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#51 ~carmen~

Posted 18 April 2012 - 10:45 AM

hi everyone!
i know i have seemed awol lately but i have been keeping tabs via my iphone daily digests!! my folks have been over in bali for the easter hols so i have had no computer access. really getting the sh*tes with not having a computer a home so will have to sort that out - my phone bill will skyrocket otherwise.

seems like there has been some real ups and downs of late with everyones bubs. the only advice i can give, from having had 3 very different experiences, is that you just have to keep trying to work out what works best for you and your bub until hopefully things seem a bit easier.
feeding issues are hard, my first 2 were both classed as "failure to thrive" at 3 month mark which meant they were in lower percentile for weight gain etc... but once i started supplementing in a formula feed once or twice in 24hr period, they became fuller, slept longer and gained weight. i perservered with maintaing the bf as much as possible during the day so my supply was still okay.

mum just got here so ill catch up with her an bbl x

#52 Mumof32b!

Posted 18 April 2012 - 06:06 PM

Hello All

Molokai it's so hard isn't it but I think Archer is normal!  My Archie only sleeps for 1 sleep cycle at a time in the day, so 45min, I can sometimes get 1 more out of him if I am lucky, and every 3rd day or so he has a huge 3 hour day sleep, he is the same as my DS2 so I am not that worried.  He sleeps for whatever he does, wakes and feeds then plays for a bit then feeds again then back to bed we go.

I am lucky that he settles at night very easily, he sleeps only in 4 hour blocks but I can live with that.

Dont' doubt yourself or your milk, by all means speak to the clinic sister and get him weighed to check but it sounds like you are doing all the right things, perhaps this is just the kind of baby he is, which is fine as long as you are fine with it if you know what I mean, I cant' tell you home many feeds Archie has in the day but it seems like a lot, he is very efficient though, no more than 20min during the day and a super quick 15min both sides at night.

My nephew is similar to Archie and it drives my SIL nuts, she is trying to change his behaviour, me I am more going with the flow, although to be honest poor Archie has to be interrupted so much to run around for the big boys that is probably the reason for his bad days sleeps so hardly his fault.

I agree with Carmen each baby is different and it all really depends on what you want to do to get through it, every stage is difficult but also more than rewarding, I say this as the mother of an 8.5year old and a 6.5  year old as well!

Hi Flutters hope Felecity is sleeping better now and the magic 12 week mark comes soon, although not too soon our babies are growing up so fast!

Broncosbabe good on you with the BF, Archie was born 3.8kgs but at 8 weeks had just cracked the 5kg mark so not huge but doing ok I think.

DoctorSeuss Archie is also in some 00 although he still fits into his 000 I didn't see the point in buying that size for winter, our first cold day here today, raining for the first time in ages so he is in a 00 onsie.

FTM1 good on you for making the cot transition, I am still happy with Archie in his bassinet with me, am not looking forward to the day he has to move out!

Hi to anyone else I have missed, we have friends arriving to stay any minute so we are all very excited here, am supposed to be at footy this arvo but we decided to stay home, dont' want to take Archie out in the cold and the rain and it is school holidays so lots of people away.

Take care everyone, enjoy those babies!!


#53 Molokai

Posted 21 April 2012 - 09:05 PM

Hi all, thanks for your advice. The clinic nurse said (as I expected) that all's normal, all babies are different but she did say that they (clinic nurses) like to see babies who wake up 3-hourly at night, she said it shows they are alert and aware of their needs etc. Great news I guess but I would prefer less disruptions!

She also said the day sleep cycles can be short, and if he's doing one 1.5-2 hour sleep and a couple of 45-minute sleeps then that's fine. I thought he should be doing lots more than that, but seems not. And Archie seems to be similar, so I guess all's fine.

At night he's an efficient feeder so I shouldn't complain, he really only wakes me for 5 minutes or so of feeding then falls asleep when I change him or put him back in his sleeping bag. But I'd prefer a 6 hour stretch of sleep and 10 minutes feeding! He went from two nights of 3-hourly waking to a night of waking every 2 hours (Thursday night) and then one hourly from 5am. My eyeballs were hanging out of my head. How are you supposed to 'sleep when they sleep' during the day, if they won't sleep!! He only sleeps on my chest, or in his pram if I'm pushing it. Neither of those give me opportunity to nap! Roll on 12 weeks!! biggrin.gif Though now I know his awake times during the day are normal, I enjoy playing with him and not forcing him back to sleep. Its nice to get an hour or so of him being awake and happy at a time, we read or play or sing songs laughing2.gif or if I'm really tired we sit and watch TV together.

I weighed him at the clinic, he's 6.5kg now (10 weeks) so he's well fed. His 0-3 month outfits are getting very tight! I'm excited though that he's moving up a size, so I can buy him new outfits. Almost all the clothes he has now were gifts from people - can't wait to buy him things myself. I did buy him some board shorts - can't wait to take him swimming! We have a pool in our apartment complex but I'm terrified of him doing a poo in there (liquid poo - nappies aren't going to contain that!). The other residents would not be happy.

Enjoy your visitors Karen. Hi to everyone else original.gif

#54 Molokai

Posted 24 April 2012 - 02:19 PM

Hi all, just a quick reply (to myself!) to say that Archer has been much better sleeping the last two nights. A 4-hour then 3-hour block on Sunday night, and a 6.5-hour then 3-hour block last night. I wonder if its because I've put him in a different swaddle, a thicker one that he previously didn't fit in. Maybe he was getting too cold at night?

Anyway, I'll go now as I've got some spare time, I'll start to fill out his school application forms. Hope everyone's going well with bubs and enjoying school holidays for those with bigger kids original.gif

#55 1&Twins

Posted 24 April 2012 - 04:11 PM

That's great to hear Molokai tthumbs.gif - I also wondered if Lucy was getting a bit cold at night as the weather is definitely cooling down here in Adelaide.  I put an extra blanket on her and was astounded that last night she slept straight through for 11.5 hours blink.gif !!!  I couldn't believe it when I woke up at 5am and realised she hadn't yet woken up and slept until 7:50 this morning.  So who knows whether she was just very cosy with the extra blanket and didn't want to get up for a feed.

Lucy will generally have another 2 hour sleep about an hour and half after she first wakes up then will only really catnap and then another bigger sleep in the late afternoon.

Molokai what sleeping bag does Archie use?  I am planning to transition Lucy soon, she is currently in a Love to Dream 50/50 Swaddle but I would love to hear what other bubbies are in.

I'm going to drop into my clinic soon as I'm eager to weigh Lucy its been a month and I know she's been stacking it on.. she's definitely getting heavier to hold tongue.gif .

Hoping everyone is well.

#56 Molokai

Posted 24 April 2012 - 05:15 PM

Wow FTM that's great sleeping by Lucy! Archer sleeps in an ergo cocoon which is just thin cotton, usually a short sleeved onesie underneath and a cotton wrap tucking him in. Last two nights I swapped the cocoon for a wrap by First Years (don't even remember where this came from).  Its also cotton but it folds over him twice, plus he has his legs tucked into it, so almost like having two extra layers.

I'm going to put him in long onesie tonight too as his shoulders come out a bit. Fingers crossed for more good sleeps!

Had anyone started to consider weaning bubs off bring wrapped yet?

#57 Mumof32b!

Posted 24 April 2012 - 06:04 PM

Hi Girls

I am thinking of weaning Archie, except unlike my other boys he sleeps so well when wrapped.  I might try to transition to a grobag by wrapping only one arm for day sleeps but I will continue for night until he gets too restless or too big for the wrap!  I have a friend who wrapped until her baby was about 8 months old!

School holidays are almost over and i have to say I think they are ready to go back, and Archie and I are ready for some peace and quiet!  Not looking forward to all the things school brings though, ie homework, lunchboxes, after school sport etc!

DS1 started footy this Sunday and DS2 as well, it is an all day thing really every Sunday until August!  As Archie was asleep I wasnt' able to go, didn't make much sense to wake him up for all of us to go but I am going to try to get there to watch this weekend.

Planning on going to an ANZAC service tomorrow, our local one is at 11am so that is a pretty decent time, might pop into the pub for lunch after on the way home if I can convince DH.

Gotta run now, off to footy training, yay for all the babies sleeping so well, we are still up twice but I am ok with that.  FTM that is an amazing sleep by Lucy!  I am also going to weigh Archie on THurs, will be interested to see his weight gain and am going to try to wean myself off the medication again so need to know what his weight is at before that happens.

Have a great night everyone


#58 jimbobmel

Posted 24 April 2012 - 09:51 PM

Hi girls

WOW!!! There is some pretty serious sleeps going on around here!

I'm glad Archer is back to normal Molokai. I really hate the unpredictability of it all sometimes. He sure is growing really well too!

Hey FTM, Lucy sounds like she is really getting the hang of this sleeping business!! I have Nixon wrapped in a kiddopotamus/summer wrap. I have just bought him his first sleeping bag tonight (grobag) so I will have to start transitioning him into that when it arrives.

I really don't know how you do it Karen! Never a dull moment at your place. Enjoy the ANZAC service tomorrow & your lunch wink.gif

Well Nixon slept through the night last night too, from about 8:30 until 6:30 this morning. Great for me, not so great for my boobs though. Usually he only wakes once through the night anyway around 4ish then back to bed again until around 8. I certainly can't complain.

Ok, my eyeballs are hanging out of my head so I'm off to bed! Hi to doctorseuss, broncosbabe, Lizzie & everyone else I've missed! Enjoy the public holiday tomorrow (& remember our ANZAc's).

Mel original.gif

#59 QueenElsa

Posted 25 April 2012 - 07:48 AM

Hi everyone!!
Sorry havent been posting but often reading all your updates. On iPhone again so will be brief.

So happy to hear the babies are sleeping more:). Makes the next day so much easier, doesnt it? Sage goes they to 5 or 6 about 70% of the time, which is so fab. I know it's not normal - my other DDs didn't do this at this age, not until about 5 months.  But twice last week she woke in the middle of the night and didn't go back to sleep - its awful. another night I just couldn't go back to sleep myself, just mulling over things, that's just as bad!

DH is in Germany for work so it's hectic here. I'm feeding Sage in bed a lot, she's now sleeping next to me after a feed. It's a bit easier to get up if I know I can lie back down to feed again.original.gif

Big girls have been playing up a little bit, there's been a fair amount of time out. Last night I got home from work with them at 6, and had them in bed by 7 as they were playing up, due to being very tired. So dinner, showers, clean up wee accident, clean up kitchen and put on a load of washing all within 1 hour! I was a whirlwind! I'm sure I'll lose weight this week, am always on my feet.  Was worried as last week went up 1.5kg, and was 6kg more than pre-Sage weight so need to start being a little more active and eating a few less sweeties wink.gif.  None of my normal clothes fit yet so still on a limited wardrobe.

Well having neighbours round this morning for ANZAC day and BBQ tonight....so better get out of bed!

hugs to you all,

#60 Flutters

Posted 27 April 2012 - 08:48 AM

Hi Everyone!

How are you all? Did everyone have a nice ANZAC day? How did your BBQ go doctorseuss? I'm in Canberra and it was a miserable 13 degrees here, so we just had my dad over for a coffee as he doesn't like to march. He was in Vietnam, but he isn't a fan of crowds. So he came and had some Felicity cuddles while my mum (who is also ex-army) volunteered for the afternoon at the War Memorial.

FMT how is the cot going? I am toying with the idea of putting Felicity in her cot, but I don't think I am ready for that yet. She looks so little in it! I have been trying to get her to have her day sleeps in it, but I have only had luck with 2 30 mins sleeps in it. She is back to not sleeping at all during the day unless she is in my arms, or in the car. I have tried almost everything - music, white noise, sound of a hearbeat, silence, light room, dark room, warm room, cooler room, lots of blankets, mobile above her bed, shushing, patting..she just screams and screams. When her grizzle goes to a cry I go and pick her up, settle her back down, and put her back down, and I give myself an hour and a half of this. When DH was home on Anzac day he lasted two cycles of it before he picked her up and she slept on his chest on the couch. He is such a softie. The only thing I haven't done is put her in her sleeping bag/swaddle that she uses at night. I did that once, and she slept during the day for 6 hours!! So I think she is associating that with her big night time sleep, and I don't want to mess with that. She is in a love to dream swaddle as she always wants to shove her hands in her mouth, so she can still kinda get to them with that. It's been a godsend. And her night time sleeping is great - it's so bizzare..I don't know what her problem is with the basinette during the day. She normally goes down around 10pm and sleeps at least 5 hours, then she'll have another longish sleep. A few times we have got 7 or 9 hour blocks out of her. Wednesday night she was super fussy though, and cried and cried and I finally got her settled at mightnight. She then woke up at 6.30am, and I thought I would try and trick her into thinking it was still night time - so didn't turn on the tv, or open the blinds or change her outfit etc, and I put her back down at 7.30, hoping for another hours sleep. Well she slept until 11.45!! I went in when she woke up and almost had to say good afternoon, not good morning! So I don't know how to get her to sleep on her own during the day - I'm really walking a fine line becuase I am terrified of stuffing up her night pattern if I put too hard. Im going to take her to the clinic next week to get her weighed and measured as she is 12 weeks on Saturday (OMG!) so I'll ask them then.

Last night I went out for dinner with 4 of my girlfriends, and I was sooo nervous and about to pull out of it becuase she wouldn't take a bottle, but she did yesterday afternoon. Her evening is very grizzly, and she cluster feeds, so I was worried about it. I decided to go, only if DH called me if she wouldn't take the bottle. So I gave her a big feed before I went, set her up with DH in his arms, set him up with a drink, a sandwich, the TV remotes and the laptop and off I went. I was stressing and kept checking my phone, and finally caved and called DH, only to find out little miss didn't wake up at all. She slept from when I left at 5.30, to when I walked back in the door at 8.30. Cheeky little girl! Perfect for her daddy. Then she went down at 11, back up at 3.30, and it's now 8.30 and she's been down since 4.15.

Molokai those sleep cycles are interesting - I have been wondering what the naps are normally like as they get older. How is Archer going with his sleeps now? Are you still getting longer chunks? I have just been putting Felicity in a sleeping bag with her arms free during the day as she is chewing on her hands so much, and when she did sleep in her cot, they were good. I saw at Target there are the fleecy sleeping bags with long sleeves, but they didn't have any her size, so I'll check again on the weekend. I've also just ordered a panel heater that I have wanted for about a year now, so I'm looking forward to that arriving..that might help her sleeping a bit more hopefully.

Mel Nixon sounds like a fantastic sleeper! Yay!

Karen how did you enjoy your friends coming to stay? Are they from interstate?

We have decided to get Felicity christening at the end of May, so that is a bit of short notice, but we were looking at October, and even this far out it's hard to find a weekend to suit everyone. DH's dad lives interstate, and one of Felicitys godmothers is preg and due end of July, and the other done does uni in adelaide, so it was getting hard to find a time to suit everyone. My sister is working in Kenya for a year, so we originally wanted to wait until she got home, but that wouldn't be until november, and my mum had the gown my sister & I were christened in..so if we waited until the end of the year it wouldn't fit her. We are not majorly religious, but it was important to my mum, and we wanted to recognise her god parents, so it should be good. I just need to organise everything and come up with an idea for a little present for her godparents. My friend who made DH and I godparents of her daughter gave us this beautiful framed picture and poem of her - its such a beautiful idea, so I might ask her if she minds if I use her idea.

I hope you are all going well, and those of you with bigger kids are getting back into the swing of things with school again. Im going to try and jump in the shower while little miss is still sleeping. It's all foggy and cold here today - so much for the two loads of washing I have on the line to get the morning sun! I'd stay in bed asleep if I could as well!!


#61 1&Twins

Posted 29 April 2012 - 07:18 PM

Hi everyone,

Have a quick moment before dinner is ready.

Flutters - Sorry to hear the day sleeps are suffering again.  Don't despair mine are on and off with Lucy too... it varies so much from day to day.  The cot has worked wonders for Lucy.  I was concerned that she was too small for it at first but she really does seem to like it might better.  If she doesn't go down on the first attempt, she goes down on the second if I give her a quick top up.  Previously with the bassinet, we would rock her for 10 minutes or so while she grizzled trying to get to sleep.  We've just worked out that she doesn't like to be fussed over when settling for sleep... I'm just so glad we worked that out (thanks to the formus on EB) biggrin.gif .  I know you're concerned about upsetting the night routine but Lucy at the moment sleeps in a 'Love to Dream 50/50' swaddle (same as Felicity I think) for both day and night sleeps unless its in the wash and I'll just wrap her in a muslin.  Lucy is also a massive hand sucker and often her sleeves on the swaddle or so wet but it's the only we just comforts herself as she will not take a dummy!  Sometimes I just think they are going to do what they want to do no matter what and we just have to go with the flow unsure.gif .  See what the clinic says and let us all know their advice.  Hang in there though... it's just so hard sometimes.

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend and ready to tackle another week.  We are off to Melbourne on Thursday and driving the Great Ocean Road so we can take many breaks along the way at some beautiful spots, we are staying overnight about halfway as otherwise it's just too long for Lucy.  If anyone has done long distance driving with a bubs before, let me know if you have any tips rolleyes.gif .

Pasta's ready!

Take care everyone x

#62 QueenElsa

Posted 30 April 2012 - 04:07 PM

Hi girls,
Well I officially have a cat-mapper too now! OB
Only 20-40 min during the day, very frustrating as I want a sleep. Exception is if she's in my bed but then I can't relax enough to sleep most of the time. Today was very frustrating as she was obviously so tired but could not stay asleep. Maybe we should try the cot too? It's downstairs though and our room is upstairs so long wake to walk for resettles.

We still half swaddle, and I have a fleece sleeping bed for overnight a friend made. Nights are still good, often one waking then through to 5.30/6....and sometimes all the way through.

Going on a date tonight with DH.original.gif. Our first one for a long time (didn't bother when pregnant because of nausea).  We'll leave once the girls are in bed, we have a babysitter with a degree in child care so I'm confident she will be fine.

Any tips for getting out of cat-napping would be appreciated. Because of quick sleeps we do lots of feeds and get into a rapid cycle which isn't good for either of us.

Edited by doctorseuss, 05 May 2012 - 02:22 PM.

#63 jimbobmel

Posted 04 May 2012 - 05:25 AM

Hi girls original.gif

How is everyone?

FTM- how was Melboure?? & how was Lucy with the car trip?

Flutters- how's Felicity going with the day sleeping?

Doctorseuss- Nixon is a cat napper too. The longest day sleep he does would be an hour an a half at the absolute max!! And that is rare! Thankfully he will entertain himself on his mat looking at "captain calamari" or himself in his play mirror otherwise I'd never get anything done!! He does sleep in his cot for all day sleeps now which he really does like, he won't settle in his bassinet during the day. I still feed Nixon 3 hourly through the day though & he likes to play for longer now too. Hope that you & your DH had a lovely date night too original.gif

Night sleeps here are still going very well. I put Nixon to bed at around 8:30 & then he generally wakes at around 4:00am
then back to bed until 7:00 or sometimes 8:00. I don't mind the 4:00am wakeup because that is when DH gets up to get ready for work & he makes me a cuppa original.gif We did have a full nights sleep the other night though! It was great!!!

Well we tried bottle feeding EBM tonight just to see how it would go because I have a few hens parties & weddings coming up.......  It was a disaster. There was no way in the world he was going to take the bottle. He will hardly take a dummy either! Anyone got any tips on getting him to even think about taking a bottle??

I ordered my new pram yesterday so the bugaboo bee should be arriving soon original.gif No more prams now!! My other pram is a vibe which is great to push around but Nixon just doesn't like it at the moment so I'll give the bee a go.

DH is home sick today with man flu but we are still renovating like mad so there is a trip to bunnings in order for today. I want to get the new render painted over the weekend original.gif

I went to see the specialist about the gall stones & he sent me off to have an ultrasound to review & help make a decision on surgery. Thankfully the ultrasound showed no stones so no surgery for me at this stage but it means that I may end up having another attack down the track sad.gif

Ok I'm off back to bed & I haven't checked spelling so I hope that it isn't too bad....

Hi to everyone else & I hope that we all enjoy the weekend

Mel x

#64 QueenElsa

Posted 05 May 2012 - 02:24 PM

Well my little cat-mapper has just done 2 hours in her basinette!! Yay, she hasn't done that for weeks.

Maybe time to move to cot soon in the daytime, did that help?

DH still away so am exhausted by kiddies!!

Must go as Sage waking...

#65 Mumof32b!

Posted 05 May 2012 - 03:19 PM

Hello all

Slow in here which means we must all be busy with the babes!

I can't believe Archie is 3 months old already, when did that happen??  He is a joy such a good baby, fantastic at night, we are currently doing 6.30pm - 2.30am then up again at 6am for the day!!  He is content to cat nap during the day, which does make it hard to get things done but I am taking it easy and enjoying him so it is not too bad.

Big boys are well into footy and netball, taking up 3 afternoons and parts of both weekends so busy but great, my big boy had netball for the first time today and he was a gun, so proud!

Think we are having Archie's christening next weekend omg why do I do these things!  It will be a low key affair though, just immediate family and I think soup and rolls to eat plus cake of course so not too much to organise thank god.

Hope you had a good date doctorseuss and the trip to melbourne went well FTMI, jimbobmel did you get DH to feed the EBM with you out of the room?  I think if the babies can smell us they will defnitiely not take a bottle, I guess you might just have to keep trying and hopefully he will take it.

Anyway am being kicked off the computer by the boys, they have a friend over.

Have a good weekend everyone


#66 Flutters

Posted 07 May 2012 - 08:39 AM

Hi everyone, happy Monday! How was everyone's weekend?    

We had DH's dad down from Newcastle for the weekend to get his fix of his granddaughters...my BIL and SIL had a baby girl 6 months before Felicity (awww cousins, they make me melt when they're together) so he stayed with us. Felicity really turned it on though, she was feral! Maybe it was the full moon - I'm really clutching at straws to figure out what is going on with her these last few days. Maybe it's a growth spurt...she has been super fussy and will not sleep during the day at all. Not even in someone's arms. Friday she slept for two lots of 45 mins between 9 am and 5pm, sat was two hours between 8 am and 6 pm, and yesterday threne lots of half an hour between 8 and 6. And a lot of the time she isn't happy to just amuse herself, you have to hold her because she is grizzly, which turns into a huge wailing cry if I leave her be. I still cannot get her to sleep anywhere other than my arms during the day...god it's driving me nuts.i have nothing planned this week so I am going to attempt to get this sorted. I have even tried putting her in her love to dream swaddled with no luck, so I must be missing something with her tired signs.

I took her to the clinic to get her weighed & measured and she's 5.8kgs now. The nurse suggested I take her to sleep school, but I think she's a bit young for that. And she still sleeps great at night...last two nights have been 6.5 hours, Friday night was 9! And after her first feed at 5/6/7/8 I can normally get her back in the basinet for another 3 - 4 hours. Not this morning though..she's asleep on my chest...I think she heard DH & his dad talking so didn't want to miss out on anything. Nosy little miss! So I'll keep trying. I did get her to put herself to sleep in the cot on Friday, but it took her 50 mins to actually drift off, and the sleep only lasted 40 mins before she woke up screaming. In that 50 mins it took her to get to sleep I only had to go in once to settle her,so I'll try that again. Anyhow...we will get there.

Doctorseuss that's great you got 2 hours in the basinet with Sage! Fingers crossed it continues!

FTM how was your trip? Did Lucy do well in the car? I would love to see the great ocean road, I have heard amazing things about it. I would like to be the passenger though, so I could look out the window the entire time original.gif

Mel how have you gone with the bottle of EBM? Fliss wouldn't take a bottle, so I just played around with different bottles. She wouldn't have a bar of the Tommie tippee ones, which are "shaped like a nipple" blah blah blah, and she took the avent ones. Then she went off them, and took a long skinny one which cost about $2 from big w. she is fussy with it though, so I want to give her a bottle of EBM every 3 days or so to try and get her used to it. Then I can go out somewhere without stressing or getting a panicked phone call from DH like yesterday because she was screaming for over an hour. Poor DH...at least if she does that with me I can give her a feed to calm her down. Gotta love sleepy breast milk!

I am thinking of getting another pram too, we have the bee care rverse and it's great, buti want something else for DHs car. He has a company car, so weekends we drive that and it's annoying transferring the prm from my car to his..especially when we remember late Sunday night and it's so freaking freezing! So I think when Fliss it sitting up in it we will get something more basic to keep in his car.

Mumof3b good luck for Archie's christening, I hope it's a nice day for you. We are having Felicitys in 3 weeks and I know what I want to get for a present for her godparents, but I'll need to go into the city to get it. Not that much of a hassle, as the ci is only 20 mins away, but I haven't been in there with Fliss yet as its terrible parking etc. oh well, suck it up! That's great that one of your boys plays netball, I played for 20 years and I miss it now.DH and I played in a mixed team for 8 years, but we are all having babies, so the team fell apart. I hope felicity plays when she is old enough, I have great memories of practically growing up at out local courts because my mum was our club president, so all day Saturday we would be down there. I loved it.

wow sorry, this turned into a mammoth post!

I hope everyone has a good week, what are all your plans for mothers day?

#67 1&Twins

Posted 07 May 2012 - 09:35 PM

Hello everyone,

We got back from Melbourne at about midday today, its good to be home.  The Great Ocean Road is beautiful but it really does take a long time... she's one twisty road!  Lucy generally did really well in the car and we would generally stop every two or so hours.  Unfortunately the weather was terrible, if it was just DF and I it would've been fine but poor Lucy was not a fan of the strong wind and rain.. she would scream and cling on to DF so tight, so when we did stop it wasn't enjoyable and generally for a feed and play in the car rather than hanging out in a park or something sad.gif .  Because of this we canned the GOR for the way back and went inland but still stayed in a motel last night at the halfway point.  Lucy was very grizzly this afternoon I felt like putting her back in the car!  She just didn't want to be away from me but after a bath and a good feed she now in bed for the night.  She also slept very well in the portacot when we were away - I didn't as I'm not use to her sleeping in the same room as us and I just hear every little noise she makes and can't get to sleep or stay asleep.  I'm not sure if it's just her or all bubbas are noisy sleepers!  Anyway, we had a great time but not keen to be Lucy back in the car for a while... biggrin.gif

Mel what a shame Nixon isn't taking to the bottle. I agree with mumof32b and make sure you're not in sight when DH is giving the bottle.  Lucy is very good with the bottle for DF but cracks it when it's empty - we have the Avent ones.  I don't understand that she will happily accept the bottle but won't take a dummy unsure.gif !! It is very convenient if he ends up taking the bottle to allow you some freedom and your DH the opportunity to feed him.  My DF even changes side halfway through to simulate the real thing.. roll2.gif I told him that it wasn't necessary but he insists.  On another note glad to hear that you don't require surgery and on the mend.

DrSuess - have you tried putting Sage in the cot as yet?  Yay for date night!  DF and I haven't had a night away from Lucy yet but will plan something soon I reckon.

Mumof32b - I hope Archie has a lovely Christening this weekend and you manage to get everything done in time!

Flutters - I wouldn't try and get too concerned over the cat napping and even lack of that I reckon all of us have the same trouble at different times.  Have you looked up info on Wonder Weeks??  I found it very helpful to understand when babies have development milestones and growth spurts which can be very difficult for them to cope with until they've transitioned through it.  12 weeks is a wonder week but can occur a week early or late (there is also an iPhone App called Wonder Weeks).  At least Felicity's night sleeps are your saving grace!

It doesn't bother me too much if Lucy doesn't sleep well during the day and I just worry for her as you can tell she is sooo tired.  We normally bath Lucy then put her to bed at about 7-7:30 and she will sleep til 4am usually but sometimes 2am and I give a quick 5-10min feed then she goes back down til 7-8am.  DF then gets her up and plays with her before work and I will feed her when he leaves and she will then go down if I'm lucky for 2ish hours.  Then she will be lucky to have another decent sleep but will drift off in the pram when we go for a walk.  I can't believe she can sleep so much in the morning after just sleeping.  I think she sleeps well at night as she likes lots of feeds in the afternoon which gets her through the night apart from a quick feed which I don't mind doing for now.

We don't have any plans for mother's day but I'm sure something will come up original.gif .  I guess we will also be visiting my mum and DF's.  I hope you all have a lovely day though.

Great to hear from you all and how you're getting along.


#68 QueenElsa

Posted 08 May 2012 - 03:07 PM

Oh the cat-napping! No more long sleeps here, I tried the cot but she lasted 10 minutes! She is better in our bed but I can sleep with her so close - and age's still small why is the smallest person in the house in the biggest bed!?

Still doing great overnight, 8-5 or 6amabd often goes back for another 2 hours.... Pity the other girls are up at 6ish.

Off to buy a lotto ticket - know how I'll spend the 70 mil already original.gif

We're having mothers day dinner here, DH said he'd cook - yay!
Date night went well.  I'm comfortable leaving at 7.30ish when they are all in bed anyway as I figure we don't miss any time with them. Didn't do it with the others but hard to talk with DH now when big DDs are here - they are little chatterboxes!

#69 1&Twins

Posted 08 May 2012 - 08:26 PM

Just had to express what a crap day I had.  Lucy would not settle for her sleeps today without a real fight and wouldn't sleep for more than one cycle.  In the end I had to go for a walk this afternoon to settle her.

Given we all seem to have cat napping problems at the moment I can only assume it's a phase (wonder week joys) and our bubbas will settle down soon... hopefully blush.gif .

Thankfully, she went down at 7 tonight with minimal fuss.

Hope everyone is doing ok smile1.gif

#70 Mumof32b!

Posted 09 May 2012 - 01:32 PM

Oh you poor thing and poor Lucy, they are so miserable when the can't sleep.  Archie had a huge massive sleep yesterday, for 4 hours then last night was up every 2 hours from 9pm - 6am which was rather unpleasant.  He has a quick snack feed, although he I feel like my breasts empty so I think he is actually really efficient at it then back to sleep, perhaps a growth spurt trying to build up my supply I guess.  Will try to get him weighed to make sure he is putting on enough weight.

Today he catnapped in his pram and now is in his swing, I am sure he should be sleeping as is grumpy unless I wrap and hold him but he won't, sigh.

Glad the date night went well doctorseuss, hope all the babes start getting some day sleeps in soon, I think we are all in the middle of wonder weeks!


#71 jimbobmel

Posted 09 May 2012 - 01:59 PM

Oh FTM, that's lousy. I'm glad that Lucy settled for bed time though.
We're having a really crappy day here today sad.gif It doesn't help that I'm soooo tired & have a cold! Actually, I think that Nixon is being totally normal but I'm just extra cranky. Thanks for the tips on bottle feeding too original.gif & I love your DH's little touch of changing sides half way through the feed!! Lol!!!

Doctorseuss, glad that date night worked out well for you & your DH!! We're still trying to get Nixon to take a bottle so no dates for us yet sad.gif

Karen...... Are your eyeballs hanging out of your head!!!??? You poor thing, I really hope that Archie sleeps better for you tonight! Good luck with the christening too wink.gif

Flutters, this is the third time I have edited my post as I keep forgetting what I was writing & to who!! How's the new pram search going? I see that felicity has joined the feral club!! I hope that tomorrow is better for all of us original.gif

Mel x

Edited by jimbobmel, 09 May 2012 - 03:29 PM.

#72 Flutters

Posted 09 May 2012 - 02:59 PM

I'll join the club of bad days...felicity is horrid today. We went to the shops to pick up spme photos ingot enlarged for mothers day (which turned out crap quality grrrr) and she screamed the place down. I have managed to get her to sleep in her basinete these last two days, but for a max of 35 mins, so I am feeding her now and wondering if it's worth the fight putting her down, or if I just hold her until DH gets home...I don't think I have the energy to fight with her anymore today.

I hope everyone's bubs become more settled in the next few days

#73 jimbobmel

Posted 10 May 2012 - 01:44 AM


Where has my wonderful nighttime sleeping baby gone???!!! Why is he punishing me like this? My eyeballs feel like I have picked up a fistful of sand & rubbed it into them  oomg.gif

I hope that everybody else has a decent nights sleep.........

#74 Flutters

Posted 10 May 2012 - 02:21 AM

Ha! Not likely...hello 2am wake up. I feel a bit ripped off after her huge feed at 9pm, then bed at 10 sad.gif    

Here's hoping for a longer stretch now...Even my dogs have decided its too cold to join us & are still cuddled up with DH. They aren't dumb original.gif

#75 jimbobmel

Posted 10 May 2012 - 04:42 AM

Maybe I was a bit optimistic..... It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to have our master bedroom all painted ready for new carpet to be laid first thing this morning... Yes, it's my own fault. I was up very late trying to get it done & now I'm paying the ultimate price.

I know what you mean by feeling ripped off though flutters, like Felicity, Nixon had a mega feed at 8:30/9:00 too!!!

I hope things return to normal soon & that this isn't the "new" normal.

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