain for 3 hours from 330am!! I woke up and was on some heavy duty pain killers but still couldn't totally mask the pain. Nearly went to the ED but thankfully by 630am, the pain went away, but not my headache. Did have some bleeding etc so think maybe everything wasn't taken in the d&c. Have spent the morning at home feeling very fragile. Going to work after lunch as super busy, just so hard as don't want to be there right now. Seeing my fs tomorrow. Am very scared, have to stop doing all the what ifs. Have heaps of questions to ask. Better run and get ready for work, dam, wish money did grow on trees right now.

#79 BJBubbles

Posted 08 February 2012 - 04:25 PM

Thanks again for the advice and support!

mitchp  - great news on the new donor. Your next cycle will come up quickly! Enjoy the couple of month without crazy hormones, needles and tests, and good luck with the weight loss!

librablonde -not going to kick you in the head!  Thanks for the info! My AMH and NK cells haven't been tested for - although I think I've had just about everything else re-tested by my OB last July (after we lost our baby with anencephaly) including karyotyping...  Waiting to find out when I can see my FS so am compiling a long list of questions for her!

DTR - good start with Tony Ferguson! Geez, some of the food actually sounds great! Who said I diet was all rabbit food!  tongue.gif Hang in there - you'll get over the initial hunger and start seeing some results and that'll really motivate you!

Spock - how are you feeling now? What did your FS say about the pain/cramps/bleeding? I hope you're feeling better  bbighug.gif

Hi to everyone else!

Well, DH and I have decided to take a few months off. DH is finishing his current job on 5th April and doesn't have a new one yet, so it's a good time to take a break. We have friends getting married just outside of Paris on 27th April, and we promised ourselves that if this cycle didn't work, we would go - so we are! 5 weeks in Spain, Portugal and France! I'm so excited!!!!  ddance.gif

In the mean time I'm going to get some other unrelated health issues addressed. I have a gallstone which I am apprehensive about having removed, and a fatty liver (so the ultrasound report says!) so I'm seeing a naturopath tomorrow to see what he can do for me, if anything, and then seeing the gastro surgeon next week to see what he says.

I'm also considering going on the pill for the 3 or so month's we're not doing IVF. Mainly to get my skin looking good (hormonal acne sux!), control my hormones and even lose a bit of weight would be a bonus!  I also thought then we could control when I get AF and when I can start a cycle again - straight after we get back - instead of being at the mercy of my body AND I won't have to deal with AF while we're away!  I'll speak to my FS about it - but wondering what you think? Would it affect my cycle if I'm going to do an Antagonist cycle?


#80 Spock

Posted 10 February 2012 - 01:37 PM

hi ladies,

BJBubbles, wow! sounds like a great trip! I have no idea about going on the pill though. Sounds like a plan, get into chape, sort out other things plus a fab holiday.

hi everyone else, hope all is okay.

afm, just back from seeing the counsellor, which didhelp, but also amde me realise how 'special' I am, and not in a good way. I am now banning myself from Google because I am getting too addicted, trying to find answers, when in my heart, I know there aren't any mellow.gif . I am thinking of seeing a naturopath I meant with to help get myself back into healthy normal shape, possibly address any issues, before trying again. Seeing an exercise phsyio next week. Really need to get fit plus my arm is falring up. Having trouble locking down a good Immunologist who has an interest in reproduction/carrying a pregnancy. For the first time venturing out for lunch tomorrow to a good friend's place - a fertile, will see how that goes. Still feeling very anti-social, really just going to keep dh happy. Not sure how I'll handle the little kiddies running around.

#81 Spock

Posted 10 February 2012 - 01:38 PM

sorry, forgot to add, my fs wasn't bothered by my cramps and bleeding from earlier. He said that means I probably don't have any scarring as I wouldn't have bled otherwise. SInce then no pain at least. I posted about my fs appt in the General section so won't bore you all here again with the details.

Have a good weekend everyone.

#82 librablonde

Posted 10 February 2012 - 06:23 PM

QUOTE (Spock @ 10/02/2012, 02:37 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I am now banning myself from Google because I am getting too addicted, trying to find answers, when in my heart, I know there aren't any mellow.gif .

Oh Spock, hun, I hear you on that one! LOL original.gif Google is both my crutch and my doom, I'm sure of it. Good to hear you're going to get healthy with your naturopath. I had a massive mood low today on the Synarel, went a bit berserk and bought pizza for dinner so the diet crashed and burned today sad.gif Oh well, tomorrow is another day.....

BJ-5 weeks holiday will be just awesome. I wish I could stow away in your suitcase! My DP had her gallbladder out via keyhole surgery and it was great and she's been pretty good ever since, she just has to not go too crazy with fatty foods so her pancreas doesn't freak out. The operation was not too bad at all, and the recovery was quick. I expect you already know about Sandra Cabot's Liver cleansing diet and her advice around fatty liver issues. I know some people who've had great success turning their health around following the info in her books. I know nothing about the Pill, but I chuckled when I read your post b/c it reminded me about how Long Haulers are soften so breezy about radically changing our body rhythms, it's just another day in micro-managing our plumbing issues and manipulating our bodies, isn't it? LOL original.gif

DTR- how's the TF diet going?

A big his to Mitchp, Countrymel, Indigo and our newest Long Haulers buddies  waves.gif

#83 BJBubbles

Posted 10 February 2012 - 09:22 PM

Spock - Im another Google addict.  I self diagnosed my gall stone via google!!! I went into my GP, outlined my symptoms and assumed diagnosis, she agree'd and gave me the referral! Quick and easy really hahah. But yes, It can be very hard to step away when you are looking for answers you can't find. It really is a good idea to step away from Dr Google for a few months and talk to your REAL doctors - your counsellor too. Re the naturopath - I saw one yesterday, and the way I figure it, we have nothing to lose, so while not on AC, why not??? It really does sound like you are on the right track and have a great "plan of attack" ... just hang in there.  You know - it does get easier....

And so glad your FS thought nothing off the cramps etc. I know, like you said, sometimes you sort of feel when your body has that "oh... I'm not pregnant anymore.." moment and has a little freak out.... Hope your headaches and abdo pains have subsided   bbighug.gif

Librablonde anyone is welcome to escape the real world and join us - as long as they like too much wine , food, and will pay the excess baggage   laugh.gif
Great to know your DP hasn't had problems since her gall bladder removal. I've read too much on Google (see Spock - you're not the only one!) about side effects after the removal being worse than the original pain...

So I saw our crazy naturopath yesterday who thinks (is convinced) that all my problems are linked - PCOS, Gall Stone, Fatty liver, etc.... His first comment was 'you have very high, "bad" oestrogen levels and and severely progesterone deficient'..... well der! A mid - cycle cancelled IVF cycle will do that to you!  He think the reason my eggs were no good was because my oestrogen wall all over the place. And I certainly don't disagree with him..... So his plan of action is basically, get my hormones back to "normal" and help my liver function properly which will then mean I get less gall attacks because if my liver does it's job my gall bladder doesn't need to... and he think that in turn is effecting my PCOS and (non-existent) ovulation. So basically in the next month we will try and flush my body of all the bad toxins and get is to a nice baseline.  He still thinks he can try to get me pregnant - but also said that if he cant, then at least when I start IVF again (in June-ish) that we will know my body is healthy and level and ready to go, so hopefully we can get me PG! Oh, and of course deal with the anxiety etc that I have developed over the past 18 months  ddoh.gif  Like I said, I don't have anything to lose, so I'm happy to give it a go! And if all that fails, I'm seeing a gastro surgeon next week to discuss the gall baldder removal - so have all contingency plans in place!

Hope everyone has a great, relaxing weekend! xoxox

#84 indigo~

Posted 15 February 2012 - 05:30 PM

Hello ladies. Had my BT today and am officially up the duff again. At 16dpo, hcg was 596.

It's a step in the right direction, at least. Unfortunately, we all know there's a big difference between getting pregnant and staying pregnant.

Can't believe it, but the phlebotomist today decided it was a good opportunity to give me a lecture on how women wait too long to get married these days and "back in my day, no-one I knew had trouble getting pregnant because they started their families younger". I'm sure she didn't meant to be nasty or insensitive, but I had to point out that my difficulties were not just age related, but also due to some other medical conditions. She hadn't thought of that.

Hope everyone is going ok. Thanks very much for all your support. Xo

#85 BJBubbles

Posted 15 February 2012 - 06:58 PM

Indigo, I was just wondering today when your BT was - That's an AWESOME result! A cautious (and excited!) congratulations to you! Are you having a couple of follow up BT's or are you happy to wait for your scan?

I can't believe what that phlebotomist said! Well done for putting her in her place and hopefully making her think before she speaks next time!

How are you doing though? You've gotten past one big hurdle - I hope you can celebrate that even just a little...  bbighug.gif  

#86 Spock

Posted 15 February 2012 - 07:29 PM

oh wow indigo, that is great news!! numbers looking good so I do hope the embie sticks. Keep us posted how you go. I have no idea what a phle......is but glad you gave her something to ponder. People can be so cutting without realising it half the time, the rest of the time they are just nasty (as my new yorker cousin would say).

BJBubbles, sounds like you have a 'getting back to normal body functioning plan' in place which makes sense to me. hope your meeting about surgery isn't too scary.

libra, how goes the sniffing? Hopefully not annoying you yet. Pizza is always good  original.gif .

mitchp, and all the other long haulers, hope all is well with you all

afm, well sort of managing to stay away from google. last night i got sucked into googling surrogacy and then I just got more depressed. can't believe how hard it is in NSW especially. feels like we are stuck between a rock and a hard place with no where to turn - IVF is failing us so far, surrogacy looks next to impossible, so does adoption  huh.gif . Trying very hard to focus on figuring out what the hell is going on inside my uncooperative body. So far my dentist can't find anything wrong with my teeth or gums, she thinks my 'pregnancy hormones' are giving me a toothache or my nerves are sending the wrong signals from my constant now 2 week long headache. My neurologist (lovely man) is shocked my Brachial Neuritis is flaring up again and trying to figure out also what is going on. Next up is an Endocrinologist and an Immunologist. Dh has been super busy and great coordinating all my medical results from all tests between all my doctors. It sounds silly I know but I am actually hoping one of them can find something wrong. Then at least I have an answer and something to focus on, instead of all these questions. I have a feeling though that all I have is an overactive immune system or nothing.

Luckily I got a rave performance review from my manager at work (no idea how I managed that given I have been in and out of  hospital, doing ivf etc for the past year) and that has been the first time I felt happy since all went pear shaped earlier. But now I'm back to confused, somewhat angry, and the saddest I have ever been.

Trying to be super healthy and actually going for a jog tomorrow, my first in 6 months I think.

All I want is to carry just 1 baby, just 1, all the way, and I will be absolutely over the moon. Just this one thing that most can do so easily. I know you all understand, in your own way.

Okay, of to watch Sherlock Holmes, get my mind of my sad little life.

#87 minidiamond

Posted 16 February 2012 - 07:41 AM

Hi everyone
Indigo, congratulations !  I also wasn't sure when your BT was, that is fabulous news.  I am crossing everything for this one to be sticky. This next period is even more challenging that the 2ww so I am wishing you all the best and that time goes quickly for you.

Spock, congrats on your performance review, nice to have something to lift you a little. I hope you can have lots of little 'wins' like that in other areas of your life to help you on the road to recovery.

Libra, how are you doing ?

Mitch, bubbles, hi, hope you guys are okay.

Hello to everyone else.

#88 mitchp

Posted 16 February 2012 - 02:44 PM

Hey all - Indigo, big congrats to you babe, let's hope this is the sticky one original.gif

Spock... great re: your review and your plan to go for a jog tomorrow - you'll feel better for it I'm sure.

A big howdy-doody to all you others... hope everybody is travelling as well as can be expected.

AFU - we are doing well. Chose a new donor, or did I already mention that before? Sorry if I have. Bit excited now - DP is well on the way to being fit and healthy for our potential EPU in April (will know more after March cycle about dates etc).

Good luck to all - and try and stay sane xx

#89 BJBubbles

Posted 16 February 2012 - 08:26 PM

Hi All,

Spock - step away from google!!!   tongue.gif Congrats on your performance review - that's awesome! Has to be a nice confidence boost for you! Also sounds like you have a great understanding boss too!  Re your teeth and gums - what's the problem? Are they just sore/sensitive?  After my last D&C i had overly sensitive teeth for about 2 - 3 weeks. Hot and cold hurt them. It was really weird - but after googling I found it it actually a rare side effect of anaesthetic. Go figure...  Sorry you feel like you are on a merry-go-round of doctors visits.  At least you know you have all these great specialists in your corner. Just take a day at a time and deal with one problem at a time. Get yourself feeling healthy and well again, then go from there.  Did you go for a jog?  I started walking again in the last month and it's really helped me!

mitchp - great news on the donor and your DP. April will be here before you know it (I hope!!!)

AFM - I've seen/spoken to lots of doctors in the last 2 days.  Saw my FS yesterday and got a new plan sorted. I'm going to get a bunch of tests done including AMH and a bunch of clotting ones, but she exects my AMH to come back in normal range due to my PCOS, but a blood test never hurt anyone so off I go next week. We've also decided we're going to do a Long Down Reg cycle next time, to see if we get a better response. Will be interesting to see the difference... I'm a little scared of the Synarel!

Then I spoke to my OB this morning about my gall stone looking for her advice on removing vs not removing before pregnancy. She said very succinctly "get it out and get it out now!" Apparently it can actually cause major probs in pregnancy including miscarriage if it gets infected and causes sepsis, pancreatitis and a bunch of other bad things... that was enough to scare me, so off I went to the gastro surgeon today and agreed with him and his recommendation of the removal. So I'm booked in on 28th Feb! That's just under 2 weeks away!

It's Friday tomorrow - hang in there everyone - almost the weekend!


#90 BJBubbles

Posted 21 February 2012 - 10:42 AM

It's been very quiet in here...

Indigo - how are you going??

Hi to everyone else. Hope you had a good weekend


#91 indigo~

Posted 21 February 2012 - 07:51 PM

Thank you all for your congratulations.

Mitchp, congrats on choosing a new donor! I found it a bit hard at the time, but once I made up my mind I just kept using the same one over and over again. I was lucky that they had enough stock. I've sometimes wondered if I would have been better off choosing a different one to try, in that maybe I was just a bad genetic match with the one I did choose. Funny how 'attached' I got to the one I used.

Big hi to Spock, libra, DTR, liltuss, BJ and anyone else I've missed.

**pg mentioned**

BJ, I'm going ok, thanks, but every now and then fall off the deep end into loonyville. It's the not knowing and having to just wait and see. Had a follow up BT and hcg went up from 596 (16dpo) to 1850 (18dpo). Scan won't be till Monday 5th march which would be 7w.

Hope your planning for your o/s trip is going well! Bummer about having to have your gall bladder out, but definitely sounds like it's better to have it out now rather than later on. I hope it all goes well on the 28th.

#92 Spock

Posted 22 February 2012 - 07:25 AM

Hi everyone,
Indigo, I hope you are feeling well and not to loony. I find all these little milestones difficult. I hope you have a good scan next week, I'll be thinking of you.
Bj, are you getting excited about your holiday? You'll have to pop in and post while you're away and make us all jealous. I have managed to reduce my googling but every now and then I cave. I did manage to find a useful forum on IVF and immune issues. Yes my right hand side upper gums and teeth were hurting so much I actually stopped eating on that side of my mouth. It was all very strange but thankfully that has cleared up by itself. I think it was my preg hormones still in my system causing the problem as the levels were quite high. Hope yOur surgery goes smoothly and you recover fast. Sounds like you have a plan in place for the next steps which always helps.
Mitchp, glad to see all is on track for you to go ahead in April.
Hi libra and everyone else,Afm, been hectic. Thankfully I had that good review at work (thanks for all your congrats about this) as they are announcing a huge restructure of my company today and I got a good change in job, something I've been keen on for a while, phew!! I also have started a light jog which is helping me feel a little better, as you all said it would. On the other hand I had a bit of a meltdown on Monday night as we are finding it really difficult to get an appt any time soon with an immunologist. We have found a few highly recommended ones and they are all going to some conference so can't see me till mid march or June!!!  This stuff takes ages to diagnose and treat too so will really hold us up. Hoping my neurologist can pull some strings to get us an earlier appt. if all goes to plan we are hoping to do a de fet in may or june as gives me time to physically rest first. I'm thinking of adding Intralipids to my protocol. Not sure that I'm responding to pred in terms of suppressing my immune system. Been reading about immune treatments.
Last night I think I had a panic attack, not sure but it was very scary, ended up in rpa emergency by ambulance. The docs couldn't figure out what happened, if it was my heart or lungs etc so just ended up with 2 hours sleep last night. Im so tired now but at least that chest pain is gone. Scary stuff.

#93 halby

Posted 22 February 2012 - 11:18 PM

Well hello ladies. I am so sorry for mia, life has been hectic and fun and just really focused on other things for a change and it has been nice.
No I apologise if I miss anyone as I have just updated myself on the last month.

Spock I am so very sorry for your losses. It is heartbreaking and only time will help you heal. I think you are very wise approaching from the immunilogical side of things. I must admit I believe you only took the pred from day or epu, and to be honest I thought that was late. When I use the dex I start 3 weeks prior to epu. Mine is also a protocol from a very renouned immunologist. My thought are with you.

Indigo congratulations to you. Great numbers. I know you celebrate cautiously but keep the faith ok.

BJ good luck having that gallstone removed. I think definately the right choice.

Mitch I was so excited to read that you and dp have found a new donor. And on the weight loss kick too hey, it feels good once you have dropped a few doesnt it. Good luck for the upcoming epu.

Now I have forgotten who said about the fibroid issues. Not good at all I do know about the growing. My beat friend had more than one and probably the reason she suffered a few miscarriages as even with a short term pregnancy they grow as the estreogen is so high early on, and then they never go completely back to the same size they were, always stay a little bigger. 3 months of the sh*tteral though is tough, but worth it.

To everyone else a big hello I should have made notes as I caught up as my brain is fried this week from paperwork.
Afm I am great also on the big weight loss gig. After my last cycle last year I was really struggling with energy and no matter how much I dieted I could not loose any weight, so my gp put me on some medication to assist me. I feel so much better and have lost about 8 kg so far. Ideally 25kg is the goal, but I said 15 to start to not depress myself before I even started. I am really happy with life right now, but have not ruled out another attempt yet. DH and I made the decision last year to leave it 6 months and then have a chat to decide for good one way or the other. So we are hanging onto all the baby gear fro now and I suppose another 2 months and it will be time for the chat. I have to be honest and say that I am still keen, but will not do it until I have lost this weight and my thinking is to just do one more stim and whatever we yeild from that will be it. I am also 40 in November and dont wish to continue beyond that, as at that point I would have to say that I am truly blessed with a beautiful healthy little girl. I will try and pop my head in more often. I must say I just really needed to switch off from ivf and everything associated with it for a couple of month to make some honest choices without all the hormones and stuff coming into it. And its been the best thing for me.
Fingers crossed for an amzing year of the dragon for all. Already the luck has turned with wonderful news from Indigo, I wonder who is next?????

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#94 spring08

Posted 27 February 2012 - 03:34 PM

hi all,

I was a part of this group quite a while ago, but dropped away during my last couple of cycles and breaks - had to try to keep my mind off things, but now taking another road and would like the support!

Spock, I am so sorry to see you back here. Can't believe what you have gone through, and the panic attack sounds very scary - has that happened before? I hope that you are doing ok and making progress with the immunologist appt.
Hi to everyone else, I'm reading through now to catch up on where everyone is at
Hopefully there have been some girls who have graduated, not just drifted off.

After 10 stim cycles that always yield plenty of eggs but few embies we are pulling the plug on using my eggs. During our last FS appt he spoke about adoption, and donor eggs again - and he holds out very little hope we'd get pg through standard ivf/icsi. We have tried a pgd cycle, and got a good embie to return, but no luck.  So last night we spent time short listing donors (through a clinic based in Hawaii)- very surreal experience!  Am trying to set things up for mid-late April.  I feel a bit (actually very) weird about the donor thing, but it feels good to be trying something that might finally work after so many rounds of IVF.  And I guess if it doesn't work at least we know we've tried everything. (Spock, I know you also went down a donor path - let me know if you're up to pm'g about it)

anyway, BBL when I've caught up a bit more on this thread

#95 librablonde

Posted 29 February 2012 - 12:34 PM

*Miscarriage mentioned*

Hi ladies,
I've been missing in action for a while, was just feeling really down and just had nothing chipper to say so withdrew for a while. But I've been checking in on you all and it's good to see we're all still on track.
Mitchp- well done on your weight loss journey. I'm back on the diet bandwagon after continuously falling off it with the help of my KitchenAid and my new Star Wars cookie cutters  happy.gif Well, it's been fun, but no good at all for my waistline. So... back to reality....
Indigo- how are you going, honeybun original.gif I hope everything is still chugging along nicely with your bean, I'll be crossing my fingers for you on 5th March.
Halby- wow, it's really good to hear from you original.gif Yep, it was me with the fibroid issue, which I'll elaborate on more in a minute. It sounds like you and your DH have a good attitude in place regarding waiting to make a decision about whether to continue cycling or not. That line in the sand is so daunting, I know you'll make the best decision for you both.
BJBubbles- Have you had your gallbladder out yet? My DP had hers out and it was the best thing she ever did. She still can't go totally crazy on cheese and greasy foods otherwise she gets some pancreatic pains, but otherwise is totally fine and loving life again. She had hers out with keyhole surgery, is that how yours will be? And good luck on your Long Down Reg cycle.
Spring08- good to see you again original.gif Using donor eggs must be a bit daunting, lots of conflicting emotions there for you and your DH I expect. But a very exciting new path for you, I hope you find the perfect donor and start the ball rolling again.  Like Indigo and Mitchp, I use anon donor sperm, so I can relate to sorting through donor lists. I got somehow "attached" to my last donor, I thought he sounded great, so will be bummed if my last FET doesn't work and I have to select yet another donor for a new EPU.
Spock- you poor thing with the panic attacks sad.gif  In the fortnight after my m/c, I had a number of panic attacks, and at first I didn't understand what was happening as I'd never had one before. Very scary stuff, gasping to breathe and totally out of control emotionally. Once my DP recognised that I was having panic attacks, I was able to work on calming myself down with deep breathing when an attack occurred, but it wasn't easy at all. I hope you're getting the support you need since your m/c and all the stress since then. It sounds like you're doing everything possible to address the immune issues possibility, I hope you get some answers soon.
A big hi to Liltuss, Countrymel, Dreamstoreality and all the other Long Haulers and graduates.
AFM- well, I saw the OB and now it turns out I need to get this damn fibroid out with a c-section type operation. BUGGER!!!!  So it'll be in May this year, and I'll be in hospital for 3-4 days and hopefully I can recovery quickly from the surgery. I can then start cycling again 3 or 4 months after that. I didn't expect to have to have the fibroid removed this way, I thought it could be keyhole surgery or be done vaginally (as per the advice of previous a OB and my FS), but no, it's going to be the biggie incision instead. So I've been taking Synarel for the last month and it sucks, and I have 2 more months of it to go to try and shrink the fibroid before the surgery. My sinuses feel like they've been cauterised, and I'm a moody PITA, but am getting through it ok. I'm a much tougher old chook than I ever anticipated, it seems  wink.gif .

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#96 BJBubbles

Posted 29 February 2012 - 06:42 PM

Hi ladies,

My apologies, I'm on the iPhone so will come back in a day or 2 when I'm allowed (by nurse DH) on the computer!

Had my gall bladder out laproscopically yesterday. All went well, and managed to keep my breakfast down thismorning, so was able to come home today. Happy to be out of there - never sleep well in hospital. Just got 4 little wounds, and one massive bruise from a clexane injection! To those who do those regularly, how do you do it? my anaesthist must have been rough because, no joke, I have a bruise the size of my fist!

Will be back soon to catch up with everything!


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