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Due In Sept 2012 Chat Thread

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#51 ejfingerscrossed

Posted 23 April 2012 - 08:42 PM

Hi Mummas
Hope you are all doing ok? Best wishes to all those who are having a tough time health wise, I am in absolute awe and admiration of those who are able to deal with pregnancy, illness and children at the same time, it makes me feel like a complete whinger with my really minor complaints.
Well today I had "that day" I had a very minor disagreement with a workmate, so I cried for an hour. My DP rang me at 7 to say he wouldn't be home until 9 even though he said he'd be home at 7 so I cried for 45 minutes. I cried watching the Voice and I cried because my best friend sent my a voucher to have my nails done for no particular reason! I feel like a total fool but I just can't stop, it's absolutely ridiculous, stupid hormones! And I can just imagine how much I'm going to cry when I have my morph scan on Friday!
Please tell me I'm going to turn back into a normal person one day soon????

#52 jess1980

Posted 23 April 2012 - 09:52 PM

Hey TWINS IN THE OVEN you sound like me except Ive got 2 girls one is 5 and my other daughter turns 3 in june and Im due 28th sept with twins. We've decided not to find out the sexes Im looking forward to the double surprise!

#53 twins in the oven

Posted 23 April 2012 - 11:57 PM

OMG Jess1980 that is so much the same as me! biggrin.gif So are you nervous? I am a little cause my boys are so full on!! I cant believe how much alike we are in kids situation wink.gif
So do you ind me asking where you live? Im in Perth south of the river cool.gif

And how are your twins going? How do you feel? Do you have a gut feeling what sexes they are?

#54 red2012

Posted 24 April 2012 - 07:09 AM

Hi girls,

Just a quick question does anyone have any recomendations for maternity leggings?

Hope everyone is having a good week original.gif

#55 deedee70

Posted 24 April 2012 - 09:28 AM

red2012...re your maternity leggings question...I just buy supre brand leggings, they fit under the bump and if I  buy a size bigger than usual they seem to go the distance pretty well!! Cheap as too! biggrin.gif

#56 jess1980

Posted 24 April 2012 - 10:18 AM

Hey Twins in the oven I'm in kalgoorlie. My girls are full on aswell so finding out I was having twins not only shocked me, but I've been feeling a bit anxious about how I'm going to cope up until a week ago when a great friend of mine had a baby and I went to see her and had a hold and now I'm feeling alot better about it and almost excited! It's really just going to be the first 6 weeks that will be the worst as I'm having a scheduled c-section which will be my 3rd as my first 2 were emergencies. But I have already started to organise fAmily and friends to come up after they have been born to help me. Hopefully I get to 36 weeks so I can have them up here otherwise I'll be coming to king Edward in Perth. I've been really sick with all day sickness just like my other 2 pregnancies so I feel like I'm having girls, my husband reckons 2 boys and my kids think a girl and a boy. Funny thing is my youngest told me I was having 2 babies before we even found out we were having twins!

#57 Babies2012

Posted 24 April 2012 - 10:20 AM

Hi Everyone

Im also expecting twins in Sept, First babies for my DP & I . We are really excited was a shock at first but cant wait till Sept now to meet our little ones. We have decided to wait until they are born to get the suprise of what their sexes are biggrin.gif

Jess1980 & TWINS IN THE OVEN - Congrats on the twins hope everything goes smoothly for you both.

To everyone else good luck with your pregnancies and up coming scans biggrin.gif

#58 Sar333

Posted 24 April 2012 - 10:29 AM

Hey Red, as i find normal leggings very uncomfortable because of the thin elastic band that digs in my mum bought me some 'ripe maternity" leggings from Myer. They are so super comfy but cost about $50, thanks mum!


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#59 ejfingerscrossed

Posted 24 April 2012 - 12:07 PM

Hi Red, I am living in my 4 pairs of maternity leggings from Target, I absolutely love them, they are over the bump and are super comfortable

#60 jess1980

Posted 24 April 2012 - 01:45 PM

Congrats Babies 2012 how exciting it's great there is going to be a few twin mummies in this group!

#61 deedee70

Posted 24 April 2012 - 04:22 PM

ejfingerscrossed...do the Target leggings stay up? As in over the bump?

#62 Morti

Posted 24 April 2012 - 06:16 PM

Good morning ladies! original.gif

I've found some wonderfully comfortable leggings to wear now that I'm getting so big too, but I'm in Spain, so that doesn't help anyone else here too much. tongue.gif  I'll tell you what though, trying to find decent maternity wear here is pretty difficult... I think because so few Spanish women have babies (and those that do usually only have one, maybe two at most) pregnant women really aren't very well catered for in this country...

I feel like a freak over here expecting my fourth child. blush.gif  

QUOTE (ejfingerscrossed)
Well today I had "that day" I had a very minor disagreement with a workmate, so I cried for an hour. My DP rang me at 7 to say he wouldn't be home until 9 even though he said he'd be home at 7 so I cried for 45 minutes. I cried watching the Voice and I cried because my best friend sent my a voucher to have my nails done for no particular reason! I feel like a total fool but I just can't stop, it's absolutely ridiculous, stupid hormones! And I can just imagine how much I'm going to cry when I have my morph scan on Friday!
Please tell me I'm going to turn back into a normal person one day soon????

LOL biggrin.gif      

Personally, I've always been much worse (more irrationally emotional) AFTER my babies are born... up until about a year after birth.  That could have something to do with breastfeeding hormones too though, since the time that I start feeling more human seems to coincide with stopping breastfeeding.  

Expect the emotional roller-coaster to get MUCH more intense after baby is born. tongue.gif  Especially in the first few months.  But enjoy it too... it's such a special time in your life... and before you know it, it's gone forever...  

Hope everyone is keeping well.  Besos!! original.gif

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#63 ejfingerscrossed

Posted 24 April 2012 - 09:11 PM

QUOTE (deedee70 @ 24/04/2012, 04:22 PM)
ejfingerscrossed...do the Target leggings stay up? As in over the bump?

Yes they stay up all day, I am 6 foot tall and have difficulty finding tights to stay up at the best of times, and I find them fantastic and they stay up all day, they are also only 25 bucks, so that helps too

And they stay up over the bump all day, they don't feel super tight but they don't fall down either

Edited by ejfingerscrossed, 24 April 2012 - 09:12 PM.

#64 tinkster23

Posted 24 April 2012 - 10:08 PM

Hello, just popping in quickly, typing on the iPad sucks!

Anatomy scan today went really well, everything looks great. Sonographer said she thinks it's a boy, but to me it looked like a girl, and I saw nothing that convinced me the other way, even when she went back to look.  So I'm sorta sitting on the fence here, but joining team blue anyway, til proven otherwise.

All in all so lovely to see our gorgeous baby wub.gif

#65 Morti

Posted 25 April 2012 - 05:59 AM

Has anyone else got a really sore belly button, presumably due to the uterus pushing it out?  Mine flattened out a few weeks ago, but now it's starting to turn into an outie...

I can't remember if that happened this early on with my other pregnancies or not.

I feel as big as a house.

#66 Want_to_be_a_mummy

Posted 25 April 2012 - 11:18 AM

Hi all. Have any of you started to feel your baby's kicks yet? I'm having my 19 week scan on saturday but would really love my baby to start kicking. I'm beginning to become impatient as I just want to know that everything is ok! I thought that I could have possibly felt a kick the other night as I was woken suddenly to something in my stomach but when I woke it didn't happen again

#67 *littlemiracles*

Posted 25 April 2012 - 11:35 AM

Hello all,

Great to see so many have had their scans already - I am impatiently waiting still - wish I had of booked it next week instead of week after!!!!!! Oh well.

Want to be a mummy - yes I am feeling my bub pretty much every day now. started around 16 weeks with a few small movements (to me feels like bubbles popping) but am feeling it much more now - usually only at night when I stop and relax but occasionally during the day. With my first bub it wasn't until 18.5 weeks that I felt that first movement!! Wont' be long for you!!!!!

Morti - no not a sore belly button but def a VERY shallow one!!! OMG can't believe how much I have popped already. I was still so very tiny with DD at this stage but belly is def growing a few cm each week!!!

Tinkster - yay for seeing bub!!!!!!! LOL at you and the sonographer thinking different sexes - will most certainly be a nice surprise. Glad all is going well!!

ejfingerscrossed - thanks for the tip about target leggings - will def look into some for winter!! Although I am opposite to you and short so may have to see about sizing. :-)

Also so awesome to see so many sets of twins due in our group!!!!!! Wow - that is great ladies.

Pink - thank you so much for adding us all to the list :-)

A big hello to anyone I missed thats all the posts I can see below!!

AFM: - well the lovely acid reflux has started with me. Only in arvo's at the moment - not sure why but am trying to just get through it and if it gets too bad I take a antacid tablet. I hate taking things when pregnant so try my best not to if I can help it! Have actually put on a little weight now to go with my growing belly. Bub is very active at night and the other night am sure it was jumping and rolling about in there - must have liked something I ate that day LOL. Other than that waiting not so patiently for our scan - less than 2 weeks to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After that we can finally get started on setting up the baby's room! Well that means clearing out all the crap that lives in our current spare room LOL.

Hope the MS has subsided for those still suffering and glad to hear all is going well for everyone so far.  Take care xx

#68 tweetz

Posted 25 April 2012 - 03:20 PM

Hello everyone smile1.gif

I'm 32, from Sydney and pregnant with my first, due 26th Sept. DP already has 2 teenagers but is just as excited as me.

We are very much leaning towards finding out if it's a boy or girl when we have our next scan at 20 weeks. Haven't felt any movements yet. With no movements, no longer feeling nauseous (constant in 1st trimester) and our last scan at 12 weeks, I go through moments worrying if everything is ok with the baby. I assume this is normal? My belly has grown in the last week which has been reassuring but now need to go buy some maternity clothing.

#69 louiseos

Posted 25 April 2012 - 05:08 PM

Glad to hear all is going well for most!

Just over 2 weeks since I last posted, but have been keeping an eye on the new and improved fast moving combined thread. Hard to keep up with all the new names & keeping track of where everyone is up to. Was a bit bummed I have been removed to the list because I haven't been posting daily. Not to matter.  unsure.gif

#70 PinkSurvivor

Posted 25 April 2012 - 05:14 PM

Well ladies I'm signing off for now. I fly interstate tonight. I'll let you all know how it goes original.gif

I hope you are all well. I quickly updated the list from all the obvious requests. I haven't read everything. I'll catch up when I get back.

I hope you all had a good anzac day!

LousieOS: So sorry I had about an extra 27 names that I wasn't sure who was still around and who had quit the group or has suffered a loss as when the groups combied I had so many names I wasn't 100% sure on as I was never reading the 16th-31st thread. I did put a disclaimer at the bottom apologising and I can add you back. Just please give me whatever details you are comfortable with such as:

Due Date:
Other Children:
Sex of Baby:

Sorry,  I never removed you for not posting enough. I kept all the old list, so I have added your name back, but if you'd like additional details added let me know original.gif

IF ANYONE WANTS ON THE LIST PLEASE SUBMIT SOME OR ALL OF THE FOLLOWING INFO on the thread or PM me. Feel free to add any other info you wish to add as well.

Due Date:
Other Children:
Sex of Baby:

Please post in the above context so I can just copy and paste please. Thank you original.gif

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#71 McBaby's Mum

Posted 25 April 2012 - 07:49 PM

Hello all pregnant ladies and people new to the forum,
Well I’m officially a ‘D cup’! I’ve gone up two bra sizes in 21 weeks! It’s a miracle. Being a girl who was always jealous of any woman with a C cup and over, I am officially feeling some of the small joys being pregnant brings. LOL! biggrin.gif

ejfingerscross: I also have the target leggings. They are awesome, they have a special stretch section the front that allow for a growing bump, but still feel snug and high.  I’ve found jeans west pregnancy jeans are also fabulous.  Big W also stock some good modern and not so ugly pregnancy clothing, and stock ‘Bonds Belly’s clothing.

morti: I love the pocket rocket comment! LOL!  Our baby was called ‘little bub or baby bear’, now bub is called the ‘pocket rocket’.  I also feel as big as a house and my belly button is stretching out.  It has it’s pro’s, as people are holding doors open for me, not asking me to do stupid tasks unrelated to my job at work. It’s wonderful!

I still don't feel my baby moving very much either and I’m 21 weeks ... considering how active the little ‘pocket rocket is during the scan and at the doctors and midwife appointments with the Doppler, I feel like I should be noticing or feeling more of them.  I’ve noticed I’m getting a few more movements at night in bed, which is so exciting making me feel like a real pregnant person, not just woman that looks pregnant.  

Want_to_be_a_mummy:  I could have posted the same comment as you at 19 weeks. Just hang in there for another week and you’ll feel more relaxed after the 20 week scan and start to feel more movements.  My first movement was also late at night between sleep cycles and I wasn’t sure if it was my apple pie and ice-cream digesting into my ever growing belly, or little bub doing a somersault.
There’s a lot of pregnant mums with twins, I am in ore of you and how you all are managing. Super mum’s!
Take care everyone and stay well.
Bec xox

Bec 31years
First Baby, 21 weeks.
Country Victoria.

#72 Sarzie

Posted 25 April 2012 - 11:24 PM

Hi all,
Sorry for the long post! It's been ages since I visited here, sorry for the neglect but I'm so glad to see so much good news original.gif
I had my 20 weeks scan on Monday, and I'm just so worried now, the baby is doing great but my placenta is low and is bordering on the edge of the cervical os. It is my first pregnancy and They told me it is common but the thing that makes me feel bad is that the lady doing the ultrasound looked worried, was putting colours on the ultrasound, and got a supervisor or someone higher up to come in and have a look twice. He said it would most likely rise up a bit and be ok, and he didn't seem worried at least.
Does anyone know much about it? I am going crazy with worry. I can't wait to see my doctor about it. I might try and make my appointment earlier.
Apart from that when I came into work yesterday, a colleague asked me how I was and I replied tired, and then, she said said "you think your tired..." she had no sleep etc. and later on I went to the bathroom and ran into her on the way out and she said asked whether I was I ok, and I told her I was offended by how she responded earlier. She then raised her voice at me, I'm not sure really how the conversation went But it was about me being over sensitive and and I ended up wanting to leave and she had her hand on the door to stop me. She ended up letting me out but She yelled at me to grow up. I wish I had been smarter and just said I was fine, I should have been fine but I was concerned about other things such as my low placenta, and it just got to me. I guess there isn't anything I can do about it now. I am so not looking forward to work tomorrow. I think I'll only talk about work with her from now on and always say I'm fine if she asks how I am.
We did have a incident a few months ago when I told her I was having issues with the pregnancy, and she told people int the open so anyone could hear and she did apologies but I was embarrassed and upset that everyone knew! I didn't think that was being over sensitive.
I feel like I'm going crazy sad.gif

#73 twins in the oven

Posted 26 April 2012 - 12:15 AM

Oh Sarzie dont worry about that sily women at work! mad.gif I bet she is just jealous! And what a bully to hold you captive in the toilet like a school yard bully!
I cant believe there are 3 of us mums in September expecting twins cool.gif how exciting!! And so many mummies to be in this thread! biggrin.gif I love it!

All going well here just counting down till our scan on the 8th May!! Dh gets home from work (FIFO) on the 7th May. So the count down is on to find out if the twinnies are pink or blue or one of each  biggrin.gif

Tomorrow my Ds goes back to school which is great cause I will actually get some quiet time cause my 2.5yr old plays so well by himself but when they are together they are either playing like boys (ruff) of fighting or wrestling lol!! rolleyes.gif
We also have my 2.5yr first swimming lesson so that should be fun then footy training for Ds1 in the afternoon. Feel tired even thinking of tomorrow blink.gif I must go to bed night xxx

#74 Rach42

Posted 26 April 2012 - 11:16 AM

Sarzie that woman sounds horrible and pretty childish sad.gif  Try and ignore her if possible.  I don't think you were being over sensitive and even if you were you have a pretty good excuse for it at the moment!

How exciting to see peoples scans, bumps and hear about all the kicking and moving about going on biggrin.gif

I'm still waiting for some big kicks but have still been feeling little movements which is good.  It is reassuring to feel bubs moving.  I have my first hospital appointment tomorrow and then my 20 week scan next Friday.  I can't wait!  I'm hoping that I might get to hear the heartbeat tomorrow.

I'm starting to get some niggly hip pain happening and have been really slack with exercise so going to try and go for some regular walks.  I have a friend that has just recently found out she's pregant too so we can encourage each other!  Although in the past we seem better at encouraging each other to the local cafe rather than actually walking....

#75 springmummy12

Posted 26 April 2012 - 11:57 AM

Name: Emma
Location: WA
Due Date: 23 September 2012
Other Children: 0
Sex of Baby: Might find out at next weeks scan

Hi all, Newbie here, I am 18 weeks and 5 days today, have scan next week, hoping to find out sex but hubby isnt keen. original.gif

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