Girl, 7, with leukemia who asked the world for prayers has "clean" scan results

Ava Lee, 7, is battling leukemia.
Ava Lee, 7, is battling leukemia. Photo: Facebook@Team Brighter Days

Last week in a video watched by over 155,000 people, a seven-year-old girl who is battling leukemia, asked the world to pray for her before her upcoming PET scan.

For Ava Lee of Illinois, a "clean" result meant the little girl could undergo a bone marrow transplant. If the scan revealed any tumours, however, Ava would be taken home for palliative care.

"Well, tomorrow I'm going to get a PET scan," Ava says in the short clip posted to the Facebook page, Team Brighter Days, "And we really need it to be clear so we can go to transplant. And I was wondering if you could pray for me?"

The clip went viral - people around the globe sending their thoughts and prayers to Ava, her parents and her two siblings as they awaited the results.

The following day, the little girl's prayers were answered. In an update to their Facebook page, Ava's mother, Esther, shared the wonderful news that her daughter's scan was clean.

"Looks like we are headed to transplant in the next few weeks!" she wrote. "The doctors talked to us today about how this is just the first step in the process. Remember that 5 -10% chance of survival? Those are still our odds. We should celebrate in measure.

"But, heck NO! I will celebrate now! Because no matter how many battles lie ahead, we won this one right now."

It's just one of many battles Ava – and her family – have faced since the seven-year-old was diagnosed with cancer in 2014. After being admitted to hospital for persistent fevers and a skin infection that wouldn't heal, the Lee family received the devastating news that Ava had a rare form of leukemia – acute myeloid leukemia (AML).


After undergoing chemotherapy, Ava went into remission for 10 months before relapsing with a form of cancer only present in her skin. By March 2016 it had spread to different areas of her body.

"She's always been super positive about it," Esther told ABC News of her daughter's three-year fight. "But…she's not really been able to live a normal life. It's wearing down on her."

Since posting the heartbreaking video of Ava requesting prayers before her scan, the Lee family has been buoyed by all the kind messages their brave girl has received.

"I envision thousands of people surrounding us, even as we sit in this room, and collectively praying for her," she said. "And what a sight that is...because we know that we're not alone."

Esther, who blogs about her daughter's journey, hopes to raise awareness of what pediatric patients endure, an experience she describes as "truly hell".

"Someone needs to know what's happening. Even my words are not enough," she told ABC News, describing the trauma of watching Ava go through radiation treatment.

"I couldn't even hold her for 10 minutes because of the radiation emitting from her. All of this is happening to my child. And you don't have a choice as a parent.

"It's so hard to imagine what these children go though. They're the bravest children I've ever, ever met," she said.

You can follow Ava's journey here.