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Due 16th - 31st Aug, 2012 #3

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#51 mel#1

Posted 03 February 2012 - 01:07 PM

Hi all, had my 10 week scan today and unfortunately didn't see much because my bladder wasn't full enough sad.gif But he saw enough to say that he sees the heartbeat and all is well so far.
But I'm actually due on 2 September.
I've got my next scan in 2 weeks to do the NT test.

After our scan today we told all our close friends and family and by end of weekend I think basically everyone will know. Still not really telling everyone at work yet, will just sort of mention it as I go along, but only a couple of my close work colleagues know.

Can't wait for the next scan, i'll make sure I have a overflowing bladder so I can see the baby! haha. And then just hanging out for the 18-20 week scan to see what the sex of the baby is!

#52 RachBarry

Posted 03 February 2012 - 01:59 PM

Hi everyone,My names Rachel and I'm due 24th august 2012 (popular date).This is our first child, we are getting married in 4 weeks 3/3/2012. So much going on and to top it all off I have been sooooooo sick all day every day. All is good with baby, we had ob appt and saw the heartbeat yay!!Feeling a little deflated though, hard to get excited about the wedding feeling this sick. Will be 15 wks by then, fingers crossed I will be feeling better.Am in Melbourne too by the way  biggrin.gif

#53 raone

Posted 03 February 2012 - 04:55 PM

Hi everyone, been awhile since I popped in. Been dreading the twelve week scan. Not because i have risk factors but because im a worrier.
Had the scan today all looks good but am waiting on results so fingers crossed.
Took Dh to this one, tried to prepare him.Told him seeing it made it much more real. He didn't say a thing till after. He told me he nearly cried. AWwwww. So feeling good but a little apprehensive.It was great to see bubs wriggling all over.
So happy to see that everyone else is doing well. Wont be long till we are all past this hurdle then hopefully smooth sailing from there!


Posted 06 February 2012 - 01:13 PM

Hi everyone

Just a quick one from me to update following my nuchal scan.  All looking good and a really low risk for my age so am very happy.  Looks like my dates are out by a week, so revised EDD of 24 August.

And the MS seems to be abating.

Now the hard part - telling people.  This is baby number 4 and we have 3 boys already, so I already know what people are going to say!!!

#55 ms-marti

Posted 06 February 2012 - 01:43 PM

CCABW - biggrin.gif on the good results and good luck with what I believe will be many well meaning people doing the "gee I bet you are hoping for a girl this time" am I close  rolleyes.gif My in laws had 4 boys and sheesh did people go on and on about the girl hope for my MIL, suffice to say she now has 4 granddaughters and only 1 grandson  tongue.gif so guess the universe is having some fun.

raone - I hear you on the worrying, I am counting down the days till the NT scan - it's 15/02 and feels like a lifetime away.

RachBarry - How exiting getting married Congratulations not sure on how to manage that at 15 weeks along blink.gif but hey I'm sure you'll have a blast. March weddings are great, can you tell I had mine in March too tongue.gif 01/03/2003

mel#1 - Boo Hoo on not having enough in your bladder (hmm there's a sentence one does not say often) but yeay on hearing the heartbeat.

#56 White-Lily

Posted 07 February 2012 - 06:22 PM

CCABW congrats on your NT scan and the good results! Hope people can keep their mouths shut and just be happy for you and the family. Come up with some good come back lines before you start letting people know.

raone Glad your scan was good and that your DH came too. How sweet that he nearly cried. I think Dh had tears in his eyes at our 12 week scan with DD. it really is lovely when the dds start to connect a bit more.

Rach welcome and congrats! Hopefully by the time the wedding comes you will be in the glowing stage of pregnancy. Not long to go, how exciting!

Mel bugger about not being able to see too much. next scan I bet you have an over full bladder! Sometimes you just cant win.
Glad I'm not the only one not really planning to tell work just yet.

Etcetera How did your scan go yesterday?
I'm going to have to get some maternity clothes soon too. The shirt I have on today is barely holding together in some places, the poor buttons. Good thing the a/c is on so I don't look stupid wearing a cardi over the top to hide the straining buttons over my boobs!

ms-marti I'm doing the long singlets and shirts to hide the undone pants too. What I would give for a nice pair of maternity pants right now. After the 12 week scan i'm doing some serious shopping!

firsttimer77 glad you got to see bubby recently. Not long until Friday... eek!

Facebook poo to you, stealing everyone from the thread already. *I'm still a non FB user and will just have to talk to myself if you all leave me*

AFM had a few non sickness days over the weekend but m/s is back with a vengance yesterday and today  sick.gif Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to be feeling this way as hopefully it means bubby is ok but I thought I would be over this by now, with DD it was all gone by now.

Dont mind my whinging. I feel fat and sick and I have heartburn already  sick.gif
Baby had better be doing brilliantly in there.

#57 firsttimer77

Posted 08 February 2012 - 09:20 AM

Thanks White-Lily I can't wait for Friday to see the little one properly. I am really hoping that everything is ok. Even though this is bub no.2 for us I am still just as nervous.

Funny thing with the Facebook DIG August 2012 group. I finally decided to join last Friday. I jumped on etc and then had a look through all of the names. A couple of names sounded familiar but I didn't think much more of it. Then hubby sends me an email to say that one of the ladies I know at his work is pregnant and due early August (she was in the 1st to 15th Aug group). Eeeek, this is the name that looked familiar!!! We are not yet ready to announce our news to everyone so I panicked and jumped off the "secret page". It was too late though and she had seen me. We have a rather unusual surname! So she has contacted hima nd said that she will keep our news under wraps. What are the odds though!!!

I hope that everyone is having a great week.

#58 michie0moo

Posted 08 February 2012 - 05:19 PM

firsttimer - what are the odds of that huh!

- were we in TTC#1 together too?

- you suck. Why don't you have any bonds stuff in my size?

mel - too bad your bladder wasn't full enough.

RachBarry - hope the ms is going away.

and raone- I think scans are a great time for Dads to connect a bit more with bubs. Especially in the early stages.

- my ms came back just when I thought it was over again. Hoping it is going soon.

maternity clothes
- had loaned some to a friend and I got them all back the other day so should be mostly all set. For some reason, I feel like am carrying higher at this stage than last time, so I can still do up all my pants. I still just look like I ate too much over Christmas. Definitely just look at bit podgy rather than pregnant.

CCABW - just tell them you are hoping it is a unicorn or something.

NT scan!!!!
All went well and came up very low risk. Baby was wriggling and stretching all around. HB was good but a bit tricky to get a good trace because baby kept moving.

#59 Indigoems

Posted 08 February 2012 - 09:42 PM

Hi everyone,

Haven't posted for a while, But had really bad M/S sick.gif . So I finally went to the Dr and she got me onto vitamin B6 Pyoxine.. OMG its wonderful such a relief I haven't been sick since I started taking it. I am really looking forward to my NT on the 16th Feb.

But have been having crazy nightmares about it though ! Hopefully they go away.

michie0moo  your an absolute crack up I hope you can find some bonds clothes that will fit you and the facebook doesn't take everyone.

mel  annoying your bladder wasn't full enough I will take note and drink a crap load of water for my NT.

RachBarry congrats on your BFP and good luck with all your wedding such a busy and exciting time for you.

raone  I am a worrier too so I can't wait to get my scan over a done with !

Wishing everyone boring uneventful pregnancies ! Thinking of those with angel babies.

#60 ms-marti

Posted 10 February 2012 - 11:13 AM

michie0moo - He he I think we were hope that's a good omen. Woo Hoo on your scan results and yippee on seeing a wiggling bubs  wub.gif
We must shop at the same BigW then as they never seem to have my size either or it's just that those are the most common sizes and they sell out first  grin.gif  

firsttimer77 - That's one of the reasons I'm so far avoiding the Facebook DIG August 2012 group cause it would just be my luck to see someone I know in there, sure is a small world  laughing2.gif

IndigoBabe82 I hear you on the nightmares and stressing bbighug.gif bring on the happy scans.

White-Lily  roll2.gif on the clothing options at present, very limited & I'm a little too scared to get my old maternity clothes out, figure people will recognise them from the last time. Funniest part has been a few people have commented on me loosing weight, gee thank you ddoh.gif what can I say maybe the bubs is just "feeding off my existing flab"  Tounge1.gif

Me: I'm just so loopy I think this waiting till 12 week scan is sending me ohmy.gif which seems so nuts as the first time I did not even have a dating scan so really spend the first 3 months convinced they would do the 12 weeks scan and tell me sorry love you are having a hysterical pregnancy rolleyes.gif I know I'm certifiably nuts. This time we had the dating scan, saw a blob  blush.gif with a very nice heartbeat and I feel more scared then the first time. Well now only have to wait till Wednesday till the scan and then we know hands.gif it will all look as it's meant to.

#61 nutcracker01

Posted 10 February 2012 - 12:45 PM

Hi folks - may I join?  I am due 22 Aug 2012.  I have held off joining until after my 12-week scan - too many M/C to want to start getting excited before that time.

My 12-week scan went off without a hitch - it is the first time I have had a pregnancy get this far and this one was a result of our second try at IVF.  I had severe OHSS in the beginning, but the scan Tuesday showed a huge improvement so I am getting off the restrictions.  I have been very lucky not to have MS symptoms as well - I only get lightheaded/nauseated when my blood sugar drops.  Since I am eating every few hours, that doesn't happen often!  I don't know if I would have coped very well with OHSS + MS.

Starting to feel cautiously optimistic.  Bubs was sucking its thumb through most of the scan and trying to kick the ultrasound wand away.   laugh.gif

I am wondering about 3 things at the moment - what gender bub is, when I will start feeling all the activity I saw during the scan and when I will start showing.  I have a family event in 4 weeks and I want to keep this under wraps.  Not showing yet, and fingers crossed.

How about everyone else?  What's on your baby brain?  

It is interesting seeing the maternitywear discussion on here - I needed it from week 4 with the OHSS and am now back in my regular clothes, but there really isn'y much out there in maternitywear, is there?  Lots of the stores I have been to have said that they don't carry it anymore - implying that they once did but don't now.  Why do we have fewer options now at the big chains?  I have a reasonable maternity wardrobe now, mostly from Target and Pumpkin Patch when they had massive sales.  Doesn't it seem nuts that there aren't more options in a greater range of sizes (sizes have been an issue for me, too)?

#62 FeralAlpacaWarrior

Posted 10 February 2012 - 08:56 PM

Hello everyone  waves.gif Don't worry White-Lily, I'm also a non-Facebooker so I'm sticking around here. Sorry for the lack of personals, nausea has returned and DD and I had a big day today, my last weekday off before my return to work on Monday  sad.gif

Twelve week scan today went really well, measurements seem to be all good, 2 arms, 2 legs, good heartbeat, and a very wiggly baby! DD didn't move at all for her first scan, then was mega-active in the last trimester, so if this bubba is jumping around now, I'd hate to think how much it will be moving in a few months! It finally feels real seeing that little baby on the screen.

I hear you all on the maternity clothes front! I think Target thinks pregnant women are either blind or have bad taste, their maternity clothes are so ugly! I have a couple of Pumpkin Patch tops from last time, except DD was born in January so I don't have any Winter stuff. I have no idea what I'll do when I need to wear a Winter coat in the cold weather! I scored with some PP black maternity pants today- $65 reduced to $25! I desperately needed them for work. Thankfully I'm only working 3 days per week, so a pair of pants, a skirt and at least 3 tops should do me for work clothes. I am showing already (not hard, I had a tummy to begin with), so I wonder how long it will take someone at work to ask the question.

Don't know if I told you, but I am returning to work after having 2 years off to have DD. I haven't told work about being pregnant yet as I knew they'd just give me a useless paper-shuffling job for the next 5 months. Plus I didn't want to make it official until the scan.  

As far as who knows, my parents, sister, and friends who I see often. We will tell the rest of the family over the weekend.

Oh in regards to due dates, the computer at the dr spat out a due date of 24/08/2012, based on a standard 28 day cycle, however as my cycle averages at 33 days, she added 4 days to my due date, making it 28/08/12. The sonographer today said bub was measuring as being due on 22/08/12. Now given that last time my due date- again adjusted for a long cyle- was 27/01/10, and that DD arrived on 19/01/10, and the OB said she was "perfectly cooked", would you take my due date as 28/8/12 or 22/08/12? I tend to think the latter, but will talk it over with OB at next appointment. Let me know what you think!

Ok, must go eat my chocolate tart, have a good weekend everyone!

Edited by lovealpacas, 10 February 2012 - 09:01 PM.


Posted 11 February 2012 - 07:19 AM

Hi ladies

Congratulations to all those who have had great scans!!  It's all seeming a bit more real now, isn't it!  Good luck to those who have their scans coming up.

White Lily - I hear you on the FB front - I don't use it either so will be sticking around in here.  I must try and find time to post more often though (things are hectic with running round after the 3 boys, starting school, kinder drop offs etc, and volunteer work that I do).

Maternity wear sucks.  I have the same old clothes from my last 3 pregnancies.  Luckily I have not had to start wearing them yet.  I actually have not put on any weight yet (I think I have lost a kilo) because of feeling so rubbish.  Elasticated waisted summer skirts are my staple at the moment!

We have started telling people.  As expected we get the "So are you hoping for a girl...?".  My standard response is "Just hoping for a healthy baby".  Actually I reckon we are pretty much guaranteed to get another boy wub.gif .  My hubby actually got someone saying "Have you not heard of contraception!" How rude!

have a great weekend everyone!

#64 michie0moo

Posted 11 February 2012 - 10:00 AM

maternity clothes - I know a few people who have got theirs through ASOS or Old Navy.

- cannot believe someone actually said that to your DH. My Dad was so rude about a friend one day when I said she was expecting again (#5). He said to me "doesn't she know what's causing it". The thing is, my parents had 6 kids so it is so I asked my Dad the same question - why, didn't you and Mum know? He wasn't so rude to say it to anyone outside of our immediate family though.

- my dates this time are entirely scan based, and last time I measured spot on for dates, so I don't really know.

- you might be lucky and not show right away. When you feel movement depends a bit on where your placenta is and varies from person to person, but usually not before 17 weeks with a first preg, and usually more like 20.

#65 FeralAlpacaWarrior

Posted 13 February 2012 - 05:15 AM

It's so quiet in here! I'm up early to head to my first day back at work sad.gif Wish me luck!


Posted 13 February 2012 - 09:48 AM

Good luck lovealpacas!  Hope you have a great day!

#67 FeralAlpacaWarrior

Posted 13 February 2012 - 07:23 PM

QUOTE (CCABW @ 13/02/2012, 09:48 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Good luck lovealpacas!  Hope you have a great day!

Nope, was a sh*te day. DH got crabby at me when I tried to explain the easiest way to do up DD's seatbelt, so no goodbye and good luck from him, got to work, no paperwork had been done so no computer access for a few more days. They've known for the last month I was coming back! So I spent the day reading about the country I've been allocated, and nearly fell asleep.

Oh and my belly has popped out already! I didn't want to tell work yet in case they stuck me on some boring project for the next few months, but I got heaps of glances at my belly today. Gah! Only so long I can suck it in!


Posted 14 February 2012 - 08:26 AM

Sorry to hear it was a crap day, lovealpacas.  Good thing is that it can only improve from here!

I hear you on the belly popping out.  Mine's already comment-worthy even though I have not put on any weight!  But I'm not trying to keep it a secret anymore.  Baggy tops are the go, I think!  If anyone comments - maybe try the "I ate too many chocolates over christmas" line.   Or just tell them you are pregnant - how much longer ideally do you want to keep it quiet for at work?

I felt really sick yesterday.  Thought I had gotten over the worst of it, but no.  Also the insomnia is driving me insane!

Hope everyone else is doing OK.

#69 firsttimer77

Posted 14 February 2012 - 09:12 AM

We didn't tell people last time until 16 weeks (apart from our parents, we told them much sooner), just to be sure that everything was ok and progressing. The other thing is that as soon as you tell people that is all that they talk to you about. It is like they think you have nothing else to say. It can make the 40 weeks feel really long.

I am starting to pop out a bit and I'll be 13w on Wed so I am having troubles finding things to wear to cover the bump. DH has been losing lots of weight and friends have been congratulating him about it and then I feel their eyes look over to me and see that I am looking plump. They must be wondering why I'm not losing weight too!!!

BTW, our scan last week went well. Great to see bub moving around so much. Only problem is that bubs heartbeat is high at 175bpm. It was moving around a lot so it may be due to that but DD used to move a lot in the scans too and she was always 150-155bpm. At the back of my mind I am still a little worried and hope all is ok.

I didn't feel movement from bub in the 1st pregnancy until about 20w and I hear that is pretty normal. I also had a placenta at the front which blocked the feeling a bit. This time it is at the back and everything has already been stretched so I predict that I will feel bub moving a lot earlier. It can be really wonderful to feel movement, but not in the middle of the night when you are trying to sleep!

I got maternity clothes last time from friends (who didn't need it) and also cheap stetchy trops from Target. They don't have to be from the preggy section, just buy stretchy ones (jersey material is good) in a size or two bigger. I was pregnant in winter last time too, but bub makes you feel warmer so I only ever needed a light jacket to wear to and from work.

Anyway ladies, I hope that you have a great Valentine's Day. I hope that you get spoiled.

Edited by firsttimer77, 14 February 2012 - 09:13 AM.

#70 Butterfly*77

Posted 14 February 2012 - 10:23 AM

Hi ladies! I had my 12 week scan yesterday and my dates have now changed slightly. Instead of being due 27 Aug, I'm now due 19 Aug so it makes it 13+2weeks! Happy about that as out of 1st trimester already! Scan was great, not sure about my NT results yet as I need to see my GP but everything look good. 161bpm and a busy little baby who made it difficult for the poor radiologist rolleyes.gif

Couldn't tell the sex as it was moving around too much. I ended up having an internal scan too which was fun huh.gif but worth it. I cried when I first saw my precious #2.

We told most of our family and friends. Work is next but I will hold off for a bit too. I was showing a bit when I was quite bloated but I have deflated now so I only have a tiny bump again. Massive boobs though.

Have a good Valentine's Day! wub.gif

#71 mel#1

Posted 14 February 2012 - 11:15 AM

Hi ladies, its been awhile since I wrote here, as I didn't really have much to update you all on, and I guess still the same but just thought I'd say hi anyways original.gif
So far my nausea is getting slightly better, but then yesterday and today it got a bit bad again, no throwing up, but just nausea. And sorry tmi but major constipation lately! Which is probably what's making me feel a bit bla. And I have a slight case of baby brain too....clumsy and can't remember some things, and I was never like that before!!
I'm a little over 11 weeks, and my next scan is next week to do the down's syndrome check, and hopefully get to hear the heart beat, and maybe they can take a guess at the gender of the baby....a bit soon i know but I read this thing about the 'nub theory', you girls heard of it? Every baby has a 'nub' and that either turns into a penis or clitoris, and at this stage its obviously too early to turn into anything so its still just a 'nub' but when the baby is flat on its back, if the nub is at an angle of higher than 30 degrees its going to be a boy, and if less than 30 degrees its a girl.........and apparently people who tried out this theory say its been spot on.
So i guess that answers your question nutcracker01.....I have what is the gender of the baby on my mind haha.

Not showing still, although my sister seems to think my stomach is going more round, but I think that's just my fat haha. Clothes are still fitting me but I can't stand tight clothes around my belly lately, i just want to wear loose clothing. My sister gave me a whole bunch of her maternity clothes, so I don't really need to go shopping just yet.

ok i've rambled enough. Have a nice day all original.gif

#72 FeralAlpacaWarrior

Posted 14 February 2012 - 06:35 PM

Well work was much better today, I have computer access, just no email yet. Bub had definitely popped out, but I think this time around I'll wait and see if anyone says anything hee hee. My best mate, who I am back working with (yay!) who has also been allocated as my training buddy (double yay! I don't think the boss realises how buddy buddy we are) knows, so at least I have someone I can confide in during the day original.gif

On an annoying note, my great bargain maternity pants are causing me issues- my bump isn't big enough to hold them up! I'm spending half the day pulling my pants up! I might take them back on Thursday and see if I can get a smaller size maybe. I'm feeling much better, my appetite is huuuge, and the cafe at work makes yummy bacon and egg rolls and cheese croissants, mmmmm!

Oh and I sent photos of DD holding a sign saying she's going to be a big sister yesterday to my grandparents, DH's parents and my aunt and uncle, so the phone should start ringing with congratulations soon original.gif

Hope everyone is feeling good.

#73 nutcracker01

Posted 15 February 2012 - 11:59 AM

Hi ladies,

The gender thing always seems to get people going, doesn't it?  I have no clue whether we are having a girl or a boy, but my fiance wants a boy - he says a girl will have him wrapped around her little finger too easily and he thinks he will hold out longer with a boy!   rolleyes.gif

I honestly don't mind, I just want to know.  We call the baby Junior, but it would be great to have a pronoun to use!  I am looking forward to the 20 week scan to find out which way the penny rolled.  I had heard the thing about the angle of the nub, and I asked the sonographer about it.  She said that it is true, but that it can be really hard to gauge the angle because they wriggle around so much and they are curled up at the 12 week scan, it depends on the angle the sonographer gets.  I guess there are just some things that can't be hurried!

I don't know how many maternity clothes a pregnant woman needs.  At the moment, at 13 weeks, I am still in my normal clothes, though the jeans are a little tight at the top.  I might try my belly band when I go shopping tonight to see if that holds my jeans up well enough.  Last thing you want is for your pants to fall down!   ohmy.gif

I have some pants with stretchy bands which are what I live in at the moment.  I keep wondering when I am going to pop out.  This is my first, so it is all new ground for me.

The biggest change for me has been my BBs.  I was a happy C cup, and now I am in DDs, and have been since about week 5.  Tell me that slows down!

It is great hearing about other people's scans.  The place where I got mine done still hasn't got the Down's Syndrome risk factor assessment for us yet and it is driving me nuts.  I have called my GP many times, and she tells me it will be Friday before I can expect to see results.  Why does it take so long??  Has anyone else had it take 2 weeks?  It makes me anxious.

How about the fatigue?  I am still sleeping about 10 hours a night.  It is great to be able to compare notes with y'all.

Have a great day - I hope Valentine's Day was a happy one for all.

#74 firsttimer77

Posted 15 February 2012 - 03:21 PM

Nutcracker01 - I'm not sure why your test results are taking so long, we got ours about an hour after the scan was done. They did have a guy on the premises though who is trained in that sort of thing as that is all he was doing (reviewing the scans, blood tests etc and then informing each couple).

Breast size increasing can be different for everyone. Mine stayed the same from conception right through to milk coming in (just a bit firmer). I was already a DDcup to start with though and was very happy that they didn't grow any larger. Nutcracker01 Be prepared that they may grow another cup or two when your milk does come in!

I am still wearing my normal clothes but I can tell that the pants are getting tighter around the waist. I am trying not to go into my maternity clothes yet in case the other ladies at work recognise them from last time. We are still holding off from telling everyone our news. So it is loose tops and stretchy skirts/pants for as long as I can.

I hope everyone is having a great day. Take care. biggrin.gif

Edited by firsttimer77, 15 February 2012 - 03:22 PM.

#75 Butterfly*77

Posted 15 February 2012 - 03:40 PM

Nutcraker I had my scan on Monday and still waiting my risk results too. I might pop in tomorrow morning and find out when they can expect them. The radiologist said if there were no problems, they would send them to my GPs that arvo and get them to call me (they always call anyway with results) but if there were any problems, it would take longer so I am wondering now (not panicking yet though unsure.gif ). The scan was fine but I don't know?

My boobs are ginormous this time. Don't know what size as I am just wearing strapless, wireless bandeaus with padding. Kind of like an Ah bra thingie come to think about it. Still the same size as before (medium) as they are stretch. I will look at getting a maternity bra or two next month. Going to get a few clothes as well for work soon but same thing, don't want them to be too big. My usual work trousers are maternity but I wore them long before I was pg. Just comfy pants with no zips or buttons.

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