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#51 mesaana

Posted 20 April 2012 - 09:30 PM

Alinta - I agree with you.  I was quite surprised at Byron having to write sentences already.  Freya is doing sight words very enthusiastically, and she writes when she wants to - but we don't push.  They might copy words into a sentence - and Freya does this quite a bit especially in birthday cards - but after a couple of sentences gets sick of it.  I do see the importance of handwriting - but not at the expense of enjoying learning and having fun at this young age and pushing them too early.  

Perhaps the one-off OT appointment may be beneficial for some pointers?  We are still taking Freya to the chiro in order to help strengthen her muscle tone, as well as doing coordination exercises, etc.  She overbalanced into a cupboard tonight.  Its sort of makes me wonder if I should take her to get it checked out - although the GP has always said her ears are fine - she did have a number of ear infections as a child.  Anyone have more expertise or knowledge in this area?

Anyway, an appointment would hurt financially, but may bring piece of mind, and weight behind you if you need to go up against the teacher.

#52 mokeydoke

Posted 21 April 2012 - 09:02 AM

laughing2.gif I would suck at homeschooling. We never even finished Olivia's journal from our Darwin trip last year. School work belongs at school, I'm not too keen on homework either these days unless it directly relates to home things/observations that can be made at home. Parents are time poor, and what is the point of the child spending an hour doing something totally wrong without guidance?!

I would do it if I had to though. In the meantime I'll continue trying to get every suitable teenage male I know to consider a teaching degree!

The education system, like most government departments, has become increasingly tied down and they just don't have the freedom to do what they do without fear of legal action anymore. I know that sounds extreme, but things that used to happen when I was at school would send the school into paperwork meltdown these days! We had a maths teacher that would call troublemaking kids up to the front of the class and hold onto their sideburns, raising them up and down while saying something like 'you will stop talking in class'. It didn't hurt though laughing2.gif

Handwriting...I haven't thought too much about it tbh but I wouldn't be surprised if exams were all completed on computers by the time our kids finish school - if not just to provide a more inclusive education for those who do have fine motor delays! I've been playing Draw Something with an online friend and it is nice to see her handwriting on there.

I'd better go and get ready for the day.

#53 fillesetjumeaux

Posted 23 April 2012 - 01:51 PM

Alinta, I know you think it's a case of pushing kids too young, but having just been through OT assessments with Anna who is now 9, for her handwriting, I really recommend having the assessment.

In our case, I just kept waiting and waiting for it to improve.  We did practice on lined paper, offered rewards for neat work, and even discussed it with her teacher (yr 2 - teacher was NOT concerned, thought it was laziness/rush to finish).  By the start of Year 4, her writing was still only about as neat as it was in year 1.  I decided that it was time to see someone.

Not sure if it would have made a difference seeing someone earlier, but we now have exercises for her to do before she starts her homework each day.

Funnily enough, just after we saw the OT, I was visiting a friend who is Italian.  While I was there, a parcel arrived from her parents.  In it were several lined exercise books, but not just regular lines - sets of lines like old-fashioned line cards we used to put under our unlined pages in infants' school to help us keep our writing even.  When I mentioned that that sort of thing might help Anna, she gave me one.

That night, I asked Anna to write out something (can't remember what) on normal paper, then in the new book.  The difference was incredible.  I even specified that I didn't want her being extra-careful or neat, just to write as she would at school.  I took the book to PT interview to show them what a difference it makes, and she is allowed to use it in class to help.

I too got the whole "don't worry, they'll all be using computers" spiel throughout infants' school.  Which I took with a grain of salt.  In hindsight I should have done something sooner.

#54 ThatsNotMyName

Posted 25 April 2012 - 09:54 PM

We did the eggsperiment & it was bouncy to poke at with your finger, but it didn't bounce  ohmy.gif  oops!We're trying again  wink.gif

#55 mamaknits

Posted 26 April 2012 - 11:00 AM

LOL Megan. Only drop from a height of about 5cm. If it is dropped from too high it will break - we tried that at school and the clean up job was not fun.

#56 mokeydoke

Posted 26 April 2012 - 12:47 PM

We still haven't got enough eggs! Chickens are off the lay and I need some for rissoles tonight.

#57 ThatsNotMyName

Posted 26 April 2012 - 05:01 PM

I'm glad I discovered it's breaking threshold by accidentally dropping it in the sink rather than somewhere else laugh.gif  The replacement egg is ready so we'll see how we go with this one.

Mmmm rissoles! No idea what we're having for dinner, we just got home after spending the whole afternoon out & that was after having spent the whole morning out. The in between while Carys napped was spent dying my hair. Oh the price of beauty wink.gif

#58 mokeydoke

Posted 26 April 2012 - 07:42 PM

I cooked the rissoles in the oven, like mini meat loaves. They were good! With a saucy glaze. Kids didn't go much on them, until I said no dessert half and suddenly they weren't that bad...

#59 mokeydoke

Posted 30 April 2012 - 11:46 AM

We had a glorious weekend here, the weather was just lovely, clear and sunny for a very welcome
Change. We went to the river with the dogs Friday after school, had a 2 hour bike ride/explore along the river on Saturday and yesterday went out in the kayak and boat for a BBQ on the banks of the river somewhere.
Of course all of that rivering left no time for housework, which I planned to catch up
On today however...(I'll brb, getting the computer)

#60 mokeydoke

Posted 30 April 2012 - 12:00 PM

Since I left the house at 8.25 this morning, I have -
* put the carseats back in the car. Peter at least remembered to take them out when he eft, but it would have been better if he'd reminded me to take the time to pt them back into mine!
* gone to Baker's Delight to buy cheese and bacon rolls for the kids' lunch
* dropped kids at school to find when Olivia got out of the car that her skirt had what looked like a milkshake poured over the back of her skirt last week  rolleyes.gif It looked clean when I hung it up after 1 wear Thursday!
* drove back home to get her changed
* put on a load of washing (still have to hang out the load that I did this morning before school)
* came home after dropping her back to school to upload photos of Lu and her class animal to the computer so I could go and print them out
* go to chemist and ordered photos
* go to Coles and do the shopping - meals this week include san choy bow, garlic beef with roasted veg couscous, beef stroganoff and sausages. Fruit is apples, grapes, watermelon and bananas. School snacks are Le Snaks, mini wagon wheels, scotch finger biscuits and yoghurt. The kids pick one from the snack basket and 2 pieces of fruit to take with whatever I put together for their lunch.
* came home and unpacked most of the shopping. I got to the coffee though and thought stuff it!! Everything is still as messy as you'd expect after 2 days of doing nothing. Well that's not entirely true, since I did fold 3 baskets of washing at 6.30am (in order to find the school socks!), filled the sink of washing up and rewashed the load of sheets I left in there from Saturday wink.gif

Argh! It's so frustrating. It appears like I have done nothing but it's been constant. I still have to pick up the photos but will do that when I get the kids. She'll have to write in it this afternoon and take it back one day late tomorrow.

So how is everyone else going?

#61 mokeydoke

Posted 30 April 2012 - 12:05 PM

And now I can add
* watched a time lapse of Lindsay Lohen's changed face over the past 25 years. Scary. She was so pretty.

#62 Naz32

Posted 01 May 2012 - 06:38 AM

Gosh we are a bunch of slack tarts arent we wink.gif  Poor Mandy is keeping the thread going single handedly!!  We are all FB no EB lol.

So back to school after the holidays was welcome.  Lily was ready and so was I.  We had great holidays though with a special visit from Mandy and Co. for a few days.  Was great to talk and not type.  I had a brief thought while they were here though about actually having 8 kids and how much they eat and wear.  My nan had 12 so she must have just cooked and washed constantly especially when they lived on the farm with no modern conveniences.  Crazy.  Im so soft I cant even hardly manage with 4!!

So moving starts today.  We have our new house and it was finished being cleaned yesterday and pest man is going in today.  Im not looking forward to the massive task ahead of me but I have 2 whole weeks to move and clean so hopefully if I just do a few trips a day it wwont be as frantic as the past few times and I have the added bonus of NOT being pregnant this time.

I have signed Lily up to an art class that is run after school one day per week.  it goes for 90 minutes but its all drawing and painting and cartooning with an art teacher.  Im excited to see what comes home as she spends half her life colouring and sticking and glueing.

Sarah just wants to be 4 lol - love 3 year olds hehehe.  She is gorgeous though and talking and progressing well. She has stopped wetting her pants all the time so I am hoping that the move doesnt set her back again.

Everyone is well here.  Marcus is about 14 weeks now.  He is sleeping much better since he hit the 10 week mark which is great.  Simon though has been sleeping all night but starting the day at 5am every day - that is exausting - but this morinng he is still asleep - I am too scared to check on him lol he was OK when I covered him up at 4 though so hopefully he is just tired and catching up.  He sheds a tear or two when I take him to preschool but he really enjoys it and is all smiles when I pick him up in the afternoon so im glad he is going now.  Its a good break for all of us as he is high energy from when he wakes till when he sleeps he doesnt stop.  At least I know I am going to get 11 hours sleep out of him every night though lol.

Not too much else to report.  My brother is getting married next weekend so we have 2 nights in Newcastle without the kids so that will be a good mid-move break too.  Im so excited for him and I couldnt be more lucky to be gaining the sister in law that I am - she is wonderful.  She is my cousins wifes cousin and she set my brother and Semara up on a blind date and now they are getting married 6 years later its just wonderful.

I hope everyone else is going well.  Will have lots of pics on FB in the next couple of weeks of house and wedding and mothers day.  Naz xx

#63 thebell

Posted 01 May 2012 - 08:39 AM

Mandy- Where is the link for Lindsay's face? I'd love to see it. My days look like that too. I've been bugging Brad to help more and he whinged that there are always clothes on the couch waiting to be folded. I cracked up laughing because honestly, I could spend all day folding clothes and there would still be more to do! I'd rather have clean clothes on the couch than food all over the floor, or dirty dishes.

Naz- Good luck with the move, I hope it goes seamlessly for you. That is a lot of time to move, hopefully it wont be too bad. I hope the wedding is brilliant fun and you get a sleep in!! x

Us: Sick kids asthma/colds here is not fun. I am so tired myself that it doesn't help. I took Pepper's dummy and bottle off her last week. She's 2 next month and she has been ok with that. I do think I'll have to drop her day sleep though. She is the naughtiest little girl ever! She ignores everything she is told to do and does the silliest things. (turns the tv off on the boys, she's stashed brad's xbox batteries somewhere, She's spread both Brad's haircream and my body butter over her head) It's endless. And she does NOT care how many times she gets sent to her room. If only there was money for daycare. sigh

We got a notice in the mail to vacate this property last week. Thankfully we have til June 24th, but we are starting to look now. Hopefully for somewhere nicer, definitely closer to school and kinder. I'm hoping for somewhere newer. It's hard to justify the extra money for more rent when I feel like we should be saving for a house, but the reality of that happening before I am working too... it's just not going to happen.

#64 cuddlymumof4

Posted 01 May 2012 - 09:57 AM

This year has just been a whirl wind here. Still getting use to the extra after school duties & homework etc.

Kaleb is still having problems with tonsillitis. Hope the Dr will reconsider having them taken out soon.

Lateesha is going great at school, is loving having homework & readers. Though i think the readers are way too easy for her. She has the same book for the whole week & must read it every night.

Nakita, has just been diagnosed with asthma. Which in one way is such a relief as we have been fighting Dr's for the last 2.5yrs about the horrible cough she gets & shortness of breath. She is going good at school other then needing to slow down & write a little neater.

Tyson, is going great at school. He is playing rugby league for the school team this term & is loving it.

Me: Medical wise i am doing great now. I have lost 12.4 kgs in the last 3 months, lots more to go though but am getting there.

We just got told yesterday our house is possibly about to go on the market sad.gif. Have been looking on real estate & there is hardly any rentals in the local area here under $400 a week now. So some big decisions coming up for us.

Hope everyone else is doing well.

#65 mokeydoke

Posted 01 May 2012 - 10:18 AM

Well done anna! How have you done it?

Bad luck on the rentals, that would really suck. I would end up being able to put down a house deposit on repairs if we ever rented, at the moment our front window is held together with contact laughing2.gif but not!


For you Sel. Enjoy.

Well done anna! How have you done it?

Bad luck on the rentals, that would really suck. I would end up being able to put down a house deposit on repairs if we ever rented, at the moment our front window is held together with contact laughing2.gif but not!


For you Sel. Enjoy.

Well done anna! How have you done it?

Bad luck on the rentals, that would really suck. I would end up being able to put down a house deposit on repairs if we ever rented, at the moment our front window is held together with contact laughing2.gif but not!


For you Sel. Enjoy.

#66 lissiloo

Posted 01 May 2012 - 08:17 PM

Oh gosh, I can't remember the last time I had time to get on here. Not that I have time right now, but am having a silent (no doubt unnoticed) protest at the fact that the kids never ever tidy up.

Anyway. You may have seen on FB that I had a prang last night ... in the rental car I have while MY car is getting fixed from the prang I had about 6 weeks ago. Sigh. 15 years with no accidents and WHAM. So I'm a bit depressed today about all of that. Of course I'm flat out this week and DH is flat out too with a big project going live at work next week or the week after.

Oh, the prang was me vs a tram! Eek! I was very very lucky that it just clipped my bumper, cos it could have been much much much worse! The girls were in the car but seem to be OK about it, not even really shaken up much about it unlike me. The tram driver was a sweetie, very concerned that I was OK.

The kids are all well, just driving me a bit mental at the moment. I think I'm finding it a bit hard to balance everything at the moment -- I feel like I have 2 full time jobs and need another week each week to do everything. Really I just need a holiday! Oh the endless washing!!! And the endless yelling and nagging at the kids about everything.

Ella is really growing up now. Just turned 7. She is reading really well and got a student of the week award last week for maths strategies. She's also (excuse me while I have a little meltdown at my extremely unhelpful children) developed a bit of attitude, is not good at listening to me and doesn't like to do anything I ask her to do. Sigh. She does about 50 handstands an hour, and is getting really good at her gymnastics, and really strong too. Started piano this year and although it can be a struggle some days to get her to practise, she is getting better.

Poppy loves school, is excited about everything she does there. She's not made that reading breakthrough yet, still relying on memorising the patterns a bit but she's getting close I think. We started homework in addition to daily readers and Oxford (sight) words this week, but only one small exercise a week. She is acting up a bit at home though, very reluctant to do anything to help tidy up especially, and a lot of whinging, partly due to tiredness I think.  She's still loving her dance classes, and this week finally overcame her reluctance to put her face underwater at swimming.

Jack is delightful and frustrating! He is talking so much (although you have to listen and interpret what he is saying), singing, is pretty much addicted to using the ipod and ipad (have to restrict his time). He's much better when I drop him at day care, this week hasn't clung to the carer anyway. That's big strides. Although he's taken to saying "miss Ella, miss Poppa" when we are heading from school to day care. On the downside, he's still not eating much at all. Nights he doesn't eat much I can guarantee I'll be woken at least once cos he's hungry and wants a bottle. If he's eaten well, he sleeps through. I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to do next as I just can't cope on no sleep -- I turn into a screaming banshee witch of a mother -- so stopping night time bottles to make him eat more isn't much of an option. I try giving him what the girls are eating and he just ignores it, won't touch it. So he eats some kind of noodles 5 nights a week, maybe chips or potato gems another night and pizza. That's about it. I will probably take him to the doc for a referral to a nutritionist or paed soon, just have to get off my butt.

OK, well, I need to stop typing and start doing some things to get the girls closer to bed. They've been going way too late, and getting up late and then we have to rush to get ready for school. I'll be back soon with a more positive update I hope! This one is turning into a whinge.

BTW, I might not have been posting much but I have been reading all the posts! Mwah to you all! Good luck with the move Naz! Bummer Sel and Anna, hope you find perfect places soon! Mandy, your day sounds a lot like mine!


#67 fillesetjumeaux

Posted 02 May 2012 - 10:24 AM

Well, since I'm not on FB any more, I'm out of the loop!

Sel and Anna, I really feel for you re having to move and find a new place.  I feel sad for tenants when I do the right thing as a landlord and it is so remake me that my tenant brags about me to her friends, and they are stunned by what an unusual landlord she has (you know, one who actually gets broken things repaired, and returns her calls/emails).  Makes me so angry that some landlords treat their tenants so badly.

My children sound just like everyone else's!  Darcy is just like Pepper, Anna is just like Ella, Zara is just like Poppy.  Grace is like a teenager in a 7yo body.  Leo is just loud and active.  I am loving my peaceful Tuesdays when everyone is at school or preschool!

Our renovations are just about done.  Just waiting for a few paint touch-ups, the final bits of the kitchen (kick boards  being fixed on properly, hanging rail in laundry and handles on under-stairs cupboard), and the final council inspection.  All the photos are here (in chronological order so they don't get interesting till the end!).

#68 cuddlymumof4

Posted 02 May 2012 - 01:04 PM

Mandy: I have swapped white bread, pasta, rice etc for brown. Swapped potato for sweet potato. Forcing myself to drink more water & less ice coffee & soft drinks. Basically just trying to eat more healthy. Also got myself an exercise bike so that i can exercise at home without having to drag everyone out for a walk. Though i do still walk the kids to school every day or I walk while they ride around the streets in the arvo too.

Liss: Sorry to hear about the accidents. Big hugs to you. Lateesha is still really tired & grumpy most afternoons, i hope this settles soon.

Janet: it is really hard to find a good agent/owner these days. The owner here is considering selling cause she doesn't want to fix the problems with the house. But if she had done something about them way back when we first told her then they would have not been so bad.
Reno's are looking great. Lovely house.

#69 Onemorebub

Posted 02 May 2012 - 02:12 PM

Can you do anything as a tenant when they don't repair stuff and we fork out every week? I'm in that basket.

My lil sister is getting married! In November I am a bridesmaid and all the boys are in it! should be fun!!

I have cleaned the kids shower (well a Bonnie's clean where I get in and have a good go but look later when its dry and it still has calcium deposits on it sigh.) Cleaned the bottom half of my cupboard and the middle of my pantry ( just doing what needs to be done! lol )

I have no car today as it is having a service so my mil picked me up and we had lunch at her house which was nice to get out of the house.

We had a huge storm last night so loud it woke me up! I had clothes on the line so will have to check them soon I wonder if they are dry?

Jake had his second game of soccor this year on the bigger field 2 goals! Well done lil man xxx

Well not much else going on here.

#70 ThatsNotMyName

Posted 02 May 2012 - 05:19 PM

Hi all!

Liss that's scary, I'm so glad you're all ok!

Anna well done with your healthy lifestyle, great job!

Sel & Anna I'm sorry about the landlord issues, that really sucks sad.gif We try to be the best landlords we can, we remember how much we appreciated our good landlords & feel it's only fair to pay it back into the system.

Janet the house looks fantastic! Can't wait to see it irl original.gif


Carys is asleep so she's great laugh.gif She's become very fiesty, has a foul temper when she's cranky & a piercing squeal to go with it. Fortunately she's a happy little person most of the time & really is very lovely. She's recently discovered the joy of spinning (so cute!) and has started singing which absolutely delights me as I love to sing too. Pity I have no talent in that field. She's on one day sleep now, so far anything from 30 mins dry.gif to 2 hrs tthumbs.gif with 1-1.5 hrs being usual. Still having 2 bf around 5am & 7pm.

Caelan is enjoying being back at school, not doing so well with reading which will be a long haul but is enjoying Mathletics in its early stages and acing it all. He asks a lot of questions about how things work, what words mean, expresses ideas about working things out all of which I love. He's riding his bike pretty well now though is still very hesitant to try anything that doesn't look easy like riding downhill or around corners or up hills or near people. He finished swimming lessons on a high note having achieved the next level and almost the one after if he would only keep his legs straight for propulsion. We've had some success with toiletng with jellybeans everytime he does a big wee & has dry pants. We're still not there but it's a little better. He's been having issues sleeping at night, being scared of monsters & wanting us to be there. Some of it's put on a bit but some seems to be genuine, poor little guy. Carys is for the most part sleeping fairly solidly at night so I might bring him up to camp out in her room which is across the hall from us, tat may help.

Shane is busy with work & study but theyre both going ok with no major dramas. Centrelink is frustratingly disorganised to work for so he's applying for positions in other departments atm.

I'm still pottering in the garden, doing morning reading at school & some canteen duty. Tafe starts again this week  too. I dyed my hair last week & it's somewhat darker than the colour on the box which was a mid/dark brown. My hair is now verging on black! I painted my short nails in a shade called Midnight so i have a half a*sed goth look going on for now laughing2.gif

Well, I started this early afternoon & it's now time to get dinner. best be off!

#71 ThatsNotMyName

Posted 02 May 2012 - 08:51 PM

Oh Naz I had a dream last night that we were at your new house. No clue how it should look, can you post any pics for us yet?

#72 Naz32

Posted 03 May 2012 - 06:16 AM

Megan I put some up in Facebook group for you. We are getting it repainted and recarpeted in the coming month to lighten it up and where that massive table is we are adding a kitchen island as it is just a galley type at the moment. Of course you are welcome to come stay anytime you like original.gif

#73 Naz32

Posted 03 May 2012 - 06:29 AM

Janet your Reno looks amazing. The kitchen area is awesome. I love your colours - that bench top is beautiful. You must be so pleased with how it has all turned out.

Lol Megan to your goth look. Shall I send you some nice light face powder wink.gif

Moving is painful. I'm aching all through my shoulders. I moved my wine collection and that just about did me in. Then my recipe books finished me off. Why can't my interest be feathers and flowers lol moving the kitchen and kids stuff today. Can't wait for wedding this weekend to have an excuse not to have to do anything lol.

#74 Naz32

Posted 03 May 2012 - 06:33 AM

Liss I also wanted to add that your post about Jack I could have written word for word about Simon. It's an exhausting stage for these boys. It's a big difference to how I remember the girls!!

#75 fillesetjumeaux

Posted 03 May 2012 - 07:55 AM

Megan, as much as it is not nice for our kids to struggle, I am secretly glad that Z is not the only one struggling with reading.  In Z's case it seems to be a whole attitude thing - the helpless "baby" of the family saying "I can't do it!"

I nearly killed her the other day.  She sat down eagerly to read her home reader to me (she's on level 2, so nothing too challenging  laugh.gif ), and we got as far as "Sal is..."  The next word was "standing", and since I knew we'd covered "...ing" the previous day, I told her to sound it (I always help if it's not a sounding word).  She just looked at the word and started howling, "But I don't know that word!"  I told her that didn't matter, she could sound it, but she insisted (wailing the whole time) that she couldn't sound it because she didn't know what it said!!!

This is what I am up against every day with this child.  She loses the plot at the slightest thing and then you can't get any sense out of her about anything until she chooses to regain the plot at her convenience.

Thanks for the compliments on the house.  We love it.  Open invitation to all my SK friends to come and stay.  We have two spare queen sized beds, two singles and a portacot.  Could probably even muster a double air bed...!  I love visitors!

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