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#1 ~A2~

Posted 08 March 2012 - 11:52 AM

Hi all

New thread time

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#2 Rumply

Posted 08 March 2012 - 01:03 PM


omg omg omg *fans hand in front of face*, I want to thank my mum, my aunty and God!

Ok, so I have never won gold before, I am a little excited.

So much seems to be happening with everyone, along with just the run of the day stuff. The clock is ticking on our next arrivals! Ali and P!NK, hope you are both doing well and are holding your new arrivals soon... only 2 more days (in theory)!!

I have my scan tomorrow, so hopefully we find out what gender we are having. I am so excited, wont be able to sleep tonight. I am not leaving until they can tell me!!! And if they can't I guess I will have to pay for a 3d one or something (though not sure I can convince him to spend the money).

Hope you are all well...

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#3 P!NK

Posted 08 March 2012 - 01:52 PM



she is here!!!!!
Scarlett Elizabeth arrived tuesday arvo weighing 6lb 11oz after a speedy, intense 1hour 48 min labour....(fast is not always good  ohmy.gif )...I'm in love  wub.gif

#4 Redfishbluefish

Posted 08 March 2012 - 03:20 PM



huge congratulations P!NK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What wonderful news! She has a lovely name. Can't wait to hear more details- though you're making me think I should be careful what I wish for when I say I want a quick labour!! (Quicker than 32 hours would be good though!!!).

Rumply, lol, congrats on your gold!!! Can't wait to hear about your scan- what time is it??

3cubs- Bummer about having to wait for your nuchal scan!! But I guess at least you know you're getting it done right, which is good for peace of mind. Not toooooo long to go original.gif

Elle- Glad you are feeling better, and glad you can laugh about your outing!! biggrin.gif

Afm, following in Quinston's footsteps here- just getting over a bout of gastro  sad.gif Little Miss still seems pretty comfy in there though...

And, will repost the list on the first page, with one new addition!


Elle - EDD 16 February ppinkstork.gif  Rose Elizabeth born 15 February
Quinston - EDD 29 February bbluestork.gif Alasdair Orlando born 28 February
P!NK- EDD 10 March  ppinkstork.gif Scarlett Elizabeth born 6 March
Alibaba- EDD 10 March  ppinkstork.gif
flyingkiwi - EDD 24 March  bbabyflip.gif (surprise)
Redinoz - EDD 29 March  ppinkstork.gif
SusieBlue - EDD 19 April  ppinkstork.gif
Genie - EDD 20 June  bbluestork.gif
Rumply - EDD 24 July
DW2202 - EDD 28 July
Polly - EDD 12 August
MichieMoo - EDD 17 August
3cubs - EDD 16 September

#5 Genie

Posted 08 March 2012 - 04:28 PM

Boobie prize for me!

I think I may deserve it today too - I just started trying to read the new thread only to somehow end up reading thread #8... that wouldn't have been so bad except it took me about two pages to realise something was very wrong - Ali's DH had just caved on the name Violet, Pink had outed herself and Red in Oz had just got back from the UK. Got to love pregnancy brain!  roll2.gif

Anyway, back to the present...

A huge congrats to P!nk!!!!!  eexcite.gif eexcite.gif eexcite.gif eexcite.gif eexcite.gif I love the name and can't wait to hear more about your beautiful little girl!

Elle - Glad you're feeling better, mastitis is awful!  It does get easier to have two at the shops, until then just keep smiling  hhugs.gif

3cubs - It must be frustrating having to wait for your scan, but it sounds like the right decision. I'm sure your little one will be just perfect.

Rumply - Good luck at the scan tomorrow, what are you thinking - boy or girl?

Ali - Your up next! I'll be  ninja.gif ing for baby news! Glad to hear your feeling better.

Susie - I hear you on the air-con, we installed ours when I found out I was pregnant with my first summer baby  laughing2.gif This one is actually due in winter though, so I'm a little worried about those middle of the night breastfeeds!

AFM, I saw the OBGYN yesterday and everything is going well. I'm feeling lots of movements now, but still small enough to be reasonable comfortable. It's just as well as we have been insanely busy renovating and re-arranging our house in order to fit in our third child. I shouldn't be surprised though, I have photos of me painting Jordi's room at around 7 months pregnant, so I should have expected to be just as busy this time around  Tounge1.gif

#6 123Babies4Me

Posted 08 March 2012 - 05:10 PM

Oh my goodness! So much action today!!

Congratulations P!NK! Yay for a gorgeous little girl biggrin.gif Sounds like she was in a hurry too! Its amazing how they can chill out in there for so long and then go 'ok, time to leave now!' Hope you're having lovely cuddles now.

Ali - you are next!!! Woot!!!! How is that prelabour going????

Rumply - Congrats on your gold biggrin.gif Can't wait to hear about your gender scan tomorrow!!!

#7 flyingkiwi

Posted 08 March 2012 - 08:47 PM

Congratulations P!NK!!! eexcite.gif eexcite.gif eexcite.gif   Beautiful name and looking forward to the pics!

alibaba~81 thanks for reposting the list. I was 3 days early with Max, so if I'm early again and you're that late again I suppose I could go before you. Hope you're over the gastro.

Rumply, good luck with the scan, looking forward to hearing what you're having

Genie, lol on reading the old thread and not twigging. Hope you can get everything organised in plenty of time to fit the baby!

Hi everyone else!

AFM, all going well, just very tired and achy. Baby is 3/5 engaged, I thought it had dropped. It means my stomach is not as squashed but my hips and pelvis are even more sore. I'm ready, even though I'd like baby to wait until after I've taken Max to the playschool concert on Tuesday. So tired today, and a bit emotional, I figure I'm getting so little sleep that the baby may as well be on the outside. Maternity leave isn't nearly as relaxing second time round!

Did get a couple of things done today though, have a lasagne made and ready to freeze, finished my online application for paid parental leave (what a hoopla!) and a toy Hoot arrived that we only ordered a couple of days ago and Max loves it. biggrin.gif

#8 elle-M

Posted 09 March 2012 - 10:40 AM

CONGRATULATIONS P!NK on the arrival of Scarlett Elizabeth! What a beautiful name wub.gif So far we're setting the trend for quick labours and girls with Elizabeth as the middle name.

Good luck with your scan Rumply, will check back later to find out if you're having a blue or pink baby!

Thinking of you Ali and flyingkiwi and can't wait for news biggrin.gif

#9 michie0moo

Posted 09 March 2012 - 05:57 PM

Hooray P!NK. Congrats on the arrival of Scarlett Elizabeth.

Ali - hope you are over the gastro. That has to be bloody awful when pregnant.

FlyingKiwi - sounds like you are just about ready to go. I get sore hips in pregnancy too (they are already sore sad.gif) so you have my sympathy.

Hi to everyone else.

Nothing new with me. Still very tired - ripped off on the 2nd trimester energy boost but at least I'm not sick anymore.
DD has been horror going to bed lately and I think I'm going to have to deal with this, although some of the problem might be a couple of late-ish long naps. If she doesn't nap as long during the day (or naps earlier) then she pretty much feeds to sleep, not a perfect solution either as what will she do if I'm not there? I have No cry sleep solution and will have another look at that, but might need the toddler version. I think we need to get to a point where she can be in bed and then go to sleep alone (even if not right away). At the moment, she might be ok for a bit by herself, but needs me there to actually go to sleep. Last night she just ended up with several top up feeds to try and "knock her out". Other times, it just takes me sitting there and patting on and off. She starts off going to bed fine (happily gets into her sleeping bag, turn on music, settles in for breastfeed, gets taken off before she is asleep, popped into bed, thumb in mouth, initially rolls over like she is going to sleep, but then just won't go to bloody sleep - grrrr). It drives me crazy! She still wakes up once during the night too but I have less of an issue with that right now as she resettles fine then (well, with breastmilk but it doesn't take very long). I will deal with that part after, or maybe both together once I get a plan. She ends up standing up crying out for me at the moment really don't have much idea where to start with this at the moment. I do know that she can't be this dependent on me for all her sleep when we have 2 so I feel like I need to sort it out sooner rather than later so we aren't all panicking about it before bubba2 arrives.

#10 3cubs

Posted 11 March 2012 - 07:17 AM

A big Welcome to Scarlett Elizabeth.

Congratulations P!nk on the speedy delievery and keep on enjoying your baby girl!


#11 Redfishbluefish

Posted 11 March 2012 - 09:57 AM

Hi All original.gif

Just a quick post here, over the gastro but now have a cold. DD has something too but hers is more chesty so I think they're different?? Had so much prelabour last night that I got everything ready thinking this might be it, but nope. Probably just as well as I can't breathe through my nose! So feeling a little worse for wear right now, I guess the good news is that HOPEFULLY I will be feeling well again soon, and in the next 2 weeks I will definitely have a baby!

Flyingkiwi- you're so right, NOTHING is as relaxing second time around! Gah! Good luck to you, not long now!! (Hope I go first though  tongue.gif  biggrin.gif ).

Rumply- how are you??

Mich- How old is your DD again? I keep forgetting! She sounds just like mine. Unfortunately I never managed to solve our sleep issues until I weaned her, don't know that it was related though as it still took several months, but I was giving her a bottle of cows milk then, and then weaning her off that led to better sleep. She's still hit and miss now though  rolleyes.gif I've given up on getting anything sorted before #2 arrives lol, but DD has been sick so her night wakeups are understandable atm (1-2hourly though- geez!)...

Well,. here is a bump pic from yesterday, my due date biggrin.gif

I had my 40w appointment on Friday and she was 1-2/5 engaged, so very low. Lucy never engaged before labour so it's kind of weird! Despite all the tightenings and period pain and back pain etc etc, I haven't had a show or anything like that so I guess she could still be a while away  wwhistle.gif

#12 michie0moo

Posted 11 March 2012 - 10:44 AM

Alibaba - DD is 21 months. She drinks cows milk out of a cup during the day but she just sees that as something else yummy to drink, not as an alternative the breastmilk. I am thinking that I might have to wean her off the breastmilk before bed but at the moment she seems so addicted to that part. Last night, she had her breastmilk, still awake, put her in bed and she went hysterical. Got her out, calmed her down, back in bed, same result. Ended up on the rocking chair until she was basically asleep. Took about 30 minutes which is a huge improvement on the hour it took the previous 3 days.

Hope you are over the cold soon and that those pre-labour signs turn into real labour soon.

#13 flyingkiwi

Posted 11 March 2012 - 12:20 PM

Just had a little milestone today - disassembled the cot in Max's room. He's now having all his sleeps in his big bed. I would say where did my little baby go, but it's ok, I'll have another in a week or two  biggrin.gif

#14 Redfishbluefish

Posted 12 March 2012 - 06:25 PM

Mich- fingers crossed the sleep keeps improving. Would be nice to fix the sleeping without weaning. Are you planning on tandem feeding?

Flyingkiwi- Lol  biggrin.gif Glad your big boy is doing so well in his bed!!

AFM, apparently my uterus didn't get the memo about it being labour day wink.gif Ah well. I still have this cold. Definitely feeling better than I was but can't breathe through my nose AT ALL, it's driving me crazy. Prelabour is still in full force though, geez I hope it's doing something!!

#15 red in oz

Posted 12 March 2012 - 08:43 PM

Hi... just thought I'd pop in and check on you.

Congratulations PINK original.gif hope you're home and enjoying your beautiful pink bundle, she sounds adorable.

Ali, come on, sending labour vibes your way.

Flying Kiwi, glad to hear the bed is going well. Hannah moved into hers about 3 weeks ago when we moved house, shes' still a bit of trouble going down at night (which she wasn't in the cot since weaning the bedtime feed just before she turned 2) but is sleeping through and gradually waking later and later in the morning, usually a few minutes before 6 now, instead of 4.30 original.gif...

AFM, all good here, had ob appointment last week, bub is head down and happy, feeling very comfortable still so not expecting her any time soon, my mum arrived next Monday so then she can come whenever she wants except for the 25th when DH is doing the Melbourne Ironman race...

I've pretty much quit EB completely now, but I'll keep checking up on you over the next few weeks to check out the new arrivals.

#16 Rumply

Posted 12 March 2012 - 08:53 PM

WOOT.. Congratulations P!NK... eexcite.gif  that is fantastic news. Hope you are all doing well. That was a crazy quick labour, hopefully you recover ok from it.

Ali - hope you too are feeling better. What bad timing for a cold, hopefully it is gone before you go into real labour!!! I have heard the body often 'cleans' itself out before labour (ie the gastro)... didn't for me that I remember, but I went early. The clock is ticking now... fingers crossed all goes well (and soon!!!). Love the bump shot!

Michie0moo - I had lots of sleep issues with my DS, we only saw real improvement when I weaned as well sad.gif I had to go sleep in another room and DH managed it. It was painful for about 3 days or so, then he finally started to settle better. But would def wait until your DD settles down a little, as it sounds like she may have been out of sorts recently. Good luck with whatever you chose to do.

Flyingkiwi - My DS loves his Hoot (aka Boot) too, keeps him company in bed. Not long for you now either... I can't believe how quickly the time has gone!! Though I bet at this point it feels very slow for you. Good on you for making food, I hope I am motivated enough to start getting stuff ready at that point. Thankfully I will be keeping DS in care, so I really should have no excuses.

Genie - Pregnancy brain is kinda fun. I found the paprika in the fridge the other day... random! It is bad at work though.

3Cubs - Did you get your scan last Thursday or have I got my timing all stuffed up?

Elle-M - That is brave of you to even attempt the shops, I think that will be tricky with a toddler and a newborn!! And of course the poo explosions have to happen right at the most convenient times... they know!!

AFM - We are having another BOY!!! So excited, as I have always wanted 2 little boys. But I do feel a little sad that I wont experience a little girl (our little Elanore or Ellie)... but you get that. He is measuring about 5 days further ahead than what my dates are, but they do say there is room for movement in that. I wonder if this means I may go early again, though I would like at least one week off before hand this time... even just a few days would be nice. I have planned 3 weeks, but time will tell.

I ended up getting into the CatCH program through the hospital, which is not quite the Birth Centre program, but not the full antenatal clinic (just get the same midwife through everything).

Hope everyone is well and look forward to our next updates!!!!

#17 elle-M

Posted 13 March 2012 - 12:22 PM

ph34r.gif again.

Ali your bump is gorgeous, you look fabulous! Would love to see baby pics form P!nk and Quinston (but I know how hard it is to get a chance to go to the toilet, let alone upload pics!)

Rumply - HOORAY for another boy, they will grow up to be best buddies biggrin.gif

Does anyone have any opinions on co-sleeping? I did it for a few weeks with DS to get by and have found myself doing it again with Rose. I'm sleeping in our spare room at the moment (in a king single bed) because she wakes so frequently and has one hour long screaming episode every night at some point. When I was trying to put her in the cot she would wake after 10 mins and I'd spend another half hour rocking her to sleep, put her down, for her only to wake again a few minutes later. Last night I brought her in bed with me and she slept soundly!! I don't smoke or drink (at the moment) so I'm not too worried about the risks, plus I'm a very light sleeper.

Have any of you co-slept? Hopefully it will just be a short phase like it was with DS and she'll go down in her cot soon.

#18 123Babies4Me

Posted 13 March 2012 - 01:15 PM

Hi everyone! waves.gif

I suspect DS is not sleeping, but as long as he is quiet I'm ok! I'm worried that the day sleeps may be disappearing, but we've had lots of dramas moving him into the big bed, probably because I made the mistake of leaving the cot in his room while we attempted to move him. I'm hoping that they'll return once we sort it out. This last week:
  • Monday - move the mattress out of the cot. DS climbs into cot and sleeps on slats
  • Tuesday - disassemble cot. DS sleeps on pile of disassembled cot on the floor
  • Wednesday - move cot totally out of sight. DS sleeps on the floor where the cot used to be oomg.gif
Anyway!! I think he is starting to get it slowly! He slept in the bed last night!!!

elle - I have to say I was a little paranoid when DS was little and didn't cosleep, I had him in a bassinette next to the bed. However now that he is older if he wakes up at night we end up cosleeping. I'm not always a fan of it because I get annoyed at getting kicked! But I'm sure Rose is far too little for any antics in the bed wub.gif
I also wanted to say I love your sig pic - you have such gorgeous children wub.gif

ali - When you posted yesterday I was convinced it was going to be a birth announcement! If I'm getting impatient imagine how you are feeling!! laughing2.gif I hope prelabour turns into real labour soon. I hope you start feeling better soon too! You need all the energy you can get bbighug.gif

Mich - Hope you start feeling more energised soon. I hope DD starts to sleep better for you too. Who would have thought sleep would be so complicated??? I don't remember what I did re: DS' day sleeps when he was BF (how pathetic is that?) but I do remember that when he was 11 months old he started to sleep through the night without the one BF he was having - he just decided that he didn't want it anymore. I hope your DD might do something similar.

red - Nice to see you, I can understand that you don't have much time for EB these days! Hope to hear from you when your little one comes!

Rumply - Yay for another boy!! That must be so exciting, you can pull out DS' clothes again....so cute!!! Are you planning on having just the 2?

flyingkiwi - Thinking of you, not long now!

AFM - Things are going well. At the moment I am still finding this pg to be easier than my last. Not much heartburn, sleeping pretty well, maternity clothes are still comfortable. I think I must be baking a smaller baby. She is also a lot quieter than DS in utero, although she seems to find it amusing to wriggle and then just leave some hard poky bit sticking out. She might find it comfortable but I don't!!
Anyway, DS is making noise. Lets see if he's destroyed his room!!

#19 Genie

Posted 13 March 2012 - 03:03 PM

Hi ladies,

I've been doing lots of  ph34r.gif ing, but must admit I have been a bit slack with posting, so here goes...

Susie - I'm sorry I know it must be frustrating, but I couldn't help but laugh when I read about your DS's antics!  laughing2.gif How amazing that he actually managed to go to sleep in such uncomfortable places - he's certainly a determined little man.  Good luck, I hope he gets the message soon.

Elle - I've co-slept with both my girls, never as a permanent solution, just when they're going through those really difficult sleepless periods.  I think I waited until DD1 was 12 weeks before I did with her, but I know that I started with DD2 much earlier.  I think a little common sense goes a long way - obviously no alcohol or drugs, don't use doonas etc, keep them away from the pillow.  I certainly never got a great nights sleep with them in my bed, but it was a lot better than not getting any sleep at all.  Good luck with whatever you choose to do.

Rumply - Yay! Nice to know someone else is having a boy! Two little boys will be great playmates too and having all those hand-me-down clothes certainly helps the budget  grin.gif

Red - Lovely to hear from you! Do pop back and let us know when your little one arrives, although I certainly understand how hard it can be!

Ali - Loved the pic, what a beautiful bump! Everytime I see you've posted something new I hope for your sake your little one has arrived, but unfortunately these things can't be rushed.  All the pre-labour sounds very promising though - DD2 was a week overdue, but I had lots of pre-labour and in the end she was born 40 mins after we got to the hospital.  I think DH is a little nervous about how quickly this one could make his appearance  laughing2.gif Hopefully things will happen for you soon xx

FlyingKiwi - Congrats on moving the cot, woohoo!  It's nice how knowing you have another little one on the way makes the others growing up a little easier.  Try and get some rest yourself now, you have a big couple of weeks ahead of you  biggrin.gif

Michiemoo - I really feel your pain  bbighug.gif Even after we weaned DD1 we still had to lay on the floor next to her cot and pat her to sleep etc.  For us, the transition into her big girl bed was the turning point.  We simply said that now that she was a big girl, she needed to go to sleep on her own.  We had a few little hiccups, but in the end she improved dramatically.  Even at four she still plys up a bit when we put her to bed, but nothing like she did before.  Good luck, I know how hard it can be xx

AFM, I'm very excited as I'm doing my first parent roster at Kindy tomorrow.  I can't wait to actually be in the room and see for myself how DD1 is settling in.  DD1 has also asked me to go to her school disco with her on Friday night, so it will be nice to have some time just the two of us.  DD2 is still playing with toilet training.  She does wees and poos on the toilet, but certainly hasn't started using it regularly yet.  We've emptied our study and are ready to start patching, painting and redecorating, so hopefully she will be in her big girl room (and big girl bed) by the end of the month.  Pregnancy wise I seem to be chugging along quite nicely - 26 weeks tomorrow, so third trimester here I come!  I bought a booster seat for DD1 and I'm getting a third anchor point fitted in our car tomorrow, so at very least I know I'll be able to bring all the kids home from the hospital.  I've started buying a few little bits of blue, but still have a lot to go. Lucky I still have a few months yet!

Have a lovely day everyone  waves.gif

#20 Redfishbluefish

Posted 14 March 2012 - 07:56 AM

Hi girls! Don't get excited, not a news post!

red in oz- Good to hear from you! Lol, can understand 'quitting' EB- maybe I would have actually finished my PhD if I did the same??  biggrin.gif Glad the pregnancy is going well, not long at all to go!

elle-M- I only did stints of cosleeping, as for us it generally wasn't the answer to more sleep. I have no problems with it if you've researched how to do it safely, and it sounds like you have original.gif

SusieBlue- Your DS is hilarious!!!!  roll2.gif roll2.gif roll2.gif   In hindsight, this pregnancy has been easier than my last in many ways too. I wouldn't say either has been particularly hard though original.gif

Genie- Good luck at kindy today!! And yay for 26 weeks- how fast these pregnancies seem to be going (except mine lol  laughing2.gif).

AFM, 40+4, can breathe through my nose a tiny bit today which is exciting. I felt terrible again yesterday but today a lot better so hopefully this is nearly the end of it. I had a bit of a trickle of fluid down my leg just before but have put a pad in and nothing more, so just watching it atm and if I get any more will call the birth centre. I'm trying to be zen about everything, really she can't be much more than a week away at most!!

#21 michie0moo

Posted 14 March 2012 - 02:12 PM

alibaba - same problem with the PhD. I have to correct my corrections and am getting nowhere with it. Serious lack of motivation. Between here and FB, I'm surprised I did any of my write up at all though (any excuse to procrastinate). Have you seen this site http://www.phdcomics.com/comics.php
Glad to hear that your cold is improving. Hopefully full recovery will prompt labour (I can't imagine trying to breathe through a contraction with a blocked nose).

Elle - I also just did cosleeping when DD was really unsettled. As long as you follow the proper guidelines (like no drinking, smoking, blankets and pillows clear etc) then it is perfectly safe (and perhaps even safer according to some studies). It took me a while to figure out feeding while lying down so I didn't start until she was older.

Red in Oz - yay for later sleeping for Hannah and hope baby arrives before or after your DH's ironman.

Rumply - yay for a boy.

Genie - hope kindy went well today. Sounds like you are very busy at the moment. How old is your TT toddler? DD is telling us (sometimes) that she is doing wees (although says poo poo for wee), and even undoing one side of her nappy and trying to pull down her pants (I think just after) but isn't interested in getting on the toilet. Our neighbours have offered us their toilet training stuff so I have to remember to pop over and see what we want. I haven't set up a potty yet but I've been talking about the concepts a bit to DD and have just got a book about it so will maybe set up and see if she is interested. She is definitely on the young side for training (21 months) so it is more a "give her the option when she is ready" idea rather than a real start. I also keep meaning to order some cloth training pants which I must get on to as quite a few stores have discounts this month.

SusieBlue - so funny about your DS and the cot.

AFM - thanks everyone for your supportive messages about my vent about DD's sleep. Sounds like weaning and big beds are the secrets (a friend also said her DD didn't really go down without fuss until she was in a big girl bed but they find dressed up as a princess some mornings - lol). Still taking a long time to settle her at times but she is settling down a little. I think I need to get hold of a copy of No cry sleep solution for toddlers. I have a night weaning plan, but I think I need a new bedtime plan. She is going to be babysat next week and I am hoping she is asleep before her grandparents arrive as she is soooo excited by them being around that she absolutely will not want to go to bed. It's just them for some reason. I think the fact that MIL hovers and constantly entertains her just doesn't allow her to wind down, but I don't want to be a pushy parent and tell her she can't do that or to back off. She gets so much pleasure out of it and DD has such a good time. Plus she is going back to Canada at the end of this month to help with her Mum and sorting some stuff out and then SIL is due at the end of April so I expect she'll stay until mid-May at least, so it isn't worth making a stand on right now anyway.

I am torn on the weaning front. I would like to wean her but at the same time I want her to be on board with it. I am pretty sure my milk supply has been lower because she keeps trying for more feeds and also, she is preferentially going for the "better flow" side even if I last fed from that side. She saw a friends baby being breastfed today and instantly she wanted some too. Looks like tandem feeding would be happening if she isn't weaned when baby arrives. OMG I'd be a breastfeeding machine! I don't want to force weaning too close to when the baby arrives either as I don't want her to feel that the baby took that away from her. Sigh...

Other than that, pregnancy is going well (17+4) and while I'm going to bed pretty much with DD lately, I'm doing a bit better with being awake during the day (esp if I can lie down for a bit, even if I don't actually sleep). My pants now need a belly belt (after I said to a friend on MONDAY that I was still fitting in my pants) and I have a definite bump there now and I think my maternity clothes will have to all come out of the cupboard now before I stretch all my t-shirts out of shape. I think I have felt some little flutters at night -anterior placenta so I can't feel much and can't believe how unsure I am about whether I'm really feeling anything. Oh, I think that was a little push!!!!

Will be lurking for news of new arrivals....

#22 3cubs

Posted 14 March 2012 - 03:04 PM

Golly gosh so much has been happening. Worse thing is im struggling with a shocking headache and last time i came on i had to run off and vomit and somehow managed to congratulate PINK and that was it.

Ive had a brief look thru and will have to try and be better in my personals soon. I didnt sleep so well last night so thats probably part of the reason behind the headache. Usually if zara or one of the kids wakes me up i can usually go back to sleep but not last night. Dh was also up and sounded like he needed to blow his nose and i couldnt sleep with those noises going on. In the end i said can u blow your nose or something but it was almost morning and then zara wakes up again from a nightmare. Hoping for a better sleep tonight.

However, I did see Ali made her due date as she predicted and baby still hasnt arrived. Glad to also read u have been having plenty of prelabour pains as this will make the final delievery hopefully short and fast. I had plenty of prelabour with zara and as a result it was a nice quick birth... about 2 hours but still bloody painful!!

michiemoo: im sure u really are feeling flutters. I know this sounds weird and not right but in the last week or so i can feel flutters and yes im only 13.5 weeks. When i tend to feel it is if im lying in some awkward postion like on my back on the couch with my legs curled or something that seems to make some of my tummy pushed to a point or something and then i feel it. each time its been accidental that ive got in this position and then its like omg i just felt the baby move and i quickly move out of that position as it doesnt feel right its like im comprimising something. but i reckon for me it is possible as the baby is about 7.5cm from crown to rump so there is something there and our tummys arent that big etc.

genie: i had my first day last friday in harrys preschool class and it is nice to see what they do etc. hope u enjoy your day in your dd's class.

Rumply: congratulations on your boy!!

AFM: im only having my nt scan tomorrow. I will be 13 weeks and 5-6 days so its the very last day that the nt scan is still viable but the fetal medicine unit told me not to worry so hopefully all will be fine. Cant wait to see the baby at least i will be rewarded with my longer than usual wait and get to see a bigger moer developed baby and the morph scan will come round a lot faster now too!!

Sorry for those i missed but need to rest my head and take it easy and be back.

Ali i do check my phone so know that it hasnt happened yet but am waiting for the good news!! Oh by the way u look fantastic well your body does anyhow.. lucky you. Im usually 54 kgs pre harry and pre lewis but am already 64 kg. I havent been able to lose it since Lewis. I hate having this extra weight and trying to be really careful in this pregnancy but doesnt help when dh brings home a big bag of sour cream and chives potato chips.

#23 3cubs

Posted 15 March 2012 - 11:15 AM


continuing with personals. I think my headaches are because im sick. Have now been getting into the panadols.

Ali: I had leaking amnio fluid with ds2 for awhile and then the almighty explosion. I wonder if  that will happen for u?
sounds like u have also had the terrible lurgy going round. I think im getting it now, headaches, stuffy nose, sore throat, not bed ridden yet fingers crossed that wont happen. I hope u are completely better ready for this bub!
keep us updated
michiemoo: what is your phd on? Good on u for still studying. Wish i had the time to go back to study and do more stuff for myself. Trying to find dd a spot in childcare for one or two days a week so at least i can go some casual teaching or something before this bub comes along.
cant remember if i commented on you still breastfeeding. I stopped breastfeeding half way through the cycle i conceived with this one. If it means anything and all of this is ever so personal but having a break from breastfeeding for me is the best thing. I saw a lady at the pool breastfeeding a 7 week old and thought thank god im not doing that. I breastfed ds for 15 months, expressed for lewis whilst in hospital and breastfed zara till 13 months. I must admit i feel a bit guilty about not breastfeeding zara as long as harry but hey the break is good too. Cant believe i will be doing it again in 6 months. SO if u are like me and do decide to take a break for me its the best thing. I fidn breastfeeding can be tiring and takes extra energy etc.

SusieBliue: glad you are enjoying the pregnancy and good to hear its all cruising along fine for u.

elle_M: I co slept with Harry and Zara. With harry till 15 months, zara 9 months. Each time i got them into a cot at night it was the best thing.. they took up so much room. We only have a queen bed. But for me when they are really little in order to get a half decent sleep i still think its a good thing. We werent going to do it with Lewis though so there would have been lots of nights being up with him.


continuing with personals. I think my headaches are because im sick. Have now been getting into the panadols.

Ali: I had leaking amnio fluid with ds2 for awhile and then the almighty explosion. I wonder if  that will happen for u?
sounds like u have also had the terrible lurgy going round. I think im getting it now, headaches, stuffy nose, sore throat, not bed ridden yet fingers crossed that wont happen. I hope u are completely better ready for this bub!
keep us updated
michiemoo: what is your phd on? Good on u for still studying. Wish i had the time to go back to study and do more stuff for myself. Trying to find dd a spot in childcare for one or two days a week so at least i can go some casual teaching or something before this bub comes along.
cant remember if i commented on you still breastfeeding. I stopped breastfeeding half way through the cycle i conceived with this one. If it means anything and all of this is ever so personal but having a break from breastfeeding for me is the best thing. I saw a lady at the pool breastfeeding a 7 week old and thought thank god im not doing that. I breastfed ds for 15 months, expressed for lewis whilst in hospital and breastfed zara till 13 months. I must admit i feel a bit guilty about not breastfeeding zara as long as harry but hey the break is good too. Cant believe i will be doing it again in 6 months. SO if u are like me and do decide to take a break for me its the best thing. I fidn breastfeeding can be tiring and takes extra energy etc.

SusieBliue: glad you are enjoying the pregnancy and good to hear its all cruising along fine for u.

elle_M: I co slept with Harry and Zara. With harry till 15 months, zara 9 months. Each time i got them into a cot at night it was the best thing.. they took up so much room. We only have a queen bed. But for me when they are really little in order to get a half decent sleep i still think its a good thing. We werent going to do it with Lewis though so there would have been lots of nights being up with him.

#24 Quinston

Posted 15 March 2012 - 06:21 PM

Hi ladies

Sorry I've been MIA - been trying to get into the groove of baby number 2.  While I think of it, here are some photos of my little chaps.


Please let me know if it doesn't work.

Alasdair is such a chilled out little fella - which is such a lovely break from Quinlan who is just crazy as. Quinlan used to scream the house down when he was hungry .... Alasdair will squark and if I don't get there quick enough he's gone to sleep a few times.  biggrin.gif  He's really just slotted into our famiy well.  Quinlan is besotted by him and is very gentle.  If i am cuddling Quinlan and he hears Alasdair cry, he quickly jumps off my lap and tells me to go and cuddle Alasdair.  I'm so releived that there is absolutely no jealousy.

Health wise it's been a bit crazy.  I mentioned last time that I had gastro and was in hospital 2 days before I had ALasdair.  THen when I was in labour DH had it (I was in the birth center, he was in emergency gettting a shot of Zofran).  Then two days later Quinlan got it again and we took him to hospital (jsut becasue it had been going on so long) and then two days after that he hit his head on the laptop screen and busted his eyebrow open ... cue another trip to emergency.  Fortunately they were able to glue the wound shut.  I'm pleased to say the cut has healed well, and the gastro has FINALLY stopped (took over 2 weeks).

SO it was a bit tough there adjusting to a newborn with a sick toddler .... but we managed it. I think the fact that I am still breastfeeding Quinlan has made the adjustment that much easier too .... particularly while he was sick.  The day my milk came back in was so funny .... he latched on for his morning feed and quickly came off, looked up at me and said "Not empty mummy!!".  Bless him, he was so excited!

Alasdair's birth was amazing.  I felt calm, in control and relaxed (well apart from transition, but who feels calm then).  Such a contrast to QUinlan's birth where we almost lost him.  So now I've had such a great experience ... I just want to do it again!!!  

When I was pregnant, I was convinced that ALasdair was a girl ... but now he is here, I couldn't imagaine anything else.  I'm so pleased that Quinlan has a brother and that they are close in age.

Will try to do some personals .....

Alibaba - I hope your little one decides to join you soon!

Rumply - congrats on another boy!!  I must say I've really enjoyed getting QUinlans old clothes out and being able to use them again.

P!nk - Congratulations on the arrival of Scarlett!! Hope you had a good labour and that you are enjoying your newborn snuggles.

3cubs - hope your NT scan went well today.

Better go ... have to get DS1 into bed.

#25 Genie

Posted 15 March 2012 - 07:22 PM

Mostly just  ph34r.gif ing...

Gorgeous photos Quinston, you're boys are simply adorable!

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