Health and Wellbeing

Luke Williamson (left) and twin brother Ben play at Brimbank Park.

The perfect park - with no surprises

Leaving the house can be a nightmare for parents of children with autism who get anxious in new places. A new initiative hopes to change that.

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Allergies and Illness

Helping children process their own feelings when someone they love has depression.

Helping children understand depression

Nobody prepares you for the range of emotions you might feel when trying to love someone who is clinically depressed. As an adult I could cope with these emotions, but what happens when a child is caught up in all of that?

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Finding time without the kids for quality time with your partner.

10 ways parents find time for sex after kids

When I asked parents for their tried and tested methods for ensuring some quality time between the sheets, the techniques seemed to fall into a number of consistent categories.

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Ashley Madison's new motto is more along the lines of "life is dull, have an affair".

Wendy Squires

Life is dull. Wreck your marriage

I see several of my friends who are staying in marriages because of children and are desperately unhappy as a result.

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