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#1 Sandra

Posted 29 March 2012 - 09:26 AM

New thread time ladies.


#2 heidistar

Posted 09 April 2012 - 10:08 AM

Guess i should kick us off on a new thread.... not that we come on much anymore.

How is everyone going? How are the kiddies going at big school after term one?

Nitara started off not so good, getting in trouble for not sitting down properly for group & not listening etc, but now the teacher says she has had a complete turn around & is very well behaved. She's doing very well at Literacy, Maths & Science, she is in the top group in the class for those, but her writing needs some practice & she tends to rush when having to colour in her work sheets.

For the school holidays i have her booked into Vacation care as we both have to work. I hope it's good & she likes it there. It is run at another school by the local council & they have all sorts of things planned for the children to do.

Anyway I hope you all had a good Easter? original.gif

#3 ~Mo+Moosh~

Posted 27 April 2012 - 11:07 AM

I'd thought I would come in and post, though not sure if anyone is reading anymore!

Jack is finally settling in nicely to Kindy. He had a few rough weeks, where he was struggling but this has improved and I also think getting glasses has helped as well. There was probably quite a lot going on around him that he would have had no idea was happening!

It's hard to gauge exactly how he is going academically as we are yet to have parent/teacher interviews but I suspect he is going well in literacy in particular. He has learnt 70 sight words already last term, which seems like a lot, but with nothing to really compare it to I guess it could be quite normal. It is quite remarkable to see him putting all that knowledge into reading little books and sounding out words and reading signage etc.

His great aunt is a principal and she has given me some things to do with him at home to extend what he is doing at school and that's been really helpful. Our favourite is we bought a little white board and Jack practices writing his sight words out. The other day while I was in the shower he wrote on his board 'I love mum, Hamish, Charlie, Ben and I like play Ashley Charlotte'. It was so cute but we don't know why he decided to go with Ben instead of Dad hahaha.

I loved having him home during school holidays, he is great company and adores Charlie so much. We have also started him at guitar lessons at the local conservatorium (I had hoped he might start on violin but his choice was firmly guitar). He also started rugby union this week, so while it makes our afternoons very busy (he is also doing swimming), its great to see him embracing so many activities.

Charlie is an awesome baby, so cruisy and sleeps well. He has just slotted into our family so easily and never fusses even though he gets carted all over town to various activities etc. Hamish is growing up so quickly, he is easily my most challenging child. He is fiercely independent and very very headstrong and is easily frustrated. His language has really improved recently so hoping that helps a bit. He is such a little boy though and loves rugby and tools and going to Ben's workshop etc. And he'd much rather travel in Ben's ute then my car.

As for me I am loving being on maternity leave and feel slightly guilty that I haven't logged in on my work computer once since I went on leave. I am loving having the time to cook different meals and spend time with the boys. I have also started back running and I am loving that. I have set myself 2 goals - 1 to be back running 5 km in 4-5 weeks and then be ready to train for my first half marathon in September in Sydney.

We are thinking about taking a holiday in June or July but having never been away at that time of year not entirely sure how far north we would have to go to strike warmer weather. We are also considering buying a camper trailer which is a bit exciting!

Heidi - How are you enjoying your new job? Did Nitara enjoy vacation care?

Anyway this is way longer than intended and Charlie just woke from his nap. Hope some others have a chance to duck by and update us on how their kindy kids are going!

#4 ♥MazzAlexnRobyn

Posted 28 April 2012 - 08:14 AM

Hi everyone
we are going well. Alex is doing well at school, and Robyn is good, she enjoys school but still not 100%, they started readers this last week and she thinks thats cool, just feel she has taken a step back as she knew all her letters and now seams she just guess's like other kids in her class

the girls had Junior camp over the school holidays with Camp Quality and I took Hubby to the movies, something we have not done in ages.

I had my specialist appointment for my anemea and getting the mirina done in june to rule out that as the cause, but as I have a heart shaped uterous I may have to get 2    unsure.gif  and it is under a general as they have to use a camera to double check. I was also told I was lucky to have kids as the heart shaped uterus causes fertility and birthing issues ( I had the birth issues as they can not turn to be head down). so they have to see how bad the shape is as when they looked after C-sec it was to stretched due to pregnancy
Heart shaped Uterus

girls are enjoying swimming and doing well there too, they love the water

Heidi how is the studies and work going, good to hear Nitara is settling into school well

Ally enjoy your leave and time with the boys, and cuddle your new bundle wub.gif   I am wanting to get back into running to but have to wait as I deplete my energy to fast and due to low iron and hemaglobins and even low blood count have been told no,  wacko.gif   but I do get on the bike and do 30 mins every second day to try keep muscle tone etc. I also want to get involved in some fun runs want to do the Bridge to Brisbane in September but may just do the 5km and walk ( joining team Logan's Run its an Childhood cancer team from the RBCH and money goes to the royal children for oncology)

ok must go feed the girls and enjoy this lovely wet weather we are getting, hope everyone has a good weekend

#5 ~Mo+Moosh~

Posted 20 August 2012 - 01:21 PM


Anyone there? How are our kindy kids going?

#6 mychubbybubbies

Posted 20 August 2012 - 11:34 PM


I just came on here to post in the school section and saw a new post here I rarely come onto the forum now!

All good here! We had a rough patch where Charli was refusing to go saying it was 'boring' but seems a lot happier now. I'm amazed at how much she (and Zane) have learnt this year. They have started the National Curriculum here and the workload is huge especially for Zane. Charli continues to amaze me everyday with her reading and writing... she is reading chapter books now but still loves me reading to her every night  wub.gif

We are moving in the holidays which I feel really guilty about moving the kids out of school but it will be a lot better for our family in the long run and they don't seem to be too bothered about it.

Hows everything going with you Ally? Hows Jack's glasses going?

#7 ~Mo+Moosh~

Posted 03 September 2012 - 01:25 PM

Roz - I love hearing about how Charli is going. She is so incredibly bright! I'm so happy to hear she isn't finding it boring anymore! I hope the move goes well - sounds to me like your children are very adaptable so I'm sure it won't be an issue.

Jack's glasses have made such a huge difference at school. He has really settled in now and is really thriving. He is a bright little thing and reading in the top group in his class (not quite as good as Charli, but his teacher says she is amazed at how much she is having to challenge and skip his group ahead as they are progressing quickly). At his interview at the end of the term his teacher said his biggest issues are learning persistence (ie if he doesn't get something quickly he'd rather give up then master it - which to be honest is exactly like me, if I can't do something easily and well I'd rather not bother  happy.gif ) and also just making sure he is being challenged enough and not getting too bored - he gets a little silly when he is bored. So all in all we are really happy with how he is going. He's just finished his first season of rugby and has just started tae-kwon-do.

Hamish is growing up quickly - I can't believe he is nearly 3. He is such a determined little fellow and quite the character. Everyone always comments on how lively and spirited he is. He also seems so advanced compared to Jack at the same age, just because he has Jack's influence.

Charlie is a dream baby. Sleeps well day and night so far (but I have convinced myself these things never last). He is very happy and content and always laughs and smiles. He is 6 months old already! I have been approached by my work to do some work from home so I am currently trying to juggle that with everything else. I don't want to return to the office until next year but the extra money and flexibility of doing it from home has lured me back.

I am also running a lot, which is my real love! I try and do somewhere between 30-40km a week and on Saturday did a long run of 16km in 1hr 34 mins. It's been so great for getting back into shape and because I'm still feeding Charlie I basically have to eat a mountain of food everyday so I don't end up too lean, so I'm loving eating chocolate guilt free  biggrin.gif .

I'd love to know how everyone else is going?

#8 mychubbybubbies

Posted 06 September 2012 - 12:02 AM

Thanks Ally  wub.gif I love hearing about Jack too!

I sometimes worry about Charli she is quite different from other kids her age. She is such a perfectionist and is like a hurricane! I've noticed that she doesn't like to do things if they are 'too easy' but its hard finding things that challenge her and she gets bored pretty quickly. Her teacher says she is such a delight (yet challenge) to teach laughing2.gif

Willow absolutely adores her and will even wait and sit outside the toilet door for her so she can follow her around everywhere  wub.gif they have such a wonderful and close bond! Its amazing what they pick up from their older siblings.

It sounds like Jack is going really well and you definitely made the right decision sending him to school this year! I've heard tae-kwon-do is really good for kids to learn!

We have had a few issues with Zane this year and had some tests done and have found out he has quite a few food intolerances which I have suspected in the past and I've been pretty strict with what the kids eat but I'm getting even stricter now. Its pretty scary what is in foods especially those aimed at kids.

Better get to bed I have to be at school very early for Zanes P&T interview yyawn.gif

#9 ~Mo+Moosh~

Posted 29 October 2012 - 06:07 AM

Heidi - I hope you and the girls are ok  hhugs.gif

#10 ♥MazzAlexnRobyn

Posted 29 October 2012 - 07:02 PM

wow been awhile since I have been in here but hope everyone is well,
we are moving to Adelaide in Dec and will have the girls first ever christmas with their Grandparents  hheart.gif

ok will try stop in more often take care everyone

#11 *maddierose*

Posted 04 November 2012 - 02:57 PM

Mazz, hope the move goes well. How are the girls coping with it all?

Heidi, Thinking of you and the girls, hope you guys are ok.

Roz: Hope the changes in food have helped. Hope you are enjoying your new house and pool, very jealous of the pool, lol.

Ally: good luck with your half marathon coming up. I have been thinking of starting the couch-5k running as i really want to get into it and my gosh i could do with some decent exercise. Finding it really hard finding spare minutes in the day lately though.

Not a lot happening here, work, work, work and since buying this new house 12 months ago it has been a nightmare, nothing has gone right, seriously think the house is cursed.

Kids are going well.

Jess is 17 next month and looking forward to getting her p's, working hard at school and is also doing cert 3 in nursing (through school) and cert 3 in buisness management (through work) so is very busy.

Madelaine is still Madelaine, still loving dancing, looking for an after school job and being a typical teenager.

Ryan is doing well at school and loves it.

Jai is such a busy child and we have just started him at speech.

Edited by belnryan, 04 November 2012 - 09:02 PM.

#12 ~Mo+Moosh~

Posted 15 November 2012 - 01:14 PM

Oh Bel - so lovely to hear how you guys are going. You do not look old enough to have a 17 year old daughter  ohmy.gif . Jess sounds very determined and very very busy. Year 12 will be over before she knows it!

So great to hear Ryan is loving school, I can't believe kindy will be over in just a few weeks. I look at Jack all the time and can't believe how much he has grown and changed in the past 12 months.

You should definitely give C25K a go. It's how I got started with running. Do you have a treadmill? Before I was pregnant with Charlie I used to use my mums treadmill, because I could go once everyone was asleep. The best thing about running is even 20-30 mins a few times a week can make a massive impact.

And I love it so much, I have basically lost 10kgs since having Charlie simply by running. My diet can still be pretty questionable at times, but it doesn't seem to have made too much difference. My dad actually gave me a lecture the other day about becoming too thin, which worried me a little as my dad isn't one to comment on my physical appearance. Anyway I have promised to try and not lose anymore weight after my half is finished.

My half marathon is Sunday week and I'm so excited. I've already covered the distance in training so the only variable really should be the time I can do it in. I will be so proud of myself haha, I've always wanted to do one and I think its an amazing thing to do with 3 kids! I also love what it is teaching my kids about working hard, having goals and being physically active. Its nothing to get back from a 20+km training run to two very excited boys wanting to go for a run around the block.

Jack is still going well at school, he's so much like me it's frightening! Hamish will be three soon, and we've really noticed that he's grown up so much in the last month or 2. Much easier to parent, thought he was going to break me there for a bit because he is so determined and stubborn. He's got a wicked sense of humour on him.

Charlie is the cruisiest kid on the planet, he just rolls with whatever we are doing. Sleeps through still (waiting for this to end, as I'm sure it will lol). I don't think he'll be too far off crawling. I want him to stay small forever.

We keep going backwards and forwards on whether he is the last baby or not. Practical me says no more due to needing a bigger house, larger car etc and yet my heart will probably always yearn for more. Practical me says 3 teenage boys are going to be mighty expensive!

How's everyones Christmas shopping going? I have bought hardly anything so far this year. I am just so sick of buying plastic rubbish just for the sake of it. We are considering getting the boys a cubby instead. And maybe some lego and thats about it. We give them so much all year round, that I'm realising they don't actually have any concept of how fortunate they are.

Mazz - I hope prep for the move is going well. It's certainly coming around quick. I'm sure you are all looking forward to being with family for Christmas.

I would love to hear how everyone else is going - Tess (and her 4 beautiful kids!), Roz, Heidi, Paquita, Amber and Heather.

#13 MummaSteele

Posted 25 November 2012 - 05:08 PM

wow haven't you ladies gone all quiet, hope all the no news is good news

#14 Monket

Posted 04 December 2012 - 07:38 AM

Stacey, wow 4!!!  You must be busy.  Congratulations, I hope you are all doing great.  Nice to see some movement on here and to hear how everyone is doing.

We are doing great.  Griffin loves school and was devastated to learn that the holidays were so long.  It is a real turn around from the little boy of a few months ago who cried each morning because he didn't want to go!  He is doing great and is a bit of a clever clogs.  We have had him assessed for Aspergers but didn't get any conclusive results....he is a very quirky kid!

Carys has been going to Kindy this year and hating it.  Bless her.  She starts prep next year and I think she will do a lot better with the 5 days a week.  I won't though!

We are loving the Sunshine Coast and it is nice to be closer to some family...not too close though.  Our business is going great although I hate that Steve is away so much.  We are trying to increase our passive income so that he can stay home a bit more...cloud solutions anyone?

Well better go and begin my day.  School finishes tomorrow morning (weird), Griffin has a rash and a high temp so I need to get him to the doctor to see if he can still perform in his school concert this afternoon (I hope so) and Carys wants some help to paint an Aboriginal flag!

I hope you all have a great Christmas and an awesome 2013.

#15 mychubbybubbies

Posted 12 December 2012 - 12:46 PM

I didn't realise there was some replies original.gif This year has gone so quickly!

Heather - We had Zane tested as well and are considering paying for Charli to be tested as well next year (no concerns for her but we found the results/report very helpful).
We moved and changed schools for term 4 and it has made a huge difference for Charli! They put her into the grade 1 class and she has thrived. I wish she had of been at the school she is at now for the whole year. Since being at the new school she hasn't once refused to go or complained where as at the last one she was complaining she felt sick all the time to get out of going.

Ally - Well done on the marathon. They do grow up so quickly once they turn 3. Definitely not babies anymore. Willow picks up so much from the other 2 (good and bad lol). Today she was telling me 2+2 equals 4 and 1+1 equals 2.

Bel - I can't believe your girls are so grown up now! They have both grown into such beautiful girls you must be super proud.

We are off to Melbourne next week for Christmas. Its been 2 years since we left  ohmy.gif

#16 Monket

Posted 24 December 2012 - 07:03 AM

Roz, we found the testing such a useful exercise too.  It gave us a real insight into what makes him tick and we have been able to really focus on the things that he struggles with to try and improve them.  Charli sounds amazing, perhaps some IQ testing might determine if she is gifted.

I just popped in to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2013!

#17 Amber7

Posted 02 January 2013 - 11:22 PM

Wow, I didn't realize there was some activity happening in here!!

Carys in Kinder Heather, That happened quickly! Though in saying that Zavie goes this year, its scary how quick they grow.

Ally, Sounds like everything is going great for you guys! Im jealous of all the exercise your doing. I need to make a real effort this year to eat better and exercise more.
If you had another would you want to have a close gap to Charlie? Your boys are growing up so fast. Its a tough decision thats for sure (I have always been in favour of the heart winning though...lol)

Bel, Whats happening with your house? Thats a bummer as a new house shoudnt cause so much grief!

Mazz, Looks like you had a safe move and good Xmas. Are you all settled in the new house?

As for us things are going good. I completed my diploma last year so have my graduation ceremony in March. I decided not to continue with my advanced diploma and will see what this year brings outside of school life. Ideally a business course aswell as possibly adding another member to our family?!?!  wink.gif
Zavie starts Kinder this year...So I have mixed emotions about both kids in school, I know he will love it and thankfully its only 3 days a week here, so I still get my 1 on 1 time with him 2 days a week.
Lily is loving school and having no trouble with anything there. She reached all her required achievements for Kinder halfway through the year so here's hoping Prep this year challenges her a bit more.
We had a great Christmas and really spent alot of quality time together and making memories for the kids!

Its so weird all the Christmas hype is over and its the beginning of a new year. Not to mention all these 6 yr olds we will soon have. Lily has been counting down to her birthday for 6 months!  laugh.gif

Hope everyone else is well. I like we have this little place we can all come to from time to time and have  a more lengthy chat! x

Edited by Amber7, 02 January 2013 - 11:24 PM.

#18 MummaSteele

Posted 03 January 2013 - 04:57 PM

Maybe I haven't really noticed how busy I am, I guess after three kids the how busy you are turns in to a blur.

Christopher started primary school last year in a special class and has made a big difference for him his class only has 10 students in it so we've been very lucky he got in it as there are at least 150+ applicants apply for a place in that class Christopher has a global learning and serve speech delay. He'll be in the same class this year also with the same teacher. Christopher can't wait to go back to and start year 1 on the 30th.

Abigail started preschool last year two days a week and this year she'll be going three days a week as Juliette will also be joining her as she has turned 3 in Dec and ever since she got her first school bag for preschool she hasn't been able to wait to start and Abigail can't wait till the 14th for preschool to reopen.

So from the 30th I only have Tristan full time so I think I'll be ok ;D on the other hand I don't think Daniel  will be lol as his gotten use to less noise in the house when he has to sleep as the kids aren't home like they use to be

Otherwise we've had a good Christmas and New Year hope everyone else has as well.

#19 mychubbybubbies

Posted 03 January 2013 - 05:47 PM

Heather - Her teachers both have suggested to me that she is but I'm not convinced so it would be interesting to see. I have heard its worthwhile having it on paper as far as schooling goes but she will go into a G&T program next year regardless (would of already at the previous school but we left before it started for Prep).

Lovely photo Stace, for some reason I thought you had 2 girls original.gif

Amber - A business course sounds like a good idea.

We are home from our big road trip and I'm ready for bed. I didn't at all feel tired whilst we were away but it seems to have hit me at once.

#20 MummaSteele

Posted 03 January 2013 - 06:37 PM

LOL yup its just both of my girls hair hasn't grown every long I've tried everything but I guess it will still be a waiting game on if the girls hair is ever going to get longer and sadly my girls aren't into dresses much so I go with thee flow

#21 mychubbybubbies

Posted 03 January 2013 - 07:26 PM

Oh oops, so sorry! I don't know how I missed that but will blame my tiredness blush.gif

Willow's hair has been slow to grow as well but has finally started in the last couple of months.

#22 MummaSteele

Posted 03 January 2013 - 07:33 PM

its all good. lol what gets me is that very few ppl believe me that the girls aren't twins Juliette is in the 110%tile for height and weight for her age

#23 asignatureofthings

Posted 04 January 2013 - 09:25 AM


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#24 ~Mo+Moosh~

Posted 17 January 2013 - 05:52 AM

So lovely to see some replies and know a bit more about what everyone is up to.

Mazz - looks like you guys are settling in well in SA. It would be so lovely to be back with family and old friends.

Amber - I can't believe Z is off to school also. Love your project 31 photos! Like Tess I'll be hanging for your announcement, how exciting! Good luck with whatever you choose to do post study.

Tess - Your babies are so beautiful, Remi looks so big these days and Mila is so cute. Good to see you back on Facebook too. Great to hear that 4 is an awesome number, it's such a game changer in terms of car & house but I know we've always both wanted a larger family so who knows what we will decide. I can't get past needing to drive a van hahaha. Remi's birth sounds very empowering! Great job on the weightloss!

Bel - looks like you had a great time away. We were considering going to Qld for our July holiday but a few things have changed and I'm not sure we will now. Where did you stay?

Roz - looks like you guys had a great trip back to Melbourne. Always nice to come home though.

Heather - again can't believe C is off to prep. I understand completely how hard it is to have a hubby who is totally absorbed in their business. Makes it hard with kids but the sacrifice is worth it I think.

Stace - wow 4 kids! You must be busy, congrats!

Heidi - how's things with you?

As for us I've just taken extended leave from my job to go and work in our business. Very exciting. It will be more flexible around the kids so that's great. I will miss my work friends a lot and will probably return in like 12 months or so. I will also miss my work wardrobe, going from heels and beautiful dresses to jeans and safety boots lol . Nervous about working together haha.

Jack turns 6 tomorrow. He amazes me everyday. It seems he's grown up so much over the holidays. We are having a party for him on Saturday at a local play centre with 20 friends - Lego themed of course! Should be fun.

Ham started in the preschool room and that's been awesome. He was so bored last year in the toddler room that he hated going. He's such a character, so strong willed and determined so easy to forget he's only just 3.

Charlie started daycare last week. He's adjusting well and they let me pop in to feed him which is wonderful. He's crawling and just starting to pull up to stand. He's such a joyful child always laughing and smiling. Hard to believe he'll be 1 in less than 7 weeks.

#25 Amber7

Posted 18 January 2013 - 01:39 PM

Thanks Tess & Ally. Im hanging to make an announcement  laugh.gif Sadly its taking quite a while for us this time  sad.gif So we are just being patient and seeing what happens.

Thanks Tess. I am quite proud to have completed it. Glad to hear all is going well with you, those kids of yours just keep on growing. Congrats on the weight loss also. I was so naughty over xmas I fell off the wagon big time. So back into is as of this week and trying to curb the sugar cravings with green tea.

Ally, I cant believe Z will be going. Im actually in denial until I pick up his uniform. He is so excited though so that makes it a little easier knowing how much he wants it.
Happy birthday to Jack for today. Birthdays come around so quick in Jan & Feb.
I cant believe Charlie will be 1 soon  ohmy.gif Work sounds like a nice change, I'm sure it will work out to be great!
Glad your enjoying my project. I plan to do it every January to take advantage of the kids home for the holidays and then will make an album keepsake at the end of it.

Ive decided to go to an information night at the end of the month for a Cert IV small business course. Its year long but I think hours are flexible so may work in my favor. Cant hurt to find out anyways. I didn't really want to do another year of school but there isn't alot of courses here that are short term. I'm also going to apply for a few jobs, I need something to do where I can leave my work at work, working from home really takes its toll so it would be nice to change it up a bit.

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