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#26 mamaknits

Posted 11 April 2012 - 08:05 PM

I hope all our Perth families stay safe. i saw that there has been an earthquake off the coast of Sumatra and big waves are expected?? All the best, guys. Stay safe!!

#27 Mulan

Posted 11 April 2012 - 08:17 PM


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#28 mamaknits

Posted 13 April 2012 - 04:26 PM

I am an aunt again!Sister-in-law has just had her baby. Mum and bub are both well. Baby's name is Harrison. biggrin.gif Looking forward to getting some newborn cuddles soon!

#29 ThatsNotMyName

Posted 13 April 2012 - 04:58 PM

Congrats Aunty Celia!

#30 azalia

Posted 16 April 2012 - 03:49 PM

Hi Ladies!!!

I feel terrible I havent been in here, I remember it dropped off a while ago, and so I presumed that no one was positing, and have been so busy I havent checked much, popped in here today, and was so excited to see the thread moving biggrin.gif

Life, well life is so hectic I am really struggling. I MUST get a better balance. I have found the adjustment to 3 really tricky, 3 little people who dont do much for themselves is draining, especially with Gareth away all the time and with the amount of work I have taken on lately. Wondering if its worth it? I suppose there isnt a huge amount of choice, like you said BLR cost of living is extreme, and only going to get worse for us with extra taxes and things.  Work is going well though, I am just coming to the end of wedding season thankfully, 3 more weddings (including Nats!!!) and then I have some downtime till September to catch up on Albums and editing.  I still enjoy the work, its just a fine balance, and I miss just sitting, or reading or watching a tv show once the kids are in bed, I am always working.

Byron is going super, he has a very driven teacher, and Im surprised by the expectations on preprimary students, but he is learning so much Im so proud. Teacher has pulled me aside a couple of times to try to get me to take him to OT, but Im holding off - to which Ive been told It may be too late then, but Im willing to chance it. Im a bit over how much we are pushing everyone with expectations in society. They are already writing sentances and this term start diary writing. Because he is still a bit sloppy with the pencil she says he will fall behind.  He is still lovely in personality though, and I thoroughly enjoy his banter. Hes so considerate and caring. Mason hasnt changed, he is still very defiant and strong willed, Im sure it will help him later in life but for now it drives me nuts. If I could curb his yelling at me I would be happy. He still wont sleep in his own bed, and mucks around till he finally falls asleep somewhere near me.  I suppose he will grown out of it.

Indi is high maintanance. I love her to bits but my god this child is full on! Not only is she more of a tornado than the boys were she is so sooky and clingy as well. She only likes Mum, and screams if I dont hold her all the time. She has the strongest will too, and doesnt give up. I drove down south for easter and she screamed for 4 of the 4.5 hours because she wasnt in my arms. In the last week she has dined on dexters dog sh*t as I missed a piece when picking them up and fallen and smashed her mouth open so her gums around her front teeth were all hanging. They are wobbly but hopefully wont fall out or go discoloured. I have to watch her like a hawk she is into everything. Going to have to cut this short as she is sitting on me crying.

I will try to post more and be back with personals!

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#31 mokeydoke

Posted 18 April 2012 - 08:57 AM

Yey! I just got a warm fuzzy feeling reading Sel and Alinta's updates (and congrats Celia on your auntydom). I miss you people. And Mel. Alinta, help Mel back into EB! Or SK. If anyone was scared of being overextended by EB and SK there's no need since no one seems to be here anymore anyway wink.gif

We have had a good holiday so far, it feels like we have done heaps since Easter. The holiday has actually been split into Easter, Forster and Narromine components. The Easter time was great and relaxing, the Forster part was a bit of a dream (we got to go out! Without children!) and the Narromine part was good apart from the kids being demanding spoiled little sh*tes at the IL's. I couldn't stand to be around them there too often, and am glad to be back at home so I can straighten them out again.
We've also had some relationship dramas going down, but I won't put them out there here but I'm going to make a few changes here to fix that.

Alinta - Have you googled things you can do at home to strengthen pencil grip without going to the OT? I know Kimbal's kinder class were doing some hand/finger exercises every day because so many were 'behind' in this regard. It wasn't really work though, they did some songs with actions (open/shut them) and hanging from the monkey cars. His pencil grip is still sloppy though, he's starting reading recovery next term and the specialist literacy teacher will help him along there. Kimbal fell out of the shower at 2 and I thought he was going to lose his tooth. It was awful, but it didn't fall out and only started becoming discoloured when he was around 4. Now I can't wait for his yellow tooth to fall out!

Sel - I'd love to go down to see you and the new playcentre. old playcentres get a bit stinky,but new ones :thumbsup: You'll have a great time on holiday, after doing the hard yards (both of you) with work. Lu's not reading as well as I thought she would either, but since I've never had a child with 'normal' reading development I don't know where she would sit. Olivia came home in kinder and could read all of her sight words, Kimbal finished without being able to read them all and Luella knows some, but has no idea with others. She knows all of the letter sounds, but sometimes doesn't connect with that when guessing the word. For example, she knows the sound for Mmmmmm but given the word 'My' might first guess 'um...at?' just because she knows AT is another of her sight words.

She is a beautiful girl though. They are all so different, but Olivia and Kimbal are so intense compared to miss cruisey Lu, and Curtis is 3 so he's going to be testy isn't he? She's just happy doing her own thing, like last night when we came home she went and did a jigsaw puzzle while the others were having a great time play fighting with their suitcases as weapons. There is nothing wrong with intensity either, I think it will see the older ones in great stead when they are adults and allowed to be strong willed!, but it's nice to have a compliant one. Mum says she is just like me as a kid, and I can see it at times (and at the times she's being silly it's enough to make me cringe! laughing2.gif) just as I can see that the older 2 are like their father (and that's enough to make them butt-heads).

I'm sick of talking about myself and need to get the day underway.

#32 mamaknits

Posted 18 April 2012 - 10:05 AM

Hello hello!

Business as usual here. Parents are visiting and I am running around like a headless chicken. last day of gymnastics for Alex today. I promised to pick him up early as he did not want to go sad.gif He wanted to be there for gymnastics but I think he was excited about coming home to check on his eggs and read his new library books. For the past week or so we've been doing an egg experiment (he calls it an "eggsperiment") from the Freaky Food experiments book. We first dissolved the shell in vinegar and then sucked the water out with sugar. Now the eggs are in coloured water so that they will re-absorb the water and re-inflate. He is looking forward to his alien eggs - one purple and one green.

Bought mum a kindle yesterday and set her up on my kindle account biggrin.gif They can't buy kindles in Malaysia nor can they set up a kindle account if they have a Malaysian address. sad.gif Good to see her reading with ease again. We're a family of bookworms and it's become increasingly difficult for her to hold up a heavy book, and lots of library books seem to be hardcover and quite heavy. Now I have kindle envy wink.gif

Alinta, I think it is important to see someone who knows, such as an OT, to find out what the problem is. Some problems will go away on their own and don't need therapy. From experience, I would urge you to at least have it looked at before bad habits are formed. When Alex first picked up a pencil and started copying letters at the age of 2, I was told by the daycare teacher how cute it was and not to worry about incorrectly formed letters as they will teach them the right way at school. What I did not realise at the time was that most other children might start writing at 3 or 4 and at school, they really haven't formed a writing habit yet. Alex, by this year had formed a writing habit of incorrectly formed letters and we're now having to break that habit. If Byron has poor muscle tone and is compensating by holding the pencil in an incorrect grip, he will not exercise the right muscles to develop the right pencil grip. That's something that needs to be worked and corrected. If not, bad habits form, the necessary muscles not developed and then it just gets worse. At school, all the kids had a session a week with the OT who worked with them on correct pencil grip, finger strength and other stuff. We received a ball of playdough-like stuff for Alex to work his finger muscles. From what I have heard from other mums, s\even seeing the OT privately does not mean a long term commitment to therapy. for many of them, the OT just taught them the exercises and asked them to come back in 2 or 3 months for re-assessment unless they felt they needed an earlier appointment.

#33 GrumpyOldTroll!

Posted 18 April 2012 - 11:37 AM

Check out this series of books.  The three girls do one the activities each night. At the start, you will need to guide them along and get them holding the pencil correctly and showing them the movements of how your hand should glide along as your draw lines.  Samantha has very neat handwriting now.


Sel, We will have to catch up sometime very soon.  I am usually free Mondays with just Chantelle or Friday with C and H (although this Monday coming I have the kids cross country at school).

Mandy, sorry we did not get to see you on our way home. We did take a detour though from Jerilderie to Deni but our GPS took us down the back farm roads and onto a dirt road at one point.  I had not been around that way since field trips during Uni.  Beautiful. It was also really good to see the channels full of water as well.  It was fascinating to see there were quite a few properties still full of water and some looking like lakes.   Hopefully we will be back around your way one day.  As we headed up the Murray on one of the paddle steamers, I thought it would be great to have a SK mum weekend away on a houseboat one year.  

Anyway, have to head off.  Need to head off for kinder pickup.  

#34 mokeydoke

Posted 18 April 2012 - 01:38 PM

That suits me Des wink.gif echuca is a lovely spot.

#35 mamaknits

Posted 18 April 2012 - 02:32 PM

Thanks for reminding me, Des. I forgot about those books. I had heard of them. If you have something else to buy, the books are cheaper on amazon.co.uk. You get free shipping for purchases over 25 pounds and the books are about 22 pounds which is just over $33.

#36 mamaknits

Posted 18 April 2012 - 03:06 PM

I forgot to mention taht bookdepositiory is having a 10% off special all month long. This makes them slightly cheaper than fishpond. Also, the other title I was recommended was Handwriting without tears. I have not tried that either.

#37 mokeydoke

Posted 18 April 2012 - 03:40 PM

Hmm just looking at those handwriting books and it might be better to just see the OT. Maybe I should do the same with Kimbal. I just think with all of the time it's going to take to go through books - a very 'school-like/homework-like' approach - you/we may as well get more targeted advice. I know Kimbal would be more likely to hang off monkey bars than sit down to more paperwork once home from school.

What are the instructions for that eggsperiment Celia? I got a bit confused in your description laughing2.gif We've done the vinegar eggs but left it at that.

#38 mamaknits

Posted 18 April 2012 - 03:47 PM

Mandy, it's simple and fun (for Alex anyway).

Soak an egg in vinegar (enough to cover the whole egg) for 2 days. At the end of that, the shell has dissolved in teh acid and you're left witha "bouncy egg". Drop it from a height of about 4-5cm and watch it bounce.

Then using the same egg, you place it in a bowl and cover with sugar (completely). I have done this before using salt, but I guess sugar in those quantities is easier to get here. After about 36 hours, you get a deflated egg. The sugar turns into a thick heavy syrup from the water that has come out by osmosis.

Then you get a bowl of water and add a little food colouring to it. Drop the egg in and leave for a day or two. the egg will re-inflate because the water goes in by osmosis. Then you get your "alien egg" as it would have absorbed the dye as well. The egg is also bouncy.

DOn't ask me how long you can keep it for. I am not game to keep it for more than another day or two as I am sure the egg will go off. yeeeeuuch!

#39 Naz32

Posted 19 April 2012 - 01:47 PM

do you hard boil it first celia or just do it from raw?  sounds cool.

#40 mamaknits

Posted 19 April 2012 - 02:22 PM

Raw, Naz

#41 Naz32

Posted 19 April 2012 - 02:58 PM

cool - might try it with Lily next week.

Will try to pop back on later for an update original.gif  Hope everyone is well.  This is my first official school holidays and jeepers its busy and I only have 1 at school lol.  Its funny how fast you adjust to one less lol.

#42 mesaana

Posted 19 April 2012 - 03:49 PM

Zoe actually came to me excited about an experiment she wantd to try she'd read about in one of her horrible science books - the egg in the bottle one.  I told her about the experiement you and Alex are doing and she thought it was "soooo coooool". lol

#43 azalia

Posted 19 April 2012 - 09:13 PM

Thanks for all of that info, yes your right Celia I should go and see someone at least once.  I am just not a big medical/dr person and hate being commited to things, but I also dont want him to get behind so will get onto it. He has not that great upper body strength, I have been giving him a full water bottle and getting him to water the garden till its empty, transfering rice from one bowl to the other and playing with stress balls.

I bought those books so will give them a try.

Mandy - sounds like you had a great time, jealous of your time in Forster I wish I could have been there!

I had Nats wedding today! Was lovely, she looked gorgeous. Poor thing though, her and Hollie had food poisoning and had been vomiting all day, Hollie was still vomiting through the arvo.

Celia - congrats on becoming an Aunty again!

I will work on Mel, Im seeing her tomorrow. Its harder to catch up now that Byron and Scarlett are in school full time but we still see each other every few weeks. I know that its rather full on with all 5 at school, isnt it funny that it actually makes things harder having kids at school than at home. I keep thinking todays friday but of course its not, its only thursday!  I have a hens this weekend thankfully just at a friends house a few streets away, Im so over going out, I was a bore at the last hens. Family shoot on Sunday, but no wedding:) Looking forward to a break. Might take the kids to the zoo on Saturday. Whats everyone else doing?

#44 Mulan

Posted 19 April 2012 - 09:28 PM

My weekend has finally arrived. I decided to delete my last post as I think I said too much publicly that I don't need other people to know about other than those in here.

Alinta I think you should seek out OT sooner rather than later. Teachers are very experienced at the range of typical behaviour for children his age and if they suggest he needs some work it is far easier to work with earlier than later as Celia says. I had my son at speech and OT early on and whilst neither made significant changes for him I see how hard it is for him sometimes with his handwriting struggles. The answer to switch to typing and computers does not answer the challenge of his handwriting. It was a significant issue in his early years of schooling and minimized by a teacher who dismissed it and our mistake was not pushing more OT at that point in time. We missed our window of opportunity. Byron is still in that major window of opportunity. OT is fun tough, lots of creativity at this age as opposed to later when it's far more remedial and boring as well as beyond interest level. DS hates doing fine motor therapy now involving threading, beading, mazes, he copes ok with crosswords but hates the request to keep the letters within the squares. DD though is very focused on learning to keep between the lines, loves the threading and beading and fine motor activities. I think we are diminishing and "treating" the things I can foresee wil be problems if we don't give it enough focus right now.

We just had the funniest night terror with dd. she needed to repeatedly touch my face and wanted the reassurance through touch that I was real and I stayed sitting with her. I think that I had not been home at bedtime for 4 nights in the last week were really disturbing her. So I cancelled some work activities and a social activity to work with this sudden anxiety she is showing.

I'm looking forward to school returning next week. I do prefer the predictability school gives and holidays disrupt evn tough personally I enjoy the spontaneity and fun that holidays give us.

#45 mamaknits

Posted 20 April 2012 - 11:11 AM

I have been working with Alex these hols on handwriting. I hate that aside from behaviour, handwriting is the other thing holding him back. he's doing far better now. We're practising on lined paper (dotted thirds). What a difference it makes! Unfortunately when he returns to school, he will return to unlined paper as the teacher has said the class is not ready for lined paper sad.gif I have really enjoyed these hols. he was in vacation care for a few days while I worked but having him home with me while I worked on the other days has not been too bad at all. he's now quite happy to entertain himself with lego, books and watching stuff on the tablet. It has actually made me think that perhaps homeschooling IS a possibility Tounge1.gif I love having him home with me. Homeschooling is more for me than for him though, so it's not a path we're likely to go down.

Today I boiled up the alien eggs and we're going to cut them open and see where the dye has penetrated. I'll take photos biggrin.gif

#46 mesaana

Posted 20 April 2012 - 02:15 PM

Rob just told me he made volcanoes with the kids this afternoon  biggrin.gif

#47 mamaknits

Posted 20 April 2012 - 05:08 PM


I might save the egg and bottle experiment for next week. We have 3 days to kill before schools tarts again. I need to work out in my head how to explain the science in a way he'll understand anyway.

Anyone have any other fun science experiemnts to do? I was thinking of doing the "lava lamp" one next week as well, but we may do it on the weekend.

#48 mokeydoke

Posted 20 April 2012 - 05:33 PM

I'm just waiting for these darn chickens to start laying again before I can start vinegarising eggs. Looking forward to photos Celia. Did you look on pinterest for cool things for kids to do? I know the lava lamp one is on there. Flubber is on tv tonight, you could make your own 'flubber' after watching it if you haven't used up all of your food dye laughing2.gif Olivia got a science kit for Christmas, but left the book outside and it got ruined (because that's how she rolls...rolleyes.gif). I can't think of the other ones she did, she did the flubber/gack, the volcano, the eggs and ? ? ? She made sherbet a few times as well. Peter dyed some toothpicks red and some green and threw them on the grass for his year ? class when talking about natural selection, and the kids wanted him to do it at home as well (which he did laughing2.gif the kids do understand camoflauge, that was probably as much explanation as they needed at that time).

Hmm this weekend...I have a few things to organise for school (like printing some photos for Kimbal to take into school for news), then I'm having a friend's kids at the park for a picnic lunch while she has an appointment, then I'm recuperating from that and going to a linen party alone for a few hours. Sunday will probably be just getting ready to go back to school.

I freaking hate school laughing2.gif I would love to keep them home (most of the time) - keeping in mind though that when it's school holidays I have another set of hands to help me deal with things wink.gif I probably wouldn't be so keen on them if it was just me and 4 kids day in, day out. Plus during the holidays I actually have a husband for some daylight hours.

#49 azalia

Posted 20 April 2012 - 08:44 PM

Mulan - this particular teacher is fresh out of uni, young and has no children. She has requested one child in the class stay behind at the end of the year, and 4 have been sent requests for OT. OT is $150 per hour. My concern is that I think we are pushing kids to much too early, and it is going to create more children that burn out in school in their high school years. I still think preprimary should be majority play based. Byrons class are writing sentances about what they are doing on the weekend, for easter ect ect. Considering they are still just learning the alphabet to write I do think its probably expecting a bit much. However I do think his arm strength is slightly weak which im continuing to work on. Im having trouble complying to the line on everything, if I think its not appropriate.

Thats sad about DD, is she ok now? They really love everything staying the same dont they.

I find it all very interesting though, especially given that in this day and age aside from writing the address on an envelope or a handwritten note occasionaly I never handwrite anymore. in 10 years time will people even be writing? Will it matter that much? I know that for school they are obviously going to need to, and for certain jobs drawing is necessaery and pen grip will help then. But I just dont see why it all has to constantly fit in a box. People do not fit in boxes there all different. Perhaps this is why I hated school but loved uni.

All these science experiments sound fabulous, I will have to give them a try.

Mandy - you are game wanting to home school!! Though I was speaking with a friend about all of this who is a teacher and she said she would absolutly homeschool her children these days as she doesnt agree with the school system.

#50 mamaknits

Posted 20 April 2012 - 08:56 PM

I would find it sad if handwriting went away. There is something beautiful about handwritten script, I think. Emotions and sentiments aside, I don't think our children will be doing everything electronically or on computers in 10 yrs or 12 yrs, when they are doing yr 12. They will, I believe still need to write exams.

I too do not understand how the children are expected to do readers and write stuff in their journals. Alex 's class does that too. Alex has no issues with that but he is one of 3 readers/writers in the class. They have done 7 or 8 letters in term 1. Most of teh children can't sound out words. I don't "get" how they are meant to learn to read without knowing all the letters of the alphabet. When I go in to help with reading, it is like most of teh children have memorised the books. When they make a mistake, they have no idea how to even take a stab at the text as they don't know all teh sounds sad.gif

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