Health and Wellbeing

Check your child's eye health annually between the ages of 3-5.

I didn't realise my child had vision problems

Research shows eye disorders are the most common long-term health problems experienced by children after allergies and asthma. A simple visit to the optometrist can help keep your child's eyes healthy.

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Behaviours encouraged by your Fitbit can also be applied to your financial life.

Research finds increasing steps cuts death rate by 46%

Increasing daily steps from 1,000 to 10,000 a day can lower a sedentary person's chance of dying by 46 per cent, finds a new Australian research proving a direct link between exercises and pedometers, Fitbits and other popular devices.

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Allergies and Illness

Aimee Rackham, with husband Nick who has to be reintroduced to their daughter Lilah every time he sees her.

Dad forgets daughter every day

A man with short term memory loss after being gravely injured in a road crash has to be reintroduced to his daughter every day.

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