Dad with cancer writes 800 napkin notes to his daughter

Terminally ill father, Garth Callaghan, has written over 800 notes to his daughter to read every day after his death. 

The 44-year-old from Glen Allen, Virginia, spends his mornings finding the perfect quote to go with whatever his daughter, Emma, has on that day.

Whether it's to provide support for a test or to say how much he loves her, Emma always finds a special thought from her dad in her lunchbox.


“An awesome day for an awesome kid,” says one note.

After being diagnosed with cancer three times in two years, doctors say Callaghan has about an eight per cent chance of surviving another five years. 

Determined to continue the tradition after his death, Garth has pre-written enough napkins to see Emma through high school. 

Proving how awesome she is, Emma has now started to sneak her own napkin notes into her Dad's lunch. 

Callaghan wrote her first reply on his blog, The Napkin Notes Dad, "If my friends really did jump off a cliff, it’s because it was my idea. Sincerely, your daughter is a leader, not a follower. PS. I think you used all the napkins."

Not only do these notes provide Emma with some great advice but they will also be a beautiful reminder of how much her father loved her when he passes.

To view Garth’s words of wisdom to his daughter visit our gallery. 

Source: Jezebel