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Pregnancy After Miscarriage ~ #51

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#51 Mamabug

Posted 01 January 2012 - 05:58 PM

Oh thank goodness.

Thanks for the update BG.

DF - still sending you, him and all the girls my love.

#52 key4

Posted 01 January 2012 - 10:45 PM

What a wonderful way to start the new year. Keep strong little Oreo.

#53 athnessa

Posted 02 January 2012 - 07:35 AM

Wonderful news about Oreo. I hope you are both able to head home soon.

Peanut, I hope things are progressing for you.

Happy New Year to everyone!

#54 indah86

Posted 02 January 2012 - 08:10 AM

Terrific news DF and Oreo! Hopefully she'll be home soon.

Peanut - I hope things are progressing....

#55 readyandraring

Posted 02 January 2012 - 09:48 AM

Checking in on peanut, I hope things have progressed and you are holding your bub!

DF I hope Oreo is doing well and looking forward to an update, thinking of you xx

#56 OOfarmgirlOO

Posted 02 January 2012 - 10:33 AM

Congrats DF - Can't wait to hear how it went and fingers crossed the stint in ICU is just a precaution - Hope little Oreo is well.

PeanutBrown - Hope that it all kicks in soon and you are holding bub in your arms ASAP!

Hope everyone has had a great break.

AFM - Have been feeling some little flutters for about 10 days now, mostly if I'm in bed or sitting quietly. Feels funny but very reassuring! Bub is now Bubbles, cos thats what it feels like!
Was feeling belly the other morning in bed and could feel below my bellybutton was hard, which was new, so took a side on pic on phone and there is a discernable real baby bump there!! when I'm standing up my belly just looks like I've been eating too many big macs, but lying down is different. I can't wait to 'pop' and really look pregnant instead of just a bit fat!
10 days till morph scan, 19 days till my well deserved and long awaited fortnight coastal holiday!
It feels a little surreal sometimes, I have to remind myself sometimes I am pregnant and to steady up a bit, we've been busy the last few days on the farm, making hay, and farmgirls job is to drive the truck. The truck is about 40 years old and the door is held closed with an occy strap. Oh and its the 'good' truck! We've been a bit short on hands so I've had to help unload them, but I have only been rolling bales not lifting them. But its very hot. DH installed our xmas present yesterday, an air con. I'm forever indebted to him!


#57 Caramel Latte

Posted 02 January 2012 - 09:59 PM

Just a quick update - we are home as of late this afternoon original.gif Oreo is doing well though is still to do some more testing from day 5.

Thank you for all your thoughts!!! Sorry couldnt update myself or come in here sooner but will post story in a day or two.

#58 key4

Posted 03 January 2012 - 04:54 AM

Welcome home DF hope everything continues to go well.

I am currently in Labour and BORED! The nurses have kindly given DH a spare bed in the room next door as this seems to be taking forever original.gif He needs the sleep more than me as I will be asking for lots from him later.

Hey Peanut how are you going?

#59 PeanutBrown

Posted 03 January 2012 - 06:02 AM

sad to say it has all stopped for me . however we are pretty sure the mucus plug has come away and i hadnt noticed it i have a osteo appointment today to again put my left side back where it belongs and then i see the obstetrician this after noon. still just having a hr or two of niggles then nothing.  we had tried some of the old wives tales also to hurry things along and no joy there sad.gif

i have had  not much sleep due to the heat last night baby has until tomorrow to come or else dp goes back to work until it does

#60 Mrs Dinosaurus

Posted 03 January 2012 - 06:11 AM

Glad Oreo is home original.gif

Key roll2.gif I'm not sure "bored" is on the labour list of emotions to expect - you should write an update! Anyway, assuming bub comes today - congratulations!

Peanut - been there sad.gif nothing worked except (maybe?) ob having a look and saying conditions weren't favourable for a s&s - I went into labour that evening! Hope it's soon.

Ready - I'm still stalking you biggrin.gif so pleased things are going well for you.

Hi everyone else, I'll go back to lurking for news biggrin.gif

#61 dizzy-anne

Posted 03 January 2012 - 08:26 AM

Oh it's getting exciting in here!  Babies everywhere!

DF glad to hear you're home and Oreo is doing well - super news!

Key - I sure hope my labour is boring!  Sounds pretty good to me.  Good luck and I hope it speeds along and you are holding your precious bundle soon.

Peanut yay for niggling!  Mustn't be too far away now.  

Hello to all you other ladies!

Nothing to report here.  Still pregnant woo hoo.  Nothing much has changed except for the weight (and I think that's more Christmas than baby - oops)

#62 athnessa

Posted 03 January 2012 - 08:57 AM

Wow a lot seems to have happened in here in a short space of time!

DF I am so glad to hear you and Oreo are home. Yay!

Key, I hope the boredom has passed and you are holding your little one.

Peanut, sorry to hear things have slowed down, I hope things move along for you today.

Hi Dizzy, ready, Chocmudcake, Susieblue, Jens, Farmgirl, Familygirl, liltuss, bananagirlsmum and everyone else I have missed - sorry am on my phone and that's all I can recall!

Not much to report. Bub is very active lately which is good. First day back at work today and I am still on the train... But looking forward to getting there where it is air-conditioned as it is incredibly hot here! Still haven't sold our house, settlement on the new one is in a month.

Have a good day everyone and am looking forward to hearing baby news!

#63 jens1607

Posted 03 January 2012 - 11:25 AM

Wow there is heaps going on. I have been MIA as I've been on holidays and the house is all over the place becuase of bathroom renos!!

DF - Congrats on the birth of your little girl!!  So glad your both home and your both well!!  

key4 - Good luck with the labour!!  I hope it is nice and quick for you and your holding your little bubba.

PeanutBrown - Hope you labour progresses or your Dr hurry's it along for you!!

OOfarmgirlOO - It is so cool feeling your tummy go hard isn't it!! Good luck for your morph scan!!

Hi everyone else!! waves.gif Hope everyone's bellies are doing well.

Had my GD test last week and all went well...no GD for me!!  Had OB appointment on Thursday and all is looking good.  Squirty is now over 1kg and was sucking his/her thumb wub.gif .  OB booked me in for a 4D scan on Friday for some reason.  He mention it before doing his usual u/s so I think it's just a routine thing.  But then why didn't he book it in when I book all my appointments until birth.  I don't know I just think I am over analyising things.  It will be nice to see the little face!!

#64 Caramel Latte

Posted 03 January 2012 - 11:41 AM

Howdy All,

My last post in here .....

Athnessa: Glad bub is active. Good luck with selling your house.

Dizzy-Anne: Hope you enjoyed Christmas...

Hi Dinosaurus!

Peanut Brown: Good luck so hope your labour starts soon.

Good luck Key with your labour, cant wait for the baby news update!!!

Yay to flutters Farmgirl!

Thank you for keeping ppl update Bananagirlsmum  original.gif

Hi to Indah, Readyandraring, ChocMudCake, Spitmurphy and all I missed!! Hope you are well.


I have been having rather painful verying from contractions (regular and confirmed) to BH since Thursday 22/12 but at check up was only 1cm dilated. So next to no sleep all week due to the pains and another follow up on the Tuesday still was 1cm (I thought was 2 cms but it was a misunderstanding  cry1.gif ddoh.gif  ). On the Wednesday, with just over a day to go I decided that I couldnt wait for the last few items so went out to get them. As pulled up into car park, heard a pop and by time in wheelchair and inside (in ladies) there was spotting but no serious loss.

By the time I got home, bleeding had increased but no mucus etc. I called the hospital thinking they would just let me wait til DH got home as per normal but due to the amount and not being the plug they wanted me in asap. DH couldnt finish work so they had me go in via ambulance, when I queried why the urgency response was "possible placenta issues".

Monitoring and scan showed that there were was a minor placenta break away and they classed it as all systems go. So they started the induction a day earlier with 1st gel going in at 5pm Wednesday night. Pain had already been horrid for weeks so they gave me pethidene to get thru one night. 5am check had me still at 1cm so 2nd gel in... this time decided on panadiene forte as "they didnt want to go to anything heavier until further dilation". Spent Thursday morning, in room waiting for DH to finish work with pains coming constantly. I had thought by next check I would least be 3-4cms going by the closeness etc.

12.30pm check had me at..... 1cm so 3rd gel went in - this time given gas as cervix was unbearable to touch. Pain intensified but check at 8pm had me at 1cm. By now was physically and emotionally drained. Body not responding to the pain relief they were supplying (panadiene / panadiene forte). Their plan was to repeat the process the next day (so 3 more gels). Was not in the right place and the thought of going through it all again and the fear of not going anywhere had me emotionally drained. If the next lot of 3 gels didnt work, their plan was some sort of balloon induction.. so there was no actual end in sight (pain etc) if body didnt start dilating. By then had gone through most of it alone (bar nurses) so didnt have the support to assist in keeping it together etc (hope that made senses).

Luckily DH had finished work at 7pm Thursday so after dropping girls and my father off back home, he returned and we finally fell asleep at 11.30. I was woken up at 2:30 for OBs and given panadiene again for the pain. I went to the toilet and had bleeding but nurse wasnt convinced it wasnt just from all the gels etc. By 3.30 pain had been constant but bearable, went to the ladies and (TMI) pad was soaked but still nurse not convinced (this is important - will explain later). By 4.30 I was demanding to get checked as wanted something more than panadiene and didnt want to get down to labour ward to be told "sorry to late for epidual".

Finally believed that something was going on by 4.45/4.50am. Got to labour ward and was seen by OB at approx 5.05am to be told I was 5 cm (yes in head was  ddance.gif  as half way there and could get a epi lol). But couldnt get epidual until Anesaethiest (sp??) was out of theatre so they gave me a pethidene (issue #2) and the gas. As I was 5cm dilated, DH decided to go down for a quick smoke at approx 5.20am just as the contractions hit totally unbearable (yes from "this is ok - this is helping bub push out (yes I was thinking that, weird maybe but it was working.... and so was the gas lol)"...to "Cant do this again" that quick). By the third one, I decide as epi was nowhere in sight that I was listening to body and pushed.

Suddenly, nurse is yelling "get Ob BP is way to high" (cant remember word for word) but they rushed a BP med into me and then came the worse four words someone wants to hear "I cant hear the baby's heartbeat" (they were prodding and searching). I couldnt physically move by that stage so had two nurses assist and as I laid down one of them said "thats why cant we cant get the heartbeat there is the head - press the buzzer now!!" then moving me into position..... 5.35am after 2 pushes Oreo (no joke) goes sliding out along the bed with the waters.... 5.38am Ward walks in and sees 3 nurses standing there wet from waist down and says "dont tell me I missed the birth?"  (He is still upset but thought he had had at least and hour and only needed 15mins max so in his head had heaps of time).

All they heard me say from the minute they put Oreo on my chest was "I did it" repeatedly (as in I have finally given birth to a baby). At that point she tried the breast and seemed all ok.

As the day progressed though, she slept, wasnt responsive and was making funny weasing noises. No matter how we (nurses, me etc - even passing her from person to person) she wouldnt wake up. I couldnt even get her to BF no matter how much we tried. It got to the point I was hand expressing to give her some milk via syringe. By 5pm she was shaking and not even attempting to open eyes.

Pead made the decision at that point to take her straight to NICU for testing as it "wasnt looking good". The scariest thing was seeing two Peads and two nurses walk into the room and explain they needed to take bub to NICU and they would update me on results etc. They left us there with bub for a few minutes while they organised someone to take us all down etc.

Issue one: They thought she had an infection (I had tested positive a few months back for Strep B BUT had tested negative on Wednesday 28th) and they should've (their words) given me the antibiotic when at 2:30 when I had my 1st bleed. This would've given the meds time to work. They had given her antibiotics until Sunday lunch "just in case" and final results (takes 48hrs) yesterday morning showed she had the all clear.

Issue two: (main one) Due to the pethadiene being given so late in labour, it affected Oreo and hence she slept/non responsive all day (and well into the next)... this in turn saw her BSL drop to the point that she was lucky not to have a seizure (or worse - didnt go into it with them). Luckily this was one of the 1st tests they did as they were on top of this straight away. At this point though they were not sure what was causing her BSL to be low and while trying to get the levels up and stabilised were seeing what could've caused it. Thankfully it was nothing permanent - just the fact that she was pethidene affected. Sadly I would not normally have had pethidene so am upset I decided to have it this time.

Issue 3: Due to the labour being so quick, she ended up with fluid on the lungs but this was easily treated with her constantly bringing it up all day.

Issue 4: Temperature and Heartbeat were way to low - these seemed to right themselves though so they believe it was just body trying to fight / work etc extra due to the BSL issue.

Either way ONCE they were aware of it all and treatment had begun.. everything was positive again. Just needed to know all was going to be ok. NICU staff are just wonderful and worked so hard so she could be back up in the room early (DH had brought girls to see Oreo at 12.30 Sunday and I was surprised with them (and nurse) bring her up at 1.30pm). We were lucky, our issue was easily found and treated but am so thankful for the nurses that picked it up, the Peads who were on top of it asap and the NICU staff that did a wonderful job. New it would be hard but actually seeing a baby in a humdicrib with cords and tubes everywhere (think there was 7 in total at one stage including feeding tube) and leaving bub there while back in room, would have to have been the hardest part of this journey.

By 1pm Monday, all the testing they could do had been done so they made the decision to allow the rest to be done as an outpatient (or through GP). It has been so great bringing her home, all her sisters are soooo in love with her and its like she has slotted in perfectly. DH who was showing signs of no assistance the whole way through, has been wonderful since birth to both bub and me including making me a special home coming meal last night. Oreo has also brought my mother back into the picture... not on best buddy terms but Mother is making an effort and a half to be back in our lives as a positive person...

Oreo: Her name isn't traditionally spelt but there is a personal reason behind all that and even though I have already had one msg regarding how I have spelt it, its going to stay. Am not going to announce it here tho sorry (will pm if requested).

Stats: Length: 54.5cm Head Circ: 35cm Weight: 9 pd 8 ounces - yes not the tiny bub we were told we were having... but we all think she is absolutely perfect and adorable!!!

Me: I am still not 100% but am waiting on med levels to adjust, back has had extra damage done to it but now I can get physio to deal with. Though placenta in the end behaved itself during labour there were a few issues afterwards but nothing that led to any emergency op they were talking about. Still not allowed to drive due to fainting spells. But all is worth it and wouldnt change ANYTHING.

Before I leave this group, want to thank those that have been there thru the TTCAM days... the PAM days!! Without you all some days would've been way to hard to get through.

PAM ride is definitely difficult BUT stay positive! stay focused on the goal! Enjoy as much as possible and remember..... the outcome will be totally worth the effort!!!

#65 Bigmum

Posted 03 January 2012 - 12:09 PM

Awwww lovely df! Do sorry hubby missed the birth! But I'm sure he loves his little girl to bits too.

Fwiw, I think the spelling is great and should be how it's spelt.
Makes more sense. I love that name.

Key- good luck! I hope your labour stays boring but you have a fantastic birth!!

Peanut, I hope there is movement at the station!
Good luck

Hi everyone! So nice to your pregnancies going so well. Df us right, the prize (although sometimes smelly, screaming, vomiting, wingey, and not sleeping) is VERY worth it :-)

#66 key4

Posted 03 January 2012 - 12:19 PM

Wow DF what an ordeal glad it all turned out ok in the end though.

Peanut - Hope more action happens soon for you.

Jens - Glad you don't have GD - the 4D scan can be for many reasons sometimes just to give you beautiful photos in utero original.gif

Farm girl - Thank goodness for Air con! I bet you are thoroughly enjoying that!

Dizzy - you are pregnant you are allowed to gain weight as you get bigger you can't eat so you will loose it all again!

Dino - I am still bored but I am at a loss as to what is so interesting about my cervix that everyone wants a poke at it!

I am stuck at 4cm! I am getting these awesome contractions on the CTG up around 147 kpa but not feeling them so at least I am not rolling around in pain - there had to be one advantage to a backwards tilt on the uterus. Antibiotics were started this am as it is now 24 hours post waters breaking. I am having a rest before I tackle the stairs again! This active birth thing is exhausting!

#67 jens1607

Posted 03 January 2012 - 12:36 PM

Wow DF what a story but so very very glad you got your beautiful little girl in the end.  Good luck to you and the family for the future.  Looking forward to hearing more in the grads.

Key4 - I hope it gets faster for you but gald your not in to much pain.  Good luck!!

#68 123Babies4Me

Posted 03 January 2012 - 03:49 PM

Hi ladies - happy new year! I have been away, but following on my phone (too hard to post with my phone!) So I just want to say ..

CONGRATS DF ON THE ARRIVAL ON YOUR BEAUTIFUL GIRL! ppinkstork.gif  ppinkstork.gif  ppinkstork.gif  ppinkstork.gif  ppinkstork.gif I'm so glad that everything turned out ok in the end, although there was some stressful times in there. I'm so glad that you have made it through the difficult times of miscarriage and infertility to get those precious newborn cuddles wub.gif

My thoughts are with you too key4 and PeanutBrown - key4, I have to say I never found labour boring!! roll2.gif Although that is probably the best thing you could say about it! I hope it stays really boring until bubs is here!!!

I've just unpacked the bags and am uploading pics onto the computer - we've had a week at the inlaws. As usual there were plenty of annoyances but I'm dealing with them better as I get older I think (I don't want to just hop in the car and drive home on the 2nd day!!) Now to start packing our boxes for our move next weekend...Bubs seems to be doing well, I *think* she is quieter than DS was but it is hard to remember!!! Just past 24 weeks now biggrin.gif

#69 OOfarmgirlOO

Posted 03 January 2012 - 04:01 PM

Hi girls

quick question before I make a phone call in morning - (warning tmi)
For about the last week or so I have noticed that when I get up to wee in middle of the night, my bladder really hurts (not unusual) but when I go, there isnt the usual amount of pressure when the wee comes out and I dont get that 'ahhh' relief feeling and my bladder still hurts for ages afterwards. And still kinda feels full. Its starting to be noticeable during the day and I'm wondering if I might have a UTI? Never had one before so this is all new to me??

#70 Bigmum

Posted 03 January 2012 - 05:40 PM

Farmgirl, could be a uti, but anywhere from 18-24 weeks bibs starts coming out of the lower pelvis so personally, I found weeks 18-24 the worst in terms of pressure on the bladder. It then lifts until it returns later pregnancy.
However what you describe can also be symptoms of a uti, so definantly see a Doctor

#71 PeanutBrown

Posted 04 January 2012 - 04:12 AM

well i am back on the frustrating waiting ride. saw the ob yesterday and although all of the twinges i have been having the babys head will not engage and is still way way way too high at this point they are letting me go another week to "wait and see" then on tuesday i need more foetal monitoring and see the ob again and then if the head has still not engaged based on my Bishop score it looks like a C section is back on the table and likely to happen late next week.

well i am now offically past my due date and very frustrated and disapointed sad.gif

#72 Family Girl

Posted 04 January 2012 - 06:37 AM

Hi ladies, sorry for my lack of posts! Was reading along but just didn't feel like I could contribute. Have been in a funny mood actually. I burst into tears over just about anything, and have been having very anxious dreams. Not to worry, I'm sure I'll be back to myself soon!

DF, CONGRATULATIONS !!! Wow, what an ordeal, and after all of that to have DH miss the big moment! I wish you and your beautiful family nothing but the best, and hope you are now all just settling into your new routines at home enjoying lots and lots of newborn cuddles! I would love to know Oreo's non www name, so will PM you.

Peanut, so sorry things aren't progressing smoothly! Having never been through labour myself I have no words of wisdom to try to help, but hang in there and think of the amazing gift at the end of this slow and painful tunnel!

Key4, you are hilarious! I have NEVER heard labour described as boring, but that sounds good to me, I'll take one of whatever you had! Lol. Good luck, I'm sure the end will be a lot more exciting!

Farmgirl, having had countless uti's over the years I can say that definitely sounds possible so it's definitely worth the phone call to check it out. They are never pleasant but can be easily treated and should never be allowed to go unchecked, so if that is what's happening, best to get it sorted nice and early. Fingers crossed its all fine and just another annoying pregnancy symptom.

Susieblue, welcome home and congrats on surviving the inlaws a little easier this time! I might need some tips, my mil is coming to stay in about three weeks and I am anxious about it already. She stayed for a few days the year before last, for the first time ever (she and dh have a difficult past. Dh is the only one in the family that still has anything to do with her) and it ended with me crying in bed after all the mean things she said just got too much and her crying in the lounge on poor dh's shoulder about how horrible I was! Now we have moved back into our house (the house her mother left to dh, not her) and I think being back in the house she grew up in might be quite emotional for her, so goodness knows how this visit is going to go. Plus, she's staying two weeks!!! any advice will be warmly received!

A big hello and happy New Year to all of you other ladies, I hope everyone is cruising along. Afm, I have a few more days off and am hoping to get my spare room painted. That said this heat has been unbearable the past two days so we'll see how that goes! Family x

#73 123Babies4Me

Posted 04 January 2012 - 07:38 AM

Hi everyone! Today is the EDD for our mc sad.gif however I'm going ok. Its easier to go forward when I have something to look forward to original.gif I do feel sad when I realise I should have been holding a baby by now...

Peanut Brown - you poor thing sad.gif Put your feet up, keep out of the heat, keep the aircon on, and repeat until bubs comes original.gif

FamilyGirl - I couldn't read your post without responding. First of all - hugs bbighug.gif Its ok to be emotional. It happened to me a lot with DS, especially at work when there were high stress situations. I would have to rush to the bathroom and have a little cry. I didn't realise until after DS was born that it was pg hormones doing it to me, I just thought I was going mad. So be gentle on yourself, it is the hormones.

To anyone who doesn't want to read an IL rant, please stop reading now!!!! biggrin.gif

I hope my IL advice will help original.gif My ILs are a little different in that instead of saying mean things to me, they say mean things about others. They are all high achievers and most of them are into some kind of performance based work, so they would just go on about how good they were all the time and how crap everyone else was (and the parents fully encouraged it, and still do), and it drove me nuts. Now the kids are getting older (my DH is the eldest by quite a way) they seem to be getting a little more mature and not doing it as much, although there was plenty of talk while we were away about who was fat etc. rant.gif My DH was quite arrogant when I met him, it took me years to teach him that he wasn't always right and not always the best at everything!!
My advice - if you need to let off steam, find ways to do it. My DH copped a lot of steam from me about the ILs over the years, which was difficult for him at times because they were his family, but when we were away from home he was the ONLY person I could talk to. You could talk to your DH, or if you're at home find a friend to have a coffee with and let it out! Or find something to do that will help get rid of stress, like going for a walk. Also, if you're home, don't give up doing all the things that you would normally be doing just because she is there. You will go nuts if you do this for 2 weeks!!! If she has some friends in the area, try and get her to spend some time with them so you can have some time out original.gif
Things with the ILs have been different this year. My ILs are very doting grandparents, which is lovely, and I am more accomodating to make sure they build a relationship with DS. However BIL has been living with us this year (paying board etc.) He is 18, and its his first year out of home. Stupid me thought this might mean that our family would build a relationship with him - but no, instead he does NOTHING around the house, is never here, and hardly talks to us or spends time with us when he is rant.gif The ILs have been more than happy to treat us as his surrogate parents too, calling us to remind him to do stuff etc.!! I'm not his mum! We are moving next weekend, which he has known for 3 months, but he has not found himself anywhere to live yet, and in Sydney I doubt it will happen quickly. So now I am worried we will be stuck helping him move................

#74 key4

Posted 04 January 2012 - 08:18 AM

Susie - hugs to you today hope you continue to be ok.

Family - Hope you are feeling more positive soon.

Peanut - Hopefully nature takes matter into it's own hands and happens sooner!

Sorry girls you have written so much and I can't remember much of it! Still going! There was a huge thunder storm last night so that made the long night more interesting. For 16 hours I have been contracting every 90 seconds managing it with walking squatting and meditation but now I think I am going to have the epidural. We had 4 attempts at manually moving the cervix yesterday needs to be done again but I am mentally unable to cope with that again today!

I am so lucky to have a Dr to respect my wishes of giving it the damn best try before the C/section not once has she pressured for it.

#75 Mamabug

Posted 04 January 2012 - 09:38 AM

Cricky Key - sounds unpleasant. sad.gif  I wasn't in full labour for 16 hours for all four of my babes combined.

Carry on and do your best, and we will all be here silently sending our strenght...see yo in PAM Grads very soon!

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