Allergies and Illness


Alarming findings reveal risk factors for mental illness prevalent in kids.

Kids put at risk of adult mental illness

​One-fifth of Australian children, many with cold, angry or overprotective parents, are at serious risk of adult mental illness, says a new study.

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Caelan is showing support for her sister.

Selfless act for younger sister

A 10-year-old Hamilton girl has bravely pledged to shave her hair off to support her younger sister, who has to have her arm amputated due to a tumour.

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Food colouring was turning this mum's son into a different person.

Taking your allergies to school

I knew something was wrong with my son. Some days he just didn't act right. He was hyperactive and angry. He would not cuddle or let me hold him longer than a few minutes, and he refused to wear clothes. If I tried to discipline him, he would sit and rock back and forth.

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