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Due 1st - 15th Aug, 2012 #5

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#1 ~A2~

Posted 22 March 2012 - 08:19 AM

Hi all

New thread time

Previous thread



#2 twilightangel

Posted 22 March 2012 - 10:50 AM


~ 25th July ~

Gender Prediction -
Location -
Siblings -

~ 28th July ~

Gender Prediction -
Location -
Siblings - First Bub

~ 30th July ~

Gender Prediction - Now that I know it's only one, bbluestork.gif
Location - Brisbane QLD
Siblings - DS1 8 years, DD1 6 years, DD2 4 years and DS2 1 year

~ 1st August ~

Gender - babygirl.gif
Location - SE QLD
Siblings -

Gender - babyboy.gif
Location - SE QLD
Siblings - DD1 7 years, DS1 5 years, DD2 3 years and DD3 1 year

Gender Prediction - No idea. Last time I kept alternating between the two and couldn't make up my mind.
Location - Adelaide SA
Siblings - DS 19 months

Gender Prediction - bbluestork.gif
Location - Sydney NSW
Siblings - First Bub

Gender Prediction - No idea but high HcG is said to be linked with ppinkstork.gif
Location - VIC
Siblings - 2 Goofy canine furbabies, 1st human baby

Gender Prediction - Would love another bbluestork.gif
Location - A little country town in Southern NSW
Siblings - DS1 6 years and DS2 3 years

Gender Prediction -
Location -
Siblings - DS1 16 years, DS2 14 years, DD1 13 years, DD2 11 years, DS3 8 years, DS4 6 years, DS5 2.5 years and DS6 1 year

~ 2nd August ~

Gender - babygirl.gif
Location - Sydney NSW
Siblings - DS Harry

Surprise Number 5
Gender Prediction -
Location - Sydney NSW
Siblings -

Gender Prediction - No idea yet
Location - Sydney NSW
Siblings - Two step-children

Gender Prediction -
Location - Dubai
Siblings - One, who is currently 8 months old

Gender Prediction - Either ppinkstork.gif or bbluestork.gif ... haha , I have no feeling either way... weird cause I knew what DD & DS were way before scans!
Location - Regional VIC
Siblings - DD 6 years and DS 22months

Gender Prediction - I would love a ppinkstork.gif but I think it's a bbluestork.gif
Location - Geelong VIC
Siblings - DS 11 months

Gender Prediction -
Location -
Siblings -

~ 3rd August ~

Gender - babygirl.gif
Location - Perth WA
Siblings - First Bub

Gender Prediction - ppinkstork.gif
Location - ACT
Siblings - DD 10 months

~ 4th August ~

Gender Prediction - Both DH and I have a "feeling" ppinkstork.gif
Location - QLD
Siblings - Only furr babies so far

Gender Prediction - Not sure, possibly ppinkstork.gif
Location - Sydney NSW
Siblings - DSS 13 years and DS almost 2 years

Gender Prediction - bbluestork.gif
Location - Melbourne VIC
Siblings - First Bub

Gender Prediction -  ppinkstork.gif not sure why just have a feeling
Location - Northern Suburbs Melbourne VIC
Siblings - DD will be 25 months when baby is due

~ 5th August ~

Gender Prediction - bbluestork.gif
Location - Brisbane QLD
Siblings - First Bub

Gender Prediction -
Location -
Siblings - First Bub

~ 7th August ~

Gender Prediction - ppinkstork.gif
Location - Toronto
Siblings -

Gender Prediction -
Location -
Siblings - 2 DD's

Gender Prediction - I have no idea if it's a ppinkstork.gif or bbluestork.gif or one or more
Location - Hawkesbury
Siblings - First Bub

Gender Prediction - ppinkstork.gif
Location - Sydney NSW
Siblings - DS 15 years, DS 2 years and DD 1 year

Gender Prediction -
Location -
Siblings -

~ 8th August ~

Gender Prediction - No idea
Location - Melbourne VIC
Siblings - DD 6 years

Gender Prediction - Husband thinks we are having a ppinkstork.gif
Location - Brisbane QLD
Siblings -

Gender Prediction - bbluestork.gif
Location - Western Sydney NSW (having baby at Nepean Hospital)
Siblings - DS 6 years, DS 4 years and DS 2 years

~ 9th August ~

Gender Prediction - ppinkstork.gif
Location - Adelaide SA
Siblings - DSD 8 years

Gender Prediction -
Location -
Siblings - First Bub

Gender Prediction - I really don't know! Maybe a bbluestork.gif ??
Location - Perth WA
Siblings - Nope, unless you count a noisy staffy

Gender Prediction -
Location -
Siblings -

~ 10th August ~

Gender Prediction - ppinkstork.gif (I think and everyone I told)
Location - Sydney NSW
Siblings - First Bub

Gender Prediction - bbluestork.gif
Location - SE QLD
Siblings - DS 6 months old

Gender Prediction -
Location -
Siblings -

~ 11th August ~

Gender Prediction - ppinkstork.gif
Location - Sydney NSW
Siblings - DS 4 years and DD 2 years

Gender Prediction -
Location -
Siblings -

Gender - babyboy.gif
Location - Canberra ACT
Siblings -

Gender Prediction -
Location -
Siblings -

Gender Prediction - ppinkstork.gif
Location - Country VIC
Siblings - DD 18 years, DS 4 years and DS 2 years

~ 12th August ~

Chaising Daisies
Gender Prediction - bbluestork.gif
Location - Country NSW
Siblings - 3 brothers

Gender Prediction - I am feeling a bbluestork.gif
Location - Melbourne at the moment, plan will be to head back to Canberra for birth to be nearer to loved ones
Siblings - Baby #1 for us, and grandchild #1 for both grandparents

Gender Prediction -
Location -
Siblings - First Bub

~ 13th August ~

Gender - babyboy.gif
Location -
Siblings - DS 6 years and DS 3 years

Gender Prediction -
Location -
Siblings - First Bub

Gender Prediction - bbluestork.gif
Location -
Siblings - First Bub

Gender Prediction - bbluestork.gif
Location - Brisbane QLD
Siblings - DS 9 years and DS 4 years

~ 14th August ~

Gender Prediction - Would love a bbluestork.gif so DH can stock up on Lego!
Location - Sydney NSW
Siblings - First Bub

Gender Prediction - bbluestork.gif
Location - Melbourne VIC
Siblings - DD 5 years

Gender - babyboy.gif
Location - Adelaide SA
Siblings - 2 x DD's and 3 x DS's

~ 15th August ~

Gender Prediction - Thinking another bbluestork.gif
Location - SW QLD
Siblings - DS 5 months

Inigo Montoya
Gender - babyboy.gif
Location - Perth WA
Siblings - First Bub

Gender Prediction -
Location - Darwin, NT
Siblings - DD 6 years, DS almost 2 years

Gender Prediction -
Location -
Siblings - DS 9 years, DS 7 years and DD 5 years

~ 24th August ~

White Lily
Gender Prediction -
Location - Perth, WA
Siblings - DD 3 years

~ Our Angels ~

First Time Mama

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#3 magicalsurprise

Posted 22 March 2012 - 11:27 AM

Silver original.gif

#4 bubba13

Posted 22 March 2012 - 11:49 AM

Bronze!!!  biggrin.gif

Sorry i havnt posted in such a long time! Have been so busy!! Sounds as though everyone is in the same boat though. Its so quiet in here!!

Ive been good apart from busy, DH & I got gastro a couple weeks ago, being sick while pregnant is the worst! Makes dealing with both so much harder then it normally would, luckily DS didn't catch it, no idea how he didn't!

Have slowly started putting weight back on, i had my scan last friday and everything looks good, we didn't find out so are having suprise number 2!!! Sounds as though we are going to have alot of boys in the dig. I have a feeling this baby is another boy, i hope it is but dont want to get my hopes up, im happy with either but boy will be very convinient with a 14 month age gap! Im also feeling exactly the same as i did when pregnant with DS! Has anbody else had different pregnancies when carrying boys and girls? I was talking to friends about it the other day, and alot of people do have the same whith same gender and different with the other!! Think its a bit of an old wives tale!!

I cant wait to meet this little baby, DS is only 9 months but he is already turning into a cheeky little boy, growing up so fast and getting into everything!

I better get back to do some work!! Only 4 months left till Mat leave or Retirement??!! Ill try and post more regularly.

#5 MegsW

Posted 22 March 2012 - 12:37 PM

Well we went and had our 20 week scan today and baby looked great. All healthy and everything where it should be so that was wonderful news.  But she wouldn't confirm gender for me!  The cord was firmly between the legs and although she had a look from a few different angles she wouldn't say!  

So we are going to keep assuming boy but won't buy anymore boy things and are just keeping it a surprise to everyone as I only wanted to announce it when we were 100% sure.

We might go and have a 3d scan in about 8 weeks, but I will wait and see how I am feeling then.  

DH said, we better pick out a girls name too just to be on the safe side LOL!

Bubba13 - my girl and boy prengnacy's have always been different.  The boys my skin gets worse, my hair grows quicker (on my legs and underarms) and I get the odd stray hair on my chest.  I haven't really felt sick with my boys either just the odd quesy time.  My girls I have better skin, my hair growth slows down and I don't get the stray hairs, plus I have always felt a bit sicker in the first trimester.

This time I was the sickest I have ever been and my hair growth has slowed down, skin is pretty good and haven't had any gross chest hairs.  so everything in me thought girl, and when they said it was a boy at the 16 week gender scan I was in shock.  She seemed pretty certain, and I have been cross at my body for tricking me into thinking girl.

I was really hoping they would confirm boy for me today so I could be sure.  Now I still have that small sliver of doubt in my head that is getting to me.

I am sure this baby was sent to me to teach me to be patient and appreciate what I have in front of me and to just accept that things happen as they are supposed to.  I just have to keep reminding myself of it LOL

#6 angelskies

Posted 22 March 2012 - 12:56 PM

Gender Prediction - boy
Location - brisbane qld
Siblings - liam 9 (10 in may) jonathan 4

due date has officially been moved to the 13th blah if they start giving me grief about bubs measuring ahead after moving my dates a week I'm going to smack somebody =p

#7 Kay1

Posted 22 March 2012 - 07:57 PM

Hi all.

I am sick too (again!) I have the worst cold and can't take anything.I am also in charge of Senior's Day at school tomorrow and providing lunch for 300 people - argh!!

Sniff sniff..... sad.gif

#8 Inigo Montoya

Posted 23 March 2012 - 03:20 PM

Sorry I've been so slack in posting in here ladies!!

Well I have had an eventful week. We went to Melbourne for 10 days and had a great time, but then on the 4 hour flight back to Perth from Melbourne, I started to get some bad abdominal pain. The flight crew was great and straight away noticed I was pregnant and in pain, moved me to the back of the plane to lay down. I knew it wasn't baby as the pain was up high and constant pain, not coming and going. DH was so stressed though, so asked the flight crew to arrange an ambulance to meet us at the gate. So that was interesting, leaving the airport via ambulance on the tarmac!! I was taken to hospital and baby was scanned - all good. The ruled out a few things then thought it might be appendicitis but that is hard to diagnose in pregnancy as everything has moved and is all squashed up. I was admitted overnight, the pain got worse, and then was taken for surgery the next day (it WAS appendicitis, and apparently they got it just in time). It was all very serious and VERY well handled, I can't fault anyone!!

So my surgery was on Monday, it's now Friday (came home from hospital on Wednesday afternoon), and now I am recovering at home. Still VERY sore, bloated, full of fluid... but the most important thing is my baby BOY is perfectly fine and probably oblivious to all that has been happening the past few days!! My mum has flown over from Newcastle to nurse me which I can't say how much I appreciate.

I hope everyone else is going well, I have the next couple of weeks off work so I will be able to pop in here a bit more often!

#9 Kay1

Posted 23 March 2012 - 04:57 PM

Oh my goodness Inigo! So glad you called that ambulance! ohmy.gif Of all the times for it to happen!

I hope you recover quickly - is it a small incision? Wow, and congrats on the baby BOY!! original.gif

Well I am shattered. Was SO sick yesterday but thankfully a lot better today so I managed to do the school function (I had LOTS of help). I am exhausted now though, it was a long day and I felt quite faint at times.

DH is home with manflu so I've ordered pizza and going to get to bed asap!!

#10 Inigo Montoya

Posted 23 March 2012 - 05:24 PM

Oh man flu is deadly Kay, dontcha know! Glad you're feeling a lot better too. Congrats on your boy!! August is definitely a month for boys.

I think the pressure from the plane made it all come on so quickly. At first I didn't want an ambulance because I thought "it's only gas pains made worse by me being anxious, it will go away!" - lucky hey!

Mum's got lamb shanks in the crock pot, I should go have a lie down but my back is absolutely killing me... will have to go rent some TV series or something!

The Drs gave me 3 weeks off work and I thought I would only take two until my boss told me I had to take the three weeks unless I had medical clearance, so now I don't go back until after Easter! And I already had a week and a half off work before this happened lol.

#11 suniti

Posted 23 March 2012 - 06:29 PM

Hi ladies, I'm so sorry I've been completely absent - I joined the FB group and haven't really looked back sad.gif Glad to hear you're doing well! We're having a little boy, have morphology scan on Tuesday but found out earlier due to a crappy GP freaking me out when he couldn't find a heart beat and sending me for an emergency ultrasound. Anyway, just wanted to pop in and say hi and wish you girls all the best. Really hope you can join us on FB soon, it's an amazingly supportive group with no judgement or b**chiness and I don't think I'd get by without them all. Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancies if I don't see you there xx

#12 bubba13

Posted 24 March 2012 - 08:59 AM

Far out Indigo that would have been so scary! Im so glad everything went ok, lucky you did get that ambulance!!!

Kay1 glad your feeling better.

August is defenitely the month for baby boys!! Makes me more sure thats what im having!!

Not much happening with me the last few days, have started feeling nice strong kicks, which makes me very happy!! Its so hard not to stress when you cant feel anyting, not knowing if bub is ok in there!! Im now 20 weeks!! HALF WAY!!!! so exciting, i still having brought anything for this baby, feel a bit bad that it will hardly get any of its own new things. Just need to order the capsule that i didn't get for DS and have decided its a must have this time and the second seat for the pram!!! And pick up a lay-buy that has a new bed for DS and carseat.

Heading to the pool today with DS and my pregnant friend and then off to vote.. errr!!!!
Have a lovely weekend.

#13 DecafJane

Posted 24 March 2012 - 10:00 AM

I'm another one who has been completely slack and who has disappeared to the FB group. sad.gif

We are having a little girl and so I have gone nuts buying little dresses and things and they are now all in the wash together and will be exceedingly cute when hung out to dry.

Remember my scare? The bleeding stopped at the end of week 16 (so a month of bleeding, ick) and it may start again at some point because I have a marginal placenta previa but for now everything is well and she is going really well, being in the 95th centile for growth, and as she was 450g at 20 weeks, I believe she will be over half a kilogram now, so just powering along. original.gif

The kicking is nice, I wish she would do it more often, but it is nice to know that she is there.

Anyway, I should come back to this group again, it is great to hear what you are all up to! I'm going to go and hang out the teeny clothes and take a photo when I'm done. original.gif

#14 Kay1

Posted 24 March 2012 - 06:37 PM

Jane - I am just a little jealous that you get to wash pink and frilly things.laughing2.gif I always thought I'd have a daughter but just goes to show you don't know what life has in store for you - I adore my boys and love this little one to pieces already and its definitely the last baby for us so I am adjusting to my new reality. original.gif Boy bits everywhere I turn LOL!! Glad to hear your little girl is doing so well. original.gif

Suniti - I'm glad the FB group is going so well. I'm tempted to join but just can't afford any more time wastage LOL.

bubba13 - Its great being able to feel baby isn't it?? original.gif DH felt him today for the first time.

#15 White-Lily

Posted 27 March 2012 - 11:06 AM

DecafJane Congrats on a little girl! Enjoy washing all the little pink frilly clothes!
Hope the placenta moves out of the way and you get no more bleeding.

bubba13 enjoy the kicks, they are wonderful! We haven't really bought much for this bub. I ordered a few MCN's and picked up a onesie on the weekend but thats it. Need to sort out new car seats for DD but don't even know where to start!    

sunti    congrats on a little boy!    

Inigo     What a scare! Luckily the ambulance was called! Glad all is well now, hope your recovery is going well. Take it easy!

Kay Glad you are feeling a bit better. Hope you DH has recovered from man flu!

AFM extended family has been made aware, didn't really announce it just went to my brothers wedding and it was obvious. Mum got a few questions but just passed it all off as a second baby thing so thankfully we don't have to explain why we waited so long to tell everyone.

DD was flower girl and did an amazing job. We were a bit concerned she wasnt going to walk down the aisle but she went with me which was ok. She was just so excited. She made us so proud  wub.gif

DH felt bub kick on Sunday night too! Yay original.gif
Big scan in a few days!! I wish it was Friday already!!

#16 apple80

Posted 27 March 2012 - 11:26 AM

Hi everyone

I have been reading but not posting for a while - after my NT result I was a bit stressy about everything so didn't want to spoil the happy vibe. Anyway, I've made it to the 20 week scan, all is well and it is definitely a boy! It is great finally feeling a bit more relaxed about the whole thing. I also suddenly look very pregnant, can't believe how quickly I went from looking like I had a big meal to it being super obvious.

Glad everyone is doing well, though sounds like there have been a few dramas. So glad it all turned out well Indigo and suniti, how frightening for you both!

#17 ~A2~

Posted 28 March 2012 - 12:13 PM

Hi girls

These chat threads have slowed down lately so I am thinking that we will combine the groups again as the Parents Group you move to (and the FB group you have) are/will be combined anyway.



#18 Kay1

Posted 28 March 2012 - 02:21 PM

Good idea Ali. Thanks.

#19 White-Lily

Posted 28 March 2012 - 05:38 PM

Apple congrats on a blue bundle and making it to the half way mark!

A2 good idea

#20 White-Lily

Posted 02 April 2012 - 03:28 PM

Just quickly from me

We had the 19 week scan on Friday and it went brilliantly!! We have a perfect healthy baby on board. Still measuring ahead but its got all the right bits in the right spots. Bub was a bit uncooperative, just like DD always was but we got there in the end with A LOT of poking and prodding (ouch!).
Gender is still a surprise! I really thought one of us would cave and find out but we remained strong! The sonographer didn't give anything away (if he even noticed?) and kept well clear of any potty shots so we don't even have an inkling!

DH and I have worked out my maternity leave so I really should tell work... I promise to tell work before the end of the week...

Seeing the OB this arvo so will hopefully get another peek at bubby.

Hope everyone is well

#21 twilightangel

Posted 05 April 2012 - 05:27 PM

Very quiet in here again.

I seem to have a very active little one growing inside me. He/she is constantly kicking up a storm and seems to think my bladder is a great toy.

The kids are loving the fact that they can now feel and see the kicks from Gumnut.

Hoping to have a 3D scan done in 2-3 weeks. Really looking forward to that original.gif

Hope everyone is doing well.

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#22 ~A2~

Posted 20 April 2012 - 09:49 AM

Thread closed

New Due In August group here



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