Experience what sensory overload feels like for kids with autism in virtual reality video

 Photo: Getty Images

A new video, released by The National Autistic Society, is helping people understand what it's like to experience sensory overload. It's part of their Too Much Information (TMI) campaign designed to "bring about a lasting change in the public's understanding of autism."

The new film is another version of a clip the charity released earlier this year of a little boy, on the autism spectrum, who becomes overwhelmed in a shopping centre. 

In the new 360 degree, virtual reality film, viewers can watch the situation unfold through the little boy's eyes, providing an even more immersive experience. The first-of-its-kind clip has been created to give people "a flavour of how overwhelming an everyday setting like a shopping centre can be to an autistic person experiencing too much information."

CEO of The National Autistic Society, Mark Lever, told Mashable Australia,"To help the public understand a little more about autism, we're really excited to be the first charity using virtual reality to demonstrate what this aspect of autism can feel, see and sound like."

The film's 10-year-old star, Alex Marshall, said that he loved being part of it and was excited to show his friends "how things feel for me."

"It really helps when people understand things, and this is a really cool way to do it – you can just show someone inside your head!" he said.

You can download the app here and watch the film with Google Cardboard

More information on the TMI Campaign, and how to help someone experiencing information overload, can be accessed here.