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Gestational Diabetes #65

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#51 Chelara

Posted 14 May 2012 - 11:07 AM

sad.gif well I am officially very scared now. Just had my 38 week scan and bub is measuring 9lb 7oz  so well over 4kg already. I'm still getting great readings, still diet managed but the baby's tummy was off the scale. I will see my Ob tomorrow,  guess we might see if induction is possible and if not a Caesar (I was trying or a vbac so induction wouldnt be possible unless they can break the waters). I am fairly doubtful they'll let me go to term- could be wrong though. Not sure I want to attempt to birth a baby that by then could well be closing in on 11lbs. sad.gif

its disheartening and I'm scared as anything, a csection seems so out of my control and even though I had a fantastic one last time I worry about the complications.

#52 boofloo

Posted 14 May 2012 - 11:26 AM

Thats not good news for you Chelara sad.gif  Hopefully they can induce you soon by breaking your waters.  And remember, sometimes the ultrasounds can be wrong - my 10 pound baby (according to the ultrasound) was actually a 9lb 1oz baby when he was born!  So fingers crossed its not as big as they are saying it is, and you get your vbac.

#53 a letter to Elise.

Posted 14 May 2012 - 09:16 PM

Turtletamer - I have found a big difference in what I have for supper, and my fasting levels in the morning. If I have anything with milk, it puts me over, and so does anything with sugar (like a chocolate drink).

I get the lowest fasting levels if I have a glass of soy milk, an apple and a handful of almonds. Sometimes I swap the soy milk for a piece of cheese. A glass of soy milk and a nutty muesli bar (one of those nut/dried fruit ones, without grains) works as well.

I have followed others advice, and I check mine as soon as I wake up, and it makes a difference.

Chelara - I can understand how scared you must be. I have my sizing scan on Thursday, and I'm really nervous. I don't feel as if the baby is really big - I feel like I would be bigger if she were, but you never know. I'm already booked in for a c section, and while I've had one before, I'm really scared of the pain. I don't want to be separated from the baby either, but hospital policy means I will be.  sad.gif

#54 Chelara

Posted 15 May 2012 - 08:21 AM

Wow it's freezing lately, my machine has an error every morning as the ambient temperature is too cold!

My Ob appointment is today so I think well make a plan of attack as to how and when this baby will make its entrance.

I was speaking with my educator yesterday about why my baby seems so affected by my sugar levels even though I have averaged one slightly high reading per week for the last 8 weeks. He believes we could never have predicted that the levels were too much for my system and that I/my baby must be particularly sensitive. Or maybe I just make big babies... I dunno. My hormones were so out this pregnancy and I think it's something to do with that. I'm guessing though. So long as he is just big and not affected other ways I will be ok with it.

Matthias mum, I dont look particularly large to others either. I am also relatively comfortable ie can walk for ages without issue, I think i can still touch my toes if I try. My back and joints feel fine despite the fact hat I am not really a fit or sporty type. My fh is normal too. Dd was a reasonable size at 3.75 kg and I knew I am larger than I was wih her.

I have only put on 9 kg or so too. Started at 65 so an average build.

At least if you're already having a csection the size won't be so scary.

Domlachlan, that's still a fair sized baby! I know they can be wrong, his is my second scan though and I do believ the baby will be in the realms of 9-10lb so doable I guess but as this is a vbac I have no faith in my body to push out a child of that size and I am not blissfully unaware of the size either.

I will see what my Ob recommends then I guess I'll start to prepare mentally for what is to come.

#55 surprizzzed

Posted 15 May 2012 - 10:53 PM

Hello ladies, I haven't been in this thread for a while, I have been merrily going along with my diet controlled gestational diabetes. My fasting levels have always been in the 4's but in the past week they've mainly been in the 3's. I did have a head cold last week and thought that might be why? But i'm generally feeling like I could eat 'anything' and my 2hr levels wouldnt get to 7.5. I went out to lunch today and had a cafe sized pizza and small milkshake. No way I would have had a reading in the 5's with that meal previously!
Does this happen towards the end of pregnancy?

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#56 Chelara

Posted 16 May 2012 - 02:55 PM

Surprizzzed it does definitely get easier. I have been having a lot of readings in the 4s at fasting whereas before the majority were over 5 I have also eaten Chinese, yum cha, sausage sizzle on white bread and plenty of things I couldn't tolerate before and getting fine readings.

Well my vbac is out the window, my caesar is booked for friday. Bub is looking very large, and is in an oblique position so it is the best and only decision I could really make.

I spoke with my educator on Monday and was reminded once again I cannot breastfeed during my glucose test at 6 weeks. Anyway I guess I will take bub, feed bub, drink he drink and feed again as soon as its done. He will have to hold on if I can't express enough beforehand.

#57 surprizzzed

Posted 16 May 2012 - 09:08 PM

Good luck for Friday Chelara. At least you know when it's all happening and that you and bub are going to be well looked after! Please come in and give us an update when you can  original.gif

#58 PreachersWife

Posted 17 May 2012 - 08:00 AM

Good Luck for Friday Chelara!

Also, with the GTT my OB gives me the pathology slip at my six week check up. So by the time I make an appointment and do the diet for three days it's usually at least seven weeks, which might give you and baby a better chance of making through the two hours without needing a feed?

#59 leeshe

Posted 17 May 2012 - 11:38 AM

Hi I'm 31 weeks with number 5 and have GD for the first time. ive been testing levels for just over a week now. Just got a call from my D. Educator who wants me to see my gp  because my fasting levels in the morning wont go below 5. im suppose to be <5 in morning and <7 2hr after meals. She seems to think he might put me on insulin but my average is 5.3 fasting and ive spoke to ladies with GD who's morning targets were <5.5 . Not sure  what to think! any opinions? TIA

#60 TurtleTamer

Posted 18 May 2012 - 10:11 AM

All the best today Chelara!

I have no advice for you leeshe but I think I'm facing similar only my fasting levels are worse.  I'm 29w pregnant, also with #5, also with GD for the first time.  I'm supposed to be under 5.5 fasting but in the 3 days of testing my levels have been 6.5, 6.4 and 6.2.  My fasting level before the 2 hour test was 6.1.  I've tried snacking before bed, not snacking, eating a different type of snack but it hasn't made any difference.   I don't submit my levels until Monday so I may get a similar call to you.

I don't understand my levels anyway.  They seem all over the place and random in relation to what I am eating.  I can have a bowl of coco pops for breakfast and get a 5.7, but have a few crackers with vegemite for lunch and get 8.4!  Fasting get 6.4, eatr breakfast and 2 hours later it's 4.4!  It doesn't seem to make any sense!
I'm worried what they'll say when I give them in.  So far I've had:
          B-6.8  L-7.3  D-6.6
F-6.5  B- 6.9  L-5.7  D-6.3
F-6.4  B-4.4  L- 8.4  D-6.6
F-6.2  B-5.7

Is that bad??

#61 leeshe

Posted 18 May 2012 - 10:41 AM

TurtleTamer I keep trying different things at night too but nothings really workking. I think because your fasting levels are way too high you might need to go on insulin. it depends on your doctor. Have you tried walking after dinner.? I found that helped a lilttle bit. my doc said he's fine with mine there not to far over and its hard to keep them all down that low when hormones are going crazy. good luck!

good luck today Chelara hope it all goes smoothly and you are both healthy

#62 a letter to Elise.

Posted 18 May 2012 - 12:22 PM

Hi Leeshe,

My fasting levels were borderline as well for the first couple of weeks (around 5.2 or 5.3. I need to be below 5.0). I've found that there are only a few things I can eat for supper that keep me under, even if the carb grams are the same. I have an apple, a slice of cheese, a handful of almonds, and either herbal tea or soy milk, and its fine. I think the combo of protein and carbs is what's helping. If I skip the protein it's always over in the morning. Dairy also raises it for some reason. I've cut out almost all milk and it has helped a lot. The dietician has suggested that the protein is slowing down digestion, and that's what's keeping the levels more stable. You could also try testing as soon as you wake up I wash my hands as soon as I wake up and then test straight away. If I test once I've been up and about, it's always higher.

Turtle Tamer your levels sound really high in the morning. I think they normally give you a week or two to see if things settle, and then they look at insulin.

I had my 34 week sizing scan yesterday. All is looking good. She is slightly above average, but they aren't predicting she will be much more then 3.5kg when born. I am very relieved her tummy measurements are looking so good. I got to see a 3D scan as well. I've never seen one before, and was amazed at how much you can see! She looks just like DS.

Thinking of you today Chelara.

#63 minidiamond

Posted 19 May 2012 - 05:53 PM

Hi all
I have been to see the endocrine specialist & dietician etc and now have all my info on diet/testing paraphernalia etc.

I realised though, I didn't ask what the 'acceptable' levels are & dietician was in a rush, didn't tell me.  Is anyone able to provide that info or send a link to the wake-up / 2 hr after breakfast lunch & dinner levels ?

I have to provide all my info to the endocrinologist & dietician in a week.

Many thanks.

#64 TurtleTamer

Posted 19 May 2012 - 10:57 PM

Liltuss - I've been told under 5.5 fasting and under 7.0 2 hours after meals, but some have been told under 5 fasting by the sounds.

I've had a shocking day of levels and it's so depressing.  I'm dreading submitting my numbers on Monday and petrified of what they're going to say to me.
Basically I got 5.7 fasting (my best so far) but then 8.4, 8.2 and 8.7 for after meals!!!  I counted my exchanges, double checked them afterwards and apart from maybe being borderline top of what I should have had at breakfast I was within the guidelines, and when I saw how high they were I cut snacks to minimal levels but still so high sad.gif

#65 surprizzzed

Posted 19 May 2012 - 11:09 PM

Hi, I just wanted to suggest trying drinking green tea with your meals as this has kept my levels down significantly. I have been drinking the decaf green tea with almost every meal.

#66 PreachersWife

Posted 20 May 2012 - 09:06 AM

Turtle Tamer - it really does take a week or two to get it sorted. Everyone is different and we all react differently to foods. I know I can have porridge (golden syrup flavor) for breakfast and have good levels, but even a teaspoon of tomato/BBq sauce will push my levels up to over 8! I think most people find that adding protein to your meal will always help, cheese is virtually carb free and makes things taste yummy. And for me, some diary is also okay but I know it makes other peoples levels go up shrug.gif

Fasting levels are a bit out of your control, it's basically your liver acting crazy overnight. I was on insulin with my last pregnancy to control my fasting levels and just four units before bed was enough to bring them down. So they won't pump you full of insulin straight away.

Liltuss - I was told for fasting less than 5, and less than 7 two hours after meals. Also to call/ check in if I have had two consecutive days of high readings. Good Luck!

#67 *Lena*

Posted 20 May 2012 - 09:16 AM

Hi everyone 2 weeks 1 day until I have bub. My c-section is booked for 5th June (not bc of GD bc of 2 previous c-sections).

Liltus- I was told the same as turtletamer under 5.5 for fasting but 5 was even better and under 7 2 ours after meals.

I am still having a quite easy time with my GD (touch wood). I always have a hot milo before bed with a piece of raisin toast. I am really enjoying my milo a night.

Just a quick question if anyone know- how do they test bubs BSL after she is born? Is it like a heal prick like we do (but we do in our fingers)? Is it something they can easily do with me holding her? I am worried they are going to take her away from me in my c-section and I want to say well you can do it hear with me if they say they have to take her to test her. I am so nervous and upset about going to this different bigger hospital and I am freaking out about them taking her away even if she doesn't need to be while I am being stitched up and in recovery. I want to breastfeed ASAP and have skin to skin. My boys never left me they were even wheeled around in bed with me to go back to my room and I want that again if she is ok.

#68 minidiamond

Posted 20 May 2012 - 09:27 AM

Thanks so much for the level guides folks.

So far I am tracking in the 5s and even a couple of 4s for 2hr levels (except for one 6.3).... but I would like to be down more for fasting. Have had 5.2 & 5.0 respectively (only been testing for two days).    Does anyone know if I can keep my 2 hr levels down over time, will that ultimately help my fasting levels ?

My 4.8 reading came with lots of meat, some rice & corn & a bit of tomato, so I agree with Matthias' Mum, more protein seems like a good thing and also helps to keep hunger abated esp with the snacks.

Also does anyone have links etc to any recipes ?  With winter approaching, I'm guessing things like casseroles are going to be hard but counting stock, herbs blah blah is going to be a real PITA.  If there was something with measurements already outlined would be really handy.

#69 TurtleTamer

Posted 20 May 2012 - 12:08 PM

My 8.7 came after veal, 1 potato and vegies.  I did have some ketchup but it wouldn't have been THAT much.  That's why I'm so frustrated, I HAD protein and minimised my carbs and still got a ridiculous level sad.gif

On the flip side, I had 2 pieces of toast with eggs for breakfast and a milo and got 5.3 despite it being over my carb servings for breakfast.  Mind you, yesterday was my only day of high readings all day, breakfast and dinner have been fine otherwise, a couple over for lunch.  Maybe my body was just being loopy.

#70 boofloo

Posted 20 May 2012 - 03:25 PM

Just a quick question if anyone know- how do they test bubs BSL after she is born?

My little girl (Niamh Amelia) was born on Tuesday by c-section, and I had been on quite of a bit of insulin before she was born to try and control my gd.  When she was first born, she was put straight up onto my chest for some skin to skin and the midwife tried to get her to breastfeed - but she wouldnt!  She was then taken over to the side of the operating theatre (with my husband going with her) while they did a few quick checks on her including a blood test by doing a prick of her heel (which she came back as 'high average' for) and her apgar scores.  She was then bought back to me to try and feed her again, and generally just hold her while they stitched me up.

She then came into recovery with me (along with dh and the midwife).  They did another heel prick test on her an hour after the first one (this one was 'normal').  She then got taken up the ward with dh while I stayed in recovery for another 20 mins or so.  The next day she was tested again, and got another 'average' score...so they decided everything with her was fine and she no longer needed testing  biggrin.gif   I had been told though if anything was wrong when she was born, or if her levels were very high or very low that she would have to be taken away to the NICU unit for observation and/or treatment but that my dh would go with her.  Hope this helps!

#71 a letter to Elise.

Posted 20 May 2012 - 04:35 PM

Liltuss, I really liked some of the recipes on this site: http://gestationaldiabetesrecipes.com/

I also make up a big batch of something, portion it so I know what the carb serving is, and then freeze a couple of serves.

Casseroles are pretty easy, but I tend to do the high carb veggies separately - for example I've made a beef and red wine casserole (beef, beef stock, red wine, mushrooms, thyme, bay leaves and onions) which is low in carbs, I serve with some baked potatoes and pumpkin (1/2 cup of each) and a serve of fruit for dessert. All up it's about 38 grams. (I'm meant to have 35-45g).

I've also been doing a lot of soups with beans or chick peas, lots of vegetables, and served with cheese on top.

#72 MickeyBoo

Posted 21 May 2012 - 09:52 AM


Just wanted to let you all know that my little girl Cienna Rose was born last Monday after a very quick 30min labour original.gif She was 7pd14oz at 37w3days so a decent size, no lung problems and great Apgars. she fed really well straight after birth, and we had to do three hour feeds, with her BSL's being taken every 6 hours before the second feed kind of thing. We had one low BSL and had to comp feed for a 24 hour period, her last reading was right on the borderline at 2.6, (they wanted her levels over 2.6) but because I have a bit of experience and she wasn't in a danger zone I was allowed to bring her home and continue comp feeding and BSL testing for the following 24 hours. As it turned out she refused the comp feed at the third feed at home and her BSLs went into the high threes once my milk came in, but the comp feeds were definitely needed in those first 48hours. She's breastfeeding well now, and seems really settled, we're off to the Dr today for her one week check and weigh in, I've never been able to breastfeed successfully before so I'm hoping that it's all working and she's gaining weight.

As for me I am still riding the pregnancy hormones and waiting for the 8 week mark to get another GTT done to check what my diabetes status is before restarting on metformin. I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight now with a lot of fluid still on board Tounge1.gif so I'm hoping I can continue to lose weight slowly while breastfeeding and get back into an exercise program in a few weeks time so that I can get some better control over my Type II original.gif

Good luck to all the other mums having bub soon, and I just wanted to put it out there that if anyone wants any help or advice feel free to PM me and I will try and help out as much as I can original.gif


#73 Chelara

Posted 22 May 2012 - 03:52 PM

Home today. I had my little boy on Friday by csection. 9lb1oz or 4.115kg. Sugars were perfect, no special care needed. The nurses had me express before I went to theatre, I had 2.5 Ml expressed colostrum and that was enough while I was in recovery. He's a very alert, bright boy not one bit affected by the gd. Congrats to the others who've also had their babies. Good luck to everyone else.

#74 PreachersWife

Posted 22 May 2012 - 05:42 PM

Congratulations to both Mickey Boo and Chelara!

I'm booked in now for the 13th June, can't wait. Very over being pregnant and looking forward to meeting my little person.

Edited by PreachersWife, 22 May 2012 - 05:43 PM.

#75 TurtleTamer

Posted 24 May 2012 - 08:25 PM

I started insulin today sad.gif  I was surprised that I didn't even feel the first one (hope they are all like that) but it still stinks.

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